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Document File Series -- 1871: (D-71-03) Telegraph -- American Telegraph Works -- General

This folder contains correspondence, memoranda, and a tax bill relating to the business of the American Telegraph Works. This company was formed in Newark, New Jersey, on October 1, 1870, to manufacture telegraph instruments. It had ceased operation by the beginning of January 1873. The correspondents include George Harrington, a former assistant secretary of the treasury, who was Edison's partner in the American Telegraph Works.

All of the documents have been selected except for a few letters unrelated to Edison.

Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

Document Count: 21
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Purchases; Tools and machinery
(Brunner, F; Murray, Joseph Thomas) [Marginalia by Murray, Joseph Thomas]
Automatic telegraphy
Production difficulties and adjustments; Automatic telegraphy
Automatic telegraphy
03/28/1871 Edison, Thomas Alva -- Memoranda
(Harrington, George) Purchases
(Murray, Joseph Thomas) Purchases; Automatic telegraphy [Marginalia by Murray, Joseph Thomas]
Purchases; Stocks, bonds, and investments
Inventions and creativity; Automatic telegraphy
(Unger, William) TAE health; Management (companies and organizations) [Incomplete]
(Gold and Stock Telegraph Co; Craig, Daniel H) Production difficulties and adjustments; Automatic telegraphy
1871 American Telegraph Works -- Bills and Receipts
1871 Edison, Thomas Alva -- Memoranda
Automatic telegraphy
     1871 (12:241) American Telegraph Works -- Business Records