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Special Collections Series -- Thomas A. Edison Diary: Diary, Cat. 117 (1885)

This diary, which covers the period July 12, 1885-July 21, 1885, is the only known volume kept by Edison specifically to record thoughts and feelings of a personal nature. Included are observations by Edison on art, literature, and religion, along with comments about his dreams, his health, and his feelings toward his future wife, Mina Miller, and toward his daughter, Marion. Other entries discuss Edison's visits to Woodside Villa, the home of Ezra T. Gilliland near Winthrop, Massachusetts. The pages are unnumbered. Only 44 pages have been used.

Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

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07/14/1885 -- Diaries and Journals
07/12/1885 -- Diaries and Journals
TAE health; TAE personality and character; TAE opinions and prejudices; TAE friends and associates; Religion and spirituality; Literature
07/13/1885 -- Diaries and Journals
07/14/1885 -- Diaries and Journals
07/15/1885 -- Diaries and Journals
07/16/1885 -- Diaries and Journals
07/17/1885 -- Diaries and Journals
07/18/1885 -- Diaries and Journals
07/19/1885 -- Diaries and Journals
07/20/1885 -- Diaries and Journals
07/21/1885 -- Diaries and Journals