Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Other Experimenters :: N-89-05-30.2 (1889-1896)

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Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Other Experimenters :: N-89-05-30.2 (1889-1896)


This notebook covers the periods May-August 1889 and October 1895-February 1896. There is also one dated entry from February 1898. The first 57 pages (not selected) were used by Jonas Walter Aylsworth as a rough record book for phonograph cylinder experiments, nos. 1-28. On page 15 is an entry by Edison from May 30, 1889 entitled "first class cylinder." Transcriptions of these records can be found in N-88-08-23 (experiments, nos. 1016-1065). The remainder of the book was used by an unidentified experimenter for notes on cylinder experiments, nos. 30-110. The front cover is labeled "Book 1000." Another inscription indicates that the book was used as an exhibit in American Graphophone Company v. National Phonograph Company, United States Circuit Court, District of New Jersey. The book contains 189 numbered pages.

Blank pages: 166-177, 184-187.


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