01/13/1928 Fort Myers Press -- Clippings
"[Edison and] Party Arrive Tonight. Will Conduct Research Work at Laboratory", Fort Myers Press(Seminole Lodge and Fort Myers; Miller, Nancy; Miller, Stuart Alexander; Osborn, Jerome R; Hand, W H; Jonas, Barukh; Ziemba, Joseph; Ott, Frederick Paul; Ford, Henry; Benney, William Albert; Schimerka, Francis Seraph; Ford (Henry) Museum; Edison Botanic Research Corp [supplied or conjectured]; Edison, Thomas Alva; Miller, Florence Nichols (Mrs John V.); Stout, Frank McLeod) Edison-Miller family; Travel (TAE and family); Research and development; Construction; Rubber and goldenrod
[X453]  Chautauqua Institution Archives, Chautauqua, N.Y. -- Oliver Archives Center: The Miller Family Papers -- Edison, Mina Miller and Edison, Thomas Alva
[X453L; TAEM 0:0]
Courtesy of the Chautauqua Institution Archives, Oliver Archives Center