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Special Collections Series -- Charles Batchelor Collection -- Journals: Cat. 1343 (1883)

This journal covers the period January 1-December 22, 1883 and contains entries by Batchelor about his business and personal affairs, including his activities as Edison's personal representative in Paris. There are also clippings in English and French, among them a letter from Sherburne B. Eaton to the New York World about the Brush-Swan Electric Light Co. and a circular by the United Telephone Co. regarding the infringement of Edison's telephone patents in the United Kingdom. Among the individuals and companies mentioned are Giuseppe Colombo, Edward H. Johnson, the Compagnie Continentale Edison, the Société Electrique Edison, and the Société Industrielle et Commerciale Edison. The book contains 185 pages numbered by an archivist. The front cover is stamped "Agenda 1883."

Blank pages: 31-32, 63-70, 73-74, 93-94, 121-122, 149-152, 155-156, 165-170, 175-178, 181-185.

Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

Document Count: 10
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1883 Batchelor, Charles -- Diaries and Journals
(Compagnie Continentale Edison; Societe Electrique Edison; Societe Industrielle Commerciale Edison; Edison Electric Light Co Ltd) International business operations; Contracts and other legal concerns; Manufacturing; Electric light and power; Dynamos and generators; Isolated stations
     12/23/1882 (0:0) -- Interviews
(New York Tribune; Edison Electric Light Co; Eaton, Sherburne Blake; Edison, Thomas Alva) International business operations; Management (companies and organizations); Electric light and power [Document Within a Document]
(Brush Electric Co; Edison, Thomas Alva) Electric battery; Electrical distribution system; Electrocution [Document Within a Document]
03/12/1883 Batchelor, Charles -- Diaries and Journals
(Hopkinson, John; Gouraud, George Edward) Newspapers, books, other publications; International business operations; Dynamos and generators; Three-wire system
03/14/1883 Batchelor, Charles -- Diaries and Journals
Dynamos and generators
04/21/1883 Batchelor, Charles -- Diaries and Journals
Ships, yachts, and other vessels
04/30/1883 Batchelor, Charles -- Diaries and Journals
(Edison, Thomas Alva) Ships, yachts, and other vessels; Central stations
05/02/1883 Long Distance Telephone Co and United Telephone Co Ltd -- Circulars and Brochures
(Brand, James) International business operations; Patent infringement; Telephone [Document Within a Document]
05/19/1883 Batchelor, Charles -- Diaries and Journals
(Bergmann, Sigmund; Edison, Thomas Alva) Ships, yachts, and other vessels; Sockets, fuses, meters, and other interior elements; Motors
12/22/1883 Batchelor, Charles -- Diaries and Journals
(Porges, Charles; Bernhardt, Sarah; Insull, Samuel) Theater; International business operations