Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Edison :: N-17-10-18 (1917)

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Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Edison :: N-17-10-18 (1917)


This notebook was used during October 1917 by Edison, his personal assistant William H. Meadowcroft, and an unidentified employee. At the beginning of the book is a one-page note by Meadowcroft entitled "Torpedo Boats," followed by several pages of statistical information copied from the 1916 Shipping World Year Book and other published sources. In the middle of the book is an entry by Edison entitled "Notes from Consulting board meeting Sat Oct 20 /17." His remarks pertain to the problems experienced by Allied merchant and naval vessels during World War I and the strategies employed to deal with German submarines. Three pages of additional statistical information follow Edison's notes. The front cover is marked "War." The front flyleaf is inscribed "Miscellaneous Information Oct. 18 -- 1917 to." The book contains 5 numbered pages followed by 11 unnumbered pages.


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