12/28/1883 Mott, Charles Peters -- Legal Statements and Testimony
(Edison Electric Light Co; Mott, Samuel Dimmick; Batchelor, Charles; Dean, Charles L; Munroe, William Whitney; Witter, William Ciitus; Kruesi, John; Swan, Joseph Wilson; Tomlinson, John Canfield; Erie Railroad Co; Eaton, Sherburne Blake; Griffin, Stockton L; Edison, Thomas Alva; Carman, William; Meadowcroft, William Henry; Wilber, Zenas Fisk) Salaries, wages, and commissions; Patent interference; Research and development; Electric light and power
[W100DIZ]  National Archives, Washington, D.C.: Records of the Patent and Trademark Office (Record Group 241) -- Patent Interference Files -- Edison v. Maxim v. Swan -- Testimony on Behalf of Swan
[W100DIZ281; TAEM 0:0]
Courtesy of the National Archives.