07/07/1917 Naval Consulting Board -- Minutes
(Sperry, Elmer Ambrose; Craven, Alfred; Lamme, Benjamin Garver; Thayer, Benjamin Bowditch; Richards, Joseph William; Sellers, Mathew Bacon; Sprague, Frank Julian; Hutchison, Miller Reese; Saunders, William Lawrence; Robins, Thomas; Hewitt, Peter Cooper; Baekeland, Leo Hendrick; Woodward, Robert Simpson; Whitney, Willis Rodney; Edison, Thomas Alva; Riker, Andrew Lawrence; Addicks, Lawrence; Smith, William Strother; Roosevelt, Franklin Delano; Hunt, Andrew Murray; Carnegie Institution) World War I; Management (companies and organizations); Submarines and submarine warfare; Ships, yachts, and other vessels; Carbon, coal, glass, ceramics; Engines, boilers, prime movers [Extract]
[X018G]  Charles Edison Fund Collection, Newark, N.J.: Naval Consulting Board Minutes
[X018G207; TAEM 0:0]
Courtesy of the Charles Edison Fund.