Diary, Thomas Alva Edison, January 30th, 1912

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Edison, Thomas Alva
Others Mentioned
Greene, Willard C
Higham, Daniel
Lehmann, Eric Walter George
Lloyd, Robert McAllister
Weber, Peter
Wilson, Carl Hillis
Petit, Ademor Napoleon
Aiken, Edward L
Bachman, Robert Abraham
Whitten, Frank A
Bliss, Donald M
Monnot, John Ferreol
Wagner Electric Manufacturing Co
Meadowcroft, William Henry
Norton, Charles Winfred
Burdick, H
Dinwiddie, William Walter
Maxwell, William
Moore, Sherwood Troop (Sam)
Bergmann, Sigmund
Poyer, Charles Edison
Beach, Ralph Hamilton
Crocker-Wheeler Co
Wurth, Albert Frank
General Vehicle Co
New York Globe
Baker Motor Vehicle Co
Spalding, Albert
Allis-Chalmers Co
Baldwin Locomotive Works
Edison Phonograph Works
Whitehall Tatum & Co
Adams Express Co
Anderson Electric Car Co
Walker Vehicle Co
Stone and Webster
Dally, Charles Thompson
Anderson, John R, Jr
Pierman, Alexander N
Aylsworth, Jonas Walter
Miller, Walter Henry
Ott, Frederick Paul
Dyer, Frank Lewis
General Electric Co
Byllesby (H.M.) & Co


Salaries, wages, and commissions
Automobiles and trucks
Chemicals, chemical products, and chemical processes
Electric battery
Disc recordings
Home and professional kinetoscope
Recording artists
Disc phonograph


1912-01-30 (1912)

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Thomas Edison National Historical Park


Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University