Notebook Series -- Pocket Notebooks :: PN-12-06-04 (1912)

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Notebook Series -- Pocket Notebooks :: PN-12-06-04 (1912)


The one dated entry in this pocket notebook is from June 1912. The book was used by Edison to record ideas about business matters, experiments to be tried, and other tasks to be performed. Many of the items have been crossed out. Included are entries relating to salaries, costs, advertising, musical pieces, recording artists, and composers. The experimental notes pertain to disc record production, phonograph recorders and cabinets, storage batteries, and electric vehicles. Among the Edison employees mentioned in the book are Harry R. Grimes and Brian H. Philpot of the Disc Record Manufacturing Dept. and Walter H. Miller, head of the Recording Dept. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 40 pages have been used.


Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.


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