Letter from Madeleine Edison to Thomas Alva Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, February 13th, 1931

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Edison, Madeleine
Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.)
Edison, Thomas Alva
Others Mentioned
Edison, Theodore Miller
Eastman, George
Miller, Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis)
Edison, Thomas Alva, Jr
Miller, John Vincent
Walker, Lily
Edison, Charles
Bogue, Lucy Durfee
Edison, Beatrice Heyzer (Mrs Thomas A. Jr)
Sloane, John Eyre
Edison, Carolyn Hawkins (Mrs Charles)
Edison, Ann Osterhout (Mrs Theodore M.)
Miller, Florence Nichols (Mrs John V.)
Given, Mary Elizabeth
Jenkins, Harriet Mullett, (Mrs Farnham Yardley)
Jenkins, Annie Gray (Mrs Alfred B.)
Chalmers, Thomas Hardie
Brown, Harriet Irene
Eyre, Gladys Mary
Eyre, Edward
Sloane, Thomas Edison
Sloane, John Edison
Sloane, Peter Edison
Merck, Friedrike Schenck (Mrs George)
Sloane, Michael Edison
Sloane, Alice Eyre (Mrs T. O'Conor)
Sloane, Thomas O'Conor
Sloane, Charles O'Conor
Von Hofe, Frederick H
Yardley, Farnham
Anderson, Alice Mary (Allamaidy)
Walton, Edith S
Ambrose, Elmina
Edison Pioneers
Bredt, Edward Arthur
Bredt, Jessie Heath (Mrs E. Arthur)
Harbor (Hospital)


TAE opinions and prejudices
TAE personality and character
Edison-Miller family
Religion and spirituality
Newspapers, books, other publications
Health and medicine


1931-02-13 (1931)

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Thomas Edison National Historical Park


Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University