A B C Co (3)

A Y and Minnie Mines

Aaron, C H

Abbe Engineering Co

Abbe, James T

Abbot, Charles Greeley

Abbot, Frederic Vaughan

Abbott, John N

Abbott, Lyman (2)

Abell (A.S.) Co (3)

Abendroth and Root Manufacturing Co

Aberdeen Free Press

Aberfoile Co

Abetti, Giorgio (2)

Aboilard, Mr (4)

Abraham and Straus

Abraham Bros

Abrams, Alfred Willis

Abril, Francisco

Acetylene Journal Publishing Co

Achard, Arthur (19)

Acheson, Edward Goodrich (28)

Acheson, William Wilson

Achorn, Clinton E

Acker Merrall and Condit

Acker, A J (2)

Acker, Thomas N

Ackerman, A (42)

Ackerman, J H (2)

Ackerman, W W (3)

Acme Felting Works (3)

Acme Hollow Concrete Wall Co

Acree, Thomas Oliver

Actien Gesellschaft fur Automatischen Verkauf

Acton, John

Actors Fund of America (4)

Adamanta Manufacturing Co

Adams Express Co (25)

Adams, A H

Adams, A Wellington (2)

Adams, Albert C

Adams, Alton Dermont

Adams, Aquila (2)

Adams, B F

Adams, Campbell W (2)

Adams, Charles

Adams, Charles Edward

Adams, Charles Kendall

Adams, E R

Adams, E W

Adams, Edward Dean (35)

Adams, Edward L

Adams, Ellen (Mrs James) (11)

Adams, Franklin Pierce

Adams, Fred Winslow

Adams, Frederic (8)

Adams, George H

Adams, H V (3)

Adams, Henry Herschel (2)

Adams, Isaac, Jr (4)

Adams, J E

Adams, James (257)

Adams, James D (2)

Adams, James, (Wyoming)

Adams, John J

Adams, Joseph B

Adams, L B

Adams, L E (2)

Adams, Lyell Thompson (2)

Adams, Milton F (30)

Adams, R M

Adams, S E

Adams, Samuel (2)

Adams, Thomas D

Adams, William Grylls

Adamson, Howard

Addicks, Lawrence (10)

Addison, Thomas

Adee, Alvey Augustus (2)

Adelaide Piccadilly

Adelskold, Claes (3)

Adelsohn, Irving (11)

Adolpheus, John, Jr

Adrian Telegram

Adrian Times (3)

Adrian, H A

Advertising and Selling (5)

Aeolian Co (2)

Aetna Explosives Co

Agar Cross & Co (4)

Agassiz Assn (2)

Agnew, F H

Agnew, Paul Gough

Agnew, S H (4)

Agnus, Felix (2)

Ahles, Robert Lawrence

Ahlum, A F

Aiken, Edward L (8)

Ainsworth, George (5)

Ainsworth, George Jennings (2)

Air Nitrates Corp (3)

Air Reduction Co

Aircraft Defense League

Aircraft Development Corp

Akarman, John Nelson

Akers, Charles (2)

Akron (Times) Democrat (11)

Akron Beacon and Republican

Akron Beacon Journal (6)

Akron Enquirer

Akron High School (2)

Akron Iron Co

Akron Real Estate Board

Akron Times (2)

Alabama Phonograph Co

Alabama. Geological Survey

Albanese, G Sacco (2)

Albany and Rensselaer Iron and Steel Co

Albany Argus (10)

Albany Journal (9)

Albany Knickerbocker Press (31)

Albany Post

Albany Telegram (2)

Albany Times (Union) (6)

Albaugh-Dover Co

Albee, Edward Frankin

Alberger, Col M H (2)

Alberger, William C

Albermarle Paper Mfg Co

Albert, Jacques (2)

Alberta Industrial Development Assn

Albion Tube Works (2)


Albright, Andrew (2)

Albright, C W

Alden (George A.) & Co

Alden and Sterne (6)

Alden, Farrelly

Alden, Herbert Watson

Alder, W J

Alderman, A D

Alderson, Victor Clifton

Aldrich Payne and Washburn

Alec-Tweedie, Ethel Harley (3)

Aler, Frank Vernon

Alexander Cohn and Sondheim

Alexander, Archibald S

Alexander, H

Alexander, J M

Alexander, Jacques

Alexander, Julius H

Alexander, Julius Myron (4)

Alexander, Lewis Miller (3)

Alexander, Mary Valinda, (Mrs Charles E. Fritcher) (7)

Alexander, Millie H, (Mrs Daniel T. Thomas)

Alexander, Robert (2)

Alexander, William

Alford, Leon Pratt (3)

Alfred, Merritt A

Alger, Russell Alexander (4)

Alhambra Bath House Co

All Americas Assn

Allaire, William M (3)

Allan, T, Sr

Allardt, M H (2)

Allbaugh, A B

Allderdice, Winslow

Allegre, Jean

Allen & Co (2)

Allen Paper Car Wheel Co (2)

Allen, Francis Richmond

Allen, Frank Clark

Allen, Frederick Innes (5)

Allen, George

Allen, George R

Allen, Henry S (2)

Allen, J A

Allen, J E

Allen, J M

Allen, J W

Allen, John J

Allen, Joseph C

Allen, M A

Allen, Nancy

Allen, Ralph Henry (20)

Allen, Robert B (3)

Allen, Thornton Whitney (2)

Allen, W W

Allen, William

Allen, William H, (Connecticut) (4)

Allen, William H, (Ohio) (5)

Allen, William Harvey (2)

Allentown Iron Co

Aller, A

Allerton, Joseph

Allgemeine Elektricitats Gesellschaft (8)

Allgemeiner Schriftstellerverein

Alliance (3)

Alliance Francaise de New York (2)

Alliance Francaise des Oranges

Alliance Magneto-Electric Machine Co

Allien, Edgar S (10)

Alliger, A D (2)

Allin, E Hunt, Jr

Allin, Samuel (23)

Alling, Robert B (2)

Allis, Edward Phelps (2)

Allis-Chalmers Co (7)

Allison, Fred

Allison, Harvey

Allison, J Wesley (5)

Allison, William M, Jr (3)

Allison, Young E

Allton, Elizabeth C

Allwood, H M

Allyn and Bacon

Allyn, John I (3)

Alman, L (3)

Almquist, Amandis William (Billy) (12)

Alonzo and Consoli

Alpha Bible Class

Alpha Portland Cement Co

Alsing (J.R.) Engineering Co

Alsop, F O

Altenberg, George (9)

Altengarten, Henry Augustus (51)

Alterman, Nathan H

Altschul, Hugo

Aluminum and Vehicles Wheels Co

Aluminum Company of America

Aluminum World

Alwies, H

Alworth, Thomas P

Amateis, Louis

Amateur Inventor Society (Kiev)

Amberg, Maurice

Ambrose, Elmina

Ament, H L

American Academy of Arts and Sciences (3)

American Academy of Political and Social Science (2)

American Arts and Industries Assn

American Association for Advancement of Science (19)

American Automatic Telegraph Co (5)

American Automobile Assn (2)

American Bank and Trust Co,

American Bankers Assn

American Bell Telephone Co (38)

American Breeders Association. Eugenics Section (5)

American Briquetting Machinery Co

American Building Corp (5)

American Can Co (4)

American Catalyst Co

American Chemical Society (4)

American Civic Alliance

American Commercial Export and Trading Co

American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief

American Concrete Institute (5)

American Concrete Steel Co (2)

American Crockery Co

American Cyanamid Co

American District Telegraph Co (9)

American Druggists Syndicate

American Dynalite Co

American Electric and Illuminating Co

American Electric Manufacturing Co (3)

American Electrical Society (5)

American Electrician

American Electrochemical Society (7)

American Employment Exchange

American Engineer (4)

American Ever Ready Co (4)

American Exchange in Europe Ltd

American Exchange National Bank

American Federationist

American Film Exchange (2)

American Forcite Powder Manufacturing Co

American Forum Association Inc

American Gas Furnace Co (2)

American Gas Light Journal (130)

American Geographical Society (2)

American Graphophone Co (37)

American Grocer

American Hard Rubber Co

American Import

American Indurated Fibre Co

American Institute (18)

American Institute of Banking. NY Chapter

American Institute of Electrical Engineers (40)

American Institute of Mining Engineers (9)

American Institute of Social Service

American Institute. Electrical Section (2)

American Insurance Co

American Jewish Congress

American Journal of Pharmacy

American Journal of Railway Appliances (2)

American Journal of Science and Arts

American Junior Naval and Marine Scout Inc (2)

American Labor World

American Law Register

American League for National Unity

American Lithia and Chemical Co (4)

American Machinist (31)

American Magazine (9)

American Manganese Bronze Co

American Manufacturer and Iron World

American Manufacturing Mining and Milling Co

American Materials Co

American Metal Co Ltd (3)

American Metallurgical Works

American Metric Assn (3)

American Metric Bureau

American Mica Co

American Minerals Producing Co

American Monthly Review of Reviews

American Motion Picture Directory Co

American Motor League

American Museum of Safety (5)

American News Co

American Nickel Works (5)

American Novelty Co (6)

American Numismatic and Archaeological Society

American Numismatic Assn (2)

American Oil and Supply Co (41)

American Opera Society (3)

American Paper and Pulp Assn (2)

American Parlor Kinetoscope Co (4)

American Philosophical Society (4)

American Phonograph Supply Co

American Press Assn (4)

American Printing Co (3)

American Printing Telegraph Co (2)

American Protective Tariff League

American Pulverizer Co

American Radiator Co

American Railroad Journal

American Rights League (2)

American Rutile Co

American Scenic Co

American Siliconite Co (2)

American Smelting and Refining Co (9)

American Socialist

American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Anima (4)

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (22)

American Solid Leather Button Co (3)

American Speaking Telephone Co (8)

American Steam Boiler Insurance Co (3)

American Sulphur Co

American Surety Co (18)

American Talking Picture Co (5)

American Tar Products Co (2)

American Telegraph Works (28)

American Telegrapher's Tournament Assn

American Telephone and Telegraph Co

American Telephone Co Ltd (6)

American Theatre Building and Managing Co

American Thresherman

American Tobacco Co (3)

American Trading Co

American Union Telegraph Co (2)

American University Experiment Station

American Watchman's Time Detector (3)

American Wood Working Machinery Co

American-Philippine Co

Amet Magni-Phone Co

Amherst College

Amies, B G

Amiraux, P

Amory, Fremont D, Jr

Amory, Noel B (4)

Amparo Mining Co

Amsden, Frank F

Amsinck (G.) & Co

Amsterdam Handelsblad

Anaconda Copper Co

Anargyros (S.)

Andem, James Lambert (15)

Anders, George Lee (3)

Anders, Otto P

Anderson Electric Car Co (15)

Anderson, Albert N

Anderson, Alfred F R

Anderson, Clayton

Anderson, D H (3)

Anderson, Edwin G

Anderson, F H

Anderson, Frank

Anderson, Frederick Paul

Anderson, George Lucius (3)

Anderson, George Shaw (10)

Anderson, George W

Anderson, H

Anderson, Henry

Anderson, James (4)

Anderson, John C (2)

Anderson, John J

Anderson, John R (2)

Anderson, John R, Jr (11)

Anderson, Robert J

Anderson, S C

Anderson, W R

Anderson, William

Anderson, William A (4)

Anderson, William C (30)

Anderson, William Franklin (5)

Anderson, William Gilbert (4)

Anderson-Tesch, Hjalmar

Andersson, Hugo (2)

Anderton, Harry

Andover Iron Co (2)

Andrade, Alejandro

Andreas, Alfred Theodore

Andress, Fred R (27)

Andress, T H

Andrew, Camilo

Andrew, J (4)

Andrew, James Dhu

Andrews, A F

Andrews, Abram

Andrews, Addison Fletcher

Andrews, Alanson

Andrews, Barrett

Andrews, Elisha Whittelsey (18)

Andrews, F A

Andrews, Fred W

Andrews, Marlin O

Andrews, Theodore (28)

Andrews, W H

Andrews, William

Andrews, William C (2)

Andrews, William S

Andrews, William Symes (656)

Andrus, Eliza (Mrs Milo P.)

Aneona, F W

Angell, Albert

Angell, Edmund R

Anger, U F

Anglo-American Benevolent Home

Anglo-American Brush Electric Light Corp

Anglo-American Distributing Syndicate

Anglo-Indian Telephone Co Ltd (2)

Anglo-Pacific Electric Light Telephone and Power Co (3)

Animal Rescue League (3)

Anker Phonogramm Gesellschaft

Anners, Paul (3)

Anney, Mr

Anniston Knitting Mills Co (2)

Ansell, Joseph

Ansonia (Conn.) Sentinel

Ansonia Brass and Copper Co (50)

Ansonia Clock Co (2)

Anthony (E.andH.T.) & Co (2)

Anthony and Scovill Co

Anthony, F A

Anthony, James Stowell

Anthony, R A

Anthony, W P

Anthony, William Arnold (7)

Anti-Cigarette League of America

Anti-Saloon League of America

Anti-Saloon League of New Jersey (3)

Antonson, Pedro

Antrim, Walter (2)

Aoltson, James B (2)

Apostle, George

App, Claire (5)

Apple, Thomas Gilmore

Applebaugh, William K (7)

Applebee, Prof J O

Applegate, Francis M

Applegate, J B, Jr

Appleton (D.) & Co (5)

Appleton Manufacturing Co

Appleton, Arthur

Applin, Vincent Augustin

Arango, Aurelio (5)

Arano, J

Arbogast, Ralph (4)

Arcadian Copper Co (4)

Archaeological Institute of America

Archbold, George

Archer, W L

Archer, Walter Nadler (110)

Archibald, Edmund Douglas

Architectural Concrete Co (2)

Architectural League of New York

Archives of Electrology and Neurology (4)

Arendell, Falconer B (4)

Argent, Edw H

Argentine Edison Electric Light Co (3)

Argentine Naval Commission

Arkell, N J

Arlington Co (2)

Armat Motion Picture Co (5)

Armat, Thomas (14)

Armeda, Nicholas (2)

Armington and Sims (118)

Armington, Frank (4)

Armington, Pardon (51)

Armitage, B M

Armor, James C

Armour & Co

Armstrong Knauer & Co (2)

Armstrong Realty Co

Armstrong, C E

Armstrong, Edward Ambler

Armstrong, J A

Armstrong, J P

Armstrong, Robert, Jr

Armstrong, S F

Armstrong, S S C

Armstrong, T C

Armstrong, Thomas H (5)

Army and Navy Journal (2)

Arnn, Edward Thomas, Jr (7)

Arnn, Ewing

Arnold Constable & Co (2)

Arnold Hoffman & Co (3)

Arnold Print Works

Arnold, C S

Arnold, Edward A

Arnold, Fred N

Arnold, H M

Arnold, Hicks

Arnold, Horace L (2)

Arnold, James Loring

Arnold, John W S (5)

Arnold, Theodore (3)

Arnold, W O

Arnoux and Hochhausen

Arosemena, D T

Arrowsmith, William

Art Bulletin

Arthur and Bonnell (2)

Arthur, B F

Arthur, Dr R

Arthur, James

Arthur, Thomas S, Jr (4)

Artotype Publishing Co

Arvidson, A

Arym, C

Asbury Park Press (4)

Asch, Morris Joseph

Ash, James R (2)

Ash, William Loyd

Ashe, Sydney Whitmore (5)

Asheville Citizen (7)

Ashley, J R

Ashley, James Lincoln

Ashley, James Nye (9)

Ashman, Holbrook (2)

Ashmead, Henry A (2)

Ashtabula Beacon

Ashton, E Percy

Ashurst Morris Crisp & Co (14)

Asman, John

Aspinwall, John (2)

Assembly Herald

Assimacis, Charlie

Associated Advertising Clubs (2)

Associated Chambers of Commerce of Pacific Coast

Associated Industrial Press

Associated Manufacturers Export Co

Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd

Associated Press (9)

Associated Railroads of Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Association Island Corporation (2)

Association of American Portland Cement Manufacture (3)

Association of Edison Illuminating Companies (31)

Association of Exempt Firemen

Association of Foreign Press Correspondents

Association of Licensed Cement Manufacturers (3)

Association of National Advertising Managers

Association of Railway Telegraph Superintendents (4)

Associazione Elettrotecnica Italiana

Astor, John Jacob (2)

Astor, William Waldorf

Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Co (2)

Atchley, Samuel T

Atha (Benjamin) & Co (2)

Athearn, William Edward

Atherton, Sarah Henry

Atkins, Elias Cornelius

Atkins, Joe F

Atkins, William H

Atkinson, Caroline P

Atkinson, Francis Blake

Atkinson, Harry V

Atkinson, I S

Atkinson, Llewellyn Birchall

Atkinson, O'Brien J

Atkinson, William G (9)

Atlanta Constitution (14)

Atlanta Georgian (7)

Atlanta Journal (4)

Atlanta University

Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Co (68)

Atlantic City and Shore Railroad Co

Atlantic City Press (5)

Atlantic City Review (2)

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad (3)

Atlantic Publishing and Engraving Co (5)

Atlas Engine Works

Atlas Portland Cement Co

Atterbury, Grosvenor

Atterbury, Maj H E

Atwood, George F (2)

Atwood, Melville

Auburn Button Co (3)

Auchincloss, Henry Buck (14)

Aucker, Selwyn

Auckland News

Audouin, Madelaine

Auerbach, Joseph S (3)

Aufrecht, G A

August, James A

Augusta (Ga.) Herald

Aultman Miller & Co (3)

Austin Statesman (5)

Austin, A W

Austin, Benjamin G

Austin, E N

Austin, George Lowell

Austin, Julius J

Austin, Oscar Phelps

Australasian Electric Light Power and Storage Co (2)

Austria-Hungary. Consul General (4)

Austrian Telephone Co

Austro-Hungarian-American Committee of Vienna

Auten, Voris

Authors League Fund

Autocar (Magazine)

Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co (18)

Automatic Telegraph Co (26)

Automatic Transportation Co

Automaton Piano Co (5)

Automobile Club of America

Automobile Club of France

Automobile Journal (5)

Automobile Topics

Avery, A G, (Jersey City) (2)

Avery, Charles H

Avery, Clara A

Avery, David

Avett, P E

Avis, S W

Axman, Clarence

Aydelott, George Carl

Aydelott, W T

Ayers, A A (2)

Ayers, Alfred B (3)

Ayers, E A

Ayers, Howard

Ayers, John K

Ayers, Mary T

Aylmier, J V F

Aylsworth, Adelaide M (Mrs Jonas W.) (3)

Aylsworth, Jonas Walter (113)

Aylsworth, Willliam A

Ayres and Lufberg

Ayres, Brown (3)

Ayres, John W

Ayres, Mary Stevens

Ayres, R B (3)

Ayrton, William Edward


Babbidge, Charles

Babcock and Wilcox (41)

Babcock Electric Carriage Co (2)

Babcock, F A (2)

Babcock, George H

Babcock, George Herman (2)

Babcock, S

Baber, George W

Babson Bros (5)

Babson's Statistical Organization (2)

Babson, Frederick K (12)

Babson, George L (2)

Babson, Roger Ward (10)

Bacharach, Isaac

Bachelder, John

Bacheller & Co (5)

Bacheller, Irving (8)

Bacheller, Mary E (Mrs Irving)

Bachman, Frederick (30)

Bachman, Harold Burton

Bachman, Robert Abraham (141)

Bachrach Studios (4)

Bacigalupi (Peter) and Sons (2)

Bacigalupi, Joe

Bacigalupi, Peter (33)

Bacigalupi, Robert

Backus Water Motor Co (2)

Backus, Alexander (7)

Bacon and Milans (12)

Bacon, H J

Bacon, Irving R

Bacon, John, Jr (27)

Bacon, Levi Seward

Bacon, Mabel Marks

Bacon, Rogers H

Bacon, Selden (3)

Badger (E.B.) and Sons Co (34)

Badger, Franklin Hodgkins (32)

Badische Co

Baekeland, Celine Swarts (Mrs Leo H.)

Baekeland, Leo Hendrick (13)

Baer, Dr (3)

Baer, William Jacob

Baetz, William (2)

Bagley, Charles H

Bahr and Ehrlich

Baier, F A

Bailey (S.R.) & Co

Bailey Reflector Co

Bailey, B A

Bailey, Charles E (55)

Bailey, Emmett Elmer

Bailey, G P

Bailey, George E

Bailey, H C (4)

Bailey, H L (2)

Bailey, James H

Bailey, John Eliot

Bailey, Joshua Franklin (416)

Bailey, L C

Bailey, M T, Jr (2)

Bailey, Rev S R (2)

Bailey, W B

Baillard, George

Bain, George Grantham (3)

Bainbridge, Oliver (3)

Baine, William A

Baines (J.) and Son

Baines, Edward

Baines, F E (5)

Baines, William

Bair, G Milton

Baird, Chester R (8)

Baird, Edward K

Baird, George Washington

Baird, John

Baird, Philander Castor

Baird, R K (2)

Baird, William Raimond

Bakels, C

Baker & Co

Baker (J.T.) Chemical Co (3)

Baker and Adamson Chemical Co (4)

Baker Electric Co

Baker Motor Vehicle Co (5)

Baker Smith & Co

Baker, A D

Baker, Burton Eugene

Baker, C A

Baker, Charles K

Baker, Charles Whiting

Baker, D R

Baker, Daniel (2)

Baker, Day (4)

Baker, Edwin Myron (2)

Baker, Eugene N

Baker, Frank

Baker, G O (2)

Baker, George

Baker, George C

Baker, George E

Baker, John Townsend (2)

Baker, Joshua

Baker, Murray M

Baker, Nelson K

Baker, Newton Diehl (4)

Baker, Roberta Wheeler (Mrs Charles W.)

Baker, T L

Baker, Thomas O

Baker, Thomas Rakestraw

Baker, W C, Jr (2)

Baker, W Everett

Baker, W H

Baker, William Henry (5)

Balbach (Edward) and Son

Balbin, Julian

Balch, Emily Greene

Balcom, Edith Katherine (Mrs Stephen H. Jr) (2)

Baldwin Bros & Co (6)

Baldwin Locomotive Works (5)

Baldwin Sexton and Peterson (2)

Baldwin Syndicate

Baldwin, A J

Baldwin, Augustus Martin (2)

Baldwin, C M

Baldwin, Evelyn Briggs

Baldwin, Frank Wilfred

Baldwin, George P

Baldwin, Gilbert Henry (22)

Baldwin, Mrs H D

Baldwin, Mrs M G

Baldwin, R H

Baldwin, Samuel W

Baldwin, Theodore

Balet, Joseph W

Balfour, John (2)

Balk, Hieronymus Waldemar (6)

Ball Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd

Ball Engine Co (4)

Ball, Clinton M

Ball, F C

Ball, Mason D

Ballantine, James B (42)

Ballantine, Mrs James B

Ballard, George M

Ballard, Harlan Hoge (4)

Ballard, Thomas C (3)

Ballejos, Antonio

Ballentine, Caroline Farrand (2)

Balleras, D J (2)

Balloon Society of Great Britain

Ballou, A L

Ballou, E H

Ballou, Franklin (9)

Ballou, G D

Ballou, George F (7)

Ballou, George William

Balmer, George F (3)

Balsley and Mowry (2)

Baltimore American (12)

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co (7)

Baltimore and Ohio Telegraph Co (2)

Baltimore and Sparrows Point Realty Co

Baltimore Cooperage Co

Baltimore Copper Smelting and Rolling Co (3)

Baltimore News (11)

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Baltimore Sun (25)

Bamberger (L.) & Co (2)

Bamberger, Oscar

Bancher, John F (4)

Bancroft (A.L.) & Co

Bancroft Company of New York

Bancroft, E H (2)

Bancroft, George D (7)

Bancroft, James R (2)

Bandle, Ernest C

Bandler (Bernard) and Sons

Bane, Thurman Harrison

Baneth, Alexander

Baneth, Joseph

Banfield, W A

Bangham, M L

Bangor Commercial (10)

Bangor News (6)

Bangs, Charlotte Rebecca Woglom (2)

Banister, Reginald Heber (23)

Bank of Edison (3)

Bank of Fort Myers

Bank of Scotland

Bank of the Metropolis

Banker, James Hopson (37)

Banker, Louis G

Bankers Electric Protective Co

Bankers Guarantee Title and Trust Co

Bankers Trust Co

Banks, Francis H

Banks, Howard A (3)

Banks, Mr

Bannatyne, C (2)

Banning and Banning

Banning, Kendall (5)

Bannister, Albert H

Bannister, Lemuel

Bannister, Murdock

Banque Centrale du Commerce (4)

Banque Franco-Egyptienne

Barbarin, Arthur

Barbee, Clifford

Barbee, R E

Barber, Jeannette M

Barber, John Marion

Barber, W R

Barberie, E T (3)

Barbey, Henry J

Barbour, George Harry (2)

Barcena, Manano

Barclay & Co

Barclay, C J

Barclay, David

Barclay, John Charles (9)

Barclay, R G

Barden, H E

Bardy, Charles

Barfield, J C

Barge, A E

Bargeon, M (2)

Barker, A R

Barker, Fordyce

Barker, George Frederick (115)

Barker, J Q

Barker, J William

Barker, Jesse J

Barker, Wharton

Barlow and Bancroft

Barlow, W H

Barnard, Charles (12)

Barnard, Charles A

Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter (7)

Barnard, George A (3)

Barnard, John Gross

Barnard, William (7)

Barnard, William H

Barnes and Evans (5)

Barnes, C R (2)

Barnes, C W (2)

Barnes, Charles Merritt

Barnes, Demas

Barnes, Edwin Curtis (2)

Barnett, Mrs P L

Barnett, R M

Barnette, William Jay

Barney, C H

Barney, Finis Morrison

Barney, Hiram

Barney, William

Barnhill, John Basil

Barnitz, David G

Barnum, Hartson Gillette

Barnum, Phineas Taylor

Baron, Charles J

Barr (M.D.) & Co (4)

Barr, James A

Barr, Joseph R

Barr, M D

Barr, William (4)

Barr, William M

Barre, Joseph

Barrell, A C (2)

Barren, H C

Barrett Manufacturing Co (13)

Barrett, D H

Barrett, J C

Barrett, James M

Barrett, Jay Amos

Barrett, John (7)

Barrett, John Patrick (3)

Barrett, R

Barrett, Timothy

Barrett, W H

Barrett, William Fletcher (15)

Barrett, William M (3)

Barron, J Carle

Barron, J F

Barron, John S (7)

Barrows, W S

Barrus, Clara (3)

Barry, Herbert (2)

Barry, James B

Barry, John G

Barry, Kathleen Eileen (2)

Barstow, William A

Barstow, William Slocum (4)

Barth, Johann Ambrosius (3)

Bartholomew, F A

Bartholomew, G M

Bartholomew, Gilbert (2)

Bartle, Carl A (2)

Bartlett, George C

Bartlett, George H

Bartlett, L

Bartley, William R

Barton, Bruce Fairchild

Barton, Enos M (46)

Barton, M F

Barton, Stephen E (3)

Bartow, Charles H

Bartram and Wadsworth

Bartram, J Bogert (6)

Baruch Bros

Baruch, L

Bary, William

Bascom, Frederick Locke (3)

Bashford, J S

Basile, Carmine

Baskerville, Charles (13)

Baskin, John B

Bassett, A J

Bassett, Sheldon Hull (2)

Bassonett and Meagher

Baszanger (Jacques) & Co

Batavia Rubber Co

Batchelder, Amos G

Batchelor, Charles (4258)

Batchelor, Rosanna (Mrs Charles) (15)

Bateholts, Charles F (5)

Bateman, George

Bateman, J A

Bateman, William W

Bates Advertising Co (7)

Bates Machine Co

Bates Manufacturing Co (30)

Bates, Albert C

Bates, C L (2)

Bates, David Homer (16)

Bates, Edward

Bates, Edwin G (30)

Bates, George A

Bates, W M

Bates, William Graves

Bates, William H

Bath Independent

Bathurst, Frederick

Batlle y Ordonez, Jose

Batres, Antonio (2)

Batstone, C

Battelle, Albert C (2)

Batten, Joseph Zane (2)

Battersby, Harry Barnum

Battery Supplies Co (15)

Battey, William C (5)

Battle Creek Sanitarium (Michigan) (5)

Battle, L R

Baucus, Joseph Deyhoe (20)

Bauer and Black

Bauer Chemical Co

Bauer, C G (2)

Bauer, Emilie Frances

Bauer, William Charles (3)

Baumann Bros (3)

Baumgartner, Alexander (2)

Baur and Regel

Baur, Charles Samuel

Bausch and Lomb Optical Co (2)

Bausch, Edward

Bauschier, Joseph E

Bavier, William

Bawy, Louis

Baxter and Brown (5)

Baxter, Dr M L (3)

Baxter, Sylvester (4)

Baxter, W J

Bayard, Thomas Francis (2)

Baybutt, Richard

Bayer Co (2)

Bayles, George

Bayley, W L S

Baylis, James

Baylor, A K (5)

Bayly (Edison Shop)

Bayne, Henry A

Bayne, Samuel Gamble

Baynes, E A

Bayol, P

Bayonne Casting Co

Bayonne Times (2)

Bayway Chemical Co (10)

Bazaar for the Relief of German Widows and Orphans

Beach, Alfred Ely (6)

Beach, C H

Beach, E

Beach, Frederick Converse (2)

Beach, Harry Prescott (2)

Beach, Lansing Hoskins

Beach, Ralph Hamilton (109)

Beacon Lamp Co

Beacon Vacuum Pump and Electrical Co (2)

Beall, Fielder Montgomery Magruder

Bean, Virginia Lawrence (4)

Beane, Edmund M

Beard, George Miller (10)

Beardslee, Frederick E (4)

Beardslee, Laura Dingee (Mrs Frederick E.) (6)

Beardslee, Rufus

Beardslee, W F

Beardsley, John Benson

Beasley, Mercer

Beasley, W F

Beaton, Welford (2)

Beatty, A

Beatty, Anna Dell

Beatty, Bessie

Beaupre, Arthur Matthias (2)

Beayer, Adolf

Beazell, William P (3)

Beazley, Edwin Henry (18)

Bechestobiell, Bertha (Mrs Adolph)

Beck, James Peter (3)

Beck, Martin

Becker and Sons (3)

Becker Milling Machine Co

Becker, Benjamin V (3)

Becker, Gustav L

Beckwith, A K

Beckwith, James Carroll

Beckwith, S R (2)

Bedell, Daniel M

Bedell, E E

Bedell, H N

Bedell, Hannah E (Mrs Samuel)

Bedell, Otis T

Bedell, Samuel

Bedford-Jones, Henry

Bedingfield, Wade Ramsey

Bee, Ida M (Mrs William G.)

Bee, William George (216)

Beebe, Eugene Bloodgood

Beebe, Herbert A (2)

Beeby, J H

Beecher, J A

Beecher, Mrs J A (2)

Beede, Vincent Van Marter (2)

Beer Sondheimer & Co (2)

Beer, John

Beers (J.B.) & Co

Beers, Lucius Hart (10)

Beetham, Robert Emory

Beetle, George L (7)

Beggs, John Irvin (8)

Begin, L N

Behning Piano Co

Behrend, Bernard Arthur

Beiderman, C R

Beire, E J (2)

Beirly, Alfred

Beistle, Charles P

Belgium. Consul General

Belgium. Ministry of Interior

Belknap, Lewis J

Belknap, Moses Cook (8)

Bell & Co

Bell (H.W.) Co

Bell (Wm) & Co

Bell and Biggar

Bell and Howell (2)

Bell Telephone Memorial Assn

Bell, Alexander Graham (14)

Bell, Alexander Melville

Bell, Benjamin Taylor A

Bell, Charles John (6)

Bell, Chichester A

Bell, Clark (2)

Bell, Frederic D

Bell, J, (Palo Alto)

Bell, Jerome Bonaparte (2)

Bell, John James

Bell, Nicholas Montgomery (4)

Bell, Piromis H

Bell, V G (2)

Bell, W Jackson

Bell, William (2)

Belleville (N.J.). Assessor

Bellew, F

Bellows, Ira C (2)

Belostozny, P V

Belt, C W

Belville, Dorothy

Bement Miles & Co (8)

Bender, A W

Bender, E

Bender, G W

Bendix, George E (2)

Bendle, Mr

Benedetti, T J

Benedict Bros

Benedict, C H

Benedict, Dr A L

Benedict, Elias Cornelius

Benedict, F E

Benedict, H D

Benedict, Isaac H

Benedict, J W

Benesch, A B

Benington, Arthur (3)

Benjamin and Casparay

Benjamin, E B

Benjamin, George D

Benjamin, Park (4)

Benjamin, Samuel Greene Wheeler

Benn, Carl (3)

Benner, Henry D

Benner, Samuel A (2)

Bennet, M C

Bennett, Charles A, Jr

Bennett, Charles William

Bennett, Eli C

Bennett, J C

Bennett, James Gordon (3)

Bennett, John Francis (3)

Bennett, L Atwood

Bennett, O W

Bennett, Smith W

Bennett, W A

Bennett, W S

Bennett, Z R (5)

Benney, William Albert (10)

Bennington, W L (2)

Bennington, William Newton (2)

Bennitt, Mrs G W

Benson Mines Co

Benson, Allan Louis (8)

Benson, Erastus A (8)

Benson, J B

Benson, Orville (6)

Benson, R D

Benson, William Shepherd

Bent, Quincy

Bentel (Theodore F.) Co (2)

Bentley, Edward M

Bentley, Edward Warren

Bentley, Ellen W (Mrs Henry)

Bentley, Henry (54)

Bentley, John A

Bentley, Seymour

Benton, Charles Abner (12)

Benton, H

Benton, J R

Benzinger, Fritz

Bequet, Philippe Antoni (5)

Beran, Theodore B (2)

Beraz, Augustus M

Berdan, William

Berg, Charles (2)

Berg, Olav

Bergen Port Zinc Works

Bergen Realty Co

Bergen, George A

Berger, George B

Berger, Georges (7)

Berger, J B

Berger, Richard George (9)

Bergeron, George O (6)

Berggren, Charles (18)

Berggren, Ernest J (53)

Bergh, Henry, Jr. (2)

Bergman, C G

Bergman, Rudolph

Bergmann & Co (234)

Bergmann Elektricitats Werke (5)

Bergmann Elektromotoren and Dynamo Werke

Bergmann, Sigmund (334)

Bergstrom, C E

Berkeley Gazette (7)

Berlin Lokal-Anzeiger

Berliner Gram-o-phone Co Ltd

Berliner Presse (3)

Berliner Tageblatt

Berliner, Emile (6)

Berlioz, I

Bermingham, Edward J (2)

Bernabo, Louis

Bernard, J L

Bernstein, Alexander

Bernstein, Herman (3)

Berolzheimer, Edwin Michael

Berresford, Arthur William

Berriel, Henri

Berry Bros (4)

Berry, Farina

Berry, H W

Berry, Jesse H (2)

Berry, L K

Bersey, John

Berst, Jacques Albert (12)

Berthold, Paul (10)

Berthon (A.) & Co (3)

Berthon, Alfred (4)

Berthoud Borel & Co

Bertolette and Lukens (3)

Bertolino, Carlo

Bertolus, Charles

Bery Currie, H S (2)

Beryl, Harcourt Cecil

Beskow, Bernhard

Besler, William George

Bessemer, Henry

Best, Alcuin H

Best, H G (2)

Bestor, Arthur Eugene (63)

Bestor, Jeanette Lemon (Mrs Arthur E.)

Bethesda Leper Home Society of the USA (2)

Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church (Detroit)

Bethlehem Iron Co (7)

Bethlehem Steel Co (3)

Bethlehem Times (7)

Bettcher, Mr (3)

Bettini, Gianni (6)

Betts and Betts Corp (3)

Betts, Frederic Henry (13)

Bevans, James M

Beveridge, S Murdoch

Beves, Arthur S (57)

Beves, J E

Bible Magazine

Bibo, Edward Charles

Bickford, Alice

Bicycling World Co

Biddison, Samuel (2)

Biddle and Ward (2)

Biddle, Algernon Sydney

Biddle, Clinton

Bidell, C H

Bidgood, George (2)

Bidwell, Shelford (2)

Bieber, Emil

Biedermann, Ernst (85)

Bielaski, Alexander Bruce

Bier, Julius M (4)

Bierstadt, Albert

Bierwirth, Leopold Charles

Big Bend Tunnel and Mining Co

Big Brother Movement

Bigelow, Edward F

Bigelow, John Parks (2)

Bigelow, L A

Bigelow, Poultney

Bigerstaff, William J

Biggs, Charles Henry Walker (6)

Bigler, J

Biglow and Main Co (6)

Bigsby, Bernard (3)

Bilhuber, Ernst

Billet, Mary Isabel

Billings, Charles H (2)

Billings, Cornelius Canfield (2)

Billington, Irene

Bilz, R

Binder, Jacob William (3)

Binder, Richard L

Bingham, Solon

Binney and Smith Co (8)

Binney, C J F

Binns, Joseph

Biograph Co (13)

Bioren & Co

Birch, William Fred

Bircham & Co (11)

Birchard, Arthur R

Birdsboro Steel Foundry and Machine Co (4)

Birdsong, J C

Birge, Walter W

Birkinbine, John (100)

Birley, A

Birmingham Age Herald (5)

Birmingham Co (2)

Birmingham Electric and Manufacturing Co (2)

Birmingham Gazette

Birmingham Iron Foundry (3)

Bisbee, Genevieve (5)

Bischoff, C A

Bishop (Victor) & Co (2)

Bishop Gutta Percha Co (3)

Bishop, Farnham

Bishop, James E

Bishop, James Walter (19)

Bishop, T Brigham

Bishop, William Henry (2)

Biskley, J H

Bispham, David Scull

Bissell, B L

Bissell, C W (3)

Bissell, E

Bitler, F L (3)

Bitner, C C

Bittles, William

Bittner, William

Bixler, Edward Stewart (29)

Bjorkander, Anna (6)

Blache, Herbert

Black Diamond Powder Co (5)

Black, Charles G

Black, Francis

Black, George (6)

Black, Homer E

Black, J E

Black, J R

Black, John L

Black, William Murray

Blackburn, Arthur Henry

Blackburn, Charles F

Blackham, George Edmund (3)

Blackman, J F

Blackman, Joseph Newcomb (3)

Blackman, Myron Mitchell (7)

Blackmore, William

Blackton, James Stuart (10)

Blackwell (Robert W.) & Co Ltd (3)

Blackwell, Robert Winthrop (4)

Blackwood, Arthur Temple

Blagden Waugh & Co

Blaikie, Thomas (2)

Blaine, James Gillespie

Blair & Co

Blair (George C.) and Son

Blair Camera Co

Blair, E J

Blair, Frank Ross (2)

Blair, J E

Blair, James A (3)

Blair, John (2)

Blair, Joseph C

Blaisdell, E G

Blake and Burkart (10)

Blake, Alex V (3)

Blake, Clarence J (25)

Blake, Eli Whitney, Jr (2)

Blake, Francis, Jr (9)

Blake, Herbert E (7)

Blake, J C

Blake, John S

Blake, S Parkman

Blake, Theodore A (2)

Blakeley, John (3)

Blakeslee, George E

Blakeslee, M A

Blan, J

Blanchard (F.S.) & Co

Blanchard (Isaac H.) Co

Blanchard, George P

Blanchard, H C (2)

Blanchard, James (2)

Blanchard, Miss H A V

Blanchard, W L

Blanchfield, Garrett W F

Blanding, R A H

Blaney, Henry R

Blankenship, Georgia

Blasius and Sons

Blattau, John A (2)

Blauvelt, William Hutton (10)

Blavatsky, Helena Petrovna (2)

Blaw Collapsible Steel Centering Co

Blennerhassett, W H (2)

Bleyer, Julius Mount (9)

Blish, Henry Herbert (7)

Bliss (E.W.) Co (5)

Bliss, Collins P

Bliss, Cornelius Newton, Jr (2)

Bliss, Donald M (40)

Bliss, George Harrison (481)

Bliss, Porter Cornelius (2)

Bliss, S E

Block, Julius H (37)

Block, William

Blodget, S C, Jr

Blodgett, Agnes E

Blodgett, R F

Blodgett, Tilden (5)

Bloede (Victor G.) Co

Bloke, Philip

Blood, Harry E

Blood, Sylvester Lawton

Blood, William Henry, Jr

Bloom, Edward E

Bloomfield Citizen (3)

Bloomfield Press (2)

Bloomfield, Charles A (6)

Bloomfield, Gordon C (2)

Bloomingdale Bros

Bloomingdale, Irving Ingersoll

Bloss, A C (2)

Blow, Jellings

Blue Devils (2)

Blue Ridge Traction Co

Blue, Archibald (3)

Blum (E.M.) & Co

Blum Bros Inc

Blum, A W

Blume, Jarvis

Blumhart, H J

Blythe, E W (2)

Board of Censorship (Motion Pictures) (3)

Board of Trade of Stanhope and Netcong

Boaretto and Remondini

Boarman, L H

Boblits, William H

Bocharoff, P N

Bock, Oscar

Bocock, Emilie R

Bocock, John Paul (2)

Bode, Frank H

Bodine, Joseph Lamb

Bodwell, Raymond W

Boe, Olaf

Boeck, L J (2)

Boehm, Ludwig K (81)

Boehme, E E

Boehme, John A (7)

Boetsch, Blanche (2)

Boettcher, Dr F L J

Boettcher, E

Bofinger, William H (10)

Bogart, Adam W (3)

Bogart, John

Bogart, S S (4)

Bogert, John Lawrence

Bogle, C H (4)

Bogue, Edward Augustus (2)

Bogue, Lucy Durfee (13)

Bohle, B

Bohn, C C

Bok, William J H (2)

Bolderman, H J

Bolitho, Edwin

Bolitho, Frank

Bollettino Finanze Ferrovie Industrie

Bollman, Calvin Porter

Bolsford, Charles Hull

Bolster, Harold

Bolton, Henry Carrington (2)

Bolton, Sarah Knowles

Bomeisler, Louis Edwin (2)

Bonaparte, Charles Joseph

Bonaventure, Edmond F

Bonbright (William P.) & Co

Bond and Mortgage Guarantee Co (10)

Bond, Alexander Russell (3)

Bond, Ally

Bond, Charles

Bond, Henry F

Bond, S Hazen

Boner, William A

Bonine, Robert K

Bonnel, J W (3)

Bonnel, Nathaniel

Bonnet, J

Bonneville, W F

Bonneville, William G (4)

Bonney, William E

Bonsack Machine Co

Bonsall, I H

Boon, Miss C Th M

Boone, Charles

Boorum, P J

Booth & Co (3)

Booth Garrett and Blair (7)

Booth, J A

Booth, William T

Borden, Albert Greene

Borden, Jefferson, Jr

Borden, Philip D (2)

Borden, Spencer (74)

Bordentown Female College (4)

Borgfeldt (George) & Co

Borland-Grannis Co (2)

Borleske, Mrs L W

Bors, Christian

Borsodi, M

Borst, Jeremiah A

Borton, Martha C (2)

Bossart, Paul W (6)

Boston Advertiser (39)

Boston American (26)

Boston and Colorado Smelting Co (3)

Boston Beacon (4)

Boston Belting Co (2)

Boston Bijou Theatre Co (2)

Boston Budget (3)

Boston Commercial Bulletin (6)

Boston Edison Co (10)

Boston Electric Club (3)

Boston Globe (71)

Boston Herald (65)

Boston Journal (59)

Boston Journal of Chemistry (11)

Boston Journal of Commerce (6)

Boston Marine Insurance Co (3)

Boston Piano and Music Co

Boston Post (37)

Boston Record (23)

Boston Times (2)

Boston Transcript (30)

Boston Traveler (13)

Boston, Charles Anderson

Bostwick and Thoms

Bostwick, G A

Boswell, A V

Boswell, R S

Bosworth, William Welles (2)

Both, J

Botsford, Charles H

Botsford, William F

Bottomley, John (8)

Boucher, Felix

Boucher, W N

Boughton, W W (2)

Boulder Smelting Co

Boulton Carbon Co (2)

Boulton, W H

Bouquie, Paul (8)

Bourne, Frank

Bouton, James W

Bouverie, Edward Pleydell (32)

Bouvier (M.C.) & Co

Bowden, H Park (3)

Bowditch, Ernest W (9)

Bowen and Kingsbury

Bowen, C C

Bowen, Frank H (4)

Bowen, George S

Bowen, William Abraham

Bowen, William C (4)

Bower, Lahman F

Bower, Samuel W

Bowers (B.O.) Co

Bowers, A M

Bowers, E A

Bowes, R H

Bowker, Richard Rogers (77)

Bowles (Member of Parliament) (2)

Bowles, Raymond A

Bowling, Bernard

Bowman, B B

Bowman, D A

Bowman, J R (2)

Bowman, John

Bowman, John Brady

Boy Scouts of America (4)

Boyce, George R

Boyd, Cora Dunham (Mrs Willard W.) (4)

Boyd, J Taylor

Boyd, Joseph

Boyd, Thomas (2)

Boyd, Willard William, Jr

Boyd, William John

Boyden, Victor Hugh

Boyer, Edward Dayton

Boyes, R C

Boykin, Edward Carrington (4)

Boyle, William Lewis

Boynton, C A

Boynton, E C, Jr (7)

Boynton, Frank Lane

Boynton, N H (2)

Boynton, Nathan S (2)

Boys Club (Edison Chapter) (2)

Brabazon, Reginald

Brace, De Witt Bristol

Brace, J P

Brackett, Alonzo Clifford

Brackett, Cyrus Fogg (8)

Braden (Oliver) & Co

Bradford Academy

Bradford Observer (6)

Bradford, Edward Green, II

Bradford, F A

Bradford, John H

Bradi, Giovanni

Bradlet, John M (4)

Bradley, C C C

Bradley, Charles P

Bradley, Charles Schenck (9)

Bradley, Charles Smith

Bradley, Edna M

Bradley, Frank E (4)

Bradley, George Lothrop (14)

Bradley, Gilbert William

Bradley, James J (16)

Bradley, Joseph P

Bradley, Wellington (4)

Bradley, William Mallory

Bradshaw, D P

Bradshaw, John Hammond (2)

Bradstreet and Curtis

Bradstreet Co (24)

Bradstreet, A G (2)

Bradstreet, Edward Payson

Bradt, Mrs M H

Brady, Arthur C

Brady, Cyrus Townsend

Brady, James H

Brady, James I (2)

Brady, Nicholas Frederic (2)

Brady, Patrick (15)

Brady, Peter

Brady, Philip H (2)

Brady, William Aloysius

Braeunlich, Sophia T (2)

Bragdon Lord and Nagle Co

Brainard's (S.) Sons Co

Brainard, C R

Brainard, Henry A

Brambel, Grant

Bramwell, Byrom (2)

Bramwell, Frederick Joseph (4)

Brand, E A

Brand, James (5)

Brandon and Sons

Brandon Bros (7)

Brandon, David Hunter (5)

Brandon, Raphael Hunter (3)

Brandt, George

Brandt, H O

Branner, John Casper (17)

Brannin, Edward E

Brant, John (2)

Brant, L J (Mrs John) (2)

Brantford (Ontario). Public Schools

Brashear (John A.) Co Ltd (8)

Brashear Assn

Brashear, John Alfred (9)

Brasseur, Charles L (23)

Brastow, Lewis Ladd

Bratt, John Edward

Braun Corp

Braun, C A

Braun, J Fred

Braun, Johannes

Braunstein, H (3)

Bravo, John Reid

Bray, E P

Bray, Frank

Bray, William H

Breakenridge and Tichenor

Brearley, Harry Chase (2)

Brearley, William Henry

Brecher, Charles (5)

Breck, George

Breckenridge, Dr C J

Breckon, John Robert (29)

Breckon, Thomas W Page

Bredin, Benjamin W

Bredt (F.) & Co (2)

Breed, George F (3)

Breen, John J

Brehmer Bros (20)

Breitenbach, J

Bremner, D A (3)

Breneman, Abram Adams

Brenizer, C G

Brennan, Daniel, Jr (4)

Brennan, Henry J (2)

Brennan, J B (4)

Brennan, Joseph (2)

Brennen, J W

Brentano's (12)

Brentano, August (3)

Brereton, R M

Breslin, M

Brethour, John W (2)

Bretnig, Eugene

Brewer (Charles) & Co (10)

Brewer and Jensen (17)

Brewer Mining Co

Brewer, Abijah R (6)

Brewer, Edward Griffith (2)

Brewer, George N

Brewer, W N (5)

Brewster & Co

Brewster, Francis E

Brewster, H T (2)

Brewster, T J

Brewster, William Farley (70)

Breyer, Frank Gottlob

Bricker, Sorin H

Brictson Manufacturing Co

Bridgeport Brass Co

Bridgeport Wood Finishing Co

Bridgers, S H

Bridges, Albert

Bridges, Mary G

Bridges-Lee, John

Bridget, B M

Brien, William M

Briesen and Knauth

Briesen, Arthur von

Briesen, Fritz von

Brigg, Richard

Briggs, Eugene H (2)

Briggs, Jesse A

Briggs, Leroy E (123)

Briggs, Lowell C (6)

Briggs, Samuel W

Briggs, William H (2)

Briggs, William M

Brigham, Alex W (22)

Brigham, Herbert O

Brigham, Sarah W (13)

Bright, Marshal Huntington (3)

Brill (J.G.) & Co (7)

Brinck, P C

Brind, Walter L

Brinton, J B

Brinton, Walter (2)

Brinton, Willard Cope

Brisbane, Arthur (22)

Bristol Iron Co Ltd (2)

Bristol, Charles Lawrence (9)

Bristol, John Isaac Devoe

Bristow, F

Bristow, I G

British Association for Advancement of Science (2)

British Chemical Co Ltd

British Columbia Copper Co Ltd (2)

British Empire Club (2)

British North American Tobacco Company of Canada

British Ore Concentration Syndicate (3)

British Railways Speaking Telephone Co Ltd

British South Africa Co

British War Relief Assn Inc

British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co

Brittain, Joseph I

Britton, Edward Elms

Britton, Nathaniel Lord (3)

Broadbent, Frank

Broadhead, Garland Carr

Broadley, A M

Broadnax, Amos (2)

Broadway Automobile Co

Brock, W I

Brock, William M (17)

Brock-Hollinshead, Mrs F

Brockie (J.) & Co

Brocklehurst, S

Brockman, E T

Broden, Albert (2)

Broderick, J J

Brodie, William M

Broesel, Carl Arnold

Broesel, Herman

Broesel, Herman, Jr

Brokaw, William D

Broken Hill Proprietary Co Ltd

Brolaski, Jules Jeffre A (2)

Bromley, Lelia K

Bronk, L

Bronsson, L M (2)

Bronx Co

Bronx Motion Picture Studio (6)

Bronx Terminal Corp (3)

Bronx Window Shade and Awning Co

Brooke, Charles Morgan

Brooke, David Owen

Brooke, E P

Brooke, George H

Brooklyn (N.Y.). Fire Dept

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Bureau of Charities (2)

Brooklyn Citizen (35)

Brooklyn Eagle (65)

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (4)

Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Standard Union (25)

Brooklyn Times (19)

Brooks and Kemper (2)

Brooks Bros (New York) (2)

Brooks Patent Insulator Works (2)

Brooks, Alice (5)

Brooks, Annie McKenzie

Brooks, Byron Alden

Brooks, C A

Brooks, David (5)

Brooks, James C

Brooks, Newton May (3)

Brooks, Thomas W, Jr

Broome, Joseph (2)

Broomhall, Addison F

Brophy, J A (12)

Brossa, Gabriel (10)

Brost, W W

Brother, George H

Brotherhood, A (2)

Brougham, Herbert Bruce (5)

Broughton, R

Brouwer, W H

Brouzet, Andre

Brower, George L

Brower, Walter C

Brown (A.andF.) Co (2)

Brown (C.H.) & Co (22)

Brown (James N.) & Co

Brown (Leonard and Izard)

Brown (Lucius P.) & Co

Brown and Dion

Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Co (12)

Brown Bros (3)

Brown Bros & Co

Brown Bruns & Co

Brown, A J

Brown, Adelaide Hitchcock

Brown, Alfred S

Brown, Arthur L

Brown, B F

Brown, B R (3)

Brown, Baxter L

Brown, C H, Jr

Brown, Charles

Brown, Charles A (4)

Brown, Charles Albert (7)

Brown, Charles F (2)

Brown, Charles H

Brown, Charles H S (2)

Brown, Charles Henry

Brown, Charles R (4)

Brown, Charles T

Brown, Charles Turner (5)

Brown, Chauncey Lewis

Brown, David Wolfe

Brown, Dennis F

Brown, Dr

Brown, Elder D

Brown, Felix

Brown, Franklin Q

Brown, Frederick S (2)

Brown, George H

Brown, George W, Jr

Brown, H E, (Chemical Engineer)

Brown, H E, (Editor)

Brown, Harold P (44)

Brown, Henry P (2)

Brown, Henry S

Brown, J N

Brown, J S (3)

Brown, J W

Brown, James A

Brown, James B (3)

Brown, James T (6)

Brown, James Wallace (9)

Brown, Jesse H

Brown, John Howard

Brown, John M (3)

Brown, John P

Brown, Kirk (13)

Brown, Leroy S

Brown, Leslie A

Brown, Lowell Huntington (3)

Brown, Lucius Polk

Brown, Mary Spalding (Mrs William Thayer)

Brown, Mervyn A

Brown, Michael J

Brown, Mortimer S

Brown, Percy S

Brown, R R

Brown, Robert G (15)

Brown, S A (5)

Brown, S D

Brown, Samuel L

Brown, T Forster

Brown, T P (2)

Brown, T R

Brown, Thatcher M

Brown, Thomas W

Brown, W H, (Phonograph Enthusiast) (2)

Brown, Worley Jesse

Browne, Arthur S

Browne, Causten

Browne, H A

Browne, Harry K, Jr

Browne, Herbert R

Browne, James E (25)

Browne, Richard H

Browne, Robert (2)

Browne, William Hand, Jr

Browning, Charles Ross

Browning, John (2)

Brownlee, J H (3)

Broyles, Jason

Bruce, F B

Bruce, W W, Jr

Bruch, Charles Patterson (87)

Bruch, Kate Patterson

Bruckner Ross and Consorten (2)

Bruckner, Fritz

Bruen, Fred E

Bruff, William Fontaine

Brugman, Marshall

Bruhn, Martha E

Brulatour, Jules E (5)

Brumm, E B (5)

Brunk, Anthony (Toney)

Brunsene Co

Brush Electric Co (3)

Brush Electrical Engineering Co

Brush, Charles Francis (4)

Brush, George Jarvis

Brush, George W

Bruwaert, Edmond

Bryan (Clark W.) & Co

Bryan, G A (2)

Bryan, Nanette

Bryan, William Jennings (3)

Bryant, Andrew Jackson (2)

Bryant, Lewis Thompson (3)

Bryant, P F (2)

Bryant, Sara Cone

Bryce, Lloyd Stephens (9)

Brydges & Co

Bryn Mawr College (9)

Bryn, Knud

Bryson, J H

Bryson, W W

Bubb, Harry A

Bube, John

Buchanan, C G (2)

Buchanan, George D (2)

Buchanan, Jeffrey Patrick (25)

Buchanan, William

Buchel, Emile (3)

Bucher Engraving and Manufacturing Co

Buchner, R M

Buchtel, Martha V

Buck Edwards & Co

Buck, Elisha A

Buck, Glen

Buck, M S

Buckeye Engine Co (14)

Buckhout, Henry Clay (2)

Buckingham, Charles Luman (9)

Buckley, A A (2)

Buckley, Edward H (2)

Buckley, John J

Budapesti Altalanos Villamossagi Reszvenytarsasag (3)

Budd, May V

Budd, Samuel

Budd, William E

Buehler, William J (3)

Buek (Charles) & Co (3)

Buel, Clarence Clough

Buel, Clarence M

Buel, Philo B

Buell, Charles Edward (8)

Buell, Col E

Buell, W N

Buell, Walter Hull

Buenos Aires (Argentina). Mayor

Buffalo Attica and Arcade Railroad Co

Buffalo Commercial Advertiser (12)

Buffalo Courier (18)

Buffalo Enquirer (14)

Buffalo Express (12)

Buffalo News (17)

Buffalo Times (18)

Buffington, Joseph

Bugbee, William

Bugg, Leo

Buick Motor Co

Bulkley, Edwin Muhlenberg

Bullard Machine Co

Bullard, Edward Payson (10)

Bullard, Miller

Bullis, Spencer Seth

Bullock and Crenshaw

Bullock, Calvin

Bullock, John

Bullock, Mrs M L

Bullock, Walter Frederick

Bullwinkle, Benjamin B (2)

Bumpass, J L

Bumstead, Albert H

Bumstead, Henry Andrews (2)

Bundy, C A

Bundy, Frank E

Bunn, Jacob Frederick (11)

Bunnell (J.H.) & Co (6)

Bunnell, Jesse H (17)

Bunney's Ltd

Bunster, J C B

Bunte, John J

Bunting, R S

Burbank (Luther) Society (2)

Burbank, A P (2)

Burbank, Charles W

Burbank, Luther (2)

Burch, Charles Sumner

Burchel, J A

Burchells (Solicitors)

Burchick, A (2)

Burd, George Eli (21)

Burden, James A

Burdick, H (5)

Bureau of Associated Charities (3)

Bureau of Explosives

Bureau of Fire Engineering

Burgard, H V

Burger, Clarence L

Burger, Frank M

Burger, Miss E K

Burgess Sulphite Fibre Co (3)

Burgess, Charles Frederick

Burgess, George

Burgess, John Lloyd

Burgess, T F

Burgess, William D (2)

Burgesses Corps (3)

Burgham, A Ward

Burglund, B N

Burham, George

Burhans, Elizabeth E

Burhans, W W

Burk, Addison B (6)

Burk, Jesse Y

Burk, John

Burkart, Irwin H (3)

Burke and James Inc

Burke Fraser and Connett

Burke, C Y

Burke, Charles G

Burke, Frances S

Burke, India

Burke, John (2)

Burke, Joseph P (2)

Burke, Victor E

Burkem, E G (2)

Burkhalter, Rudolph (2)

Burkham, Caroline T

Burleigh (H.G.) and Bro (2)

Burleigh Travel Journal

Burlin, W S

Burlingham, William (30)

Burman, Abel

Burn, Samuel G (12)

Burnap, Charles E

Burnap, N C

Burnet, Dana

Burnet, Harry W (5)

Burnett, Curtis Randolph (7)

Burnett, John M (4)

Burnham (John) & Co

Burnham Industrial Farm

Burnham, B F

Burnham, Charles (4)

Burnham, Frederick A, Jr (2)

Burns, Frank

Burns, Hugh A (2)

Burns, James Martin

Burns, John

Burns, John E

Burns, Patrick Joseph, Jr (3)

Burns, Peter

Burns, Walter

Burns, William John

Burr, David A

Burr, Enoch Fitch

Burr, William A

Burrell, David Hamlin (12)

Burridge, Lee S

Burrill Davison and Burrill

Burroughs Nature Club

Burroughs, Carrie A

Burroughs, Charles E

Burroughs, John (32)

Burroughs, Ursula North (Mrs John)

Burrowes (E.T.) & Co (5)

Burrows, Arthur B

Burrows, W M (6)

Burrows, William Russell (2)

Burry, James (4)

Burt, Frederick Charles (11)

Burt, Horace Greeley

Burt, Silas Wright

Burtis, W B

Burton and Burton (5)

Burton, Alfred Edgar (2)

Burton, H P

Burton, J W

Burton, James T

Burton, John

Burton, L L

Burton, R

Burton, W Edgar

Burton, W Leigh (8)

Burton, Walter Eugene (7)

Burwell, R G

Buschiazzo, Juan C

Bush, B F

Bush, Eli E

Bush, Irving T

Bush, John Adriance (31)

Bush, R W

Bush, Vannevar

Bushnell, Charles Joseph

Bushong, Frank W (3)

Business Men's Clearing House

Busselle, Mary Elma

Bussing, R S, Jr

Busterd, Richard

Buswell, Walter Minton

Butler (J.W.) Paper Co

Butler Co

Butler Stillman and Hubbard

Butler, Alfred J (2)

Butler, Benjamin Franklin (20)

Butler, Charles N (2)

Butler, Cyrus

Butler, F A

Butler, Howard R (6)

Butler, J S

Butler, John Jarvis (25)

Butler, Joseph Green, Jr

Butler, L C (4)

Butler, L S

Butler, M J

Butler, Thomas (73)

Butler, Vesey F (18)

Butler, W H

Butt, Charles Parker (2)

Butte Phonograph Co (2)

Butte Post (5)

Butterfield, Daniel Adams

Butterfield, Frank O

Butterfield, John L (5)

Butterworth, Benjamin (2)

Butterworth-Judson Co (6)

Buttles, J F

Buttles, R P

Buttlis, B E

Button, William J

Buttre, J C (3)

Buttrick, George L

Butts, Asa R

Butts, L F

Bydell, S

Byerley and Sons

Byers, W L

Byllesby (H.M.) & Co (3)

Byllesby, Henry Marison (14)

Byram, Andrew B (2)

Byrider, John N

Byrne, George R (2)

Byrne, J D

Byrne, J P

Byrne, John

Byrne, Joseph Grandson (2)

Byrnes, James W

Byrnes, John F (2)

Byron and Hall (9)


Cabanas, Rafael (3)

Cabell and Gilpin

Caddigan, John J (2)

Cadieux, V C

Cadillac Automobile Co (3)

Cadwell (O.C.) & Co (3)

Cady, Lewis V

Caffey, Francis Gordon

Cage, Duncan S

Cahan, Abraham

Cahill, D C

Cahill, Edward J

Cahill, Harry Croker

Cahill, John H (2)

Caine, John J (2)

Calahan, Edward A (2)

Calahan, J J (3)

Caldren, O M

Caldwell, Burns D (2)

Caldwell, E S

Caldwell, Edward

Caldwell, Eugene Wilson

Caldwell, George W (9)

Caldwell, James Hope (2)

Caldwell, John H

Caldwell, Orestes Hampton (2)

Caldwell, R H

Caldwell, W A

Caley, John J

Calhoun, Eleanor

Calhoun, John Caldwell

California Electric Co (3)

California Electrical Works (5)

California Society for the Prevention of Blindness (3)

California Teachers Association of Southland

California. Mining Bureau (2)

Calkins and Holden (3)

Calkins, Ernest Elmo

Calknis, Charles

Call, William Timothy

Callan, John Gurney

Callanan, P A

Callaway, John P (2)

Callender (A.M.) & Co

Callender Insulating and Waterproofing Co (9)

Callender, W M (2)

Callender, W O

Callow, J J

Callum, J M

Caloosahatchee Steamboat Co (4)

Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church (East Orange)

Calveard, Frances L

Calvert, Cecil (2)

Calvin, John N

Calvo, Charles A, Jr

Cambria Steel Co (24)

Cambridge Encyclopedia

Camden Post (5)

Cameron, Charles Symonds (3)

Cameron, Hector

Cameron, Mrs Robert S

Cameron, Niles J

Cameron, Roderick William (4)

Cameron, Shelton T

Cameron, Viola Root (3)

Cammack, John

Cammann, D M

Camp (A.L.) & Co

Camp Pasquaney

Camp, Elisha K (4)

Camp, L W

Camp, William Augustus

Campbell, Andrew Chambre

Campbell, C L (12)

Campbell, Charles C (3)

Campbell, Charles Delevan

Campbell, Charles Durham

Campbell, Charles H (23)

Campbell, Charles M (2)

Campbell, D M (3)

Campbell, E J

Campbell, Eugene

Campbell, F R

Campbell, Francis Joseph

Campbell, Frank

Campbell, G

Campbell, Glenn

Campbell, Harry Huse

Campbell, Henry Alexander (7)

Campbell, Henry P

Campbell, James A

Campbell, James Douglas

Campbell, John D

Campbell, John F

Campbell, John R (83)

Campbell, John, (Boston Edison Co) (6)

Campbell, John, (Telegrapher)

Campbell, Jos P (3)

Campbell, L A

Campbell, Maj

Campbell, Miss J M

Campbell, Mrs C H

Campbell, Peter

Campbell, Robert S

Campbell, Ronald Ian

Campbell, S

Campbell, Thomas B (2)

Campbell, William Wallace (2)

Campsall, Frank (79)

Canada. Commissioner of Crown Lands (2)

Canada. Commissioner of Patents

Canada. Dept of Justice

Canada. Dept of Lands Forests and Mines

Canada. Ministry of Agriculture

Canadian Cement and Concrete Assn (2)

Canadian Club (10)

Canadian Copper Co (7)

Canadian District Telegraph Co (2)

Canadian Edison Manufacturing Co (4)

Canadian Electrical Society of Montreal

Canadian Explosives Co Ltd (3)

Canadian Gold Fields

Canadian Mining Review

Canadian Pacific Railway

Canadian Refining and Smelting Co Ltd (3)

Candlestick Magazine

Canedo, A H

Canfield, F M

Canfield, Frederick A

Canniff, G F

Cannon, James G

Cannon, Joseph

Canterbury Times

Canton News-Democrat

Canton Repository (6)

Cantril, Sim W

Cantwell, W L

Caparo, Jose Angel

Capel, William H

Capen, W J

Capital City Machine Works

Caples, James W

Capp, J A

Capps, Washington Lee

Capron, Robert K

Caragol, L R (2)

Carbonel Mestre & Co

Carbutt, John (2)

Card, Benjamin F (12)

Card, Samuel

Carey (H.T.) & Co

Carey, A C

Carey, George R (2)

Carey, John W (2)

Cargille, Ralph P

Carhart, Edmund H (30)

Carhart, Henry Smith

Carito, Diomede

Carless, Thomas

Carleton, G W

Carleton, J D (2)

Carlile (John B) & Co

Carlisle, Charles Arthur (8)

Carlisle, William T

Carlos, Abraham

Carlson, Gust

Carlton, C W

Carlton, Newcomb (3)

Carman, Ann Maria Ayers (Mrs Melanchthon F.) (2)

Carman, Charles Bloomfield (3)

Carman, Charles Q (2)

Carman, George E (27)

Carman, Mary E Bryson (Mrs William) (2)

Carman, Melanchthon Freeman (3)

Carman, Theodore Frelinghuysen (6)

Carman, William (231)

Carman, William, Jr

Carmichael, P S

Carmichael, Robert

Carmichael, W E (4)

Carnahan, George Holmes (2)

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Institute of Technology (2)

Carnegie Institution

Carnegie, Andrew (9)

Carnegie, Dale

Carnegie, Thomas Morrison (2)

Carnelley, Edward

Carnelley, Thomas

Carnish, Floyd L

Carolina Power and Light Co

Carpenter, Alice

Carpenter, F M (2)

Carpenter, Ford A

Carpenter, Fred Warner (2)

Carpenter, J H

Carpenter, L R

Carpenter, R V

Carpenter, Robert Ruliph Morgan (12)

Carpenter, W W

Carr and Dickinson (9)

Carr, A P

Carr, C P

Carr, D M

Carr, Frederick

Carr, Joseph

Carr, Lewis

Carr, S P (8)

Carr, William C

Carrier, C E

Carrier, L A

Carrington (Edison Employee) (13)

Carroll, Annie

Carroll, C T

Carroll, John J

Carroll, John L (2)

Carroll, W T

Carson Petroleum Co

Carson, D J

Carson, John

Carter Hughes and Dwight

Carter, C P (4)

Carter, F W

Carter, Huntly

Carter, James L

Carter, O M (3)

Carter, R R (2)

Carter, Robert

Carter, Robert A

Carter, Thomas F

Carter, Tom

Cartwright, A D

Carty, Jerome (9)

Carty, John Joseph (2)

Carus, Paul

Carvajal, Leopoldo (2)

Carvajal, Meliton

Cary and Whitridge (3)

Cary, Clarence (7)

Cary, Edward (2)

Cary, Edward Knox

Cary, H E

Cary, Harold

Cary, J T

Cary, Luther Hanson

Case, Gaetano

Case, Henry Jay

Case, Llewellyn Barton (3)

Case, Samuel

Case, W W

Case, Willard L (9)

Casein Manufacturing Co (2)

Casey, Kellogg K V

Casey, Michael L

Casey, R H (2)

Casey, Thomas Lincoln (3)

Casho, Joseph (10)

Caskey, Alvin Dickson (20)

Caspar, Edward

Casper, George W (3)

Cassel, E F

Cassel, H R (4)

Cassell & Co Ltd

Cassell Petter and Galpin (3)

Cassell's Family Magazine (3)

Cassell, John A

Cassier's Magazine (2)

Cassier, Louis

Cassino, Samuel Edson

Casson, Herbert Newton

Cassot, Arthur (3)

Casterline, R D (15)

Cataract Construction Co (3)

Catlett, Richard Henry

Catlin, Charles M (2)

Catlin, Fred (6)

Catlin, George D B

Cattapani, Carlo

Cattell, A G

Catts, Samuel W

Caubert, A

Caufield, Frederick A

Caufield, J H

Caulfield, George

Cavanagh Sandford & Co

Cavanaugh, Thomas H

Cave, Alexander H

Ceballos (J.M.) & Co (8)

Ceballos, Juan Manuel (2)

Celluloid Co (15)

Cement Era (2)

Cement Gun Construction Co (2)

Cement Products Exhibition Co (5)

Centenary Exhibition of American Methodist Missions

Central American Pacific Railway and Transportation

Central Building Co

Central Christian Church (Youngstown)

Central Colorado Prospecting and Mine Co

Central District and Printing Telegraph Co (7)

Central Hanover Bank and Trust Co (4)

Central Literary Press

Central London Railway

Central News and Press Exchange

Central Railroad of New Jersey (7)

Central Scientific Co

Central Service Corp (5)

Central Trust Co (3)

Central Union Trust Co (12)

Central Verein (Wisconsin)

Century Co (2)

Century Magazine (7)

Century Opera Co (3)

Cercle Sarah Bernhardt

Cerqua, Augustine Edward

Cerqua, Augustine Edward, Jr

Chace, Jonathan

Chadbourn, Erlon R

Chadbourne, Edwin Ruthvin (6)

Chadwick, David (2)

Challen, James (2)

Challen, James R

Chalmers (H.B.) Co (2)

Chalmers, A B (2)

Chalmers, H B

Chalmers, J P (3)

Chamber of Mines and Oil

Chamberlain, Amos

Chamberlain, Daniel Henry

Chamberlain, Jacob Chester (2)

Chamberlin, Edwin Martin (2)

Chamberlin, W A

Chamberlin, Wilbur Johnson

Chambers of Commerce. Fifth International Congress (2)

Chambers, Washington Irving

Chambers, William A

Chambless, Edgar (4)

Chambre, Alan (2)

Chance, Mahlon

Chance, W

Chandlee, Henry

Chandler & Co

Chandler, Albert B (53)

Chandler, Arthur D (6)

Chandler, B D (2)

Chandler, Charles Frederick (9)

Chandler, Charles L

Chandler, Gilbert E (2)

Chandler, James E

Chaney, W H

Channing, William Francis

Chanute, Octave

Chapal (C.andE.) Freres & Co

Chaparra Sugar Co

Chaperon, Georges (2)

Chapin, A B

Chapin, C L

Chapin, Edward Young

Chapin, H M (3)

Chapin, Henry S (2)

Chaplin Anti-Friction Car Box Co (2)

Chapman, A W

Chapman, C

Chapman, Cloyd Mason (103)

Chapman, Ed T

Chapman, George A (2)

Chapman, J

Chapman, J G

Chapman, J M

Chapman, Ralla E

Chapman, Stark

Chapman, T O (2)

Chapman, Will E

Chapman, William Young

Chappell, J J

Chapple, Joe Mitchell (15)

Charity Organization Society (2)

Charleston News and Courier (8)

Charleston World

Charlotte Observer (5)

Charters, Edmund A (3)

Chase and Walsh

Chase National Bank (2)

Chase Rolling Mill Co

Chase, E A (3)

Chase, Emery H

Chase, H F

Chase, T E

Chase, William C (2)

Chatard, Alfred (15)

Chatfield Manufacturing Co

Chatfield, R D (2)

Chattanooga Armor Plate Committee

Chattanooga Times

Chatter (Magazine)

Chautauqua Institution (16)

Chautauqua Press

Chautauqua Woman's Club (3)

Chautauquan (Newspaper) (2)

Cheever, Charles Augustus (117)

Cheever, J D

Cheever, John Henry

Cheever, W E (4)

Chefoo (China) School for the Deaf

Cheltenham Advertising Agency Inc

Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering (3)

Chemical Catalog Co (2)

Chemical Company of America (2)

Chemical Engineer

Chemical National Bank

Chemical News (27)

Chemical Products Co

Chemical Rubber Co

Chemiker Zeitung (6)

Chemists Club. Bureau of Employment (2)

Cheney Bros (3)

Cheney, A Cole

Cheney, John Platt (3)

Cherbuliez, Antoine Marc (9)

Chesebro, Edmund D

Cheshire, William H

Chesler, Arthur M

Chesler, Isidor (Jerry) (61)

Chesley, W S (2)

Chester Electric Light and Power Co

Chester News (4)

Chester, Charles T (4)

Chester, John

Chester, William F (4)

Chestnut, M T

Chevalier, J L

Chicago American (12)

Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway (3)

Chicago and Northwestern Railway

Chicago Association of Commerce

Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad (3)

Chicago Central Phonograph Co (7)

Chicago Chronicle (15)

Chicago Edison Co (16)

Chicago Electrical Society (2)

Chicago Examiner (12)

Chicago Film Exchange (4)

Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol

Chicago Globe

Chicago Great Western Railroad Co

Chicago Herald (32)

Chicago House Wrecking Co

Chicago Inter-Ocean (20)

Chicago Journal (15)

Chicago Journal of Commerce (3)

Chicago Mail (6)

Chicago News (19)

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co

Chicago Post (10)

Chicago Record Herald (7)

Chicago St Paul Minneapolis and Omaha Railway (4)

Chicago Telephone Co (3)

Chicago Times (12)

Chicago Tribune (43)

Chicago-Kenosha Hosiery Co (2)

Chicago. Electrical Inspection Bureau

Chickering, H G

Chignell, Robert

Childs and Hull

Childs, A F

Childs, Edwin L

Childs, George W (2)

Chile. President

Chillicothe Foundry and Machine Works (2)

Chilvers, Reginald L

China. Ministry of Education. Educational Bureau (2)

Chinnock, Charles Edward (59)

Chinnock, Frank R (4)

Chipman, Naomi P (2)

Chipman, R H

Chipman, W W (3)

Chisholm, C W

Chittenden, Lucius Eugene

Choate, Warren

Chonard, Leon

Chrisman, Francis Leon (4)

Christensen, Christian T (4)

Christensen, Peter Christian (50)

Christian Advocate (2)

Christian Endeavor World

Christian Herald (3)

Christian Science Monitor (16)

Christie, Charlotte (Mrs Jonathan S.) (2)

Christie, Jonathan S

Christofferson, Christian A

Christy Fire Clay Co

Chrome Steel Works

Chubb, Hendon

Church (John) Co

Church Quarry Co

Church, A H

Church, Alexander Hamilton

Church, Alonzo

Church, Arthur M

Church, C

Church, J S

Church, M B (2)

Church, Melville (18)

Church, Samuel Harden

Church, W A

Church, Walter L

Church, William Lee (6)

Churchill (Charles) & Co

Churchill, Clarence (8)

Churchill, George Charles Spencer (7)

Churchill, Milton (2)

Churchill, S (5)

Churchill, Willis (4)

Churchward, Alexander James (18)

Cincinnati American Inventor (7)

Cincinnati Commercial Gazette (12)

Cincinnati Commercial Tribune (10)

Cincinnati Enquirer (18)

Cincinnati Gazette (8)

Cincinnati New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway (8)

Cincinnati Post (8)

Cincinnati Times Star (18)

Circle for Negro Relief Inc

Citizens Gas Company of Indianapolis (5)

Citizens Gas Light Co (2)

Citizens Insurance Co

Citizens League of West Orange

Citizens Preparedness Parade

Citizens Public Utilities Club

Citizens Relief Committee (Hamilton Ontario)

Citizens Traction Co

City Club (New York)

City College of N.Y. College of Pharmacy. Alumni Jo

City Dye Works and Laundry Co (2)

City of London Phonograph Society

City Railroad Co (Port Huron) (2)

Civic Forum (4)

Civics Club of the Oranges

Claiborne, D A

Clancy, A W (2)

Clancy, James

Clancy, James A (8)

Clapp, Albion B

Clapp, C E

Clapp, George Hubbard

Clare, Thomas D

Claremont, Madam

Clarey, Louis H

Clark (Arthur H.) Co

Clark (Melville) Piano Co (2)

Clark Music Co

Clark, A T

Clark, Alfred C

Clark, Arthur Joseph (3)

Clark, C L

Clark, Charles T

Clark, Daniel

Clark, E H

Clark, Edward Perkins (3)

Clark, Edward, (General Electric) (3)

Clark, Edwin A

Clark, Elizabeth F C

Clark, Enoch

Clark, G Frank

Clark, George (3)

Clark, George A

Clark, George Edward (11)

Clark, Glenn

Clark, Harvey

Clark, Henry Alden (31)

Clark, Isabelle

Clark, J Edmund

Clark, J F

Clark, J P (3)

Clark, J W

Clark, James E (3)

Clark, James H (3)

Clark, John (8)

Clark, John Marshall (2)

Clark, Josiah Latimer (4)

Clark, L K

Clark, Melville (4)

Clark, N B

Clark, P J

Clark, Patrick

Clark, Philo M

Clark, R W (5)

Clark, Samuel Chapin

Clark, Solomon Henry

Clark, Spencer M

Clark, W A

Clark, W C

Clark, W D (2)

Clark, W J (3)

Clark, Wallace S

Clark, Walton

Clark, Webster L

Clark, William (3)

Clark, William H A

Clark, William Jared

Clark, William L

Clark, William P

Clark, William Smith

Clarke & Co (5)

Clarke (Robert) & Co

Clarke, Arthur T

Clarke, Charles Lorenzo (345)

Clarke, Dumont

Clarke, Edgar Whitney (3)

Clarke, Edmund Arthur Stanley (3)

Clarke, Eliot Channing

Clarke, Frederick Emerson (7)

Clarke, George F (2)

Clarke, George M

Clarke, Harriet (Mrs N.) (4)

Clarke, Ida

Clarke, John E (2)

Clarke, John Hessin (2)

Clarke, Joseph Ignatius Constantine (16)

Clarke, Louis S

Clarke, Lulu MacClure (2)

Clarke, R W (2)

Clarke, Stanton

Clarke, Thomas E (7)

Clarke, W B (5)

Clarke, William J (2)

Clarke, William McQuade (5)

Clarkson, Coker Fifield

Clarkson, E R C

Clarkson, Edwin S

Clarriter, Lettie

Clarry, Edwin A

Claudius, Hermann (46)

Clawson, Perry

Claxton, L

Clay, E B

Clay, Francis Warfield Herrick

Clay, Henry

Clayton, W T

Clearwater, Alphonso Trumpbour (2)

Cleary, James

Cleary, N F

Cleaver, Dr J H

Cleland, T (19)

Cleman, A L

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (2)

Clemens, Willard

Clemens, William Marshall (2)

Clements, John Barnwell

Clendenin, Joseph (6)

Clephane, James Ogilvie (8)

Clerihew, Alexander C

Cleveland Furnace Co (2)

Cleveland Leader (15)

Cleveland Museum of Art (6)

Cleveland Painesville and Ashtabula Railroad Co

Cleveland Plain Dealer (21)

Cleveland Press (10)

Cleveland, Edmund Janes

Cleveland, Grover

Cleveland, Mary B

Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co

Clifford (Henry B.) & Co

Clifford and Lawton

Clifford Exploration Co

Clifford, Chandler Robbins

Clifford, Henry B (91)

Clifford, Nathan

Clifton Copper Belt Mining Co

Clifton, Lillie

Climatologist (2)

Clinch, Robert Thomson (2)

Cline, M

Cline, M J

Cline, Russel Victor

Cline, William Matthias (5)

Clingman, Thomas Lanier (17)

Clinton, J C

Clonbrock Steam Boiler Works

Cloos, Wilmot David

Close, Charles M

Close, Oscar Bell

Closset, Louis

Cloud, O E (2)

Clowes, E W (3)

Clowry, Robert Charles

Cluzeau, Lt R A

Clyde Steamship Co

Clymer, Arthur I (38)

Clymer, Edward Tilghman

Coal Trade Journal (21)

Coan, A

Coates, Charles E (2)

Coates, Edward Feetham (5)

Coates, James Foster (2)

Coats, Stuart Auchincloss (2)

Cobalt Kittson Mines Ltd (2)

Cobb, A S

Cobb, William S (2)

Coburn (Boston Navy Yard)

Coburn, Andrew D (2)

Coburn, Frances (Mrs Andrew D.) (4)

Cochery, Louis Adolphe

Cochran, A M

Cochran, Alfred (3)

Cochran, John L

Cochran, Thomas

Cochrane Chemical Co

Cochrane, William David

Cock, George B

Cockerill, John Albert (2)

Cockey, Edward C (2)

Coddington, Herbert

Codman, John E

Codman, John Sturgis

Codrington, C

Coe, Albert Wells

Coe, David W (2)

Coe, G H

Coe, John B

Coes, Harold Vinton

Cofer, Leland Eggleston

Coffey, J W

Coffin, C F

Coffin, Charles Albert (26)

Coffin, F A (2)

Coffin, Henry W (3)

Coffin, Howard Earle (3)

Coffin, Ruth (2)

Coffin, Z W

Coffman, Ramon Peyton (2)

Coffman, Richard Boush

Cogan, A J

Cogen, S L

Coggeshall, John W

Cogswell, W F

Cohan, George M

Cohen, Abraham

Cohen, Ellis

Cohen, George

Coit, Henry Augustus (5)

Colahan, Charles (2)

Colburn, Arthur R

Colburn, Elizabeth F (2)

Colby, Albert Ladd (2)

Colby, C Edwards (6)

Colby, Everett (4)

Colby, Howard Augustus

Colby, Joseph L (2)

Colcleugh, Malcolm (2)

Cole, Cyrus (2)

Cole, Edward H

Cole, John

Cole, Romaine C (2)

Cole, Thomas F (2)

Cole, William O

Coleman, E D

Coleman, I E

Coleman, R Dawson

Coleman, Robert Habersham

Coles, Edwin J (3)

Colgate & Co (2)

Colgate (James B.) & Co

Colgate, Arthur Eastman (2)

Colgate, Austen

Colgate, Caroline Bayard Dod (Mrs Sidney M.)

Colgate, Gilbert (2)

Colgate, Gilbert, Jr

Colgate, Margaret Auchincloss (Mrs Richard M.) (6)

Colgate, Richard Morse (19)

Colgate, Sidney Morse

Colie, Edward Martin

Colin, Alfred

Colladon, Jean-Daniel

Collares, Tiago

College Entrance Exam Board (2)

Collet, Harold

Collett, John

Collette and Collette

Collie, Alex

Collier's Weekly (9)

Collier, Charles B

Collier, Frank Wilbur (2)

Collier, James W (3)

Collier, John (20)

Collier, Mrs Robert

Collier, Peter (2)

Colling, Joe

Collins (H.E.) & Co

Collins, Arthur (2)

Collins, Bernard A (2)

Collins, Frederick Lewis

Collins, G V

Collins, George R

Collins, J B (3)

Collins, Jerome J (8)

Collins, W D

Collins, Wilkie

Collins, William H (2)

Collis, Charles Henry Tucky (5)

Collver, F T

Colman, Edward L

Colman, J A

Colne, Charles (2)

Colombo, Giuseppe (58)

Colonel, Joseph

Colonial Investment Co

Colonial Virginia Inc (2)

Colorado and Southern Railway Co

Colorado and Utah Phonograph Co (3)

Colorado Electric Club

Colorado Midland Railway Co (4)

Colorado School of Mines

Colpitts, Edwin Henry (2)

Colt's Express

Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co (5)

Colt, Samuel S (2)

Colton (G.W.andC.B.) & Co (2)

Colton, G O

Columbia College. School of Mines (7)

Columbia Phonograph Co (32)

Columbia University (3)

Columbia University. Dept of Chemistry

Columbia, Thomas B

Columbian Magazine

Columbian University

Columbus (Ga.) Sun

Columbus Dispatch (15)

Columbus Edison Electric Light Co (2)

Columbus Ohio State Journal (10)

Columbus Post (2)

Colvig, M (2)

Colvin, Frank R (7)

Colvin, Verplanck

Colwell, Robert (3)

Combination Gas Machine Co (14)

Comfort Hose Supporter Co

Comfort, C I

Comic-Finance (Newspaper)

Comitato per le Applicazioni dell'Elettricita (15)

Comitot, Francois

Commercial Acid Co (3)

Commercial Cable Co

Commercial Club

Commercial Publishing Co

Commercial Telegram Co (2)

Commercial Telegraph Co (3)

Commercial Telegraphers Union of America (2)

Commercial Truck Company of America (2)

Commercial Vehicle (Magazine) (2)

Commercial West (Magazine)

Commerical Bureau Council

Committee of Ten (2)

Committee on Safety of the City of New York

Commonwealth Edison Co (8)

Commonwealth Title Insurance and Trust Co

Commonwealth Trust Company of Pittsburgh

Compagnie Americaine du Phonographe Edison

Compagnie Continentale Edison (118)

Compagnie des Mines du Dadou

Compagnie Electrique Edison de Marseille (2)

Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe Edison (13)

Compagnie Generale de Telephone (2)

Compagnie Generale des Lampes Incandescentes

Compagnie Generale Transatlantique (2)

Compagnie Genevoise l'Industrie du Gaz (3)

Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interoceanique (3)

Compania Chilena Telefonos de Edison (17)

Compania Edison Hispano Americana

Compania Electrica de Edison (2)

Compton (F.E.) & Co

Compton, Alfred George

Compton, Charles W (3)

Compton, Joel

Compton, Karl Taylor (2)

Compton, Naomi T

Conant (S.T.) and Son

Conant, Samuel Stillman

Conant, Thomas Peters (182)

Concord (N.H.) Monitor (3)

Concord (N.H.) Patriot (3)

Concrete Engineering Co (2)

Concrete Publishing Co

Concrete Steel Co

Condensite Company of America (18)

Condict, J D

Condict, Stephen Hugo

Condit Hanson and Van Winkle (10)

Condit, Charles L

Condit, E S

Condit, Edmund

Condit, Ida Rafter

Condit, Israel Dodd, Jr (2)

Condit, William A

Condon, Oscar

Condon, Thomas

Condron Co (7)

Condron, Theodore Lincoln (13)

Cone, David D (4)

Coney Island Dreamland

Coney Island Jockey Club

Conkey, Henry Marks (2)

Conklin, Archibald W (3)

Conkling Ore Dephosphorizing Co (3)

Conkling, G (2)

Conkling, Roscoe (13)

Conley, M J (2)

Conley, M R (13)

Conley, Owen J (52)

Conlon, Robert L

Conn, Charles F

Conn, William H

Connelly and Curtis

Connelly, Benjamin M

Connelly, James H (2)

Connelly, Martin

Conner, John W

Connery, Mary

Connery, Thomas Bernardr (70)

Connolly Bros

Connor, A P

Connor, W E (4)

Connors, Dan (2)

Conover (C.E.) Co (2)

Conrad, Frank

Conrad, H A

Conrades, Edwin H (3)

Conroy, Edward Patrick

Conroy, Thomas

Consett Iron Works

Consolidated Car Heating Co

Consolidated Electric Light Co (2)

Consolidated Gas Co (Baltimore)

Consolidated Gas Co (New York)

Consolidated Gold Fields of South Africa Ltd

Consolidated International Railway Telegraph Co (3)

Consolidated Phonograph Cos Ltd

Consolidated Railway Electric Lighting and Equipmen

Consolidated Railway Telegraph Co (8)

Consolidated Telephone Construction Co (11)

Consonni, Raphael (2)

Constable, Archibald G

Constable, James M

Constable, John Pierrepont (46)

Construction News

Consumer's League of New Jersey

Consumers Coal Co (2)

Conti, Cesare

Continental Caoutchouc Co (4)

Continental Commerce Co (28)

Continental Hotel

Continental Mexican Rubber Co (2)

Continental Sugar Refinery

Continental Telephone Co (5)

Converse, E K

Conway, P F

Conyngton, Hugh R

Cook Pottery Co

Cook Publishing Co

Cook, A H

Cook, Albert R (4)

Cook, Alexander

Cook, Arthur N (2)

Cook, C M

Cook, C R

Cook, Edgar Scudder (2)

Cook, George W (2)

Cook, H

Cook, Henry

Cook, J M (2)

Cook, Joel (2)

Cook, John (5)

Cook, Joseph (2)

Cook, Keningale

Cook, L

Cook, Richard Y

Cook, Theodore

Cook, W J (2)

Cooke (Jay) & Co (Estate) (2)

Cooke (St George H.) Co

Cooke Locomotive and Machine Co (4)

Cooke, Charles H (49)

Cooke, Conrad W (5)

Cooke, Harold

Cooke, James Francis (4)

Cooke, John Swinburne (2)

Cooke, Morris Llewellyn

Cooke, R F (3)

Cooke, W E

Coolidge, R

Coolidge, Verne Mariner (3)

Coomer, C C

Coon, L H

Cooney, Matilda C

Cooper & Co

Cooper (Charles) & Co (4)

Cooper (Peter) & Co

Cooper Hewitt & Co

Cooper Union

Cooper, Drury Walls

Cooper, E P

Cooper, H N

Cooper, Harry B

Cooper, James R

Cooper, K F

Cooper, M D

Cooper, W R

Cooperative Press (4)

Coote, J

Cope, George W

Cope, H P

Copeland, E T (12)

Copeland, Guild A

Copeland, H P

Copeland, May A

Copeland-Inglis Shale Brick Co

Copello, Enrico

Coplay Iron Co

Copps, Edward (2)

Coquelin, Ernest Alexandre Honore

Corbett, Harry A

Corbin and Goodrich (2)

Corbin, Austin

Corbin, S C

Corcoran, Andrew J (2)

Cordell, H M (6)

Cording, J B

Corey, Jasper William

Coria, W P

Corley, Harriet Works

Corliss Steam Engine Co (3)

Corliss, George Henry

Cornell Era

Cornell University (25)

Cornell University. Sibley College

Cornell, Alonzo Barton

Cornell, D F

Cornell, Edward S

Cornell, Lawrence Robert

Cornell, T W

Cornice, Dr

Corning Glass Works (8)

Corning, Mrs C R

Cornish & Co (4)

Cornish, A H

Cornwall Ore Bank Co

Cornwall Sanitarium

Cornwell, Clark (2)

Corporation Trust Co

Corpus Christi Caller (3)

Corrigan, Michael Augustine

Corry, Montagu William Lowry, (Lord Rowton)

Corse, W M

Corson, John (2)

Cort, John F

Cortelyou, George Bruce (3)

Cory, George

Cory, Mary Reid

Cosby, W

Cosgrave, John O'Hara (2)

Cosgrove, C

Cosmopolitan (Magazine) (8)

Cossage (W.) and Sons

Coster, Charles Henry (33)

Coster, George W (3)

Cotabish, Nelson C (9)

Cote, J M

Cotton, Alfred

Cotton, Kenneth H

Cotton, Thomas H B

Cottrell, Charles H H

Cottrell, Herbert

Coudert Bros (3)

Coudert, Charles

Coues, Elliott (2)

Coughemur, J T

Coulombe, Joseph C

Coulson, S T

Council Bluffs Nonpareil (6)

Coursolles, Louis J (3)

Courtney, Charles Edward

Cousens, A E

Cousins, Robert Gordon

Couzins, R A

Covel, May Emerson (3)

Covell, Harry Nelson

Cowan, A G

Cowan, Charles C

Cowan, H

Cowan, John

Cowart, Spurgeon

Cowen, John King

Cowherd, C E (2)

Cowing, Percy Foote (13)

Cowles Syndicate Co Ltd

Cowles, Alfred Abernethy (73)

Cowles, Alfred Hutchinson

Cowles, Frederick H (4)

Cowles, George P

Cowles, William Barnum

Cowley, Mary Stoddard (Mrs A.H.)

Cox, Angie L

Cox, Archibald

Cox, Douglas Farley

Cox, Dr S E

Cox, E T

Cox, Elmer (2)

Cox, Frank P (2)

Cox, Harold Newton

Cox, Henry

Cox, J H (9)

Cox, James S

Cox, L N

Cox, M L

Cox, Martin Luther

Cox, Robert Sayre

Cox, William J

Coxe, Eckley Brinton

Coxe, Franklin

Coyle, S C

Coyne, Frank H (3)

Coyral-Lapradelie, Jean Louis Bertrand Augustin (2)

Cozens-Hardy, H (2)

Crabb, Charles C (2)

Crabtree, C C

Craft, John (2)

Craft, Mrs J F

Crafton, Anthony

Crafts, Thomas Young

Crafts, Wilbur Fisk


Cragin, Edward F

Cragin, James Thomas

Crahan, Thomas (6)

Craig, Alex (2)

Craig, Alex, Jr (7)

Craig, Daniel H (58)

Craig, Edward (3)

Craig, Hugh H

Craig, William Harvey

Craighead, James B

Craik, A

Crail, E L

Cramer, A P

Cramer, Charles A

Cramer, E C

Cramer-Roberts, H T (4)

Crammond, H A

Crandall, Chester Delos (2)

Crandall, Dudley S (4)

Crandall, Eugene Merritt

Crandall, Harlan, Jr

Crandell, A B

Crane Co

Crane Iron Co (3)

Crane Iron Works (3)

Crane, Charles E

Crane, Frank (2)

Crane, Halsted

Crane, Theron Insco (23)

Crane, W F

Crane, William H (3)

Crane, William S (4)

Cranford, Robert

Cranston, James Albert

Crapo, William

Craven, Henry Smith

Craven, Thomas Tingley

Crawford, Alexander

Crawford, Charles H

Crawford, Ernest V

Crawford, George E (2)

Crawford, James (3)

Crawford, John W

Crawford, John, (Edison Employee)

Crawford, John, (Ford Motor Co)

Crawford, Samuel A

Crawford, T C (3)

Crawford, W Ritchie

Crawford, William H

Crawford-Frost, William Albert

Crawley, George M, Jr

Crawley, J W

Creasey, Thomas J

Credential Employment Corp

Credit Lyonnais (New York)

Credit Suisse

Creel, George (7)

Creelman, James (4)

Creelman, James Ashmore

Creighton, H

Cremer (F.) & Co

Crenshaw, James R

Crenzinger, Capt

Crescent Automobile Co

Creuzbauer, Robert (3)

Creveling, James L

Crewe, Fred

Crider (P.B.) and Son

Crisp, Frank (3)

Crispell, Peter B

Crist, F G

Crist, Josephine

Crocker (H.S.) Co

Crocker, Francis Bacon (8)

Crocker-Wheeler Co (5)

Croese, D (2)

Croffut, William Augustus (44)

Croft, George

Cromelin, Paul Henderson (53)

Cromelin, R F (3)

Crominger, R Harry (7)

Crommelin, Addie

Crompton, Rookes Evelyn Bell (3)

Cronin, David

Cronkhite, William H A (6)

Crook, William

Crooke, John J

Crookes, William (14)

Crosby and Hoffman

Crosby, Charles W

Crosby, George (2)

Crosby, Hiram B

Crosby, W B

Crosby, Walter Floyd (2)

Crosland, Alan (3)

Crosman, J Heron (2)

Cross, Charles Robert (15)

Cross, Fred J

Cross, Harold H U (2)

Cross, J C (2)

Cross, J F, Jr (3)

Crossley, Louis John

Crossman (W.H.) and Bros (2)

Croston, George

Croton Magnetic Iron Mines

Crouch, George

Crouch, Harold H

Crouse, Daniel Nellis (2)

Crouse, John Robert (7)

Crow, E R

Crowe, William Morris

Crowell and Coe (2)

Crowell, Benedict (2)

Crowell, Eugene (13)

Crowell, Joseph Edgar

Crowley, James

Crown, John

Crowninshield, Arent Schuyler (2)

Crowther, Henry

Crowther, Samuel (2)

Croxton, David T (2)

Crozier, William (2)

Crozu, Samuel

Cruewell, Otto

Cruikshank, Edward A (2)

Cruikshank, John (2)

Crum, Frank

Crum, Liebert

Crumbacker, C W

Crumley, Sylvester E (2)

Cruse-Kemper Co

Cruttenden, F E

Cryder & Co (4)

Cryder, Henry Chauncey (2)

Crystal Hosiery Mills Co

Cuba Commercial Co

Cuban Cigar Co

Cuban-American Trust

Cubb, Hy (2)

Cudahy Packing Co (3)

Culbertson, Frank

Culbertson, John Norcross

Cullen, James Kenmore

Culley, Richard S (22)

Culver and Herbert (2)

Culver, E D

Cumming and Brinkerhoff

Cumming, George (2)

Cumming, James (2)

Cummings, Amos Jay (14)

Cummings, George W (8)

Cummings, Raymond King

Cunard Steamship Co (4)

Cuningham, Clarence

Cunningham Piano Co (2)

Cunningham, B S

Cunningham, Frederick W

Cunningham, Mrs J W

Cunningham, R H (23)

Cunningham, Sarah (4)

Cunningham, T S (2)

Cupples and Hurd

Cupples, A M

Curie (Marie) Radium Fund (3)

Curlin, L C

Curran, John

Current Club

Current Events

Curril, M L

Curry, J L

Curt, Walter E

Curtis Publishing Co (3)

Curtis, Charles

Curtis, Charles Gordon (2)

Curtis, Frank W

Curtis, George Ticknor (2)

Curtis, George W

Curtis, Kate Stanwood (Mrs Cyrus H.K.)

Curtis, Leonard Eager (4)

Curtis, Smith

Curtis, William Eleroy (2)

Curtis, William J (2)

Curtiss Engineering Corp

Curtiss, C

Curtiss, D Z

Curtiss, George W

Curtiss, L R

Cushing, F W

Cushing, Frank Hamilton

Cushman, Allerton Seward (2)

Cushman, Mrs M Ames

Custer, Elizabeth Bacon (Mrs George Armstrong) (2)

Cutler, Charles Frederic

Cutler-Hammer Manufacturing Co

Cutter, Ephraim

Cutting (R.L.) & Co

Cutting, E M (7)

Cutting, Robert Livingston (5)

Cutting, Robert Livingston, III

Cutting, Robert Livingston, Jr (33)

Cutting, Starr Willard (2)

Cutting, Walter (7)

Cuttriss, Charles (6)

Cuyahoga Concrete Stone Co

Cuyas, Arturo (2)

Cyclojector Co

Cyclone Pulverizer Co

Cyclostyle Co

Czajka, Louis J


D P Battery Co Ltd

D'Alessandro, Julius

D'Arcy, H A

D'Auberjon, Edward

D'Homergue, Louis C

D'Infreville, Georges (9)

D'Oliveira, Louis

D'Oyly Carte, Richard

D'Utassy, George

Da Costa, J C, Jr

Da Silveira, J Carlos

Da Vega, Mrs

Dabney, C T

Dagget, Mabel Potter

Daggett, John (2)

Dahlberg, R N

Dakers, James

Dale, David (5)

Dale, John Garvin

Dalghish, Dan

Dalgleish, A (11)

Dalin, Albert

Dall'Eco, A

Dallas News (10)

Dallas, George Mifflin (2)

Dallett, Henry C (3)

Dalley, Alfred Henry Charles (2)

Dally, Charles M

Dally, Charles Thompson (25)

Dally, Mrs Clarence M

Dally, Theodore A

Dalton, George F (2)

Dalton, John Call

Daly, Charles Patrick

Daly, Eugene Vincent

Daly, John D

Daly, John J

Daly, Michael

Daly, P C

Damascus Nickel Steel Co

Dame, Alice L

Damton, John C

Dan, Takuma

Dana, Charles L

Dana, Edward Salisbury (3)

Dana, James Dwight (5)

Danagh, Mrs Scudder H

Danaher, Cornelius J

Danbury News (9)

Danforth, Albert Whitney (2)

Danforth, Richard O

Daniel, Anna Jennings

Daniel, Thomas Cushing (9)

Daniell (John) Sons and Sons

Daniels, Josephus (238)

Daniels, Lee G

Daniels, Walter A (70)

Danielson, Carl H

Danner, Albert Cary (4)

Danner, Paul

Darby, G A

Darby, Thomas A (3)

Darker, Alfred H (3)

Darling, Edward A (17)

Darling, Frank L

Darling, Henry W (2)

Darling, Lloyd Edward (7)

Darling, Martha M

Darling, Robert

Darlton, Charles A

Darrach, Charles Gobrecht

Darrin, Marc (4)

Darsie, George (2)

Dart, Arthur Hurd

Darwin, A G (2)

Darwin, Francis

Darwin, Horace

Dassi, Giusceppi

Dau Publishing Co

Daub, Albert (2)

Daugherty, Burton P

Daugherty, Dr T

Daugherty, W J

Daum, John

Davarne, A

Davenport and Treacy Co (2)

Davenport, Edgar L

Davenport, William E

Davey Tree Expert Co

Davey, Richard Patrick Boyle

David, Gaston

David, Thomas B A (53)

Davidge, Samuel P

Davids, Charles H (9)

Davids, R S B (2)

Davidson, A E

Davidson, B M

Davidson, Edward E (10)

Davidson, George L O

Davidson, George T

Davidson, Gratia Elizabeth

Davidson, Gustav

Davidson, J A (6)

Davidson, R G

Davidson, William Norman Lascelles (6)

Davies, Clara Novello (2)

Davies, Elmor (2)

Davies, Henry J (16)

Davies, L A (3)

Davies, Merlin

Davies, W P

Daviez, R N

Davis (Edison Electric lluminating Co) (3)

Davis (I.B.) and Son

Davis (W.H.) & Co

Davis Construction Co

Davis, A C

Davis, Abial Brown

Davis, Albert Gould (5)

Davis, Alfred (3)

Davis, Augustine (2)

Davis, Augustus Gransvoort

Davis, C

Davis, C D

Davis, C L

Davis, Charles H (3)

Davis, E B

Davis, E H (3)

Davis, Edmund (2)

Davis, Edward H

Davis, Edwin B

Davis, F Harley

Davis, George R

Davis, Henry C, (New York) (2)

Davis, Henry C, (Pittsburgh)

Davis, Isaac H (8)

Davis, J M

Davis, John D (2)

Davis, John H, (New York)

Davis, L

Davis, L H

Davis, Lillian

Davis, Minor Meek (4)

Davis, Oscar King

Davis, Owen Warren, Jr

Davis, Sam

Davis, T H (6)

Davis, Theodore R

Davis, Vernon Mansfield

Davis, W B (8)

Davis, William B (2)

Davis, William C

Davis-Bouronville Co (2)

Davis-Colby Ore Roaster Co

Davison, Charles

Davison, F B

Davison, S M

Davisson, Henry Lawrence (2)

Dawe, Peter

Dawes, E C

Dawson Co

Dawson, Edward Rowland (44)

Dawson, N E

Dawson, T B

Day (J.H.) Co

Day (Newspaper) (3)

Day, A G (3)

Day, David Talbot (9)

Day, George H

Day, George Parmly

Day, Horace H

Day, Joseph Paul (7)

Day, Lucy E (2)

Day, Martin H

Day, Mildred

Day, R R

Day, W L

Day, Wilson Miles

Dayton Journal (4)

Dayton, John Havens

De Bauu, D H

De Bebian, Louis (2)

De Benedetti, J

De Bernyz, Bertrand (4)

De Bevoise, Charles Richmond

De Bobula, Titus

De Boeb, Mr

De Bree, Ida Mary (Mrs Nathan)

De Bree, Nathan

De Brunn, Ernst

De Camp, W H

De Castro (D.) & Co

De Castro, E (2)

De Castro, Hector (2)

De Castro, W

De Clerac, Theodore A (2)

De Cordova, Rudolph

De Fleurigny, Henry (2)

De Foiard, Arnaud

De Forest Radio Telephone and Telegraph Co (3)

De Forest, Harriet F

De Forest, Lee (5)

De Frece, Abram Brougham (7)

De Garmo, G J

De Gorostizaga, Jose (3)

De Graff, W H

De Grafft, W

De Graw and Murray

De Graw, Peter Voorhees

De Guerville, B

De Haen (E.) (7)

De Hart, Charles A

De Jarnette, A Lyle

De Kalb, Courtenay (5)

De Kyzer, Marie

De La Cerda, Jose N

De La Nativite, Jelie

De La Riva, Demetrio P

De La Vergne Machine Co

De Lamar, Joseph R

De Lancey, Lorillard

De Lancy, Mrs A J

De Lander, H A

De Lappe, Birch W

De Laszcrynski, S

De Laval Separator Co

De Loach, Robert John Henderson (2)

De Long, George Washington

De Loye, Paul

De Malmedy, Calvin B

De Mars, Joseph

De Mayer, E

De Mayer, Myria

De Monde, Agnes E (4)

De Poincy, W J

De Puy, W N

De Ribancourt, Marie-Louise

De Ronde, Frank S

De Schweinitz, P B (2)

De Selding, Hermann

De Sola (B.) & Co

De Solome, George

De St Chamas, A (3)

De Stone, F G

De Thysebaert, H M

De Tramise, V

De Vausney, T H (2)

De Vildosola, Francisco I

De Wit, Bertha A

De Witt, A H (2)

De Witt, W E

De Young, Meichel H

De Zuylen, Etienne

Deacon, Charles H

Dealy, William Joseph (3)


Dean, C W (2)

Dean, Charles L (64)

Dean, Edward Owen

Dean, Edward W

Dean, Harry E

Dean, John, Jr (2)

Dean, L L, (Chicago)

Dean, L L, (Philadelphia)

Dean, Mrs M J

Dean, William Warren (5)

Dean, William Hope (13)

Deane, Harry T

Deane, Mr

Deans, William (31)

Dearborn Independent (2)

Dearborn Morgan School (2)

Dearborn Publishing Co (4)

Dearborn, George Van Ness

Dearborn, J E (2)

Dearing, M C

Debie (Belgian Refugee)

Decker and Jewett (2)

Decker, C L

Decker, Charles A

Decker, John

Decker, L H

Deckertown Independent (2)

Dederick, Peter Kells

Deems, Charles Force (2)

Deems, Frank Melville (3)

Deering, M L

Deetham, Alice M

Deetrick, J W

Dehoney, Thomas

Deiler, Alfred C (5)

Deitlin, Frank Eugene (4)

Del Calvo, Joaquin

Del Castillo, Antonio

Del Castillo, Jose Perez (2)

Del Mar, Alexander

Delamater (C.H.) & Co (2)

Delaney, Edward G

Delano & Co

Delano, Columbus (3)

Delano, Cora Heald

Delany, George W

Delany, Harry J (2)

Delany, Patrick Bernard (18)

Delaware Hard Fibre Co

Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad (10)

Delaware Land Development Co

Delineator (Magazine) (6)

Dell, Thomas W

Deloitte Dever Griffiths & Co

Deming, Mrs B

Demming, Henry C (31)

Democratic National Committee (3)

Dempsey and Carroll (2)

Dempsey, A J

Dempster, F

Dempster, George

Denby, Charles

Denis, Mr

Denison and Doyle Co

Denison Electric Engineering Co (2)

Denison, Arthur Elmer

Denison, Charles

Denison, Elsa (2)

Denison, George Taylor (2)

Denison, Henry L

Denison, Joseph F (2)

Denius, Garfield (2)

Denman, Walter Matthias

Denne, T J

Dennehy, Cornelius

Dennen, Arthur Wilson

Dennett, Fred A

Dennett, Mary Coffin Ware

Denning (E.J.) & Co (2)

Dennis, Dorothy

Dennis, Warren E

Dennison, Edgar W (2)

Dennison, W N

Denslow, Van Buren

Densmore, James

Denton Dunn and Boultbee (4)

Denton, Frank (14)

Denton, James N

Denton, William S

Denver and Rio Grande Railway Co (2)

Denver Consolidated Electric Co

Denver Gas and Electric Light Co (2)

Denver Post (21)

Denver Republican (9)

Denver Rocky Mountain News (16)

Denver Times (14)

Depew, Chauncey Mitchell (2)

Depue, David Ayres (4)

Derby Lead Co

Derby, George

Derby, Orville A

Derr (Thompson) and Bro (2)

Derr, John F (2)

Des Granges, J C

Des Moines Edison Light Co (3)

Des Moines Register (2)

Desborough, W A

Desbriere, Fernand (7)

Desha, Robert

Deshler, Charles (7)

Desloge Consolidated Lead Co

Desloge, Firmin Vincent

Desmoutis Quennessen and Le Brun

Despras, A

Detlef, Frank, Jr (129)

Detroit and Lake Superior Copper Co

Detroit Brick Manufacturers and Dealers Assn

Detroit Electric Car Co of St Louis (2)

Detroit Free Press (25)

Detroit Journal (8)

Detroit News (25)

Detroit Steel Products Co

Detroit Taxicab and Transfer Co

Detroit Times (2)

Detroit Young Mens Society

Dettler, L

Detwiler, Benjamin Horning

Detwiler, Thomas C (7)

Deutsche Bank (6)

Deutsche Edison Akkumulatoren Co GmbH (19)

Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft (89)

Deutsche Edison Phonographen Gesellschaft (13)

Deutsche Mahmaschinenfabrik Aktiengesellschaft

Deutsche Zeitung (2)

Deutsches Journal

Deutsches Museum (14)

Deutsches Verlagshaus Bong & Co

Dever, L A

Devine (J.P.) Co

Devine Gibb and York

Devine, Andrew

Devine, H A

Devine, John H

Devlin, John S (3)

Devoe (F.W.) and Raynolds (C.T.) Co

Devonald, Frederick C (15)

Devonald, Julia Miller (Mrs Frederick C.)

Devonshire, Robert W (3)

Devor, James R (2)

DeVry Corp

DeVry, Bernard

Dewey, Bradley

Dewey, Frederic Perkins

Dewey, John (3)

Dewey, Melvil (4)

Dewey, William P (2)

Dexheimer, Peter

Dey, Charles E

Dey, Frederic Merrill Van Rensselaer

Dey, L M

Diadem Mining Co

Diamond Disc Shop Inc (3)

Diamond Drill Carbon Co

Diamond Match Co (2)

Diaz, Porfirio (7)

Dichman, Ernest

Dick (A.B.) Co (75)

Dick Bros & Co

Dick Kerr & Co Ltd

Dick, Albert Blake (75)

Dick, Herman Ernest (243)

Dicke, Allen A

Dickenson, Francis M

Dickerson and Dickerson

Dickerson Brown Raegener and Binney

Dickerson, Edward Nicoll (7)

Dickerson, Edward Nicoll, Jr (6)

Dickey, John Jay

Dickey, Willliam E

Dickinson (Albert) Co (2)

Dickinson (E.E.) & Co

Dickinson, David T

Dickinson, Edward

Dickinson, Emmet

Dickinson, L A

Dickinson, Oliver Booth (2)

Dickinson, Walter B (2)

Dickinson, William H (2)

Dicks David Co

Dickson Manufacturing Co

Dickson, Andrew

Dickson, Antonia K L (3)

Dickson, George D (9)

Dickson, Henry D (3)

Dickson, Lucie Agnes (Mrs William K. L.)

Dickson, William Kennedy Laurie (308)

Dictating Machine Co (4)

Dieckmann, C W

Diehl Manufacturing Co (4)

Diehl, P

Diehl, Samuel B

Diener, J

Diesel, Rudolf Christian Karl

Dietrich, Charles W

Dietzel, Frank E

Diggles, John

Dilk, C P

Dilke, Charles F

Dillard, James Brownrigg

Dillaye, S D (2)

Dillingham, I S, Jr

Dillistin, Howard P

Dillman, Willard

Dillon, Clarence (7)

Dillon, Mrs Henry

Dillon, Thomas A

Dilnot, Frank

Dilts, A W

Dimbleby, S N (2)

Dime, Eric Adolphus

Dimis, Mrs Charles M

Dimock, Anthony Weston (2)

Dinan, Edward P (12)

Dingee, Minnie

Dingle, S K (9)

Dingman, A W

Dinon, Leland

Dinwiddie, William Walter (342)

Dion, Charles

Dippel, F

Direct United States Cable Co Ltd (11)

Disbrow, Andrew Jackson

Disston (Henry) and Sons Inc

District of Columbia. Supreme Court

District of Columbia. Tax Collector (4)

Ditson (Charles H.) & Co (3)

Dittenhoefer, Abram Jesse (5)

Diver, Paul M

Dixey, Henry E (3)

Dixon (Joseph) Crucible Co (3)

Dixon, Joseph H F

Dixon, M J

Dixon, Theron Soliman Eugene

Doak, Annie K

Doak, William Edison

Doan, J W (2)

Doan, Robert Eachus

Doane, Elizabeth A

Doane, G A

Dobbie (A.andJ.) (4)

Dobbins, John W

Dobbins, Mr

Dobbins, W M (3)

Dobridge, Selma F

Dodd (Edison Employee) (2)

Dodd, Charles Edgar

Dodd, David A (5)

Dodd, Samuel H

Dodge, Charles Cleveland

Dodge, Cleveland Hoadley

Dodge, Eben G (10)

Dodge, G B

Dodge, H L (2)

Dodge, L P (2)

Dodge, Mary Mapes

Dodge, Robert J (6)

Dodge, Walter

Dodge, William C

Dodson, Joseph Howard

Doelling, Louis

Doeringer, Frank A

Doggett, Hilton J

Doggett, Stanley (34)

Doherty, Henry L (5)

Doherty, Robert J (2)

Dolan, Thomas (6)

Dolbear, Amos Emerson (5)

Dolbeer, Frank K (64)

Dole, Charles E

Dolesi, R G

Dollins, Laban James

Dolphin, M F

Dolsen, Fred R

Domestic Telegraph Co (14)

Dominion Iron and Steel Co Ltd (43)

Dominion Mineral Co (2)

Dommerich (L.F.) & Co

Domville, James

Donahey, Alvin Victor

Donald, J T

Donald, John A (2)

Donaldson, J A

Donaldson, John

Donaldson, Thomas B

Donegan and Reilly (3)

Donegan, George

Donohue, Charles

Donoko, W B (2)

Donovan, J P

Donovan, Joseph S

Donovan, Mrs William L (2)

Donovan, Thomas B

Donshea, W J

Dooley, Katherine

Doolittle, Thomas Benjamin (6)

Doolittle, William H

Doran, John (4)

Doran, W U

Dore, Edward A

Doremus, Charles Avery

Doren, D (3)

Dorian, Frank (3)

Dorian, M

Dorman Manufacturing Co

Dornberg, Lee

Dorr, John Van Nostrand

Dorr, N M

Dorr, Russell R

Dorrance, H B

Dorsey, Edward Bates (6)

Dorsey, Susan Miller

Dorval, Edmond (2)

Dos Passos Bros

Dos Passos, Louis Hays

Dotson, J A

Doty, A J (2)

Doty, Ethan Allen

Doty, George A

Doty, John

Doubleday Page & Co (2)

Doubleday, Harry Mather (76)

Doubleday-Hill Electric Co

Dougherty, Elmer Ellsworth (175)

Dougherty, Horace N

Dougherty, W P

Douglas Phonograph Co (4)

Douglas, Dorothy G

Douglas, Edwin M (3)

Douglas, H C

Douglas, J P

Douglas, Martha Virginia

Douglas, W G

Douglass, Benjamin, Jr (3)

Douglass, Eva Burke (Mrs Robert D.)

Douglass, J Walter

Douglass, Leon Forrest

Douglass, R S (4)

Douglass, Robert Dun (2)

Douty, William H (44)

Dover (N.J.) Index (7)

Dover Boiler Works

Dover Electric Light Co

Dow Jones & Co (4)

Dow, Albert Freeman (3)

Dowd, Peter A (3)

Dowlin, Wilber

Dowling, Wilfred Sebastian (10)

Downer Kerosene Oil Co

Downer, Alfred Sayre (9)

Downer, Anne

Downer, David R

Downing (R.F.) & Co (2)

Downing, A C

Downing, George H (2)

Downing, J W

Downing, Sydney L

Doyle (John F.) and Sons

Doyle, Edward John (4)

Doyle, James V

Doyle, Michael (2)

Drake, Bernard Mervyn

Drake, D E

Drake, F E

Drake, L M

Drake, Samuel Adams

Draper, Anna Palmer (Mrs Henry) (3)

Draper, Henry (9)

Draper, Morgan

Drayton, H S (2)

Dredge, James (25)

Dreisbach, William

Dreiser, Theodore (4)

Drescher Electrical Manufacturing Co (4)

Drescher, Louis (2)

Dresher, George B (4)

Dresser, Albert W (2)

Dressler, Sigmund B

Drew, A A (2)

Drew, Edward W

Drew, George Franklin

Drew, John B

Drew, Prentiss Warner

Drew, William J

Drewke, G W

Drexel Harjes & Co (8)

Drexel Institute

Drexel Morgan & Co (147)

Dreydel (Charles) & Co

Dreydel, Charles (3)

Dreyfus, Moise (2)

Dreyfuss and Sachs

Dreyfuss, Albert

Driggs, L S

Driscoll, Daniel H

Driscoll, Timothy

Driver, A J (2)

Driver, William Raymond (5)

Driver-Harris Co

Drott, Max

Drug and Chemical Markets (3)

Drummond, Alonzo J

Drury, G E

Dry Goods Economist

Dryden, John Fairfield (4)

Du Bois and Du Bois

Du Bois, Augustus Jay

Du Bois, C H

Du Bois, Henri Pene

Du Bois, R G

Du Chateau, Edward

Du Moncel, Theodose (7)

Du Pont de Nemours & Co (27)

Du Pont, Alfred Irenee (2)

Du Pont, Thomas Coleman

Du Vall, Lewis G

Dubois, C

Dubuque Telegraph (Herald) (7)

Ducas (B.P.) Co

Duckett, A C

Ducretet (E.) & Co (3)

Dudderar, G W

Dudley, Charles Benjamin

Dudley, Frank Alonzo

Dueretet, E

Dufferin, H J

Duffy, Edward F

Duffy, James Patrick Bernard

Dufour, M L

Dugan, Daniel A (2)

Dugan, George M (2)

Duggan, Thomas Joseph (2)

Duickla, W P

Duke, Charles Wesley

Duke, John

Dull, Andrew Jackson (5)

Dum Barlow & Co

Dumas, Francois Guillaume

Dun (R.G.) & Co (45)

Dunbar Stone Co (2)

Dunbar, John

Duncan and Duncan

Duncan Bryce & Co

Duncan Curtis and Page (3)

Duncan, C W

Duncan, J C

Duncan, Louis (4)

Duncan, Robert H

Duncan, Samuel Augustus

Duncan, Walter

Duncan, William L

Duncklee, Hubbard H (2)

Dunckler and Sons

Dunderdale, C L (2)

Dunderland Iron Ore Co Ltd (41)

Duneka, Frederick A (2)

Dunford and Elliott

Dungan, Newton

Dunham, Austin C (3)

Dunham, David B

Dunham, Florence A

Dunham, George H

Dunkel (S.P.) and Son

Dunkel, S P (4)

Dunlap, E C

Dunlap, Frank M

Dunlap, John Robertson (4)

Dunlap, S M

Dunlap, Samuel P

Dunn, Edgar M

Dunn, Gano Sillick

Dunn, Horace Alan

Dunn, Hugh S

Dunn, J W

Dunn, William J

Dunne, Finley Peter

Dunnell, Frank

Dunning, B S

Dunning, Carroll H

Dunphy, Nathaniel

Dunscomb, J G

Duprey, Charles M (2)

Durand, Nelson C (62)

Durant, E W, Jr

Durant, George F

Durer, Emile (2)

Durer, Gunter

Durham, B Arthur

Durham, R L

Durham, T R (2)

Durkee, D

Durkee, Harrison

Durkin, Edmund Lawrence

Durkin, Joseph A (2)

Durr Drug Co (2)

Durrant, Archibald D

Durrough, D

Durston, J H

Duryee, Edward

Duryee, Edward Henry

Duryee, G

Dusenbery, J P

Dutaud, Gustave

Dutoit, C

Dutti, G N

Dutton, Edgar Fulton

Dutton, Samuel Train

Dutton, W

Duval, George (3)

Duvall, Edward S, Jr

Duvall, Elbridge G, Jr (3)

Duvinage, L

Duxbury, John W (2)

Dwelly, William H, Jr (20)

Dwight Slate Machine Co (3)

Dwight, Harvey Prentice (6)

Dwight, John

Dwyer, Mrs M

Dyer and Driscoll (33)

Dyer and Dyer (4)

Dyer and Holden (2)

Dyer and Seely (390)

Dyer and Taylor (2)

Dyer and Wilber (12)

Dyer Dyer and Taylor

Dyer Edmonds and Dyer (97)

Dyer, Derrick O

Dyer, Frank Lewis (1223)

Dyer, George Leland (3)

Dyer, George Palmer (3)

Dyer, George W (28)

Dyer, Isaac Tillman (2)

Dyer, Josiah W (2)

Dyer, Leonard Huntress

Dyer, Paul D (87)

Dyer, Philip Sidney (180)

Dyer, Richard Nott (300)

Dyke and Camfield

Dyke, Herbert H (25)

Dyle, J

Dynamo (Mount Union College Newspaper) (4)

Dyrenforth, Philip Charles (3)

Dyson, George A


Eades, Richard

Eadie & Co

Eagle Oil Co

Eagle Pencil Co

Eagles, Edwin (9)

Eames, Hayden

Eames, J W (9)

Earl, A

Earl, Alfred I

Earl, Elizabeth F (9)

Earle, David Prince (2)

Earle, Ellis Potter (2)

Earle, Ferdinand Pinney

Earle, J A

Earle, Lucien

Earle, Ralph (3)

Early, J Melvin

Earnest, D L

East Orange High School

East Orange Homeopathic Dispensary Assn

East Orange Record (2)

East Saginaw Herald

East St Louis Columbia and Waterloo Railway (4)

East Trenton Pottery Co

Eastern Development Co Ltd

Eastern Fibre Decorating Co (2)

Eastern Pennsylvania Phonograph Co (4)

Eastern Railroad Assn (2)

Eastman Kodak Co (23)

Eastman, Dolph (3)

Eastman, George (7)

Easton Free Press (14)

Easton, Edward Denison (20)

Easton, William J

Eastwood Buchanan and Smith

Eaton and Lewis (126)

Eaton Cole and Burnham (2)

Eaton Lewis and Hodgkins (3)

Eaton, Asahel K (17)

Eaton, B V (2)

Eaton, E L

Eaton, George S

Eaton, Henry Morris (2)

Eaton, Henry W

Eaton, Sherburne Blake (1176)

Eaves, Albert G

Eayors, Winslow P

Ebdell, Thomas (2)

Eberle, Edward Walter (3)

Eberly, Elliot

Eby, J H (2)

Eby, N L

Ecclesine and Tomlinson (2)

Ecclesine, Thomas C E (3)

Echoes (Magazine)

Echols, S A (2)

Eckerson, Peter Quick

Eckert, Howard Haines (2)

Eckert, Thomas Thompson (42)

Eckert, Walter Lewis (23)

Eckert, William H (4)

Eckles, James

Eckson, V B

Ecometer Manufacturing Co (2)

Eddington, W R

Eddy, J Arthur

Eddy, Mrs H S (2)

Eddy, William Abner (3)

Eddystone Manufacturing Co (2)

Edelen, W R

Eden Musee American Co (3)

Edgar Printing and Stationery Co

Edgar, Charles Leavitt (15)

Edgar, Harry Thomas

Edgars, R J

Edgerly, G H

Edgerton, E D

Edgertyn Co

Edinburgh Scotsman

Ediphone Distributors Assn

Edison (Thomas A Jr) and Holzer (William) Steel and

Edison (Thomas A.) & Co Contractors

Edison (Thomas A.) Association

Edison (Thomas A.) Construction Dept (120)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc (101)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Amusement Phonograph Comm (3)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Bates Machine Committee

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Blue Amberol Dept (2)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Coal Tar Products Division

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Columbia St Vaults

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Dictating Machine Committee (3)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Dictating Machine Division (2)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Educational Dept Committee (2)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Educational Film Dept

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Electrical Dept Committee

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Engineering Dept Committee (3)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Film Committee

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Film Manufacturing Comm

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Home Kinetoscope Committee (5)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Home Kinetoscope Dept (2)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Kinetograph Dept (11)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Kinetophone Committee

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Kinetophone Experimenters

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Kinetoscope and Kinetophone (4)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Liberty Loan Committee

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Manufacturing Committee (5)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Motion Picture Division

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Musical Phonograph Division

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Primary Battery Division (14)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Professional Kinetoscope (2)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Record Committee (3)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Record Manufacturing Divisi (4)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Recording Division (4)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Sales and Advertising Comm

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Salesmen Meeting

Edison (Thomas A.) Jr Chemical Co (8)

Edison (Thomas A.) Legal Dept (3)

Edison (Thomas A.) Ltd (4)

Edison (Thomas A.) Personal (2)

Edison (Thomas A.) Personal. Amidophenol Division

Edison (Thomas A.) Personal. Aniline Division

Edison [Jr] Chemical Co

Edison Accumulators Ltd (10)

Edison Amberola Monthly

Edison and Murray (46)

Edison and Swan United Electric Light Co Ltd (68)

Edison and Unger (25)

Edison Auto Accessories Co (4)

Edison Automobile Co

Edison Band (2)

Edison Benzol Plant (Johnstown Pa.) (3)

Edison Benzol Plant (Woodward Ala.) (8)

Edison Botanic Research Corp (3)

Edison Business Phonograph Co (13)

Edison Cement Corp

Edison Chemical Works and Other Silver Lake Plants (18)

Edison Choral Society

Edison Company for Isolated Lighting (88)

Edison Crushing Roll Co

Edison Dry Placer Process (2)

Edison Electric Co (Australia)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Appleton)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Ashland)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Bellefonte) (15)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Brockton) (10)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Brooklyn) (7)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Circleville) (2)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Cumberland)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Detroit)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Easton)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Fall River) (8)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Hazleton) (5)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Jackson)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Johnstown)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Laramie) (3)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Lawrence) (4)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Louisville) (3)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Memphis)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Middletown) (5)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Mt Carmel) (15)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New Bedford) (2)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New Brunswick) (6)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New York) (138)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Newburgh) (7)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Newport)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Orange) (5)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Paterson) (2)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Piqua) (12)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Shamokin) (19)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Sunbury) (8)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Tamaqua)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Tiffin) (4)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Tonawanda)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Utica) (3)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (West Chester)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Williamsport) (8)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (York) (2)

Edison Electric Light and Power Co (Kansas City) (5)

Edison Electric Light Co (371)

Edison Electric Light Co Ltd (148)

Edison Electric Light Co of Cuba and Porto Rico (2)

Edison Electric Light Co of Europe Ltd (130)

Edison Electric Light Co of Havana (2)

Edison Electric Light Co of Philadelphia (31)

Edison Electric Light Co of Santiago

Edison Electric Railway Co (2)

Edison Employees Club (Boston Edison Co) (2)

Edison Employees Emergency Assn

Edison Fire Dept (2)

Edison Foreign Electric Pen Co (3)

Edison General Electric Co (93)

Edison General Electric Co Lamp Works (20)

Edison Gesellschaft (9)

Edison Gower-Bell Telephone Co of Europe (30)

Edison Herald

Edison Industrial Co (3)

Edison Industrial Works (2)

Edison Institute

Edison International Corp (3)

Edison Iron Concentrating Co (6)

Edison Iron Concentration Co of New Jersey

Edison Kinetophone Agency (18)

Edison Kinetophone Co (3)

Edison Lamp Co (323)

Edison Machine Works (363)

Edison Manufacturing Co (129)

Edison Manufacturing Co Ltd (3)

Edison Medal Assn

Edison Monthly

Edison Mutual Benefit Assn (5)

Edison Mutual Telegraph Co of Ohio

Edison Ore Milling Co Ltd (82)

Edison Ore Milling Syndicate Ltd (40)

Edison Patents Co

Edison Phonograph Co (54)

Edison Phonograph Co (London) (11)

Edison Phonograph Corp Ltd

Edison Phonograph Manufacturing Co (2)

Edison Phonograph Monthly (18)

Edison Phonograph Toy and Automaton Co Ltd (2)

Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co (48)

Edison Phonograph Works (250)

Edison Phonograph Works. Transfer Pressmen

Edison Phonographs Ltd

Edison Phonoplex System (33)

Edison Pioneers (5)

Edison Portland Cement Club

Edison Portland Cement Co (138)

Edison Primary Batteries Inc

Edison Pulverized Limestone Co (2)

Edison Shafting Manufacturing Co (9)

Edison Spanish Colonial Light Co (26)

Edison Speaking Phonograph Co (57)

Edison Storage Battery Co (159)

Edison Storage Battery Garage Inc

Edison Storage Battery Supply Co (5)

Edison Telephone Co of Europe Ltd (57)

Edison Telephone Co of Glasgow Ltd (3)

Edison Telephone Co of London Ltd (80)

Edison Telephone Exchanges (3)

Edison United Manufacturing Co (40)

Edison United Phonograph Co (85)

Edison Wiring Co (3)

Edison Works Monthly (13)

Edison's Electric Pen and Duplicating Press Co (26)

Edison's Indian and Colonial Electric Co (13)

Edison, Ann Osterhout (Mrs Theodore M.) (51)

Edison, Beatrice Heyzer (Mrs Thomas A. Jr) (121)

Edison, Blanche Travers (Mrs William L.) (31)

Edison, Carolyn Hawkins (Mrs Charles) (30)

Edison, Carrie May

Edison, Charles (557)

Edison, Charles Oscar

Edison, Charles Pitt (90)

Edison, Deborah Ann (2)

Edison, Edith Clarissa (8)

Edison, Elizabeth (5)

Edison, Ellen Holihan (Mrs William P.) (17)

Edison, Fordice Warner (2)

Edison, Frances

Edison, Frank

Edison, Frank P (3)

Edison, George M (4)

Edison, Gladys

Edison, Grace W (2)

Edison, Hester Smith (Mrs Thomas) (2)

Edison, Homer Page (4)

Edison, Jacob Cerenus (2)

Edison, John McEwan

Edison, John, (Cousin) (16)

Edison, Mabel Clare

Edison, Madeleine (1217)

Edison, Mahlon Burwell (2)

Edison, Marie Louise Toohey (Mrs Thomas A. Jr) (4)

Edison, Marietta

Edison, Marion Estelle (231)

Edison, Marion N

Edison, Marion Wallace (39)

Edison, Mary Ann

Edison, Mary Sharlow (Mrs Samuel O.) (2)

Edison, Mary Stilwell (Mrs Thomas A.) (50)

Edison, Maurice Holmes

Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) (1517)

Edison, Mina Miller, (Estate) (3)

Edison, Minnie J (Mrs Calvin W.)

Edison, Mrs E

Edison, Nancy Elliott, (Mother)

Edison, Nellie Marion, (Mrs W.A. Poyer) (59)

Edison, Nora

Edison, Peregrine Maitland

Edison, Samuel Ogden, (Father) (31)

Edison, Sarah Jane

Edison, Simeon Ogden (33)

Edison, Theodore Miller (614)

Edison, Thomas Alva (25733)

Edison, Thomas Alva, (Estate) (4)

Edison, Thomas Alva, Jr (495)

Edison, Thomas S

Edison, Thomas, (Cousin)

Edison, William Leslie (261)

Edison, William Pitt (84)

Edison-Bell Consolidated Phonograph Co Ltd (17)

Edison-Bell Phonograph Corp Ltd (13)

Edison-Rogers Co (2)

Edison-Saunders Compressed Air Co (10)

Edisonia Co

Edisonia Ltd (3)

Edisonian Society

Edman, John A (2)

Edmands (T.F.) & Co (2)

Edmonds, Richard Hathaway (7)

Edmonds, Samuel Owen (4)

Edmondson, Joseph

Edmunds, Henry, Jr (5)

Edmunds, Walter

Edson, George T

Edson, Inez M

Edson, James L

Edson, Jarvis Borsted (18)

Edson, Joseph Romanzo

Edson, M B (5)

Edson, Tracy Robinson (30)

Educational Film Magazine (3)

Edwards & Co (3)

Edwards, Arthur Mead

Edwards, B V (2)

Edwards, E P

Edwards, G H (2)

Edwards, J H

Edwards, James Thomas (4)

Edwards, John Richard

Edwards, T S

Edwardson, Leonard G

Eenberg, B Reimers

Egan Co (4)

Egan, James J

Egan, James, (Menlo Park)

Egan, James, (West Orange)

Egan, Patrick

Egerstrom, N

Egerton, Alan de Tatton (2)

Egerton, Henry Clifford (5)

Eggerth, Werner

Eggis, A O

Eggleston, Frank H

Eggleston, Pursell

Eggleston, R H

Egglestone, Edward A

Egleston, Thomas (3)

Egloff, Henry

Egmond, J M

Egner, Frederic

Ehle, Archibald Hyde (4)

Ehns, Joseph A

Ehrhardt, W

Ehrlich, H

Ehrlich, Leo

Eible, Edward A

Eichelberger, J S

Eickemeyer, Rudolph

Eimer and Amend (9)

Einstein, Albert

Eisele, Charles

Eisele, John C

Eisenlord, N

Eitel, John (2)

Eitemiller, George M

Ekstrom, Albert (3)

El Paso Phonograph Co

Elasker, William

Elden, Leonard L (2)

Elder, F C

Elder, S K

Elder, Thomas A

Eldon, M S

Eldred, Horace H (43)

Eldredge, Rolfe

Eldridge, R F

Eldridge, W E (9)

Electra Cycle Co

Electric Boat Co

Electric Carriage and Battery Co (2)

Electric City Publishing Co

Electric Club (New York) (18)

Electric Development Assn

Electric Engine Co

Electric Journal

Electric Launch Co

Electric Light Power Generator Co Ltd

Electric Manufacturing and Miscellaneous Stock Exch

Electric Manufacturing Co (3)

Electric Merchandising Co

Electric Mutual Insurance Co (2)

Electric Pen Co

Electric Power

Electric Railway Company of the United States (21)

Electric Smelting and Aluminum Co

Electric Storage Battery Co (4)

Electric Time Co (7)

Electric Tube Co (94)

Electric Vehicle and Central Station Assn

Electric Vehicle Association of America (2)

Electric Vehicle Co (4)

Electric Wagon Co (8)

Electric Writing Co Ltd (4)

Electrical Accumulator Co (4)

Electrical Age (7)

Electrical Construction and Maintenance Co

Electrical Engineer (27)

Electrical Experimenter (16)

Electrical Industries (3)

Electrical Merchandising (2)

Electrical News (103)

Electrical Record

Electrical Review (Chicago) (8)

Electrical Review (N.Y. City) (118)

Electrical Review and Western Electrician (3)

Electrical Show Co (3)

Electrical Supply and Construction Co

Electrical Supply Co (2)

Electrical Testing Laboratories (10)

Electrical World (112)

Electrical World and Engineer (31)

Electrician (London) (402)

Electricite (55)

Electricity Newspaper Co (4)

Electro Chemical Co

Electro-Chemical Manufacturing Co (3)

Electro-Dynamic Light Co (2)


Electro-Metallurgist and Electric Light Journal

Electrochemical Industry (Magazine) (2)

Electrograph Circular Co


Elektrotechnische Gesellschaft

Elektrotechnischer Verein (3)

Elgee, W H

Elias, Nathan M (2)

Eliot, Boyd (4)

Elite Pottery Co

Elizabeth and Newark Horse Railroad Co

Elizabeth Journal (12)

Ellacott, Jose P (2)

Ellefson, C Oscar

Ellerson, Henry Watkins (13)

Ellett, Walter M.

Elliman (Douglas L.) & Co

Ellinger, Julian O (3)

Elliott Manufacturing Co

Elliott Service Co (2)

Elliott, A H

Elliott, Ada (11)

Elliott, Alexander, Jr (182)

Elliott, Alexander, Sr (2)

Elliott, Arthur H

Elliott, C B (3)

Elliott, Dorin

Elliott, Eugene T

Elliott, F C

Elliott, Frederick H (2)

Elliott, James (2)

Elliott, James Wilkinson

Elliott, Sterling

Elliott, T R J

Elliott, W St George (3)

Ellis, A J

Ellis, Charles (3)

Ellis, Edwin

Ellis, Ellery Ware

Ellis, Mrs E A

Ellis-Foster Co

Ellison, E C

Ellison, Grace (3)

Ellison, William B (5)

Ellsworth, William W

Elmira Gazette (2)

Elmira Star Gazette (6)

Elmore, Alexander Stanley (2)

Elmore, John N (3)

Elsaesser, Frederick Jacob

Elsbach, Edwin A (3)

Elsberg, Louis (2)

Elson, Benjamin F

Elston (Thomas A.) Co

Eltruigham, William

Elwell, Frank Edwin (3)

Elwell, W D

Elwood, John W

Ely, Advil B (4)

Ely, Clarissa E

Ely, Robert Erskine (9)

Elyria Enameled Products Co

Embree, James M

Emergency Fleet Corp (3)

Emergency Housing Assn of the District of Columbia

Emerich, Mary

Emersley, J D

Emerson, Charles Franklin

Emerson, Guy (5)

Emerson, Victor Hugo (2)

Emery, A B

Emery, Archibald Clarence (38)

Emery, Charles Edward (9)

Emery, Edward

Emery, John R

Emery, Stephen Albert (3)

Emery, W B

Emery, W H

Emery, William S (2)

Emery, William T

Emetaz, Nathalie

Emmel (Charles)

Emmerich and Vonderlehr

Emmet, William Le Roy (2)

Emmons, George E

Emmons, J F

Emmons, J S (9)

Emmons, S A

Emmons, Stephen N

Emmons, William Harvey

Empire Hand Stamp Works (2)

Empire Limestone Co (2)

Empire Palm Oil Co

Empire State Chemical Co

Employers Reference Service

Empress Theatre Co

Emrich, Herman C (2)

Encyclopedia Britannica (2)

Encyclopedie Contemporaine

Endermann, H

Eneas, A G (3)

Engarde, Mary C

Engel, H

Engel, Mrs C M

Engelhard, Charles

Engelman, William Peter

Engineer (154)

Engineering (618)

Engineering Agency (2)

Engineering and Mining Journal (77)

Engineering Foundation

Engineering Magazine (6)

Engineering News (64)

Engineers Club (N.Y. City) (6)

Engineers Club of Philadelphia (4)

Engineers Society of Western Pennsylvania

Engisch, Christian (2)

England, Isaac W (6)

Engle and Drew

Engle, George B

Engle, Harry Perry

Engle, Horace M (2)

Engle, Mary E

Engle, O

Engle, Robert H (3)

Engle, Stephen Decatur (2)

Engle, Willis D

English (George L.) & Co (12)

English Mechanic (638)

English Syndicate

English, Conover (7)

English, George Letchworth (2)

English, John C (7)

Engstrom, Carl O

Enholm, O A

Ennis, Henry J

Eno, W F

Enos, Frank (6)

Enos, John Augustus

Enright, Richard Edward

Ensey, George F

Ensign-Bickford Co

Enslew, Jose O

Entz, Justus B (5)

Eppley, Marion

Epps, William Windsor

Epright, Alonzo W

Equitable Appraisal Co

Equitable Life Assurance Society (4)

Equitable Trust Co

Equity (Newspaper)

Erben, Hermann F T

Erdofy, Maxwell Emory

Erhardt, Joel Benedict

Erie City Iron Works (2)

Erie Dispatch (6)

Erie Herald

Erie Railroad Co (5)

Eriksen, Mrs Lura L

Erlanger, Abraham Lincoln (2)

Erlanger, Emil

Ernest, W T R

Ernst (V.H.) & Co (2)

Ertmine, Mr (2)

Erwin, Frederick Condit (2)

Esler, Frederic Brice (2)

Essanay Film Co (3)

Essen, Helen Louise

Essex County (N.J.). Circuit Court (4)

Essex County (N.J.). Court of Common Pleas

Essex County (N.J.). Jail

Essex County (N.J.). Mosquito Extermination Comm

Essex County (N.J.). Surrogate (2)

Essex County Country Club (4)

Essex County Electric Co

Essex County Republican Committee (3)

Essex Press (4)

Essig, Frank T

Estaban, Mr

Estabrook, Charles Elmer

Estabrook, Henry Dodge

Estep, A L

Estes, W D

Estler, A E

Estopinal, Leonidas Bernard

Eteson, Alfred

Eteson, Arthur D

Etris, Robert

Etter, R W

Ettinger, William (13)

Etude (3)

Euberg, Mr (2)

Euker, G W

Eureka Flint and Spar Co (3)

Eureka Lake and Yuba Canal Co

Eureka Pneumatic Spray Co

European and Asiatic Importing Co

European Correspondence Cable and News Co

Evans & Co

Evans (Henry G.) Phosphate Co

Evans, Earl

Evans, Edward Lewis

Evans, Ellsworth

Evans, Frank

Evans, G T (6)

Evans, George S (2)

Evans, Henry G

Evans, Howard Salisbury

Evans, J D

Evans, James (10)

Evans, Joseph

Evans, L E (4)

Evans, Lemuel E (3)

Evans, Louis M

Evans, Mrs A W

Evans, W N

Evans, W W

Evansville Gas and Electric Light Co

Evarts, William Maxwell

Eveleth, Charles Edward

Everding, Henry E

Everett, Alexander Leo

Everett, Edward

Everett, J B (8)

Everhart, Franklin

Everhart, James M

Everitt, P (3)

Everybody's Magazine

Ewart, Hamilton Glover (2)

Ewing, N J

Ewing, O W

Ewing, Robert (2)

Ewing, Thomas, Jr

Exall, Henry

Excelsior Film Co

Excelsior Motor Manufacturing and Supply Co

Excelsior Needle Co

Exchange Telegraph Co Ltd

Exhibition. Alaska Yukon Pacific (1909)

Exhibition. Birmingham (U.K.) (1889) (12)

Exhibition. Bronx International (1917)

Exhibition. Buffalo Pan-American (1901)

Exhibition. California Midwinter (1894)

Exhibition. Chicago Columbian (1893) (4)

Exhibition. Chicago Industrial (1881) (2)

Exhibition. Chicago Industrial and Cotton Centenni

Exhibition. Cleveland Electrical (1914)

Exhibition. Jamestown Ter-Centennial (1907)

Exhibition. London American (1886) (5)

Exhibition. Melbourne Centennial (1888) (2)

Exhibition. Minneapolis Industrial (1890)

Exhibition. Minneapolis. Northwestern Electric (191 (4)

Exhibition. N.Y. City International (1892) (4)

Exhibition. N.Y. City Woman's Exchange (1890)

Exhibition. New Orleans Cotton (1884-1885)

Exhibition. Nice International (1883)

Exhibition. Ohio Valley Centennial (1888)

Exhibition. Panama Pacific (1915) (4)

Exhibition. Paris International (1881) (3)

Exhibition. Paris International (1886)

Exhibition. Paris Universal (1878) (2)

Exhibition. Paris Universal (1889) (7)

Exhibition. Paris Universal (1889). Revue

Exhibition. Paris Universal (1889). U.S. Commission (7)

Exhibition. Philadelphia Centennial (1876) (8)

Exhibition. Philadelphia Electrical (1884) (5)

Exhibition. Saint John (Canada) Electrical (1889)

Exhibition. St Louis (1904)

Exhibition. St Louis Electrical (1889)

Exhibition. St Louis Real Estate and Building (1910 (2)

Exhibition. Toronto Industrial (1888)

Exhibition. Vienna Electrical (1883) (2)

Exploiting Company of California (2)

Exploration Co Ltd

Exploration Syndicate

Exposition of Public Spirited Activities

Exum, Culpepper

Eyferth, George M

Eyre, Elisa Ainsworth (Mrs Edward) (2)

Eyre, Gladys Mary

Eyre, M K

Eyre, Mary

Eyre, William S

Eyre?, Sister Kathleen

Eyton, William

Ezell, J Ewing


Fabbri and Chauncey (17)

Fabbri, Egisto Paolo (36)

Fabian, H A

Fabricated Steel Co

Fabry, Charles

Fabry, Paul (2)

Fackenthal, Benjamin F, Jr (2)

Fackenthal, Frank Diehl

Factory Products Export Corp

Fagan, Frank D (11)

Fague, G M

Fahnestock, William (5)

Failor, C W

Fairbanks Morse & Co

Fairbanks, Charles Elwood (15)

Fairbanks, Charles Warren

Fairbanks, George O, Jr

Fairburn, Frank

Fairchild (P.B.) & Co (15)

Fairchild, Albert Cecil

Fairchild, C A

Fairchild, C M (3)

Fairchild, David Grandison

Fairchild, Richard

Fairchild, Samuel E, Jr

Fairfax, Ulysses Grant

Fairfield, Francis Gerry (2)

Fairhall, Joseph, Jr

Fairman, Francis E

Faitonte, Sadie B

Fakes-Bisbee-Robertson Inc (6)

Falk Studio (4)

Falk, Benjamin J (10)

Falk, F A

Falk, Otto Herbert

Falkenstein, D

Fall River Globe (3)

Fall River Herald

Fallon, Thomas H

Fanning-Charters Fruit Distributing Co

Farbenfabriken of Elberfeld Co

Fargo, Clarence B (10)

Farist Steel Co

Farkas, E J (2)

Farley (A.C.) & Co

Farley, Charles B

Farley, George W

Farley, Thomas J

Farm and Ranch (Journal) (2)

Farmer, Frank Malcom

Farmer, Moses Gerrish (10)

Farmer, Silas

Farmers and Merchants National Bank

Farmers Club (2)

Farmers Land Co

Farmers Loan and Trust Co (5)

Farnham, Frank E

Farnham, J H

Farnsworth, Erwin D

Farnsworth, Philip (2)

Farr, E J

Farrand, Charles

Farrand, Stanford

Farrar, Charles O (2)

Farrel Foundry and Machine Co (2)

Farrell, Jim

Farrell, John (3)

Farrell, John William (15)

Farrell, William J

Farrington, D W C

Farthing, John

Farwell, D G

Farwell, E S

Farwell, Granger (2)

Farwell, W B

Fary, Terry

Fassbinder, William Blasins

Faubitz, Aug (2)

Faucett, H W

Faulkner, H C

Faulkner, Herbert Waldron

Faure, Camille

Fauth & Co (4)

Fawcett, James Waldo

Fawcett, W G

Faxon, William H

Fay (J.A.) & Co (4)

Fay, Charles Norman (3)

Feakins, William B

Fearey, Frederick Tysoe

Fearey, Jabez (2)

Fearn, William R

Feather, William

Fechet, Eugene Oscar (2)

Fechheimer, Herman C (3)

Federal Glass Co

Federal Graphite Mills

Federal Power and Light Co

Federal Steel Foundry Co

Federal Storage Battery Car Co (21)

Feederle, Herman O (2)

Fegers, Luis L

Fehen (Edison Employee) (4)

Feiker, Frederick Morris (2)

Feilden, Theo

Feilding, Rudolph Robert, (Lord Denbigh) (2)

Feist, R J

Felder, K T (3)

Fell, Lawrence T

Feller, John Fraleigh

Fellowcraft Club

Fellows, John R (2)

Fellowship of the Deaf

Fels & Co

Fels, Joseph (9)

Felsenthal (G.) & Co (2)

Felton, Edgar Conway (9)

Felton, G

Felton, Samuel Morse

Feltre, Duc de

Felts, W B

Felver, Hiram (3)

Fenn, Isaac (2)

Fenn, Joseph E (9)

Fenton, John A (2)

Fenwick, George (2)

Ferguson and Meek

Ferguson, David

Ferguson, Israel (4)

Ferguson, J W

Ferguson, James

Ferguson, Louis Aloysius (7)

Ferguson, William P (3)

Fernan, Yamon Gomah

Fernandez, Mrs E L

Fero, D M S

Ferracute Machine Co (6)

Ferree, Barr

Ferrell, Joseph L (8)

Ferry, M B

Ferry, Mr

Fertig (J.H.) & Co

Fessenden, Clementina Trenholme (Mrs Elisha J.)

Fessenden, Elisha Joseph

Fessenden, Reginald Aubrey (46)

Fessenko, Johann

Fest, Charles

Fetherman, S

Fetherolf, B L (2)

Fewkes, Jesse Walter (4)

Fibre Corp (2)

Fichter, William (2)

Fickes, Frank E

Fidelity and Casualty Co (3)

Fidelity and Deposit Co of Maryland

Fidelity Trust Co (5)

Fidlar, C B

Field Engineering Co (4)

Field, Cornelius J (23)

Field, Cyrus West (4)

Field, D W (2)

Field, George Baker (9)

Field, J E

Field, R M (4)

Field, R R

Field, Stephen Dudley (19)

Fielding, P

Fifth Avenue Baptist Church Club

Fifth Avenue Baptist Sunday School

Figaro (New York)

Figlio, Pietro M (2)

Figner, Fred

Filamentophone Co Ltd

Fillingham, William (2)

Financier Co

Finch, J L

Finch, John W (2)

Finch, Marie

Findley, Alvin Irwin (2)

Findley, W C (2)

Fine, Samuel

Fink, H J (6)

Finley, John Huston (8)

Finn, Myer

Finney, Frank

Firestone Tire and Rubber Co (11)

Firestone, Harvey Samuel (38)

Firestone, Harvey Samuel, Jr

Firestone, Russell Allen

Firneis, Irene

First Church of Christ Scientist (Orange)

First Japanese Manufacturing and Trading Co

First Mortgage Guarantee and Trust Co

First National Bank (N.Y. City)

First Ward Local Interest Club (East Orange) (2)

Firth, John

Fisch, Fernand

Fischer, Blanche D

Fischer, Carl (2)

Fischer, Edward A

Fischer, Ernest J

Fischer, Frederick C (3)

Fischer, Henry, (British Telegraph Service) (19)

Fischer, Henry, (Michigan)

Fischer, Jake

Fischesser, G A

Fish, Charles C (3)

Fish, Charles C R

Fish, Fred A

Fish, Frederick Perry (20)

Fish, R J

Fisher (M.L. and H.H.)

Fisher, B Franklin

Fisher, Bud (3)

Fisher, Carl G

Fisher, Charles W

Fisher, E A

Fisher, Fred Bohn

Fisher, George E (3)

Fisher, Irving (8)

Fisher, Joseph S (3)

Fisher, Oberstleutnant

Fisher, Robert Jones (2)

Fisk Rubber Co (4)

Fiske, Thomas Scott (2)

Fitch and Meserole (9)

Fitch and Vroom

Fitch Fox and Brown (11)

Fitch Slater and Randall

Fitch, Conover

Fitch, Derick H (9)

Fitch, Francis (3)

Fitch, Frederick K (12)

Fitch, George A

Fitch, H A

Fitch, Silas Hedding

Fitton, George E

Fitz Hugh, Miss B U (2)

Fitz, H G

Fitzgerald, Charles L W (2)

Fitzgerald, Edward M

Fitzgerald, Louis (2)

Fitzgerald, N W

Fitzgerald, O D

FitzGibbon, E

Fitzgibbon, H L

Fitzherbert, E

Fitzhugh, Edward Everett

Fitzmaurice (H.E.)

Fitzmaurice, C B

Fitzpatrick, Edward (9)

Fitzpatrick, W R (5)

Five Points House of Industry

Flagg, Elisha

Flammer, Charles (45)

Flanagan, John J (5)

Flanery, David (2)

Fleischer, Richard (4)

Fleischman, Julius W (2)

Fleischmann Manufacturing Co

Fleishhacker, Herbert

Fleming, Alfred W (8)

Fleming, Arthur Percy Morris

Fleming, I

Fleming, John (3)

Fleming, John Ambrose (6)

Fleming, John J

Fleming, Michael

Fleming, Mrs T

Fleming, S H

Fleming, W E

Fleming, William S

Flesh, Henry (9)

Fletcher, A F

Fletcher, Charles F (2)

Fletcher, Charles R (4)

Fletcher, Charles William

Fletcher, D A

Fletcher, Elwin

Fletcher, Theodore

Fletcher, Thomas (3)

Fleury, A L (22)

Flexner, Simon (2)

Flick, Lawrence F

Flinn, Alfred Douglas (2)

Flinn, R W

Flint & Co

Flint (George C.) Co

Flint and Walling Manufacturing Co (3)

Flint, Charles Ranlett (8)

Flint, Walter A

Flintom, A D

Flippin and Jones

Flood (John H.) & Co

Flood, Theodore L

Flores, Arturo

Florey, Alvin F (3)

Florida Phonograph Co

Florida-Huron Mountain School for Boys

Floyd, H (2)

Flury, Paul

Fodor, Etienne de (13)

Foell, Frank (2)

Fogle, Henry Clay

Folds, William Laurence

Foley, John M

Foley, John R

Foley, L B (2)

Foley, Martin J

Folger, Henry Clay, Jr

Follett, Loraine

Follett, O S (2)

Follman, M A

Follows, George Herbert (3)

Folsom, George Winthrop

Folsom, Neill Suart (2)

Fondersmith, Harry (3)

Fontaine, Hippolyte (6)

Fontana, A (4)

Foote Mineral Co (6)

Foote, Albert Edward (47)

Foote, Augusta Matthews (Mrs Albert E.)

Foote, Emerson (6)

Foote, Frederick W (16)

Foote, Leonard

Foote, Lucius Harwood (6)

Foote, Marietta

Foote, Theodore M

Forbes, Alexander

Forbes, Bertie Charles (9)

Forbes, George (2)

Forbes, J P

Forbrich, Marie B

Force (Wm A.) & Co

Force, Howard J (2)

Force, John Joseph (32)

Force, Martin N (109)

Ford (Henry) and Son Inc (2)

Ford (Henry) Hospital (2)

Ford Bacon and Davis

Ford Hawaiian Quintet

Ford Motor Co (15)

Ford, Bruce

Ford, Clara Bryant (Mrs Henry) (5)

Ford, Edsel Bryant (5)

Ford, Emma L

Ford, H L

Ford, Henry (47)

Ford, J S

Ford, William F

Fordyce, J N

Forecast (Magazine) (5)

Foreign General Telephone Supply Co Ltd

Foreign Pilsen Electric Light and Power Co Ltd (2)

Forest Hill Protective Assn (2)

Forman, Henry James (3)

Forney, John Wien

Forney, John Wien, Jr (2)

Forrest, J D (4)

Forrest, James (2)

Forstan, W M

Forsyth, Thomas A

Fort Gratiot Methodist Episcopal Church

Fort Myers (Fla). Council

Fort Myers (Fla). Mayor (2)

Fort Myers Board of Trade (2)

Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce (3)

Fort Myers Press (257)

Fort Myers Tropical News (4)

Fort Wayne Electric Co

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (4)

Fort, Leslie Runyon

Forth, C R

Fortune, John W (3)

Fortuno, Felipe (2)

Forum (Magazine)

Forwood, William B (2)

Fosdick, Harry Emerson

Foss, James O

Foster (J.A.) Co (2)

Foster and Freeman

Foster and Thomson (9)

Foster, Anna Story

Foster, Anna Story (Mrs T. Newton)

Foster, C E

Foster, C M

Foster, Charles E (3)

Foster, Clement S

Foster, E W (2)

Foster, Emory

Foster, Frederic de Puyster (3)

Foster, James

Foster, John Watson

Foster, Washington Young, Jr

Foster, William Elmore (3)

Foster, William Trufant

Fougner, Hermann

Foulkes, Charles D

Foulkes-Gaylord Co

Fournier, Georges

Fournier, Stephen

Foussat, G

Fowle, John C

Fowler and Wells Co

Fowler, Annie

Fowler, Edward

Fowler, George Bingham

Fowler, George Ryerson

Fowler, John

Fox Case Corp

Fox News (2)

Fox, Byron L

Fox, Charles James

Fox, Edward

Fox, Edwin M (87)

Fox, Fontaine

Fox, Francis

Fox, Frank H

Fox, Frederick P (3)

Fox, Henry Wilson

Fox, James W

Fox, John M

Fox, Maurice E (7)

Fox, Samuel L

Fox, William

Fox, William A (2)

Foxworthy, James Edgar

Fra (Magazine)

Fraley, Frederick

Frame-Thomson, Thomas

Frampton, Henry W

France. Commissariat General

France. Consul (Chicago)

France. Consul (N.Y. City)

France. Consul (Philadelphia) (2)

France. General Assembly

France. Government

France. Minister of Agriculture and Commerce

France. Minister of Posts and Telegraph (2)

Francis, H W

Francis, Henry M (5)

Francis, William H

Franck, Hans A

Francke, C

Francklyn, Reginald (4)

Franco-American Ferment Co

Frank (P.M.) Disinfecting Co

Frank, Karl Georg

Frank, L George (2)

Franke, Gustav (2)

Frankfurter Zeitung (2)

Franklin (Pa.). Council

Franklin and Marshall College

Franklin Institute (38)

Franklin Institute. Journal

Franklin Telegraph Co

Franklin Zinc Co

Franklin, Leo Morris (4)

Franklin, M

Franklin, Theodore

Franklin, Walter P, (Mayor)

Franklyn, H Mortimer

Franks, Joseph K (3)

Franks, Robert Augustus

Frary, A C

Fraser (Arthur C.) & Co

Fraser and Archer

Fraser and Chalmers

Fraser, Arthur

Frasse & Co

Frasse, Henry Fredric (3)

Frayer, C B (2)

Frazar & Co (36)

Frazar, Everett (115)

Frazar, Everett Welles (4)

Frazer, John (3)

Frazer, Persifor

Frazer, Thomas (2)

Frazier, Harry

Frederick, A A

Fredericks, L D

Fredrickson, C F

Freedly, E J

Freehold Electric Light Co

Freeland Loomis & Co

Freeland, C J

Freeland, Caroline J

Freeland, W T

Freeman and Webb (2)

Freeman, A DuBois

Freeman, Emmons S

Freeman, George S (3)

Freeman, H, (London)

Freeman, H, (Ohio)

Freeman, Joseph (2)

Freeman, Manning (10)

Freeman, Minnie (3)

Freeman, Ralph Lindsay

Freeman, Walter K

Freeman, Walter W

Freeman, Weldon Winans

Freemantle, George (3)

Freid Engineering Co (2)

Freid, Calvin T (53)

Freisinnig Zeitung (2)

Frelinghuysen, Frederick

Frelinghuysen, Frederick Theodore (2)

Frelinghuysen, Joseph Sherman (2)

French Aviation Mission

French Cable Co

French, Addie B

French, G B

French, George (2)

French, H M

French, Norman R (2)

French, S G (2)

French, Wilfred A

French, William W

Freund (Henry) and Bro (3)

Frick, Henry Clay

Frick, Otto

Frick, William C

Friedel, August

Friedenstein, A A

Friedensville Zinc Co

Friedlaender, Oscar O

Friend, Harry Meyer (3)

Friends Hospital

Friends School

Frierson, Taylor

Fries, Henry Elias

Fries, Jons Elias

Friese-Greene, William (3)

Friez, Julien Pierre

Frink Laboratories

Frisbee, Samuel Hanna (3)

Frishmuth, William

Frith, C A

Fritz (John) Medal Fund Corporation

Fritz, John

Frohman, Daniel (2)

Froidevaux, Arnold

Frome, W M

Froment (Frank L.) & Co (3)

Fromm, Edna

Fronheiser, James J (3)

Frost, A G (2)

Frost, A J

Frost, Arthur Cecil (9)

Frost, M H

Frost, S E

Frue Vanning Machine Co

Fry, Albert

Fry, Edward

Fry, George C

Fuchs, Julius (3)

Fujioka, Ichisuke (2)

Fuld, Felix

Fuller (R.E.) Co

Fuller (Ralph L.) & Co (2)

Fuller Electrical Co (5)

Fuller Engineering Co (5)

Fuller, A N

Fuller, George Warren

Fuller, Henry Jones

Fuller, James B (2)

Fuller, James Wheeler (2)

Fuller, Julian L

Fuller, Rachel

Fuller, S E

Fuller, Verdi E B (5)

Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills

Fulton Co

Fulton, H C

Fulton, John, Jr

Fulton, William

Funk and Wagnall's Co (2)

Funnell, T A

Funston, Hugh M (14)

Furlong, Frank P

Furman, G B

Furnas, Vincent Edwin

Furry, Samuel E

Fursch-Madi, Madame

Furth, Seymour (2)

Fyffe and Ryner (2)

Fyffe, Colin C H (3)


Gabel, H and J

Gaberel, A H

Gabler Construction Co

Gabler, Arthur C

Gabriel, Gabor R

Gade, Gerhard (3)

Gadot, Paul

Gaertner (William) & Co

Gaff, Hazel B

Gaffney, Sister Joseph Marie (Elizabeth)

Gage Publishing Co

Gage, A S

Gage, J P (2)

Gager, Charles E

Gager, Charles Stuart

Gaines, James L (2)

Gaines, William D

Gaisman, Henry Jacques

Gaither, William R

Galberry, John

Galbraith, James W

Galbraith, Robert M (5)

Galesburg Gazette

Galignani's Messenger (17)

Galisteo Co (11)

Gall, Adolph F (11)

Gallagher, Barclay

Gallagher, H J

Gallaher, E D

Gallahren, R H

Galland (A.) & Co

Gallatin, Albert Horatio

Gallaway, Robert Macy (3)

Gallegos, Manuel

Gallimore, David G

Galloway, James M

Gally, Merritt

Galt, Ruth Pope

Galton, Henry

Galveston News (5)

Galvin, M J

Galvin, Michael

Gamble, Edward A

Gamble, J W

Gamble, James (2)

Gamble, James Norris

Gamgee, John

Gammon, Frank R (2)

Ganssle, W L

Gantt, Henry L

Ganz & Co

Ganz (Robert) & Co

Gap, Ageron

Garbarino, Frank L

Garbit, Fred J (2)

Garcia Dias (Brazilian Vice Consul)

Gardella, Matthew J

Garden, Hugh R (2)

Gardiner, Ada F (2)

Gardiner, E L B

Gardner (William) & Co

Gardner, A A (2)

Gardner, C A

Gardner, Charles Sharp (3)

Gardner, David Moulton

Gardner, Hanlon A

Gardner, Marshall Blutcher

Gardner, O W

Gardner, Samuel

Gardner, William (2)

Garfielde, W C

Gargan, John (4)

Garland, Charles Launcelot (2)

Garlick, E C (3)

Garnar, G Lestor

Garner, James Franklin

Garner, Richard Lynch (6)

Garnett, A S

Garnett, Louis A

Garon, James (2)

Garrett, John Work (3)

Garrett, Robert

Garrison, Frank Lynwood

Garrison, Wendell Phillips (3)

Garrison, William Dominick

Garrison, William Lloyd, Jr (26)

Garthwaite, James H

Gartley, William H (4)

Gartsherrie Coal and Mining Co

Garvin, James E (11)

Garvin, Lucius Fayette Clark

Garwood, S S

Gary, Elbert Henry (2)

Gas Light and Coke Co

Gaskill, Charles B (4)

Gaskill, Harvey Freeman

Gasquil-James, Amedee

Gassner, Dr

Gaston and Marsh (11)

Gaston, George B

Gaston, James

Gatchell, Oscar J (2)

Gates, George S

Gates, M E

Gates, R G

Gatewood, Robert W

Gauduin, Octave

Gaumont Co (8)

Gaumont, Leon (6)

Gaunt and Hudson

Gaunt, Guy Reginald Arthur (2)

Gaunt, James (29)

Gaunt, Lancelot Evelyn

Gaunt, Thomas T (4)

Gay, H Burton

Gay, Harry S (3)

Gayley, James (2)

Gaymon, E (2)

Gayton, S R

Gazella, Edith Virginia (2)

Geary, Hobart Seymour (3)

Gebruder Lismann

Geddes, R M

Gedney, Stanley L

Gee, Basil

Geer, Charles P (4)

Geer, William Chauncey

Geers, F H G

Gehnrich (Hermann)

Geigy Co

Geisenberger, A H

Geisenheimer & Co (2)

Geissler, Louis Frederick (8)

Geltz, William T

Gendreau, Louis

General Acoustic Co (8)

General Bakelite Co (4)

General Baking Co

General Chemical Co (9)

General Committee on Underground Communication

General Crushed Stone Co

General Dynamics Corp. Electric Boat Dvision

General Electric Apprentice Training Alumni Assn

General Electric Co (141)

General Electric Outing Club (2)

General Electric Review (3)

General Film Co (14)

General Fire Extinguisher Co (3)

General Gas Light Co

General Incandescent Arc Light Co

General Telephone Agency Co Ltd

General Vehicle Co (14)

General Zinc Recovery and Lighting Co Ltd (4)

Genesee Chemical Co (3)

Geneva Silver Mining and Smelting Co

Gennert (G.) Co

Gennert, Gustav

Gennett, Clarence (3)

Gennovario, Pasque

Genth, Frederick Augustus

Gentleman's Magazine

Gentry, John W

Gentry, W D (2)

Geographical Club (2)

Geological Society of Australasia

George, Alice H (2)

George, Charles H (3)

George, John

George, Mrs G E

George, W H

Georgia Railroad Co

Gepfert, William

Gephart, John Wesley

Geran, J P

Gerbode, Albert G (6)

Gerdau, Otto (2)

Gerhard, Fred K

Gerhard, G J

German American Car Co (4)

German American Smelting and Refining Co

German Legal Aid Society

German National Bank (3)

German Red Cross

German-American Bronze Powder Manfacturing Co

Germania Bank (2)

Germania Hosiery Mills (2)

Germania Insurance Co

Germania Life Insurance Co of New York

Germany. Embassy

Germany. General Court of Justice

Germany. Patent Office (7)

Germany. Post Office

Germany. Royal Chamber Court

Gerner (Henry) and Sons (3)

Gernsback, Hugo (10)

Gerry (Allston) & Co (2)

Gerson, Edmond

Gerson, T Perceval

Gerstell, Arnold Frederick

Gersting, John S

Gerwig, George William

Gesellschaft Urania

Gesner, Mrs J

Gesswein Machine Co

Gesswein, F W (2)

Getz, Sarah

Geyer, William Ernest

Ghegan, John J (2)

Gherardi, Bancroft

Gherardi, Victor

Giara, Tullio V (2)

Gibbons, James Cardinal (2)

Gibbons, John J

Gibbs and Hill

Gibbs, George (19)

Gibbs, Louis D

Gibbs, Oliver Wolcott

Gibbs, William Edward

Giblin & Co

Giblin, F T

Gibson Iron Works Co

Gibson, David (2)

Gibson, Edward

Gibson, George W

Gibson, Howard L

Gibson, J H

Gibson, Joseph (2)

Gibson, Thomas W (2)

Gidding (J.M.) & Co

Gideons (Magazine)

Giesmann, Henry

Giffard, Pierre (3)

Giffin, Dan Spafford

Gifford and Beach

Gifford, Frank H

Gifford, John A (2)

Gigante Quicksilver Mining Co

Gil, Jose Rodriguez

Gilbert and Barker Manufacturing Co (7)

Gilbert Club

Gilbert Eliott & Co

Gilbert, A F

Gilbert, C P

Gilbert, Cass (2)

Gilbert, H N (3)

Gilbert, J H

Gilbert, Mary J

Gilbert, Russell S

Gilchrist, John Foster (2)

Gildard, Warren R

Gildea, P F (27)

Gilder, Richard Watson (5)

Gilg, Henry F (4)

Gill, J P

Gill, John Henry (4)

Gill, Mary Jane Stilwell

Gill, Owen A (3)

Gillespie, Ella

Gillespie, J D

Gillett, Clara H (Mrs Myron E.)

Gillett, J A

Gilligham, A J (2)

Gilliland & Co (5)

Gilliland Electric Co (3)

Gilliland, Ezra Torrance (172)

Gilliland, James F (10)

Gilliland, Robert (20)

Gillingham, Francinia

Gillispie, Robert Wallace

Gillmor, Reginald Everett

Gilman, Benjamin I

Gilman, Charles J

Gilman, Edward S (2)

Gilman, Willard H

Gilmer, John G

Gilmore, F F

Gilmore, Hugh

Gilmore, Thomas N

Gilmore, William Edgar (578)

Gilmour, Robert M (4)

Gilpin, Charles, Jr (2)

Giorno, John (3)

Giovine, Pietro (2)

Girard Trust Co (2)

Girard, P

Girardot, Leonce

Girdler, Charles A

Girouard, Desire

Girsdansky, Dr M

Gisborne, F N

Gittins, Robert Henry

Given, Harvey

Given, Mary Elizabeth (20)

Gladstone, James W (126)

Gladstone, William Ewart (2)

Glafcke, Herman

Glaister, Arthur Henry (3)

Glaister, J W

Glasel, Irving

Glasgow News (4)

Glasgow Pottery Co

Glass Ornamenting Co

Glass, Louis (49)

Glaze, James S

Glazebrook, Otis Allan, Jr

Gleason, John B

Gleed, J R

Glen Ridge (NJ). Fire Committee (4)

Glen Ridge S S Assn

Glen Saint Mary Nurseries


Glenn, A S

Glenn, Marian R

Glenney, Joseph

Glennon, James H

Glew, Frederick A

Glidden, John N (5)

Globe Indemnity Co (2)

Globe Stationery and Pen Co

Globe Telephone Co (2)

Gloekler, Walter C

Gloyn, John Fox (2)

Goas, Horace Z

Goddard, A L (3)

Goddard, Calvin (161)

Goddard, E G

Goddard, Morrill (2)

Godillot, Georges Alexis

Godman, S O (2)

Goebel, Henry

Goeltz (W.L.) Co

Goepel, Paul (2)

Goerz (C.P.) American Optical Co

Goess, George

Goethean Literary Society

Goetz, H

Goff, Edwards H (5)

Gold and Stock Telegraph Co (120)

Goldbaum, Jacob S

Goldberger, Ludwig Max

Golden Gate Concentrator Co

Golden Jubilee (1929)

Goldenberg, Carl T

Golding, John H

Goldman Sachs & Co

Goldsberry, Louise Dunham

Goldsborough, Winder Elwell (3)

Goldschmidt Detinning Co

Goldsmith, Belknap Chittenden

Goldstein, Ignacy (11)

Goldstein, Simon

Goldthwaite, H G

Goldwater (J.) and Bro

Goldwyn, Samuel

Golfe de Naples (Newspaper)

Gollings Bros

Gonzalez, Antonio

Good Housekeeping (Magazine)

Good Roads Machinery Co

Good Shepherd Aid Assn

Good, Clyde E (2)

Good, J A (2)

Good, M A

Goodell, John

Gooden, James

Goodhue, A E

Goodkind, Martin Henry

Goodman, E N

Goodman, Samuel

Goodno, Therese Adelaide

Goodnow, Frank Johnson

Goodrich (B.F.) Co (10)

Goodrich, Benjamin Franklin (2)

Goodrich, Caspar Frederick (3)

Goodrich, Charles Cross

Goodrich, Charles E

Goodrich, H

Goodridge, Thaddeus Welles

Goodrow, E S

Goodsell, C W

Goodstein, M

Goodwin (R.J.) and Son

Goodwin, Charles Edwin (32)

Goodwin, Henry D (2)

Goodwin, James Junius

Goodwin, Pamela Helen, (Mrs William Renwick)

Goodwin, Russell Parker

Goodwin, Samuel P

Goodyear (Nelson) Inc

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co (4)

Goodyear, George (14)

Goodyear, Hannah C (Mrs George) (3)

Goodyear, Helen J T (Mrs Miles W.)

Goodyear, Miles W (9)

Goodyear, Nelson (2)

Goodykoontz, Robert

Gookin, Frederick William

Gookin, Hetty D

Goold, Fredrick D'A (5)

Gordon and Gotch

Gordon, Alex B (2)

Gordon, Alexander

Gordon, Alphonso E

Gordon, Anna A

Gordon, G O

Gordon, J B

Gordon, J M

Gordon, James Edward Henry (4)

Gordon, John Brown

Gordon, John Campbell

Gordon, John William (2)

Gordon, Jules R

Gordon, T E

Gordon, Theodore H

Gore, James Howard

Gore, Susan T

Gorham & Co

Gorham, Jane Rose (Mrs George E.)

Gorham, W C

Gorman, William

Gormley, John

Gornwell, R I

Gorsuch (L.C.) & Co

Gorton, Frank S (15)

Goslett, Charles A (2)

Gosling, Henry J (2)

Goss, Elbridge Henry

Goss, G C (2)

Goss, Manfred L

Gostenhofer, Frederic C

Gothenberg Technical Society

Goto, Shimpei

Gotsch, J

Gottschalk, Felix (31)

Gouge, Edward H

Gough, J C

Gould (E.andR.J.)

Gould Machine Co

Gould, Edwin

Gould, George Jay

Gould, George Milbry

Gould, Jay (47)

Gould, Thomas J

Gouraud, George Edward (812)

Gouraud, Powers

Gourley, Harrison W

Gove, E (2)

Gove, Edward H

Gove, George

Gover, Henry Charles (3)

Government Clerk Publishing Co

Gower, Frederick Allen

Gower-Bell Telephone Co Ltd (4)

Gowland, Charles W

Graber, Howard Tyler

Grace & Co (Chile) (11)

Grace (W.R.) & Co (6)

Grace, Eugene Gifford

Grace, John W

Grace, Joseph Peter

Grace, Michael Paul

Grace, Sergius Paul

Gracey, R

Graef, Charles H (3)

Graefe, Edmund

Graf, Thomas (88)

Gragg, Isaac P

Graham & Co

Graham Consolidated Copper Co

Graham School for Young Ladies

Graham, Clinton

Graham, David

Graham, Elizabeth Turner (Mrs John T.) (3)

Graham, Mrs Loyal Y

Graham, S M

Graham, Samuel Jordan

Graham, William A

Graham, William Pratt

Gramme Electrical Co (5)

Gramme Magneto-Electric Machine Co

Gramme, Zenobe Theophile

Grammin, W J

Grand Trunk Herald (1862)

Grand Trunk Railway (Canada) (3)

Grandon, Philip

Granet, Pierre

Granger, Frank Butler

Granitex Co

Grant, Albert Weston

Grant, C T

Grant, C W (3)

Grant, Collier C

Grant, G P (3)

Grant, James Alexander (5)

Grant, Robert D

Grant, Seth Hastings

Grant, Virgil G

Grant, W Forseth

Grant, W H

Grant, Walter Schuyler

Graphic (London) (3)

Graphophone Syndicate Ltd

Grasselli Chemical Co (2)

Grau, Robert (9)

Graves (Frank B.) Co (2)

Graves, Frank B

Graves, Fred W (2)

Graves, R W

Graves, William A (14)

Gray (H.W.) Co

Gray (William S.) & Co

Gray and Davis Co

Gray, Adelbert W

Gray, Ainslie A

Gray, Dr C D

Gray, E N

Gray, Edward

Gray, Elisha (9)

Gray, George

Gray, John F

Gray, M C (2)

Gray, Reginald (4)

Gray, W S

Gray, William

Gray, William J (2)

Graziotti, Dante

Great American Chemical Products Co

Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co

Great Britain. Board of Trade

Great Britain. Court of Appeal (2)

Great Britain. Government (2)

Great Britain. High Court of Justice (5)

Great Britain. Parliament (3)

Great Britain. Patent Office

Great Britain. Post Office

Great Falls Tribune (2)

Great Northwestern Telegraph Co (Canada) (2)

Great Western Power Co

Greater Boston Real Estate and Ideal Homes Expositi

Greater New York Film Rental Co (3)

Greeley (E.S.) & Co (3)

Greely, Adolphus Washington (2)

Green Fuel Economizer Co

Green Hinckley and Allen (2)

Green Lake Granite Co

Green River Zircon Mining Co (4)

Green, Carl

Green, Charles A

Green, Charles N

Green, Frank A

Green, George F (3)

Green, Grant, Jr

Green, H S

Green, Horace

Green, James

Green, James L

Green, James O (16)

Green, John Pugh (2)

Green, Joseph L

Green, Joseph N

Green, Nelson L

Green, Norvin (20)

Green, Shipton (6)

Greene Motor Car Co

Greene, Burton E

Greene, David Maxson

Greene, Edgeworth

Greene, Francis Vinton

Greene, Irving F (2)

Greene, Mrs A J

Greene, O D (2)

Greene, R de C

Greene, S R

Greene, Samuel Dana, Jr (22)

Greene, Samuel E

Greene, W

Greene, Walter R

Greene, Willard C (11)

Greenfield and Klein (2)

Greenfield, Arthur D

Greenfield, Edwin Truman (2)

Greenham, Edgar H

Greenley, Thomas D (4)

Greenman, Howard

Greenough, H W

Greenpoint Flint Glass Works

Greenspan, Abraham

Greenstreet, Jason H

Greenthal, Robert (2)

Greenwood, Alexander

Greenwood, Ernest (3)

Greenwood, Monroe (2)

Greenwood, William (3)

Greer, Henry (2)

Gregory & Co

Gregory, A

Gregory, D S (2)

Gregory, F W

Gregory, H L (2)

Gregory, James Reynolds

Gregory, Julian Arthur (9)

Gregory, Margaret Robinson

Gregory, Paul

Gregory, Thomas Watt (4)

Gregory, Will S

Gregory, William H (5)

Greig, William

Greiner, Mr

Greis (Andrew) Co

Gress, George Valentine (5)

Gress, Morgan V (4)

Greul, W Herman (2)

Greusel, John Hubert

Grey, P R

Griess, George G (2)

Griest, John M

Grieves, W A

Griffin, A B (2)

Griffin, Eugene (6)

Griffin, Gilroy Wells (3)

Griffin, Henry Farrand (2)

Griffin, J P (2)

Griffin, Jos T

Griffin, Percy

Griffin, Robert Stanislaus (4)

Griffin, Stockton L (143)

Griffin, Walter K (2)

Griffing, C F

Griffith, D W (David Wark)

Griffith, Edward H

Griffiths, George W (2)

Grigg, Edward William Macleay

Grigg, F R (12)

Griggs & Co

Griggs (S.C.) & Co

Griggs and Carleton

Grill, John H

Grimes, Harry Rutter (6)

Grimshaw, Robert (10)

Grimstead, Silas D

Grimwood, Mrs M

Grinnell, Frank

Grinnell, Henry, Jr

Grissam, Clyde

Grissinger, Elwood

Griswold, Mary E

Groedel, Erno

Groene, John F

Groff, William

Gross, George P (2)

Gross, Howard H (4)

Gross, William J (4)

Grossenbacker, P

Grosvenor, Thomas H

Groth (L.A.) & Co (2)

Grothe, Otto (5)

Grouse, Hetty G

Grout Bros Automobile Co (2)

Grove, L N

Grove, Winfield Scott (2)

Groves, E

Grower, George G (3)

Grubb, Edward Burd

Grubb, Eugene Housel (6)

Gruenfeldt, Emil (4)

Gruner (Edison Employee)

Grunewald, H Rademaker

Guanajuato Development Co

Guarantee Construction Co

Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Co (4)

Guaranteed Electric Storage Battery Co

Gubelman, Theodore

Guck, H C

Guenther, John Joseph

Guenther, Rev E H

Guernsey, Sarah L I

Guerrant, G M (2)

Guffey, James McClurg (2)

Guge, Charles H

Guggenheim, William

Guide Scientifique

Guild and Lum (2)

Guilford and Waltersville Granite Co

Guimaraes, F G

Guimaraes, Henry (50)

Guipe, Royal

Guiterman, Kenneth S (2)

Gulbrandsen-Calvert, Anna

Guldman, Arthur

Gulf and Atlantic Steamship Co (3)

Gulf Refining Co

Gulick, C W

Gummar, J

Gump, Albert W (2)

Gump, Walter B

Gundaker, Charles Augustus, Jr

Gundlach Advertising Co (3)

Gundlach, E T (2)

Gundlach, Frank A (4)

Gunning, Sam O

Gunzel, Martin R

Gurd, William J (3)

Gurney Elevator Co

Gurney, L S

Gurny, James L

Gustin, George A (2)

Gutekunst, Frederick (5)

Gutmann, R S

Guy, George H (5)

Gwynne, Charles Thomas (3)

Gwynne, William F


Haarmann, F W

Haas, Charles (5)

Haas, Frida

Haase, Eva

Haase, H T

Haber, Mrs A

Habersham, William W (2)

Habirshaw Electric Cable Co (2)

Hackensack Record (7)

Hackett, Edward F

Hackett, John C

Haddad, Alexander

Hadden, William

Haddock, Frank Channing

Haddock, S J

Haddock, William F (2)

Hadjopoulos and Sperco Inc (2)

Hadley, Arthur Twining

Haeckel (Ernst) Fund for Monism

Haertl, Paul

Haffenreffer, Rudolph Frederick, Jr (2)

Hafmeyer, G A

Hafner, Joseph A

Hagan, H J

Hagar, Edward McKim

Hagedorn, E (2)

Hagelin, August

Hagen, Charles

Hager, Charles H

Hagerstown Mail (2)

Hagerty Bros & Co (2)

Hagerty, Edward E (7)

Haggerty, Daniel T

Hagopian, Alexander

Hagspihl, Paul

Hahn, John W

Haid Mueller & Co (3)

Haid, Alfred (9)

Haidin, Alexander

Haien, J H

Haigh, Henry B (2)

Haight, D H (3)

Haight, William A

Hailes, Theodore C, Jr

Hain, B Burnett

Hain, R J

Haines (R.T.) & Co

Haines, Francine E H (Mrs Richard T.)

Haines, G (2)

Haines, Henry R (3)

Haines, Isaac Snowden

Haines, John P (10)

Haines, Richard T (4)

Haines, Richard Townley (13)

Haines, William

Hake, Mr

Haldeman Grubb & Co (6)

Haldeman, Harry Marston

Haldeman, John H

Haldi, Charles

Hale and Fiske (5)

Hale and Walcott (6)

Hale, A W

Hale, Albert Cable (3)

Hale, Arthur (6)

Hale, George

Hale, George Silsbee (7)

Hale, John I

Hale, Richard Walden

Hale, Stanford

Hales, G E (2)

Halfin, Walter

Halgrim, Ronald Theodore

Hall & Co (4)

Hall (Clerk for Dyer and Wilber)

Hall and Benjamin

Hall Bros

Hall Manufacturing Co

Hall of Fame (New York University)

Hall, Albert Francis

Hall, Alexander Wilford

Hall, Arthur C

Hall, Bolton (2)

Hall, Charles A Kennerley

Hall, Charles F

Hall, Clarence A

Hall, Frank A (3)

Hall, Frank, (Author) (2)

Hall, Frank, (Pa. Dept of Mines)

Hall, Frederick A (2)

Hall, G A

Hall, George C

Hall, George T

Hall, George W (3)

Hall, Harold H

Hall, Henry (3)

Hall, Henry D (5)

Hall, J B, Jr (2)

Hall, J T

Hall, J, Jr (54)

Hall, Mignon M

Hall, Robert Sprague (2)

Hall, Thomas (2)

Hall, Tomas Proctor

Hall, W G (17)

Hall, W W (5)

Hallenbeck, Harry C (2)

Haller, Joseph William

Halley, Katharine R

Hallingsworth-Moses, Alfred (7)

Hallner, Andrew

Hallock, John Keese

Hallowell, J B

Halogen Products Co (3)

Halpen Green & Co

Halpin, Zachariah Power (227)

Hals, William Armstrong

Halsey Stuart & Co

Halsey, Frances Dean, (Mrs Albridge Smith)

Halsey, George E (3)

Halsey, Silas C

Ham, William H

Hamblet, James J (2)

Hamburg Man

Hamburg Nachrichten (2)

Hamburger, Simon (3)

Hamel, Henry B

Hamill, Chalmers Martin (3)

Hamill, Charles Humphrey

Hamill, W J Wallace (2)

Hamilton (Edward P.) & Co (4)

Hamilton (S.) & Co

Hamilton, E M

Hamilton, Edward P

Hamilton, Fletcher M

Hamilton, Francy

Hamilton, George A (4)

Hamilton, Harper

Hamilton, Hugh (6)

Hamilton, Hugh De Coursey (68)

Hamilton, J W

Hamilton, James

Hamilton, Mrs L

Hamilton, William

Hamilton, William C

Hamilton-Otto Coke Co

Hamlin, Cyrus

Hamlin, Dr A C

Hamlin, E B

Hammeken y Mexia, George

Hammer, Edwin Wesley (3)

Hammer, William Joseph (298)

Hammersley, Henry

Hammett, James

Hammon (V.O.) Publishing Co

Hammond Electric Light and Power Supply Co Ltd

Hammond, Charles Wesley

Hammond, Emily Sloane (Mrs John H.)

Hammond, George Francis

Hammond, James Bartlett

Hammond, John Hays

Hammond, John Hays, Jr (2)

Hammond, Robert (2)

Hampson (E.P.) & Co (4)

Hampson, Edward P (23)

Hampton, Benjamin B (10)

Hampton, William H

Hamson, Samuel

Hanaford, Frank A (3)

Hanak, Karl

Hancock, A G

Hancock, Herbert Ernest

Hancock, John Milton

Hancock, W P

Hand, William

Handford, Thomas John (48)

Handy, William Matthews (2)

Hanford, Charles Barnum (25)

Hanford, George Bennett, Jr

Hanington, Charles F (31)

Haniquet, George

Hanks, Henry Garber

Hanks, Stedman Shumway

Hanley, John A (218)

Hanlon, William J

Hanna (Marcus A.) Memorial Chair Assn

Hanna and Andrus Manufacturing Co (2)

Hanna, E S

Hanna, F R

Hanna, H N

Hannah, G E

Hannen, Mack

Hansel, Charles

Hansen, C H (2)

Hansen, Hans Peter (4)

Hansen, Harry

Hansen, Harry E

Hansen, P C

Hansen, Victor

Hanson, Edward S

Hanson, J H

Hanson-Bellows Co

Hapgoods Inc (3)

Haralson, W D

Harbaugh, Mary

Harbeson, Joseph R (2)

Harbor (Hospital)

Harbrock, J A H

Harburn, Arthur H

Harcourt, Howard

Hard Rubber and Cane Co (3)

Hardaker, R G

Hardcastle and Wynn (2)

Harden, E B

Hardenburg, W P (2)

Harder, Ulrich

Hardie, George D

Hardigg, Carl A

Hardin, John (9)

Hardin, John Ralph (29)

Harding, Dr W C

Harding, Earl

Harding, Edward

Harding, James Horace (2)

Harding, Warren Gamaliel

Harding, William A (3)

Hardingham, G G M (5)

Hardon, J B

Hardware Dealers Magazine

Hardwick, B

Hardy's Subterranean Scenery Co (2)

Hardy, Edme

Hardy, H (2)

Hardy, L S

Hardy, Warren

Hardy, William Abbott (90)

Harger and Blish (23)

Harger, Benton M

Hargin, John R (2)

Hargis and Eastin

Hargrave, P M

Hargreaves, Randall

Harjes, Henry Herman (4)

Harjes, John Henry (62)

Harkins, John (2)

Harkness Fire Extinguisher Co

Harksen, Alfred J

Harlan, Earle

Harlan, Edgar Rubey (2)

Harlan, O P

Harland, Thomas (4)

Harley-Davidson Motor Co (2)

Harlib, Mrs Michaels

Harmon, J W

Harmonic Telegraph Co (2)

Harms, Henry J, Jr (13)

Harmsworth, Alfred, (Lord Northcliffe)

Harn, William Fremont

Harnickel, A

Harper and Bros (6)

Harper and Son

Harper's New Monthly Magazine

Harper's Weekly (21)

Harper, Donald (3)

Harper, Olive (5)

Harrah, W F

Harrell, J J (2)

Harries, George Herbert

Harriman National Bank

Harriman Wrought Iron Co

Harriman, Alice (2)

Harriman, Orlando H

Harrington (Edwin) Son & Co

Harrington, Bernard James

Harrington, C

Harrington, Carrie Buchanan

Harrington, Chase B (2)

Harrington, George (103)

Harrington, W H (5)

Harris (James) & Co (7)

Harris and Ewing (3)

Harris and Mills (4)

Harris and Robinson (33)

Harris and Samuels (2)

Harris, A J

Harris, A R

Harris, Arthur Louis

Harris, C T (2)

Harris, Caroline Jenkins (Mrs Cicero W.) (3)

Harris, Cecil H (3)

Harris, Charles B (12)

Harris, E S (3)

Harris, Eliza L

Harris, Emerson Pitt

Harris, Frederic W

Harris, George H

Harris, Henry S (2)

Harris, J E

Harris, James (83)

Harris, Joseph S

Harris, Joseph W (153)

Harris, Lawrence

Harris, N A

Harris, Philip P

Harris, Thomas C

Harris, W C, Jr

Harris, Warren Stone (10)

Harris, William A

Harrisburg Call (2)

Harrisburg Electric Light Co (2)

Harrisburg Star Independent (5)

Harrisburg Telegraph (7)

Harrison, Cyrus J

Harrison, Frank (3)

Harrison, Frederic

Harrison, Harry P

Harrison, Henry (5)

Harrison, I A (2)

Harrison, James P

Harrison, M C

Harrison, Samuel L

Harrison, Walton

Harrison, William

Harrison, William H

Harrisse, Henry (7)

Harrold, George W

Harstook (Fred) Studios

Hart, Charles Nelson

Hart, Coleridge A (2)

Hart, Frank J

Hart, George Edwin (129)

Hart, Henry W (7)

Hart, John H

Hart, John W

Harte, Richard

Hartfield, John C

Hartford Christian Endeavor Union

Hartford Compressed Air Pump Co (2)

Hartford Courant (8)

Hartford Electric Light Co (5)

Hartford Model Co (2)

Hartford Post (10)

Hartford Times (15)

Hartley and Graham

Hartley, Bernard W (2)

Hartley, Jonathan Scott (7)

Hartmann, Eugen

Hartmann, Miner Louis (4)

Hartree, Cyril

Hartshorne, C L

Hartsuff, Albert (3)

Hartwell, George H (12)

Hartwell, Hiram M

Hartwig, Dr M (2)

Hartzell, Henry Kerr (7)

Harvard Aeronautical Society

Harvey, Daniel Carroll

Harvey, E L

Harvey, Harry E

Harvey, Miss Cecil C

Harvey, Sylvester B

Harvey, Thomas William

Harward, Hubert W (2)

Harwood, Charles McHenry

Hasbrouck, Isaac Edgar

Hasegawa, T

Haskell, J M

Haskell, Loomis P

Haskell, N C

Haskins, Charles H (7)

Haskins, David Greene (2)

Haslett, James H

Hasselbauer, H J

Hassenplug, W L

Hasson, John

Hastings, Edward Holland

Hastings, Frank Seymour (195)

Haswell, Charles H

Hatch and Foote (2)

Hatch, Charles D

Hatch, Henri (3)

Hatch, Rufus

Hatcher, E N

Hatcher, J G

Hatcher, Julian Sommerville (2)

Hately, George

Hatfield, Frank D (2)

Hathaway, Charles P

Hathaway, Charles W

Hathaway, Clarence Lockwood

Hathaway, Savory C, Jr

Hathaway, Winifred Phillips

Hatheway and Reynolds

Hatke, John J

Hatton, Charles

Hauber, M, Jr

Haughey, G F (2)

Haughey, W F

Hauschild Music Co

Hauschild, Henry John

Hauser, Alfred

Hauson, George W

Hausrath, Alfred H

Havana Electric Light Co (4)

Havemeyer, Charles W (2)

Havemeyer, John Francis

Haven, George F

Haven, John

Haward, Robert E

Hawes, Gilbert Ray (8)

Hawes, H K (2)

Hawk, William S

Hawkins, A

Hawkins, John Dawson

Hawkins, John M (14)

Hawkins, Maria A

Hawkins, William W

Hawkridge (S.)

Hawks, A McL

Hawksley, Bouchier F

Hawley, Louise A

Haworth Stone and Building Co

Hawthorne, E H

Hay, Howard Morton

Hay, James, Jr

Hay, Thomas J

Hay, William Montagu, (Lord Tweeddale) (2)

Hayden, J J (3)

Hayes and Lambert (2)

Hayes, A A (2)

Hayes, Alexander L

Hayes, Bertha W

Hayes, Charles H

Hayes, Clarence Bowser (40)

Hayes, D W

Hayes, George (2)

Hayes, Harriet Hayden

Hayes, Helen Augusta

Hayes, Howard W (127)

Hayes, James E (7)

Hayes, James Edward

Hayes, William Alphonsus (105)

Hayford, J H

Haynes (C.B.) & Co (9)

Haynes (D.O.) & Co (2)

Haynes, C B (11)

Haynes, Emory J

Haynes, N W (2)

Hays Schmettau and Dunn

Hays, George

Hays, George Price

Hays, Isaac Minis

Hays, Jacob (2)

Hays, W T

Hayward and Perry

Hayward Perry and Francklyn (3)

Hayward Perry and Ryer

Hayward, A, Jr

Hayward, F H

Hayward, William H, (Brooklyn)

Hayward, William H, (Edison Associate)

Hazard (E.C.) & Co

Hazard, E

Hazard, Rowland Robinson (5)

Hazel, John Raymond (6)

Hazell, C A S

Hazeltine, Addison H

Hazeltine, Louis Alan

Hazen, William Babcock (5)

Hazlet, Jone R

Hazleton Coffin and Casket Co (2)

Heafer, Arthur

Heafield, Spencer

Heal, William E

Heald, John Oxenbridge (3)

Heald, Pusey Bancroft

Healey & Co

Healey, Thomas M

Healey, Warren Mansfield

Health Culture

Heard, H I T

Hearle, E (3)

Hearn (James A.) & Co (2)

Hearne, William H

Hearst and McKay

Hearst's International Library Co

Hearst's Magazine

Hearst, William Randolph (3)

Heath, S (2)

Heaton, Warren

Hebard, George Whiting (7)

Hecker, E

Heckman, John Herster

Hector Observatory

Hedden (V.J.) and Sons (9)

Hedden, R M (6)

Hedderman, H G

Hedger, H P F

Hedstrom, Ebba E

Heeley, Charles H (6)

Heenan, James R (3)

Heffner, George H

Hegewisch, Adolf (16)

Heiberg, C F

Heine, C

Heineman, David Emil

Heintz, William

Heinz (H.J.) Co

Heinz, John (2)

Heinze, Frederick Augustus

Heise, William

Heiss, John E

Heitman (H.E.) Co (3)

Heitman, Harvie Earnhardt (49)

Held, William

Helena Herald (2)

Helicopter Co

Heller and Merz Co (5)

Heller, D C

Heller, Elfrieda

Heller, James E (2)

Hellesen, Wm

Helm and Knight (4)

Helm, John E (25)

Helm, Vance W

Helmholtz, Hermann von (3)

Helseth, S T

Hemenway, Mary (2)

Hemmel, George H (2)

Hemmingsen, Frederick

Hempstead, B

Hempstead, Dr W E

Hemstreet, William

Hemsworth, H R

Hendee Manufacturing Co (2)

Hendee, George M

Henderson (Peter) & Co

Henderson Bros

Henderson, Charles Hanford

Henderson, Charles W (2)

Henderson, Daniel

Henderson, Ethel R

Henderson, George (2)

Henderson, George A (2)

Henderson, George Riter

Henderson, John C (41)

Henderson, John M, (London) (5)

Henderson, John M, (San Francisco)

Henderson, Peter (2)

Henderson, T W

Henderson, Tony

Henderson, W E

Hendersonville Traction Co (2)

Hendrick, Ellwood

Hendricks (W.C.) & Co

Hendricks, C U

Hendricks, J W

Hendrickson, Charles J (2)

Hendrickson, Jos G (2)

Hendrickson, Ralph Crandell (2)

Hendrix College

Hendryx Cyanide Machinery Co

Henke, Emil (3)

Henley and Berger

Henley, Benjamin James

Henley, James M

Henley, M C

Henley, William P (5)

Hennen, William D

Hennessy, Charles E

Hennessy, John C (4)

Hennessy, P O M

Hennesy, J A

Hennig, Walter B

Henning, Fred

Henning, Walter (2)

Henrikson, C I

Henry, J Buchanan

Henry, Jacob (2)

Henry, Joseph (5)

Henry, Robert

Henry, Sam D

Hensel Bruckmann and Lorbacher

Hepworth, T C

Herb, M

Herben, Stephen Joseph (2)

Herbert, A M

Herbert, G J

Herbert, John Warne

Herbert, Samuel

Heredity Publishing Co

Hering and Fuller

Herman and Herman Inc

Herman, Gustavus (2)

Hermance, A D (2)

Hermance, Carl Herman

Hermann, Alfred

Hern, Dennis J (3)

Hern, Wallace W

Hernandez, E A

Herniker, M

Heron, E T

Heron, H W

Heroy and Marrenner (3)

Herran, Tomas

Herreshoff Manufacturing Co (3)

Herreshoff, Emilie D Lee

Herrick, Albert Bledsoe (40)

Herrick, Jacob Hobart (14)

Herrick, Myron Timothy (4)

Herring, Donald Grant

Herring, F W

Herring, O H

Herrington, George H (2)

Herrmann, Charles E

Herrmann, Florence L

Herrmann, Milton S (2)

Herron, John William

Herschel, Clemens (3)

Herschmann, Arthur (2)

Herter Bros

Herter, Emil (17)

Herts Bros (2)

Herz, Cornelius (8)

Herz, Serge

Herzberg, Sig

Herzog Art Furniture Co

Herzog, John (2)

Hess Harburger and Drucker

Hess Steel Corp

Hess, Aaron Binkley (4)

Hess, Edward B

Hess, F

Hess, Frank L

Hess, George H

Hess, L

Hess, Selmar

Hetherington, George (4)

Hetschel, Albert

Hettrick, John T

Heugerer, Louis

Heuser, Ralph V (5)

Heverly, C L

Hewett, John Ridge (3)

Hewitt, Abram Stevens (7)

Hewitt, Albert

Hewitt, Charles

Hewitt, H S

Hewitt, Peter Cooper (5)

Hewitt, Robert (6)

Hewlett, H F

Hexter, S

Hexter, S M

Hey, Jacob (2)

Heyden Chemical Works (11)

Heydorf, John

Heydt, Charles O

Heys (Thomas) and Son

Heys, Charles H

Heysinger, Isaac W

Heyzer, Elizabeth R (Mrs Charles H)

Hibbard, Charles L (2)

Hibbard, W B

Hibben, John Grier (3)

Hibbert, W (11)

Hibble, William E (34)

Hibler, Irving (7)

Hickling, John (6)

Hickman, Charles A

Hickman, David Kelsey

Hickman, George

Hickok, C C

Hicks, H E

Hicks, Louis (32)

Hicks, William Jackson

Hickson, Joseph

Hidden, William Earl (54)

Hieber (John C.) & Co

Hiett, Ralph W

Higbee, R B (4)

Higbie, M S (2)

Higdon, Charles E

Higdon, H L

Higgins, A F (2)

Higgins, A S, Jr (2)

Higgins, Celia

Higgins, Elmer E (3)

Higgins, Ethel B

Higgins, Frank H

Higgins, Frank J

Higgins, Harry Bertram

Higgins, J (2)

Higgins, Milton Prince

Higgs, Paget

Higgs, Percy Jackson

High Point Hosiery Mills Inc (2)

High, Raymond L (2)

High-Am-O-Phone Co

Higham, Daniel (13)

Hight, E D

Hild, Frederic Waldorf

Hildreth, Charles G (4)

Hiler, Jerome (2)

Hilfers, Henry F

Hill & Co

Hill (C.F.andC.E.)

Hill, Aaron (2)

Hill, E M

Hill, Edmund C (4)

Hill, F J

Hill, Frank Pierce (3)

Hill, George H (8)

Hill, George S

Hill, George William

Hill, H J

Hill, Halbert P

Hill, Harry

Hill, Harry M

Hill, Hawthorne

Hill, Isabella M (Mrs Daniel H.)

Hill, J M (25)

Hill, James H

Hill, Jeremiah Clinton

Hill, Jesse T

Hill, John Wesley

Hill, Percival Smith (3)

Hill, S Ambrose

Hill, Samuel (3)

Hill, Thomas A (3)

Hill, W B

Hill, W J R

Hiller, F (2)

Hilles, Charles Dewey

Hilliard, Henry Washington

Hillman, H W (3)

Hillquit, Morris

Hills, Joel H (4)

Hills, S R

Hiltner, John A (2)

Hilton Hughes & Co

Hilton, Dr G W

Himes, Charles Francis

Hinchman, J C (8)

Hinckley, John F

Hindley, Robert C

Hinds Ketcham & Co (4)

Hinds, Joseph E (3)

Hine (W.B.) Parker & Co

Hine, Edwin W

Hine, Lemon Galpin

Hinkle Iron Co (3)

Hinkley, Gerald Watson

Hinman, Mary A

Hinsdale, John Wetmore

Hinsdale, William Russell (4)

Hipple, James C

Hiraoka, T

Hiratzuka, Paul M

Hird, Allan M (9)

Hirrschoff, Henry Oscar

Hirsch, Alcan (3)

Hirsch, Ludwig

Hirsch, Marx

Hirsch, Samson M

Hirschfeld, Samuel

Hirshberg, Leonard Keene

Hitchcock, C C

Hitchcock, Charles Henry

Hitchcock, Clarence Horace

Hitchcock, Edward

Hitchcock, Ethan Allen

Hitchcock, Halbert Kellogg (22)

Hitchcock, James Ripley Wellman

Hitchcock, Lucius Wolcott (2)

Hitchcock, W E

Hite, Charles Othello

Hitt, Robert Roberts (2)

Hix, Samuel H

Hix, William Preston (95)

Ho, Tam

Hoadley, Frank E (2)

Hoadley, James W

Hoadley, Jos H

Hoag, S S

Hoagland, Ira Gould

Hoagland, J M (2)

Hoagland, Mahlon

Hobart, Harold Peckham

Hobart, Henry L

Hobbs, Charles M

Hobbs, J S

Hobday (G.) & Co

Hobler, Edward G

Hoboken Observer (14)

Hochster, William Rice

Hockh, Chr

Hodgdon, Daniel Russell

Hodge, George E

Hodge, James M

Hodge, Percy (2)

Hodges, George Hartshorn

Hodges, T D

Hodges, Wyllys

Hodgkins, Arthur P

Hodgkinson, William (6)

Hodgman, E C (2)

Hodgson, Thomas I (2)

Hoe, Stephen S

Hoenigsberger (A.) (4)

Hoerr, A J, Jr

Hoexter, Herman H (2)

Hoey, Miss J G

Hoey, William

Hoff, James L (2)

Hoffbauer, F (2)

Hoffer, H

Hoffman, Archibald David (251)

Hoffman, Frederick L (4)

Hoffman, H H (12)

Hoffman, James H

Hoffman, Thomas

Hoffman, W H

Hoffman, Wickham

Hoffman, William F (6)

Hoffmann, Carl R

Hofiln, W K

Hofische und Herrschaftliche Kuche

Hofmann, A J (3)

Hofmann, Josef Casimir (9)

Hofmann-Sproul Co

Hogan, Edmund T

Hoge, Moyne George

Hoge, W M (3)

Hogen, Mr

Hohenthal, Frederick

Holbein, William Edward

Holbrook, A M

Holbrook, George E (5)

Holbrook, J K

Holbrook, W R

Holcombe, Maj A M (2)

Holcombe, William F (2)

Holden Smelting Co

Holden, Delos (86)

Holden, Edward Singleton (7)

Holden, George W

Holden, Howard B

Holden, Ralph

Holding, Arthur F (2)

Holding, Mrs Frank

Holdsworth, Joseph

Holgate, Claude E

Holitscher, Arthur

Hollaman, Richard G (3)

Holland Bros (4)

Holland Manufacturing Co

Holland Society of New York (2)

Holland Torpedo Boat Co (2)

Holland, Andrew (5)

Holland, Charles E (9)

Holland, Ed (2)

Holland, Franklin Pierce

Holland, John (2)

Holland, John Philip

Holland, Maurice

Holland, Newman Henry (38)

Holland, Walter Elam (216)

Holland, William Jacob

Holland. Minister of Agriculture Commerce and Indus

Hollander (A.) and Son

Holleman, H M

Hollerbach and D'effenbach

Holley, Alexander Lyman

Holley-Nichols Co

Hollis, H H

Holloran, John

Holloway, Alfred

Holloway, George Thomas

Holloway, James

Holloway, Metta Power (Mrs Henry F.)

Holls, Frederick William

Holly Manufacturing Co (7)

Holly, Henry Hudson (25)

Holly, Sidney B

Holman, C A

Holman, Charles Leavitt

Holmberg, G (2)

Holmes and Blanchard Co

Holmes Booth and Hayden (2)

Holmes, Edwin Thomas

Holmes, Garnet B

Holmes, John

Holmes, L M

Holmes, Lemuel Le Baron

Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Holmes, Robert C P (3)

Holmes, S A (4)

Holmes, Samuel

Holmes, William Jay

Holmquist Photo Co

Holmquist, F L (3)

Holmquist, Gust

Holt (Henry) & Co

Holt Manufacturing Co (2)

Holt, Ben C

Holt, Hamilton

Holt, James A (2)

Holt, Winifred (4)

Holt-Welles Co

Holter, Edwin Olaf

Holyoke Envelope Co

Holyoke Machine Co (10)

Holzer, Alice Stilwell (3)

Holzer, Frank

Holzer, Mary Edison (14)

Holzer, William (59)

Homan, William F

Home Educational Society

Home Insurance Co (2)

Home Maker (Magazine)

Homestake Mining Co

Honeker, W A

Hong Kong China Mail (3)

Hong Kong Press (4)

Hong Kong South China Post (3)

Hong Kong Telegraph (2)

Honthumb, Caspar Alexander

Hood Engineering Co

Hood, George

Hood, H H

Hood, H J (2)

Hood, John W

Hood, O P

Hooker Electrochemical Co (4)

Hooker, Harry Chester (2)

Hooper, Charles T

Hooper, Franklin William

Hooper, George H, Jr (21)

Hooper, Harris G (2)

Hooper, William Leslie

Hoopes, Arthur

Hoopes, Thomas Temple

Hoopes, William

Hoops, Herman W

Hoops, Walter Williams

Hoorweg, J L

Hoover Harris & Co (4)

Hoover, Arthur L

Hoover, Herbert Clark

Hoover, Jos F

Hoover, Lou Henry (Mrs Herbert C.) (2)

Hoover, Robert B

Hope Fertilizer Co

Hope Machine Works (2)

Hope, G W (4)

Hope, Harry Chancelor (3)

Hopkins (Inspector)

Hopkins and Witty (2)

Hopkins, Archibald Wilson

Hopkins, G C (4)

Hopkins, George Milton (59)

Hopkins, H L

Hopkins, Hamilton

Hopkins, Isaac H (2)

Hopkins, J W (2)

Hopkins, John H

Hopkins, Luther S (2)

Hopkins, Mrs William F

Hopkins, Nevil Monroe (4)

Hopkinson, John (18)

Hopler, William K

Hopley Printing Co

Hopp, George

Hopper, Edmund K

Hopper, William

Hoppes Manufacturing Co

Hopps, Elizabeth B D

Hopstock, Y S K (2)

Horahan, H T

Horn, Abraham

Horn, George (37)

Horn, John V, (California)

Horn, John V, (New York)

Horn, Luther P (2)

Hornblower Byrne and Taylor

Hornblower, William Butler (3)

Horne, Margaret (2)

Horne, William Eugene (27)

Horner, R W A

Horney, Odus C (7)

Hornig, Julius L (18)

Hornsby, Blaine

Horsie, Perry G

Horstmann, Henry Charles

Horton and Olney (2)

Horton, George W S

Horton, Rev J B

Horton, William Kerr

Horwitz, Max

Horwitz, S Gross

Hoskin, John (10)

Hosmer, Horace R

Hosmer, Katherine Tipton (Mrs George E.)

Hospitalier, E (3)

Hotchkiss School (8)

Hotchkiss, D H

Hotchkiss, Horace Leslie (8)

Hotchkiss, Mrs E H

Hotchkiss, Thomas Woodward

Hotel Collingwood (N.Y. City)

Hotel Frontenac (New York) (2)

Hotel Normandie (N.Y. City)

Hotel Revelstoke (British Columbia)

Hough, Frank L, Jr

Hough, James Edward (3)

Houghton Farm (2)

Houghton Mifflin & Co (4)

Houghton Osgood & Co (3)

Houghton, Charles Frederick

Houghton, Charles B

Houghton, Francis W

Houghton, J H

House, George A (17)

Houskeeper, William G

Houston Post (5)

Houston Real Estate Exchange

Houston, David Franklin (2)

Houston, Edwin James (21)

Houston, George Harrison

Houston, Herbert Sherman

Houston, Nellie Shaw (2)

Hovey, E W

Howald, Ferdinand

Howard, Charles T

Howard, Chauncey

Howard, Emmett

Howard, Esme (2)

Howard, Francis W

Howard, Frank E

Howard, George A

Howard, H B

Howard, Henry, (Chemical Engineer) (3)

Howard, Henry, (Governor) (11)

Howard, Herbert Burr

Howard, M S

Howard, Percy (3)

Howard, Samuel

Howard, Thomas

Howard-Smith, Logan

Howarth Bros (4)

Howarth, Harry Arthur Stevens

Howe and Austin (6)

Howe, Alfred

Howe, Arthur Whitney (7)

Howe, E R

Howe, Frank L, Jr

Howe, Frank Perley

Howe, George W (2)

Howe, H W (6)

Howe, Haughwout

Howe, Henry Marion (3)

Howe, James H (10)

Howe, Lyman H (3)

Howe, Ralph H

Howe, W J

Howe, William B W, Jr

Howe, William R

Howe, William Read (5)

Howell, Alex J (3)

Howell, F W

Howell, Frank B

Howell, George H

Howell, Irwin W (2)

Howell, J F (6)

Howell, John White (304)

Howell, W A

Howell, Wilson Stout (65)

Howison, J F (4)

Howitz, Isabel

Howland, A H (2)

Howland, George G (3)

Howlett, Edward C

Howson, Henry

Hoxey, T Frank (2)

Hoxton, Llewellyn Griffith

Hoyt and Dickinson (2)

Hoyt, Alfred W (2)

Hoyt, George

Hoyt, Henry I

Hoyt, Henry Reese (2)

Hoyt, M L

Hoyt, Mrs Edgar

Hoyt, Sam A

Hoyt, W B

Hoyt, W E

Huang, Tien Lai

Hub Dyestuff and Chemical Co

Hubbard Bros

Hubbard, C B

Hubbard, Charles Eustis

Hubbard, Elbert Green (8)

Hubbard, Elbert, II

Hubbard, Elisha B (36)

Hubbard, Frederick A

Hubbard, Gardiner Greene (96)

Hubbard, Gertrude McCurdy (Mrs Gardiner G.)

Hubbard, Harlan Page

Hubbard, John Tomlinson (4)

Hubbard, Perry Lamb (2)

Hubbard, Thomas H

Hubbell, Charles J (6)

Hubbell, M W

Hubbert, Frank

Huber, Frederick

Hubert, Philip Gengembre, Jr (17)

Hubert, S G

Huch, Wilhelm

Hucker, Nathaniel

Huddleson, Irvin Forest

Hudson and Essex Gas Co

Hudson, Alfred W

Hudson, Elisha Evans (6)

Hudson, H H

Hudson, John Elbridge

Hudson, O R

Hudson, Virginia Tyler

Hudspeth, J W (2)

Huebner, Walter Frank

Huelsenkamp and Cranford (5)

Huelsenkamp, Clemens Julius

Huestis, F W

Huff, C W

Hufty, Samuel (3)

Hug, W H (2)

Huggins (W.B.) & Co

Hughes (William) & Co

Hughes and Kimber Ltd

Hughes Electric Heating Co (2)

Hughes, C H

Hughes, Charles Evans (3)

Hughes, Charles Mackey

Hughes, Charles Turner (202)

Hughes, David Edward (14)

Hughes, Edward Everett (5)

Hughes, Francis (2)

Hughes, George Alexander (2)

Hughes, H R

Hughes, Laura (Mrs Charles T.) (2)

Hughes, Peter J

Hughes, R M (5)

Hughes, Thomas P

Hughes, William H T

Hughes, William, (Editor) (3)

Hughes, William, (U.S. Senator) (2)

Hughey Color Music School

Hughey, Fannie E

Huidekoper, Henry Shippen

Hulbert, Archer Butler (2)

Hulbert, George A

Hulbert, George Murray (2)

Hulin, John S (2)

Hull, Benjamin B

Hull, Charles Wager (5)

Hull, John Albert Tiffin

Hull, W N

Hull, W T

Hulse, Edward Pierce

Hulse, William S (2)

Humane Live Stock Express Co (3)

Humberstone, J A (5)

Humbird, James Smith (2)

Humboldt Insurance Co

Humboldt Lodge No 476 (Freemasons)

Hume, Leland

Hume-Gibbons, Robert

Humma, John R

Hummel, Abraham Henry

Hummel, Fred

Hummel, J F

Hummer, Dr (2)

Humphrey, Harry E (2)

Humphrey, Richard Lewis (4)

Humphries, F R

Hungerford, H

Hunmel, Mrs F, Jr

Hunnewell, Fred A

Hunsberger, Neville

Hunt (Robert W.) & Co

Hunt, Andrew Murray (9)

Hunt, Carleton

Hunt, Charles Wallace

Hunt, E N

Hunt, George S

Hunt, Guy H

Hunt, John Leander Starr

Hunt, John W

Hunt, Richard M

Hunter (E.H.) & Co

Hunter, A L

Hunter, Alexander

Hunter, Blanche H

Hunter, Charles Francis (45)

Hunter, Harry F

Hunter, Joseph Wray

Hunter, Lillian

Hunter, Morris M

Hunter, Rudolph Melville

Hunter, William Wilson

Hunter, William, (U.S. State Dept)

Hunter, William, (Western Union) (4)

Hunterman, Albert C

Hunting, Russell

Huntington, F M

Huntley, C S

Huntley, Charles R

Huntley, Will

Hurd, Charles S

Hurd, W B (2)

Hurd, W W

Hurdle, Julian A

Hurlburt, Watson (2)

Hurlbut (W.W.) & Co

Hurlbut, Harold (2)

Hurlbut, Stanley

Hurley, Edward Nash (8)

Hurley, Thomas J

Hurst, H D

Hurt, Huber William

Husbands, Jose D (78)

Hussey, Joseph W (5)

Hussey, Marcus L M (11)

Hussey, Oren S (2)

Hussey, W S

Huston, R M

Hutcheson, Irmgart (Mrs Ernest)

Hutchins, A B

Hutchins, Stilson (2)

Hutchinson, Jennie Torriani (Mrs Joseph)

Hutchinson, John B

Hutchinson, Joseph (94)

Hutchinson, Myron R

Hutchinson, N C

Hutchinson, Rodolphe

Hutchinson, William Benjamin

Hutchinson, Winfield Scott (4)

Hutchison (Miller Reese) Inc (4)

Hutchison Acoustic Co (2)

Hutchison, James H

Hutchison, Miller Reese (1031)

Hutton, Frederick Remsen (2)

Hutton, L W

Hyams, Nat

Hyatt, John Wesley (3)

Hyatt, Ralph E (2)

Hybinette, V

Hyde, Alfred D (4)

Hyde, William

Hydro-Electric Power Co (2)

Hyer, Anna B (3)

Hygienic Chemical Company of NJ

Hyman, Julius

Hyman, Mark

Hyman, Samuel F

Hynes, Dibrell P


Ibbs, Herbert Edward

Ide, J B

Ideal Cash Register Co

Ignac, Balla

Ihlseng, M H (2)

Ihrie, George Peter (2)

Iles, George (8)

Iles, Malvern Wells

Illinios Steel Co

Illinois Central Railroad (6)

Illuminating Engineering Society (8)

Illuminating Engineering Society (London)

Illustrated Carpenter and Builder

Illustrated London News (5)

Illustrated Scientific News (35)

Ilsen, Isa Maud (3)

Imboden, F M

Imbrie, Andrew C (7)

Imgrund, Henry (2)

Imlay, Charles G

Independent (8)

Independent Chemical Co (2)

Independent Fusion Candidates Executive Committee

Index Visible

India Rubber Comb Co (2)

Indianapolis Journal (8)

Indianapolis News (12)

Indianapolis Sentinel (5)

Indianapolis Star (5)

Indianapolis Sun (2)

Indicator (4)

Industrial Improvement Assn (Japan)

Industrial Management (4)

Industrial News (11)

Industrial Underwriters Inc

Industrial Workers of the World

Industrial World

Industries (Magazine) (2)

Ingalls, Harriet E

Ingalls, Walter Renton

Ingenieur Universal

Ingersoll (Robert H.) and Bro (4)

Ingersoll, Charles H (7)

Ingersoll, Robert Green

Ingersoll, William Halsey (2)

Ingersoll-Rand Co

Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Co (13)

Inglis, Beathia

Ingliss, David

Ingram, Marie Letitia

Inland Steel Co (2)

Inman, Edward R

Inman, Ethel

Inn (Youngstown)

Innes, Robert S

Inslee, Charles L

Inspiration Copper Co (2)

Institute of Industrial Research

Institute of Scientific Research

Institution of Civil Engineers (4)

Insull, Joseph (2)

Insull, Louisa S

Insull, Martin J

Insull, Samuel (3983)

Insull, Samuel, Sr (4)

International Acheson Graphite Co (2)

International Association of Machinists

International Association of Rotary Clubs

International Banking Corp

International Bureau of Science and Invention

International Chamber of Commerce (2)

International Committee Young Mens Christian Assns (3)

International Correspondence Schools

International Edison Battery Company of New Jersey

International Edison Co

International Edison Phonograph Dealers Assn (2)

International Electrical Congress (1904)

International Electromotive Co (3)

International Engineering Congress (Glasgow 1901)

International Film Service

International Filtration Corp

International Graphophone Co (24)

International Metal Polishers Buffers and Platers U

International Music Publishing Co

International Naturalists Directory

International News Co (5)

International Newspaper Agency

International Nickel Co (3)

International Railway Telegraph and Telephone Co (4)

International Railway Telegraph Co (5)

International Reform Bureau Inc