Diary, Thomas Alva Edison, February 1915

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Edison, Thomas Alva
Others Mentioned
Hayes, Clarence Bowser
Hoffman, Archibald David
Nicolai, Charles A
Constable, John Pierrepont
Fox, Maurice E
Monnot, John Ferreol
Hallingsworth-Moses, Alfred
Mambert, Stephen Babcock
Christensen, Peter Christian
Murray, Thomas Edward
Moore, Sherwood Troop (Sam)
Dinwiddie, William Walter
Merrimac Chemical Co
Edison Benzol Plant (Sydney N.S.)
Baker (J.T.) Chemical Co
Merz, August
Mullaly, Arthur Lawrence
Edison Benzol Plant (Johnstown Pa.)
Edison Benzol Plant (Woodward Ala.)
Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
Mitsui & Co Ltd
Scott, Seaton McKenzie
Hudson, Elisha Evans
Mason, William Horatio
Monsanto Chemical Works
Riley, John J
New England Gas and Coke Co
Caum, S L
National Aniline and Chemical Co
American Can Co
Edison Portland Cement Co
Cambria Steel Co
New York Times
King, Victor Louis
Heyden Chemical Works
Verlet, Alice
Wilson, Carl Hillis
Leeming, Harry Toyne
Greenley, Thomas D
McChesney, Leonard C
Miller, Walter Henry
Mallory, Walter Seeley
Lozier, Robert Ten Eyck
Miller, John Vincent
American Druggists Syndicate


Race, religion, ethnicity
Newspapers, books, other publications
Salaries, wages, and commissions
Financial operations (companies and organizations)
Chemicals, chemical products, and chemical processes
Management (companies and organizations)
Automobiles and trucks
Kinetophone and other talking pictures
Dictating machines
Recording artists


1915-02-00 (1915)

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Thomas Edison National Historical Park


Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University