Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Other Experimenters :: N-88-04-18 (1888)

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Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Other Experimenters :: N-88-04-18 (1888)


This notebook, which covers the period April-June 1888, is a continuation of N-88-01-19. It contains transcriptions by Arthur E. Kennelly of material from the rough record books used by experimenters in the Galvanometer Room. Included are notes, drawings, tables, and calculations regarding meters, batteries, carbons, the magnetism of iron and of ore, the electrolysis of chlorine, clocks, phonograph motors, galvanometer constants, generators, lamps, electric power distribution, insulation, and photometer tests. There are also notes on an Armington and Sims engine, the electric light system at Llewellyn Park, and the levelling of the property for the Edison Phonograph Works. Attached to the inside back cover is an index. The front cover is labeled "Record Book No. 2." The spine is labeled "6[3]." The book contains 89 numbered pages. Some pages were removed before the book was paginated. Numerous graphs have been pasted into the book.

The index appears first.


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