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  1. There are several ways you may want to search the database: by person or company name, by date range, or by document types
  2. After you select a name on the left, it will appear below.
  3. You can combine up to 4 name searches which will produce an AND search, not OR.
  4. You can list the results by one of the options displayed, with date order as default.
  5. You can additionally limit your search to a starting and end date, or document type.

Person or Company

You may leave all names blank, but the search can only return 500 documents at a time so you would need to utilize a short date range.

List Order

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Date Range

Start Date:     End Date:

Our database contains 154,913 references to documents from 1856 to 1950. Each document may contain zero, 1, or several images. The chart shows how many documents are in the database by year.
Please use either Firefox or Explorer for Date searches as this is not working properly in Chrome.
Enter as "MM/DD/YY" --- do not use leading zeros except in years (examples: 6/29/78, 2/3/07). Years greater than 50 are nineteenth century; less than 50, twentieth century. For a single day enter only the start date.

Document Types

You can also filter your search results by document type. You may leave all names and dates blank, but the search can only return 500 documents at a time. The total number of documents is listed next to each type.