Diary, Thomas Alva Edison, June 4th, 1912

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Edison, Thomas Alva
Others Mentioned
Thompson, Harrison Gilman
Monnot, John Ferreol
Bachman, Frederick
Goldstein, Ignacy
Bliss, Donald M
Higham, Daniel
Sturtevant, L H
Plimpton, Horace G
Ott, Ludwig Fredrick
Kennedy, Absalom Mason
Harlan, Byron George
Meadowcroft, William Henry
Grimes, Harry Rutter
Harper, John Dixon
Monel Metal Manufacturing Co
Hendee Manufacturing Co
Cronkhite, William H A
Dinwiddie, William Walter
Moore, Sherwood Troop (Sam)
Philpot, Brian F
Weber, Peter
Wilson, Carl Hillis
Ott, Frederick Paul
Mendelssohn, Felix
Miller, John Vincent
Lauer, Henri
General Film Co
Martinelli, Giovanni
Columbia Phonograph Co
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co
Rachmaninoff, Sergei Vasilyevich
Miller, Walter Henry
McChesney, Leonard C
Greenley, Thomas D
Aiken, Edward L
Collins, Arthur
Stevens, Walter
Cromelin, Paul Henderson
Herter, Emil
Wurth, Albert Frank
Anderson, John R, Jr
Pierman, Alexander N


Motion pictures
Disc phonograph
Recording artists
Disc recordings
Automobiles and trucks
Ships, yachts, and other vessels
Electric battery
Travel (TAE and family)
Chemicals, chemical products, and chemical processes


1912-06-04 (1912)

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Thomas Edison National Historical Park


Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University