03/11/1927 Miller, Mary Emily to Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.)
(Victor Talking Machine Co; Osterhout, Winthrop John Van Leuven; Falk, Otto Herbert; General Electric Co; Bessie (Servant); Edison, Charles; Edison, Thomas Alva, Jr; Edison, William Leslie; Edison, Edith Clarissa; Edison, Theodore Miller; Edison, Marion Estelle; Morrison, George Francis; Miller, Robert Anderson, Jr; Edison, Thomas Alva) Edison-Miller family; TAE personality and character; Travel (TAE and family); Management (companies and organizations); Health and medicine; Rubber and goldenrod; Phonograph
[F5D10]  Family Records Series -- Charles Edison Fund Collection -- Edison-Miller Family Papers: Nichols, Mary Miller and William W. (1922-1931)
[F5D10AN; TAEM 284:826]
Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.
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