08/01/1913 Edison, Thomas Alva -- Diaries and Journals
(Columbia Phonograph Co; Edison Storage Battery Co; Bronx Motion Picture Studio; Motion Picture Patents Co; Buick Motor Co; Westinghouse Electric Co; Edison, Charles; Berggren, Ernest J; Miller, John Vincent; Ott, Frederick Paul; Ricalton, James; Pierman, Alexander N; Dally, Charles Thompson; Dolbeer, Frank K; Ford, Henry; Bachman, Robert Abraham; Kammerhoff, Heinrich H Meno; Leeming, Harry Toyne; Wilson, Carl Hillis; Plimpton, Horace G; Higham, Daniel; Gall, Adolph F; Chesler, Isidor (Jerry); Smith, Harold Hooper; Hoffman, Archibald David; Hayes, Clarence Bowser; Kennedy, Absalom Mason; Moore, Sherwood Troop (Sam); Dinwiddie, William Walter; Rudolf, Henry James Gray; Simpson, John Ewing Melville) Finances (TAE and family); Financial operations (companies and organizations); Sales and service; Electric battery; Disc phonograph; Phonograph recordings; Kinetophone and other talking pictures
[NP097]  Notebook Series -- Pocket Notebooks: PN-13-09-24 (1913)
[NP097036; TAEM 242:595]
Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.
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