Name Mentioned


10 Fifth Avenue Property (26)


A B C Co

A Y and Minnie Mines

Aaron, C H

Abbe Engineering Co (2)

Abbot, Charles Greeley

Abbot, Henry Larcom

Abbott, Henry Hurlbut (2)

Abbott, John N (3)

Abbott, Lyman (7)

Abdul Hamid II (Turkey) (8)

Abel (Inventor) (2)

Abell, Joseph R (2)

Abendroth and Root Manufacturing Co (9)

Abercombie and Fitch

Aberfoile Co

Aboilard, Mr

Aborn, Milton

Aborn, Sargent

Abraham and Straus (2)

Abram, George Joseph (3)

Abrams, Albert (2)

Abrams, G J

Abril, Francisco (2)

Academie des Sciences (8)

Acetylene Journal Publishing Co

Achard (Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe)

Achard, Arthur (2)

Acheson Graphite Co (3)

Acheson, Edward Goodrich (34)

Achorn, Clinton E (2)

Acker Merrall and Condit (2)

Acker, A J (2)

Ackerman, A

Ackerman, Abraham (3)

Ackermann, Adolf

Ackte, Aino (6)

Acme Cement Corp

Acme Coal Co (3)

Actors Fund of America (11)

Adams Express Co (84)

Adams, A E

Adams, A Wellington (2)

Adams, Aquila (2)

Adams, Campbell W (7)

Adams, Charles Kendall

Adams, Charles P

Adams, Comfort Avery (2)

Adams, E R (3)

Adams, Edward Dean (41)

Adams, Ellen (Mrs James) (12)

Adams, Frederic (3)

Adams, George H (2)

Adams, H V

Adams, Henry Herschel

Adams, Isaac, Jr (11)

Adams, James (112)

Adams, Joseph H (3)

Adams, Lyell Thompson

Adams, Margaret (6)

Adams, Maude (5)

Adams, Milton F (37)

Adams, Queenie (9)

Adams, Robert B

Adams, Samuel

Adams, Thomas D

Addams, Jane (10)

Addicks, Lawrence (20)

Addison, Thomas (3)

Adee, Alvey Augustus

Adelskold, Claes (8)

Adrian Telegram

Advertising Mens Club (Newark) (2)

Aeolian Co (30)

Aero Club of America (8)

Aeronautical Society (New York) (9)

Aeronautical Society of America

Aetna Explosives Co (10)

African Methodist Episcopal Church

Agar Cross & Co (7)

Agassiz Assn (2)

Agassiz, Alexander (3)

Agfa Co (2)

Agnew, Cornelius Rae

Agostinelli, Adelina (6)

Ahles, Robert Lawrence

Aiken, Edward L (95)

Aiken, Fred C (10)

Ainsworth, George (40)

Ainsworth, George Jennings

Air Nitrates Corp

Aitken & Co (2)

Aitkin Sons & Co

Akarman, John Nelson

Akiyama, Saneyuki (2)

Akkumulatoren Fabrik Aktiengesellschaft (2)

Akron Beacon and Republican

Akron Beacon Journal (10)

Akron High School (4)

Akron Iron Co (9)

Akron Twine and Cordage Co

Aladdin Co (2)

Albanese, G Sacco (3)

Albany Knickerbocker Press (2)

Albany Post

Albany Telegram

Albee, Edward Frankin (2)

Albert, Jacques (3)

Albertine (Nursemaid) (5)

Albrecht, F J (2)

Albright, Andrew

Alcalde, Jorge A (4)

Aldrich, Nelson Wilmarth (2)

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey

Alec-Tweedie, Ethel Harley

Alexander Cohn and Sondheim

Alexander III (Russia) (22)

Alexander, Archibald S

Alexander, Charles (5)

Alexander, Clara (3)

Alexander, Cynthia Mandeville (2)

Alexander, Cyrus

Alexander, Emerson C

Alexander, Helen Updike (Mrs Hugh M.) (2)

Alexander, Henry

Alexander, Hugh (2)

Alexander, Hugh Milton (20)

Alexander, J M

Alexander, Jerome

Alexander, Joseph Shea

Alexander, Julius Myron (5)

Alexander, Katherine Harter (Mrs Henry M.) (3)

Alexander, Lewis Miller (6)

Alexander, Lucy Ann, (Mrs John E. Hunter) (46)

Alexander, Mary Valinda, (Mrs Charles E. Fritcher) (3)

Alexander, W T (4)

Alexander, William

Alexander, William Prindle

Alford, Leon Pratt (3)

Alfred (Duke of Edinburgh) (3)

Alger, Russell Alexander (10)

Allaire, William M

Allderdice, Winslow (3)

Allen, Francis Richmond

Allen, Frank W (3)

Allen, Frederick Innes (14)

Allen, Frederick Madison

Allen, J M (2)

Allen, James J

Allen, James Lane (2)

Allen, John J (5)

Allen, Lois Kidder (Mrs E. Yorke) (9)

Allen, Nancy (2)

Allen, Ralph Henry (42)

Allen, Thomas

Allen, William

Allen, William H, (Ohio)

Allen, William Harvey (5)

Allentown Iron Co

Allerton, Joseph

Allgemeine Elektricitats Gesellschaft (42)

Alliance Magneto-Electric Machine Co

Allied Bazaar (12)

Allien, Edgar S (27)

Allin, Samuel (3)

Alling, Robert B (7)

Allis (Edward P.) Co (5)

Allis-Chalmers Co (75)

Allison, Fred (14)

Allison, Harvey (11)

Allison, J Wesley (3)

Alma Portland Cement Co

Almeda (Cook) (4)

Almquist, Amandis William (Billy) (25)

Along Broadway (Publication) (7)

Alpha Portland Cement Co (52)

Alphonso XIII (Spain)

Alsen's American Portland Cement Works (12)

Alsing (J.R.) Engineering Co

Altengarten, Henry Augustus (103)

Altschul and Gold (4)

Altschul, Hugo (4)

Aluminum Company of America (3)

Alva Club (7)

Ambrose, Charles Arthur (10)

Ambrose, Charlotte, (Mrs Charles C. Hardwick) (2)

Ambrose, Edna (4)

Ambrose, Elmina (35)

Ambrose, Harrison William (6)

Ambrose, Rebecca (24)

American Academy of Arts and Sciences (11)

American Agricultural Chemical Co

American Association for Advancement of Science (34)

American Automatic Telegraph Co (11)

American Bank Note Co (2)

American Bankers Assn (2)

American Bell Telephone Co (147)

American Can Co (6)

American Catalyst Co (2)

American Cellulose and Chemical Manufacturing Co

American Cement Co (27)

American Chemical Society (22)

American Chemist (2)

American Civic Alliance

American Commercial Securities Corp

American Concrete Institute (11)

American Concrete Steel Co (2)

American Conduit Co

American Copyright League (2)

American Cyanamid Co (2)

American Defense Society (4)

American District Telegraph Co (29)

American Druggists Syndicate (2)

American Electric and Illuminating Co (2)

American Electric Co (3)

American Electric Manufacturing Co

American Electric Railroad Assn (3)

American Electrical Society (7)

American Electro-Therapeutical Assn (3)

American Electrochemical Society (11)

American European Patent Offices Inc (2)

American Ever Ready Co (2)

American Express Co (25)

American Federation of Labor

American Film Co

American Film Exchange (3)

American Gas Furnace Co

American Gas Light Journal (10)

American Geographical Society

American Graphophone Co (262)

American Grenade Loading Co

American Hard Rubber Co (3)

American Humane Education Society

American Indurated Fibre Co

American Industrial Commission (France) (2)

American Institute (11)

American Institute of Banking. NY Chapter (2)

American Institute of Electrical Engineers (76)

American Institute of Mining Engineers (45)

American Institute of Technology (2)

American Institute. Electrical Section (3)

American Journal of Science and Arts (19)

American Junior Naval and Marine Scout Inc

American Labor World

American Library Association (2)

American Lithia and Chemical Co (2)

American Machinist (17)

American Magazine (18)

American Medical Assn

American Metal Co Ltd (5)

American Metal Hose Co (2)

American Metric Assn

American Motion Picture Directory Co

American Museum of Natural History (9)

American Museum of Safety (6)

American Musical Copyright League

American News Co

American Nickel Works (4)

American Novelty Co (14)

American Oil and Supply Co (93)

American Parlor Kinetoscope Co (3)

American Philosophical Society (5)

American Phonic Co (3)

American Printing Co (5)

American Printing Telegraph Co (4)

American Protective Tariff League

American Radiator Co (5)

American Radio Relay League (3)

American Railway Express Co (4)

American Review of Anthropology

American School of Correspondence (2)

American Shear Co (2)

American Smelting and Refining Co (5)

American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Anima

American Society for Testing Materials (2)

American Society of Civil Engineers (10)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (45)

American Speaking Telephone Co (10)

American Steel and Wire Co (7)

American Surety Co (21)

American Swedes Iron Co (2)

American Talking Picture Co (22)

American Tar Products Co (9)

American Telegraph Co (4)

American Telegraph Works (6)

American Telephone and Telegraph Co (13)

American Tobacco Co (11)

American Trading Co

American Transformer Co (3)

American Union Telegraph Co (3)

American University

American University Experiment Station (6)

American University of Beirut

American Watchman's Time Detector (2)

Ames, Joseph Sweetman

Amet, Edward Hill (8)

Amherst College (2)

Amiraux, P

Ampere, Andre Marie (6)

Amsinck (G.) & Co (2)

Anaconda Copper Co (8)

Andem, James Lambert (34)

Anders, George Lee (11)

Anderson (Inspector)

Anderson Electric Car Co (81)

Anderson, Abraham Archibald (2)

Anderson, Alice Mary (Allamaidy) (32)

Anderson, Arthur Marvin (33)

Anderson, B P (Buck) (3)

Anderson, Frank

Anderson, George Lucius

Anderson, George Shaw (5)

Anderson, George W

Anderson, Gilbert Maxwell

Anderson, Gustave and Gerda (5)

Anderson, James (14)

Anderson, John R, Jr (29)

Anderson, Mary

Anderson, Orvis T

Anderson, William A (2)

Anderson, William C (29)

Anderson, William Franklin (7)

Anderson, William Gilbert

Andover Iron Co (8)

Andre, Charles (3)

Andress, Fred R (2)

Andress, T H (2)

Andrew, James Dhu (6)

Andrews, Charles McLean

Andrews, Elisha Whittelsey (22)

Andrews, George S (5)

Andrews, Patrick

Andrews, Tom

Andrews, William C (2)

Andrews, William Symes (256)

Andrus, Milo P (3)

Anglo-American Brush Electric Light Corp (6)

Anglo-Indian Telephone Co Ltd (4)

Anglo-Pacific Electric Light Telephone and Power Co (4)

Anglo-Portuguese Telephone Co Ltd

Anna (Glenmont Servant) (21)

Annan, John (30)

Anners, Paul

Anniston Knitting Mills Co (2)

Ansell, Joseph

Anselmi, Giuseppe (18)

Anson, Thomas Francis (8)

Ansonia Brass and Copper Co (74)

Ansonia Clock Co (10)

Anthony (E.andH.T.) & Co (2)

Anthony and Scovill Co

Anthony, Charles

Anthony, F A

Anthony, Susan B

Anthony, William Arnold (14)

Anti-Cigarette League of America (2)

Anti-Saloon League of America

Anti-Saloon League of New Jersey


Apfel, Oscar C

App, Claire (5)

Applebaugh, William K (11)

Applegate, J B, Jr

Applegate, Joseph William

Appleton (D.) & Co (6)

Appleton's Cyclopedia (8)

Aquabar Waterproofing Co

Arango, Aurelio (5)

Arbogast, Ralph (46)

Archenhold, Friedrich Simon (2)

Archer, Walter Nadler (49)

Archibald, Edmund Douglas (7)

Architectural Concrete Co (2)

Architectural League of New York

Arcos (D.) & Co

Arendell, Falconer B

Argentine Edison Electric Light Co (6)

Argentine Naval Commission (8)

Arion Singing Society (5)

Armat Motion Picture Co (28)

Armat, Thomas (40)

Armeda, Nicholas (3)

Armengaud, Jacques Eugene (5)

Armington and Sims (258)

Armington, Pardon (20)

Armitage (Edison Employee)

Armitage, Clyde Foster

Armstrong Knauer & Co (3)

Armstrong, Alexander (2)

Armstrong, Edward C (2)

Armstrong, Edwin Howard

Armstrong, Robert Fulton

Armstrong, Thomas H (12)

Armstrong, William George (3)

Army and Navy Journal (14)

Arnavat, Federico

Arnn, Edward Thomas, III (3)

Arnn, Edward Thomas, Jr (3)

Arnn, Florence Mina

Arnn, Nancy Kim

Arnold Constable & Co (7)

Arnold Hoffman & Co

Arnold Iron Ore (2)

Arnold, Bion Joseph (3)

Arnold, Charles E

Arnold, G B

Arnold, Hicks

Arnold, Horace L

Arnold, John W S (5)

Arnold, Matthew (2)

Arnold, Reginald H

Arnold, Richard (3)

Arnold, Theodore W (4)

Arnot, Robert

Arnoux and Hochhausen (4)

Arral, Blanche

Arrhenius, Svante August (3)

Arrol-Johnston Ltd (11)

Arrowsmith, William

Arthur (Duke of Connaught and Strathearn) (4)

Arthur and Bonnell

Arthur, Thomas S, Jr (6)

Asbestos and Asbestic Corp Ltd (2)

Aschoff (Attorney)

Asencio, Thomas (2)

Ash, James R (4)

Ashe, Sydney Whitmore (5)

Ashford (Glenmont Service Staff) (2)

Ashley, George (11)

Ashley, J R (2)

Ashley, James Nye (13)

Ashurst Morris Crisp & Co (8)

Aspinwall, John (3)

Asquith, Herbert Henry (3)

Asquith, Margot

Associated Advertising Clubs (3)

Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd (2)

Associated Press (29)

Association Island Corporation (5)

Association of American Portland Cement Manufacture (12)

Association of Edison Illuminating Companies (89)

Association of Licensed Cement Manufacturers (2)

Association of National Advertising Managers

Association of Railway Telegraph Superintendents (12)

Aston, Theodore (2)

Astor, John Jacob (7)

Astor, William Waldorf (2)

Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Co (10)

Athearn, William Edward

Atkins, Joe F (3)

Atkins, William H (13)

Atkinson, George (26)

Atkinson, George H

Atkinson, Llewellyn Birchall (3)

Atkinson, O'Brien J (3)

Atlanta Constitution (6)

Atlanta Georgian

Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Co (225)

Atlantic City and Shore Railroad Co (2)

Atlantic City Press

Atlantic City Review

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad (9)

Atlantic Monthly (4)

Atlantic Motor Car Co

Atlantic Vehicle Co (5)

Atlas Engine Works (2)

Atlas Portland Cement Co (91)

Atterbury, Grosvenor

Atwood, George F (6)

Auchincloss, Henry Buck (31)

Auchincloss, John (2)

Auckland News

Aud (Inventor) (3)

Audubon, John James

Auerbach, Joseph S (12)

Aulanier, Robert

Aultman (C.) & Co (17)

Aultman Miller & Co (52)

Aultman, Cornelius (4)

Austin, Oscar Phelps

Austin, Sherlock

Australasian Electric Light Power and Storage Co (31)

Auto Transit Co (6)

Automatic Fire Extinguisher Company of New York (3)

Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co (83)

Automatic Telegraph Co (85)

Automatic Transportation Co

Automaton Piano Co (6)

Automobile Club of America (2)

Automobile Club of France

Automobile Journal

Automobile Topics

Avery, A G, (Edison Employee) (2)

Avery, David (2)

Avis, S W

Axman, Clarence

Axson, Edward William

Axworthy (Edison Family Chauffeur) (4)

Aydelott, George Carl

Ayers, Howard (2)

Ayers, John K

Aylsworth, Adelaide M (Mrs Jonas W.)

Aylsworth, Jonas Walter (334)

Aylsworth, Sanger W (2)

Ayres and Lufberg

Ayres, Brown (3)

Ayres, W S

Ayrton, William Edward (3)


Babbitt, Edwin Burr (2)

Babbitt, Isaac (4)

Babcock and Wilcox (105)

Babcock Electric Carriage Co (3)

Babcock, F A

Babcox, Edward (3)

Babson Bros (27)

Babson, Frederick K (44)

Babson, George L (3)

Babson, Gustavus (6)

Babson, Roger Ward (10)

Bacarisse, Carlos

Bacheller, Irving (5)

Bachman, Frederick (90)

Bachman, Robert Abraham (284)

Bachrach Studios (2)

Bacigalupi (Peter) and Sons (2)

Bacigalupi, Peter (19)

Bacigalupi, Robert (3)

Backus Water Motor Co

Backus, Alexander (4)

Bacon and Milans (2)

Bacon, John, Jr (35)

Bacon, Levi Seward

Bacon, Selden (2)

Baden-Powell, Olave St Clair

Baden-Powell, Robert

Badger (E.B.) and Sons Co (61)

Badger, Franklin Hodgkins (7)

Badger, George E (11)

Badger, Sheridan Stanwood

Badische Co (3)

Baekeland, Leo Hendrick (50)

Baer, Dr

Baer, George Frederick (5)

Baermann, Abraham E

Baetz, William (5)

Bagby, Albert Morris (4)

Bailey (J.W.) and Son

Bailey (S.R.) & Co (24)

Bailey, Charles E (22)

Bailey, Edward G (2)

Bailey, Edwin Warren M (12)

Bailey, H C

Bailey, John Eliot (2)

Bailey, Joshua Franklin (376)

Bailey, S C H (2)

Bailey, Samuel Robinson

Bailey, W O

Bailey, William Shindel (3)

Baille, Jean Baptiste Alexandre (2)

Bain, Alexander (16)

Bain, D Frank

Bain, George Grantham (3)

Bainbridge, William Seaman

Baines, F E (2)

Baird, Chester R (21)

Baird, David, Jr

Baird, George Washington

Baird, Spencer Fullerton (6)

Baird, Viola Brainerd

Baird, William Raimond

Baker (J.T.) Chemical Co (4)

Baker and Adamson Chemical Co (8)

Baker Electric Co (5)

Baker Motor Vehicle Co (42)

Baker, Bryant (4)

Baker, Charles Whiting

Baker, Daniel (3)

Baker, David Hamilton (2)

Baker, Day (3)

Baker, Edwin Myron (2)

Baker, John Townsend (2)

Baker, Newton Diehl (50)

Baker, Richard

Baker, T L (2)

Baker, W T

Baker, William Henry (5)

Bakewell, F C (3)

Balbach (Edward) and Son

Balbin, Julian (2)

Balcom, Charles G

Balcom, Edith Katherine (Mrs Stephen H. Jr) (2)

Balcom, George Alva

Balcom, Mariett

Balcom, Mercy Jane (2)

Balcom, Nancy Elizabeth

Balcom, Stephen Hume, Jr (2)

Balcom, Stephen Hume, Sr (3)

Balcom, Winslow Winston

Baldridge, Mr

Baldwin Bros & Co (10)

Baldwin Locomotive Works (18)

Baldwin, A J (2)

Baldwin, Augustus Martin (2)

Baldwin, C M

Baldwin, Charles R

Baldwin, Frank Wilfred

Baldwin, Gilbert Henry (44)

Baldwin, J H (2)

Baldwin, Samuel W (3)

Baldwin, Thomas Scott (2)

Balfour, Arthur

Balk, Hieronymus Waldemar (3)

Ball Aultman and Co

Ball Bros

Ball Engine Co

Ball, Clinton M (3)

Ball, R E

Ballantine, James B (97)

Ballard, George Wilton (6)

Ballentine, Caroline Farrand (2)

Ballou, George F (37)

Balmer, George F (4)

Baltimore American

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co (44)

Baltimore and Ohio Telegraph Co (45)

Baltimore Copper Smelting and Rolling Co

Baltimore Orioles (2)

Baltimore Sun (3)

Bamberger (L.) & Co

Bancroft, George D (7)

Bancroft, J M

Bancroft, Wilder Dwight (2)

Bancroft, William L

Bangor Commercial

Bangor News

Banister, Reginald Heber (12)

Bank of Fort Myers (4)

Bank of the Metropolis (17)

Banker, Ellen J (2)

Banker, James Hopson (132)

Banker, Louis G

Bankers Trust Co

Banks Electric and Manufacturing Co

Banks, Charles W (5)

Banks, Harold P (8)

Bannatyne, C (6)

Banning and Banning

Banque Centrale du Commerce (6)

Banque Franco-Egyptienne (6)

Barber, Ohio Columbus (O.C.) (2)

Barber, T G

Barbour, George Harry

Barcena, Manano

Barclay & Co

Barclay, David

Barclay, John Charles (4)

Bardy, Charles (2)

Barger, Samuel F (4)

Barker, George Frederick (158)

Barker, Mary Treadway (Mrs George F.) (10)

Barker, William H

Barkly, A S

Barlow, S L M (6)

Barnard, Charles (3)

Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter (5)

Barnard, William (4)

Barnes, Arthur S (4)

Barnes, C R

Barnes, Edwin Curtis (4)

Barnes, Henry E (3)

Barnett, Alfred (2)

Barney, Finis Morrison

Barney, Hiram (4)

Barney, William C (17)

Barnitz, David G (3)

Barnum and Bailey Circus

Barnum, Hartson Gillette

Barnum, Phineas Taylor (11)

Baron, H

Barr (M.D.) & Co

Barr, Amelia Edith Huddleston

Barr, Jessie Wright (Mrs. William) (3)

Barr, M D (8)

Barr, Marguerite Thomson (Mrs Joseph R.)

Barr, Winifred (9)

Barrell, A C

Barren, H C

Barrere, Georges (4)

Barrett Manufacturing Co (64)

Barrett, H M

Barrett, Harriet (3)

Barrett, John (3)

Barrett, John Patrick (8)

Barrett, Mary McGuckin (8)

Barrett, W H

Barrett, William Fletcher (19)

Barrett, William M (3)

Barrie, Robert (4)

Barrientos, Maria (3)

Barron, John S

Barron, Leopold (5)

Barros Luco, Ramon (2)

Barrus, Clara (4)

Barry, Herbert (6)

Barrymore, Ethel

Barstow, Lois Buhrer (Mrs Frank Q.) (5)

Barstow, Theodora Chew (Mrs William A.) (4)

Barstow, William Slocum (12)

Bartholomew, Gilbert (2)

Bartholomew, John

Bartholomew, Marshall

Bartle, Carl A (3)

Bartlett, Caroline Gardner Clark

Bartlett, George L (2)

Bartley, William R

Barto, Mrs MacClellan (5)

Barton, Clara

Barton, Enos M (34)

Bartram, J Bogert (7)

Baruch Bros

Basile, Carmine (4)

Baskerville, Charles (7)

Bass, Robert Perkins

Bassett, F W

Bassett, Harry P (20)

Batchelder, Eleanor (9)

Batchelder, Evelyn Longman

Batchelder, Louise (2)

Batcheller, Hiland G (3)

Batchelor, Charles (1228)

Batchelor, Harriet

Batchelor, Henry Augustus (2)

Batchelor, James (2)

Batchelor, James Drew (2)

Batchelor, Rosanna (Mrs Charles) (39)

Batchelor, Thomas Hatch (3)

Bate Refrigerator Co (2)

Bateman, William W (2)

Bates Advertising Co

Bates Machine Co (5)

Bates Manufacturing Co (83)

Bates Valve Bag Co (6)

Bates, Blanche

Bates, David Homer (14)

Bates, Edwin G (14)

Bath Times

Batten (George) Co

Batten, Joseph Zane (13)

Battery Supplies Co (35)

Battey, William C (12)

Battle Creek Sanitarium (Miami) (14)

Battle Creek Sanitarium (Michigan) (39)

Battleship America Fund (11)

Baucus, Joseph Deyhoe (8)

Bauer and Black (8)

Bauer, Aleck

Bausch and Lomb Optical Co (22)

Bausch, Edward (2)

Bavier, William (4)

Baxter and Brown (5)

Baxter, Sylvester

Bayard, Thomas Francis (4)

Bayer Co (8)

Bayer, Otto

Bayles, George (2)

Baylor, A K (2)

Bayly (Edison Shop) (6)

Bayly, William (4)

Bayonne Times

Bayway Chemical Co (24)

Bazaar for the Relief of German Widows and Orphans (7)

Beach, Alfred Ely (7)

Beach, Edward Latimer

Beach, Frederick Converse

Beach, Harry Prescott (2)

Beach, Ralph Hamilton (199)

Beachboard, W W (3)

Beachcraft, W

Beachey, Lincoln (3)

Beacon Vacuum Pump and Electrical Co

Beadell, Ben W (7)

Bean, E E

Bean, Virginia Lawrence (3)

Beard, George Miller (10)

Beard, James (5)

Beard, Jeremiah Robinson

Beardslee, Frederick E (6)

Beardslee, Laura Dingee (Mrs Frederick E.) (2)

Beardslee, Rufus

Beardsley, Edward T

Beattie, Hugh Wilson (4)

Beattie, Milton

Beaty, Wilbur L

Beaupre, Arthur Matthias

Beaupre, William M

Beauregard, Pierre G T (4)

Beaven, Albert William (3)

Beazell, William P

Beazley, Edwin Henry (10)

Beck, Martin (3)

Becker and Sons (4)

Becker Milling Machine Co (2)

Becker, Dora (2)

Becket, John

Beckman, Horatio B (2)

Beckwith, James Carroll (2)

Beckwith, Paul

Becquerel, Antoine-Cesar (6)

Beddoe, Dan (3)

Bedford-Jones, Henry

Bee, Ida M (Mrs William G.) (9)

Bee, William George (241)

Beebe, Charles William

Beebe, H H

Beebe, Herbert A (3)

Beede, Vincent Van Marter (2)

Beer, John

Beers, Lucius Hart (11)

Beethoven, Ludwig van

Beetle, George L (61)

Beetum, Mr

Begbie, Harold

Beggs, John Irvin (32)

Belasco, David (5)

Belding, Lewis A

Belgian Relief Fund (6)

Belgium. Ministry of Interior (2)

Belknap, Moses Cook (3)

Bell & Co

Bell (Gold and Stock Telegraph Co)

Bell (Wm) & Co (4)

Bell and Howell (11)

Bell, Alexander Graham (338)

Bell, Alexander Melville (4)

Bell, Charles John (19)

Bell, Chichester A (48)

Bell, Clark (2)

Bell, James Franklin

Bell, John, (Dealer)

Bell, John, (Solicitor)

Bella (Nursemaid) (16)

Belleville (N.J.). Fire Dept

Bellini, Laura (2)

Belmont, August (15)

Bement Miles & Co

Benedict Bros

Benedict XV (9)

Benedict, C H

Benedict, Elias Cornelius (4)

Benedict, F E

Benedict, J W

Benedict, William F (2)

Benfield, Abram (4)

Benington, Arthur

Benjamin, E B

Benjamin, Judah Philip (2)

Benjamin, Park (8)

Benners, Edwin Henry (3)

Bennett, Charles (5)

Bennett, Charles William

Bennett, James Gordon (21)

Bennett, John Francis

Benney, William Albert (23)

Bennington, W L (6)

Bennington, William Newton (11)

Benson Mines Co (17)

Benson, Allan Louis (13)

Benson, Edward Frederic (3)

Benson, Erastus A (5)

Benson, J B

Benson, Orville (8)

Benson, Robert Hugh (4)

Benson, William Shepherd (12)

Benstead, Horace M

Bent, Luther Stedman (12)

Bentel (Theodore F.) Co

Bentley, Edward M (7)

Bentley, Henry (56)

Benton, Charles Abner (12)

Benzinger, Fritz

Benzler, Albert (5)

Bequet, Philippe Antoni

Beran, Theodore B (4)

Berg, Charles

Berg, F J

Berg, Olav (6)

Berger, Arthur

Berger, Clara (33)

Berger, George B

Berger, Georges (10)

Berger, Richard George (2)

Berger, Victor Paul (8)

Bergeron, George O (3)

Berggren, Charles (2)

Berggren, Ernest J (83)

Berggren, Olive Furman (Mrs Ernest J.)

Bergh, B F (4)

Bergh, F P (4)

Bergmann & Co (546)

Bergmann Electric and Gas Fixture Co (29)

Bergmann Elektricitats Werke (17)

Bergmann Elektromotoren and Dynamo Werke (9)

Bergmann, Sigmund (710)

Berkshire White Portland Cement Co (2)

Berlin Lokal-Anzeiger (3)

Berlin, Irving

Berliner, Emile (53)

Bernard, J L (4)

Bernays, Edward Louis (2)

Bernhardt, Sarah (18)

Bernstein, Alexander (6)

Berriel, Henri (2)

Berry Bros

Berry Schools (5)

Berry, Martha McChesney (4)

Berst, Jacques Albert (42)

Bertel (Servant) (3)

Berthelot, Pierre Eugene Marcellin

Berthold, Paul (5)

Berthon (A.) & Co (3)

Berthon, Alfred (9)

Berthoud Borel & Co (10)

Bertillon, Jacques

Bertram, Harry (2)

Besler, William George (2)

Bessemer, Henry (9)

Bessie (Servant) (22)

Bestor, Arthur Eugene (70)

Bestor, Arthur Eugene, Jr

Bestor, Jeanette Lemon (Mrs Arthur E.) (8)

Bethell, Union Noble

Bethlehem Foundry and Machine Co

Bethlehem Iron Co (43)

Bethlehem Steel Co (30)

Bethlehem Times

Bettcher, Mr

Better America Federation

Bettini, Gianni (90)

Betts, Frederic Henry (42)

Bevan (T.E.) & Co

Beveridge, Albert Jeremiah

Beveridge, John Lowrie

Beves, Arthur S (30)

Beyers, Robert (2)

Bianchi, Vittoria (4)

Bicknell, Miss

Biddison, Samuel

Biddle and Ward

Biddle, Algernon Sydney

Bidell, C H (2)

Bidwell, Shelford (23)

Biedermann, Ernst (57)

Biederwolf, William Edward

Bielaski, Alexander Bruce

Bigelow, John Parks

Biggs, Charles Henry Walker (3)

Biggs, Leroy E (2)

Bigler, J (3)

Biglow and Main Co (2)

Bigsby, Bernard

Billinghurst, Guillermo Enrique (3)

Billings, Charles H (2)

Billings, Cornelius Canfield

Binder, Jacob William (2)

Bing, O (9)

Bingham, Arthur Walter (12)

Bingham, G J

Binney and Smith Co (14)

Biograph Co (178)

Biorem & Co (3)

Bioren & Co

Bircham & Co (6)

Bird and Tree Club (59)

Birdsall, R F

Birdsboro Steel Foundry and Machine Co (3)

Birkinbine, John (37)

Bisbee, Genevieve (10)

Bisbee, Jasper (2)

Bishop Gutta Percha Co (4)

Bishop, Charles R

Bishop, James Walter (6)

Bismarck, Otto von (8)

Bissell, B L

Bissell, C W (14)

Bissell, Frank Edward (2)

Bitting and Co

Bixby, William Keeney

Bixler, Edward Stewart (11)

Bjorkander, Anna

Blache, Herbert (2)

Black Diamond Powder Co (4)

Black, Charles G

Black, F L

Black, George (3)

Black, J R

Blackford, Eugene Gilbert

Blackman Talking Machine Co (7)

Blackman, Joseph Newcomb (4)

Blackman, Myron Mitchell (5)

Blackstone (Edison Employee)

Blackton, James Stuart (13)

Blackwell, Robert Winthrop (2)

Blackwood, Oswald Hance

Blaine, James Gillespie (13)

Blair & Co

Blair Camera Co (3)

Blair, Frank Ross (4)

Blair, J E (2)

Blair, Joseph C (3)

Blake and Burkart (5)

Blake Crusher Co (2)

Blake, Clarence J (10)

Blake, Eli Whitney, Jr

Blake, Francis, Jr (30)

Blake, H A

Blake, Herbert E (2)

Blake, J C

Blake, Theodore A (3)

Blakeley, W L R

Blan, Samuel A (2)

Blanco, Juan Carlos (6)

Blankenship, Georgia (21)

Blass (Lackawanna Steel Co) (2)

Blathy, Otto Titus (5)

Blauvelt, William Hutton (12)

Blavatsky, Helena Petrovna (4)

Blaw Collapsible Steel Centering Co (4)

Blennerhassett, Herman

Blennerhassett, W H

Bleyer, Julius Mount (7)

Blinne, Frederick George (11)

Blish, Henry Herbert (7)

Bliss (E.W.) Co (33)

Bliss, Donald M (84)

Bliss, George Harrison (164)

Bliss, Porter Cornelius

Block, Julius H (22)

Blodget, S C, Jr

Blood, Ted (5)

Blood, William Henry, Jr

Bloom, Edward E

Bloomfield (N.J.). Board of Health (2)

Bloomfield, Charles A (2)

Bloomingdale Bros (4)

Bloomingdale, Irving Ingersoll (2)

Bloss, A C

Blow, Jellings (2)

Blue Devils (8)

Blythe, E W

Board of Censorship (Motion Pictures) (24)

Boardwalk National Bank (2)

Bocchi, A (6)

Bock, Oscar

Bock, William E (2)

Bocock, John Paul (2)

Bodell, Joseph James (18)

Bodwell, Raymond W (3)

Boehm, Ludwig K (29)

Boehm, William

Boehme, John A (8)

Boetsch, Blanche (3)

Boettger Silk Finishing Co (3)

Bofinger, John W (9)

Bofinger, William H (6)

Bogart, Adam W (4)

Bogert, John Lawrence (3)

Bogue, Edward Augustus (4)

Bogue, Lucy Durfee (200)

Bohannan, D E

Boisot, Charles V (2)

Boissevain, Athanase Adolphe Henri (5)

Bolan, Robert J (8)

Boland Airplane and Motor Co (2)

Bolitho, Edwin

Bolitho, Frank (2)

Bolton, Charles Edward (3)

Bolton, Sarah Knowles

Bombay Telephone Co Ltd (2)

Bonaparte, Charles Joseph

Bonbright (William P.) & Co

Bonci, Alessandro (12)

Bond and Mortgage Guarantee Co (5)

Bone, Evan P

Bonelli, Gaetano (3)

Bonine, Robert K

Bonn, W A

Bonner, Elizabeth C

Bonneville Cement Co (4)

Bonneville, W F

Bonsack Machine Co

Bontoux, Eugene

Booth Garrett and Blair (19)

Booth, Edwin (2)

Booth, James Curtis

Booth, William H

Booth, William Vernon, Jr

Borah, William Edgar

Borchardt, Bruno

Borden's Condensed Milk Co

Borden, Albert Greene (10)

Borden, Spencer (88)

Bordentown Female College

Bordner, Daniel (4)

Borgfeldt (George) & Co (2)

Borgfeldt, George (4)

Borglum, Gutzon (3)

Bori, Lucrezia (7)

Borland, Hal

Bors, Christian

Borst, Jeremiah A (2)

Bossart, Paul W (9)

Bosscha, Johannes

Bostelman, Ernest

Boston Advertiser (3)

Boston American (2)

Boston and Albany Railroad

Boston and Colorado Smelting Co

Boston and Maine Railroad

Boston Belting Co (2)

Boston Bijou Theatre Co (7)

Boston Braves

Boston Edison Co (63)

Boston Electric Club (2)

Boston Electric Show (17)

Boston Gear Works (5)

Boston Globe (10)

Boston Herald (23)

Boston Journal (7)

Boston Journal of Chemistry

Boston Post (2)

Boston Symphony (20)

Boston Transcript (3)

Boston Transit Commission (6)

Boston, Charles Anderson (3)

Bostwick and Thoms

Bostwick, E B (3)

Bosworth, Francke Huntington

Botrel, Theodore (2)

Botsford, Charles H (3)

Bottinger, C

Bottomley, John

Bouldin, Betty Maulsby, (Mrs Chichester Kerr) (7)

Bouldin, William, III (4)

Bouquie, Paul (10)

Bouverie, Edward Pleydell (76)

Bovee, Christian Nestell

Bow, Clara

Bowditch, Charles Pickering

Bowditch, Henry Pickering

Bowell, George Bennet (2)

Bowers (Builder)

Bowers, Claude Gernade

Bowker, Alice Mitchell (Mrs Richard R.) (6)

Bowker, Richard Rogers (29)

Bowles, Raymond A (2)

Bowman, George Percy (4)

Bowsky (M.) Fur Dressing and Dyeing Co

Boy Scouts of America (5)

Boyce, Edward Jacob

Boyce, George R (4)

Boyd, Cora Dunham (Mrs Willard W.) (8)

Boyden, Victor Hugh

Boyer, Sallie

Boyer, William C

Boykin, Edward Carrington (9)

Boyle (Edison Employee) (3)

Boynton, N H

Boynton, Nathan S

Boys Club (Edison Chapter)

Brackett, Cyrus Fogg (20)

Braden, Mrs John (2)

Bradford Academy (7)

Bradford, Edward Green, II (4)

Bradlet, John M

Bradley (Edison Employee) (9)

Bradley Contracting Co (7)

Bradley, Alva

Bradley, Andrew C

Bradley, Charles Schenck (19)

Bradley, Charles Smith (7)

Bradley, Frank (2)

Bradley, Frank E (7)

Bradley, George Lothrop (42)

Bradley, Harry W

Bradley, J A (2)

Bradley, James J (36)

Bradley, Joseph P (14)

Bradley, Leverett (14)

Bradshaw, D P

Bradshaw, John Hammond (38)

Bradshaw, Lena Patterson (Mrs John H.) (15)

Bradshaw, R C (4)

Bradstreet Co (23)

Bradstreet, Edward Payson (2)

Brady, Anthony Nicholas (9)

Brady, Arthur W

Brady, Cyrus Townsend

Brady, James I (2)

Brady, Mathew B (12)

Brady, Nicholas Frederic (31)

Brady, Patrick (74)

Brady, William Aloysius

Brady, William Gage, Jr

Bragdon, J W

Brainard Milling Machine Co

Bramwell, Frederick Joseph (30)

Branch, Thomas (2)

Brand, James (3)

Brandon and Sons (11)

Brandon Bros (33)

Brandon, David Hunter (25)

Brandon, Douglas Horace (7)

Brandon, Miss (7)

Brandon, Raphael Hunter (3)

Brann, Henry A (2)

Branner, John Casper (32)

Brant, John (3)

Brard, Dr

Brashear (John A.) Co Ltd (2)

Brashear, John Alfred (19)

Brasseur, Charles L (15)

Braucher, Howard S

Braunstein, H (8)

Bray, A (6)

Bray, Francis Edmond

Bray, Frank Chapin (2)

Bray, William H

Brazil. Ministry of Agriculture

Brazil. Secretary of Agriculture (2)

Brearley, William Henry (2)

Brecher, Charles (2)

Breck, George (2)

Breckon, John Robert (17)

Bredt (F.) & Co

Bredt, Edward Arthur (10)

Bredt, Jessie Heath (Mrs E. Arthur) (32)

Breed, George F

Breguet, Antoine (2)

Breguet, Louis (2)

Brehmer Bros (4)

Breitenfeld, Emil (6)

Breitkopf and Hartel (3)

Bremer, W A (2)

Bremner, D A (9)

Brennan, Daniel, Jr (24)

Brentano's (17)

Brevoot, Henry Lefferts (9)

Brewer and Jensen (56)

Brewer Mining Co

Brewer, Abijah R (6)

Brewer, Edward Griffith (6)

Brewer, Edward H (14)

Brewster, Francis E

Brewster, Harry L

Brewster, William Farley (17)

Brick Co

Bridge, William Dawson

Bridgeport Brass Co

Bridges, Albert

Briggs, Dr (2)

Briggs, Frank Obadiah

Briggs, Leroy E (14)

Briggs, Lowell C (34)

Briggs, Marvin

Brigham, Sarah W (12)

Bright, Charles Tilston (2)

Brill (J.G.) & Co (10)

Brisbane, Arthur (17)

Briscoe Freres (3)

Bristow, I G (2)

British American Chemical Co (3)

British Association for Advancement of Science (30)

British Chemical Co Ltd (7)

British Columbia Electric Co (2)

British Edison Storage Battery Co (2)

British Empire Club (2)

British Museum

British North American Tobacco Company of Canada

British Ore Concentration Syndicate

British Railways Speaking Telephone Co Ltd

British South Africa Co (2)

British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co

Britton, Edward Elms (3)

Britton, John Alexander (2)

Broadbent, Frank

Broadhead, A J

Broadhead, Garland Carr

Broadley, A M

Broadnax, Amos (3)

Brock, William M (16)

Broden, Albert (4)

Brodie, William M (5)

Broesel, Carl Arnold

Bromberg, Edward (2)

Bronk, L

Bronte, Charlotte (2)

Bronx Motion Picture Studio (117)

Bronx Terminal Corp (2)

Brook Foundation

Brooke, David Owen

Brooklyn (N.Y.). Fire Dept

Brooklyn Bureau of Charities

Brooklyn Cooperage Co

Brooklyn Eagle (4)

Brooklyn Engineers Club

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (10)

Brooklyn Times

Brooks Bros (New York) (5)

Brooks Patent Insulator Works

Brooks, Alice (6)

Brooks, David (5)

Brooks, E H

Brooks, Phillips (3)

Brophy, J A (14)

Brossa, Gabriel (9)

Brotherhood, A (2)

Brouzet, Andre

Brown (C.H.) & Co (5)

Brown and Dion

Brown and Seward

Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Co (20)

Brown, A J

Brown, Alfred S (11)

Brown, Baxter L

Brown, Bettie Bofinger (Mrs George W.) (10)

Brown, C E (9)

Brown, Charles A (7)

Brown, Charles Albert

Brown, Charles T

Brown, Charles Turner (3)

Brown, David Wolfe

Brown, Edmond Congar

Brown, Edward Terry (11)

Brown, Florence (4)

Brown, Frederick S (4)

Brown, Harold P (49)

Brown, Harriet Irene (7)

Brown, Henry P (6)

Brown, Horace Spalding

Brown, Howard Vachel (3)

Brown, J W

Brown, James B

Brown, James Wallace (17)

Brown, John Crosby (2)

Brown, John P (2)

Brown, Jonathan, III (23)

Brown, Katharine Greeley (Mrs Jonathan) (10)

Brown, Kirk (8)

Brown, Lowell Huntington (2)

Brown, Mary Spalding (Mrs William Thayer) (23)

Brown, Robert G (6)

Brown, S A (3)

Brown, S D (4)

Brown, Samuel (3)

Brown, T C (2)

Brown, T Forster (2)

Brown, Thatcher M (3)

Brown, W H, (Investor) (3)

Brown, W H, (Phonograph Enthusiast)

Brown, William Carlos

Brown, William Thayer

Brown, William Thayer, Jr (5)

Browne, Arthur Benjamin

Browne, Causten (2)

Browne, H A

Browne, James E (2)

Browning, Charles Ross (3)

Browning, John (6)

Browning, Katherine (9)

Browning, Robert (4)

Brownlee, J A

Brownlee, J H

Bruce, Henry Addington Bayley

Bruch, Charles Patterson (18)

Bruch, Edward B (3)

Bruch, Kate Patterson (47)

Bruckner Ross and Consorten

Bruff, William Fontaine (2)

Brugman, Marshall (3)

Brulatour, Jules E (6)

Brunk, Anthony (Toney) (2)

Brunner, F

Bruno, Guido (2)

Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co (16)

Brunton, David William (11)

Brush Electric Co (114)

Brush Electrical Engineering Co (10)

Brush, Charles Francis (58)

Brush, May (16)

Bryan, George Sands

Bryan, Joseph

Bryan, William Jennings (21)

Bryant, George L (2)

Bryant, Lewis Thompson (7)

Bryant, Sara Cone (2)

Bryant, William Cullen (3)

Bryce, Catherine

Bryce, Lloyd Stephens

Brydges & Co (3)

Bryn Mawr Club (8)

Bryn Mawr College (82)

Bube, John

Buchanan, C G (4)

Buchanan, Jeffrey Patrick (11)

Buchbinder, Miss (14)

Buchman and Deisler (3)

Buchman, Frank (3)

Buchtel, John Richards

Buchwald (Edison Employee) (29)

Buck, Albert H

Buck, Elisha A (2)

Buck, Glen

Buckeye Electric Co (3)

Buckeye Engine Co (10)

Buckeye Reaper and Mower Works (11)

Buckhorn Portland Cement Co (2)

Buckingham Army Airfield (Fort Myers)

Buckingham, Charles Luman (31)

Buckingham, John L (2)

Bucklen, Herbert E (2)

Buckley, Homer John (2)

Budapesti Altalanos Villamossagi Reszvenytarsasag (7)

Buehler, Huber Gray (20)

Buehler, Roberta Wolf (Mrs Huber G.) (4)

Buehler, William J (24)

Buehn Phonograph Co (6)

Buell, Charles Edward (3)

Buell, Walter Hull (8)

Buffalo Commercial Advertiser

Buffalo Enquirer (2)

Buffalo Express

Buffalo Times (2)

Buffington, Joseph

Bugbee, Newton Albert Kendall

Buick Motor Co (8)

Bull, James Edgar (10)

Bullard, Edward Payson (7)

Bullock, Milan C

Bullock, Walter Frederick (2)

Bullwinkle, Benjamin B

Bulow, Hans von (3)

Bumstead, Henry Andrews

Bundy, C A

Bundy, Frank E

Bunn, Jacob Frederick (8)

Bunnell (J.H.) & Co (19)

Bunnell, C M (3)

Bunnell, Jesse H (16)

Bunsen, Robert Wilhelm Eberhard

Burbank (Luther) Society (2)

Burbank, A. P.

Burbank, Charles W

Burbank, Luther (60)

Burchells (Solicitors)

Burd, George Eli (57)

Burdick, H (2)

Bureau of Explosives (5)

Burger, Clarence L

Burger, Ernest (3)

Burgess Sulphite Fibre Co

Burgess, C W

Burgess, Frank

Burgess, Hugh

Burgess, T F

Burgesses Corps

Burgoyne Quick Printing Co (2)

Burgoyne, Charles G

Burk, Addison B (2)

Burkart, Irwin H

Burke Electric Co

Burke, Billie

Burke, Edith Lee (13)

Burke, Edward F (20)

Burke, Elizabeth (Mrs John) (4)

Burke, John (41)

Burke, Joseph P (2)

Burke, Julia (3)

Burke, Mable (16)

Burke, Victor E

Burkhalter, Rudolph (2)

Burkhard, Thomas

Burleson, Albert Sidney (2)

Burlingame, Anson

Burlingham, William

Burn, Samuel G (69)

Burnet, Dana

Burnett, Curtis Randolph

Burnett, Harriet Knudson

Burnham, Daniel Hudson (2)

Burnham, Frederick A, Jr (12)

Burnham, Frederick G (2)

Burns, Andrew (2)

Burns, Archibald Perryman

Burns, Frank

Burns, James Martin (94)

Burns, Patrick Joseph, Jr (2)

Burns, Robert

Burns, William John (2)

Burr, William A

Burrage, Albert Cameron, Jr (2)

Burrell, David Hamlin

Burroughs Nature Club (2)

Burroughs, Carrie A (4)

Burroughs, Jettie (2)

Burroughs, John (163)

Burroughs, Ursula North (Mrs John) (4)

Burrows, W M (2)

Burrows, William Russell (5)

Burt, Frederick Charles (6)

Burt, Grinelle (2)

Burt, Mary Elizabeth

Burton (C.S.) and Sons

Burton, L L

Burton, W Leigh

Burton, Walter Eugene (5)

Bush, Irving T

Bush, John Adriance (57)

Bushnell, Cornelius Judson (6)

Bushnell, Ericsson Foote (6)

Buswell, Walter Minton

Butler Co

Butler Stillman and Hubbard (8)

Butler, Benjamin Franklin (31)

Butler, Charles N

Butler, Cyrus

Butler, Howard R (6)

Butler, J S

Butler, John Jarvis (13)

Butler, Nicholas Murray (10)

Butler, Sallie

Butler, Samuel McKnight

Butler, Thomas (54)

Butler, Vesey F (8)

Butler, W H (2)

Butler, William

Butt, Charles Parker

Butte Post

Butterfield, John L

Butterworth, Benjamin (4)

Butterworth-Judson Co (28)

Buzzi, Felice

Byington, A Homer (7)

Byllesby (H.M.) & Co (8)

Byllesby, Henry Marison (27)

Byllesby, Margaret Stearns Baldwin (Mrs Henry M.) (3)

Byrd, Richard Evelyn

Byrne (Edison Employee)

Byrne, J P (2)

Byrnes, Eugene

Byrnes, John F (4)

Byron and Hall (2)


Cabanas, Rafael (10)

Cabell and Gilpin (3)

Cable, George Washington

Cabot, Hugh (2)

Cadillac (Automobile) (10)

Cadillac Automobile Co (3)

Cady, Lewis V (2)

Caffey, Francis Gordon (4)

Cahan, Abraham

Cahart, Samantha (Mrs Samuel) (3)

Cahill, John H

Cairo Hotel (32)

Calahan, Edward A (14)

Calahan, Miss (2)

Caldwell Willcox Co

Caldwell, Burns D

Caldwell, George W

Caldwell, James Hope (6)

Caldwell, R H (4)

Calehuff, Charles H (2)

Calibron Products Inc (29)

California Electrical Works (5)

California. Mining Bureau (2)

Calkins and Holden (20)

Calknis, Charles

Call, Delmer W (4)

Callanan, P A

Callaway, John P

Callender Insulating and Waterproofing Co (5)

Callender's Bitumen Telegraph and Waterproof (2)

Callender, W O (3)

Calumet Film Exchange (5)

Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church (East Orange)

Calvert, Cecil (2)

Camacho, J S

Cambria Steel Co (102)

Cambridge University (3)

Cameraphone Co (2)

Cameron, Charles Symonds (2)

Cameron, Hector

Cameron, Shelton T (6)

Cameron, Viola Root (2)

Cameron, William John (3)

Cammack, John

Camp Merritt (4)

Camp Mills (2)

Camp Pasquaney (86)

Camp Upton (5)

Camp, Elisha K (4)

Camp, Victor Newell (12)

Camp, William Augustus (2)

Campanari, Giuseppe (2)

Campbell (Patent Examiner)

Campbell, C L (7)

Campbell, Charles H (15)

Campbell, Charles M (4)

Campbell, D M

Campbell, Elizabeth V (Mrs William W.) (3)

Campbell, G S (2)

Campbell, Henry Alexander (5)

Campbell, John R (20)

Campbell, John, (Boston Edison Co) (9)

Campbell, Ronald Ian (3)

Campbell, Thomas B (8)

Campbell, William Wallace (3)

Campsall, Frank (19)

Canada. Commissioner of Crown Lands (12)

Canada. Commissioner of Patents (10)

Canada. Dept of Lands Forests and Mines

Canada. Geological and Natural History Survey (4)

Canada. Ministry of Agriculture (2)

Canada. Parliament

Canadian Cement and Concrete Assn

Canadian Club

Canadian Copper Co (33)

Canadian Edison Manufacturing Co

Canadian Edison Phonographs Ltd (5)

Canadian Electrical Society of Montreal

Canadian Explosives Co Ltd

Canadian Mining Review (3)

Canadian Pacific Railway (42)

Canadian Refining and Smelting Co Ltd

Canadian Specialties Co

Canadian Statesman (Magazine)

Canby, Edward T (2)

Candee, Harry C (2)

Candee, Willard L (5)

Candlestick Magazine (3)

Canfield, Frederick A (2)

Canniff, G F

Canton Repository

Capps, Frank L (9)

Capps, Washington Lee

Capron, Allyn Kissam, Jr. (3)

Caragol (Manuel) and Son (3)

Caragol, Manuel

Carbon Iron and Steel Co Ltd (3)

Carbutt, John

Card, Benjamin F (8)

Card, Samuel

Cargille, Ralph P

Carhart, Edmund H (33)

Carhart, Edmund H, Jr

Carhart, Henry Smith (2)

Carle, Nathaniel Allen (2)

Carleton, J D (4)

Carleton, William McKendree

Carlisle, Charles Arthur (10)

Carlisle, Charles Arthur, Jr.

Carlisle, Kathryn (7)

Carlisle, Woodson Studebaker (3)

Carlock (Edison Employee)

Carlton, Newcomb

Carlyle, Thomas (2)

Carman, Ann Maria Ayers (Mrs Melanchthon F.) (2)

Carman, Charles Bloomfield (3)

Carman, Ezra Ayers

Carman, George E (25)

Carman, Melanchthon Freeman (3)

Carman, Theodore Frelinghuysen (8)

Carman, William (85)

Carnegie Hall (9)

Carnegie Institute of Technology (4)

Carnegie Institution (32)

Carnegie Steel Co (11)

Carnegie, Andrew (81)

Carnegy, P

Carnelley, Thomas (3)

Carnot, Marie Francois Sadi (2)

Carolina Traction Co

Carpenter Steel Co (2)

Carpenter, H H (2)

Carpenter, Major (3)

Carpenter, Rolla Clinton (7)

Carpenter, Walter Samuel, Jr (5)

Carpmael (London Attorney)

Carr (Edison Portland Cement Co) (2)

Carr, Lewis (3)

Carranza, Venustiano

Carre, H (3)

Carrel, Alexis (3)

Carriage and Wagon Builder (3)

Carrick and Wortendyke

Carrick, Charles Lynn (2)

Carrick, R S (5)

Carrier Air Conditioning Co

Carroll, William F

Carrollton Gazette

Carry, Edward Francis

Carson, J

Carson, W J (4)

Carter (Lambert Co) (5)

Carter, Charles J J (11)

Carter, Frank

Carter, Franklin

Carter, Lincoln J

Carter, O M (2)

Carter, Robert

Carter, Robert A

Carter, Robert Day (2)

Carter, W E (5)

Carteret Academy (5)

Carty, Jerome (2)

Carty, John Joseph (19)

Carus, Paul (4)

Caruso, Enrico (37)

Carvajal, Leopoldo (2)

Carver, George Washington (2)

Cary and Whitridge (3)

Cary, Clarence (2)

Cary, Luther Hanson

Cary, Thomas (2)

Casa Edison (5)

Casals, Pablo (2)

Case, Anna (40)

Case, Llewellyn Barton (2)

Case, W W (2)

Case, Willard L (8)

Caselli, Giovanni (3)

Casey, Kellogg K V

Casey, R H

Casey, Thomas Lincoln (15)

Casho, Joseph (6)

Caskey, Alvin Dickson (9)

Casler, Herman (8)

Caspar, Edward

Casparis Stone Co (14)

Cassatt, Alexander Johnston (5)

Cassatt, Robert K

Cassel, Ernest Joseph (38)

Cassell & Co Ltd

Cassell's Family Magazine (2)

Cassell, John A

Cassier's Magazine (3)

Casterline, R D (20)

Castle Hot Springs (Arizona) (7)

Castleton, Barbara

Castner Electrolytic Alkali Co (2)

Caswell and Moore

Caswell Hazard & Co

Cataract Construction Co (7)

Catlin, Charles M (2)

Catlin, Fred (4)

Catt, Carrie Chapman

Cauchois (F.A.) & Co (2)

Caufield (Frank Dyer secretary?) (2)

Caum, S L (18)

Cave, Alexander H

Cavendish, Spencer Compton (2)

Cavendish, Victor (2)

Ceballos (J.M.) & Co (4)

Ceballos, Juan Manuel (19)

Ceccarini, G

Cederberg, W H

Celluloid Co (23)

Celluloid Novelty Co

Celotex Co

Cement and Engineering News (3)

Cement Manufacturers Protective Assn (3)

Cement Products Exhibition Co (2)

Cement World

Central District and Printing Telegraph Co

Central Hanover Bank and Trust Co (2)

Central London Railway (2)

Central Nebraska Phonograph Co

Central News and Press Exchange

Central Ontario Railway (2)

Central Railroad of New Jersey (39)

Central Service Corp (3)

Central Station (Magazine)

Central Trust Co (17)

Central Union Telephone Co

Central Union Trust Co

Century Co (4)

Century Magazine (34)

Century Opera Co (4)

Cerqua, Augustine Edward

Cerro de Pasco Copper Corp (7)

Cesa-Bianchi, Paolo

Cetta, Mr

Chadbourne, Edwin Ruthvin (16)

Chadwick, David (4)

Challen, James R (2)

Chalmers (H.B.) Co

Chalmers, H B

Chalmers, J P

Chalmers, Thomas Hardie (35)

Chalmers, Vilma Fiorelli (Mrs Thomas) (19)

Chamallet (Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe)

Chamber of Commerce and Civics of the Oranges (4)

Chamberlain, Austen

Chamberlain, Daniel Henry

Chamberlain, Jacob Chester (3)

Chamberlain, Joseph

Chamberlin, Wilbur Johnson (3)

Chamberlin, William Henry (2)

Chambers of Commerce. Fifth International Congress (4)

Chambers, Robert William

Chambers, Washington Irving

Chambless, Edgar (2)

Chambre, Alan

Champion Wagon Co (2)

Chandler, Albert B (51)

Chandler, Alice Scott (3)

Chandler, Ann Elizabeth (2)

Chandler, Arthur D (11)

Chandler, Charles Frederick (18)

Chandler, Gilbert E

Chandler, James E

Chandler, Mary S (11)

Chandler, W A

Chandler, William Eaton (10)

Chandler, Zachariah (3)

Channing, J Parke

Channing, William Ellery

Channing, William Francis (4)

Chanute, Octave (2)

Chaperon, Georges (12)

Chapin, C L

Chapin, Edward Young (2)

Chapin, Henry S

Chapin, Roy W

Chaplin, Charles Spencer (Charlie) (4)

Chapman, Cloyd Mason (55)

Chapman, Frank Michler

Chapman, J M

Chapman, J W (17)

Chapple, Joe Mitchell (8)

Charity Organization Society

Charlton, Loudon

Chase National Bank (9)

Chase, Adelaide Cole (3)

Chase, Alice Gerson (Mrs William M.) (2)

Chase, Winfield S

Chatard, Alfred (11)

Chatfield Manufacturing Co (2)

Chattanooga Times (2)

Chatterton, Ruth

Chaurenet, S H

Chautauqua Hotel (Athenaeum) (55)

Chautauqua Institution (540)

Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle (14)

Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra (5)

Chautauqua Woman's Club (27)

Chautauquan (Newspaper) (3)

Cheesman, W H (4)

Cheever, Charles Augustus (197)

Cheever, John Henry (9)

Cheever, W E (5)

Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering (15)

Chemical Company of America

Chemical National Bank (4)

Chemical News (8)

Chemical Society (London). Journal (6)

Chemische Fabrik Greisheim Elektron

Chemists Club

Chemists Club. Bureau of Employment

Cheney Tallking Machine Co (2)

Cheradame, Andre (2)

Cherbuliez, Antoine Marc (5)

Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co (2)

Cheshire, William H (5)

Chesler, Isidor (Jerry) (95)

Chess, Louisa (7)

Chess, Mary Grace (3)

Chester Electric Light and Power Co (3)

Chester, Charles T (11)

Chester, Clarence Lyon (2)

Chicago American

Chicago and Alton Railroad (4)

Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway (35)

Chicago and Northwestern Railway (8)

Chicago and South Side Rapid Transit Railroad Co

Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad (11)

Chicago Central Phonograph Co (14)

Chicago Edison Co (35)

Chicago Electrical Society (2)

Chicago Examiner (2)

Chicago Film Exchange (11)

Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol

Chicago Globe

Chicago Herald (2)

Chicago Inter-Ocean

Chicago Mail (2)

Chicago Milwaukee and St Paul Railway (7)

Chicago News (2)

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co (2)

Chicago Post (2)

Chicago Record Herald (11)

Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railway

Chicago Telephone Co

Chicago Tribune (24)

Chicago. Electrical Inspection Bureau

Child, Calvin G (4)

Child, Warren G

Childs, George W (3)

Childs, Marquis (2)

Childs, William H

Chile Copper Co (2)

Chile Exploration Co (3)

Chile. President (2)

China and Japan Trading Co (2)

Chinese Industrial Commission (1915) (14)

Chinnock, Charles Edward (74)

Chinnock, Frank R (4)

Chinnock, Mary A (Mrs Charles E.)

Chipman, Naomi P (2)

Chipot, Louis (4)

Chisholm, C E

Chloer, Christian

Choate, Joseph H (12)

Chopin, Frederic (2)

Christensen, Christian T (4)

Christensen, Peter Christian (115)

Christian Advocate

Christian Endeavor World (2)

Christian Herald

Christian Science Monitor (5)

Christofferson, Christian A (2)

Chrome Steel Works (2)

Chrystal, Charles Bernard (2)

Chubb, Alice Lee (Mrs Hendon) (7)

Chubb, Hendon (6)

Church and Church

Church Quarry Co (6)

Church, C

Church, E S, Jr

Church, Melville (14)

Church, Samuel R

Church, William H (3)

Church, William Lee

Churchill, Arthur Lyman (Edison Employee) (11)

Churchill, Clarence (6)

Churchill, George Charles Spencer (19)

Churchill, Milton (3)

Churchill, Randolph Henry Spencer (2)

Churchill, S (12)

Churchill, Willis (2)

Churchill, Winston (3)

Churchward, Alexander James (18)

Cincinnati Commercial Gazette (2)

Cincinnati Commercial Tribune

Cincinnati Enquirer (5)

Cincinnati Gazette (2)

Cincinnati New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway

Cincinnati Times Star (4)

Circle for Negro Relief Inc (2)

Citizens League of West Orange (3)

City Club of East Orange (2)

City Dye Works and Laundry Co

City View Storage Co (11)

Civic Forum (19)

Civics Club of the Oranges (3)

Claflin (H.B.) & Co (2)

Claflin, John (2)

Clancy, A W (3)

Clancy, Felix (2)

Clancy, Francis Patrick (16)

Clancy, James

Clapp, C E

Clare, Thomas D (3)

Clarendon Hotel (Florida)

Clarendon Hotel (N.Y. City)

Clark (Edison Family Chauffeur) (9)

Clark (Melville) Piano Co (6)

Clark, Alfred C (2)

Clark, Arthur Joseph

Clark, Dean

Clark, Edward, (Architect) (14)

Clark, Genevieve (11)

Clark, Genevieve Bennett (Mrs Champ) (5)

Clark, George Edward (25)

Clark, Glenn (2)

Clark, Harold Hayward (11)

Clark, Harvey

Clark, Helen (8)

Clark, Henry Alden (22)

Clark, Horace

Clark, James Beauchamp (Champ) (15)

Clark, James H

Clark, John

Clark, Josiah Latimer (17)

Clark, Melville (12)

Clark, R W (2)

Clark, Rachel Kinder (6)

Clark, Thomas Frederic (3)

Clark, W J

Clark, Wallace S

Clark, Walton (2)

Clark, William Andrews (2)

Clark, William Smith

Clarke, Charles Lorenzo (144)

Clarke, Edgar Whitney (6)

Clarke, Edmund Arthur Stanley (5)

Clarke, Frederick Emerson (9)

Clarke, John E

Clarke, Joseph Ignatius Constantine (10)

Clarke, Louis S (2)

Clarke, Lulu MacClure (2)

Clarke, Peter

Clarke, R W (19)

Clarke, Richard Henry

Clarke, Stanton (3)

Clarke, Thomas E (2)

Clarke, W B (4)

Clarke, William J (5)

Claude, A

Claudius, Hermann (31)

Claus & Co Ltd

Claus, William Anton Joseph (4)

Clause, Alice Elizabeth, (Mrs. Wilson A. Campbell)

Clause, William Lewis (4)

Claxton, L

Clay, Francis Warfield Herrick (3)

Clayton Aniline Co Ltd

Clayton, W T (2)

Cleaves, Howard Henderson

Cleland, T (14)

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (33)

Clemens, William Marshall (2)

Clephane, James Ogilvie (10)

Clerac, Hippolyte (5)

Cleveland City Forge Co

Cleveland Leader (2)

Cleveland Museum of Art (5)

Cleveland Plain Dealer (2)

Cleveland Press (2)

Cleveland, Grover (14)

Cleveland, Rose Elizabeth (4)

Cleveland, W P

Clifford (Henry B.) & Co (4)

Clifford, Henry B (59)

Clifford, T P

Clifton Copper Belt Mining Co

Clinch, Robert Thomson (6)

Cline (Eugene) & Co

Cline, Eugene (3)

Cline, John W (6)

Cline, William Matthias (2)

Clingman, Thomas Lanier (6)

Clinton Point Stone Co (2)

Cloos, Wilmot David (3)

Close, Oscar Bell

Clowry, Robert Charles (7)

Clyde Steamship Co (16)

Clymer, Arthur I (4)

Clyne, James (4)

Coates & Co

Coates, Abraham

Coates, Edward Feetham (3)

Coates, James Foster

Coats, Alfred Mainwaring (3)

Coats, James (9)

Coats, Stuart Auchincloss (7)

Cobb, A S

Cobb, Tyrus Raymond (Ty)

Cobb, William S (10)

Coburn (Boston Navy Yard)

Coburn, Andrew D (4)

Coburn, Frances (Mrs Andrew D.) (2)

Cochran, Thomas (13)

Cockey, Edward C (4)

Codman, John Sturgis

Cody, William Frederick (Buffalo Bill) (4)

Coffee, William F

Coffin, C F (3)

Coffin, Charles Albert (81)

Coffin, Euphemia Sloane (Mrs Edmund E.)

Coffin, Henry Sloane (3)

Coffin, Howard Earle (22)

Coffin, Z W (2)

Cogan, A J (2)

Coghlan, Cecil A (4)

Cohan, George M (3)

Coit, Henry Augustus (18)

Coit, James Milnor (4)

Colburn, Elizabeth F (2)

Colby, Albert Ladd (3)

Colby, Anne Gordon (2)

Colby, Edith Hyde (Mrs Everett) (3)

Colby, Edward Allan

Colby, Elden Le Conte (3)

Colby, Everett (11)

Cole, John (4)

Cole, Romaine C

Cole, Thomas F (2)

Colelli, Nicola (5)

Coleman, Arthur Philemon (7)

Coleman, R Dawson (2)

Coles, Edwin J

Coles, Stephen Leidy (2)

Colgate & Co (8)

Colgate, Austen (8)

Colgate, Caroline Bayard Dod (Mrs Sidney M.)

Colgate, Elizabeth Morse, (Mrs Stanley Rumbough) (8)

Colgate, Florence Hall (Mrs Gilbert) (5)

Colgate, Gilbert (5)

Colgate, Henry Auchincloss (24)

Colgate, Josephine Kirtland (Mrs Russell) (4)

Colgate, Margaret Auchincloss (Mrs Richard M.) (89)

Colgate, Muriel Morse, (Mrs Cyril F. Damon) (5)

Colgate, Richard Morse (52)

Colgate, Russell (4)

Colgate, Sidney Morse

Colie, Edward Martin

Colin, Alfred

Collares, Tiago (2)

College Entrance Exam Board (9)

Collette and Collette

Collier's Weekly (31)

Collier, Charles B

Collier, James W

Collier, John (5)

Collin (Edison Employee)

Collinder (Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe)

Collins, Arthur (8)

Collins, Caleb G (2)

Collins, Frederick Lewis (4)

Collins, J B

Collins, Jerome J

Collins, John Hancock

Collins, Wilkie

Collins, William H (3)

Collis, Charles Henry Tucky

Colombo, Giuseppe (58)

Colonial Virginia Inc (6)

Colorado and Utah Phonograph Co (5)

Colorado Electric Club

Colorado Midland Railway Co (3)

Colpitts, Edwin Henry (7)

Colt Runabout Company of Pennsylvania (5)

Colt's Express (7)

Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co (7)

Colton, G O

Columbia and Electric Vehicle Co

Columbia College. School of Mines (10)

Columbia Dye Works (3)

Columbia Phonograph Co (331)

Columbia Rubber Co

Columbia Trust Co (2)

Columbia University (41)

Columbia, Thomas B

Columbian Magazine (5)

Columbus (Ohio). Fire Dept

Columbus Dispatch (2)

Columbus Edison Electric Light Co (2)

Columbus Hocking Valley and Toledo Railroad (3)

Columbus Monument Committee

Colvin, Frank R

Combination Gas Machine Co (5)

Combination Rubber Co (7)

Comeskey, Nicholas

Comitato per le Applicazioni dell'Elettricita (56)

Commercial Cable Co

Commercial Motor Co

Commercial Telegram Co

Commercial Telegraph Co (2)

Commercial Telegraphers Union of America (5)

Commercial Truck Company of America

Commercial Vehicle (Magazine)

Committe of Sixty for National Prohibition

Committee of One Hundred (A.A.A.S.) (3)

Committee of One Hundred (Newark)

Committee of Ten (2)

Commonwealth Edison Co (28)

Commonwealth Title Insurance and Trust Co (4)

Community Congregational Church (Fort Myers) (4)

Compagnie Americaine du Phonographe Edison

Compagnie Continentale Edison (271)

Compagnie Electrique Edison de Marseille (2)

Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe Edison (22)

Compagnie Generale des Lampes Incandescentes (2)

Compagnie Generale Transatlantique (8)

Compagnie Genevoise l'Industrie du Gaz (2)

Compania Chilena Telefonos de Edison

Compania Edison Hispano Americana (7)

Compania Electrica de Edison

Compton, Charles W (2)

Compton, Joel (2)

Compton, Karl Taylor (3)

Compton, Samuel (2)

Conant, Eleanor Hawkesworth (Mrs Edmond B.) (3)

Conant, Robert Hawkesworth (2)

Conant, Thomas Peters (89)

Concord (N.H.) Patriot

Condensite Company of America (35)

Condict, G Herbert (4)

Condict, Stephen Hugo (6)

Condit and Hanson (5)

Condit Hanson and Van Winkle (3)

Condit, Charles L

Condit, Edmund (2)

Condit, H W

Condon, Thomas (3)

Condron Co (2)

Condron, Theodore Lincoln (13)

Cone, David D (2)

Cone, Hutch Ingham

Conger, Anna Ganter (Mrs Kenyon B.) (3)

Conger, Arthur Latham (9)

Conger, Emily Bronson (Mrs Arthur L.) (10)

Conger, Kenyon Bronson (4)

Conklin, Herbert King

Conkling, G

Conkling, Roscoe (36)

Conley, M R (6)

Conley, Owen J (67)

Connery, Thomas Bernardr (76)

Connor, Benjamin H (2)

Connor, W E (2)

Connors, Dan

Connors, H F

Conrad, Frank

Conrades, Edwin H (2)

Conroy, Teresa (Mrs Thomas) (3)

Conroy, Thomas (20)

Consett Iron Works (17)

Considine, John W

Consolidated Car Heating Co

Consolidated Electric Light Co (13)

Consolidated Fruit Jar Co (4)

Consolidated Gas Co (New York)

Consolidated Gold Fields of South Africa Ltd (7)

Consolidated International Railway Telegraph Co (7)

Consolidated Phonograph Cos Ltd

Consolidated Railway Electric Lighting and Equipmen (2)

Consolidated Railway Telegraph Co (3)

Consolidated Telephone Construction Co (21)

Constable, Frederick A (5)

Constable, James M (3)

Constable, John Pierrepont (124)

Constans, Adele (16)

Constans, Mathilde (2)

Consumer's League of New Jersey (2)

Content, Jacques

Continental Caoutchouc Co

Continental Chemical Co (4)

Continental Commerce Co (11)

Continental Telephone Co (4)

Converse, Elisha Slade (4)

Converse, John Williams (2)

Converse, W F

Conway, Patrick (3)

Cook (Magazine) (2)

Cook (Thomas) and Sons (12)

Cook Pottery Co

Cook, A H (2)

Cook, Albert R (2)

Cook, Arthur N (5)

Cook, C R

Cook, Edgar Scudder (5)

Cook, George W (5)

Cook, Isaac Thompson

Cook, Joseph (5)

Cooke, Charles H (36)

Cooke, Charles Maynard, Jr (8)

Cooke, Conrad W (13)

Cooke, Frederick Albert (2)

Cooke, Jay (4)

Cooke, Josiah Parsons (2)

Cooley, William H (3)

Coolidge, Calvin (8)

Coolidge, Verne Mariner (2)

Cooper (Charles) & Co (16)

Cooper Hewitt & Co (7)

Cooper Union (19)

Cooper, Drury Walls

Cooper, Edward W

Cooper, Mr (2)

Cooper, Myers Young

Cooper, Peter (4)

Cooper, W R (4)

Cooperative Press (3)

Copeland, E T

Copeland, Royal Samuel

Copello, Enrico (3)

Coplay Iron Co (13)

Coppel, Henry

Copps, Edward (8)

Coquimbite Battery Co (11)

Corbett, Harry A (3)

Corbett, James John (4)

Corbin and Goodrich

Cording, J B (2)

Cordis, Thomas

Coria, W P

Corliss Steam Engine Co (7)

Corliss, George Henry (2)

Cornaro, Luigi (8)

Cornell University (89)

Cornell University. Sibley College

Cornell, Alonzo Barton

Cornell, Katharine

Cornell, Lawrence Robert (6)

Cornell, Marian (Mrs Lawrence R.) (2)

Corning Glass Works (33)

Corning, Erastus (8)

Cornish & Co

Cornish, A H

Cornish, Floyd G

Cornish, Thomas E (5)

Cornwall Ore Bank Co

Cornwall Sanitarium (2)

Cornwell, Clark (3)

Cornwell, Timothy (6)

Corporation Trust Co

Corrigan, James

Corrigan, Michael Augustine

Corry, Montagu William Lowry, (Lord Rowton)

Cortelyou, George Bruce (2)

Cosmopolitan (Magazine) (42)

Cosmopolitan Club (N.Y. City) (9)

Coster, Charles Henry (67)

Coster, George W (2)

Cotabish, Nelson C (3)

Cote, J M

Cottrell, Herbert

Couch, Franklin (4)

Coudert Bros (5)

Council Bluffs Nonpareil

Couper, Mildred Cooper (Mrs Richard H.) (21)

Couper, Richard Hamilton (17)

Courtney (Edison Family Chauffeur) (16)

Courtney, Charles Edward (5)

Couzens, James (2)

Cowan, A G

Cowan, H

Cowing, Percy Foote (4)

Cowles, Alfred Abernethy (22)

Cowles, Frederick H

Cowles, George P

Cowles, Ione Virginia (Mrs Josiah E.) (3)

Cox Biddulph & Co

Cox, A

Cox, Dora Harris (Mrs Douglas F) (7)

Cox, Douglas Farley (6)

Cox, Elmer

Cox, Harold Newton (2)

Cox, J H (2)

Cox, James Middleton (2)

Cox, Michael (2)

Cox, Palmer

Cox, Robert Sayre (10)

Coxe, Alfred Conkling, Sr

Coy, Edward Harris

Coyle, E (2)

Coyle, Mrs H

Cozzens, Marie Christine (80)

Cozzens, Sarah Hervey (Mrs Stanley T.) (17)

Cozzens, Stanley Thayer (9)

Crabb, Charles C

Crabtree, J I

Crahan, Thomas (9)

Craig, Alex, Jr (2)

Craig, Daniel H (49)

Craig, Edward (4)

Crail, E L

Cramer, G (2)

Cramer-Roberts, H T

Crampton, Charles Ward (4)

Crandall, Chester Delos

Crane & Co (3)

Crane (E.D.) & Co (2)

Crane Co

Crane Iron Co (24)

Crane Iron Works (16)

Crane, Mortimer Park

Crane, Theron Insco (79)

Crane, William H (4)

Crane, William S (3)

Crankshaw, Alden (3)

Cranston, Henry Clay (2)

Cranston, James Albert (3)

Crassous, F Eugene (2)

Crater, Joseph F (6)

Craven, Alfred (8)

Craven, Thomas Tingley (2)

Crawford, Alexander

Crawford, Charles H (3)

Crawford, Francis Marion (2)

Crawford, George E (5)

Crawford, James

Crawford, John W

Crawford, Rebekah

Crawford, T C (10)

Crawford-Frost, William Albert

Credit Lyonnais (New York) (2)

Credit Lyonnais (Paris) (2)

Credit Suisse

Creel, George (6)

Creelman, George Willis (3)

Creelman, Helen Douglas (Mrs George W.)

Creelman, James (7)

Cregier, Charles K

Crenzinger, Capt (4)

Creswell, John Angel James (4)

Crider (P.B.) and Son (2)

Crisp, Frank (2)

Crist, William

Crocker, Francis Bacon (16)

Crocker-Wheeler Co (31)

Croffut, William Augustus (13)

Croker, Richard

Cromelin, Paul Henderson (58)

Cromelin, R F

Crompton, Rookes Evelyn Bell (4)

Cronin, David (3)

Croninger, R Harry

Cronkhite, William H A (16)

Crooke, John J (8)

Crookes, William (28)

Cros, Charles (3)

Crosby, Charles W

Crosby, Franklin Muzzy

Crosby, George (6)

Crosby, Oscar T (4)

Crosby, Oscar Terry

Crosier, John H (2)

Crosland, Alan

Cross, Charles Robert (17)

Crossley, Louis John (2)

Crossley, Mrs Francis M

Crossman (W.H.) and Bros

Crouse, Daniel Nellis (2)

Crouse, George Washington (3)

Crouse, John Robert (4)

Crouse, Julia Munson

Crouse, Martha Parsons (Mrs George W.)

Crouse, Mary Robinson, (Mrs David M. Mason) (4)

Crowe, William Morris

Crowell and Coe

Crowell, Benedict (3)

Crowell, Charles E (12)

Crowell, Eugene (23)

Crown, John (2)

Crowther, Samuel

Croy, Homer (2)

Crozer, Samuel A, Jr

Crozier, William (9)

Crucible Steel Co (7)

Cruikshank, John (3)

Cryder & Co (3)

Cryder, Henry Chauncey (3)

Cuba Commercial Co

Cudahy Packing Co

Cudahy, Michael

Culbertson, John Norcross (2)

Culley, Richard S (19)

Culp, Julia

Cummer, F D

Cumming, George (9)

Cummings, Amos Jay (7)

Cummings, James Fulton (2)

Cummings, W H

Cunard Steamship Co (28)

Cunningham, David H (13)

Cunningham, Frederick W

Cunningham, R H (9)

Cunningham, Sarah (3)

Curie, Marie (Mrs Pierre) (8)

Curie, Pierre (5)

Curlin, L C (2)

Curran, Katie (2)

Curry, Amos Harvey (4)

Curtis Publishing Co (3)

Curtis, Cyrus Hermann Kotzschmar (2)

Curtis, David A

Curtis, George M

Curtis, George Ticknor

Curtis, Leonard Eager (5)

Curtis, William Eleroy (3)

Curtiss, Glenn Hammond (11)

Curtiss, Nathan Alfred (7)

Curtiss-Wright Corp

Curzon, George Nathaniel (2)

Cushing (Banker)

Cushing, Frank Hamilton (3)

Cushman, Allerton Seward (2)

Custer, Elizabeth Bacon (Mrs George Armstrong) (3)

Cutler, Edward James (2)

Cutler-Hammer Manufacturing Co (7)

Cutter, Ephraim

Cutting (R.L.) & Co (4)

Cutting, E M (9)

Cutting, James De Wolf (12)

Cutting, Robert Livingston (12)

Cutting, Robert Livingston, III (5)

Cutting, Robert Livingston, Jr (75)

Cutting, Starr Willard (2)

Cutting, Walter (19)

Cuttriss, Charles (2)

Cuyahoga Concrete Stone Co

Cyclone Pulverizer Co

Cyclostyle Co (5)


D P Battery Co Ltd

D'Arcy, H A

D'Auberjon, Edward (13)

D'Infreville, Georges (19)

D'Oench, Albert F (2)

D'Olier Engineering Co

D'Oyly Carte, Richard

Da Vinci, Leonardo (4)

Daft, Leo (10)

Dagget, Mabel Potter

Dailey, J B (6)

Daily Mail Year Book

Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (16)

Dale, David (22)

Dalhart, Vernon

Dall'Eco, A

Dallas News

Dallas, George Mifflin

Dallett, Henry C (7)

Dally, Charles Thompson (208)

Dally, Clarence M (23)

Dalton, George F (6)

Dalton, John Call

Dalton, Tolbert Percy

Daly, Charles Patrick (2)

Daly, John J (2)

Dame, Alice L

Damon, Cyril Francis

Damon, Harry Sumner (2)

Damrosch, Walter Johannes (9)

Dan, Takuma (3)

Dana, Charles Anderson (3)

Dana, James Dwight (2)

Dana, John Cotton

Danby, Henry Gregg (9)

Danforth, Albert Whitney (4)

Daniel, Thomas Cushing (2)

Daniell, Arthur (2)

Daniell, John Frederic (11)

Daniels, Addie Worth (Mrs. Josephus) (32)

Daniels, Josephus (322)

Daniels, Walter A (20)

Dankirk, Holger

Dannenman, Paul Edward

Darby Mine (108)

Darker, Alfred H

Darling Brown and Sharpe

Darling, Edward A (112)

Darling, Henry W (2)

Darling, Jay Norwood (3)

Darling, Lloyd Edward (2)

Darling, R E

Darlton, Charles A (3)

Darr, Francis

Darrach, William (5)

Darrieus, Georges (9)

Darsie, George (5)

Dart, Arthur Hurd

Dart, Mary G (2)

Darwin, Charles (7)

Darwin, Horace

Daugherty, Burton P

Daugherty, Elizabeth Balcom

Daughters of the American Revolution (40)

Dauphin Bridge Co (3)

Davega, Solomon Barrett (4)

Davenport, William E

Davey Hour (Radio Program)

Davey Tree Expert Co (2)

Davey, Randall Vernon (2)

Davey, Richard Patrick Boyle

David, Thomas B A (7)

Davids, Charles H (8)

Davidson, Edward E (3)

Davidson, J A (2)

Davidson, William Norman Lascelles (17)

Davies & Co

Davies, Acton

Davies, Clara Novello

Davies, Elmor

Davies, Henry J (5)

Davies, I N

Davies, Mr

Davis (Edison Employee) (6)

Davis (G.M.) Regulator Co (2)

Davis Collamore & Co

Davis Memorial Church (Harrison)

Davis, Albert Gould (4)

Davis, Alfred

Davis, Augusta Humphrey (Mrs Calvin V) (6)

Davis, C D

Davis, E H (5)

Davis, Edward (3)

Davis, Harry (7)

Davis, Harvey Nathaniel

Davis, Henry C, (New York) (3)

Davis, Henry C, (Pittsburgh)

Davis, John D (6)

Davis, John William

Davis, Joseph Warren

Davis, Josephine F

Davis, Mary A (4)

Davis, Owen Warren, Jr

Davis, Richard Harding (3)

Davis, Roy Henry (2)

Davis, Sidney R (3)

Davis, T H

Davis, Vernon Mansfield (3)

Davis, Virginia L (2)

Davis, W R

Davis-Colby Ore Roaster Co

Davison, Henry Pomeroy (2)

Davisson, Henry Lawrence (4)

Davy, Humphry (2)

Dawes, Charles Gates

Dawes, Henry Laurens (4)

Dawley, James Searle

Dawson Co (3)

Dawson, Edward Rowland (85)

Day, Charles Healy (2)

Day, David Talbot (4)

Day, Hanna A (2)

Day, Martin H (2)

Day, William Rufus (2)

Day, Wilson Miles (2)

Dayton & Co (4)

De Angelis, Michele (2)

De Bebian, Louis

De Bree, Ida Mary (Mrs Nathan)

De Bree, Nathan (3)

De Camp, W H

De Camp, William Scott (11)

De Castro, E (3)

De Castro, Ernesto A

De Clerac, Theodore A

De Forest Radio Telephone and Telegraph Co (4)

De Forest, Harriet F

De Forest, Lee (16)

De Frece, Abram Brougham

De Goeyen, Mr

De Gorostizaga, Jose

De Graw, Peter Voorhees (3)

De Gress, Francis

De Haen (E.) (21)

De Hart, Charles A

De Hoch, A E

De Kalb, Courtenay

De La Cerda, Jose N

De La Vergne Machine Co (2)

De Laval Separator Co (3)

De Loach, Robert John Henderson (16)

De Luca, Giuseppe

De Mayer, Myria (2)

De Muro, Bernardo (2)

De Quincey, Thomas

De Reuter, Julius (4)

De Ryce, Prof (3)

De St Chamas, A

De Voe, Benjamin F (2)

De Vries, Hugo (2)

De Zuccato, Eugenio (18)

Dealy, William Joseph (2)

Dean, C W

Dean, Charles L (112)

Dean, Edward W

Dean, William Warren

Dean, William Hope (6)

Deans, William (19)

Dearborn Independent (19)

Dearborn Morgan School (3)

Dearborn Publishing Co (2)

DeBower-Chapline Co (5)

Debs, Eugene Victor (2)

Debussy, Claude (2)

DeCastro, A (2)

Deems, Frank Melville (4)

Deering, Othel Rochelle (Red)

Deitlin, Frank Eugene (4)

Del Calvo, Joaquin

Del Castillo, Antonio

Del Castillo, Jose Perez (2)

Delaney, J G

Delano, Columbus (2)

Delano, Warren, II

Delany, George W

Delany, Patrick Bernard (25)

Delaunay-Belleville (5)

Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad (98)

Delineator (Magazine) (3)

Delna, Marie (13)

Delta Psi (Number Six Club) (44)

Demant (Edison Employee)

Demarest, Miss

Demarest, William Henry Steele

Demming, Henry C (9)

Democratic National Committee

Democratic National Convention (1924) (3)

Demorest and Sylvester

Dempsey and Carroll (5)

Dempsey, Peter (5)

Dempster, John Thomas

Denes, Sandor

Denison, Arthur Elmer (5)

Denison, Elsa (39)

Denman, Walter Matthias

Dennett, Fred A (4)

Dennis, Helen, (Mrs Jack Ewing) (27)

Dennison, Edgar W (4)

Denton Dunn and Boultbee (5)

Denton Grover and Field

Denton, Frank (7)

Denver and Rio Grande Railway Co (5)

Denver Consolidated Electric Co (2)

Denver Post (4)

Denver Republican

Denver Rocky Mountain News (3)

Denver Times (2)

Depew, Chauncey Mitchell (27)

Depue, David Ayres (2)

Depue, Oscar B

Deri, Maximilian (5)

Des Moines Edison Light Co (4)

Des Moines Electric Light and Power Co (4)

Desbriere, Fernand (28)

Desch, Fred J

Deshler, Charles (16)

Desloge Consolidated Lead Co

Dessau, Simon (8)

Destinn, Emmy (11)

Detlef, Frank, Jr (7)

Detroit Brick Manufacturers and Dealers Assn (2)

Detroit Electrical Works (2)

Detroit Free Press (22)

Detroit Journal

Detroit News (6)

Detroit Taxicab and Transfer Co

Detroit Times (4)

Detwiler, Benjamin Horning (2)

Detwiler, Thomas C (8)

Deusinger (Edison Employee) (3)

Deutsche Bank (33)

Deutsche Edison Akkumulatoren Co GmbH (70)

Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft (95)

Deutsche Edison Phonographen Gesellschaft (44)

Deutsche Gramophon Gesellschaft

Deutsche Osterreich-Edison Kinetoskop Cie

Deutsches Museum (6)

Devine (J.P.) Co (2)

Devine Gibb and York (3)

Devine, Andrew (3)

Devine, John H (2)

Devoe (F.W.) and Raynolds (C.T.) Co (4)

DeVoe, L H

Devonald, Frederick C (40)

Devonald, Julia Miller (Mrs Frederick C.)

Devonshire, Robert W (5)

Dewar, James

Dewey, Bradley

Dewey, George (9)

Dewey, John

Dewey, William P

Dexter Portland Cement Co (15)

Dexter, Walter C (5)

Diamant, Bernard

Diamond Disc Shop Inc (4)

Diamond Drill Contracting Co

Diamond Match Co (17)

Diamond Points


Diaz, Carmen Rubio (Mrs Porfirio) (2)

Diaz, Porfirio (32)

Dichman, Ernest

Dick (A.B.) Co (50)

Dick Kerr & Co Ltd (2)

Dick, Albert Blake (54)

Dick, Herman Ernest (255)

Dick, Kenneth W (3)

Dickens, Charles (5)

Dickerson and Dickerson

Dickerson Brown Raegener and Binney

Dickerson, Edward Nicoll (24)

Dickerson, Edward Nicoll, Jr (12)

Dickerson, M (3)

Dickinson (Albert) Co (2)

Dickinson, Charles

Dickinson, Oliver Booth (2)

Dickson Manufacturing Co (2)

Dickson, Antonia K L (8)

Dickson, George D (4)

Dickson, Lucie Agnes (Mrs William K. L.) (2)

Dickson, William Kennedy Laurie (178)

Dictating Machine Co

Diehl Manufacturing Co (5)

Diesel, Rudolf Christian Karl (4)

Dietzel, Frank E

Dillingham, I S, Jr

Dillman, Willard

Dillon, Clarence (6)

Dillon, Clarence Douglas

Dillon, Thomas A

Dilts, A W (3)

Dinan, Edward P (29)

Dingee, Minnie (2)

Dingle, S K (5)

Dingman, E M (3)

Dinwiddie, William

Dinwiddie, William Walter (179)

Dion, Charles

Direct United States Cable Co Ltd (21)

Disraeli, Benjamin (2)

District of Columbia. Court of Appeals (2)

District of Columbia. Supreme Court

Ditson (Charles H.) & Co (13)

Ditson (Oliver) & Co (2)

Dittenhoefer, Abram Jesse

Dix, John Alden

Dixey, Henry E

Dixon (Joseph) Crucible Co (2)

Dixon Pharmical Co

Dixon, Helen (2)

Dixon, James

Doak, Annie K (6)

Dobbie (A.andJ.) (5)

Dockstader, Lew

Dodd (Edison Employee) (2)

Dodd, David A (25)

Dodge Motor Co (3)

Dodge, Bayard (2)

Dodge, Charles Cleveland

Dodge, Eben G (41)

Dodge, Ira Jacob (2)

Dodge, Katherine Gray (6)

Dodge, Nellie (Mrs Burdette L.) (5)

Doggett, Stanley (6)

Doherty, Henry L (15)

Doig, James Pietrie

Dolan, Beatrice

Dolan, Michael Martin (2)

Dolan, Thomas (10)

Dolbear, Amos Emerson (39)

Dolbeer, Frank K (95)

Domestic Telegraph Co (77)

Domestic Utilities Co

Dominion Iron and Steel Co Ltd (77)

Dominion Mineral Co (3)

Donald, John A (3)

Donelson, Mrs, (Miller Family Friend) (9)

Donnelly, Ignatius Loyola

Donohoe, John Peter

Donovan, Miss, (Baby Nurse) (21)

Donsaft, C H

Doolittle, Thomas Benjamin

Doremus, Charles Avery (4)

Doremus, Robert Ogden (3)

Doremus, Thomas C, Jr (3)

Dorian, Frank

Dorman Manufacturing Co

Dorman, Harry Gaylord (36)

Dorr Co (12)

Dorr, John Van Nostrand

Dorsey, Edward Bates

Dos Passos Bros (4)

Dos Passos, John Randolph (7)

Doty, A J (20)

Doty, John

Double Duty Finger Guild (3)

Doubleday Page & Co (6)

Doubleday, Frank Nelson

Doubleday, Harry Mather (75)

Doubleday-Hill Electric Co (2)

Dougherty, Elmer Ellsworth (28)

Dougherty, Hugh B

Dougherty, John H (2)

Dougherty, William H

Douglas & Co (5)

Douglas Phonograph Co (7)

Douglas, Edwin M (3)

Douglas, H C

Douglas, Martha Virginia (4)

Douglas, Stephen Arnold (2)

Douglas-Pennant, Edward, (Baron Penrhyn)

Douglass, Alice Bontecou (Mrs Robert D.) (4)

Douglass, Benjamin, Jr (12)

Douglass, Carol (40)

Douglass, Eva Burke (Mrs Robert D.) (6)

Douglass, John Watkinson (7)

Douglass, Leon Forrest (6)

Douglass, Marion S (2)

Douglass, Mary Stone (Mrs Benjamin) (17)

Douglass, Payson Stone (10)

Douglass, R S (4)

Douglass, Robert Dun (2)

Douglass, Robert Graham Dun (12)

Douty, William H (30)

Dover Boiler Works (6)

Dover Savings Institution

Dow Chemical Co (4)

Dow, Albert Freeman (2)

Dow, Alex

Dowd, Peter A (4)

Dowling, Wilfred Sebastian (15)

Downer, Alfred Sayre

Downing, A C (2)

Doyle, Arthur Conan (6)

Doyle, Edward John

Doyle, Harry Wadsworth (13)

Doyle, Michael (20)

Drake, Bernard Mervyn (4)

Drake, D E (2)

Drake, E A

Drake, Frank (2)

Drama Guild of the Oranges

Draper, Anna Palmer (Mrs Henry) (9)

Draper, Daniel

Draper, Henry (48)

Draper, John William (3)

Drawbaugh, Daniel (2)

Dredge, James (51)

Dreis, Margaret

Dreiser, Theodore (4)

Dresdner Bank

Dresher, George B

Dresser, Albert W (4)

Dressler, Marie

Dressler, Sigmund B (6)

Drew, Charles Verner (5)

Drew, Charles Wallace

Drew, John, Jr (3)

Drexel Harjes & Co (48)

Drexel Institute (2)

Drexel Morgan & Co (441)

Drexel, Anthony Joseph (13)

Dreydel (Charles) & Co (2)

Dreyfus, Camille Edouard

Dreyfus, Louis (5)

Dreyfus, Moise (3)

Driscole, F E (2)

Driscoll, Daniel H (12)

Driver-Harris Co (7)

Drug and Chemical Markets

Drug Topics (2)

Drummond, Mr

Du Bois-Reymond, Emil Heinrich

Du Chateau, Edward

Du Moncel, Theodose (34)

Du Motay, Cyprien Marie Tessie (4)

Du Pont de Nemours & Co (81)

Du Pont, Alfred Irenee (3)

Duall, John (2)

Dudley, Benjamin B (2)

Dudley, Charles Benjamin (3)

Dudley, Edmond R (2)

Duel, Arthur Baldwin (11)

Duell, Charles Holland

Duell, Rodolphus Holland (8)

Dueretet, E

Dull, Andrew Jackson (6)

Dum Barlow & Co

Dumas, Alexandre

Dun (R.G.) & Co (16)

Dun, Alfred (2)

Dunbar Stone Co (9)

Duncan and Duncan (5)

Duncan Curtis and Page (2)

Duncan, Harry L (2)

Duncan, James (6)

Duncan, Louis (14)

Duncan, Raymond (2)

Duncan, Samuel Augustus (5)

Duncan, William Alexander (2)

Dunderland Iron Ore Co Ltd (110)

Dunderland Ore Milling Area (168)

Duneka, Frederick A

Dunford and Elliott (5)

Dunham, Ann M (3)

Dunham, Austin C (8)

Dunham, George H (2)

Dunkel (S.P.) and Son

Dunlap, Frank M

Dunlap, John Robertson (4)

Dunlap, Maurice Pratt

Dunlap, Samuel P

Dunlop, John B

Dunn (Vulcanite Portland Cement Co employee)

Dunn, Arvilla Emma Caroline (4)

Dunn, Clifford E

Dunn, Edgar M (3)

Dunn, Gano Sillick (6)

Dunnell, Frank (5)

Dunwoody, Beatrice (12)

Durand, J (5)

Durand, Nelson C (102)

Durand, William Frederick

Durant, George F (2)

Durant, Harrison (2)

Durham, B Arthur

Duriron Castings Co (2)

Durkin, Joseph A (7)

Durning, Bernard J

Durr Drug Co

Duryea, Harold Lawson

Duryee, Edward Henry (3)

Dusenbury, Caroline (4)

Dutti, G N

Dutton and Townsend

Dutton, G H

Dutton, Joseph (2)

Duvall, Edward S, Jr (5)

Dwelly, William H, Jr (18)

Dwight, Harvey Prentice (30)

Dyckerhoff and Sons (2)

Dyckerhoff, Gustav

Dyer and Driscoll (5)

Dyer and Dyer (10)

Dyer and Holden (26)

Dyer and Seely (176)

Dyer and Taylor (4)

Dyer and Wilber (12)

Dyer Dyer and Taylor

Dyer Edmonds and Dyer (36)

Dyer, Dominick (5)

Dyer, Frank Lewis (1056)

Dyer, George Leland (5)

Dyer, George Palmer (2)

Dyer, George W (43)

Dyer, Josiah W (3)

Dyer, Leonard Huntress

Dyer, Paul D (51)

Dyer, Philip Sidney (95)

Dyer, Richard Nott (384)

Dyer, Richard Nott, (Estate)

Dyer, Richard Taylor

Dyke and Camfield

Dyke, Herbert H (34)

Dykeman, William (20)

Dynamo (Mount Union College Newspaper)

Dyott, George Miller (6)

Dyrenforth Dyrenforth and Lee

Dyrenforth, Philip Charles (2)


E-2 (Submarine) (43)

Eadie & Co

Eads, James Buchanan

Eagan, Alberta Stedman

Eagle Oil Co

Eagle Pencil Co (2)

Eagles, Edwin

Eagleton Manufacturing Co (4)

Eames, J W (4)

Earl, Elizabeth F (29)

Earle, Ellis Potter (8)

Earle, J A

Earle, Ralph (17)

Earling, Albert J (3)

East Jersey Board of Proprietors (7)

East St Louis Columbia and Waterloo Railway (3)

Eastern Cement Assn

Eastern Clay Goods Co

Eastern Pennsylvania Phonograph Co (2)

Eastern Telegraph Co (2)

Eastman Dry Plate and Film Co (2)

Eastman Kodak Co (113)

Eastman, George (47)

Eastman, R B

Easton Foundry and Machine Co

Easton, Edward Denison (41)

Easton, J W

Eaton and Lewis (68)

Eaton Lewis and Rowe (3)

Eaton, Asahel K (2)

Eaton, H (5)

Eaton, Sherburne Blake (517)

Eaton, W H

Eaves, Albert G

Ebbert, Miss, (Nurse) (3)

Eberhart, Adolph Olson (5)

Eberle, Edward Walter (2)

Ecclesine and Tomlinson (2)

Ecclesine, Thomas C E

Eckert, Howard Haines (17)

Eckert, Thomas Thompson (115)

Eckert, Walter Lewis (23)

Eckert, William H (2)

Eckles, James

Ecometer Manufacturing Co (5)

Eddy, Arthur Jerome (2)

Eddy, Spencer (3)

Eddy, William B (2)

Edelhauser, Henry (3)

Eden Musee American Co

Edgar Printing and Stationery Co

Edgar, Charles Leavitt (58)

Edgar, Grant E (7)

Edgar, Harry Thomas (2)

Edge, Walter Evans (5)

Edgerton, H H (4)

Edgerton, N H

Edgertyn Co (3)

Ediphone Distributors Assn (5)

Edison (Thomas A Jr) and Holzer (William) Steel and (18)

Edison (Thomas A.) Association

Edison (Thomas A.) Centennial (1947)

Edison (Thomas A.) Construction Dept (73)

Edison (Thomas A.) Foundation (4)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc (275)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Amusement Phonograph Comm

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Blue Amberol Dept (2)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Carbolic Acid Division (3)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Coal Tar Products Division (3)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Dictating Machine Division (3)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Educational Film Dept (2)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Electrical Dept Committee

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Film Committee

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Invoice Service Dept

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Kinetophone Committee

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Kinetophone Experimenters

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Kinetoscope and Kinetophone

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Liberty Loan Committee (4)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Motion Picture Division (6)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Musical Phonograph Division (6)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Primary Battery Division (6)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Professional Kinetoscope

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Record Manufacturing Divisi (6)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Recording Division (2)

Edison (Thomas A.) Jr Chemical Co (63)

Edison (Thomas A.) Jr Electric Lamp Co (20)

Edison (Thomas A.) Legal Dept (5)

Edison (Thomas A.) Ltd (13)

Edison (Thomas A.) Personal (4)

Edison (Thomas A.) Personal. Aniline Division (5)

Edison (Thomas A.) Personal. Phenol Division (5)

Edison [Jr] Chemical Co (15)

Edison Accumulators Ltd (45)

Edison and Murray (28)

Edison and Swan United Electric Light Co Ltd (124)

Edison and Unger (8)

Edison Auto Accessories Co (17)

Edison Automobile Co (8)

Edison Band (14)

Edison Benzol Plant (Johnstown Pa.) (332)

Edison Benzol Plant (Sydney N.S.) (75)

Edison Benzol Plant (Woodward Ala.) (277)

Edison Birthplace Home (30)

Edison Botanic Research Corp (8)

Edison Business Phonograph Co (22)

Edison Cement Corp (9)

Edison Cement Works (Stewartsville) (241)

Edison Chemical Works and Other Silver Lake Plants (442)

Edison Club (11)

Edison Company for Isolated Lighting (256)

Edison Crushing Roll Co (14)

Edison Diamond Points (Publication) (3)

Edison Electric Appliance Co (12)

Edison Electric Construction Co Ltd (2)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Appleton) (11)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Ashland) (5)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Bellefonte) (121)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Brockton) (145)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Brooklyn) (36)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Cincinnati) (10)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Circleville) (52)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Danville)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Detroit) (20)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Fall River) (112)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Hazleton) (64)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Johnstown) (2)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Kearney)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Lawrence) (82)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Louisville) (13)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Middletown) (99)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Mt Carmel) (71)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New Bedford) (2)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New Brunswick) (8)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New Orleans) (5)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New York) (278)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Newburgh) (97)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Newport) (2)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Orange) (13)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Paterson) (3)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Piqua) (136)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Rochester) (8)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Shamokin) (199)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Sunbury) (174)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Tiffin) (120)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Utica) (7)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Watsontown)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Williamsport) (56)

Edison Electric Light and Power Co (Kansas City)

Edison Electric Light and Power Co (St Paul) (5)

Edison Electric Light Co (758)

Edison Electric Light Co Bulletin (3)

Edison Electric Light Co Ltd (125)

Edison Electric Light Co of Canada (4)

Edison Electric Light Co of Cuba and Porto Rico

Edison Electric Light Co of Europe Ltd (243)

Edison Electric Light Co of Philadelphia (40)

Edison Electric Light Co of Santiago (3)

Edison Electric Railway Co (6)

Edison Employees Club (Boston Edison Co)

Edison Employment Bureau (2)

Edison Engineering Society

Edison Field Day (20)

Edison Fire Dept (6)

Edison Foreign Electric Pen Co (2)

Edison General Electric Co (433)

Edison General Electric Co Lamp Works (30)

Edison Gesellschaft (37)

Edison Gower-Bell Telephone Co of Europe (86)

Edison Herald (5)

Edison Industrial Works (18)

Edison Institute (11)

Edison International Corp (5)

Edison International Phonograph Co (2)

Edison Iron Concentrating Co (19)

Edison Iron Concentration Co of New Jersey

Edison Kinetophone Co (6)

Edison Lamp Co (436)

Edison Liberty Loan Club (2)

Edison Lock Co (2)

Edison Machine Works (497)

Edison Manufacturing Co (525)

Edison Manufacturing Co (bogus company) (4)

Edison Manufacturing Co Ltd (15)

Edison Medal Assn (6)

Edison Memorial (Century of Progress Exposition) (3)

Edison Memorial Library (Fort Myers) (7)

Edison Monthly (2)

Edison Mutual Benefit Assn

Edison Orchestra (Radio Program) (3)

Edison Ore Milling Co Ltd (181)

Edison Ore Milling Syndicate Ltd (142)

Edison Pageant of Light (Fort Myers) (2)

Edison Park (2)

Edison Patents Co (8)

Edison Phonograph Agency (8)

Edison Phonograph Co (240)

Edison Phonograph Co (London) (4)

Edison Phonograph Monthly (20)

Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co (278)

Edison Phonograph Works (1202)

Edison Phonograph Works. Transfer Pressmen (3)

Edison Phonographs Ltd (5)

Edison Phonoplex System (18)

Edison Pioneers (92)

Edison Polyform and Manufacturing Co (New Jersey) (3)

Edison Polyform Co (Maine) (2)

Edison Portland Cement Co (419)

Edison Primary Batteries Inc (4)

Edison Protective Assn (5)

Edison Pulverized Limestone Co (5)

Edison Scholarship Contest (35)

Edison Shafting Manufacturing Co (15)

Edison Spanish Colonial Light Co (54)

Edison Speaking Phonograph Co (93)

Edison Storage Battery Co (705)

Edison Storage Battery Garage Inc (3)

Edison Storage Battery Supply Co (3)

Edison Telephone Co of Europe Ltd (99)

Edison Telephone Co of Glasgow Ltd (19)

Edison Telephone Co of London Ltd (81)

Edison United Manufacturing Co (69)

Edison United Phonograph Co (330)

Edison Wiring Co (13)

Edison Works Monthly (20)

Edison's Electric Pen and Duplicating Press Co (16)

Edison's Indian and Colonial Electric Co (110)

Edison, Absolom Oscar

Edison, Ann Osterhout (Mrs Theodore M.) (275)

Edison, Anna Elizabeth

Edison, Beatrice Heyzer (Mrs Thomas A. Jr) (128)

Edison, Blanche Travers (Mrs William L.) (98)

Edison, Carlile Snow (3)

Edison, Carolyn Hawkins (Mrs Charles) (392)

Edison, Charles (1575)

Edison, Charles Oscar (3)

Edison, Charles Pitt (74)

Edison, David

Edison, Edith Clarissa (327)

Edison, Eliza Smith (4)

Edison, Elizabeth Yokum, (Grandmother)

Edison, Ellen Holihan (Mrs William P.) (40)

Edison, Fordice Warner (7)

Edison, Frances (2)

Edison, George M

Edison, Grace W (2)

Edison, Harriet Ann (11)

Edison, Harry (7)

Edison, Harry James

Edison, Hazel (4)

Edison, Helen Gladys (2)

Edison, Henry M (2)

Edison, Hester Smith (Mrs Thomas) (3)

Edison, Inez M

Edison, Jacob Cerenus (3)

Edison, John, (Great Grandfather) (13)

Edison, Julia Andrus Tilden (Mrs Simeon O.) (24)

Edison, Lewis Watson

Edison, Madeleine (1299)

Edison, Mahlon Burwell (6)

Edison, Marie Louise Toohey (Mrs Thomas A. Jr) (19)

Edison, Marietta

Edison, Marion Estelle (430)

Edison, Marion Wallace (25)

Edison, Mary Sharlow (Mrs Samuel O.) (3)

Edison, Mary Stilwell (Mrs Thomas A.) (228)

Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) (1952)

Edison, Mina Miller, (Estate) (7)

Edison, Nancy Elliott, (Mother) (68)

Edison, Nellie Marion, (Mrs W.A. Poyer) (31)

Edison, Peregrine Maitland (5)

Edison, Rachel

Edison, Richard Tilden (7)

Edison, Samuel Ogden, (Brother) (3)

Edison, Samuel Ogden, (Father) (221)

Edison, Samuel Ogden, (Grandfather) (17)

Edison, Sarah Jane

Edison, Sarah Ogden, (Great Grandmother) (4)

Edison, Simeon Ogden (67)

Edison, Snow (2)

Edison, Theodore Alfred (5)

Edison, Theodore Miller (1073)

Edison, Thomas Alva (21707)

Edison, Thomas Alva, (Estate) (11)

Edison, Thomas Alva, Jr (605)

Edison, Thomas S

Edison, Thomas, (Cousin) (6)

Edison, Thomas, (Great-Granduncle?) (2)

Edison, Thomas, (Uncle) (2)

Edison, William Leslie (465)

Edison, William Pitt (119)

Edison-Bell Consolidated Phonograph Co Ltd (183)

Edison-Bell Continental Phonograph Co

Edison-Bell Phonograph Corp Ltd (67)

Edison-Saunders Compressed Air Co (10)

Edisonia Co (6)

Edisonia Ltd (3)

Edisonian Society

Edman, John A

Edmonds, Richard Hathaway (4)

Edmonds, Samuel Owen (5)

Edmunds, Henry, Jr (19)

Edmunds, Walter

Edson, Jarvis Borsted (2)

Edson, Tracy Robinson (33)

Educational Film Magazine (2)

Edward VII (Prince of Wales and King of England) (10)

Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor)

Edwards, Arthur Mead

Edwards, B V

Edwards, James Thomas

Edwards, John Richard (2)

Edwards, Jonathan (2)

Eenberg, B Reimers (3)

Egan Co

Egan, Charles Michael (2)

Egan, James, (Menlo Park) (2)

Egan, James, (West Orange)

Egerton, Alan de Tatton

Egerton, Henry Clifford (13)

Eggleston, Pursell (8)

Eggleston, R H

Egleston, Thomas (2)

Egner, Mr

Ehle, Archibald Hyde (2)

Ehret, George (4)

Ehrlich, Leo

Ehrlich, Paul (4)

Eible, Edward A

Eickemeyer, Rudolph (7)

Eiffel, Alexandre Gustave (7)

Eimer and Amend (26)

Einhorn, Max

Einstein, Albert (8)

Eitemiller, George M

Ekstrom, Albert

El Paso Phonograph Co (4)

Elder, Mary (8)

Eldred, Horace H (41)

Eldridge, W E (6)

Electra Cycle Co (2)

Electric Boat Co (23)

Electric Club (New York) (26)

Electric Launch Co (2)

Electric Light Company of Atlantic City

Electric Light Power Generator Co Ltd

Electric Manufacturing Co

Electric Omnibus and Truck Co (2)

Electric Pen Co (4)

Electric Power

Electric Railway Company of the United States (53)

Electric Storage Battery Co (56)

Electric Tube Co (90)

Electric Vehicle and Central Station Assn (2)

Electric Vehicle Association of America (5)

Electric Vehicle Co (16)

Electric Wagon Co (4)

Electric Writing Co Ltd (14)

Electrical Accumulator Co

Electrical Age (4)

Electrical Construction and Maintenance Co (2)

Electrical Engineer (36)

Electrical Experimenter (8)

Electrical Exposition (N.Y. City) (50)

Electrical Record

Electrical Review (London) (10)

Electrical Review (N.Y. City) (31)

Electrical Review and Western Electrician (5)

Electrical Supply Co (2)

Electrical Testing Laboratories (17)

Electrical World (106)

Electrician (London) (39)

Electrician and Electrical Engineer (2)

Electricite (2)

Electro Chemical Co

Electro-Chemical Manufacturing Co (5)

Electro-Dynamic Light Co (5)

Electro-Magnetic Clock Corp (3)

Electrochemical Industry (Magazine) (2)

Elektrotechnischer Verein (2)

Eleonore (Queen of Bulgaria)

Elia, G E

Elias, Nathan M (8)

Eliot, Charles William (6)

Eliot, Ellsworth (2)

Eliot, George (2)

Elizabeth (Glenmont Parlor Maid) (8)

Elizondo, Jose F (3)

Elkins, George W (2)

Ellerson, Henry Watkins (21)

Ellerson, Ida Watkins (4)

Ellert, Levi Richard

Ellingwood, Charles O (2)

Elliott, Ada (8)

Elliott, Alexander, Jr (96)

Elliott, Alexander, Sr (2)

Elliott, C B (3)

Elliott, David (2)

Elliott, Ebenezer Matthews (8)

Elliott, Elizabeth Matthews, (Mrs Winslow Balcom) (7)

Elliott, Fannie

Elliott, George

Elliott, Isaac Matthews (5)

Elliott, John (7)

Elliott, John Matthews (4)

Elliott, Mercy Peckham (Mrs Ebenezer M.) (4)

Elliott, Stephen Matthews (2)

Elliott, W St George

Ellis, A J (3)

Ellis, Alexander John (3)

Ellis, Sidney Allan

Ellison, Grace (4)

Ellsworth, George (3)

Ellsworth, William W

Elmore, John N (3)

Elsberg, Louis

Elsberg, Nathaniel A

Elson, Benjamin F

Elster, Julius (3)

Elton, C W

Ely, Charles H (2)

Ely, Robert Erskine (5)

Emark Battery Corp (9)

Emergency Fleet Corp (7)

Emerson Electric Co (9)

Emerson Phonograph Co (2)

Emerson, Guy

Emerson, Victor Hugo (10)

Emery, Archibald Clarence (78)

Emery, Charles Edward (2)

Emery, Edward

Emery, John R (3)

Emery, Stephen Albert (2)

Emery, William S

Emmerson (Edison Employee) (2)

Emmet, William Le Roy (16)

Emminger, David

Emmons, George E

Emmons, J S

Empire Limestone Co (17)

Employers Liability Assurance Corp

Emrich, Herman C (3)

Encyclopedia Britannica (12)

Endermann, H

Endicott Johnson & Co

Endicott, H C (3)

Engel, Mrs C M

Engineer (9)

Engineering (44)

Engineering and Contracting

Engineering and Mining Journal (26)

Engineering Magazine (4)

Engineering News (14)

Engineers Club (N.Y. City) (14)

Engineers Club of Philadelphia (3)

Engineers Society of Western Pennsylvania

Engisch, Christian

England, Frances F (Mrs. Isaac W)

England, Isaac W (6)

Engle, George B

Engle, Horace M

Engle, Willis D

English (George L.) & Co (3)

English Mechanic (2)

English Syndicate

English, Conover (12)

English, George Letchworth (3)

English, John C (29)

Ennis (C.W.) & Co (2)

Enright, Richard Edward

Ensign-Bickford Co (3)

Entz, Justus B (8)

Epstein, Max

Equitable Life Assurance Society (6)

Equitable Trust Co (5)

Erben, Hermann F T

Erben, J H

Ericsson, John (9)

Erie City Iron Works

Erie County (Ohio). Treasurer

Erie Dispatch

Erie Railroad Co (82)

Erlanger (Emile) & Co (2)

Erlanger, Abraham Lincoln (7)

Erlanger, Emil (6)

Ernst (V.H.) & Co (3)

Ernst, Victor H (2)

Erwin, Frederick Condit (3)

Essanay Film Co (45)

Essex County (N.J.). Mosquito Extermination Comm

Essex County (N.J.). Road Board (3)

Essex County (N.J.). Surrogate

Essex County Country Club (21)

Essex County Park Commission (4)

Essex Press (8)

Estabrook, Charles Elmer

Estabrook, Henry Dodge

Estes, Capt B E

Estill, Joseph Garner (4)

Estler, A E

Estler, Albert

Ethel (Servant)

Ettinger, William (6)

Etude (2)

Eureka Flint and Spar Co

Evans & Co (3)

Evans, Carrie Belle Hendry (Mrs Edward L.)

Evans, Edward Lewis (3)

Evans, Elizabeth A (5)

Evans, Forrest Edison

Evans, George S (4)

Evans, Henry G

Evans, James (6)

Evans, Lemuel E (6)

Evans, Robley Dunglison (2)

Evarts, William Maxwell (6)

Eveleth, Charles Edward (3)

Everdell, William, Jr (11)

Everding, Henry E

Everett, George (3)

Everett, J B (13)

Everhart, Franklin (14)

Everybody's Magazine (5)

Everybody's Weekly

Ewen, James (2)

Ewing, Oscar Ross (Jack) (7)

Ewing, Thomas, III (35)

Exall, Henry

Exchange Fire Insurance Co (2)

Exchange Telegraph Co Ltd (6)

Exhibition. Alaska Yukon Pacific (1909) (8)

Exhibition. Berlin (1883) (3)

Exhibition. Berlin (1910). American Commission (8)

Exhibition. Birmingham (U.K.) (1889) (5)

Exhibition. Boston Food and House Furnishing (1908)

Exhibition. Boston Mechanics (1910)

Exhibition. Brussels Sciences (1888) (2)

Exhibition. Buffalo Pan-American (1901) (15)

Exhibition. California Midwinter (1894)

Exhibition. Chicago Columbian (1893) (125)

Exhibition. Chicago Industrial (1881)

Exhibition. Chicago Railway (1883) (6)

Exhibition. Cincinnati Ohio Valley (1910)

Exhibition. Frankfort (Germany) Electrical (1890) (4)

Exhibition. Jamestown Ter-Centennial (1907) (7)

Exhibition. London American (1886) (2)

Exhibition. London Electric (1882) (50)

Exhibition. Louisville Southern (1883) (32)

Exhibition. Minneapolis Industrial (1890) (37)

Exhibition. Minneapolis. Northwestern Electric (191 (5)

Exhibition. Montreal Builders Show (1908) (4)

Exhibition. Montreal Electrical (1891) (13)

Exhibition. Montreal Electrical (1901) (2)

Exhibition. N.Y. City Electrical (1896)

Exhibition. N.Y. City Electrical (1898) (7)

Exhibition. N.Y. City Electrical Show (1905) (2)

Exhibition. N.Y. City International (1892) (12)

Exhibition. N.Y. City Real Estate and Ideal Home (1 (2)

Exhibition. N.Y. City Woman's Exchange (1890) (14)

Exhibition. New Orleans Cotton (1884-1885) (16)

Exhibition. Nice International (1883)

Exhibition. Ohio Valley Centennial (1888)

Exhibition. Panama Pacific (1915) (117)

Exhibition. Paris International (1881) (98)

Exhibition. Paris Universal (1878) (27)

Exhibition. Paris Universal (1889) (285)

Exhibition. Paris Universal (1889). U.S. Commission

Exhibition. Paris Universal (1900) (9)

Exhibition. Philadelphia Centennial (1876) (32)

Exhibition. Philadelphia Electrical (1884) (29)

Exhibition. Portland (Ore.) Lewis and Clark (1905) (6)

Exhibition. Saint John (Canada) Electrical (1889) (5)

Exhibition. St Louis (1904) (54)

Exhibition. St Louis Electrical (1889) (8)

Exhibition. Sydney International (1879) (3)

Exhibition. Vienna Electrical (1883) (2)

Experimenter Publishing Co (5)

Exploration Co Ltd (3)

Exposition of Public Spirited Activities

Eyre, Edward (14)

Eyre, Elisa Ainsworth (Mrs Edward) (2)

Eyre, Gladys Mary (20)

Eyre, Jack (5)

Eyre, Joseph Patrick (4)

Eyre, M K (2)

Eyre, Mary (5)

Eyre, Richard

Eyre, William S

Eyre?, Sister Kathleen (3)

Eyton, William


F-4 (Submarine) (4)

Fabbri and Chauncey (37)

Fabbri, Egisto Paolo (175)

Fabry, Charles

Fabry, Paul

Fackenthal, Benjamin F, Jr (4)

Fackenthal, Frank Diehl (8)

Fagan, Frank D (22)

Fahnestock, William (7)

Fairbanks Morse & Co (4)

Fairbanks, Charles Elwood (4)

Fairbanks, Charles Warren

Fairbanks, Douglas (3)

Fairchild (P.B.) & Co

Fairchild, David Grandison

Fairman, Francis E (4)

Fairmont Coal Co (5)

Fakes-Bisbee-Robertson Inc (14)

Falk Studio (14)

Falk, Benjamin J (8)

Falk, Elizabeth Louise

Falk, Otto Herbert (7)

Fall River Globe

Faller (Marion Edison's Fiance) (5)

Fallon, John

Faraday, Michael (18)

Fargo, Clarence B (2)

Farkas, E J

Farley, Charles B (2)

Farley, John Cardinal (3)

Farmer, Frank Malcom

Farmer, Leona Boyd, (Mrs Joseph Scranton) (3)

Farmer, Moses Gerrish (31)

Farmer, Sarah J (3)

Farmer, Silas

Farmers Club

Farmers Loan and Trust Co (22)

Farnam, Henry Walcott (4)

Farquhar, Horace Brand (4)

Farr Lumber Co

Farr, Georgiana Harding (6)

Farrand, Bethuel Clinton

Farrand, Charles (9)

Farrand, Stanford

Farrar, Geraldine (8)

Farrell, John William (46)

Farrell, Willford (6)

Farren, Ellen (Nellie)

Farwell, E S

Farwell, John Villiers

Fass, Henry K

Fates, Miss (17)

Faure Electric Accumulator Co (19)

Faure, Camille (24)

Fauth & Co (3)

Favier, Paul-Andre

Favre, Pierre Antoine

Fawcett, Henry

Fay (J.A.) & Co (2)

Fay, Charles Norman

Fearey, Frederick Tysoe (2)

Fechheimer, Herman C (2)

Fechtenburg, J F (3)

Federal Council of Churches

Federal Electric Railways Commission (7)

Federal Steel Foundry Co (2)

Federal Storage Battery Car Co (61)

Federated Garden Clubs of New York State (2)

Feederle, Herman O

Fehen (Edison Employee)

Feiker, Frederick Morris

Feilding, Rudolph Robert, (Lord Denbigh) (2)

Feldes, Helen Leslie Jordan (Mrs Erwin J.)

Fellows, John R (2)

Felton, Edgar Conway (5)

Felts, W B

Fenton, Ernest A

Fenwick, George

Ferdinand I (Bulgaria)

Ferguson and Meek

Ferguson, Elsie

Ferguson, J W

Ferguson, Louis Aloysius

Ferranti, Sebastian Ziani de (5)

Ferrell, Joseph L

Ferrier, William F

Ferro, J

Fessenden, Elisha Joseph

Fessenden, Reginald Aubrey (45)

Fetherolf, B L (3)

Fewkes, Jesse Walter

Fichter, William (2)

Fidelity and Casualty Co (3)

Fidelity and Deposit Co of Maryland (2)

Fidelity Title and Deposit Co (7)

Fidelity Trust Co (31)

Field (Marshall) & Co (8)

Field Engineering Co

Field, Cornelius J (30)

Field, Cyrus West (14)

Field, David Dudley (7)

Field, Eugene (2)

Field, George Baker (6)

Field, Marshall (8)

Field, R M (5)

Field, Stephen Dudley (45)

Fielder, James Fairman (3)

Fiess (Marion Edison's Neighbor) (4)

Figner, Fred (2)

Filamentophone Co Ltd

Findley, Alvin Irwin (7)

Finkbeiner, Eugene (6)

Finlayson, William F (7)

Finley, John Huston (8)

Finn, George H (3)

Firestone Hour (Radio Program) (2)

Firestone Tire and Rubber Co (32)

Firestone, Harvey Samuel (178)

Firestone, Harvey Samuel, Jr (10)

Firestone, Idabelle Smith (Mrs Harvey S.) (24)

Firestone, Russell Allen (2)

First National Bank (N.Y. City) (4)

First Ward Local Interest Club (East Orange) (2)

Firth, John

Fischer, Frederick C (17)

Fischer, Henry, (British Telegraph Service) (8)

Fish, Charles C

Fish, Frederick Perry (30)

Fisher (Elliott) Co

Fisher, B Franklin

Fisher, Bud

Fisher, Carl G (2)

Fisher, Clyde (2)

Fisher, George E

Fisher, H Q (10)

Fisher, Irving (3)

Fisher, Joseph O (2)

Fisher, Joseph S (2)

Fisher, Mrs John

Fisher, William James

Fisk and Hatch

Fisk Jubilee Singers

Fisk Rubber Co (3)

Fisk University (2)

Fiske, Bradley Allen (11)

Fiske, Charles H

Fitch and Meserole (3)

Fitch Fox and Brown (2)

Fitch, Derick H (4)

Fitch, Francis (4)

Fitch, Frederick K (14)

Fitch, H A

Fitch, Silas Hedding

Fitzgerald, Charles L W (2)

Fitzgerald, John Joseph (2)

Fitzgerald, Louis

Fitzgerald, O D

FitzGibbon, E

Five Points House of Industry

Flagg, James Montgomery

Flagler, Henry Morrison

Flaherty, Mary (20)

Flammer, Charles (3)

Flanery, David

Flannery, Mr

Fleischl, Ernst

Fleishhacker, Herbert (2)

Fleishhacker, Mortimer (5)

Fleiss (Edison Employee) (2)

Fleming, Alfred W (4)

Fleming, I

Fleming, John (4)

Fleming, John Ambrose (35)

Fleming, Michael

Fleming, Mrs T

Flesch, Carl (9)

Flesh, Henry (2)

Fletcher, Charles F (3)

Fletcher, Duncan Upshaw (3)

Fletcher, Elwin (4)

Fletcher, Frank Friday (8)

Fletcher, Thomas

Fleury, A L (5)

Flexner, Abraham

Flexner, Simon (7)

Flicoteaux, Paul (4)

Flint & Co

Flint, Charles Ranlett (7)

Flintom, A D

Flonzaley Quartette (4)

Flood (John H.) & Co

Florida Federation of Women's Clubs

Florida Phonograph Co (2)

Floweree, Daniel Augustus Greene (2)

Floweree, Elizabeth (Mrs Daniel A.G.) (6)

Floyd, H

Flury, Paul

Flynn (Delaware Lackawanna and Western RR)

Flynn and Emerick (2)

Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley

Foch, Ferdinand

Focht, Mr

Foden, William

Fodor, Etienne de (37)

Foerster, Prof (4)

Fogg (W.H.) & Co (2)

Fogle, Amanda Harter (3)

Fogle, Henry Clay

Foley, Edna (2)

Foley, L B (4)

Folger, Henry Clay, Jr (2)

Folsom, Neill Suart (10)

Foltz, Abner Esgar (2)

Fondersmith, Harry (9)

Fonotipia Ltd (2)

Fontaine, Hippolyte (4)

Fontana, A

Foote Mineral Co (10)

Foote, Albert Edward (6)

Foote, Frederick W (4)

Foote, Lucius Harwood (14)

Foote, Theodore M

Forbes and Ruppe

Forbes, George (6)

Forbes-Robertson, Johnston

Force (Wm A.) & Co (2)

Force, Howard J (2)

Force, John Joseph (7)

Force, Martin N (213)

Ford (Automobile) (18)

Ford (Henry) and Son Inc (5)

Ford (Henry) Museum (48)

Ford Hawaiian Quintet (21)

Ford Motor Co (138)

Ford Motor Co Ltd (2)

Ford, Clara Bryant (Mrs Henry) (128)

Ford, Edsel Bryant (72)

Ford, Eleanor Clay (Mrs Edsel B.) (9)

Ford, H C (2)

Ford, Henry (1409)

Fordyce, J N (3)

Foreign General Telephone Supply Co Ltd (3)

Foreign Pilsen Electric Light and Power Co Ltd

Foreman (Inspector)

Forest Hill Protective Assn (2)

Forney, John Wien (2)

Forrel, Carl von

Forrest, James

Forster, Frank Joseph (9)

Fort Myers (Fla). Council (5)

Fort Myers (Fla). Mayor (2)

Fort Myers Army Airfield (Palmetto Field) (2)

Fort Myers Board of Trade (2)

Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce

Fort Myers Golf and Yacht Club

Fort Myers Press (13)

Fort Myers Roundtable (4)

Fort Wayne Electric Co (6)

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Fort, Franklin William (4)

Fort, Greta (2)

Fort, Helen Osmun (Mrs Leslie R.) (49)

Fort, John Franklin (4)

Fort, Leslie Runyon (46)

Fortune, John W (28)

Fortuno, Felipe (6)

Forum (Magazine) (2)

Fosdick, Harry Emerson (8)

Foss, Eugene Noble (3)

Foster and Freeman (2)

Foster and Thomson (5)

Foster, Anna Story (47)

Foster, Anna Story (Mrs T. Newton) (8)

Foster, C M (2)

Foster, Emory

Foster, John O (6)

Foster, Newton Story (11)

Foster, Randolph Sinks (5)

Foster, Thomas Jefferson

Foster, Thomas Newton

Foster, William Trufant (2)

Fougner, Hermann

Foulkes, S D (4)

Fournier, Stephen

Foussat, G

Fowle, John C (3)

Fowler, Charles Newell (3)

Fowler, Frank T

Fowler, George Bingham

Fowler, Orson Squire

Fox Case Corp (3)

Fox, Charles James (2)

Fox, Edwin M (49)

Fox, Lillian, (Mrs Phillip Igoe) (5)

Fox, Maurice E (53)

Fox, Mr (KDKA radio) (4)

Fox, William (8)

Fox, William A (3)

Foxworthy, James Edgar (2)

Fra (Magazine) (2)

Frame-Thomson, Thomas

France. Government (4)

France. Minister of Posts and Telegraph (3)

Franchot, Edward E (2)

Francis, C

Francis, William H (3)

Francklyn, Reginald (2)

Franco-American Ferment Co

Franfwine, J C

Frank (Glenmont Gardener) (7)

Frank, Karl Georg

Frank, Leo Max (4)

Franke, Gustav

Franke, O G

Franklin Institute (66)

Franklin Institute. Journal (17)

Franklin Iron Co (4)

Franklin Telegraph Co (24)

Franklin Zinc Co

Franklin, Benjamin (3)

Franko, Nahan

Franks, Jerome Anderson Quay

Franks, Joseph K (3)

Franks, Ralph Charlton (8)

Franks, Robert Augustus (13)

Franks, Robert Augustus, Jr (6)

Franz Ferdinand (Austria-Hungary)

Franz Joseph (Austria-Hungary) (9)

Fraser (Arthur C.) & Co (2)

Fraser and Chalmers (5)

Fraser, James Earl (16)

Fraser, Mary Crawford (Mrs Hugh)

Frasse & Co (4)

Fraternal Order of Eagles

Fraternal Order of Freemasons (4)

Frayer, C B (3)

Frazar & Co (68)

Frazar, Everett (62)

Frazar, Everett Welles (3)

Frazer, Thomas

Fredericks, Walter Emil

Freeman, Frank L (7)

Freeman, George S

Freeman, Manning (4)

Freeman, Mary E

Freeman, Minnie

Freeman, Walter K (6)

Freeman, Walter W

Freeman, Weldon Winans

Freid, Calvin T (24)

Frelinghuysen, Joseph Sherman (7)

Fremont, Jessie Benton (2)

Frenaye, William Eagleton, Jr. (3)

French Army Band

French, William C (4)

Freund Bros & Co

Frey, Owen Alfred

Friars Club

Frick (H.C.) Coke Co (2)

Frick, Henry Clay

Frick, William C (2)

Friedenstein, A A

Friend, Harry Meyer (2)

Fries, Amos Alfred

Friese-Greene, William (11)

Fritcher, Charles Clifford (2)

Fritcher, Charles Edward

Fritcher, Lee

Fritcher, Roy

Fritcher, Vera (Mrs C. Clifford)

Frith, C A

Fritts, Stewart (2)

Fritz, John (20)

Fritze-Lundt & Co (2)

Frohman, Daniel (9)

Froment (Frank L.) & Co (2)

Fromm, Edna

Frost, Arthur Cecil (10)

Frost, H H

Frothingham, Arthur Lincoln

Frue Vanning Machine Co

Fry, Edward

Fry, Gladys Gordon (4)

Frye, William Albert (5)

Fuerth, William G (2)

Fuguet (S.) and Sons

Fujioka, Ichisuke (8)

Fujisawa, Genkichi (7)

Fullam, William Freeland (2)

Fuller (Ralph L.) & Co (2)

Fuller Electrical Co (4)

Fuller Engineering Co (4)

Fuller, James B (3)

Fuller, James Wheeler (2)

Fuller, Mary (3)

Fuller, Verdi E B (10)

Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills (2)

Funk, Marion Thompson (6)

Funston, Hugh M (6)

Furniss, Harry (2)

Furth, Seymour


Gabel Jones and Gabel (2)

Gabler (Phonograph Demonstrator)

Gaboriau, Emile (3)

Galbraith, James W

Galisteo Co (13)

Gall, Adolph F (176)

Gallagher, Daniel Francis (2)

Gallaway, Robert Macy (4)

Galli-Curci, Amelita (3)

Gallimore, R A (6)

Galloway, Reginald (9)

Gally, Merritt

Gamage (A.W.) Ltd (7)

Gamage, A W (4)

Gambetta, Leon-Michel (2)

Gamble, James (4)

Gammon, Frank R

Ganot, Aldolphe (4)

Ganter, Maxwell

Ganz & Co (8)

Gap, Ageron

Garbi, Alexander (4)

Garden Club of the Oranges (30)

Garden, Hugh R

Gardiner, Ada F

Gardiner, Asa Bird

Gardner (Telephone Co Agent)

Gardner (William) & Co

Gardner, Charles Sharp (2)

Gardner, David Moulton (4)

Gardner, George T (3)

Gardner, George W (3)

Gardner, Hanlon A

Gardner, M (2)

Gardner, Russell E (12)

Gardner, Samuel (2)

Gardner, Walter Pennett

Garfield Safe Deposit Co (3)

Garfield, Harry Augustus (4)

Garfield, James (2)

Gargan, John (8)

Garland (Phonograph Demonstrator)

Garland, Charles Launcelot (2)

Garner, Richard Lynch (6)

Garnett, Alexander Yelverton Peyton, III

Garrett, John Work (14)

Garrett, Robert (4)

Garrison, Lindley Miller (10)

Garrison, Marion Knight (Mrs. Philip McK.) (12)

Garrison, Philip McKim

Garrison, Wendell Phillips (2)

Garrison, William Lloyd, Jr (33)

Gartland, Thomas (4)

Gartley, William H (2)

Garvey, Alice C (Mrs William S.) (12)

Garvey, William Sanford (7)

Garvin, James E (17)

Garwood, S S

Gary, Elbert Henry (15)

Gas Light and Coke Co (11)

Gaskill, Charles B

Gasparri, Pietro Cardinal (3)

Gasquet, Francis Aidan

Gassiot, John Peter (2)

Gaston and Marsh (2)

Gaston, Daisy (14)

Gaston, Olive

Gatchell, Oscar J

Gathmann, H (3)

Gauduin, Octave

Gaulard, Lucien (3)

Gaumont Co (40)

Gaumont, Leon (23)

Gaunt, Fannie Randolph Dickinson (Mrs Thomas T.) (3)

Gaunt, Guy Reginald Arthur (8)

Gaunt, James (41)

Gaunt, Thomas T (10)

Gay, Harry S (4)

Gayley, James (22)

Gaynor, William Jay (16)

Gebruder Lismann

Geddes, Eric (8)

Geddes, R M

Gedney, Jerome Dudley

Gee, Basil

Geer, Charles P (2)

Gehris, Joseph L

Geigy Co (9)

Geiselman, E (2)

Geisenheimer & Co (4)

Geissler, Heinrich (9)

Geissler, Louis Frederick (7)

Geitel, Hans Friedrich Karl (3)

Gelson (Edison Employee) (3)

General Acoustic Co (8)

General Bakelite Co (5)

General Chemical Co (72)

General Crushed Stone Co (2)

General Dynamics Corp. Electric Boat Dvision

General Electric Co (609)

General Electric Co Ltd

General Electric Review (4)

General Federation of Women's Clubs (27)

General Film Co (74)

General Incandescent Arc Light Co (6)

General Motors Co (16)

General Vehicle Co (61)

General Zinc Recovery and Lighting Co Ltd (4)

Gennell, Ernest

Gennert (G.) Co (6)

Genth, Frederick Augustus (4)

George (Edison Family Chauffeur)

George (Prince of Greece) (4)

George I (Greece) (3)

George Junior Republic (5)

George V (Great Britain) (3)

George VI (Great Britain)

George, Alice H (2)

George, Burton

George, Charles H (3)

George, Hebert (2)

George, John

George, Mary Ruth Ethelwyn (2)

George, Mrs G E

Georgia Academy for the Blind

Georgia Phonograph Co (4)

Georgia Railroad Co (2)

Georgia. Board of Education

Gepfert, William

Gerbode, Albert G (5)

Gere, Theodore D (2)

Gerhard, Hildegarde (6)

German American Car Co (2)

German Industrial Commission (2)

German National Bank (37)

German-American Bronze Powder Manfacturing Co

Germania Bank (42)

Germania Hosiery Mills (7)

Germany. Patent Office (36)

Germany. Post Office (11)

Germany. Royal Chamber Court

Germany. Supreme Court

Gernsback, Hugo (4)

Gerome, Jean Leon

Gerould, Katherine Fullerton

Gerry, Elbridge Thomas (4)

Gerstell, Arnold Frederick (7)

Gesellschaft Urania (10)

Gesswein, F W

Getz, Sarah

Geyer, William Ernest (3)

Ghegan, John J (2)

Giant Cement Co (3)

Gibbons, James Cardinal (17)

Gibbs, George

Gibbs, John Dixon (3)

Gibbs, Louis D

Gibbs, Oliver Wolcott (3)

Gibbs, William Edward (4)

Gibson Electric Co

Gibson Iron Works Co

Gibson, Charles Dana

Gibson, Eugene H

Gibson, J H

Gibson, Thomas W (4)

Giesmann, Henry

Giffen, Robert Lawrence (4)

Gifford, John A (3)

Gifford, Walter Sherman (3)

Gilbert and Barker Manufacturing Co (6)

Gilbert, Cass (2)

Gilbert, Russell S (6)

Gilbreth, Frank Bunker

Gilchrist, Florence (2)

Gildea, P F (32)

Gilder, Richard Watson (2)

Gildersleeve, Basil Lanneau

Gill, John Henry (14)

Gill, Mary Jane Stilwell (6)

Gillett, Clara H (Mrs Myron E.) (2)

Gillett, Horace Wadsworth

Gillett, Myron Eugene

Gillette, William

Gilliland (19)

Gilliland & Co (8)

Gilliland Electric Co (7)

Gilliland, Ezra Torrance (484)

Gilliland, James F (14)

Gilliland, Lillian (Mrs Ezra T.) (32)

Gilliland, Robert (27)

Gillmor, Reginald Everett (2)

Gillson and Gillson (8)

Gilman, Benjamin I

Gilmore, Thomas N

Gilmore, William Edgar (448)

Gilmour, L D H (5)

Gilpin, Charles, Jr (2)

Gimbel, Jacob (3)

Gingrich, James Hetrick (2)

Gintl, Julius Wilhelm (4)

Giorno, John

Girard Phonograph Co (6)

Girard Trust Co (5)

Giron, Mr

Gitney Players

Gittins, Robert Henry

Given, Mary Elizabeth (17)

Gladstone, James W (107)

Gladstone, John Hall

Gladstone, William Ewart (26)

Gladstone, William Henry

Glaister, Arthur Henry (8)

Glaser, George

Glass, Louis (18)

Glendale Cemetery (2)

Glenmont (392)

Glenmont Press (4)

Glennon, James H (2)

Glidden, John N (3)

Globe Film Service (5)

Glocke, Alfred

Glosz-Rose, Rosemary

Glover, Caroline J (2)

Gloyn, John Fox (11)

Gluck, Alma (5)

Glyn, Elinor

Glyn, W A (4)

Glynn, Martin Henry

Gmelin, Leopold

Goas, Horace Z

Goddard, A L (5)

Goddard, Calvin (85)

Goddard, E G

Godfrey, Ira (2)

Godillot, Georges Alexis (9)

Goebel, Henry (9)

Goeltz (W.L.) Co

Goepel, Paul (22)

Goerz (C.P.) American Optical Co

Goethals, George Washington (16)

Goff, Edwards H (2)

Gold and Stock Telegraph Co (177)

Gold Bluff Mining Co (2)

Goldbaum, Jacob S (2)

Golden Jubilee (1929) (59)

Goldenberg, Carl T (2)

Golding and Sons Co (2)

Goldsborough, Winder Elwell

Goldschmidt Detinning Co

Goldstein, Albert S (3)

Goldstein, Ignacy (66)

Goldthwaite, H G (8)

Gompers, Samuel (5)

Gompf, Willard C

Gonin, B W (3)

Gooch, W W

Good Housekeeping (Magazine) (6)

Good Roads Machinery Co

Goodall, Agnes Secord (2)

Goodman, William

Goodno, Edgar Everett (2)

Goodrich (B.F.) Co (23)

Goodrich, Arthur Lindsay

Goodrich, Benjamin Franklin (3)

Goodrich, Caspar Frederick (3)

Goodrich, Charles Cross (12)

Goodrich, David Marvin (37)

Goodrich, Isabella Marvin (7)

Goodrich, Mary Elizabeth Marvin (Mrs B.F.) (14)

Goodrich, Mary Gellatly (Mrs Charles C.) (21)

Goodridge, J C, Jr

Goodwillie, Robert H (4)

Goodwin, Charles Edwin (49)

Goodwin, Claribel (2)

Goodwin, Hannibal Williston

Goodwin, Harry Manley (4)

Goodwin, Henry D (4)

Goodwin, James Junius (2)

Goodwin, N M

Goodwin, Pamela Helen, (Mrs William Renwick) (7)

Goodwin, Samuel P

Goodwin, William (4)

Goodyear (Nelson) Inc

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co (14)

Goodyear, Charles

Goodyear, George (10)

Goodyear, Miles W

Goodyear, Nelson (5)

Goold, Fredrick D'A (12)

Gordon, Alex B

Gordon, Anna A

Gordon, E D

Gordon, James Edward Henry (4)

Gordon, John Brown

Gordon, John William (2)

Gordon, Jules R (3)

Gordon, P J

Gore, C E

Gore, Miss, (Nurse) (4)

Gorham, Catharine

Gorman, John

Gormley, John

Gornwell, R I

Gorton, Frank S (9)

Goshorn, Alfred Traber

Gosselaar, Peter George (3)

Goto, Shimpei (3)

Gotsch, J

Gottschalk, Felix (35)

Gould (E.andR.J.) (4)

Gould Machine Co

Gould Storage Battery Co (5)

Gould, Anna

Gould, Edwin (4)

Gould, George Jay (7)

Gould, Jay (167)

Gould, Thomas J

Gounod, Charles (5)

Gouraud, Bayard

Gouraud, George Edward (1042)

Gouraud, George Fauvel

Gouyard, G M (3)

Gove, George

Gove, Grace Hartzell (Mrs Frank E.)

Gove, J E (2)

Gover, Henry Charles (5)

Gowan, Caleb E

Gower, Frederick Allen (27)

Gower-Bell Telephone Co Ltd (9)

Gowland, Charles W

Grace & Co (Chile) (3)

Grace (W.R.) & Co (19)

Grace Note (Cottage) (18)

Grace, Alice, (Mrs Albert F. D'Oench) (2)

Grace, Eugene Gifford

Grace, Frederick J (4)

Grace, Joseph Peter

Grace, Lillius Gilchrist (Mrs W.R.)

Grace, Michael Paul

Grace, Sergius Paul

Grace, William Russell, Jr (5)

Graf, Thomas (145)

Graham, James Frank (3)

Graham, John (2)

Graham, Samuel Jordan

Graham, Thomas

Grainger, Percy Aldridge

Gramme Electrical Co (24)

Gramme Magneto-Electric Machine Co (11)

Gramme, Zenobe Theophile (27)

Gramophone Co (35)

Granberry, Denis Webb (2)

Grand Army of the Republic (2)

Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad (2)

Grand Trunk Herald (1862) (16)

Grand Trunk Railway (Canada) (48)

Grand Union Tea Co

Granitex Co

Grant (Edison Employee)

Grant Motor Co

Grant, Albert Weston (7)

Grant, C W

Grant, Clyde Franklin (2)

Grant, G W

Grant, Hugh John (5)

Grant, Seth Hastings

Grant, Ulysses S (7)

Grasselli Chemical Co (10)

Grassi, Riccardo

Grau, Robert

Graves, Fred W (2)

Graves, William A (3)

Gray (William S.) & Co (6)

Gray and Davis Co (18)

Gray, Christian H

Gray, Elisha (127)

Gray, George Francis (4)

Gray, Prof A

Gray, Reginald (4)

Gray, William (12)

Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co

Great Britain. Board of Trade (11)

Great Britain. Court of Appeal

Great Britain. Government (56)

Great Britain. High Court of Justice (2)

Great Britain. Parliament (19)

Great Britain. Patent Office (12)

Great Britain. Post Office (11)

Great Britain. Post Office. Postmaster General (2)

Great Northwestern Telegraph Co (Canada) (20)

Great Western Power Co (2)

Greater New York Film Rental Co (15)

Greble, Edwin St John, Jr (8)

Greeley (E.S.) & Co (7)

Greeley, Grace G

Greely, Adolphus Washington (3)

Green Fuel Economizer Co

Green Hinckley and Allen

Green, Harvey Hinchman (2)

Green, James O (5)

Green, John Pugh (3)

Green, Norvin (46)

Greene, Edward Martin (3)

Greene, Samuel Dana, Jr (15)

Greene, Willard C (56)

Greenfield and Klein

Greenfield, Edwin Truman (15)

Greenley, Thomas D (47)

Greenstreet, Jason H (2)

Greenthal, Robert

Greer, Henry (3)

Greet, Philip Barling (Ben)

Gregg, James M (2)

Gregory, Alice Weston Merritt (18)

Gregory, Carl Louis (2)

Gregory, George Foster

Gregory, H L

Gregory, Julian Arthur (6)

Gregory, Margaret Robinson (82)

Gregory, Thomas Watt (16)

Gregory, William H

Greim, George (6)

Gress, George Valentine (55)

Gress, Morgan V (13)

Greul, W Herman

Grevy, Francois Paul Jules

Gridley, Royal E (3)

Griess, George G (8)

Griest, John M (24)

Griffin and Wynkoop Co

Griffin, Eugene (3)

Griffin, Gilroy Wells

Griffin, Johnnie

Griffin, Robert Stanislaus (19)

Griffin, Stockton L (203)

Griffith, D W (David Wark) (9)

Griffith, Edward H (2)

Griffith, John Price Crozer

Grigg, F R (3)

Griggs, Edward Howard

Griggs, John William (3)

Grignard, Victor

Grimes, Byron Winthrop (2)

Grimes, Harry Rutter (58)

Grimshaw, James T (2)

Grimshaw, Robert (3)

Grinnell Bros (3)

Grissinger, Elwood (2)

Groff, William

Grondal, Mr (7)

Gross (Ignatius) Co (4)

Gross, Howard H (2)

Grosvenor, Edwin Prescott (6)

Grosvenor, Hugh, (Duke of Westminster)

Grosvenor, William Mason (7)

Grothe, Otto (45)

Grouse, Hetty G

Grout Bros Automobile Co (4)

Grove, William Robert

Grove, Winfield Scott

Groves, E

Grower, George G (9)

Grubb, Edward Burd (3)

Grubb, Eugene Housel (9)

Gruenfeldt, Emil

Grunstein, William

Gruppe, Paulo (5)

Guarantee and Accident Lloyds (10)

Guarantee Construction Co

Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Co (5)

Guaranty Trust Co (19)

Guernsey, Sarah Mitchell (Mrs. George T.) (2)

Guffey, James McClurg (3)

Guggenheim, Daniel (2)

Guggenheim, Harry Frank

Guilbert, Eugene A

Guild, Frederick F (3)

Guiler, Henry Anderson (3)

Guilford, William Sumner (2)

Guillaudue, Theodore

Guimaraes, F G

Guimaraes, Henry (13)

Guion, William H (3)

Gulbrandsen-Calvert, Anna

Gulf and Atlantic Steamship Co

Gulf Refining Co

Gump, Walter B (2)

Gundlach Optical Co (2)

Gundlach, E T (2)

Gundlach, Frank A

Gunn, James Newton

Gunzel, Martin R

Gurnee, William Theodore

Gusman, Fillippo

Gustaf Adolph (Sweden) (2)

Gutenberg, Johannes (3)

Guy, George H (2)

Guzman Blanco, Antonio


H-3 (Submarine) (2)

Haarmann, F W

Haas, Charles (27)

Habirshaw Electric Cable Co (5)

Hackett, John C

Haddock, S J

Haddock, William F

Hadjopoulos and Sperco Inc (4)

Hadley, Arthur Twining (4)

Haeckel, Ernst (5)

Haertl, Paul (2)

Hagan, H J (2)

Hagar, Edward McKim (2)

Hagedorn, E

Hagelin, August (3)

Hagemann, Otto C (5)

Hagen Batterie GmbH (4)

Hagen, Ernst (2)

Hagerstown Mail

Hagerty, Edward E (5)

Haggerty, Daniel T

Hagopian, Alexander (3)

Hagspihl, Paul (2)

Hahne & Co (6)

Hahne, Albert J (2)

Haid Mueller & Co (2)

Haid, Alfred (55)

Haigh, H M (6)

Haines, Isaac Snowden

Haines, John P (24)

Haines, Richard Townley (12)

Halcyon Park Improvement Assn

Hale and Fiske (3)

Hale and Walcott (2)

Hale, Arthur (3)

Hale, Edward Everett (3)

Hale, George Silsbee (4)

Hales, G E

Halgrim, Robert C (29)

Hall & Co

Hall of Fame (New York University) (3)

Hall Signal Co (12)

Hall, Alexander Wilford

Hall, Alfred Bates (9)

Hall, Bolton (3)

Hall, C H

Hall, Charles A Kennerley

Hall, Charles Cuthbert

Hall, George Cleveland

Hall, Henry D (3)

Hall, J, Jr (15)

Hall, Margaret (9)

Hall, Thomas (5)

Halland Bros

Halle Bros Co (3)

Hallenbeck, Harry C (3)

Haller, Joseph William (2)

Hallingsworth-Moses, Alfred (9)

Halloway, Dr

Hallowell, G W (5)

Halogen Products Co (20)

Halpin, Zachariah Power (52)

Halsey, Frances Dean, (Mrs Albridge Smith) (6)

Halsey, George E (4)

Halsey, Ralph Wetmore (11)

Halsey, Samuel Armstrong (14)

Halsey, William Frederick, Jr (2)

Ham, William H (3)

Hamblet, James J (4)

Hamblin, Henry Thomas

Hamburger, Simon

Hamill, Chalmers Martin (5)

Hamill, Charles Humphrey (4)

Hamill, W J Wallace (2)

Hamilton (S.) & Co (2)

Hamilton, George A (8)

Hamilton, Hugh De Coursey (75)

Hamilton, John C

Hamilton, Mrs L

Hamlin, E B (12)

Hamlin, George S

Hamlin, Sally (3)

Hammeken y Mexia, George (3)

Hammer, Edwin Wesley (8)

Hammer, William Alexander (2)

Hammer, William Joseph (204)

Hammerstein, Oscar (8)

Hammond Electric Light and Power Supply Co Ltd (3)

Hammond Typewriter Co (3)

Hammond, Emily Sloane (Mrs John H.) (8)

Hammond, James Bartlett

Hammond, John Hays (7)

Hammond, John Hays, Jr (15)

Hammond, L E (23)

Hampson (E.P.) & Co (2)

Hampson, Edward P (5)

Hampton, Benjamin B (19)

Hampton, William H (2)

Hanaford, Frank A

Hand, Learned (3)

Hand, W H (2)

Hand, William

Handford, Thomas John (41)

Handy, William Matthews (4)

Hanford, Charles Barnum (42)

Hanford, George Bennett

Hanford, George Bennett, Jr (19)

Hanger, Lucy Galt (Mrs G. Wallace W.)

Hanick, Agnes (2)

Hanington, Charles F (49)

Hanley, John A (104)

Hanlon, William J (4)

Hannigan, Charles (2)

Hanson Bros

Hanson, Howard (4)

Hapgood, Norman (2)

Hapgoods Inc (3)

Harbor (Hospital) (9)

Hardcastle and Wynn

Harden, John H (2)

Hardenbergh, Hildegarde (3)

Hardenburg, W P (4)

Hardin, John (12)

Hardin, John Ralph (41)

Harding (T.R.) and Son

Harding, Edward (4)

Harding, Flora McGregor (2)

Harding, Florence Kling (Mrs Warren G.) (3)

Harding, H McL (7)

Harding, W H (2)

Harding, Warren Gamaliel (21)

Hardingham, G G M (12)

Hardy, Edme (2)

Hardy, William Abbott (90)

Hare, James Montgomery (10)

Hargate, John (3)

Harger and Blish (8)

Harger, Benton M (2)

Hargreaves, Randall

Harjes, Amelia Hessenbruch (Mrs John H.) (2)

Harjes, Henry Herman (15)

Harjes, John Henry (84)

Harkins, John

Harkness Fire Extinguisher Co (2)

Harkness, Edward Stephen (46)

Harksen, Alfred J

Harlan, Byron George (8)

Harlan, Edgar Rubey (2)

Harlan, John Marshall

Harley, Samuel

Harmonic Telegraph Co (4)

Harms, Henry J, Jr (19)

Harmsworth, Alfred, (Lord Northcliffe) (9)

Harper and Bros (39)

Harper's New Monthly Magazine

Harper's Weekly (64)

Harper, Donald (4)

Harper, John Dixon (20)

Harper, Olive

Harper, Paul Vincent

Harper, William Rainey

Harries, George Herbert (2)

Harriman Wrought Iron Co

Harriman, Edward Henry (13)

Harriman, Joseph Wright

Harriman, Mary Averell (Mrs Edward H.) (2)

Harrington (Edwin) Son & Co

Harrington, Carrie Buchanan

Harrington, Chase B (12)

Harrington, George (156)

Harris (James) & Co

Harris and Ewing

Harris and Mills (14)

Harris and Robinson (11)

Harris, Cecil H (3)

Harris, Charles B (11)

Harris, Credo Fitch (3)

Harris, George H (3)

Harris, Gwin Chandler (5)

Harris, James (22)

Harris, John

Harris, Joseph W (11)

Harris, Lawrence

Harris, N A

Harris, Warren Stone (55)

Harrisburg Electric Light Co (3)

Harrison, Benjamin (9)

Harrison, Charles W (2)

Harrison, Cyrus J

Harrison, Frank (8)

Harrison, Hugh H (2)

Harrison, I A

Harrison, James L

Harrison, Richard Lake

Harrison, Walton

Harrisse, Henry (7)

Harrod, James

Harrods Ltd (7)

Harrold, Orville (7)

Harstin, Al (2)

Harstook (Fred) Studios (3)

Hart, Frank

Hart, Frank J (2)

Hart, George Edwin (14)

Hart, Henry W (3)

Hart, Katherine (8)

Hart, William S

Harter, Elizabeth (3)

Harter, Elizabeth Aultman (4)

Hartford Compressed Air Pump Co

Hartford Electric Light Co (10)

Hartford Model Co

Hartford Suspension Co (16)

Hartford Times (4)

Hartford, Edward Vassallo (5)

Hartigan, Fred L (5)

Hartley, Bernard W (2)

Hartley, Fountain John

Hartman, Fred S

Hartman, Lewis Oliver

Hartree, Cyril

Hartsuff, Albert (17)

Hartwell, Hiram M

Hartwell, John Augustus

Hartwell, Stephen Warren

Hartwick, F (2)

Hartzell Concentrating Co (2)

Hartzell, Charles

Hartzell, Henry Kerr (23)

Hartzell, Josiah (4)

Harvard Medical School (3)

Harvard Medical Unit (3)

Harvard Observatory (2)

Harvard University (32)

Harvey (Edison Employee) (2)

Harvey, E L

Harvey, Morton

Harvey, Thomas William (2)

Hasbrouck, Louis Bevier

Haskell, J M

Haskins (Sculptor)

Haskins, Caryl Davis (3)

Haskins, Charles H (18)

Hassenplug, W L (2)

Haste, J H

Hastings, Charles Sheldon (5)

Hastings, Edward Holland

Hastings, Frank Seymour (146)

Hastings, Orlando B

Hatch and Foote (2)

Hatch, Henri (5)

Hatch, Rufus (4)

Hatcher, Julian Sommerville (2)

Hatfield, Leslie Edward

Hathaway Brown School (5)

Hathaway, Annie C (Mrs Walter T.) (12)

Hathaway, Walter T (2)

Hatton, Charles

Hauck (Edison Employee) (2)

Haug (Edison Employee)

Hausrath, Alfred H

Havana Electric Light Co (6)

Havemeyer, Charles W (2)

Haven Villa Corp

Havens, Mr

Hawaiian News Co Ltd

Hawes, Gilbert Ray (3)

Hawk, Herbert

Hawkins, Ada Woodruff (Mrs Horatio G.) (21)

Hawkins, Charlotte, (Mrs. S. A. Halsey) (23)

Hawkins, Horatio Gates

Hawkins, John M (8)

Hawksley, Bouchier F (2)

Hawley, P R

Hawthorne and Sheble (10)

Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Hay, Charles William

Hay, William Montagu, (Lord Tweeddale) (7)

Haycock, George (2)

Hayden, Ferdinand Vandiveer (2)

Hayden, J J

Hayden, John J

Hayden, Marshall

Hayden, Peter

Hayes and Lambert (2)

Hayes, A A

Hayes, Clarence Bowser (222)

Hayes, D W (2)

Hayes, George

Hayes, Helen Augusta (2)

Hayes, Howard W (101)

Hayes, James E

Hayes, Roland (3)

Hayes, Rutherford Birchard (10)

Hayes, William Alphonsus (97)

Haynes (C.B.) & Co (6)

Haynes (D.O.) & Co (2)

Haynes, C B (4)

Hays Schmettau and Dunn

Hays, W T (2)

Hays, Will H (4)

Hayward Perry and Francklyn (17)

Hayward, F H

Hayward, H L (3)

Hayward, William H, (Edison Associate) (2)

Hazard, Rowland Robinson (9)

Hazel, John Raymond (31)

Hazeltine, Louis Alan

Hazen, William Babcock

Hazleton Coffin and Casket Co (2)

Hazlett, Samuel Milton (3)

Heald, Daniel Addison

Heald, Elizabeth Manning (Mrs John O.) (4)

Heald, John Oxenbridge (4)

Heald, Pusey Bancroft (2)

Healey & Co

Healey, Warren Mansfield (5)

Healy, Maurice (4)

Hearle, E (4)

Hearn (James A.) & Co (21)

Hearst's Magazine (5)

Hearst, Phoebe Apperson

Hearst, William Randolph (8)

Heaviside, Oliver

Hebard, George Whiting (7)

Heberlein, Ferdinand (2)

Hecht, Henry C, Jr (2)

Heckscher, August (3)

Hedden, R M

Hedderman, H G

Hedstrom, Ebba E

Heeley, Charles H (2)

Hegewisch, Adolf (8)

Heggie, O P (Oliver Peters)

Heidelberg and Mannheim Portland Cement Co (2)

Heifetz, Jascha (4)

Heinrich, Julia (4)

Heinz (H.J.) Co

Heinze, Frederick Augustus

Heinzmann, Otto J (2)

Heise, Theodore Robert (7)

Heise, William

Heitman (H.E.) Co (7)

Heitman, Harvie Earnhardt (49)

Heitman-Evans Co (3)

Held, Anna

Held, William

Helicopter Co (2)

Hellberg, Eira

Heller and Merz Co (17)

Helm and Knight (5)

Helm, John E (44)

Helmholtz, Hermann von (34)

Hember, Miss, (Edison Employee)

Hemenway, Charles Reed (5)

Hemenway, Mary (30)

Hempel, Frieda (8)

Hemphill (Edison Employee) (3)

Hemphill, Alexander Julian (2)

Henault, Dennis (10)

Hendee Manufacturing Co (2)

Henderson (Peter) & Co (6)

Henderson Motor Cycle Co

Henderson, Alfred E (3)

Henderson, Charles W

Henderson, George A

Henderson, John C (57)

Henderson, John M, (San Francisco)

Henderson, Peter

Henderson, William F

Hendersonville Traction Co

Hendrick, Ellwood (19)

Hendrick, J Buford, Jr (2)

Hendrickson, Ralph Crandell (6)

Hendry, Louis Asbury

Henke, Emil

Henkel, Charles V (5)

Henley and Berger

Henley, William P (8)

Hennessy, Charles E (2)

Henning, Fred

Hennis, Charles M (2)

Henry, J Buchanan (6)

Henry, Joseph (36)

Henry, Robert

Henschel, Mr (2)

Hensel, Julius

Hepburn, Arthur Japy (5)

Hepburn, Donald M

Herben, George Foster

Herben, Grace Foster (Mrs Stephen J.) (5)

Herben, Stephen Joseph (21)

Herben, Stephen Joseph, Jr

Herbert, A M (2)

Herbert, Daniel

Herbert, Victor (11)

Herbst Bros (2)

Hercules Portland Cement Co

Hercules Powder Co (42)

Hering, Carl (5)

Herman (Seminole Lodge Gardener)

Herman and Herman Inc

Hermann, Carl S (2)

Hermann, D

Hern, Dennis J (2)

Herold, Victor (5)

Heron, H W

Herr, Austin

Herr, Edwin Musser (6)

Herreshoff Manufacturing Co (4)

Herrick, Albert Bledsoe (13)

Herrick, Jacob Hobart (34)

Herrick, Myron Timothy (6)

Herrington, George H (7)

Herrmann, Charles E

Herschel, Clemens (2)

Herschmann, Arthur (4)

Herter Bros

Herter, Christian (4)

Herter, Emil (139)

Herts Bros

Hertz, Heinrich Rudolph (6)

Herz, Cornelius (49)

Herzog Art Furniture Co (2)

Herzog, John

Heslin, Genevieve (56)

Heslop, J A

Hess (Bridgeport Brass Co)

Hess, Godfrey (3)

Hess, Mabel D (28)

Hesse, Bernhard Conrad (2)

Hetherington, George (6)

Heurtley, Katharine (2)

Heuser, Ralph V (2)

Hewett, John Ridge

Hewitt, Abram Stevens (21)

Hewitt, C H (2)

Hewitt, Peter Cooper (31)

Heyden Chemical Works (37)

Heyl, H L

Heys (Thomas) and Son

Heysinger, Isaac W (5)

Heyzer, Elizabeth R (Mrs Charles H)

Heyzer, Nanon (Marion) (7)

Hibbard, Charles L (11)

Hibben, John Grier (6)

Hibbert, W (27)

Hibble, William E (18)

Hibler, Irving (27)

Hichens, Robert Smythe

Hickling, John (3)

Hickman, David Kelsey (10)

Hickman, George (3)

Hickok, C C (2)

Hicks, George B (2)

Hicks, Louis (59)

Hidden, William Earl (10)

Hiett, Ralph W

Higgins, A F (2)

Higgins, Frank H (2)

Higgins, Harry Bertram

Higgs, Paget (2)

High-Am-O-Phone Co (4)

Higham, Daniel (110)

Hilburn, P

Hilda (Servant) (19)

Hildebrand, William (6)

Hill & Co

Hill School (7)

Hill, Aaron (5)

Hill, Charles Smith

Hill, David Bennett (5)

Hill, Ebenezer (2)

Hill, Ebenezer, Jr (11)

Hill, George H

Hill, Harry

Hill, J M (24)

Hill, James H

Hill, Jeremiah Clinton

Hill, Jesse T (4)

Hill, Marion Squire (8)

Hill, Nannie K (Mrs Walter L.) (10)

Hill, Percival Smith (6)

Hill, Philip S

Hill, S Ambrose

Hill, Samuel (5)

Hillas, Robert John

Hillman, H W

Hills, Joel H (2)

Hilton Hughes & Co

Hilton, Linden

Himmelsbach, R

Hinchman, J C

Hinckley, Hermon

Hindenburg, Paul von (2)

Hindley, Robert C

Hinds Ketcham & Co (12)

Hinds, Joseph E (6)

Hinkey, Frank Augustus

Hinkle, Florence (2)

Hinkley, Charles Watson (4)

Hinkley, Gerald Watson (19)

Hinsdale, William Russell (2)

Hipkins, Bayley (2)

Hipple, James C (12)

Hird, Allan M (60)

Hirsch, Alcan

Hirsch, Hiram H (10)

Hirshberg, Leonard Keene

Hirzel, Heinrich (58)

Hitchcock, Clarence Horace

Hitchcock, Ethan Allen (6)

Hitchcock, Frank Harris (2)

Hitchcock, Gertrude Reed, (Mrs Garret Smith) (2)

Hitchcock, Halbert Kellogg (152)

Hitchcock, James McNeil (4)

Hitchcock, James Ripley Wellman (4)

Hitchcock, Lucius Wolcott (22)

Hitchcock, Lucretia Kellogg (Mrs Elizur) (10)

Hitchcock, Sarah McNeil (Mrs Lucius W.) (7)

Hitler, Adolph

Hitt, Robert Roberts

Hix, Samuel H

Hix, William Preston (38)

Hjalmar (Servant) (5)

Hoadley, David (3)

Hoadly & Co

Hoagland (M.) and Sons Co

Hoagland, J M

Hoagland, Mahlon

Hoare, James (3)

Hobart, Harold Peckham

Hobley, G A (2)

Hoboken Observer

Hobson, Richmond Pearson

Hochhausen, William (8)

Hocking Valley Railway (2)

Hodges (Edison Employee) (2)

Hodgkins, Arthur P

Hodgkinson, William (4)

Hodgman Rubber Co

Hodkinson, William Wallace (2)

Hoe (Robert) & Co (2)

Hoey, John (2)

Hoey, Miss J G

Hofbauer, Frank

Hoffman House Cigars (4)

Hoffman, Archibald David (148)

Hoffman, H H (4)

Hoffman, Herman (2)

Hoffman, James H

Hoffman, W H

Hoffman, William F (60)

Hofmann, A J

Hofmann, Josef Casimir (9)

Hofmeyer, George A

Hogan, Edmund T

Hogg (George A.) Iron and Steel Foundry Co

Hogg, Charles Bremner (8)

Hoggson Bros

Holbrook, George E (2)

Holcombe, Alfred G (5)

Holden, Delos (155)

Holden, Edward Singleton (3)

Holden, George W (2)

Holden, Henry Capel Lofft (4)

Holderness, William E (14)

Holding, Arthur F

Holihan, Thomas

Hollaman, Richard G (2)

Holland Bros (11)

Holland Torpedo Boat Co (6)

Holland, Andrew

Holland, Charles E (5)

Holland, Franklin Pierce

Holland, John Philip (6)

Holland, Newman Henry (57)

Holland, Walter Elam (107)

Holland. Minister of Agriculture Commerce and Indus (2)

Hollander (A.) and Son (22)

Hollander, Benjamin William (3)

Hollander, Dolly (3)

Holley, Alexander Lyman (2)

Hollingshead, William B (2)

Hollingsworth, William T P (2)

Hollis, H H

Holloway, Henry Franklin (2)

Holloway, James (6)

Holloway, William Grace (2)

Holly Manufacturing Co (2)

Holly, Henry Hudson (8)

Holmes (E.andB.) Machinery Co

Holmes Booth and Hayden (3)

Holmes, Constance (23)

Holmes, Edwin Thomas (3)

Holmes, George R

Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Holmquist Photo Co (3)

Holmquist, Gust (3)

Holt Manufacturing Co

Holt, George Chandler (3)

Holt, Hamilton (3)

Holt, Harrison J (5)

Holt, Harrison Jewell (3)

Holt, Winifred

Holway, T B (2)

Holyoke Machine Co (2)

Holzer, Alice Stilwell (13)

Holzer, Frank (10)

Holzer, Mary Edison (3)

Holzer, William (104)

Holzhauer, Charles

Home and Day School for Young Ladies (4)

Home Defense League (2)

Home for Crippled Children (Newark)

Home Insurance Co (4)

Homer, Louise (7)

Hong Kong China Mail (2)

Hong Kong Press (2)

Hood, John (8)

Hooker Electrochemical Co (7)

Hooper (William J.) and Son

Hooper, George H, Jr (35)

Hoopes, Arthur (3)

Hoops, Walter Williams (5)

Hoover Harris & Co

Hoover, Herbert Clark (63)

Hoover, Lou Henry (Mrs Herbert C.) (13)

Hope, Charles (2)

Hope, Harry Chancelor

Hope, Victor Alexander John (2)

Hopkins (Inspector)

Hopkins, Cyril George (3)

Hopkins, E

Hopkins, George Milton (12)

Hopkins, Luther S

Hopkins, Marcus C (6)

Hopkinson, Edwin B

Hopkinson, John (55)

Hoppe, Edmund (2)

Hopper, Edna Wallace

Hopstock, Y S K

Horn, Charles R (2)

Hornblower, William Butler (2)

Horne, Margaret

Horne, William Eugene (18)

Horney, Odus C (5)

Hornig, Julius L (13)

Hornor, Aurelius Pointer (10)

Hornor, Evelyn Baker Short (Mrs Aurelius P.) (4)

Hornsby, Mr

Horrwitz, Hugo (2)

Horsey, Henry (55)

Horvath, Zoltan de

Horwitz, S Gross

Hoskin, John (3)

Hosmer, Charles R (2)

Hospital for the Ruptured and Crippled

Hospitalier, E

Hotchkiss School (118)

Hotchkiss, Horace Leslie (8)

Hotel Frontenac (New York) (6)

Hotel Imperial (2)

Hotel Normandie (N.Y. City) (2)

Hotz, Robert Schuttler (2)

Hough, Charles Merrill (2)

Hough, James Edward (33)

Houghton College

Houghton Mifflin & Co (3)

Houghton, Charles Frederick (4)

House, George A (8)

Houston, David Franklin

Houston, Edwin James (24)

Houston, Herbert Sherman (2)

Hovey, William Alfred (5)

Howard, Emmett

Howard, Esme (2)

Howard, Henry, (Governor) (24)

Howard, Percy

Howard, Robert Robinson (5)

Howe Sewing Machine Co (2)

Howe, Alfred

Howe, Arthur (6)

Howe, Arthur Whitney (2)

Howe, Frank Perley (5)

Howe, Harold (4)

Howe, Henry Marion (3)

Howe, Hubert Shattuck (28)

Howe, James H (2)

Howe, Louis McHenry (3)

Howe, Lyman H (4)

Howe, Walter B (2)

Howe, William Read (2)

Howell, Alex J (2)

Howell, Alfred

Howell, John White (89)

Howell, William A (2)

Howell, Wilson Stout (27)

Howells, William Dean (2)

Howison, J F (2)

Howson and Howson (2)

Howson, Hubert (2)

Hoxton, Llewellyn Griffith

Hoyt, Alfred W (4)

Hoyt, Dick

Hoyt, Henry Reese (7)

Hubach, Frederick John (3)

Hubbard, Charles Eustis (10)

Hubbard, Elbert Green (13)

Hubbard, Elisha B (9)

Hubbard, Gardiner Greene (113)

Hubbard, Gertrude McCurdy (Mrs Gardiner G.) (4)

Hubbard, Harlan Page

Hubbard, John Tomlinson (6)

Hubbard, Perry Lamb (3)

Hubbard, Samuel (3)

Hubbell, Charles J (8)

Hubbell, Harvey (2)

Hubert, Philip Gengembre, Jr

Hudson and Essex Gas Co

Hudson Motor Car Co (3)

Hudson River Stone Supply Co (4)

Hudson, Alfred W

Hudson, Elisha Evans (52)

Hudson, John Elbridge (3)

Huebner, Walter Frank (5)

Huelsenkamp and Cranford (2)

Huelsenkamp, Clemens Julius

Huerta, Victoriano (3)

Huey, Samuel Baird

Huff, William Bashford (4)

Hufman, J H (5)

Hug, W H (2)

Huger, Frank

Huggins (W.B.) & Co

Hughes and Browning

Hughes Electric Heating Co (2)

Hughes, Charles Evans (31)

Hughes, Charles Mackey (7)

Hughes, Charles Turner (60)

Hughes, David Edward (97)

Hughes, Edward Everett (47)

Hughes, Henry Mallory (5)

Hughes, Jessie J (9)

Hughes, Laura (Mrs Charles T.)

Hughes, Peter J

Hughes, William H T

Hughes, William, (U.S. Senator)

Hugo, Francis M

Hugo, Victor (12)

Huidekoper, Henry Shippen

Hulbert, George A

Hulbert, George Murray

Hull, Charles Wager

Hull, Eli

Hull, W T

Hulse, Edward Pierce

Hulse, William S

Hultman, J Ad (4)

Humberstone, J A (3)

Humbert I (Italy) (2)

Humbird, James Smith (4)

Humma, John R

Humphrey, Harry E (27)

Humphrey, Lucius Daniel (41)

Humphrey, Miss (7)

Humphrey, Richard Lewis (4)

Humphries, Robert Edward (3)

Humstone, Walter Coutant

Hunt (Robert W.) & Co

Hunt and Clapp (2)

Hunt and Voorhees

Hunt, Andrew Murray (38)

Hunt, Charles Wallace

Hunt, Ray E

Hunter (E.H.) & Co (4)

Hunter, Alexander

Hunter, Arthur Potter (3)

Hunter, Charles Francis (26)

Hunter, D F

Hunter, John E (16)

Hunter, John, (Chemist)

Hunter, Morris M (7)

Hunter, Rudolph Melville (5)

Hunter, William, (Western Union) (2)

Hunting, Russell (2)

Huntley, C S

Huntley, Charles R

Hurd, Charles D (4)

Hurd, Helen E

Hurdle, Julian A

Hurlbert, Miss (6)

Hurlbut (W.W.) & Co

Hurlbut Memorial (6)

Hurlbut, Jesse Lyman (7)

Hurley, Edward Nash (32)

Hurry, Edward H (7)

Hurter, Victor (9)

Husbands, Jose D (48)

Hussey, Marcus L M (11)

Hussey, Oren S (8)

Huston, Robert B (3)

Huston, Wilber Brotherton (3)

Hutcheson, Ernest (7)

Hutcheson, Irmgart (Mrs Ernest) (3)

Hutchins, Stilson (5)

Hutchinson, Cary Talcott

Hutchinson, Elias S (2)

Hutchinson, John B

Hutchinson, Joseph (59)

Hutchinson, N C (2)

Hutchinson, Winfield Scott (11)

Hutchison (Miller Reese) Inc (8)

Hutchison Acoustic Co

Hutchison Office Specialties Co (2)

Hutchison, Harold Pomeroy (2)

Hutchison, James H (2)

Hutchison, Miller Reese (580)

Hutton, Frederick Remsen

Hyams, Nat

Hyatt, Anna Vaughn

Hyatt, Isaiah Smith

Hyatt, John Wesley (4)

Hyde, Alfred D

Hyde, Andrew (3)

Hydraulic (Yacht) (6)

Hygienic Chemical Company of NJ

Hyman, Samuel F (5)


Ibbs, Herbert Edward (3)

Igoe, Georgia Schwister (Mrs Stanley) (10)

Igoe, Phillip Francis (4)

Igoe, Stanley Cascius (7)

Ihlseng, M H

Iles, George (3)

Illinios Steel Co (3)

Illinois Central Railroad (18)

Illinois Phonograph Co (4)

Illuminating Engineering Society (32)

Illuminating Engineering Society (London)

Ilsen, Isa Maud (20)

Imgrund, Frances (69)

Imgrund, Henry (2)

Imperial Postal Museum (Germany) (18)

Importers and Traders National Bank (6)

Independent (4)

Independent Chemical Co

Independent Film Exchange (2)

Indestructible Record Co (9)

India Rubber Comb Co

Indiana Phonograph Co (5)

Indianapolis Journal

Indianapolis News

Indianapolis Sentinel

Indianapolis Star

Indianapolis Sun

Industrial Chemical Co (2)

Industrial Workers of the World (7)

Ingalls, Percy

Ingersoll, Charles H (12)

Ingersoll, Robert Green (31)

Ingersoll, Royal Rodney (2)

Ingersoll, William H

Ingersoll-Rand Co (6)

Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Co (14)

Ingram, Walter E

Inland Steel Co (4)

Inman Steamship Co

Inman, Alvin L

Inspiration Copper Co

Institution of Civil Engineers (7)

Instituto Geologico de Espana

Insull, Joseph (9)

Insull, Louisa S (3)

Insull, Martin J (3)

Insull, Samuel (1000)

Insull, Samuel, Sr (2)

Insurance Company of North America (2)

Interborough Railroad Co (4)

Intercolonial Railway of Canada (2)

Interior Conduit and Insulation Co (3)

Interior Electrical Conduit Co (7)

International Acheson Graphite Co

International Arms and Fuze Co (8)

International Association of Machinists (2)

International Banking Corp (2)

International Bell Telephone Co (3)

International Bureau of Science and Invention (3)

International Congress of Applied Chemistry

International Congress of Electrical Applications

International Correspondence Schools (37)

International Edison Phonograph Dealers Assn (9)

International Electrical Congress (1904) (2)

International Electromotive Co

International Engineering Congress (Glasgow 1901)

International Graphophone Co (73)

International News Co (2)

International Nickel Co (17)

International Projecting and Producing Co

International Railway Telegraph and Telephone Co (2)

International Railway Telegraph Co (3)

International Smokeless Powder and Chemical Co (5)

International Talking Machine Co

International Textbook Co (2)

International Who's Who

Internationale Kinoindustrie Ausstellung (3)

Interstate Commerce Commission (13)

Interstate Electric Co Ltd

Interstate Park Commission

Interstate Public Service Co

Invention (Magazine) (2)

Inventive Age (3)

Inventors Guild (8)

Inventors Institute (London) (2)

Iogolevitch, Paul Michael (Capton Michael Paul) (2)

Iott, George H

Iowa Methodist Hospital

Iowa Phonograph Co (3)

Ireland, David W

Ireland, Frederic (12)

Ireland, George F

Ireson, Jennie E

Ireton, Albert C (40)

Irish, Joseph


Iron Age (33)

Iron and Steel Institute (7)

Iron and Steel Institute. American Reception Comm

Iron Trade Review

Ironmonger and Metal Trades Advertiser

Irwin, Charles P (31)

Irwin, G Clayton, Jr (2)

Irwin, John H (3)

Irwin, Walter W (2)

Irwin, William Henry

Isaacs, Philip (2)

Isaacs, Rufus Daniel (2)

Iselin (A.) & Co (2)

Iselin, Henry S (2)

Isham Lincoln and Beale

Ishiguro, Isoji

Isom, W H

Isthmian Canal Commission (5)

Italian Society of Sciences

Italy. King (3)

Italy. Minister of Finance

Ivatts, E A (7)

Ives Inventions

Ives, Frederic Eugene (7)

Ives, William Hosmer (13)

Ivins (Ellwood) Tube Works (5)

Iwadare, Kunihiko (7)

Iwase, T (3)


Jablochkoff, Paul (35)

Jackson (C.D.) & Co (2)

Jackson, Dugald Caleb (11)

Jackson, Edward William Cecil (8)

Jackson, Edwin E, Jr

Jackson, Francis E (9)

Jackson, George (5)

Jackson, George J

Jackson, Hubert F

Jackson, John Price

Jackson, L A

Jackson, Lt H

Jackson, Mary Anna (Mrs "Stonewall")

Jackson, Robert Ellsworth (5)

Jackson, Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) (2)

Jackson, William A

Jacobi, Oscar William (15)

Jacobs, Francis W (6)

Jacobs, H E

Jacobus, A D

Jacobus, David Schenck

Jacobus, Watson Mead (3)

Jacques, William White (61)

Jaeger (Herman J.) & Co (2)

Jaffray (E.S.) & Co

Jager (Charles J.) Co

Jahn, H R

Jamaica and Brooklyn Railroad

James, Arthur Curtiss (2)

James, Henry (4)

James, James (10)

James, Margaret Mary (26)

James, Prof C

James, William (2)

Jamieson, Andrew (4)

Jamieson, W F

Jamin, Jules Celestin (4)

Jamison (B.K.) & Co

Jamison, Benton Knott (2)

Jamison, William L (28)

Jane (Nursemaid) (17)

Janeway, Jacob Jones

Janik, Rudolf

Jansen, E W

Janssens, Louis (2)

Japan. Consul General

Jaques, E A (4)

Jarvis Engineering Co (2)

Jay, Gustav

Jayne, David Walker (6)

Jayne, Morris D (22)

Jaynes, Frank

Jefferson Hospital (5)

Jefferson, Charles Wilkin

Jefferson, Howard S

Jehl, Francis (116)

Jellicoe, John Rushworth (4)

Jend, D J (3)

Jenkin, Fleeming (3)

Jenkins, Alfred Blunt (8)

Jenkins, Annie Gray (Mrs Alfred B.) (32)

Jenkins, Charles Francis (19)

Jenkins, Harriet Mullett, (Mrs Farnham Yardley) (20)

Jenkins, Thomas E (2)

Jenks, Arthur E

Jenks, C W (2)

Jenks, Charles N (2)

Jenks, Prof L E

Jenks, William J (76)

Jenney, Mary Bruce (Mrs Charles F.) (7)

Jennings, Edward William (8)

Jennings, James Thomas (4)

Jensen, Bertha (2)

Jerome, Jerome Klapka (3)

Jersey City Wheel Foundry and Machine Work (3)

Jervey, Henry

Jewell Water Improvement Co

Jewett, Frank Baldwin (8)

Jewett, Hugh Judge

Jewett, John Punchard

Jewish Daily Forward

Jewish News

John, Herbert F

Johns Hopkins University (32)

Johns-Manville Co (11)

Johnson (A.H.) & Co Ltd (4)

Johnson (Foreman)

Johnson (Lewis) & Co (2)

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson Matthey & Co (32)

Johnson's (Miss Abby H.) School for Young Ladies (3)

Johnson, Abby H (7)

Johnson, Albert Livingston

Johnson, Albert Randolph (2)

Johnson, Antoinette Lewis

Johnson, Arthur B (7)

Johnson, Axel

Johnson, B Frank (2)

Johnson, Barton (3)

Johnson, C R (4)

Johnson, Charles (2)

Johnson, Charles Fabian Herman

Johnson, Charles M (4)

Johnson, Douglas Wilson

Johnson, Edna (3)

Johnson, Edward Hibberd (1111)

Johnson, Eldridge Reeves (24)

Johnson, George F (2)

Johnson, Gertrude J (11)

Johnson, Henry Eneu

Johnson, Isaac C

Johnson, John Henry (8)

Johnson, Julius

Johnson, Margaret Kenney (Mrs Edward H.) (5)

Johnson, Mary Randolph (Mrs Albert L.) (2)

Johnson, Otis F

Johnson, Owen McMahon

Johnson, Richard C

Johnson, Richard Randolph (2)

Johnson, Robert Underwood (7)

Johnson, Roy A (10)

Johnson, S L, (Edison Employee)

Johnson, S, (Sudbury, Ontario) (6)

Johnson, Tom (2)

Johnson, William E

Johnson, William T

Johnson-Lundell Electric Traction Co Ltd (2)

Johnston (Edison Employee) (2)

Johnston, A B

Johnston, Edward W

Johnston, J B

Johnston, Mary

Johnston, Robert (3)

Johnston, Theo Karl

Johnston, William A

Johnstone, Mr

Johnstown Relief Fund

Jolson, Al (2)

Jonas, Barukh (2)

Jones (Edison Employee) (5)

Jones and Carson

Jones and Laughlins

Jones, A E (3)

Jones, Alva D (4)

Jones, Arthur W

Jones, Charles Jesse (Buffalo)

Jones, F R (3)

Jones, Francis Arthur (16)

Jones, Francis W (2)

Jones, Frederick W (12)

Jones, George T

Jones, H W (19)

Jones, Henrietta Ord (4)

Jones, James K

Jones, Jenkin Lloyd

Jones, John S

Jones, Joseph William (6)

Jones, Lavinia Barnett (Mrs Saunders P.) (12)

Jones, Lucy (5)

Jones, Mark Manderville (14)

Jones, Mary (Mrs W. Ashby) (5)

Jones, N T

Jones, Paul (20)

Jones, Robert M

Jones, S T

Jones, Saunders Paul (3)

Jones, Thomas J

Jones, W (2)

Jones, Warner La Valle (3)

Jones, Whitney Blake

Jones, William Ashby (2)

Jones, William H Quayle

Jones, Willis H

Joplin Globe

Joralemon, Isobel Tracy (4)

Jorda, Luis G (2)

Jordan (Stanley) & Co

Jordan, David Starr (3)

Jordan, Ida

Jordan, Sarah (12)

Jordan, W S (3)

Jorn, Karl (3)

Jory, Jos H

Josias, Joshua M (4)

Journal of Gas Lighting Water Supply and Sanitary I

Journal of Geology

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (6)

Journal of the Telegraph (21)

Jovian League (6)

Joy, Henry Bourne

Joyce, Maurice (12)

Jube, Albert Riordan (5)

Judd, Agnes Boyd (Mrs Albert F.) (12)

Judd, Albert Francis (10)

Judd, Bill (4)

Judd, E C (2)

Judd, George E (2)

Judd, James Robert (10)

Judge (Magazine)

Juechzer, Louise (4)

Juhl (P.) & Co

Juilliard Foundation

Julia (Cook) (7)

Jumbo (Periodical) (3)

Jumeaux, Mr (8)

Jungner, Ernest Waldemar (90)

Junior Edison Assn

Jury, William (7)

Jusserand, Jean-Jules (4)


Kaempffert, Waldemar Bernhard (9)

Kaffee Hag Corporation

Kafka (Hugo) and Sons

Kahn, Addie Wolff (Mrs Otto H.) (4)

Kahn, Otto Herman (7)

Kailimai, Henry (3)

Kaiser (A.V.) & Co

Kaiser, John

Kalakaua, David Laamea (2)

Kalem Co (66)

Kaltenecker, Joseph Laurent Marks (22)

Kamerlingh-Onnes, Heike

Kamman, Chris H (9)

Kammerhoff, Heinrich H Meno (219)

Kane, William S

Kansas City Star (5)

Kansas Phonograph Co (4)

Kant, Immanuel

Kanzler, Ernest Carlton

Kapp, Gisbert (2)

Karapetoff, Vladimir (2)

Karch, Rudolph R (4)

Karcher, John Clarence

Karolyi, Michael

Karsten, Karl Johann Bernhard

Kasakove, Paul Benjamin (7)

Kasebier-Chatfield Shellac Co

Kasner, Jaques

Katz, Paul Alexander (3)

Kauffmann, Reginald Wright

Kaufman, Alfred (2)

Kaufmann Bros

Kaufmann, Mr

Kawasaki Ship Building Co (3)

Kay, Edward Ebenezer (7)

Kays, Thomas (3)

Kayser, Charles Hugo (6)

Kean, John (4)

Kearney, Thomas Albert (3)

Keasbey (A.Q.) and Sons (7)

Keasbey, Edward Quinton (2)

Keasbey, George MacCulloch (2)

Keefer, Harry L (3)

Keefer, Samuel N

Keeler, Irving S (4)

Keeler, W A

Keely, John Worrell (16)

Keen, Arthur (6)

Keene, Noah (6)

Keith Car Co (2)

Keith, A Paul (4)

Keith, Benjamin Franklin (8)

Keith, June

Keith, Nathaniel Shepard (10)

Keith, Orlando S

Keller, Albert K (4)

Keller, Benjamin Franklin (2)

Keller, Helen (13)

Kelley Island Lime and Transport Co (16)

Kelley, Edgar Stillman (2)

Kelley, J Stuart

Kellogg Douglas & Co

Kellogg, Alfred (4)

Kellogg, Clara Louise

Kellogg, Edward D (4)

Kellogg, Edward L

Kellogg, Ernest (5)

Kellogg, Frank J (2)

Kellogg, Henry

Kellogg, J G

Kellogg, John Harvey (29)

Kellogg, Milo G (2)

Kellogg, Paul Underwood (4)

Kellogg, Warren Franklin (3)

Kellor, Frances Alice

Kellow, Richard Wesley (117)

Kelly Smelting and Refining Co

Kelly, Charles F

Kelly, Harry R

Kelly, James Edward (2)

Kelly, James F (21)

Kelly, John (7)

Kelly, John F (11)

Kelsey, Anna (Mrs Frederick T.)

Kelsey, Clarence Hill (4)

Kelsey, Frederick Trowbridge (11)

Kelsey, Frederick W

Kelsey, Henry Cooper

Kemmler, William (12)

Kemper Hall (4)

Kempster, Walter

Kendall (Edward) & Co (22)

Kendall, Donald

Kendall, Edward (2)

Kennan, George (4)

Kennedy, Absalom Mason (132)

Kennedy, Albert Hamilton (2)

Kennedy, C F (2)

Kennedy, David Andrew

Kennedy, Jeremiah Joseph (62)

Kennedy, John S (2)

Kennedy, Thomas F (6)

Kennedy, Thomas J (6)

Kennelly, Arthur Edwin (246)

Kenney, Raymond

Kenny, Patrick (30)

Kent (Edison Employee) (3)

Kent, Fred I (2)

Kent, George R

Kent, Rockwell (4)

Kent, William (2)


Kentucky Phonograph Co (8)

Kenyon Potter & Co

Kenyon, Adelbert A

Kephart, Horace

Keppler, Joseph

Ker, Christine

Kerly, Duncan Mackenzie

Kern Canyon Club

Kern, Dr P F (2)

Kern, Edith Kingman

Kerner Electric Burglar Alarm Co (5)

Kerr and Curtis

Kerr Page and Cooper (6)

Kerr, Washington Caruthers (4)

Kesler, Charles Holland

Kesler, Mrs Arthur E

Kessler & Co

Ketcham, Charles Burgess

Ketcham, George W

Kettner, Walter

Keuffel, Willie L E

Keyes, Clift B

Keyes, Earl H

Keynes, John Maynard (2)

Keystone Plaster Co (5)

Kidde, Walter

Kidder (Jerome) Manufacturing Co

Kidder Peabody & Co

Kidder, Amos Mansfield (2)

Kidder, Jerome

Kiddle, Alfred Watts (9)

Kiefer, A R (2)

Kiefer, Herman E (58)

Kieffer, Hardy Prime

Kiernan, John J

Killorin (Edison Employee)

Kiloh, W S (2)

Kilroy, J A

Kimball, Arthur Lalanne

Kimball, Curtis H

Kimball, Dexter Simpson

Kimball, Frederick Mason (2)

Kimball, Gardner W (3)

Kimball, H

Kimberly, Lt Comdr H (8)

Kimura, Komakichi

Kinder, Sarah H (5)

Kindermann, Gustav J

Kinetogram (2)

Kinetograph Co (7)

Kinetoscope Co

Kinetoscope Exhibiting Co (3)

King (J.B.) & Co

King and McTighe

King, Agnes (Mrs Alexander) (7)

King, Albert George (3)

King, Charles G Y (8)

King, Clarence (2)

King, Clarence Hopkins (4)

King, Edward Augustin

King, Elmer

King, Goodman (3)

King, John, Jr (14)

King, Julius

King, Lee J (2)

King, Marian Gregg (Mrs Clarence H.)

King, Mary Hopkins (Mrs Goodman) (17)

King, Thomas H (2)

King, Victor Louis (34)

King, W J (3)

King, Warren Charles (2)

King, William T (5)

Kings County Fire Insurance Co (2)

Kingsbury & Co

Kingsbury, John E (3)

Kingsford, Edward George

Kingsland, Frank L (14)

Kingsley, Carter R

Kingsley, Charles

Kingsley, Charles F (5)

Kingsley, George P (9)

Kinkead, Eugene Francis

Kinney, Francis S (3)

Kinney, William Morton (2)

Kinsey, E U

Kinsey, J R (3)

Kintner, Charles J (3)

Kipling, Rudyard (12)

Kipp Phonograph Co (5)

Kipp, Walter Ewald (11)

Kiralfy, Imre (3)

Kirby, J F (29)

Kircher, Charles George (30)

Kirchhoff, Charles, Jr

Kirk (Wm H.) & Co

Kirk, Col (4)

Kirk, William Henry (7)

Kirkegard, George

Kirkland, John W (3)

Kirkpatrick, Thomas Le Roy

Kirwan, Charlotte (7)

Kissel, Gustav Edward (2)

Kissell, Abraham S (3)

Kitchen, John H (3)

Kitchen, Karl Kingsley (2)

Kitchen, William Kirkham

Kitson, Arthur

Kitt, Millard B (4)

Kjoss-Hansen, Matheus (2)

Klaube, Julius (4)

Klaw, Marc Alonzo (7)

Klaxon Co (5)

Klehm, Anna R (63)

Klein Chocolate Co

Klein, Charles J (4)

Klein, Herman

Klein, Philip Henry, Jr (26)

Kleine Optical Co (20)

Kleine, Charles B (2)

Kleine, George (88)

Kleine, Oscar B

Kleinert, Emil W (2)

Kleinschmidt, Frank Emil

Klepstien (Edison Employee)

Kline, George

Kline, William (2)

Kling, John Adam (3)

Klingensmith, Frank Lewis (2)

Klippel (Philip) & Co

Klipstein (A.) & Co (9)

Klipstein (E.C.) and Sons Co

Klipstein, Ernest C (5)

Klock, Percy L

Klondike Exposition Co (8)

Klotz, Charles A (14)

Klug, Dr C (4)

Knapp, Alec A

Knecht, William (3)

Knickerbocker Trust Co (3)

Knierim, William H (73)

Knight, Edward Henry

Knight, George W

Knight, Herbert W (12)

Knight, John K (5)

Knight, Joseph

Knight, Mrs John K (2)

Knight, Peter T

Knights of Columbus (7)

Knoblock, James W (3)

Knorr, J F

Knowles, Edward Richardson

Knowles, Harold Wilbur (2)

Knowles, James Thomas (2)

Knowles, Wilbur S (12)

Knowlton, Mr (3)

Knox, Philander C

Knox, William Franklin

Kobbe, Gustav (2)

Koch, Lydia B

Koch, Rudolph (2)

Koeber, George E

Kohler, George C (3)

Kohlraush, Wm

Kohlsaat, Charles W

Kohlsaat, Christian Cecil (7)

Koizumi, Mitsuo (3)

Kolben, Emil (7)

Kolby, Roman Romanovitch

Kolner Akkumulatoren Werke Gottfried Hagen (6)

Konwiser, A Lincoln

Koons, F S

Koppers (H.) Co (18)

Korb, Catherine G (2)

Koreshan Unity (4)

Korsoff, Lucette (5)

Korsunsky, Michel G

Koster and Bial's Concert Hall

Kountze Bros (5)

Kountze, Herman Davis (5)

Kountze, Luther

Kountze, Luther Lathain (5)

Kramer, Mr (3)

Krasnapolsky, Adolph Wilhelm

Kratt, W J

Krause (William) and Sons Cement Co (3)

Krause, Rudolph Howard

Kreisler, Fritz (5)

Krell, Albert

Krey Walker & Co

Krim, C

Krishna, Marayan (4)

Kruesi, August Hugo (5)

Kruesi, John (377)

Kruesi, John, (Estate) (25)

Kruesi, Paul John (9)

Kruesi, Walter Edison (2)

Krupp (Friedrich) Co (15)

Krupp Manufacturing Co

Krupp, Friedrich Alfred (13)

Kuckro, William

Kuebler Foundries (3)

Kuehn, A L

Kulp McWilliams & Co (2)

Kummel, Henry Barnard (2)

Kung, Anching (2)

Kunhardt, Wheaton Bradish (2)

Kunkel, Charles (2)

Kunz, Elizabeth H (45)

Kunz, George Frederick (79)

Kunz, Opal Gilberson (Mrs George F.) (13)

Kunz, Sophia Handforth (Mrs George F.) (3)

Kurtz, William (2)

Kurz, Selma (7)


L'Engle, Claude

L'Hote, A (2)

L'Independence Belge (2)

L-8 (Submarine) (13)

La Dow, Orville D (2)

La Follette, Robert Marion (2)

La Rue, J G

La Salle Extension University (6)

La Scala Opera House (5)

La Schum, Edward E

La Zelle, Will

Laboratory Fire Assn

Labouchere, Henry Du Pre

Lackawanna Steel Co (35)

Laclede Gas Light Co

Lacombe, Emile Henry (21)

Ladd (William) & Co (3)

Ladd, George S (25)

Ladd, Thomas H

Ladies Aid Society (East Orange)

Ladies Home Journal (6)

Laemmle Film Service (6)

Laemmle, Carl (4)

Laernoes, Marten (3)

Laidlaw, Benjamin P

Laidlaw, Mary J (21)

Laing, James (5)

Laird and Lee

Lajolo, P

Lake Erie and Western Railway (2)

Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad (18)

Lake Superior Iron Co

Lake, Martha (21)

Lake, Simon (5)

Lake, William Robert

Lalande, Felix (236)

Lamb, Albert Richard

Lamb, George Percival (4)

Lamb, George W (2)

Lambert Co (19)

Lambert, Frank

Lambert, L M (2)

Lambert, Thomas B (11)

Lambie Concrete House Corp (5)

Lambie Steel Form Co (3)

Lambie, Frank Dalton (18)

Lambrigot, Jacques Paul (11)

Lamme, Benjamin Garver (23)

Lamont, Alice Earl Wilkinson

Lamont, Ethel Ackerson Wilkinson (13)

Lamont, Phoebe E, (Mrs N.L. Mansfield) (5)

LaMonte, George M

Lamson (John S.) and Bro

Lanahan, Henry (141)

Lancashire Fire Insurance Co (4)

Lancaster Chemical Co (3)

Lancaster New Era

Lancaster, G Y, Jr

Lancaster, Herbert W (5)

Lance, A D

Lance, Emma Belle Simmons

Landa, Arturo (6)

Landis, Edward K (3)

Landon, Sealand Whitney, III

Lane and Valensi

Lane, Charles H, (Inventor)

Lane, Charles H, (Mayor) (2)

Lane, Edward

Lane, William H

Lane, Winthrop David

Lane-Fox, St George (35)

Lang, Alexander (3)

Lang, George L

Langbein Pfanhauser & Co (2)

Langdon, Philip (2)

Langdon-Davies, C (3)

Langeloth, Jacob

Langenbach, Karl

Langerlof, Selma

Langford, Arthur W (2)

Langford, Nicholas L (2)

Langley, Sam Gerrish (41)

Langley, Samuel Pierpont (8)

Langmuir, Irving (5)

Langton, John, Jr (4)

Lanier, Charles (2)

Lanigan, Alice Graham

Laning, Arthur E R (2)

Lanman, William H

Lanning, William Mershon (5)

Lansden Co (113)

Lansden, David S (7)

Lansden, John M, Jr (75)

Lansing, Robert (3)

Lanyon Zinc Co

Laranaki Iron Co Ltd (2)

Larkin Co

Larned, William Trowbridge (2)

Larrabee, W D

Larson, Morgan Foster (2)

Lasell, Elizabeth (3)

Lasell, Josiah (5)

Latham, Gray

Latham, Milton Slocum (3)

Latham, Otway (11)

Latham, Woodville (22)

Lathbury and Spackman

Lathrop, Dr (6)

Lathrop, Francis Augustus (2)

Lathrop, George Parsons (51)

Latimer, Charles

Latimer, Lewis Howard (6)

Latrobe, John Hazlehurst Boneval (3)

Lattig, Jacob William (7)

Latton & Co

Latus, William J

Latzke, Paul

Laucon, Louise X (10)

Lauder, Harry (14)

Laue, H

Lauer, Henri (3)

Laurin, Robert A (2)

Laussedat, Aime (8)

Lauste, Eugene Augustin (4)

Lauter Co (5)

Lavater, Johann Kaspar (3)

Laverty, Paul Senter

Law, Clarence L (3)

Lawrance Webster Messer & Co (2)

Lawrence Cement Co (4)

Lawrence Critic (2)

Lawrence, B B H (2)

Lawrence, Edwin Winship (5)

Lawrence, Florence

Lawrence, Joseph (77)

Lawrence, T F (3)

Lawrenceville School (2)

Laws, Ann M

Laws, Samuel Spahr (18)

Lawson, A J (11)

Lawson, James, (Edison Employee) (4)

Lawson, John W (40)

Lawson, L M (2)

Lazansky, Edward

Lazard, Louis (5)

Lazard-Godchaux Co (3)

Le Chatelier, Henry-Louis (3)

Le Conte, John Lawrence

Le Fevre, Laura H (2)

Le Figaro (7)

Le Gaulois

Le Gendre, William C (17)

Le Prince, Louis Aime Augustin (2)

Le Roy, Dr G A (3)

Leadbeater, John

League of Nations (17)

League of Women Voters (3)

League to Enforce Peace (3)

Leavitt, Frank McDowell (2)

Leavitt, Michael Bennett

Lebanon Furnaces (6)

Lebey, Georges

Leclanche Battery Co (6)

Leddy, John J (2)

Lederer, Mary

Ledoux & Co (24)

Ledyard, Henry Brockholst (2)

Lee County (Florida). Revenue Collector

Lee Mansion

Lee, Gerald Stanley (6)

Lee, Helen Joy (7)

Lee, Richard Henry (2)

Lee, Robert E (3)

Lee-Warner, Launcelot (2)

Leech, Caroline Apperson (6)

Leech, Carolyn (9)

Leech, George A (3)

Leeds, Albert Ripley

Leeds, Edward Fowler (4)

Leeming, Harry Toyne (139)

Leeper, Dr J L

Leephart, Charles J (8)

Lefferts (Marshall) & Co (2)

Lefferts, Frederic R

Lefferts, John (2)

Lefferts, Louis Eugene

Lefferts, Marshall (56)

Lefferts, Marshall Clifford (7)

Leffingwell, Walter (3)

Leggat Bros

Lehigh Car Wheel and Axle Works (4)

Lehigh Coke Co (12)

Lehigh Foundry Co (3)

Lehigh Portland Cement Co (74)

Lehigh Valley Coal Co (3)

Lehigh Valley Railroad Co (38)

Lehigh Zinc Co

Lehlbach, Herman

Lehmann, Eric Walter George (3)

Lehmann, Maurice (10)

Lehmann, Theodore (114)

Lehn and Fink (2)

Leigh, Richard Henry (4)

Leisk, H R

Leitch (John W.) & Co

Leiter, Carlos (3)

Leland, Henry Martyn

Lemaire, Mr (2)

Lemon, Nolan

Lemonnier, Paul

Lemp, Hermann (3)

Lenihan, Michael Joseph (4)

Lenin, Vladimir

Lenth, George J

Leo XIII (Pope) (5)

Leo, Alexander H (2)

Leonard (Ward) Electric Co

Leonard and Izard (7)

Leonard, Alton W

Leonard, Harry C

Leonard, Harry Ward (93)

Leonard, Thomas Joseph (20)

Leonard, Wellington Wykoff (10)

Leonardis (Peter) and Sons

Lepreau, Frank James (2)

Lesley, J Peter

Lesley, Robert Whitman (5)

Leslie's (Frank) Publishing House

Leslie's Weekly (28)

Leslie, Edward A (6)

Leslie, Frederick Hobson (Fred)

Lester-Vanderlip Furnace Co

Lett, Mrs Robert (2)

Lett, Robert (23)

Leube, William

Leuchs, George (2)

Levant Herald (Constantinople)