05/15/1908 [Supplied year, month, and day] Edison, Madeleine -- Speeches and Addresses
(American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Anima; Thompson, Julia; James, Margaret Mary; Walker, Esther; Denison, Elsa; Bryn Mawr College; Tenney, Elizabeth Louise; Simonds, Charlotte Victorine; Tetrazzini, Luisa) Education [Photocopy]
[X400A6]  David E. E. Sloane Collection, New Haven, Conn.: Bryn Mawr Scrapbook and Other Documents from the Madalee Sloane Collection (1906-1914)
[X400A6AK; TAEM 0:0]
Courtesy of David E. E. Sloane. Images for this collection are not yet available.