11/00/1905 [Supplied year and month] Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) to Edison, Madeleine
(Merck, Friedrike Schenck (Mrs George); Waymouth, Grace Cromwell; Colgate, Henry Auchincloss; Woman's Club of Orange; Foster, Anna Story; Women's Guild (Methodist Episcopal Church); Greet, Philip Barling (Ben); Miller, John Vincent; Upton, Francis Robbins; Upton, Margaret Storm (Mrs Francis R.); Miller, Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis); Heald, John Oxenbridge; Schenck, Henry; Upton, Curtis Perry; Colgate, Margaret Auchincloss (Mrs Richard M.); Upton, Francis Robbins, Jr; Edison, Thomas Alva; Jenkins, Harriet Mullett, (Mrs Farnham Yardley)) Edison-Miller family; Sports, leisure, recreation; Clubs and societies; Theater
[X400A2]  David E. E. Sloane Collection, New Haven, Conn.: Madeleine Edison Correspondence (ca. 1899-1906)
[X400A2R; TAEM 0:0]
Courtesy of David E. E. Sloane. Images for this collection are not yet available.