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Hill Oct 22 2016 Downtime Status Update as of 06:30 10/22

The first phase of today's Hill Center shutdown are in progress and on schedule. A summary of shutdown tasks are below:

i. Prep for Data Center services shutdown

ii. Lockdown Hill Center

iii. Shutdown Data Center UPS and PDUs

iv. Shutdown Data Center HVAC Services

v. Shutdown and Isolate High Voltage Switchgear (HA/HB); disengage emergency power systems

A status update will be posted once these tasks are successfully completed.

The phases to follow include:

  • Electrical Modifications
  • Testing and Certification
  • Data Center Services Restoration
  • Hosted Services Restoration *

Hill Oct 22 2016 Downtime Status Update as of 10:00 10/21

The Hill Center upgrade work is still on schedule. We don't anticipate the weather being a problem and are proceeding as planned. As previously noted, there will be periodic updates on the progress of the event, distributed via multiple channels including:

Mailing Lists:

  • hill (members of the (Mailman) list are on the alerts list as well so you may get duplicate messages.





Thanks for your continued understanding and cooperation.

Hill Oct 22 2016 Downtime Status Update as of 12:45 10/20

We are on target for this weekend's Hill Center shutdown to complete the data center and building electrical infrastructure upgrades. As noted before, the building will need to be vacated during this event.

Data Center power and cooling services will be taken offline at 08:00. Hosted services should be shutoff prior to that time. Please give yourselves sufficient time for your services shutdown activities. This event is scheduled to take no more than 12 hours.

As with the previous shutdown, we will be publishing status updates throughout the event and will issue notification when power and cooling services are to be restored, and let you know when access to the building and data center have been re-established.

Thanks for your continued understanding and cooperation.

Last updated by Ed Humphrey on 22 Oct 2016 at 07:00 AM