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Special Collections Series -- Charles Batchelor Collection -- Journals:

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The eight books in this set contain a daily record of Batchelor's personal and professional activities during much of the period between 1877 and 1908. The first four books deal extensively with Edison, his inventions, and his businesses. Included are entries relating to the development of Edison's phonograph and telephone; Batchelor's role as Edison's representative in Paris; the construction and operation of the West Orange laboratory; and the technical and business aspects of electric lighting, ore milling, and the phonograph during the early West Orange period. The remaining books date from the period after Batchelor left Edison's employ. Included in one of these books are reminiscences by Batchelor about several of Edison's principal inventions. The last book contains notes by Batchelor about his childhood—the first part of an unfinished autobiography.

The following books have not been selected:
  1. Cat. 1345 (1898-1902)
  2. Cat. 1338 (1903-1905)
  3. Cat. 1344 (1907)

Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

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