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Special Collections Series -- Charles Batchelor Collection -- Journals: Cat. 1337 (1887-1892)

This journal covers the period September 7, 1887-December 31, 1892 and contains numbered entries by Batchelor about his business and personal affairs. Included along with the journal entries are newspaper clippings, photographs, sketches, and three kinetograph film samples. The material relates primarily to the experiments of Edison and Batchelor with electric light and power, electric railways, phonographs, and ore milling. Most of the entries for 1892 are about the ore milling operation at Ogden, New Jersey. Among the other subjects mentioned are the construction and operation of the West Orange laboratory, Edison's health, and his trip to Europe (a number of news clippings about the trip are included). The book also contains financial accounts of the Edison Phonograph Works for 1889-1891 and some entries concerning Batchelor's vacation trips to the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. The book contains 288 numbered pages. A photograph and twelve pages from a pocket notebook, covering the period March 1889-August 1893, are interfiled between pages 220-221.

Blank pages: 220-249, 252-257, 260-288.

Missing page numbers: 135-136, 139-140, 143-146.

Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

Document Count: 5
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1887-1893 Batchelor, Charles -- Diaries and Journals
(Edison Ore Milling Co Ltd; Edison Phonograph Works; Edison Machine Works; Edison, Thomas Alva) Patent infringement; Electric battery; Ore milling and separation; Cylinder phonograph; Talking doll; Motion picture cameras
11/15/1887 Consolidated Electric Light Co and Garden, Hugh R -- Reports and Statements
(Sawyer-Man Electric Co; Thomson-Houston Electric Co) Patent assignments, licenses, and royalties; Manufacturing; Incandescent lamp
04/20/1889 Edison General Electric Co and Williams, James B -- Reports and Statements
(Drexel Morgan & Co; Edison Electric Light Co) Management (companies and organizations); Stocks, bonds, and investments; Banking and bankers
02/21/1892 Edison, Thomas Alva -- Interviews
(New York Times; Edison General Electric Co) Finances (TAE and family); Competition and market structure; Stocks, bonds, and investments
     1886-1890 (90:457) Batchelor, Charles -- Accounts