09/08/1881 Edison, Thomas Alva -- Legal Statements and Testimony
(Reinmann and Baetz; Scientific American; New York Herald; United States Electric Lighting Co; Goepel, Paul; Moses, Otto A; Haid, Alfred; Geer, Charles P; Fox, Edwin M; Howell, Wilson Stout [supplied or conjectured]; Jehl, Francis; McLaughlin, Frank; Dyer, George W; Sprengel, Hermann Johann Philipp; Crosby, George; Boehm, Ludwig K; Lawson, James, (Edison Employee); Baetz, William; Meadowcroft, William Henry) Labor; Research and development; Incandescent lamp; Vacuum and glass bulb; Ore milling and separation
[W100DED]  National Archives, Washington, D.C.: Records of the Patent and Trademark Office (Record Group 241) -- Patent Interference Files -- Boehm v. Edison -- Testimony on Behalf of Edison
[W100DED032; TAEM 0:0]
Courtesy of the National Archives.