05/22/1928 [Supplied year, month, and day] Edison, Madeleine to Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.)
(Sloane, Thomas Edison; Sloane, John Edison ; Sloane, Peter Edison ; Miller, Nancy; Miller, Stuart Alexander; Garden Club of the Oranges; Society of Arts and Sciences; Chubb, Alice Lee (Mrs Hendon); Walton, Edith S [supplied or conjectured]; Cox, Dora Harris (Mrs Douglas F); Edison, Charles; Walker, Lily; Colgate, Josephine Kirtland (Mrs Russell); Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Co [supplied or conjectured]; Walton, Florence Louise [supplied or conjectured]; Edison, Edith Clarissa; Sloane, John Eyre; Splitdorf Radio Corp [supplied or conjectured]; McCarthy, Lena, (Mrs Michael Doyle); Edison, Carolyn Hawkins (Mrs Charles); Edison, Ann Osterhout (Mrs Theodore M.); Halgrim, Robert C; Edison, Thomas Alva; Williams, Charles Sumner, Jr; Miller, Florence Nichols (Mrs John V.); Righter, Katharine Augusta) Edison-Miller family; Awards & honors/clubs & societies; Travel (TAE and family); Gardening and landscaping; Management (companies and organizations); Health and medicine; Construction
[X018A4]  Charles Edison Fund Collection, Newark, N.J.: Edison Family Papers -- Edison, Madeleine and Sloane, John Eyre
[X018A4BFX; TAEM 0:0]
Courtesy of the Charles Edison Fund and Thomas Edison National Historical Park.