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Featured Document: Edison Memo Book, 1886

Thinking Spring and some new landscaping? Volume 8 includes Edison's purchase of land for a winter home and laboratory on Florida's Gulf Coast.  Edison sketched in characteristic detail how he wanted the grounds to look and wrote dozens of specific instructions for setting out a variety of decorative and fruit-bearing plants. Visitors to Fort Myers today can still see Edison's vision in the landscaping of his property.  Check out the notebook entry - Image 19

Edison Papers and Innovation

Throughtout this year, we are highlighting and exploring documents for "THE YEAR OF INNOVATION" series with cosponsors, Thomas Edison National Historical Park. Be sure to check out our Year of Innovation each month for a new Edison study! 

350 Days of New Jersey Innovations

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Play Ball, Mr. Edison!

Did you know Edison was a huge baseball fan? Read more about it here!

Edison's New Jersey

You can't go far in NJ without seeing a sign that says Washington Slept Here, but what NJabout Edison Slept here?!

This robust map shows the important sites in New Jersey related to the life, naps and work of Thomas Edison!