09/12/1935 Hutchison, Miller Reese to Daniels, Josephus
(New York Times; Daniels, Addie Worth (Mrs. Josephus); Marshall, Edward; Wilson, Woodrow; Naval Consulting Board; Edison, Thomas Alva; McDowell, Clyde Stanley [supplied or conjectured]; U.S. Navy Dept; U.S. Naval Experiment Station (New London)) TAE personality and character; Reminiscences; Photographs and autographs; National government (U.S.); Liberty Loans; Research and development
[X042G2]  Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. -- Manuscript Division: Josephus Daniels Papers -- Miller R. Hutchison Correspondence
[X042G2EU; TAEM 0:0]
Courtesy of the Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.