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Swann Galleries, Inc., New York, N.Y.: Notes and Drawings by Edison

These documents consist of dated items from 1878 and 1886, along with undated notes from the 1890s. Included is a soft-cover tablet notebook bearing the notation, "Laboratory Notes. Number 39. T. A. Edison, Menlo Park, N.J." The book was apparently presented by Edison to the artist James E. Kelly in May 1878. It contains drawings by Edison of an aerophone, a telephonoscope, and a "steam telephone" for railroad signaling, along with a sketch by Edison of the newspaper he published on the Grand Trunk Railroad as a boy. Several loose drawings and other items, including a sketch of Edison by Kelly, have been inserted into the book. In addition, there is an Edison drawing from March 1886 depicting an incandescent lamp connected to an electromagnet; and notes by Edison, probably from the period 1894-1898, pertaining to ore separation experiments and to his efforts to control dust from the rock crushing machines at the Ogden plant.

Courtesy of Swann Galleries

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05/17/1878 Edison, Thomas Alva -- Technical Notes and Drawings
(Scribner's Monthly; National Academy of Sciences; Grand Trunk Herald (1862); Kelly, James Edward) Railroads and transportation; Telephone; Cylinder phonograph; Phonograph equipment and accessories
03/11/1886 Edison, Thomas Alva -- Technical Notes and Drawings
Incandescent lamp
1894-1898 Edison, Thomas Alva -- Technical Notes and Drawings
Rolls and crushers
1894-1898 Edison, Thomas Alva -- Technical Notes and Drawings
Ore milling and separation