08/21/1919 New Jersey Patent Co and Williams, Clarence Stuart Alexander -- Reports and Statements
(National Phonograph Co; Edison, Charles; Miller, John Vincent; Dyer, Frank Lewis; Miller, Harry Frederick; Pelzer, William; Hayes, Howard W; Randolph, John F; Holden, Delos; Allen, Ralph Henry; Fischer, Frederick C; Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.); Mambert, Stephen Babcock; Musk, Hamilton; Sanders, Louis M; Edison, Thomas Alva; Gilmore, William Edgar; Meadowcroft, William Henry) Management (companies and organizations); Stocks, bonds, and investments [Cover Document and Attachment]
[E1953]  Edison General File Series -- 1919: (E-19-53) New Jersey Patent Co
[E1953AA; TAEM 273:125]
Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.
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