12/16/1911 Fox, William -- Legal Statements and Testimony
(Edison Manufacturing Co; Biograph Co; Vitagraph Company of America; Motion Picture Patents Co; Pathe Freres; General Film Co; Greater New York Film Rental Co; Melies Manufacturing Co; Dyer, Frank Lewis; Marvin, Harry Norton; Kleine, George; Kennedy, Jeremiah Joseph; Smith, Albert Edward; Berst, Jacques Albert; Macdonald, Dwight; Waters, Percival Lee; Edison, Thomas Alva) Competition and market structure; Sales and service; Patent assignments, licenses, and royalties [Contains transcribed letter/cable/phone message; Marginalia by Edison, Thomas Alva]
[QM019]  Legal Series -- Legal Department Records -- Motion Pictures -- Case Files: Greater New York Film Rental Company v. Motion Picture Patents Company et al.; Greater New York Film Rental Company v. General Film Company et al.
[QM019A058; TAEM 224:33]
Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.
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