Phonograph Clippings

Special Collections Series -- Charles Batchelor Collection -- Scrapbooks: Cat. 1240 (1876-1878)

12/22/1877 Scientific American, "The Talking Phonograph" [MBSB10300]

11/30/1877 English Mechanic, "Edison's Phonograph" [MBSB10290X]

12/26/1877 New York Tribune, "Speech Bottled Up" [MBSB10306X]

1/12/78 New York World, "Edison's Inventions" [MBSB10327]

01/18/1878 New York Herald, "A New Speaking Telephone and A Contrivance To Perpetuate The Voice [MBSB10334X]

01/18/1878 Manchester Guardian, "The Phonograph" [MBSB10340X]

01/30/1878 Providence (Rhode Island) Evening Bulleting, "Edison's Phonograph" [MBSB10342]

01/01/1878 Telegraphic Journal & Electrical Review, "Mr. Edison's Phonograph" [MBSB10355X]

01/26/1878 London Brief, "The Phonograph" [MBSB10362X]

02/22/1878 New York Herald, "Phonograph and Telephone" [MBSB10375X]

02/22/1878 New York Sun, A Marvelous Discovery" [MBSB10378]

02/07/1878 Nature (London) [MBSB10381X]

03/09/1878 Philadelphia Record, "A Mechanical Gossip" [MBSB10395X]

03/12/1878 New York Graphic, "The Speaking Phonograph" [MBSB10400X]

03/15/1878 New York Graphic, "Singing and Talking by Machinery" [MBSB10403X]

03/30/1878 Harper's Weekly [MBSB10436X]

03/30/1878 Scientific American, "The Phonograph" [MBSB10439X]

03/08/1878 Engineering, "The Phonograph" [MBSB10449X]

03/25/1878 New York Tribune, "The Phonograph" [MBSB10455X]

03/25/1878 New York Tribune, "The Talking Machine" [MBSB10461X]

03/29/1878 New York World, "That Wonderful Edison" [MBSB10463]

04/10/1878 New York Graphic,"A Hint to Edison" [MBSB10501X]

04/19/1878 Washington Post, "Genius Before Science" [MBSB10535X]

04/19/1878 Washington Star, "National Academy of Sciences" [MBSB10537b]

04/22/1878 New York Herald, "The Phonograph, Thomas A. Edison's Wonderful Invention Examined" [MBSB10541X]

04/25/1878 Telegram, "The American Mechanic" [MBSB10551X]

04/28/1878 New York Times, "Practical Uses of the Phonograph" [MBSB10552X]

04/13/1878 London Figaro, "The Aerophone" [MBSB10557X]

04/29/1878 New York Sun, "The Inventor of the Age" [MBSB10561]

05/06/1878 New York Graphic, "Edison's Frankenstein" [MBSB10587X]

05/10/1878 Newark Advertiser, "The Phonograph In Newark" [MBSB10592X]

05/11/1878 Alliance, "The Phonograph" [MBSB10600X]

05/16/1878 New York Commercial Advertiser, "Edison's Latest" [MBSB10603X]

05/21/1878 Sentinel of Freedom & Weekly Advertiser, "The Bores of Science" [MBSB10609X]

"05/23/1878 Daily Evening Traveler, "The Phonograph, Etc." [MBSB10620]

06/08/1878 New York Graphic, "Edison's Phonograph In Paris" [MBSB10664X]

06/14/1878 English Mechanic, "Is the Brain a Phonograph?" [MBSB10710X]

06/22/1878 Scientific American, "The Phonograph Wins A Victory" [MBSB10678X]

06/00/1878 Cassell's Family Magazine, "The Phonograph" [MBSB10764X]