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10 Fifth Avenue Property
A B C Co
A M W Mining Co
A Y and Minnie Mines
Abbe Engineering Co
Abel (C.C.) & Co
Abell (A.S.) Co
Abendroth and Root Manufacturing Co
Abercombie and Fitch
Aberdeen Free Press
Aberfoile Co
Able and Willing Manufacturing Co
Abraham and Straus
Abraham Bros
Academia Politecnica Universal
Academie des Sciences
Academy of Political Science
Acetylene Journal Publishing Co
Acheson Graphite Co
Acker Merrall and Condit
Acme Cement Corp
Acme Coal Co
Acme Felting Works
Acme Hollow Concrete Wall Co
Actien Gesellschaft fur Automatischen Verkauf
Actors Fund of America
Adamanta Manufacturing Co
Adams Express Co
Adams Kellogg and Mason
Adelaide Piccadilly
Adrian Telegram
Adrian Times
Advertising and Selling
Advertising Mens Club (Newark)
Aeolian Co
Aero Club of America
Aeronautical Society (New York)
Aeronautical Society of America
Aetna Explosives Co
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Agar Cross & Co
Agassiz Assn
Agfa Co
Air Nitrates Corp
Air Reduction Co
Aircraft Defense League
Aircraft Development Corp
Aitken & Co
Aitkin Sons & Co
Akkumulatoren Fabrik Aktiengesellschaft
Akron (Times) Democrat
Akron Beacon and Republican
Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Enquirer
Akron High School
Akron Hospital
Akron Iron Co
Akron Real Estate Board
Akron Times
Akron Twine and Cordage Co
Alabama Mineral Land Co
Alabama Phonograph Co
Alabama. Geological Survey
Aladdin Co
Albany and Rensselaer Iron and Steel Co
Albany Argus
Albany Chemical Co
Albany Journal
Albany Knickerbocker Press
Albany Post
Albany Press
Albany Telegram
Albany Times (Union)
Albaugh-Dover Co
Albermarle Paper Mfg Co
Alberta Industrial Development Assn
Albion Tube Works
Alden (George A.) & Co
Alden and Sterne
Aldrich Payne and Washburn
Alexander Cohn and Sondheim
Alhambra Bath House Co
All Americas Assn
Allegheny Steel Co
Allen & Co
Allen (W.D.) Manufacturing Co
Allen Paper Car Wheel Co
Allenton Item
Allentown Iron Co
Allgemeine Elektricitats Gesellschaft
Allgemeiner Schriftstellerverein
Alliance Francaise de New York
Alliance Francaise des Oranges
Alliance Magneto-Electric Machine Co
Allied Bazaar
Allis (Edward P.) Co
Allis-Chalmers Co
Allyn and Bacon
Alma Portland Cement Co
Aloe (A.S.) & Co
Along Broadway (Publication)
Alonzo and Consoli
Alpha Bible Class
Alpha Portland Cement Co
Alsen\'s American Portland Cement Works
Alsing (J.R.) Engineering Co
Altman (B.) and Co
Altschul and Gold
Aluminum and Magnesium Fabrik
Aluminum and Vehicles Wheels Co
Aluminum Company of America
Aluminum World
Alva Club
Amateur Inventor Society (Kiev)
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
American Academy of Political and Social Science
American Agricultural Chemical Co
American Arts and Industries Assn
American Association for Advancement of Science
American Automatic Telegraph Co
American Automobile Assn
American Bank Note Co
American Bankers Assn
American Bell Telephone Co
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mission
American Book and Bible House
American Breeders Association. Eugenics Section
American Briquetting Machinery Co
American Building Corp
American Can Co
American Catalyst Co
American Cellulose and Chemical Manufacturing Co
American Cement Co
American Chemical Society
American Chemist
American Civic Alliance
American Clay Machinery Co
American Coke and Gas Construction Co
American Commercial Export and Trading Co
American Commercial Securities Corp
American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief
American Concrete Institute
American Concrete Steel Co
American Conduit Co
American Copyright League
American Crockery Co
American Cyanamid Co
American Defense (Magazine)
American Defense Society
American District Telegraph Co
American Druggists Syndicate
American Dynalite Co
American Electric and Illuminating Co
American Electric Co
American Electric Manufacturing Co
American Electric Railroad Assn
American Electrical Society
American Electrician
American Electro-Therapeutical Assn
American Electrochemical Society
American Employment Exchange
American Engineer
American European Patent Offices Inc
American Ever Ready Co
American Exchange in Europe Ltd
American Exchange National Bank
American Express Co
American Federation of Labor
American Federationist
American Film Co
American Film Exchange
American Fine Arts Society
American Forcite Powder Manufacturing Co
American Forum Association Inc
American Fuel Economizer and Engineering Co
American Gas Furnace Co
American Gas Light Journal
American Geographical Society
American Graphophone Co
American Grenade Loading Co
American Grocer
American Hard Rubber Co
American Humane Education Society
American Import
American Indurated Fibre Co
American Industrial Commission (France)
American Institute
American Institute of Banking. NY Chapter
American Institute of Electrical Engineers
American Institute of Mining Engineers
American Institute of Social Service
American Institute of Technology
American Institute. Electrical Section
American Insurance Co
American Jewish Congress
American Journal of Pharmacy
American Journal of Railway Appliances
American Journal of Science and Arts
American Junior Naval and Marine Scout Inc
American Labor World
American Law Register
American League for National Unity
American Library Association
American Lithia and Chemical Co
American Machinist
American Magazine
American Malting Co
American Manganese Bronze Co
American Manufacturer and Iron World
American Manufacturing Mining and Milling Co
American Materials Co
American Medical Assn
American Metal Co Ltd
American Metal Hose Co
American Metallurgical Works
American Metric Assn
American Metric Bureau
American Mica Co
American Minerals Producing Co
American Monthly Review of Reviews
American Motion Picture Directory Co
American Motor League
American Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Safety
American Musical Copyright League
American Mutoscope and Biograph Co
American Mutoscope Co
American News Co
American Nickel Works
American Novelty Co
American Numismatic and Archaeological Society
American Numismatic Assn
American Oil and Supply Co
American Opera Society
American Paper and Pulp Assn
American Paper Pulley Co
American Parlor Kinetoscope Co
American Peace and Arbitration League
American Philosophical Society
American Phonic Co
American Phonograph Supply Co
American Press Assn
American Printing Co
American Printing Telegraph Co
American Process Co
American Protective Tariff League
American Pulverizer Co
American Radiator Co
American Radio Relay League
American Railroad Journal
American Railway Express Co
American Review of Anthropology
American Rights League
American Rutile Co
American Scenic Co
American School of Correspondence
American Shear Co
American Siliconite Co
American Smelting and Refining Co
American Socialist
American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Anima
American Society for Testing Materials
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Solid Leather Button Co
American Speaking Telephone Co
American Steam Boiler Insurance Co
American Steel and Wire Co
American Sulphur Co
American Surety Co
American Swedes Iron Co
American Talking Picture Co
American Tar Products Co
American Telegraph Co
American Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Co
American Telegraph Works
American Telegrapher\'s Tournament Assn
American Telephone and Telegraph Co
American Telephone Co Ltd
American Theatre Building and Managing Co
American Thresherman
American Tobacco Co
American Trading Co
American Transformer Co
American Union Telegraph Co
American University
American University Experiment Station
American University of Beirut
American Vitagraph Co
American Vocal Music Assn
American Watch Tool Co
American Watchman\'s Time Detector
American Wood Working Machinery Co
American-European Blind War Relief Fund
American-Philippine Co
Amet Magni-Phone Co
Amherst College
Amparo Mining Co
Amsinck (G.) & Co
Amsterdam Handelsblad
Anaconda Copper Co
Anargyros (S.)
Ancient Order of Hibernians
Anderson Carriage Co
Anderson Electric Car Co
Andover Iron Co
Anglo-American Benevolent Home
Anglo-American Brush Electric Light Corp
Anglo-American Distributing Syndicate
Anglo-Indian Telephone Co Ltd
Anglo-Pacific Electric Light Telephone and Power Co
Anglo-Portuguese Telephone Co Ltd
Animal Rescue League
Anker Phonogramm Gesellschaft
Anniston Knitting Mills Co
Ansonia (Conn.) Sentinel
Ansonia Brass and Copper Co
Ansonia Clock Co
Anthony (E.andH.T.) & Co
Anthony and Scovill Co
Anti-Cigarette League of America
Anti-Saloon League of America
Anti-Saloon League of New Jersey
Anti-Tuberculosis League of the Oranges
Appleton (D.) & Co
Appleton Manufacturing Co
Appleton\'s Cyclopedia
Aquabar Waterproofing Co
Arcadian Copper Co
Archaeological Institute of America
Architectural Concrete Co
Architectural League of New York
Architectural Record
Archives of Electrology and Neurology
Arcos (D.) & Co
Argentine Edison Electric Light Co
Argentine Naval Commission
Arion Singing Society
Arkell and Harrison
Arkell Tufts & Co
Arlington Co
Armat Motion Picture Co
Armington and Sims
Armour & Co
Armstrong (William H.) & Co
Armstrong Knauer & Co
Armstrong Realty Co
Army and Navy Journal
Arnold Constable & Co
Arnold Hoffman & Co
Arnold Iron Ore
Arnold Print Works
Arnoux and Hochhausen
Arrol-Johnston Ltd
Art Bulletin
Arthur and Bonnell
Artificial Ice and Storage Co
Artotype Publishing Co
Asbestos and Asbestic Corp Ltd
Asbury Park Press
Asheville Citizen
Ashtabula Beacon
Ashurst Morris Crisp & Co
Assembly Herald
Associated Advertising Clubs
Associated Chambers of Commerce of Pacific Coast
Associated Industrial Press
Associated Manufacturers Export Co
Associated Newspapers
Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd
Associated Press
Associated Railroads of Pennsylvania and New Jersey
Association Island Corporation
Association of American Portland Cement Manufacture
Association of Edison Illuminating Companies
Association of Exempt Firemen
Association of Foreign Press Correspondents
Association of Licensed Cement Manufacturers
Association of National Advertising Managers
Association of Railway Telegraph Superintendents
Associazione Elettrotecnica Italiana
Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Co
Atha (Benjamin) & Co
Atlanta Constitution
Atlanta Georgian
Atlanta Journal
Atlanta University
Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Co
Atlantic City and Shore Railroad Co
Atlantic City Press
Atlantic City Review
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
Atlantic Monthly
Atlantic Motor Car Co
Atlantic Publishing and Engraving Co
Atlantic Telegraph Co
Atlantic Transport Co
Atlantic Vehicle Co
Atlas Engine Works
Atlas Portland Cement Co
Au Bon Marche
Auburn Button Co
Auburn Opera House (NY). Proprietor
Auckland News
Augusta (Ga.) Herald
Aultman (C.) & Co
Aultman Miller & Co
Austin and Northwestern Railroad Co
Austin Statesman
Australasian Electric Light Power and Storage Co
Austria-Hungary. Consul General
Austrian Telephone Co
Austro-Hungarian-American Committee of Vienna
Authors League Fund
Auto Transit Co
Autocar (Magazine)
Automatic Fire Extinguisher Company of New York
Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co
Automatic Telegraph Co
Automatic Transportation Co
Automatic Ventilator Co
Automaton Piano Co
Automobile Club of America
Automobile Club of France
Automobile Journal
Automobile Topics
Ayres and Lufberg
Aziola Club
Babcock and Wilcox
Babcock Electric Carriage Co
Babson Bros
Babson\'s Statistical Organization
Bacheller & Co
Bachrach Studios
Bacigalupi (Peter) and Sons
Backus Water Motor Co
Bacon and Milans
Bacteriological Institute
Badger (E.B.) and Sons Co
Badische Co
Baeuerle and Morris
Bahr and Ehrlich
Bailey (J.W.) and Son
Bailey (S.R.) & Co
Bailey Reflector Co
Bainbridge Electric Light Co
Baines (J.) and Son
Baker & Co
Baker (J.T.) Chemical Co
Baker and Adamson Chemical Co
Baker and Bro
Baker and Taylor Co
Baker Electric Co
Baker Motor Vehicle Co
Baker Smith & Co
Balbach (Edward) and Son
Baldwin Bros & Co
Baldwin Locomotive Works
Baldwin Sexton and Peterson
Baldwin Syndicate
Ball Aultman and Co
Ball Bros
Ball Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd
Ball Engine Co
Balloon Society of Great Britain
Balsley and Mowry
Baltimore American
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co
Baltimore and Ohio Telegraph Co
Baltimore and Sparrows Point Realty Co
Baltimore Bargain House
Baltimore Cooperage Co
Baltimore Copper Smelting and Rolling Co
Baltimore News
Baltimore Orioles
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
Baltimore Sun
Baltzer and Lichtenstein
Bamberger (L.) & Co
Bancroft (A.L.) & Co
Bancroft Company of New York
Bandler (Bernard) and Sons
Bangor Commercial
Bangor News
Bank of Edison
Bank of Fort Myers
Bank of Jamestown
Bank of Mobile
Bank of Scotland
Bank of Sheldon
Bank of the Metropolis
Bankers Electric Protective Co
Bankers Guarantee Title and Trust Co
Bankers Mining and Tunnel Co
Bankers Trust Co
Banks Electric and Manufacturing Co
Banning and Banning
Banque Centrale du Commerce
Banque Franco-Egyptienne
Barclay & Co
Barlow and Bancroft
Barnes and Evans
Barnett (Oscar) Foundry Co
Barnum and Bailey Circus
Barnum Richardson Co
Barr (M.D.) & Co
Barrett Manufacturing Co
Bartram and Wadsworth
Baruch Bros
Bassford (E.D.) & Co
Bassonett and Meagher
Baszanger (Jacques) & Co
Batavia Rubber Co
Bate Refrigerator Co
Bates Advertising Co
Bates Machine Co
Bates Manufacturing Co
Bates Valve Bag Co
Bath Independent
Bath Times
Batten (George) Co
Battery Supplies Co
Battle Creek Sanitarium (Miami)
Battle Creek Sanitarium (Michigan)
Battleship America Fund
Bauer and Black
Bauer Chemical Co
Baumann Bros
Baur and Regel
Bausch and Lomb Optical Co
Baxter and Brown
Bayer Co
Bayonne Casting Co
Bayonne Times
Bayway Chemical Co
Bazaar for the Relief of German Widows and Orphans
Beacon Lamp Co
Beacon Vacuum Pump and Electrical Co
Becker and Sons
Becker Milling Machine Co
Beckman & Co
Beckwith (S.C.) Special Agency
Beer Sondheimer & Co
Beers (J.B.) & Co
Beggs (James) & Co
Behning Piano Co
Behrens Manufacturing Co
Belgian Kiddies Ltd
Belgian Relief Fund
Belgium. Consul General
Belgium. Ministry of Interior
Bell & Co
Bell (H.W.) Co
Bell (Wm) & Co
Bell and Biggar
Bell and Howell
Bell Telephone Co
Bell Telephone Memorial Assn
Belleville (N.J.). Assessor
Belleville (N.J.). Fire Dept
Belmont (August) & Co
Bement Miles & Co
Benedict Bros
Benjamin and Casparay
Benson Mines Co
Bentel (Theodore F.) Co
Bergen Port Zinc Works
Bergen Realty Co
Bergmann & Co
Bergmann Electric and Gas Fixture Co
Bergmann Elektricitats Werke
Bergmann Elektromotoren and Dynamo Werke
Berkeley Gazette
Berkshire White Portland Cement Co
Berlin Chemical Laboratories Inc
Berlin Lokal-Anzeiger
Berlin Mills Co
Berliner Gram-o-phone Co Ltd
Berliner Presse
Berliner Tageblatt
Berrien County Horticultural Society
Berry Bros
Berry Schools
Berthon (A.) & Co
Berthoud Borel & Co
Bertolette and Lukens
Bethesda Leper Home Society of the USA
Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church (Detroit)
Bethlehem Foundry and Machine Co
Bethlehem Iron Co
Bethlehem Steel Co
Bethlehem Times
Better America Federation
Betts and Betts Corp
Betts Atterbury and Betts
Bevan (T.E.) & Co
Bibby (Edward A.) & Co
Bible Magazine
Bicycling World Co
Biddle and Ward
Big Bend Tunnel and Mining Co
Big Brother Movement
Big Run Planing Mill and Furniture Factory
Biglow and Main Co
Binney and Smith Co
Biograph Co
Biorem & Co
Bioren & Co
Bircham & Co
Bird and Tree Club
Bird and Tree Club (Puerto Rico)
Birdsboro Steel Foundry and Machine Co
Birmingham Age Herald
Birmingham Co
Birmingham Electric and Manufacturing Co
Birmingham Gazette
Birmingham Iron Foundry
Bishop (Victor) & Co
Bishop Gutta Percha Co
Bismuth King Mining Co
Bitting and Co
Black Diamond Powder Co
Blackman Talking Machine Co
Blackstone (Edison Employee)
Blackwell (George G.) Sons & Co
Blackwell (Robert W.) & Co Ltd
Blagden Waugh & Co
Blair & Co
Blair (George C.) and Son
Blair Camera Co
Blake and Burkart
Blake Crusher Co
Blanchard (F.S.) & Co
Blanchard (Isaac H.) Co
Blasius and Sons
Blatchford Seward Griswold and DaCosta
Blaw Collapsible Steel Centering Co
Blennerhassett and Edison
Bliss (E.W.) Co
Bloede (Victor G.) Co
Bloomfield (J.C.) & Co
Bloomfield (N.J.). Board of Health
Bloomfield (N.J.). Fire Dept
Bloomfield Citizen
Bloomfield Press
Bloomingdale Bros
Bloomsburg Car Manufacturing Co
Blue Devils
Blue Ridge Traction Co
Blum (E.M.) & Co
Blum Bros Inc
Board of Censorship (Motion Pictures)
Board of Trade of Stanhope and Netcong
Boardwalk National Bank
Boaretto and Remondini
Bobbs-Merrill Co
Boettger Silk Finishing Co
Boker (Herman) & Co
Boland Airplane and Motor Co
Bolivia. Minister of Mining
Bollettino Finanze Ferrovie Industrie
Bombay Telephone Co Ltd
Bonbright (William P.) & Co
Bond and Mortgage Guarantee Co
Bonneville Cement Co
Bonsack Machine Co
Booth & Co
Booth Garrett and Blair
Borden\'s Condensed Milk Co
Bordentown Female College
Borericke and Tafel
Borgfeldt (George) & Co
Borland-Grannis Co
Borne Scrymser Co
Boston Advertiser
Boston American
Boston and Albany Railroad
Boston and Colorado Smelting Co
Boston and Maine Railroad
Boston Beacon
Boston Belting Co
Boston Bijou Theatre Co
Boston Braves
Boston Budget
Boston Commercial Bulletin
Boston Edison Co
Boston Electric Club
Boston Electric Show
Boston Gear Works
Boston Globe
Boston Herald
Boston Journal
Boston Journal of Chemistry
Boston Journal of Commerce
Boston Marine Insurance Co
Boston Piano and Music Co
Boston Post
Boston Record
Boston Symphony
Boston Times
Boston Transcript
Boston Transit Commission
Boston Traveler
Bostwick and Thoms
Boulder Smelting Co
Boulton Carbon Co
Bouvier (M.C.) & Co
Bowen and Kingsbury
Bowers (B.O.) Co
Bowsky (M.) Fur Dressing and Dyeing Co
Boy Scouts of America
Boynton Real Estate Co
Boys Club (Edison Chapter)
Braden (Oliver) & Co
Bradford Academy
Bradford Observer
Bradley (Edison Employee)
Bradley and Pischel
Bradley Contracting Co
Bradstreet and Curtis
Bradstreet Co
Bragdon Lord and Nagle Co
Brainard Milling Machine Co
Brainard\'s (S.) Sons Co
Brandon and Sons
Brandon Bros
Brantford (Ontario). Public Schools
Brashear (John A.) Co Ltd
Brashear Assn
Braun Corp
Braunsdorf (J.E.) & Co
Brazil. Ministry of Agriculture
Brazil. Secretary of Agriculture
Breakenridge and Tichenor
Bredt (F.) & Co
Brehmer Bros
Breitkopf and Hartel
Brewer (Charles) & Co
Brewer and Jensen
Brewer Mining Co
Brewster & Co
Brick Co
Brictson Manufacturing Co
Bridgeport Brass Co
Bridgeport Wood Finishing Co
Briesen and Knauth
Brill (J.G.) & Co
Briscoe Freres
Bristol Iron Co Ltd
British American Chemical Co
British American Specialty Co
British Association for Advancement of Science
British Chemical Co Ltd
British Columbia Copper Co Ltd
British Columbia Electric Co
British Edison Storage Battery Co
British Empire Club
British Museum
British North American Tobacco Company of Canada
British Ore Concentration Syndicate
British Railways Speaking Telephone Co Ltd
British South Africa Co
British War Relief Assn Inc
British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co
Broadway Automobile Co
Brock\'s Commercial Agency Ltd
Brockie (J.) & Co
Broken Hill Proprietary Co Ltd
Bronx Co
Bronx Motion Picture Studio
Bronx Terminal Corp
Bronx Window Shade and Awning Co
Brook Foundation
Brooklyn (N.Y.). Fire Dept
Brooklyn (N.Y.). Mayor\'s Office
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Bureau of Charities
Brooklyn Citizen
Brooklyn Cooperage Co
Brooklyn Eagle
Brooklyn Engineers Club
Brooklyn Furniture Co
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences
Brooklyn Public Library
Brooklyn Standard Union
Brooklyn Times
Brooklyn Trust Co
Brooks and Kemper
Brooks Bros (Minnesota)
Brooks Bros (New York)
Brooks Patent Insulator Works
Brown (A.andF.) Co
Brown (C.H.) & Co
Brown (James N.) & Co
Brown (Lucius P.) & Co
Brown and Dion
Brown and Seward
Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Co
Brown Bros
Brown Bros & Co
Brown Bruns & Co
Brownell (E.H.) & Co
Bruckner Ross and Consorten
Brunsene Co
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co
Brush Electric Co
Brush Electrical Engineering Co
Bryan (Clark W.) & Co
Brydges & Co
Bryn Mawr Club
Bryn Mawr College
Bucher Engraving and Manufacturing Co
Buchman and Deisler
Buck Edwards & Co
Buckeye Electric Co
Buckeye Engine Co
Buckeye Pipe Line Co
Buckeye Reaper and Mower Works
Buckhorn Portland Cement Co
Buckingham Army Airfield (Fort Myers)
Budapesti Altalanos Villamossagi Reszvenytarsasag
Buehn Phonograph Co
Buek (Charles) & Co
Buenos Aires (Argentina). Mayor
Buffalo Attica and Arcade Railroad Co
Buffalo Commercial Advertiser
Buffalo Courier
Buffalo Enquirer
Buffalo Express
Buffalo News
Buffalo Steam Pump Co
Buffalo Times
Buick Motor Co
Bullard Machine Co
Bulletin of Photography
Bullock and Crenshaw
Bundy Manufacturing Co
Bunnell (J.H.) & Co
Bunney\'s Ltd
Burbank (Luther) Society
Burchells (Solicitors)
Bureau of Associated Charities
Bureau of Explosives
Bureau of Fire Engineering
Bureau of Press Clippings
Burgess Sulphite Fibre Co
Burgesses Corps
Burgoyne Quick Printing Co
Burke and James Inc
Burke Electric Co
Burke Fraser and Connett
Burleigh (H.G.) and Bro
Burleigh Travel Journal
Burnham (John) & Co
Burnham Industrial Farm
Burrill Davison and Burrill
Burroughs Nature Club
Burrowes (E.T.) & Co
Burton (C.S.) and Sons
Burton and Burton
Bush (W.J.) & Co
Business Men\'s Clearing House
Butler (J.W.) Paper Co
Butler Co
Butler Stillman and Hubbard
Butte Phonograph Co
Butte Post
Butterworth-Judson Co
Byerley and Sons
Byllesby (H.M.) & Co
Byron and Hall
C and C Motor Co
Cabell and Gilpin
Cadillac (Automobile)
Cadillac Automobile Co
Cadwell (O.C.) & Co
Cairo Hotel
Caldwell Willcox Co
Cali (Colombia). City
Calibron Products Inc
California Electric Co
California Electrical Works
California Portland Cement Co
California Society for the Prevention of Blindness
California Teachers Association of Southland
California. Mining Bureau
Calkins and Holden
Callender (A.M.) & Co
Callender Insulating and Waterproofing Co
Callender\'s Bitumen Telegraph and Waterproof
Caloosahatchee Steamboat Co
Calumet Film Exchange
Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church (East Orange)
Cambria Iron Co
Cambria Steel Co
Cambridge Encyclopedia
Cambridge University
Camden Post
Cameraphone Co
Roderick William Cameron
Camp (A.L.) & Co
Camp Merritt
Camp Mills
Camp Pasquaney
Camp Upton
Canada. Commissioner of Crown Lands
Canada. Commissioner of Patents
Canada. Dept of Justice
Canada. Dept of Lands Forests and Mines
Canada. Geological and Natural History Survey
Canada. Ministry of Agriculture
Canada. Parliament
Canadian Cement and Concrete Assn
Canadian Club
Canadian Copper Co
Canadian District Telegraph Co
Canadian Edison Manufacturing Co
Canadian Edison Phonographs Ltd
Canadian Electrical Society of Montreal
Canadian Explosives Co Ltd
Canadian Gold Fields
Canadian Mining Review
Canadian Pacific Railway
Canadian Patriotic Fund
Canadian Refining and Smelting Co Ltd
Canadian Specialties Co
Canadian Statesman (Magazine)
Canadian Subscription and Publishing Co
Candlestick Magazine
Canterbury Times
Canton News-Democrat
Canton Repository
Capital City Machine Works
Caragol (Manuel) and Son
Carbon Iron and Steel Co Ltd
Carbonel Mestre & Co
Carey (H.T.) & Co
Carhart Construction Co
Carlile (John B) & Co
Carlin (W.J.) Co
Carlin\'s (Thomas) Sons
Carlock (Edison Employee)
Carnegie Hall
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Carnegie Institution
Carnegie Steel Co
Carolina Central Railroad
Carolina Power and Light Co
Carolina Traction Co
Carpenter Steel Co
Carr and Dickinson
Carriage and Wagon Builder
Carrick and Wortendyke
Carrier Air Conditioning Co
Carrollton Gazette
Carson Petroleum Co
Carter Hughes and Dwight
Carteret Academy
Carteret Steel Co
Cartersville (Georgia). Express Agent
Cary and Whitridge
Casa Edison
Casein Manufacturing Co
Cashier Mining Co
Casparis Stone Co
Cassell & Co Ltd
Cassell Petter and Galpin
Cassell\'s Family Magazine
Cassier\'s Magazine
Castle Hot Springs (Arizona)
Castner Electrolytic Alkali Co
Caswell and Moore
Caswell Hazard & Co
Cataract Construction Co
Cauchois (F.A.) & Co
Cavanagh Sandford & Co
Ceballos (J.M.) & Co
Celluloid Co
Celluloid Novelty Co
Celotex Co
Cement and Engineering News
Cement Era
Cement Gun Construction Co
Cement Manufacturers Protective Assn
Cement Products Exhibition Co
Cement World
Centenary Exhibition of American Methodist Missions
Central American Pacific Railway and Transportation
Central Building Co
Central Christian Church (Youngstown)
Central Colorado Prospecting and Mine Co
Central Commercial and Manual Training High School
Central District and Printing Telegraph Co
Central Forge Works
Central Hanover Bank and Trust Co
Central Literary Press
Central London Railway
Central Nebraska Phonograph Co
Central News and Press Exchange
Central Ontario Railway
Central Railroad of New Jersey
Central Scientific Co
Central Service Co
Central Service Corp
Central Station (Magazine)
Central Trust Co
Central Union Telephone Co
Central Union Trust Co
Central Verein (Wisconsin)
Century Co
Century Magazine
Century Opera Co
Cercle Sarah Bernhardt
Cerro de Pasco Copper Corp
Chalmers (H.B.) Co
Chamber of Commerce and Civics of the Oranges
Chamber of Mines and Oil
Chambers of Commerce. Fifth International Congress
Champion Wagon Co
Chandler & Co
Chapal (C.andE.) Freres & Co
Chaparra Sugar Co
Chaplin Anti-Friction Car Box Co
Charity Organization Society
Charleston Foundry and Iron Works
Charleston News and Courier
Charleston World
Charlotte Observer
Charlotte Rapid Transit Co
Chase and Walsh
Chase National Bank
Chase Rolling Mill Co
Chatfield Manufacturing Co
Chatfield Manufacturing Co
Chattanooga Armor Plate Committee
Chattanooga Times
Chatter (Magazine)
Chautauqua Foundation
Chautauqua Hotel (Athenaeum)
Chautauqua Institution
Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle
Chautauqua Press
Chautauqua Reorganization Corp
Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra
Chautauqua Woman\'s Club
Chautauquan (Newspaper)
Chefoo (China) School for the Deaf
Cheltenham Advertising Agency Inc
Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
Chemical Catalog Co
Chemical Company of America
Chemical Engineer
Chemical National Bank
Chemical News
Chemical Products Co
Chemical Rubber Co
Chemical Show (N.Y. City)
Chemical Society (London). Journal
Chemiker Zeitung
Chemische Fabrik Greisheim Elektron
Chemists Club
Chemists Club. Bureau of Employment
Cheney Bros
Cheney Tallking Machine Co
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co
Chester Electric Light and Power Co
Chester Foundry and Machine Co
Chester News
Chicago American
Chicago and Alton Railroad
Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway
Chicago and Northwestern Railway
Chicago and South Side Rapid Transit Railroad Co
Chicago Association of Commerce
Chicago Burlington and Northern Railroad
Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad
Chicago Central Phonograph Co
Chicago Chronicle
Chicago Edison Co
Chicago Electrical Society
Chicago Examiner
Chicago Film Exchange
Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol
Chicago Globe
Chicago Great Western Railroad Co
Chicago Herald
Chicago House Wrecking Co
Chicago Inter-Ocean
Chicago Journal
Chicago Journal of Commerce
Chicago Mail
Chicago Milwaukee and St Paul Railway
Chicago News
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co
Chicago Post
Chicago Record Herald
Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railway
Chicago St Paul and Kansas City Railway
Chicago St Paul Minneapolis and Omaha Railway
Chicago Telephone Co
Chicago Times
Chicago Tribune
Chicago World\'s Fair
Chicago-Kenosha Hosiery Co
Chicago. Electrical Inspection Bureau
Childs and Hull
Chile Copper Co
Chile Exploration Co
Chile. President
Chillicothe Foundry and Machine Works
China and Japan Trading Co
China. Minister
China. Ministry of Education. Educational Bureau
Chinese Industrial Commission (1915)
Christian Advocate
Christian Endeavor World
Christian Herald
Christian Science Monitor
Christy Fire Clay Co
Chrome Steel Works
Church (John) Co
Church and Church
Church Quarry Co
Churchill (Charles) & Co
Cincinnati American Inventor
Cincinnati Chamber of Congress
Cincinnati Commercial Gazette
Cincinnati Commercial Tribune
Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati Gazette
Cincinnati New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway
Cincinnati Post
Cincinnati Times Star
Cinematographes and Appareils de Precision
Circle for Negro Relief Inc
Circle Magazine
Citizens Gas Company of Indianapolis
Citizens Gas Light Co
Citizens Insurance Co
Citizens League of West Orange
Citizens Preparedness Parade
Citizens Public Utilities Club
Citizens Relief Committee (Hamilton Ontario)
Citizens Traction Co
City Club (New York)
City Club of East Orange
City College of N.Y. College of Pharmacy. Alumni Jo
City Dye Works and Laundry Co
City of London Phonograph Society
City Park Transit Co
City Railroad Co (Port Huron)
City View Storage Co
Civic Forum
Civics Club of the Oranges
Civilian Naval Cruise Committee
Claflin (H.B.) & Co
Clarendon Hotel (Florida)
Clarendon Hotel (N.Y. City)
Clark (Arthur H.) Co
Clark (Melville) Piano Co
Clark Music Co
Clarke & Co
Clarke (Robert) & Co
Claus & Co Ltd
Clayton Aniline Co Ltd
Clephane and Cloughly
Cleveland Akron and Columbus Railroad
Cleveland City Forge Co
Cleveland Delphos and Western Telegraph Co
Cleveland Furnace Co
Cleveland Leader
Cleveland Lorain and Wheeling Railroad Co
Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland Painesville and Ashtabula Railroad Co
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cleveland Press
Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co
Clifford (Henry B.) & Co
Clifford and Lawton
Clifford Exploration Co
Clifton Copper Belt Mining Co
Cline (Eugene) & Co
Clinton Point Stone Co
Clonbrock Steam Boiler Works
Clyde Steamship Co
Coal Trade Journal
Coates & Co
Cobalt Kittson Mines Ltd
Coburn (Boston Navy Yard)
Cochrane Chemical Co
Coin Controlled Mechanism Co
Colgate & Co
Colgate (James B.) & Co
College Entrance Exam Board
Collette and Collette
Collier\'s Weekly
Collins (H.E.) & Co
Collins and Corbin
Colonial Investment Co
Colonial Virginia Inc
Colorado and Southern Railway Co
Colorado and Utah Phonograph Co
Colorado Electric Club
Colorado Midland Railway Co
Colorado School of Mines
Colt Runabout Company of Pennsylvania
Colt\'s Express
Colt\'s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co
Colton (G.W.andC.B.) & Co
Columbia and Electric Vehicle Co
Columbia College. School of Mines
Columbia Dye Works
Columbia Phonograph Co
Columbia Rubber Co
Columbia Trust Co
Columbia University
Columbia University. Dept of Chemistry
Columbian Magazine
Columbian University
Columbus (Ga.) Sun
Columbus (Ohio). Fire Dept
Columbus Dispatch
Columbus Edison Electric Light Co
Columbus Hocking Valley and Toledo Railroad
Columbus Monument Committee
Columbus Ohio State Journal
Columbus Post
Combination Gas Machine Co
Combination Rubber Co
Comfort Hose Supporter Co
Comic-Finance (Newspaper)
Comitato per le Applicazioni dell\'Elettricita
Commercial Acid Co
Commercial Cable Co
Commercial Club
Commercial Fire Insurance Co
Commercial Motor Co
Commercial Publishing Co
Commercial Telegram Co
Commercial Telegraph Co
Commercial Telegraphers Union of America
Commercial Truck Company of America
Commercial Union Telegraph Co
Commercial Vehicle (Magazine)
Commercial West (Magazine)
Commerical Bureau Council
Committe of Sixty for National Prohibition
Committee of One Hundred (A.A.A.S.)
Committee of One Hundred (Newark)
Committee of Ten
Committee on Safety of the City of New York
Commonwealth Edison Co
Commonwealth Title Insurance and Trust Co
Commonwealth Trust Company of Pittsburgh
Community Congregational Church (Fort Myers)
Como (Italy). City
Compagnie Americaine du Phonographe Edison
Compagnie Continentale Edison
Compagnie des Mines du Dadou
Compagnie Electrique Edison de Marseille
Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe Edison
Compagnie Generale de Telephone
Compagnie Generale des Lampes Incandescentes
Compagnie Generale des Phonographes
Compagnie Generale Transatlantique
Compagnie Genevoise l\'Industrie du Gaz
Compagnie Parisienne de Couleurs d\'Aniline
Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interoceanique
Compania Chilena Telefonos de Edison
Compania Edison Hispano Americana
Compania Electrica de Edison
Compton (F.E.) & Co
Conant (S.T.) and Son
Concord (N.H.) Monitor
Concord (N.H.) Patriot
Concrete Engineering Co
Concrete Publishing Co
Concrete Steel Co
Condensite Company of America
Condit and Hanson
Condit Hanson and Van Winkle
Condron Co
Coney Island Dreamland
Coney Island Jockey Club
Conference Committee on National Preparedness
Congresso di Elettricisti
Conkling Ore Dephosphorizing Co
Connecticut. Survey Office
Connelly and Curtis
Connolly Bros
Conover (C.E.) Co
Consett Iron Works
Consolidated Car Heating Co
Consolidated Electric Light Co
Consolidated Fruit Jar Co
Consolidated Gas Co (Baltimore)
Consolidated Gas Co (New York)
Consolidated Gold Fields of South Africa Ltd
Consolidated International Railway Telegraph Co
Consolidated Kansas City Smelting and Refining Co
Consolidated Petroleum and Stock Exchange
Consolidated Phonograph Cos Ltd
Consolidated Railway Electric Lighting and Equipmen
Consolidated Railway Telegraph Co
Consolidated Telephone Construction Co
Consolidated Transit Co
Construction News
Consumer\'s League of New Jersey
Consumers Coal Co
Continental Caoutchouc Co
Continental Chemical Co
Continental Commerce Co
Continental Hotel
Continental Mexican Rubber Co
Continental Sugar Refinery
Continental Telephone Co
Cook (Magazine)
Cook (Thomas) and Sons
Cook County (Illinois). Board of Assessors
Cook Pottery Co
Cook Publishing Co
Cooke (Jay) & Co (Estate)
Cooke (St George H.) Co
Cooke and Beggs
Cooke Locomotive and Machine Co
Coombs Crosby and Eddy
Cooper & Co
Cooper (Charles) & Co
Cooper (Peter) & Co
Cooper Hewitt & Co
Cooper Union
Cooperative Press
Copeland-Inglis Shale Brick Co
Coplay Iron Co
Coquimbite Battery Co
Corbin and Goodrich
Corliss Steam Engine Co
Cornell Era
Cornell University
Cornell University. Sibley College
Corning Glass Works
Cornish & Co
Cornwall Ore Bank Co
Cornwall Sanitarium
Corporation Trust Co
Corpus Christi Caller
Cosmopolitan (Magazine)
Cosmopolitan Club (N.Y. City)
Cossage (W.) and Sons
Cotton and Gould
Coudert Bros
Council Bluffs Nonpareil
Council of National Defense
Courrier de la Presse
Cowles Syndicate Co Ltd
Cox Biddulph & Co
Cozens Cabinet Co
Cradle (Adoption Agency)
Crane & Co
Crane (E.D.) & Co
Crane Co
Crane Iron Co
Crane Iron Works
Credential Employment Corp
Credit Lyonnais (New York)
Credit Lyonnais (Paris)
Credit Suisse
Cremer (F.) & Co
Crescent Automobile Co
Crider (P.B.) and Son
Crocker (H.S.) Co
Crocker-Wheeler Co
Crooks (J.andJ.) Co
Crosby & Co
Crosby and Hoffman
Crossley Bros
Crossman (W.H.) and Bros
Croton Magnetic Iron Mines
Crowell and Coe
Crucible Steel Co
Cruse-Kemper Co
Cryder & Co
Crystal Hosiery Mills Co
Crystal Palace Exhibition (1882)
Crystal Springs Canning Co
Cuba Commercial Co
Cuban Cigar Co
Cuban-American Trust
Cudahy Packing Co
Culver and Herbert
Cumberland Courier
Cummer Engine Co
Cumming and Brinkerhoff
Cunard Steamship Co
Cunningham Piano Co
Cupples and Hurd
Curie (Marie) Radium Fund
Current Club
Current Events
Curtis Publishing Co
Curtiss Engineering Corp
Curtiss-Wright Corp
Cutler-Hammer Manufacturing Co
Cutting (R.L.) & Co
Cuyahoga Concrete Stone Co
Cyclojector Co
Cyclone Drilling Machine Co
Cyclone Pulverizer Co
Cyclostyle Co
D P Battery Co Ltd
D\'Olier Engineering Co
Dabo and Helm
Daily Mail Year Book
Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft
Dallas News
Damascus Nickel Steel Co
Danbury News
Daniell (John) Sons and Sons
Darby Mine
Darling Brown and Sharpe
Dau Publishing Co
Daughters of the American Revolution
Dauphin Bridge Co
Davenport and Treacy Co
Davey Hour (Radio Program)
Davey Tree Expert Co
Davies & Co
Davis (Edison Electric lluminating Co)
Davis (G.M.) Regulator Co
Davis (I.B.) and Son
Davis (S.andJ.)
Davis (W.H.) & Co
Davis and Catterall
Davis Bros
Davis Collamore & Co
Davis Construction Co
Davis Memorial Church (Harrison)
Davis-Bouronville Co
Davis-Colby Ore Roaster Co
Dawson Co
Day (J.H.) Co
Day (Newspaper)
Dayton & Co
Dayton Journal
De Castro (D.) & Co
De Forest Radio Telephone and Telegraph Co
De Graw and Murray
De Haen (E.)
De La Vergne Machine Co
De Laval Separator Co
De Sola (B.) & Co
Dearborn Independent
Dearborn Morgan School
Dearborn Publishing Co
Debie (Belgian Refugee)
DeBower-Chapline Co
Decker and Jewett
Deckertown Independent
Delamater (C.H.) & Co
Delano & Co
Delaware Hard Fibre Co
Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Delaware Land Development Co
Delineator (Magazine)
Deloitte Dever Griffiths & Co
Deloro Mining and Reduction Co Ltd
Delta Psi (Number Six Club)
Democratic National Committee
Democratic National Convention (1924)
Demorest and Sylvester
Dempsey and Carroll
Denison and Doyle Co
Denison Electric Engineering Co
Denning (E.J.) & Co
Denton Dunn and Boultbee
Denton Grover and Field
Denver and Rio Grande Railway Co
Denver Consolidated Electric Co
Denver Gas and Electric Light Co
Denver Phonograph Co
Denver Post
Denver Republican
Denver Rocky Mountain News
Denver Times
Derby Lead Co
Derr (Thompson) and Bro
Des Moines Edison Light Co
Des Moines Electric Light and Power Co
Des Moines Register
Desloge Consolidated Lead Co
Desmoutis Quennessen and Le Brun
Detroit and Lake Superior Copper Co
Detroit Brick Manufacturers and Dealers Assn
Detroit Electric Car Co
Detroit Electric Car Co of St Louis
Detroit Electrical Works
Detroit Free Press
Detroit Journal
Detroit News
Detroit Steel Products Co
Detroit Taxicab and Transfer Co
Detroit Times
Detroit Young Mens Society
Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Edison Akkumulatoren Co GmbH
Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft
Deutsche Edison Phonographen Gesellschaft
Deutsche Gramophon Gesellschaft
Deutsche Mahmaschinenfabrik Aktiengesellschaft
Deutsche Osterreich-Edison Kinetoskop Cie
Deutsche Zeitung
Deutsches Journal
Deutsches Museum
Deutsches Verlagshaus Bong & Co
Devine (J.P.) Co
Devine Gibb and York
Devoe (F.W.) and Raynolds (C.T.) Co
DeVry Corp
Dexter Portland Cement Co
Diadem Mining Co
Diamond Disc Shop Inc
Diamond Drill Carbon Co
Diamond Drill Contracting Co
Diamond Match Co
Diamond Points
Dick (A.B.) Co
Dick Bros & Co
Dick Kerr & Co Ltd
Dickerson and Dickerson
Dickerson Brown Raegener and Binney
Dickinson (Albert) Co
Dickinson (E.E.) & Co
Dicks David Co
Dickson Manufacturing Co
Dictating Machine Co
Diehl Manufacturing Co
Direct United States Cable Co Ltd
Disston (Henry) and Sons Inc
District of Columbia. Court of Appeals
District of Columbia. Supreme Court
District of Columbia. Tax Collector
Ditson (Charles H.) & Co
Ditson (Oliver) & Co
Dixon (Joseph) Crucible Co
Dixon and Bates
Dixon Pharmical Co
Dobbie (A.andJ.)
Dodge Motor Co
Dolfini (A.W.) & Co
Domestic Telegraph Co
Domestic Utilities Co
Dominion Iron and Steel Co Ltd
Dominion Mineral Co
Dommerich (L.F.) & Co
Donegan and Reilly
Dorman Manufacturing Co
Dorr Co
Dos Passos Bros
Double Duty Finger Guild
Doubleday Page & Co
Doubleday-Hill Electric Co
Douglas & Co
Douglas (Furniture Dealer)
Douglas Phonograph Co
Douglass (George B.) and Bros
Dover (N.J.) Index
Dover Boiler Works
Dover Electric Light Co
Dover Savings Institution
Dow Chemical Co
Dow Jones & Co
Downer Kerosene Oil Co
Downing (R.F.) & Co
Doyle (John F.) and Sons
Drama Guild of the Oranges
Drescher Electrical Manufacturing Co
Dresdner Bank
Drew Machinery Agency
Drexel Harjes & Co
Drexel Institute
Drexel Morgan & Co
Dreydel (Charles) & Co
Dreyfuss and Sachs
Driver-Harris Co
Drug and Chemical Markets
Drug Topics
Dry Goods Economist
Du Bois and Du Bois
Du Pont de Nemours & Co
Dubuque Telegraph (Herald)
Ducas (B.P.) Co
Ducretet (E.) & Co
Dufaux Mathieu and Andre
Dum Barlow & Co
Dun (R.G.) & Co
Dun and Bradstreet
Dunbar (R.) and Sons
Dunbar Stone Co
Duncan and Duncan
Duncan Bryce & Co
Duncan Curtis and Page
Dunckler and Sons
Dundee Chemical Works
Dunderland Iron Ore Co Ltd
Dunderland Ore Milling Area
Dunford and Elliott
Dunkel (S.P.) and Son
Dunlap Smith & Co
Duplex Safety Boiler Co
Dupre (F.) & Co
Duriron Castings Co
Durr Drug Co
Dustin (Charles E.) Co
Dutton and Townsend
Dwight Slate Machine Co
Dyckerhoff and Sons
Dyer and Driscoll
Dyer and Dyer
Dyer and Holden
Dyer and Seely
Dyer and Taylor
Dyer and Wilber
Dyer Dyer and Taylor
Dyer Edmonds and Dyer
Dyke and Camfield
Dynamo (Mount Union College Newspaper)
Dyrenforth Dyrenforth and Lee
E-2 (Submarine)
Eadie & Co
Eagle Oil Co
Eagle Pencil Co
Eagleton Manufacturing Co
Ealy (John W.) Co
Eardon and Sons
East Coast Manufacturing Co
East Jersey Board of Proprietors
East Jersey Water Co
East Orange High School
East Orange Homeopathic Dispensary Assn
East Orange Record
East Saginaw Herald
East St Louis Columbia and Waterloo Railway
East Tennessee Virginia and Georgia Railway
East Trenton Pottery Co
Eastern Cement Assn
Eastern Clay Goods Co
Eastern Development Co Ltd
Eastern Electric Cable Co
Eastern Fibre Decorating Co
Eastern Pennsylvania Phonograph Co
Eastern Railroad Assn
Eastern Telegraph Co
Eastman Dry Plate and Film Co
Eastman Kodak Co
Easton Foundry and Machine Co
Easton Free Press
Eastwood Buchanan and Smith
Eaton and Lewis
Eaton Cole and Burnham
Eaton Lewis and Hodgkins
Eaton Lewis and Rowe
Ecclesine and Tomlinson
Echoes (Magazine)
Ecometer Manufacturing Co
Eddystone Manufacturing Co
Eden Musee American Co
Edgar Printing and Stationery Co
Edgertyn Co
Edinburgh Scotsman
Ediphone Distributors Assn
Edison (Thomas A Jr) and Holzer (William) Steel and
Edison (Thomas A.) & Co Contractors
Edison (Thomas A.) Association
Edison (Thomas A.) Centennial (1947)
Edison (Thomas A.) Construction Dept
Edison (Thomas A.) Foundation
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Amusement Phonograph Comm
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Bates Machine Committee
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Blue Amberol Dept
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Carbolic Acid Division
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Coal Tar Products Division
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Columbia St Vaults
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Dictating Machine Committee
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Dictating Machine Division
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Educational Dept Committee
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Educational Film Dept
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Electrical Dept Committee
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Engineering Dept Committee
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Film Committee
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Film Manufacturing Comm
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Home Kinetoscope Committee
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Home Kinetoscope Dept
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Invoice Service Dept
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Kinetograph Dept
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Kinetophone Committee
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Kinetophone Experimenters
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Kinetoscope and Kinetophone
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Liberty Loan Committee
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Manufacturing Committee
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Motion Picture Division
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Musical Phonograph Division
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Primary Battery Division
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Professional Kinetoscope
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Record Committee
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Record Manufacturing Divisi
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Recording Division
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Sales and Advertising Comm
Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Salesmen Meeting
Edison (Thomas A.) Jr Chemical Co
Edison (Thomas A.) Jr Electric Lamp Co
Edison (Thomas A.) Legal Dept
Edison (Thomas A.) Ltd
Edison (Thomas A.) Personal
Edison (Thomas A.) Personal. Amidophenol Division
Edison (Thomas A.) Personal. Aniline Division
Edison (Thomas A.) Personal. Phenol Division
Edison (Thomas A.). Inc. Wax Division
Edison Accumulators Ltd
Edison Amberola Monthly
Edison and Murray
Edison and Swan United Electric Light Co Ltd
Edison and Unger
Edison Auto Accessories Co
Edison Automobile Co
Edison Band
Edison Battalion
Edison Benzol Plant (Johnstown Pa.)
Edison Benzol Plant (Sydney N.S.)
Edison Benzol Plant (Woodward Ala.)
Edison Birthplace Home
Edison Botanic Research Corp
Edison Business Phonograph Co
Edison Cement Corp
Edison Cement Works (Stewartsville)
Edison Chemical Works and Other Silver Lake Plants
Edison Choral Society
Edison Club
Edison Co (bogus company)
Edison Company for Isolated Lighting
Edison Construction Dept
Edison Crushing Roll Co
Edison Diamond Points (Publication)
Edison Dry Placer Process
Edison Electric Appliance Co
Edison Electric Co (Australia)
Edison Electric Construction Co Ltd
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Appleton)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Ashland)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Atlantic City)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Bainbridge)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Bellefonte)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Boston)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Brockton)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Brooklyn)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Chester)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Chicago)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Cincinnati)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Circleville)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Columbus)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Cumberland)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Danville)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Des Moines)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Detroit)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Dover)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Easton)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Fall River)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Freehold)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Harrisburg)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Hazleton)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Jackson)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Johnstown)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Kansas City)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Kearney)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Laramie)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Lawrence)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Louisville)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (McKeesport)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Memphis)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Michigan)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Middletown)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Mt Carmel)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New Bedford)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New Brunswick)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New Orleans)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New York)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Newburgh)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Newport)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Orange)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Paterson)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Philadelphia)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Piqua)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Reading)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Renovo)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Rochester)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Shamokin)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Somerville)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (St Paul)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Sunbury)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Tamaqua)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Tiffin)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Tonawanda)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Toronto)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Utica)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Watsontown)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (West Chester)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Wilkesbarre)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Williamsport)
Edison Electric Illuminating Co (York)
Edison Electric Lamp Co
Edison Electric Light and Power Co (Kansas City)
Edison Electric Light and Power Co (St Paul)
Edison Electric Light Co
Edison Electric Light Co Bulletin
Edison Electric Light Co Ltd
Edison Electric Light Co of Canada
Edison Electric Light Co of Cuba and Porto Rico
Edison Electric Light Co of Europe Ltd
Edison Electric Light Co of Havana
Edison Electric Light Co of Philadelphia
Edison Electric Light Co of Santiago
Edison Electric Railway Co
Edison Employees Club (Boston Edison Co)
Edison Employees Emergency Assn
Edison Employment Bureau
Edison Engineering Society
Edison Field Day
Edison Fire Dept
Edison Foreign Electric Pen Co
Edison General Electric Co
Edison General Electric Co Lamp Works
Edison Gesellschaft
Edison Gower-Bell Telephone Co of Europe
Edison Herald
Edison Industrial Co
Edison Industrial Works
Edison Institute
Edison International Corp
Edison International Phonograph Co
Edison Iron Concentrating Co
Edison Iron Concentration Co of New Jersey
Edison Kinetophone Agency
Edison Kinetophone Co
Edison Lamp Co
Edison Liberty Loan Club
Edison Light and Power Co (Michigan)
Edison Lock Co
Edison Machine Works
Edison Manufacturing Co
Edison Manufacturing Co (bogus company)
Edison Manufacturing Co Ltd
Edison Medal Assn
Edison Memorial (Century of Progress Exposition)
Edison Memorial Library (Fort Myers)
Edison Monthly
Edison Mutual Benefit Assn
Edison Mutual Telegraph Co of Ohio
Edison Orchestra (Radio Program)
Edison Ore Milling Co Ltd
Edison Ore Milling Syndicate Ltd
Edison Pageant of Light (Fort Myers)
Edison Park
Edison Patents Co
Edison Phonograph Agency
Edison Phonograph Co
Edison Phonograph Co (London)
Edison Phonograph Corp Ltd
Edison Phonograph Manufacturing Co
Edison Phonograph Monthly
Edison Phonograph Toy and Automaton Co Ltd
Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co
Edison Phonograph Works
Edison Phonograph Works. Transfer Pressmen
Edison Phonographs Ltd
Edison Phonoplex System
Edison Pioneers
Edison Polyform and Manufacturing Co (New Jersey)
Edison Polyform Co (Maine)
Edison Portland Cement Club
Edison Portland Cement Co
Edison Primary Batteries Inc
Edison Protective Assn
Edison Pulverized Limestone Co
Edison Scholarship Contest
Edison Scientific and Athletic Club
Edison Shafting Manufacturing Co
Edison Shop (East Orange)
Edison Shop (N.Y. City)
Edison Shop (Newark and Montclair)
Edison Shop (San Francisco)
Edison Spanish Colonial Light Co
Edison Speaking Phonograph Co
Edison Storage Battery Co
Edison Storage Battery Garage Inc
Edison Storage Battery Supply Co
Edison Telephone Co of Europe Ltd
Edison Telephone Co of Glasgow Ltd
Edison Telephone Co of London Ltd
Edison Telephone Exchanges
Edison United Manufacturing Co
Edison United Phonograph Co
Edison Wiring Co
Edison Works Monthly
Edison [Jr] Chemical Co
Edison\'s Electric Pen and Duplicating Press Co
Edison\'s Indian and Colonial Electric Co
Edison\'s Phonograph Co
Edison-Bell Consolidated Phonograph Co Ltd
Edison-Bell Continental Phonograph Co
Edison-Bell Phonograph Corp Ltd
Edison-Johnson Electrical Manufacturing Co
Edison-Rogers Co
Edison-Saunders Compressed Air Co
Edisonia Co
Edisonia Ltd
Edisonian Society
Edmands (T.F.) & Co
Educational Film Magazine
Edwards & Co
Egan Co
Eimer and Amend
El Paso Phonograph Co
Electra Cycle Co
Electrelle Co
Electric Boat Co
Electric Carriage and Battery Co
Electric City Publishing Co
Electric Club (New York)
Electric Construction and Supply Co
Electric Development Assn
Electric Engine Co
Electric Heat Regulator Co
Electric Journal
Electric Launch Co
Electric Light Company of Atlantic City
Electric Light Power Generator Co Ltd
Electric Manufacturing and Miscellaneous Stock Exch
Electric Manufacturing Co
Electric Merchandising Co
Electric Mutual Insurance Co
Electric Omnibus and Truck Co
Electric Pen Co
Electric Power
Electric Railway Company of the United States
Electric Show (N.Y. City)
Electric Smelting and Aluminum Co
Electric Storage Battery Co
Electric Time and Printing Telegraph Co
Electric Time Co
Electric Traction Co
Electric Tube Co
Electric Vehicle and Central Station Assn
Electric Vehicle Association of America
Electric Vehicle Co
Electric Wagon Co
Electric Writing Co Ltd
Electrical Accumulator Co
Electrical Advertising Scale Co
Electrical Age
Electrical Construction and Maintenance Co
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Experimenter
Electrical Exposition (N.Y. City)
Electrical Industries
Electrical Merchandising
Electrical News
Electrical Record
Electrical Review (Chicago)
Electrical Review (London)
Electrical Review (N.Y. City)
Electrical Review and Western Electrician
Electrical Show Co
Electrical Supply and Construction Co
Electrical Supply Co
Electrical Testing Laboratories
Electrical World
Electrical World and Engineer
Electrician (London)
Electrician and Electrical Engineer
Electricity Newspaper Co
Electro Chemical Co
Electro-Chemical Manufacturing Co
Electro-Dynamic Light Co
Electro-Magnetic Clock Corp
Electro-Metallurgist and Electric Light Journal
Electrochemical Industry (Magazine)
Electrograph Circular Co
Elektrotechnische Gesellschaft
Elektrotechnische Zeitschrift
Elektrotechnischer Verein
Elite Pottery Co
Elizabeth and Newark Horse Railroad Co
Elizabeth Journal
Elliman (Douglas L.) & Co
Elliott Manufacturing Co
Elliott Service Co
Ellis-Foster Co
Elmira Gazette
Elmira Star Gazette
Elston (Thomas A.) Co
Elyria Enameled Products Co
Emark Battery Corp
Emergency Fleet Corp
Emergency Housing Assn of the District of Columbia
Emerson Electric Co
Emerson Phonograph Co
Emmel (Charles)
Emmerich and Vonderlehr
Emmerson (Edison Employee)
Empire Hand Stamp Works
Empire Limestone Co
Empire Palm Oil Co
Empire Refining Co
Empire State Chemical Co
Employers Liability Assurance Corp
Employers Reference Service
Empress Theatre Co
Encyclopedia Britannica
Encyclopedie Contemporaine
Endicott Johnson & Co
Engineering Agency
Engineering and Contracting
Engineering and Mining Journal
Engineering Foundation
Engineering Magazine
Engineering News
Engineers Club (N.Y. City)
Engineers Club of Philadelphia
Engineers Society of Western Pennsylvania
Engle and Drew
English & Co
English (George L.) & Co
English Mechanic
English Syndicate
Ennis (C.W.) & Co
Ensign-Bickford Co
Equitable Appraisal Co
Equitable Life Assurance Society
Equitable Trust Co
Equity (Newspaper)
Erie City Iron Works
Erie County (Ohio). Treasurer
Erie Dispatch
Erie Herald
Erie Railroad Co
Erie Telegraph and Telephone Co
Erkins Studios
Erlanger (Emile) & Co
Ernst (V.H.) & Co
Essanay Film Co
Essex County (N.J.). Circuit Court
Essex County (N.J.). Court of Common Pleas
Essex County (N.J.). Jail
Essex County (N.J.). Mosquito Extermination Comm
Essex County (N.J.). Road Board
Essex County (N.J.). Surrogate
Essex County Country Club
Essex County Electric Co
Essex County Park Commission
Essex County Republican Committee
Essex Press
Eubank and Stevenson
Eureka Flint and Spar Co
Eureka Lake and Yuba Canal Co
Eureka Pneumatic Spray Co
European and Asiatic Importing Co
European Correspondence Cable and News Co
Evans & Co
Evans (Henry G.) Phosphate Co
Evansville Gas and Electric Light Co
Everding and Jenks
Everett (H.C.) & Co
Everybody\'s Magazine
Everybody\'s Weekly
Excelsior Film Co
Excelsior Motor Manufacturing and Supply Co
Excelsior Needle Co
Exchange Fire Insurance Co
Exchange Telegraph Co Ltd
Exhibition. Alaska Yukon Pacific (1909)
Exhibition. Berlin (1883)
Exhibition. Berlin (1910). American Commission
Exhibition. Berlin Sport (1882)
Exhibition. Birmingham (U.K.) (1889)
Exhibition. Boston Electric (1912)
Exhibition. Boston Food and House Furnishing (1908)
Exhibition. Boston Mechanics (1910)
Exhibition. Bronx International (1917)
Exhibition. Brussels Sciences (1888)
Exhibition. Buffalo Pan-American (1901)
Exhibition. California Midwinter (1894)
Exhibition. Chicago Columbian (1893)
Exhibition. Chicago Industrial (1881)
Exhibition. Chicago Industrial and Cotton Centenni
Exhibition. Chicago Railway (1883)
Exhibition. Cincinnati Ohio Valley (1910)
Exhibition. Cleveland Electrical (1914)
Exhibition. Frankfort (Germany) Electrical (1890)
Exhibition. Jamestown Ter-Centennial (1907)
Exhibition. London American (1886)
Exhibition. London Electric (1882)
Exhibition. Louisville Southern (1883)
Exhibition. Melbourne Centennial (1888)
Exhibition. Minneapolis Industrial (1890)
Exhibition. Minneapolis. Northwestern Electric (191
Exhibition. Montreal Builders Show (1908)
Exhibition. Montreal Electrical (1891)
Exhibition. Montreal Electrical (1901)
Exhibition. N.Y. City Electrical (1896)
Exhibition. N.Y. City Electrical (1898)
Exhibition. N.Y. City Electrical (1908-1919)
Exhibition. N.Y. City Electrical Show (1905)
Exhibition. N.Y. City International (1892)
Exhibition. N.Y. City Real Estate and Ideal Home (1
Exhibition. N.Y. City Woman\'s Exchange (1890)
Exhibition. New Orleans Cotton (1884-1885)
Exhibition. Nice International (1883)
Exhibition. Ohio Valley Centennial (1888)
Exhibition. Omaha Trans-Mississippi (1898)
Exhibition. Panama Pacific (1915)
Exhibition. Paris International (1881)
Exhibition. Paris International (1886)
Exhibition. Paris Universal (1878)
Exhibition. Paris Universal (1889)
Exhibition. Paris Universal (1889). Revue
Exhibition. Paris Universal (1889). U.S. Commission
Exhibition. Paris Universal (1900)
Exhibition. Paris Universal (1900). U.S. Commission
Exhibition. Philadelphia Centennial (1876)
Exhibition. Philadelphia Electrical (1884)
Exhibition. Philadelphia Electrical (1898)
Exhibition. Portland (Ore.) Lewis and Clark (1905)
Exhibition. Saint John (Canada) Electrical (1889)
Exhibition. St Louis (1904)
Exhibition. St Louis Electrical (1889)
Exhibition. St Louis Real Estate and Building (1910
Exhibition. Sydney International (1879)
Exhibition. Toronto Industrial (1888)
Exhibition. Vienna Electrical (1883)
Exide Co
Experimenter Publishing Co
Exploiting Company of California
Exploration Co Ltd
Exploration Syndicate
Exposition of Public Spirited Activities
F-4 (Submarine)
Fabbri and Chauncey
Faber (Eberhard) Pencil Co
Fabricated Steel Co
Factory Products Export Corp
Fairbanks Morse & Co
Fairchild (P.B.) & Co
Fairmont Coal Co
Fakes-Bisbee-Robertson Inc
Falk Studio
Fall River Globe
Fall River Herald
Faller (Marion Edison\'s Fiance)
Fanning-Charters Fruit Distributing Co
Farbenfabriken of Elberfeld Co
Farist Steel Co
Farley (A.C.) & Co
Farm and Ranch (Journal)
Silas Farmer
Farmers and Merchants National Bank
Farmers Club
Farmers Land Co
Farmers Loan and Trust Co
Farmers National Congress
Farnum Publishing Co
Farr Lumber Co
Farrel Foundry and Machine Co
Faure Electric Accumulator Co
Fauth & Co
Fay (J.A.) & Co
Fearon Daniel & Co
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Council of Churches
Federal Electric Railways Commission
Federal Glass Co
Federal Graphite Mills
Federal Power and Light Co
Federal Steel Foundry Co
Federal Storage Battery Car Co
Federated Garden Clubs of New York State
Fellowcraft Club
Fellowship of the Deaf
Fels & Co
Felsenthal (G.) & Co
Ferguson and Meek
Ferracute Machine Co
Fertig (J.H.) & Co
Charles Fest
Fibre Corp
Fidelity and Casualty Co
Fidelity and Deposit Co of Maryland
Fidelity Title and Deposit Co
Fidelity Trust Co
Field (Marshall) & Co
Field Engineering Co
Fifth Avenue Baptist Church Club
Fifth Avenue Baptist Sunday School
Figaro (New York)
Filamentophone Co Ltd
Financial Chronicle
Financier Co
Finished Steel Co
Firestone Hour (Radio Program)
Firestone Tire and Rubber Co
First Church of Christ Scientist (Orange)
First Japanese Manufacturing and Trading Co
First Mortgage Guarantee and Trust Co
First National Bank (N.Y. City)
First Ward Local Interest Club (East Orange)
Fisher (Carl) & Co
Fisher (Elliott) Co
Fisher (M.L. and H.H.)
Fisk and Hatch
Fisk Jubilee Singers
Fisk Rubber Co
Fisk University
Fitch and Meserole
Fitch and Vroom
Fitch Fox and Brown
Fitch Slater and Randall
Fitzmaurice (H.E.)
Five Points House of Industry
Fleischmann Manufacturing Co
Fleming (J.) & Co
Flint & Co
Flint (George C.) Co
Flint and Walling Manufacturing Co
Flippin and Jones
Flonzaley Quartette
Flood (John H.) & Co
Florida Federation of Women\'s Clubs
Florida Phonograph Co
Florida-Huron Mountain School for Boys
Flynn (Delaware Lackawanna and Western RR)
Flynn and Emerick
Fogg (W.H.) & Co
Fomento de las Artes
Fonotipia Ltd
Foote Mineral Co
Forbes and Ruppe
R W Forbes
Force (Wm A.) & Co
Ford (Automobile)
Ford (Henry) and Son Inc
Ford (Henry) Hospital
Ford (Henry) Museum
Ford Bacon and Davis
Ford Hawaiian Quintet
Ford Motor Co
Ford Motor Co Ltd
Forecast (Magazine)
Foreign General Telephone Supply Co Ltd
Foreign Pilsen Electric Light and Power Co Ltd
Forest Hill Protective Assn
Fort Gratiot Methodist Episcopal Church
Fort Myers (Fla). Council
Fort Myers (Fla). Mayor
Fort Myers Army Airfield (Palmetto Field)
Fort Myers Board of Trade
Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce
Fort Myers Golf and Yacht Club
Fort Myers Press
Fort Myers Roundtable
Fort Myers Tropical News
Fort Wayne Electric Co
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Forum (Magazine)
Foster (J.A.) Co
Foster and Freeman
Foster and Thomson
E W Foster
Foulkes-Gaylord Co
Fowler and Wells Co
Fox and Miller
Fox Case Corp
Fox News
Fra (Magazine)
France. Commissariat General
France. Commission to Centennial Exhibitoon
France. Consul (Chicago)
France. Consul (N.Y. City)
France. Consul (Philadelphia)
France. General Assembly
France. Government
France. Minister of Agriculture and Commerce
France. Minister of Posts and Telegraph
Franco-American Ferment Co
Francois (company)
Frank (P.M.) Disinfecting Co
Frankfurter Zeitung
Franklin (Pa.). Council
Franklin and Marshall College
Franklin Institute
Franklin Institute. Journal
Franklin Iron Co
Franklin Telegraph Co
Franklin Zinc Co
Fraser (Arthur C.) & Co
Fraser and Archer
Fraser and Chalmers
Frasse & Co
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Fraternal Order of Freemasons
Frazar & Co
Freehold Electric Light Co
Freeland Loomis & Co
Freeman and Webb
Freethinkers Society of New York
Freid Engineering Co
Freisinnig Zeitung
Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad
French Army Band
French Aviation Mission
French Benevolent Society
French Cable Co
Freund (Henry) and Bro
Freund Bros & Co
Friars Club
Frick (H.C.) Coke Co
Friedensville Zinc Co
Friends Hospital
Friends School
Frink Laboratories
Fritz (John) Medal Fund Corporation
Fritze-Lundt & Co
Froment (Frank L.) & Co
Frue Vanning Machine Co
Fuguet (S.) and Sons
Fuller (R.E.) Co
Fuller (Ralph L.) & Co
Fuller Electrical Co
Fuller Engineering Co
Fuller Warren & Co
Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills
Fulton Co
Funk and Wagnall\'s Co
Furman (James H.) & Co
Fyffe and Ryner
G and J Tire Co
Gabel Jones and Gabel
Gabler Construction Co
Gaertner (William) & Co
Gage Publishing Co
Galesburg Gazette
Galignani\'s Messenger
Galisteo Co
Galland (A.) & Co
Galveston News
Gamage (A.W.) Ltd
Ganz & Co
Ganz (Robert) & Co
Garden Club of the Oranges
Gardner (Telephone Co Agent)
Gardner (William) & Co
Garfield Safe Deposit Co
Garland (Phonograph Demonstrator)
Garrabrant (C.) and Son
Gartsherrie Coal and Mining Co
Gas Light and Coke Co
Gaston and Marsh
Gaumont Co
Gaunt and Hudson
Gehnrich (Hermann)
Geigy Co
Geisenheimer & Co
General Acoustic Co
General Bakelite Co
General Baking Co
General Chemical Co
General Committee on Underground Communication
General Crushed Stone Co
General Dynamics Corp. Electric Boat Dvision
General Electric Apprentice Training Alumni Assn
General Electric Co
General Electric Co Ltd
General Electric Outing Club
General Electric Review
General Federation of Women\'s Clubs
General Film Co
General Fire Extinguisher Co
General Gas Light Co
General Incandescent Arc Light Co
General Motors Co
General Naval Stores Co
General Telephone Agency Co Ltd
General Vehicle Co
General Zinc Recovery and Lighting Co Ltd
Genesee Chemical Co
Geneva Non-Magnetic Watch Co
Geneva Silver Mining and Smelting Co
Gennert (G.) Co
Gentleman\'s Magazine
Geographical Club
Geological Society of Australasia
George I (Greece)
George Junior Republic
Georgia Academy for the Blind
Georgia Phonograph Co
Georgia Railroad Co
Georgia. Board of Education
German American Car Co
German American Insurance Co of New York
German American Smelting and Refining Co
German Edison Co
German Industrial Commission
German Legal Aid Society
German National Bank
German Red Cross
German-American Bronze Powder Manfacturing Co
Germania Bank
Germania Hosiery Mills
Germania Insurance Co
Germania Life Insurance Co of New York
Germany. Embassy
Germany. General Court of Justice
Germany. Patent Office
Germany. Post Office
Germany. Royal Chamber Court
Germany. Supreme Court
Gerner (Henry) and Sons
Gerry (Allston) & Co
Gesellschaft Urania
Gesswein Machine Co
Giant Cement Co
Gibb Livingston Co
Gibbs and Hill
Giblin & Co
Gibson Electric Co
Gibson Iron Works Co
Gibson Realty Co
Gidding (J.M.) & Co
Gideons (Magazine)
Gifford and Beach
Gigante Quicksilver Mining Co
Gilbert and Barker Manufacturing Co
Gilbert Club
Gilbert Eliott & Co
Gildemeisters and Kamps
Gilliland & Co
Gilliland Electric Co
Gillson and Gillson
Gilman Collamore & Co
Girard Phonograph Co
Girard Trust Co
Gitney Players
Glasgow (Scotland). Chief of Police
Glasgow News
Glasgow Pottery Co
Glass Ornamenting Co
Glen Ridge (NJ). Fire Committee
Glen Ridge Park Assn
Glen Ridge S S Assn
Glen Saint Mary Nurseries
Glendale Cemetery
Glenmont Press
Globe Film Service
Globe Indemnity Co
Globe Machine Co
Globe Security Co
Globe Stationery and Pen Co
Globe Telephone Co
Goeltz (W.L.) Co
Goerz (C.P.) American Optical Co
Goethean Literary Society
Gold and Silver Reduction Works Co
Gold and Stock Telegraph Co
Gold Bluff Mining Co
Gold Car Heating and Lighting Co
Golden Gate Concentrator Co
Golden Jubilee (1929)
Golding and Sons Co
Goldman Sachs & Co
Goldschmidt Detinning Co
Goldwater (J.) and Bro
Golfe de Naples (Newspaper)
Gollings Bros
Good Housekeeping (Magazine)
Good Roads Machinery Co
Good Shepherd Aid Assn
Goodrich (B.F.) Co
Goodwin (R.J.) and Son
Goodyear (Nelson) Inc
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co
Gordon and Gotch
Gorham & Co
Gorsuch (L.C.) & Co
Gothenberg Technical Society
Gottesman (M.) & Co
Gould (E.andR.J.)
Gould Machine Co
Gould Storage Battery Co
Government Clerk Publishing Co
Gower-Bell Telephone Co Ltd
Grace & Co (Chile)
Grace (W.R.) & Co
Grace Note (Cottage)
Graham & Co
Graham Consolidated Copper Co
Graham Pottery Works
Graham School for Young Ladies
Gramme Electrical Co
Gramme Magneto-Electric Machine Co
Gramophone Co
Gran Circulo de Obreros de Mexico
Grand Army of the Republic
Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad
Grand Trunk Herald (1862)
Grand Trunk Railway (Canada)
Grand Union Tea Co
Granitex Co
Grant and Williams
Grant Motor Co
Graphic (London)
Graphophone Syndicate Ltd
Grasselli Chemical Co
Graves (Frank B.) Co
Gray (H.W.) Co
Gray (William S.) & Co
Gray and Danforth
Gray and Davis Co
Great American Chemical Products Co
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co
Great Britain. Board of Trade
Great Britain. Court of Appeal
Great Britain. Government
Great Britain. High Court of Justice
Great Britain. Parliament
Great Britain. Patent Office
Great Britain. Post Office
Great Britain. Post Office. Dublin Secretary
Great Britain. Post Office. Postmaster General
Great Falls Tribune
Great Northwestern Telegraph Co (Canada)
Great Western Power Co
Greater Boston Real Estate and Ideal Homes Expositi
Greater New York Film Rental Co
Greeley (E.S.) & Co
Green Fuel Economizer Co
Green Hinckley and Allen
Green Lake Granite Co
Green River Zircon Mining Co
Greene Motor Car Co
Greenfield and Klein
Greenpoint Flint Glass Works
Greenport Basin and Construction Co
Gregory & Co
Greis (Andrew) Co
Griffin and Wynkoop Co
Griggs & Co
Griggs (S.C.) & Co
Griggs and Carleton
Grinnell Bros
Gross (Ignatius) Co
Groth (L.A.) & Co
Grout Bros Automobile Co
Guanajuato Development Co
Guarantee and Accident Lloyds
Guarantee Construction Co
Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Co
Guaranteed Electric Storage Battery Co
Guaranty Trust Co
Guide Scientifique
Guild and Lum
Guilford and Waltersville Granite Co
Gulf and Atlantic Steamship Co
Gulf Pipe Line Co
Gulf Refining Co
Gundlach Advertising Co
Gundlach Optical Co
Gurney Elevator Co
H-3 (Submarine)
Habermann Manufacturing Co
Habirshaw Electric Cable Co
Hackensack Record
Hadjopoulos and Sperco Inc
Haeckel (Ernst) Fund for Monism
Hagemeyer and Brunn
Hagen Batterie GmbH
Hagerstown Mail
Hagerty Bros & Co
Hahne & Co
Haid Mueller & Co
Haines (R.T.) & Co
Halcyon Park Improvement Assn
Haldeman Grubb & Co
Hale and Fiske
Hale and Walcott
Hall & Co
Hall and Benjamin
Hall Bros
Hall Manufacturing Co
Hall of Fame (New York University)
Hall Signal Co
Halland Bros
Halle Bros Co
Halogen Products Co
Halpen Green & Co
Halsey Stuart & Co
Hamburg Nachrichten
Hamilton (Edward P.) & Co
Hamilton (S.) & Co
Hamilton-Otto Coke Co
Hammon (V.O.) Publishing Co
Hammond Electric Light and Power Supply Co Ltd
Hammond Typewriter Co
Hampson (E.P.) & Co
Hanna (Marcus A.) Memorial Chair Assn
Hanna and Andrus Manufacturing Co
Hanson Bros
Hanson-Bellows Co
Hapgoods Inc
Harbor (Hospital)
Hard Rubber and Cane Co
Hardcastle and Wynn
Harding (T.R.) and Son
Harding and Burnap
Hardware Dealers Magazine
Hardy\'s Subterranean Scenery Co
Harger and Blish
Hargis and Eastin
Harkness Fire Extinguisher Co
Harley-Davidson Motor Co
Harmonic Telegraph Co
Harper and Bros
Harper and Son
Harper\'s New Monthly Magazine
Harper\'s Weekly
Harriman National Bank
Harriman Wrought Iron Co
Harrington (Edwin) Son & Co
Harris (James) & Co
Harris and Ewing
Harris and Mills
Harris and Robinson
Harris and Rudd
Harris and Samuels
Harrisburg Call
Harrisburg Electric Light Co
Harrisburg Star Independent
Harrisburg Telegraph
Harrison Bros & Co
Harrods Ltd
Harstook (Fred) Studios
Hartford Christian Endeavor Union
Hartford Compressed Air Pump Co
Hartford Courant
Hartford Electric Light Co
Hartford Model Co
Hartford Post
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection Co
Hartford Suspension Co
Hartford Times
Hartley and Graham
Hartzell Concentrating Co
Harvard Aeronautical Society
Harvard Medical School
Harvard Medical Unit
Harvard Observatory
Harvard University
Harvard Wireless Club
Harvey Bros
Harvey\'s (A.) Sons Manufacturing Co Ltd
Hatch and Foote
Hathaway Brown School
Hatheway and Reynolds
Hauck (Edison Employee)
Hauschild Music Co
Havana Electric Light Co
Haven Villa Corp
Hawaiian News Co Ltd
Hawkridge (S.)
Haworth Stone and Building Co
Hawthorne and Sheble
Hayes and Lambert
Haynes (C.B.) & Co
Haynes (D.O.) & Co
Hays Schmettau and Dunn
Hayward and Perry
Hayward Perry and Francklyn
Hayward Perry and Ryer
Hazard (E.C.) & Co
Hazleton Coffin and Casket Co
Healey & Co
Health Culture
Heap and Rouison
Hearn (James A.) & Co
Hearst and McKay
Hearst\'s International Library Co
Hearst\'s Magazine
Heckemann (Joh.)
Hector Observatory
Hedden (V.J.) and Sons
Heidelberg and Mannheim Portland Cement Co
Heine Safety Boiler Co
Heinz (H.J.) Co
Heitman (H.E.) Co
Heitman-Evans Co
Helena Herald
Helicopter Co
Heller and Merz Co
Helm and Knight
Hendee Manufacturing Co
Henderson (Peter) & Co
Henderson Bros
Henderson Motor Cycle Co
Hendersonville Traction Co
Hendricks (W.C.) & Co
Hendrix College
Hendryx Cyanide Machinery Co
Henley and Berger
Hensel Bruckmann and Lorbacher
Herbert & Co
Herbst Bros
Hercules Portland Cement Co
Hercules Powder Co
Heredity Publishing Co
Hering and Fuller
Herman (Seminole Lodge Gardener)
Herman and Herman Inc
Heroy and Marrenner
Herreshoff Manufacturing Co
Herter Bros
Herts Bros
Herzog Art Furniture Co
Hess (Bridgeport Brass Co)
Hess Harburger and Drucker
Hess Steel Corp
Hewes and Phillips
Heyden Chemical Works
Heys (Thomas) and Son
Hicks (H.) and Son
Hidalgo Mining Co
Hieber (John C.) & Co
High Point Hosiery Mills Inc
High-Am-O-Phone Co
Hill & Co
Hill (C.F.andC.E.)
Hill Automatic Sprinkler Co
Hill School
Hilton Hughes & Co
Hinds & Co
Hinds Ketcham & Co
Hine (W.B.) Parker & Co
Hinkle Iron Co
Hirsch (L.) & Co
Hoadly & Co
Hoagland (M.) and Sons Co
Hobday (G.) & Co
Hoboken Observer
Hobson and Sons
Hocking Valley Railway
Hodgman Rubber Co
Hoe (Robert) & Co
Hoenigsberger (A.)
Hoffman House Cigars
Hofische und Herrschaftliche Kuche
Hofmann-Sproul Co
Hogg (George A.) Iron and Steel Foundry Co
Hoggson Bros
Hohmann and Mauer Manufacturing Co
Holden Smelting Co
Holland Bros
Holland Manufacturing Co
Holland Society of New York
Holland Torpedo Boat Co
Holland. Minister of Agriculture Commerce and Indus
Hollander (A.) and Son
Hollerbach and D\'effenbach
Holley-Nichols Co
Holly Manufacturing Co
Holmes (E.andB.) Machinery Co
Holmes and Blanchard Co
Holmes Booth and Hayden
Holmquist Photo Co
Holt (Henry) & Co
Holt Manufacturing Co
Holt-Welles Co
Holyoke Envelope Co
Holyoke Machine Co
Home and Day School for Young Ladies
Home Defense League
Home Educational Society
Home for Crippled Children (Newark)
Home Insurance Co
Home Maker (Magazine)
Homestake Mining Co
Hong Kong China Mail
Hong Kong Press
Hong Kong South China Post
Hong Kong Telegraph
Hood Engineering Co
Hooker Electrochemical Co
Hooper (William J.) and Son
Hoover Harris & Co
Hope Fertilizer Co
Hope Machine Works
Hopkins and Witty
Hopley Printing Co
Hoppes Manufacturing Co
Hornblower Byrne and Taylor
Horton and Olney
Hospital for the Ruptured and Crippled
Hotchkiss School
Hotel Collingwood (N.Y. City)
Hotel Frontenac (New York)
Hotel Imperial
Hotel Normandie (N.Y. City)
Hotel Revelstoke (British Columbia)
Houghton College
Houghton Farm
Houghton Mifflin & Co
Houghton Osgood & Co
Houston & Co
Houston Post
Houston Real Estate Exchange
Howarth Bros
Howe and Austin
Howe Sewing Machine Co
Howson and Howson
Hoyt and Dickinson
Hub Dyestuff and Chemical Co
Hubbard Bros
Hubbard Price & Co
Hudson and Essex Gas Co
Hudson Motor Car Co
Hudson River Stone Supply Co
Huelsenkamp and Cranford
Huggins (W.B.) & Co
Hughes (William) & Co
Hughes and Browning
Hughes and Kimber Ltd
Hughes Electric Heating Co
Hughey Color Music School
Humane Live Stock Express Co
Humboldt Insurance Co
Humboldt Lodge No 476 (Freemasons)
Hunt (Robert W.) & Co
Hunt and Clapp
Hunt and Voorhees
Hunter (E.H.) & Co
Hurlbut (W.W.) & Co
Hurlbut Memorial
Hutchison (Miller Reese) Inc
Hutchison Acoustic Co
Hutchison Office Specialties Co
Hyatt Filter Co
Hydraulic (Yacht)
Hydro-Electric Power Co
Hygienic Chemical Company of NJ
Ideal Cash Register Co
Illinios Steel Co
Illinois Central Railroad
Illinois Phonograph Co
Illinois Traction Co
Illuminating Engineering Society
Illuminating Engineering Society (London)
Illustrated Carpenter and Builder
Illustrated London News
Illustrated Outdoor World and Recreation
Illustrated Scientific News
Imperial Japanese Navy
Imperial Postal Museum (Germany)
Imperial Russian Technical Society
Impervious Product Co
Importers and Traders National Bank
Improvement Society of Menlo Park
Independent Chemical Co
Independent Film Exchange
Independent Fusion Candidates Executive Committee
Independent Moving Pictures Company of America
Indestructible Record Co
Index Visible
India Rubber Comb Co
India Rubber World
Indiana Phonograph Co
Indiana Steel Co
Indiana. Institution for the Deaf
Indianapolis Journal
Indianapolis News
Indianapolis Sentinel
Indianapolis Star
Indianapolis Sun
Industrial Chemical Co
Industrial Improvement Assn (Japan)
Industrial Management
Industrial News
Industrial Underwriters Inc
Industrial Workers of the World
Industrial World
Industries (Magazine)
Ingenieur Universal
Ingersoll (Robert H.) and Bro
Ingersoll-Rand Co
Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Co
Inland Steel Co
Inman Steamship Co
Inn (Youngstown)
Inspiration Copper Co
Institute of Industrial Research
Institute of International Education
Institute of Scientific Research
Institution of Civil Engineers
Instituto Geologico de Espana
Insurance Company of North America
Interborough Railroad Co
Intercolonial Railroad
Intercolonial Railway of Canada
Interior Conduit and Insulation Co
Interior Electrical Conduit Co
International Academy of Botanical Geography
International Acheson Graphite Co
International Arms and Fuze Co
International Association of Machinists
International Association of Rotary Clubs
International Banking Corp
International Bell Telephone Co
International Bureau of Science and Invention
International Chamber of Commerce
International Committee Young Mens Christian Assns
International Congress of Applied Chemistry
International Congress of Electrical Applications
International Correspondence Schools
International Edison Battery Company of New Jersey
International Edison Co
International Edison Phonograph Dealers Assn
International Electrical Congress (1904)
International Electromotive Co
International Engineering Congress (Glasgow 1901)
International Equipment Co
International Film Service
International Filtration Corp
International Graphophone Co
International Instrument Co
International Longfellow Society
International Metal Polishers Buffers and Platers U
International Motor Truck Co
International Music Publishing Co
International Naturalists Directory
International News Co
International Newspaper Agency
International Nickel Co
International Phonograph and Indestructible Record
International Printing Telegraph Co
International Projecting and Producing Co
International Railway Telegraph and Telephone Co
International Railway Telegraph Co
International Reform Bureau Inc
International Smokeless Powder and Chemical Co
International Syndicate
International Talking Machine Co
International Textbook Co
International Time Recording Company of Canada Ltd
International Trade Press Inc
International Typographical Union
International Union of the United Brewery Workmen
International Who\'s Who
Internationale Kinoindustrie Ausstellung
Interstate Commerce Commission
Interstate Electric Co Ltd
Interstate Park Commission
Interstate Public Service Co
Invention (Magazine)
Inventive Age
Inventor\'s League of the USA
Inventors Guild
Inventors Institute (London)
Inventors Institute (N.Y. City)
Investors Agency Inc
Investors Guardian
Iowa Electrical Assn
Iowa Methodist Hospital
Iowa Paint Manufacturing Co
Iowa Phonograph Co
Iowa. Architect
Ipswich East Anglian
Iron Age
Iron and Steel Institute
Iron and Steel Institute. American Reception Comm
Iron Ore
Iron Trade Review
Ironmonger and Metal Trades Advertiser
Iroquois Hotel (Buffalo)
Irving National Bank
Iselin (A.) & Co
Isenstein (Otto) & Co
Isham Lincoln and Beale
Isthmian Canal Commission
Italian Chamber of Commerce
Italian Society of Sciences
Italy. Consul General
Italy. King
Italy. Minister of Finance
Ives Blakeslee & Co
Ives Inventions
Ives Process Co
Ivins (Ellwood) Tube Works
Jackson (C.D.) & Co
Jacksonville Metropolis
A D Jacobus
Jaeger (Herman J.) & Co
Jaeger Automatic Machine Co
Jaffray (E.S.) & Co
Jager (Charles J.) Co
Jamaica and Brooklyn Railroad
Jamestown Exposition Co
Jamison (B.K.) & Co
Japan Mail
Japan Society
Japan Society
Japan. Consul General
Japan. Foreign Minister
Japan. Minister
Jarrow Express
Jarvis Engineering Co
Jefferson Hospital
Jefferson School
Jeffery-Dewitt Co
Jeffrey Manufacturing Co
Jennings Drying Machine Co
Jensen and Son
Jersey City Argus
Jersey City Journal
Jersey City News
Jersey City Wheel Foundry and Machine Work
Jewell (P.) and Sons
Jewell Water Improvement Co
Jewish Daily Forward
Jewish News
Jiji Shimpo
Joel (Alfred) & Co
Johns (H.A.) & Co
Johns (H.W.) Manufacturing Co
Johns Hopkins University
Johns-Manville Co
Johnson (A.H.) & Co Ltd
Johnson (Lewis) & Co
Johnson and Johnson
Johnson and Morris
Johnson and Sons
Johnson Matthey & Co
Johnson\'s (Miss Abby H.) School for Young Ladies
Johnson-Lundell Electric Traction Co Ltd
Johnston (Isaac G.) & Co
Johnstown Relief Fund
Jones (Charles H.) & Co
Jones (E.L.) & Co
Jones (Ed.) & Co
Jones (Music Dealer)
Jones (R.G.) Price & Co
Jones and Carson
Jones and Hadnot
Jones and Laughlins
Joplin Globe
Jordan (Stanley) & Co
Journal of Education
Journal of Gas Lighting Water Supply and Sanitary I
Journal of Geology
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Journal of Otology
Journal of Progress
Journal of the Telegraph
Journal Printing Co
Journal Publishing Co
Journalist Publishing Co
Jovian League
Judge (Magazine)
Juhl (P.) & Co
Juilliard Foundation
Jumbo (Periodical)
Junior Edison Assn
Justice (Philip S.) & Co
Kaffee Hag Corporation
Kafka (Hugo) and Sons
Kaiser (A.V.) & Co
Kalamazoo Tank and Silo Co
Kalbfleisch (Martin) Chemical Co
Kaldenberg (F.J.) Co
Kaldenberg\'s (F.W.) Sons
Kalem Co
Kanawha and Ohio Railway
Kansas City Ft Scott and Memphis Railroad
Kansas City Journal
Kansas City News
Kansas City St Joseph Council Bluffs Railroad
Kansas City Star
Kansas City Times
Kansas Phonograph Co
Kansas. Agricultural College
Kasebier-Chatfield Shellac Co
Kate Field\'s Washington (Magazine)
Kaufman (David) and Sons Co
Kaufmann Bros
Kawasaki Ship Building Co
Kaye and Einstein
Kean (S.A.) & Co
Kearney Enterprise
Keasbey (A.Q.) and Sons
Keenan and Keenan
Keese (P.H.) & Co
Keith Car Co
Keller (L.H.) & Co
Kelley Island Lime and Transport Co
Kellogg (E.L.) & Co
Kellogg Douglas & Co
Kelly Smelting and Refining Co
Kelsey & Co
Kelvin Memorial Fund
Kemper Hall
Kendall (Edward) & Co
Kennedy (Bookseller)
Kent (Edison Employee)
Kent and Auerbach
Kentucky and Indiana Bridge and Railroad Co
Kentucky Military Institute
Kentucky Phonograph Co
Kenyon Potter & Co
Keppler and Schwarzmann
Joseph Keppler
Kern Canyon Club
Kerner Electric Burglar Alarm Co
Kerr & Co
Kerr and Curtis
Kerr Page and Cooper
Kessler & Co
Kestner Evaporating Co
Key West Chamber of Commerce
Keyes Electric Co
Keystone Dry Plate and Film Works
Keystone Plaster Co
Keystone View Co
Kidder (Jerome) Manufacturing Co
Kidder Peabody & Co
Kimball (William S.) & Co
Kinetograph Co
Kinetoscope Co
Kinetoscope Exhibiting Co
King (F.W.) Optical Co
King (J.B.) & Co
King (Julius) Optical Co
King and McTighe
King and Queen Mining Co
Kings County Fire Insurance Co
Kingsbury & Co
Kipp Phonograph Co
Kirk (Wm H.) & Co
Kirwan (F.J.) & Co
Klamath River Hydraulic Mining Co
Klaxon Co
Klein Chocolate Co
Kleine Optical Co
Klippel (Philip) & Co
Klipstein (A.) & Co
Klipstein (E.C.) and Sons Co
Klondike Exposition Co
Knauth Nachod and Kuhne
Knickerbocker Apartment Co
Knickerbocker Trust Co
Knights of Columbus
Knoxville Sentinel
Kogyo Kairyo Kyokai
Kolberg Caspary & Co
Kolner Akkumulatoren Werke Gottfried Hagen
Koppel (Arthur) Co
Koppers (H.) Co
Koreshan Unity
Koster and Bial\'s Concert Hall
Kountze Bros
Koven (L.O.) and Bro
Krajensky and Rosenberg
Krause (William) and Sons Cement Co
Krey Walker & Co
Kritzman (J.) and Son
Krupp (Friedrich) Co
Krupp Manufacturing Co
Kruse and Flannigan
Kuebler Foundries
Kuhn Loeb & Co
Kuhne and Edge
Kulp McWilliams & Co
Kumaron Co
Kuntz Dodworth and Botsford
L\'Éclair (French publication)
L\'Illustration (French publication)
L\'Independence Belge
L-8 (Submarine)
La Petite Presse
La Roche Electric Works
La Salle Extension University
La Scala Opera House
Labor Union (Magazine)
Laboratory Fire Assn
Lacey Bros
Lackawanna Steel Co
Laclede Gas Light Co
Ladd (William) & Co
Ladies Aid Society (East Orange)
Ladies Home Journal
Laemmle Film Service
Lagrange (A.) y Hno
Laird and Lee
Lake Erie and Western Railway
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad
Lake Shore Stone Co
Lake Superior Iron Co
Lalance and Grosjean Manufacturing Co
Lamberd (S.L.) Co
Lambert Co
Lambie Concrete House Corp
Lambie Steel Form Co
Lambs Club of New York City
Lamson (John S.) and Bro
Lancashire Fire Insurance Co
Lancaster Chemical Co
Lancaster Intelligencer
Lancaster New Era
Lane and Valensi
Lang & Co
Langbein Pfanhauser & Co
Lanman and Kemp
Lansden Co
Lantz-Lantz Pub Co
Lanyon Zinc Co
Lapicque (P.A.) & Co
Laranaki Iron Co Ltd
Larkin Co
Larzelere Co
Lasher (G.) and Son
Lasky (Jesse L.) Feature Play Co
Lathbury and Spackman
Latton & Co
Lauter Co
Lavezzi Machine Works
Lawliss and Crawley
Lawrance Webster Messer & Co
Lawrence (W.A.) & Co
Lawrence American
Lawrence Cement Co
Lawrence Critic
Lawrence Eagle
Lawrenceville School
Lawyers Surety Co
Layton (C.E.) & Co
Lazard Freres
Lazard-Godchaux Co
Lazier Dingwall and Monck
Le Figaro
Le Gaulois
Le Nord (Newspaper)
Le Siecle
Le XIXe Siecle (French publication)
Lea and Febiger
Leach Wind Mill and Tank Co
Leadville Mining Co
League of Nations
League of Women Voters
League to Enforce Peace
Leavitt (C.W.) & Co
Leaycraft & Co
Lebanon Chemical Co
Lebanon Furnaces
Lechner and Schoenberger Co
Leclanche Battery Co
Ledoux & Co
Lee (William) & Co
Lee and Lee
Lee County (Florida). Revenue Collector
Lee County Bank and Trust Co
Lee County Realty and Investment Co
Lee County Well Works
Lee Higginson & Co
Lee Mansion
Lee Tire and Rubber Co
Leeds and Northrup Co
Leffel (James) & Co
Leffel Mechanical News
Lefferts (Marshall) & Co
Lefferts (Marshall) Sons
Leggat Bros
Leggo Bros & Co
Lehigh Car Wheel and Axle Works
Lehigh Coke Co
Lehigh Foundry Co
Lehigh Portland Cement Co
Lehigh Valley Coal Co
Lehigh Valley Comet
Lehigh Valley Railroad Co
Lehigh Zinc Co
Lehn and Fink
Leitch (John W.) & Co
Lemley (William P.) & Co
Lennig (Charles) & Co
Lenz and Naumann Inc
Leonard (S.H.andS.)
Leonard (Ward) Electric Co
Leonard and Coult
Leonard and Elly
Leonard and Izard
Leonardis (Peter) and Sons
Leslie (A.M.) & Co
Leslie\'s (Frank) Illustrated Newspaper
Leslie\'s (Frank) Publishing House
Leslie\'s Monthly Magazine
Leslie\'s Weekly
Lester-Vanderlip Furnace Co
Levant Herald (Constantinople)
Levermore (E.W.) & Co
Lewis (F.J.) Manufacturing Co
Lewis and Conger
Lewis and Hutchinson
Lewis College
Lewisohn Bros
Lewiston Journal
Lexow (R.) & Co
Li Ching-Mai
Liberty Loan Committee
Liberty Loan Newsboys Assn
Liberty Magazine
Library Bureau
Library of Congress
Library of Congress. Copyright Office
Lick Observatory
Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co
Liebler & Co
Liebstein (J.) and Sons
Life Saving Devices Co
Liggett and Myers Tobacco Co
Lilly Mill Inc
Lincoln and Parker Film Co
Lincoln Farm Assn
Lincoln Hanson and Abbott Inc
Lincoln Realty Co
Lincoln Safe Deposit Co
Lincoln School
Lindenmeyr (Henry) and Sons
Link-Belt Co
Linklater & Co
Lippincott (J.B.) & Co
Lisiewski (F.) & Co
Lisman (F.J.) & Co
Lister Agricultural Chemical Co
Literary and Philosophical Society (Manchester)
Literary Digest
Little Brown and Co
Little Falls Stone Co
Little Sisters of the Poor
Littlefield-Shepperd Co
Liverpool and District Gramophone and Phonograph So
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co
Liverpool Courier
Liverpool Express
Liverpool Mercury
Liverpool Post
Llewellyn Park (N.J.)
Llewellyn Park (N.J.). Board of Managers
Llewellyn Park (N.J.). Trustees
Llewellyn Park Improvement Assn
Lloyd and Lloyd
Lloyds of London
Llumanera de Nova York
Loane (E.D.) Jr & Co
Lock Joint Pipe Co
Lockport Gas Light Co
Lockwood (George R.) and Son
Locomobile Company of America
Locust Hill Coal Co
Lokomotivfuhrer Landes Zentralbank Aktien Gesellsch
Lombard Iron Works and Supply Co
London Advertiser
London Chronicle
London City Press
London County and Westminster Bank Ltd
London Court Journal
London Express
London Financial News
London Financial Times
London Fireside News
London Freeman\'s Journal
London Mail
London New York and Hartford Publishing Co
London News
London Post
London Press Club
London Society Herald
London Standard
London Star
London Stereoscopic and Photographic Co
London Sun
London Telegram
London Telegraph
London Times
London Tribune
London Truth (Newspaper)
London. Streets Committee
London. Superintending Architects Dept
Long Beach Hotel
Long Branch Record
Long Distance Telephone Co
Long Island Railroad Co
Longfellow National Memorial Assn
Longfellow\'s Wayside Inn
Lorain Ashland and Southern Railroad Co
Lord and Taylor
Lord Day and Lord
Lord Electric Co
Lord\'s Day Alliance of Canada
Lord\'s Day Alliance of New Jersey
Lorillard (P.) and Sons
Loriot and Ostrom
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Los Angeles Examiner
Los Angeles Times
Lotos Club
Louis Delage and Pottier
Louisiana Phonograph Co Ltd
Louisville Anzeiger
Louisville Commercial
Louisville Courier Journal
Louisville Evansville and St Louis Railroad
Louisville Herald
Louisville Journal
Louisville New Albany and Chicago Railroad
Louisville Post
Louisville Times
Loveland (J.L.) & Co
Low (Hermann N.) & Co
Low (Sampson) Marston & Co
Lowe (Thomas) Machinery Co
Lowell Courier Citizen
Lowell Sun
Lowrey Stone and Auerbach
Loyd (W.H.) & Co
Lubin Manufacturing Co
Lucas (John) & Co
Luce\'s Press Clipping Bureau
Lucy L Mining and Milling Co
Ludwig Piano Co
Lumber World Review
Lumiere (A.) and Sons
Lumiere Electrique
Lumiere North American Co Ltd
Luna Lead Co
Lunham and Moore
Lupton\'s (David) Sons Co
Lybrand Ross Bros and Montgomery
Lymans Ltd
Lyon (John W.) & Co
Lyon and Healy
Lyons (T.J.) & Co
Lytle & Co
M H-Aterite Co
MacAndrews and Forbes Co
Macbeth-Evans Glass Co
MacDonald and Bostwick
Macey-Wernicke Co Ltd
MacGill and MacGregor
Machinery (Magazine)
Machinery and Electrical Co
Mack Bros Motor Car Co
Mackay & Co
Mackinnon (D.) & Co
Mackrell (John) & Co
Mackrell Maton and Godlee
MacMillan Co
MacNamara Mining Co
Macon Telegraph
Macpherson Willard & Co
MacRae and Sinclair
Macy (R.H.) & Co
Madison Democrat
Madison Wisconsin State Journal
Magdalen Home (N.Y. City)
Magnet (Edison Jr Chemical Co publication)
Magnetic Club
Magnetic Iron Ore Co
Magniphone Co
Magnolia Hotel (Florida)
Maguire (F.Z.) & Co
Maguire and Baucus
Mahoning Rolling Mill Co
Mailler and Quereau
Main Belting Co
Maine. Library
Mali (Henry W.T.) & Co
Malleable Iron Fittings Co
Malleable Nickel Alloy Co
Mallinckrodt Chemical Works
Mallinckrodt Chemical Works Ltd of Canada
Mallory (W.S.) & Co
Mallory Hat Factory
Mallory Steamship Co
Manassas Panorama Co
Manati Sugar Co
Mancha Storage Battery Locomotive Co
Manchester and District Edison Electric Light Co
Manchester Courier
Manchester Edison Society
Manchester Examiner
Manchester Guardian
Manchester Umpire
Manchester Union (Leader)
Manhattan Agency
Manhattan Cobalt Ltd
Manhattan Electrical Supply Co
Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital
Manhattan Life Insurance Co
Manhattan Press Clipping Bureau
Manhattan Railway Co
Manhattan Rubber Manufacturing Co
Manila Cablenews American
Manila Olympic Announcer
Manila Times
Mann (Roland W.)
Mann (William) and Son
Mann and MacNeille
Manning Maxwell and Moore
Manning\'s Yacht and General Shipping Agency
Manufactur Lyonnaise de Matieres Colorantes
Manufacturer and Builder
Manufacturer\'s Gazette
Manufacturer\'s Trust Co
Manufacturers and Merchants Bank
Manufacturers Association of New York
Manufacturers Commercial Co
Manufacturers Information Bureau Co
Manufacturers Record
Manufacturers Record Publishing Co
Manufacturing Chemists Association of the US
Manville (E.J.) Machine Co
Marble Cliff Quarries Co
Marcial & Co
Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America
Marden Orth and Hastings Co
Marine Engine and Machine Co
Marion Board of Trade
Marion Road School
Maris and Smith
Maritime Association of the Port of New York
Markets (Magazine)
Markle (J.R.) & Co
Markle and Hall
Markle Bros & Co
Marks & Co
Marks and Clerk
Markt & Co
Marquand Skehan & Co
Marquette Journal
Marsh (Converse D.) Co
Martin (L.) & Co
Martin Gillet & Co
Martins Creek Portland Cement Co
Martyn (H.F.) & Co
Marvins Safes and Scales Co
Mary (Servant)
Maryland Phonograph Co
Maryland Silicate Mills
Maryland Steel Co
Mason and Hamlin Co
Mason and Hanger
Mason-Wood Electrical Manufacturing Co
Mass. Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Massachusetts Biographical Society
Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Assn
Massachusetts Electrical Engineers and Mechanics As
Massachusetts General Hospital
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Endowment Fun
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Alumni Assn
Massachusetts. Board of Railroad Commissioners
Massachusetts. Detective and Fire Inspection Dept
Mather & Co
Mather and Platt
Matthews (A.D.) Sons
Maurer (Henry) and Sons
Mauro Cameron Lewis and Massie
Maw & Co
Maxim Chemical Co
Maxim Electric Light and Power Co
May (William B.) & Co
McCall\'s Magazine
McCandless (H.W.) & Co
McCarter and English
McCarty and Maitland
McClure (S.S.) Co
McClure Publications
McClure\'s Magazine
McCormick & Co
McCotter (Samuel G.) & Co
McCreath (Andrew S.) and Son
McCreery (James) & Co
McCutcheon (James) & Co
McDaniel and Son
McDaniel Lummis and Souther
McDonald and Onderdunk
McDonough Ore and Mining Co
McGiehan Manufacturing Co
McGill Metal Co
McGleiseley Bros
McGovern (Supplier)
McGraw (Edison Employee)
McGraw-Edison Co
McGraw-Hill Publishing Co
McGuire Bros
McInerney and Bechtold
McIntosh Seymour & Co
McIntyre (W.H.) Co
McKee Co
McKeesport Light Co
McKernan Drill Co
McKesson and Robbins
McKiernan-Terry Drill Co
McKillop (J.) & Co
McKingan & Co
McLean and Cottrell
McLoughlin Bros
McMan Oil Co
McNab and Harlin Manufacturing Co
McNally & Co
McPherson (John) and Son
Mead and Taylor
Meadows (T.) & Co
Mears Chlorination Co
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical News
Mechanical World
Mechanics and Metals National Bank
Mechanics National Bank (Burlington)
Mechanics National Bank (Newark)
Medico-Legal Society
Meeker (D.M.) and Sons
Meffert and Sell
Melies (Geo.)
Melies (George) Co (Chicago)
Melies Manufacturing Co
Mellor (C.C.) Co
Melting Pot (Magazine)
Memphis (Tenn). Mayor
Memphis Appeal
Memphis Avalanche
Memphis Commercial Appeal
Mendelson Bros
Mendelssohn Glee Club (New York City)
Mendes (D. DeSola) & Co
Mendota Electric Light Co
Menlo Park Fire Co
Menlo Park Laboratory
Menlo Park Manufacturing Co
Mer-Mac Theatre
Mercantile Collection Agency
Mercantile Fire Insurance Co
Mercantile Safe Deposit Co
Mercantile Trust Co
Mercer Manufacturing Co
Merchant (S.L.) & Co
Merchant\'s Club (Boston)
Merchant\'s Despatch Transportation Co
Merchant\'s Loan and Trust Co
Merchants and Miners Transportation Co
Merchants Exchange Bank
Merchants Insurance Co
Merchants Store Railway Co
Merck & Co
Mergenthaler Printing Co
Meriden Journal
Merriam (G.andC.) Co
Merrie Masquers
Merrill and Rogers
Merrill\'s (Robert) Sons
Merrimac Chemical Co
Merrimack Manufacturing Co
Message (Magazine)
Metallurgical and Chemical Engineering
Metallurgical Company of America
Metropolitan (London)
Metropolitan Electric Service Co
Metropolitan Electric Supply Co Ltd
Metropolitan Elevated Railway Co
Metropolitan Gallery
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Opera
Metropolitan Phonograph Co
Metropolitan Street Railway Co
Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Co
Metuchen (N.J.). Mayor
Metz (H.A.) & Co
Metzger (Jacob) Co
Mexican Central Railway
Mexican Herald
Mexican National Phonograph Co
Mexico Today (Magazine)
Mexico. Minister of Mining
Mexico. Ministry of Justice
Meyer (Chas) & Co
Miami Copper Co
Mica Manufacturing Co
Mica Roofing Co
Michelin Tire Co
Michell and Kimbel
Michigamme Co
Michigan Alkali Co
Michigan Central Railroad
Michigan Democratic State Central Committee
Michigan Lubricator Co
Michigan Phonograph Co
Michigan. Board of Geological Survey
Michigan. Board of Library Commissioners
Michigan. House of Representatives
Mickle and Roe
Middle States Inspection Bureau
Middlesex County (N.J.). Board of Taxation
Middlesex County (N.J.). Clerk
Middlesex County (N.J.). Prosecutor
Middlesex County (N.J.). Sheriff
Middlesex County (N.J.). Surrogates Office
Middlesex Mechanics Assn
Middleton Dickman & Co
Middletown Car Works
Midland Electric Co
Midland Industrial Gazette
Midvale Steel Co
Milan (Ohio). Library Board
Milan Cemetery Assn
Miles Bros
Military Training Camps Committee
Millard Bros
Miller (E.C.) & Co
Miller (Emily Huntington) Scholarship (Chautauqua)
Miller (Lewis) Centenary (1929)
Miller (Lewis) Cottage
Miller (Lewis) Foundation
Miller and Maltbie
Miller Bell Tower (Chautauqua)
Miller Bros
Miller Memorial Gateway (Yale University)
Miller Rubber Co
Miller-Megee Co
Milliken Bros
Mills & Co
Millville Manufacturing Co
Milne and Platt
Milwaukee Coke and Gas Co
Milwaukee Electric Co
Milwaukee Journal
Milwaukee Sentinel
Milwaukee Wisconsin (Newspaper)
Mine and Smelter Supply Co
Mine Safety Appliances Co
Minehan and Son
Mining and Scientific Press
Mining Exploration Company of New Jersey
Mining News
Mining Reporter
Mining World
Minneapolis Journal
Minneapolis Lyndale and Minnetonka Railway
Minneapolis Tribune
Minnehaha Lodge No 81 (AOUW)
Minnesota Phonograph Co
Minnesota. Waterways Commission
Miocene Mining Co
Misses Ely\'s School for Girls
Mississippi Wire Glass Co
Missouri Pacific Railway
Missouri Phonograph Co
Missouri. University
Mitchell & Co
Mitchell (Link-Belt Co)
Mitchell (R.G.) & Co
Mitchell Vance & Co
Mitsubishi Ltd
Mitsui & Co Ltd
Mobile (Ala). Mayor
Mobile and Ohio RR Co
Mobile Chamber of Commerce
Mobile Coal Co
Mobile Commercial Club
Mobile Register
Modern Electrics (Magazine)
Modern Historic Records Assn
Modern Truth
Moffat Yard & Co
Mohican Club
Moller & Co
Monel Metal Manufacturing Co
Monhegan Hotel
Monhegan Island (Maine)
Moniteur Industriel Belge
Moniteur Officiel de l\'Electricite (French publicat
Monks and Johnson
Monroe County (Florida). Court Clerk
Monroe County (Florida). Revenue Collector
Monsanto Chemical Works
Montana Phonograph Co
Montana Union Railway
Montana. University
Montanistische Rundschau
Montclair Academy
Montclair Jam Kitchens
Montgomery & Co
Montgomery Advertiser
Montgomery Amusement Co
Montgomery and Campbell
Monthly Illustrator and Home and Country
Montreal Star
Moone Chemical Co
Mooney and Boland Agency
Moore (J.G.) and Co
Moore (John) & Co
Moore (Joseph) and Sons
Moore (Samuel L.) and Son
Moore (W.F.) and Son
Moore Bond & Co
Moore Bros Lightning Rod Co
Moore Filter Co
Moore Wire Co
Moorehouse and Warhurst
Moose Mountain Ltd
Mora\'s Photographic Gallery
Moral Re-Armament
Moran (General Electric)
Moranti (P.J.) Inc
Morehouse-Martens Co
Morey and Sperry
Morgan (J.P.) & Co
Morgan (J.S.) & Co
Morgan Construction Co
Morgan Engineering Co
Morgan Grenfell & Co
Morgan Harjes & Co
Morgenthaler Co
Morrin (Morrin Climax Boiler Co)
Morris & Co
Morris (Philip) & Co Ltd
Morris County Crushed Stone Co
Morris County Machine and Iron Co
Morris European and American Express Co
Morris June I
Morris Music House
Morris Ravine Mining Co
Morris Tasker & Co Ltd
Morrison & Co
Morrison (W.H.andO.H.) Co
Morrison Electric Light and Power Co
Morrison Foundry Co
Morristown Civic Assn
Morristown Trust Co
Mors (Automobile)
Morse Chain Co
Morton Film Exchange
Moscow (Russia). University
Moseley (David) and Sons
Mosler Bowen and Cook
Moss (B.S.) Theatrical Enterprises Inc
Mossberg and Granville Manufacturing Co
Mossman Yarnelle & Co
Motion Picture Board of Trade of America
Motion Picture Campaign for Actors Fund
Motion Picture Co
Motion Picture Exhibitors League of Michigan
Motion Picture News
Motion Picture Patents Co
Motion Picture Story Magazine
Motion Picture World
Motograph Company of America
Motor Boat Publishing Co
Motor Car Company of New Jersey
Motor World
Mott (J.L.) Iron Works
Moul (C.) & Co
Mount Ayr Light and Power Co
Mount Hickory Iron Co Ltd
Mount Pleasant Mining Co
Mount St Vincent Academy
Mount Union College
Mount Union College Bulletin
Mount Washington Glass Co
Mount Wilson Observatory
Mountain (Arthur) & Co
Mourilyan Heimann & Co
Moving Picture Copyright League
Moving Picture World
Moyer Engineering and Construction Co
Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Muckers (West Orange Laboratory)
Mueller-Walle School of Lip Reading
Mullen (John) and Son
Mulliner-Wigley Co Ltd
Mullins (W.H.) Co
Multiplex Phonograph Co
Muncie Star
Municipal Reference Library
Munition Manufacturers Associates
Munn & Co
Munsell (Eugene) & Co
Munsell Rollo & Co
Munsey\'s Magazine
Munson (Edison Employee)
Munson Steamship Line
Munster Simms & Co Ltd
Murdock & Co Ltd
Murdock (Edison Employee)
Murphy (Franklin) Young Voters League
Murphy Electricity Rectifier Co
Murray (J.T) & Co
Murray and Drury
Murray\'s Magazine
Muscle Shoals
Musconetcong Iron Works
Music Trade Review
Music Trades
Muskogee Phoenix
Mutter (Divorce Attorney)
Mutual Agricultural Assn
Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co
Mutual District Messenger Co
Mutual Film Co
Mutual Fire Insurance Co
Mutual Interests Association of America
Mutual Life Insurance Co of New York
Myers (E.) & Co
Myers (F.W.) & Co
Myers (S.F.) & Co
N.Y. City and County. Supreme Court
N.Y. City. Board of Aldermen
N.Y. City. Board of Education
N.Y. City. Board of Police Commissioners
N.Y. City. Board of Water Supply
N.Y. City. Bureau of Lamps and Gas
N.Y. City. Bureau of Municipal Research
N.Y. City. Bureau of Public Administrator
N.Y. City. Bureau of Water Register
N.Y. City. City Court
N.Y. City. Comptroller\'s Office
N.Y. City. Coroner\'s Office
N.Y. City. Dept of Public Charities and Correction
N.Y. City. Dept of Taxes and Assessments
N.Y. City. District Court
N.Y. City. Fire Dept
N.Y. City. Marshall
N.Y. City. Mayor\'s Office
N.Y. City. Police Dept
N.Y. City. Superior Court
N.Y. County. Clerk
N.Y. County. Court of Common Pleas
N.Y. County. Surrogate\'s Court
N.Y. State. Adirondack Survey Office
N.Y. State. Aqueduct Commission
N.Y. State. Commission on Humane Capital Punishment
N.Y. State. Comptroller
N.Y. State. Deputy Comptroller
N.Y. State. Health Officer\'s Dept
N.Y. State. Immigration Commission
N.Y. State. Library
N.Y. State. Reservation Commission
N.Y. State. Secretary of State
N.Y. State. Senate
N.Y. State. Superintendent of Prisons
N.Y. State. Supreme Court
Naglo Bros
Nairn Linoleum Co
Naniwa Boseki Kaisha
Narayan (Y.) and Bros
Nashville American
Nashville Banner
Nashville Chattanooga and St Louis Railway
Nassau Optical Co
Nassau Smelting and Refining Works
Nathan and Dreyfus
Nathan Iron Works
National 5 10 and 25 Cent Magazine
National Academy for Visual Instruction
National Academy of Sciences
National Adjustment Agency
National Allied Relief Committee
National American Woman Suffrage Assn
National Americanization Committee
National Aniline and Chemical Co
National Assoc of Agricultural Implement Manufactur
National Association of Credit Men. Bulletin
National Association of Disc Phonograph Jobbers
National Association of Talking Machine Jobbers
National Association of the Deaf
National Association of the Motion Picture Industry
National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage
National Automatic Sprinkler Assn
National Bank of Commerce
National Bank of New Jersey
National Bank of North America
National Bank of the Republic
National Bell Telephone Co
National Bird Sanctuary Associates Inc
National Board of Censorship
National Board of Fire Underwriters
National Broadcasting Co
National Business Mens Republican Committee
National Car Spring Works
National Carbon Co
National Cash Register Co
National Casket Co
National Cement Co
National Child Welfare Exhibit Assn
National City Bank (N.Y. City)
National Civic Federation
National Coal Tar Co
National Committee 100th Anniversary of Peace
National Committee for the Prevention of Blindness
National Committee on Gas and Electric Service
National Cyclopedia of American Biography
National Defense Convention
National Electric Light Assn
National Electric Railway Signal Co
National Electric Signaling Co
National Electrolytic Co
National Employment Exchange
National Engineering Co
National Exposition of Chemical Industries
National Federation of Construction Industries
National Fire Insurance Co of Hartford
National Ford Owners Club Inc
National Fur and Tanning Co
National Geographic
National Geographic Society
National Gramophone Co
National Herald
National Highways Protective Society
National Hydro-Carbon Co
National Inland Waterways Assn
National Institute of Inventors
National Investment Co
National Iron Works
National Isolated Power Plant Assn
National Kindergarten Assn
National Lead Co
National League for Good Roads
National League for Industrial Education
National League of American Pen Women
National Limestone Co
National Magazine
National Marine League of the USA
National McKinley Birthplace Memorial Assn
National Metal Co
National Metal Trades Assn
National Metropolitan Bank
National Motor Vehicle Co
National Music Show
National Newark Banking Co
National News Service
National Petroleum News
National Phonograph Assn
National Phonograph Co
National Phonograph Co (Australia)
National Phonograph Co (Brooklyn)
National Phonograph Co Ltd
National Piano Manufacturers Association of America
National Pipe Binding Co
National Plant Flower and Fruit Guild
National Press Intelligence Co
National Provisioner
National Research Council
National Rifle Assn
National School of Electricity
National Scientific Journal
National Security League
National Shoe and Leather Bank
National Social Unit Organization
National Socialist
National Society of Music
National Sponge and Chamois Co
National Standard Co
National Surgical Dressings Committee of America
National Telegraph Co
Ltd National Telephone Co
National Thrift Bond Corp
National Tin Corp
National Transit Co
National Trotting Horse Assn
National Tube Works Co
National Veterans Reserve Corps
National War Savings Committee for New Jersey
National Water Still Co
National Waterproof Film Co
National Zeitung
Nationallbank fur Deutschland
Natural Color Kinematograph Co Ltd
Nature (London)
Nature (Paris)
Naval Consulting Board
Naval Research Laboratory
Navy League of the United States
Nazareth Cement Co
Nebraska Phonograph Co
Neill (William) and Sons Inc
Nelson Matter & Co
Nephi Mineral Wax Mining Co
Neptune Hose Co
Nernst Lamp Co
Nestor Electric Vehicle Co
Neuchatel Asphalt Co
New Age
New Albany Leader
New American File Co
New Bedford (Massachusetts). City
New Bedford Standard
New Brunswick (N.J.). Tax Collector
New Brunswick Fredonian
New Brunswick News
New Brunswick Times
New Dunderland Co Ltd
New England Electric Light Co
New England Gas and Coke Co
New England Home Journal
New England Mutual Life Insurance Co
New England Phonograph Co
New England Pottery Co
New England Relief Society
New England Society of Orange
New England Society of St Louis
New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
New England Telephone Co
New Era Metal Co
New Haven Clock Co
New Haven Journal Courier
New Haven Manufacturing Co
New Haven News
New Haven Normal School of Gymnastics
New Haven Register
New Haven Wire Co
New Jersey and Pennsylvania Concentrating Works
New Jersey Asbestos Co
New Jersey Audubon Society
New Jersey Auto Co
New Jersey Bookbinding and Printing Co
New Jersey Car Spring and Rubber Co
New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
New Jersey Children\'s Home Society
New Jersey District Board No 2 (Selective Service)
New Jersey Express Co
New Jersey Historical Society
New Jersey Iron Mining Co
New Jersey Land and Construction Co
New Jersey Legal Aid Society
New Jersey Live Stock Insurance Co
New Jersey Ore Co
New Jersey Patent Co
New Jersey Phonograph Co
New Jersey Products Inc
New Jersey Rubber Shoe Co
New Jersey State Civic Federation
New Jersey State Federation of Labor
New Jersey State Federation of Women\'s Clubs
New Jersey State Hospital
New Jersey Steel and Iron Co
New Jersey Tuberculosis Assn
New Jersey Zinc Co
New Jersey. Attorney General
New Jersey. Board of Architects
New Jersey. Board of Assessors
New Jersey. Board of Taxation
New Jersey. Bureau of Industrial Statistics
New Jersey. Chancery Court
New Jersey. Commission on Road Legislation
New Jersey. Comptroller
New Jersey. Dept of Banking and Insurance
New Jersey. Dept of Health
New Jersey. Dept of Labor
New Jersey. Dept of Public Instruction
New Jersey. Factory Inspector
New Jersey. Geological Survey
New Jersey. Governor
New Jersey. Highway Commission
New Jersey. Legislature
New Jersey. Register of Statistics
New Jersey. Secretary of State
New Jersey. Senate
New Jersey. State Geologist
New Jersey. Supreme Court
New Jersey. Washington\'s Crossing Commission
New Mexico Mining Co
New Orleans Item
New Orleans Picayune
New Orleans States
New Orleans Times Democrat
New Orleans Woman\'s Club
New Republic
New West Magazine
New York Academy of Sciences
New York Advertiser
New York American
New York and Columbia Gold Mining Co
New York and Greenwood Lake Railway
New York and London Press Assn Inc
New York and New England Railroad
New York and New Haven Railroad
New York and New Jersey Telephone Co
New York and Paris Fashion Co
New York and Pennsylvania Co
New York Appraisal Co
New York Aquarium
New York Assn for Improving Condition of the Poor
New York Association for the Blind
New York Athletic Club
New York Belting and Packing Co
New York Board of Fire Underwriters
New York Botanical Garden
New York Bowery Fire Insurance Co
New York Bureau of Information
New York Call
New York Central Railroad
New York Chamber of Commerce
New York Child Welfare Committee
New York Club
New York Commercial
New York Commercial Advertiser
New York Commercial Bulletin
New York Concentrating Works
New York Continent
New York County Medical Society
New York Dramatic Mirror
New York Edison Co
New York Electric Lines Co
New York Electrical Show
New York Electrical Society
New York Emery Co
New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
New York Furniture Exchange
New York Globe
New York Graphic
New York Herald
New York Illustrated News
New York Illustrated Times
New York Journal
New York Journal of Commerce
New York Kindergarten Assn
New York Lake Erie and Western Railroad
New York League for the Hard of Hearing
New York Life Insurance Co
New York Mail
New York Mail and Express
New York Mathematical Society
New York Mercury
New York Mica Mining Co
New York Music Lovers Society
New York New Haven and Hartford Railroad
New York News
New York Odontological Society
New York Ophthalmic Hospital
New York Paper Barrel Co
New York Peace Society
New York Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad
New York People
New York Phonograph Co
New York Piano Key Co
New York Post
New York Press
New York Press Art Bureau
New York Press Assn
New York Press Club
New York Protestant Episcopal City Mission Society
New York Public Library
New York Quinine and Chemical Works Ltd
New York Recorder
New York Safety Steam Power Co
New York Sand Blast Works
New York School of Applied Design for Women
New York Schoolmasters Club
New York Standard
New York Star
New York State Associated Press
New York State Museum
New York Stock Exchange
New York Sun
New York Susquehanna and Western Railroad
New York Symphony Orchestra
New York Syndicate Bureau
New York Telegram
New York Telegraph
New York Telegraph Club
New York Telegraph Construction Co
New York Telegraphers Aid Society
New York Telephone Co
New York Times
New York Tribune
New York University
New York World
New York-Presbyterian Hospital
New Zealand. Postmaster. Dunedin
Newark (N.J.). Board of Fire Commissioners
Newark (N.J.). Board of Street and Water Commission
Newark (N.J.). Council
Newark (N.J.). Fire Dept
Newark (N.J.). First District Court
Newark (N.J.). Water Supply
Newark Advertiser
Newark Association of Credit Men
Newark Board of Trade
Newark Call
Newark Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary
Newark Eagle
Newark Edge Tool Manufactory
Newark Industrial Exhibition
Newark Journal
Newark Ledger
Newark Lumber Co
Newark Music Festival Assn
Newark News
Newark Press Club
Newark Register
Newark Savings Institution
Newark Star
Newark Star Eagle
Newark Street Railway Co
Newark Technical School
Newark Telegraph Works
Newbold (R.S.) and Sons Co
Newburgh Journal
Newburyport Herald
Newport Hydro-Carbon Co
Newport News
Newport News and Mississippi Valley Telegraph Co
News Reporting Telegraph Co
Newsboys Protective Union (Boston)
Newspaper Enterprise Assn
Newton and Son
Niagara Alkali Co
Niagara Falls and Suspension Bridge Railway Co
Niagara Falls Power Co
Niagara River Hydraulic Tunnel Co
Nicaragua Canal Construction Co
Nichols and Hobbie
Nickel Copper Co
Nicol (Marine Transport Service)
Nicole Freres Ltd
Niebrugge and Day
Niles (S.R.) Newspaper Advertising Agency
Niles Tool Works Co
Nipissing Mines Co
Nippon Kinetophone Co
Nixon and Mannock
Nobel Prize Committee
Noble Estabrook and McHarg
Nogales and Sonora Mining and Smelting Co
Noll Bros
Non Magnetic Watch Company of America
Non Slip Manufacturing Co
Non-Smokers Protective League of America
Norbom Engineering Co
Norden Publishing Co
Norfolk and Western Railway
Norfolk Board of Trade
Norfolk Fibre Co
Norfolk Pilot
Norfolk Virginian
Norfolk Virginian Pilot
Adolphus Norraikow
Norris and Beach
Norristown Herald
North Adams Transcript
North American Carbon and Chemical Co
North American Chemical Co
North American Civic League for Immigrants
North American Co
North American Lead Co
North American Phonograph Co
North American Portland Cement Co
North American Review
North American Rubber Co
North American Selling Co
North American Telegraph Co
North American Transportation and Trading Co
North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Co
North Branch Steel Co
North Carolina Steel and Iron Co
North Carolina Woman\'s Christian Temperance Union
North Carolina. Land and Immigration Bureau
North Carolina. Library Dept
North Carolina. Penitentiary
North German Lloyd Line
North Jersey and Pocono Mountain Ice Co
North Jersey Paint Co
North London Phonograph and Gramophone Society
North Metropolitan Tramways Co
North Star Fur Dressing and Dyeing Works
North Ward National Bank
North-Western National Bank
Northampton Cement Co
Northants Talking Machine Society
Northern Assurance Co
Northern Pacific Railroad Co
Northfield Iron Co
Northwestern Iron Co
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co
Norton (John) and Sons
Norton Electrical Instrument Co
Norton Emery Wheel Co
Norton Memorial Hall (Chautauqua)
Norton Rose Norton & Co
Norwalk (Ohio) Reflector
Norway. Consul General
Norwich Pharmacal Co
Notter (Th) & Co
Nottingham Express
Nova Scotia. Bureau of Mines
Novelty Rubber Co
Nucoa Butter Co
Nungesser Electric Battery Co
O-5 (Submarine)
Oak Investment and Security Co
Oak Place (Miller Family Home)
Oak Place School
Oakland Times
Oakland Tribune
Oberdorfer (M.L.) Brass Co
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corp Ltd
Ocean Magnetic Iron Co
Ocean Pier Amusement Co
Oceanic Investing Corp
Odd Fellow\'s Hall Assn
Oeuvre Internationale pour Blesses et Prisonniers d
Office Appliances
Official Photographic Co
Offield Towle and Linthicum
Ogden Iron Co
Ogden Ore Separating Plant
Ohio Architect Engineer and Builder
Ohio Beaver Creek Mining Milling and Development Co
Ohio Carriage Manufacturing Co
Ohio Centennial. Board of Directors
Ohio Chemical and Manufacturing Co
Ohio Edison Electric Installation Co
Ohio Phonograph Co
Ohio Society of New York
Ohio. Auditor
Ohio. Penitentiary
Oil City (Pa.) Derrick
Oil News
Oil Paint and Drug Reporter
Old Dominion Phonograph Co
Old Time Telegraphers Assn
Olds Motor Works
Oliver Chilled Plow Works
Oliver Iron Mining Co
Oliver Wire Co
Olivet Baptist Church (Minneapolis)
Olivet Methodist Episcopal Church (Minneapolis)
Oltolina and Ci
Olympic Park Automobile Racing Assn
Omaha Bee
Omaha Herald
Omaha News
Omaha Republican
Omaha World Herald
Omnibus Railroad Co
Ontario Development and Mining Co Ltd
Ontario Graphite Co Ltd
Ontario Mining Commission
Ontario Nickel Commission
Ontario. Bureau of Mines
Open Court Publishing Co
Operatone Phonograph Co
Ophir Silver Mining Co
Oppenheim and Sons
Orange (N.J.) Dept of Streets and Public Improvemen
Orange (N.J.). Clerk
Orange (N.J.). District Court
Orange (N.J.). Justice of the Peace
Orange (N.J.). Township
Orange Advertiser
Orange Awning Co
Orange Bureau of Associated Charities
Orange Chronicle
Orange Club
Orange Crosstown and Bloomfield Railway Co
Orange Free State. Consul General
Orange Gas Light Co
Orange Herald
Orange Journal
Orange Memorial Hospital
Orange Mendelssohn Union
Orange Methodist Episcopal Church
Orange Mountain Cable Co
Orange Mountain Medical Society
Orange National Bank
Orange Valley Social Settlement
Orange Water Works
Oregon and Trans-Continental Co
Oregon Iron and Steel Co
Oregon Steam Navigation Co
Oregon. Commissioner of Mining
Orford Copper and Sulphur Co
Orford Copper Co
Oriental Bell Telephone Co
Oriental Telephone Co Ltd
Orphan Home of Spokane
Orr and Sembower
Orridoor Co
Ortiz Mine
Osaka Boseki Cotton Mills
Osaka Electric Lamp Co Ltd
Osaka Mainichi Shimbun
Osaka Mainichi Shimbunsha
Osborn (C.J.) Co
Osborne and Bailey
Oslo Lodge No 2 (Sons of Norway)
Ostheimer Bros
Ostrander (W.R.) & Co
Ostrorog (A.)
Oswego Palladium
Otis and Pressinger
Otis Bros & Co
Otis Elevator Co
Ott and Tewksbury
Ott Manufacturing Co
Otter Hill Mica Mines
Otto (Albert T.) and Sons Inc
Otto Gas Engine Co
Outing Club
Outlook (Magazine)
Oviatt and Allen
Owens and Phillips
Oxford University
Pach Bros
Pacific and Atlantic Telegraph Co of the U.S.
Pacific Bell Telephone Co
Pacific Coast Portland Cement Co
Pacific Electrical Co
Pacific Mail Steamship Co
Pacific Mutual Telegraph Co
Pacific Phonograph Co
Pacific Pipe Line Co
Pacific Power and Light Corporation
Pacific States Telephone and Telegraph Co
Packard Motor Car Co
Packman and Heasman
Paddington Mercury
Page and Cooper
Page Kidder and Fletcher
Paget and Moeller
Paine (George W.) and Sons
Paine (Thomas) Monument Assn
Paine (Thomas) National Historical Assn
Paine and Francis
Palestine Chapter No 270 (Order of Eastern Star)
Palisades Interstate Park Commission
Pall Mall Budget
Pall Mall Gazette
Pall Mall Magazine
Palm Beach News
Palmer (A.C.) & Co
Palmer (John) Jr & Co
Palmer and Howe
Palmer Parker & Co
Pan American Union
Panama-Pacific Intl Telegraphers Tournament Assn
Panhard and Levassor
Paper (Magazine)
Paramount Pictures Inc
Pardee (A.) & Co
Pardee and Garvey
Pardee-Ellenberger Co
Paris Opera House
Paris Universal Exposition
Parisian Inventors Academy
Park and Tilford
Park Avenue Operating Co
Park Realty Co
Parke and Lacey Co
Parke Davis & Co
Parker and Keasbey
Parks (G.M.) Co
Parmly Olendorf and Fisk
Parson Manufacturing Co
Partrick and Carter
Partrick Bunnell & Co
Partridge (C.B.) and Sons
Partridge (Horace) & Co
Pasquotank Hosiery Co
Passaic News
Passaic Rolling Mill Co
Passavant & Co
Patent Celebration Fund
Patent Law Reform Assn
Patent Office Society
Paterson Call
Paterson Chamber of Commerce
Paterson Gas Light Co
Paterson Guardian
Paterson Press
Paterson Press Guardian
Pathe Cinematograph Co
Pathe Freres
Pathe Freres (London) Ltd
Pathe News
Patrick and Stewart
Patriot (Newspaper)
Patterson Bros
Patterson Library (Westfield N.Y.)
Pattinson and Stead
Pattison Bros
Patton Paint Co
Paulsen (Frederick) & Co
Pawtucket Gas Co
Peabody (Henry W.) & Co
Peabody and Perrin
Pearce and Jones
Pearson\'s Magazine (New York)
Peckham (J.S. and M.)
Peerless Rubber Selling Co
Pell Fluor Spar Mining Co
Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co
Penn Placer Mining Co
Penn-Allen Portland Cement Co
Pennington School
Pennsylvania Blackboard Co
Pennsylvania Cement Co
Pennsylvania Electric Assn
Pennsylvania Electric Light Co
Pennsylvania Electric Supply and Railroad Co
Pennsylvania Panama and Pacific Terminal Co
Pennsylvania Railroad
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co
Pennsylvania Smelting Co
Pennsylvania Society
Pennsylvania Steel Co
Pennsylvania Tank Car Co
Pennsylvania. Bureau of Health
Penny Paper
Pensacola Maritime Corp
People\'s Cyclopedia
People\'s Institute
Peoples Bank
Peoples Bank (East Orange)
Peoples Bank (St. Paul)
Peoples Library
Peoria Star
Perfection Spring Co
Perforated Music Roll Co
Perkins Ince & Co
Perkins School (Akron)
Perkins Wind Mill and Engine Co
Permanent Blind War Relief Fund
Perry and Ryer
Peru. Telegraph Minister
Pester Lloyd (Newspaper)
Pesti Hirlap (Newspaper)
Peters Manufacturing Co
Pettes and Randall Co
Peysert and Knauss
Pfaltz and Bauer Inc
Pfizer (Charles) & Co
Pharmaceutical Era
Phelps Dodge & Co
Phelps Induction Telegraph Co
Philadelphia (Pa.). City
Philadelphia (Pa.). Dept of Public Works
Philadelphia (Pa.). Electrical Bureau
Philadelphia (Pa.). Fire Dept. Eng Co 48
Philadelphia (Pa.). Second Police District
Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Co
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Co
Philadelphia Athletics
Philadelphia Book Co
Philadelphia Bulletin
Philadelphia Call
Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
Philadelphia Electric Co
Philadelphia Fire Underwriters Assn
Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia Item
Philadelphia Local Telegraph Co
Philadelphia Medical Publishing Co
Philadelphia News
Philadelphia North American
Philadelphia Orchestra
Philadelphia Press
Philadelphia Public Ledger
Philadelphia Reading and Pottsville Telegraph Co
Philadelphia Record
Philadelphia Rubber Works
Philadelphia Suburban Gas and Electric Co
Philadelphia Times
Philadelphia Wilmington and Baltimore Railway
Philadephia Granite and Marble Works
Philips & Co
Phillips Bros
Phillips Co
Phillips Exeter Academy
Phillips Sheet and Tin Plate Co
Phillips Van Everen and Fish
Phillipsburg Manufacturing Co
Philoclean Society (Rutgers College)
Philosophical Magazine
Phoenix Co
Phoenix Glass Co
Phoenix Iron Co
Phoenix Republican
Phoenix Works
Phono Traders Printing and Publishing Co Ltd
Phonograph (Magazine)
Phonograph Co (Chicago)
Phonograph Co (Cleveland)
Phonograph Co (Kansas City)
Phonograph Company of Detroit
Phonograph Company of the Oranges
Phonograph Corporation of Manhattan
Phonograph Sales Co
Phonograph Shop Ltd (Ottawa)
Phonograph Supply Co
Phonographen Gesellschaft fur Deutschland
Phonographs Inc (Atlanta)
Phonographs Ltd
Phosphate Mining Co
Photo Electric Telegraph Company of Montreal
Photo Era
Photograph Plate Co
Photographic Times
Physiatric Institute
Physical Culture Publishing Co
Physics Club
Piano Trade
Picatinny Arsenal
Pickhardt (Wm) and Kuttroff
Pictorial Review
Picture Theatre Equipment Co
Pierce and Miller Engineering Co
Pierce and Thomas
Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Co
Pierson & Co
Pike Adding Machine Co
Pilling and Crane
Pim Forwood & Co
Pinang Gazette and Straits Chronicle
Pine Grove Collie Kennels
Pinkerton\'s National Detective Agency
Pinto & Co Ltda
Pioneer Iron Works
Pittsburgh Calcium Light Co
Pittsburgh Chronicle Telegraph
Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette
Pittsburgh Dispatch
Pittsburgh Electric Club
Pittsburgh Leader
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co
Pittsburgh Post
Pittsburgh Press
Pittsburgh Reduction Co
Pittsburgh Southern Railroad Co
Pittsburgh Sun
Pittsburgh Telegraph
Pittsburgh Times
Place (George) Machine Agency
Platt and Washburn Refining Co
Playground and Recreation Association of America
Pleimas Mining and Water Co
Plock & Co
Plock Military College
Plows Candy Co
Plumber and Sanitary Engineer
Pneumatic Scale Corp Ltd
Poel and Arnold
Pohatcong Railroad Co
Polar Oil Co
Polish Victims Relief Fund
Political World (Magazine)
Politicken (Newspaper)
Pollak Foundation for Economic Research
Polley (George H.) & Co
Pollok and Mauro
Pompton Steel and Iron Co
Pond Electric Signal Co
Pond Indicator Co
Ponupo Mining and Transportation Co Ltd
Pool (Alex) & Co
Pooley Furniture Co
Pope (Thomas J.) and Bro
Pope Edgecomb and Butler
Pope Edison & Co
Pope Manufacturing Co
Pope Motor Co
Popular Electricity
Popular Magazine
Popular Mechanics Magazine
Popular Science Monthly
Popular Science News
Porges and Moeller
Port Arthur Polytechnic Institute
Port Huron (Michigan). Treasurer
Port Huron and Gratiot Street Railway Co
Port Huron Executive Committee for Relief
Port Huron Herald
Port Huron Rotary Club
Port Huron Times
Porter (H.K.) & Co
Porter Lowrey Soren and Stone
Porter\'s (William) Sons
Portland (Me.) Advertiser
Portland (Me.) Press
Portland and Willamette Valley Railway Co
Portland Cement Assn
Portland Cement Laundry Tray Co
Portland Oregon Journal
Portland Oregonian
Portland Railway Light and Power Co
Post and Reese
Postal Telegraph Cable Co
Postum Cereal Co Ltd
Potsdam Red Sandstone Co
Potter and Avery
Potters Mining and Milling Co
Pottier and Stymus
Pottsville Iron and Steel Co
Pottsville Standard
Poughkeepsie Iron and Steel Co
Power (Nicholas) Co
Powers Accounting Machine Co
Powers and Weightman
Practical Mechanic
Practical Publishing Co
Prang (L.) & Co
Pratt (B.G.) Co
Pratt (Chas) & Co
Pratt and Whitney Co
Pratt Institute
Premier Manufacturing Co Ltd
Premier Mill Corp
Prentiss Tool and Supply Co
Presbrey (Frank) Co
Presbrey and Green
Press Illustrating Service Inc
Presser (Theodore) Co
Pressland and Son
Preston Fertilizer Works
Preston Peak Copper Co
Prestoplate Co
Prevost & Co
Price Waterhouse & Co
Priest (J.) and Sons
Primos Chemical Co
Prince and Whitely
Princeton Glee Club
Princeton Review
Princeton University
Pringle and Boyce
Prison Association of New York
Prizma Inc
Probst (F.) & Co
Process Engineering Co
Proctor & Co
Proctor and Schwartz Inc
Producers and Refiners Oil Co Ltd
Product Sales Co
Progressive County Committee (Essex County)
Progressive Farmer
Progressive National Committee
Progressive National Service
Progressive Party (Massachusetts)
Projectograph Revue
Proper and Son
Prosser (Thomas) and Son
Proudfoot\'s Commerical Agency
Providence Bulletin
Providence Journal
Providence Lithograph Co
Providence Steam and Gas Pipe Co
Providence Tribune
Provident Mining Co
Provident Savings Life Assurance Society
Prudential Insurance Co
Psychical Science Congress
Public Opinion
Public Service Corp of New Jersey
Public Service Electric Co
Pueblo Smelting and Refining Co
Puget Sound Traction Light and Power Co
Pullman Co
Pulsating Pen Co
Pumpelly Storage Battery and Electric Motor Co
Punxsutawney Spirit
Puskas and Nottbeck
Puskas and Saportas
Puthet & Co
Putnam\'s (G.P.) and Sons
Pyro-Electric Co
Pyrolin Products Co
Pythian Reporter and Pythian Guard
QST Magazine
Quaker Oats Co
Quaranta Co
Bernard Quaritch
Queen (James W.) & Co
Queen City Hotel
Queensboro Bridge Celebration
Quellmalz & Co
Quick Howard Co
Quigley Furnace and Foundry Co
Quinby (J.M.) & Co
Quincy (John W.) & Co
Quincy Whig
Jeremiah Quinlan
Quinton and Quinton
Quogue (Long Island Resort Community)
Racine College
Racine Rubber Co
Radcliffe College
Radio Corporation of America
Radio Film Co
Radio Manufacturers Show Assn
Radio Rudder (Magazine)
Radio Show (Chicago)
Radio Trade Show and Convention
Radio World\'s Fair (NYC)
Radium Luminous Material Corp
Raff and Gammon
Rahway (N.J.). Clerk
Rahway Better Citizen [Prison Newspaper]
Rahway Valley Railroad Co
Railroad and Electric Supply Co
Railroad Gazette
Railway Age
Railway and Engineering Review
Railway Business Assn
Railway Executives Advisory Committee
Railway News
Railway Storage Battery Car Co
Railway Telegraph and Telephone Co
Railway Telegraph Co
Railway Train Telegraphy Co Ltd
Raleigh News and Observer
Raleigh State Chronicle
Ramos and Suarez
Rampant (Yacht)
Ramsdell (Homer) Transportation Co
Ramsey & Co
Randall\'s Island
Randolph Macon College
Ransom George and Wade
Rapid Evaporator Co
Rapid Service Store Railway Co
Rapid Transit Co
Rapid Transit Railroad
Raritan (N.J.). Township
Rasin Fertilizer Co
Rat Portage Diamond Drill Co
Rathbun & Co
Rauch and Lang Carriage Co
Rauscher and Childress
Rawleigh (W. T.) Co
Rawlins (Wyoming). Telegraph Operator
Ray Co
Raymond and Whitcomb Co
Raza Latina
Read (J. Parker) Co
Read (William A.) & Co
Reading Anthracite Pressed Fuel Co
Reading Eagle
Reading Electric Light and Power Co
Reading Iron Co
Reading Times
Real Estate Exchange and Auction Board
Reconstruction (Magazine)
Recording Steam Gauge Co
Red Cross
Red Cross Motor Service
Red Cross Rally (1918)
Red King Co
Red Rambler Lodge
Red Wing Sewer Pipe Co
Redding (Jerome) & Co
Redpath Lyceum Bureau
Reed (M.A.) & Co
Rees (Hans) Sons
Reeves (Paul S.) and Son
Reformed Church in America
Regal Sales Company of NY
Reggimento Piemonte Reale
Reinbold Metallurgical Co
Reinmann and Baetz
Remington (E.) and Sons
Remington Arms Union Metallic Cartridge Co
Remmey (Richard C.) Sons Co
Remson (I.S.) Manufacturing Co
Renault Freres
Renovo Edison Light Heat and Power Co
Renshaw and Renshaw
Renshaw Kekewich & Co
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Republic Iron and Steel Co
Republic Rubber Co
Republican Club of West Orange
Republican National Committee
Republican National Convention
Requa (Edison Employee)
Review of Reviews
Review of Reviews Investment Bureau
Revolute Machine Co
Reynes Bros & Co
Reynolds & Co
Reynolds and Johnston
Reynolds Richards and McCutcheon
Rhode Island Coal Co
Rhode Island. Library
Rhodes (James H.) & Co
Rhodes and McClure
Rialto Theatre
Ribbon and Ticker Paper Co
Richard (C.B.) & Co
Richards and Alloway
Richardson (Edison Employee)
Richardson (M.T.) Co
Richardson and Metzger
Richmond and Allegheny Railroad
Richmond and Danville Railroad
Richmond Chemical Co
Richmond Hosiery Mills
Richmond Times Dispatch
Richmond Virginia Woolen Mills
Richter and Tufts
Ricketts and Banks
Ricklin (Edison Employee)
Ricordi (G.) & Co
Riddell Vaizey and Smith
Riddle (Thomas) and Sons
Riebeck (A.) Montan Werke Aktien Gesellschaft
Riegel Sack Co
Riley Railroad Construction Co
Rio Grande Western Railway Co
Ritchie and Sons
River Falls Journal
RMS Caronia
Roach-Reid Co
Roadtown Society
Roberts (Frank C.) & Co
Roberts Numbering Machine Co
Roberts-Brevoort Electric Co Ltd
Robertson (John) and Son
Robertson and Hitchcock
Robertson and Ryan
Robertson Art Tile Co
Robey & Co
Robins Conveying Belt Co
Robinson Biddle and Benedict
Robinson Biddle and Ward
Robinson Co
Robson and Adee
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Rochester Herald
Rochester Post Express
Rochester Railway and Light Co
Rochester Union and Advertiser
Rochlitz Studio
Rock Plaster Co
Rock Spring Country Club
Rockaway Elevated Railroad Co
Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
Rockhill and Vietor
Rocky Mountain News Printing Co
Rocky Mountain Telegraph Co
Rodeheaver Co
Roebling (John A.) Sons Co
Roemler and Chamberlin
Roentgen Ray Association of Greater New York
Rogers (John P.) & Co
Rogers and Rogers
Rogers Locomotive Works
Rogers Shanly and Waddle
Rogers-Pyatt Shellac Co
Rohrbeck and Groebler
Rohrbeck Luhme & Co
Rollins College
Rome Furniture Co
Rome Watertown and Ogdensburg Railway
Romeike\'s Agency Ltd
Roosevelt Memorial Assn
Roosevelt Non-Partisan League
Root and Tinker
Roots (P.H.andF.M.) Co
Rose Polytechnic Institute
Rosedale Cemetery
Rosengarten and Sons
Rosenstein Piano Co
Rosenthal\'s (Jos) Sons
Roseville Presbyterian Church
Ross (Charles) and Son
Ross Cross and Dickinson
Rossendale Reddaway Belt and Hose Co
Rotary Club
Rotary Club (Akron)
Rotary Club (Jacksonville)
Roudebush Densmore & Co
Rough Riders
Route 10 (West Orange)
Routledge (George) and Sons Ltd
Roux & Co
George P Rowell
Royal Academy of Sciences (Sweden)
Royal Agricultural Society of England
Royal American Portland Cement Co
Royal Dublin Society
Royal Engineer Committee
Royal Insurance Co of Liverpool
Royal Scottish Society of Arts
Royal Society
Royal Typewriter Co
Royce and Marean
Roycroft Shop
Royle (John) and Sons
Rubbelli\'s (L.) Son
Rubber Comb and Jewelry Co
Rudder (A.E.) & Co
Rudder\'s Ltd
Rudisil Mine
Ruffin Blair and Dance
Ruland and Whiting Co
Runkel Bros Inc
Runnymede Mills Inc
Rush Run Coal and Coke Co
Russell & Co
Russell (Nathan) Inc
Russell (W.R.) & Co
Russell and Erwin Manufacturing Co
Russia. Consul General
Russia. Foreign Ministry
Russia. Government
Russia. Ministry of the Navy
Russia. Patent Office
Russian Chamber of Commerce of America
Russian Purchasing Commission
Russian Red Cross Society
Russian Supply Committee
Rutgers College
Rutgers College of Pharmacy
Ruth (J.A.) & Co
Rutland Herald
Ryder Music Co
Ryerson (Joseph T.) and Son
Saalfield Publishing Co
Sacramento Bee
Sacramento Union
Saechsische Bank Gesellschaft
Saenger (Bruno) & Co
Safety Hill (Fort Myers)
Safety Insulated Wire and Cable Co
Saginaw Journal
Saks & Co
Salem (Mass.) Observer
Salem (Mass.) Press
Salem (Ore.) Statesman
Salomon (S.A.) and Bro
Salt Lake City Democrat
Salt Lake City Deseret News
Salt Lake City Herald
Salt Lake City Herald Republican
Salt Lake City Tribune
Salvage Syndicate for the Atlantic Coast
Salvation Army
Samuel (Edward) & Co
Samuel (Mendel ) and Sons
Samuels (J.) and Bro Inc
San Bernardino Board of Trade
San Diego Chamber of Commerce
San Diego Panama California Exposition (1915)
San Diego Union
San Diegoan
San Domingo and Hay Tunnel Mining Co
San Francisco Alta
San Francisco Argonaut
San Francisco Bulletin
San Francisco Call
San Francisco Call and Post
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Examiner
San Francisco Panama Pacific Exposition (1915)
San Francisco Post
San Francisco Recorder
San Francisco Report
San Jose Mercury
San Jose Mercury Herald
San Juan and New Jersey Discovery and Mining Co
Sanderson & Co
Sandusky Portland Cement Co
Sandusky Register
Sandy Hook (N.J.). Mayors and Boards of Trade
Sanford and Manchester
Sanford Clark & Co
Sangamo Electric Co
Sangenya Cotton Mills
Sanitary Engineer
Sankyo & Co
Santa Fe Watch Co
Santo Bambino di Aracoeli
Saportas (A.J.) & Co
Sapphire Record and Talking Machine Co
Sapphire Valley Co
Saratoga and Mount McGregor Railway Co
Saratoga Springs Saratogian
Sardon (D.) and Son
Sargent (E. H.) & Co
Sargent and Lundy
Sargent Card Clothing Co
Sarnia Street Railway Co
Saturday Evening Post
Sautier Lemonnier & Co
Savannah Florida and Western Railway Co
Savannah News
Savary Young & Co
Save the Redwoods League
Savolainen Co
Sawyer-Felder Co
Sawyer-Man Electric Co
Sayre (James R.) Jr & Co
Sayre and Fisher Co
Scandinavian American Trading Co
Schaefer Alkaloid Works
Schaum and Uhlinger
Schenectady County. Surrogate\'s Court
Schenectady Gazette
Schenectady Star
Schenectady Union
Schiele (Lewis) & Co
Schirmer (G.) Inc
Schleicher Schumm & Co
Schlesinger (Leo) & Co
Schmelzer Arms Co
Schmidt (L.W.)
Schmill & Co
Schmitt (Paul) Fils
Schmitt Bros
Schmulowitz Starobin and Dubin
Schoellkopf Hartford and Hanna Co
Schulz (T.) Sash and Door Co
Schutte and Koerting Co
Schutz (Edwin G.) Ltd
Schutz-O\'Neill Co
Schwarzschild and Sulzberger Co
Science Museum (Great Britain)
Science pour Tous
Science Service
Scientific American
Scientific American Supplement
Scientific Publishing Co
Scio College
Scotland Neck Cotton Mills
Scott (Walter) & Co
Scottish Electric Battery Co
Scottish Joint Stock Trust Ltd
Scout Masters Association of Delaware
Scovill Manufacturing Co
Scranton Illuminating Heat and Power Co
Scribner\'s (Charles) Sons
Scribner\'s Magazine
Scribner\'s Monthly
Seaboard Air Line Railway Co
Seaboard National Bank
Seabury (Charles L.) & Co
Seamen\'s Church Institute of New York
Searchlight Gas Co
Sears Roebuck & Co
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Seattle Times
Sebastian-May Co
Secaucus Iron Works
Second Avenue Railroad Co
Second Congregational Church (Greenwich)
Second National Bank (Orange)
Secours National New York Committee
Security Bank
Seed (M.A.) Dry Plate Co
Seeger and Guernsey
Seeley Tube and Box Co
Seely Office Appliance Co
Seibert Paddock and Cochran
Self Propelled Car Co
Selig Polyscope Co
Seligman (J.andW.) & Co
Seligman and Seligman
Sellers (William) & Co
Semet-Solvay Co
Seminole Lodge and Fort Myers
Sessions Foundry Co
Severns (J.T.) Sons & Co
Severy Process Co
Seward DaCosta and Guthrie
Seydel Manufacturing Co
Seyfert\'s (L.F.) Sons
Seymour and Whitlock
Sgobel and Day
Shalebhoy Lyebjee and Sons
Shanghai Cotton Cloth Mill Co
Sharon Boiler Works
Sharp Toller and Johnston
Sharples Separator Co
Shaw (A.W.) Co
Shaw and Detuiler
Shaw Supply Co
Shearson Hammill & Co
Sheffield Photo Co
Sheffield Telegram
Shelby Electric Co
Sheldon Manufacturing Co
Sherman and Shepard
Sherman Antitrust Act
Sherwin-Williams Co
Shimer & Co
Shimer and Boyer
Shipman Barlow Larocque and Choate
Shippey Bros Ltd
Shipping Illustrated Co
Shoe and Leather Reporter
Shriver (T.) & Co
Shubert Bros
Shultz Hotel Co
Siam. Consul General
Siam. King
Sibley College (Cornell University)
Sibley Quarry Co
Siegel (E.A.) & Co
Siegel-Cooper Co
Siegle (G.) Co
Siemens and Halske
Siemens Bros (London)
Silica Products Co
Silver Burdett & Co
Silver Island Mining Co
Silver Lake Farm
Silver Lake Property
Silver Plume Reduction Co
Silver Quarry Mining Co
Silverstone Music Co
Silverton Commercial Club
Simmons Hardware Co
Simmons-Boardman Publishing Co
Simms Magneto Co
Simplex Automobile Co
Simplex Hydrometer Co
Simpson Clark Co
Sims-Edison Electric Torpedo Co
Singer Manufacturing Co
Singlehurst Brocklehurst & Co
Sioux City Journal
Sioux City News
Sioux City Tribune
Sioux Falls Leader
Sisby Manufacturing Co
Skeele Coal Co
Skehan and Bernheim
Skillings (D.N.) & Co
Skiltjes (Fred) & Co
Slattery & Co
Slavonic Publishing Co
Slipp Butler Co
Sloan Chace & Co
Sloane (W.andJ.)
Sloane Aeroplane Co
Sloane School of Aviation
Slocum Lloyd and Orr
Smith (A.P.) Manufacturing Co
Smith (Alphonzo) Piano House
Smith (Edward B.) & Co
Smith (F.H.) and Son
Smith (Fred S.) Insurance Service
Smith (H.B.) Machine Co
Smith (Richard) & Co
Smith (W.E.R.) & Co
Smith and Connolly
Smith and Neil Co
Smith and Nichols
Smith and Redington
Smith and Rodgers
Smith and Travers Co
Smith Fleming & Co
Smith Lyraphone Co
Smith Music Co
Smith Myers and Schnier
Smith Premier Typewriter Co
Smith-Digby Co
Smith-Meeker Engineering Co
Smith-Wilkes Memorial Hall (Chautauqua)
Smithsonian Institution
Snare and Triest Co
Snellenburg (N.) & Co
Snow Shoe Gold and Copper Mines Ltd
Snowbird Valley Railway Co
Sociedad Anonima de Luz Electrica Edison
Sociedad Telegrafistas Juan Granja
Societa Generale Italiana di Elettricita
Societe Anonyme des Matieres Colorantes
Societe Belge and Hollandaise Electricite
Societe Continental de L\'Accumulateur Edison
Societe Corse des Antimoines de Meria
Societe d\'Appareillage Electrique
Societe de Secours des Amis des Sciences
Societe des Arts
Societe des Etablissements Gaumont
Societe du Cable Transatlantique Francais
Societe du Phoenix
Societe du Phonorama Edison
Societe du Telephone Edison
Societe du Telephone Gower
Societe Electrique Edison
Societe Francaise de Bienfaisance
Societe Francaise de Photographie
Societe Francaise des Films et Cinematographes
Societe Generale des Telephones
Societe Genevoise
Societe Imperiale Polytechnique de Russie
Societe Industrielle Commerciale Edison
Societe Industrielle des Telephones
Societe Internationale des Electriciens
Societe Kinetophon Edison GmbH
Society for Electrical Development Inc
Society for the Encouragement of Arts
Society of Amateur Photographers of N.Y.
Society of American Dramatists and Composers
Society of American Wars (Minnesota)
Society of Arts (Boston)
Society of Arts (London)
Society of Arts and Sciences
Society of Automobile Engineers
Society of Chemical Industry
Society of Motion Picture Engineers
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Society of St Johnland
Society of Telegraph Engineers (London)
Sodalitas Fredericopola
Soldan High School Edison Club
Soldati Craveri Tagliabue & Co
Soleau (E.R.) Co
Solid Ingot Co
Solvay Process Co
Somerville and Raritan Electric Light and Power Co
Somerville Seminary
Sonneborn Rubber Comb and Novelty Co
Sonnenberg & Co
Sonora Phonograph Co
Sons of the American Revolution
Sorosis Club (N.Y. City)
Sotheran (Henry) & Co
South African General Electric Co
South African Railways
South Australia Advertiser
South Australia Register
South Baltimore Harbor and Improvement Co
South Bend News Times
South Bend Times
South Bend Tribune
South Chicago Street Railway Co
South Dakota Phonograph Co
South Kensington Museum
South London Press
South Manchurian Railway Co
South Orange (N.J.). Trustees
South Orange Bulletin
South Orange Methodist Episcopal Church
South Shore Traction Co
South Wales News
Southern and Atlantic Telegraph Co
Southern California Edison Co
Southern California Music Co
Southern Cotton Oil Co
Southern Electric Co
Southern Electric Manufacturing and Supply Co
Southern Fullers Earth Co
Southern Kansas Railway Co
Southern Pacific Railroad Co
Southern Railway System
Southwark Foundry and Machine Co
Spain. Consul General
Spalding (A.G.) and Bros
Spang Chalfant & Co
Spangenberg Pendleton & Co
Spanish American Electric Company of New Orleans
Spar Chemical Co
Sparks Parker & Co
Sparta (N.J.). Assessor
Spaulding Cotton & Co
Spectator (Magazine)
Speedwell Motor Car Co
Speer White Sand Co
Spencer and Watson
Spencerian Pen Co
Sperry Electric Co
Sperry Gyroscope Co
Spiers and Pond
Spirit of the Times
Spiro (S.S.) Co
Splitdorf Radio Corp
Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Co
Spokane International Railway Co
Spokane Phonograph Co
Spon (E.andF.N.)
Sprague Electric Co
Sprague Electric Railway and Motor Co
Spray Manufacturing Co
Spring Hill College
Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Co
Spring Valley Mining and Irrigating Co
Springer (Julius)
Springfield (Mass.) News
Springfield (Mass.) Republican
Springfield (Mass.) Union
Spurr Iron Mining Co
Squibb (E.R.) and Sons
Squier (George L.) Manufacturing Co
SS Borinquen
St Albans Messenger
St Andrew\'s School
St Bartholomew\'s Hospital and College
St Clair County (Michigan). Sheriff
St Faith\'s House
St Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church (N.Y. City)
St James Club
St James Gazette (London )
St Jean Baptiste Church (N.Y. City)
St Joseph Gazette
St Joseph Herald
St Joseph\'s Home (Jersey City)
St Louis and San Francisco Railway
St Louis Brownsville and Mexico Railway Co
St Louis Cardinals
St Louis Globe Democrat
St Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railway
St Louis Post Dispatch
St Louis Republic
St Louis Smelting and Refining Co
St Louis Star
St Louis Times
St Marys Guild of Christ Hospital
St Nicholas Magazine
St Paul and Minneapolis Pioneer Press
St Paul Dispatch
St Paul Globe
St Paul Mining and Investment Syndicate
St Paul Underwriters Union
St Paul\'s A M E Church (Orange)
St Paul\'s School
St Regis Paper Co
St Stephen\'s Review
St Thomas Episcopal Church (N.Y. City)
St Thomas Journal
St Thomas\'s Hospital (London)
Stahl (Jacob) Jr & Co
Stahlschmidt and Kistenmacher
Standard Aircraft Corp
Standard Automatic Manufacturing Co
Standard Consolidated Mines Co
Standard Construction Corp Ltd
Standard Electric Co
Standard Essence Co
Standard Finance Co
Standard Hand Rock Drill Co
Standard Manganese Co
Standard Manufacturing Co
Standard Metal Manufacturing Co
Standard Multiplex Telegraph Co
Standard Naval Stores Co
Standard Oil Co
Standard Oil Co (New York)
Standard Oil Co (Ohio)
Standard Oil Co (San Francisco)
Standard Paint Co
Standard Thermometer Co
Standard Tool Co
Standard Underground Cable Co
Stanford University
Stanhope Co Ltd
Stanley Insulating Co
Stapler and Wood
Star of Bethlehem Theatrical Co
Starr Piano Co
State Phonograph Company of Illinois
State University of Kentucky
Staten Island Rapid Transit Railroad Co
Staten Island Telephone Co
States Machine Co
Staunton Leader
Staveley and Starr
Stearns and Curtis
Stearns and Mendell
Stedman (E C) & Co
Steel Cities Chemical Co
Steele DeFriese and Steele
Stein Hirsh & Co
Steinway and Sons
Stephenson (John) & Co
Sterling Syrup Works
Stern and Silverman
Sternau (S.) & Co
Sternbergh (J.H.) and Son
Sterne Gas Engine Co
Stetson (N.) & Co
Stevens & Co
Stevens Institute of Technology
Stevenson Bros
Steward Iron Mining Co
Stewart Ceramic Co
Stewart-Calvert Co
Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd
Stieren Home and Commercial Phonograph Co Ltd
Stigman and McCarty
Stiles and Parker Press Co
Stiles Jewelry Co
Norman Charles Stiles
Stillwell and Gladding Inc
Stillwell Laboratories
Stirn and Lyons
Stockholm Aftonbladet
Stockolm Dagblad
Stoddard Levering & Co
Stoddart (J.M.) & Co
Stokes (F.J.) Machine Co
Stokes (Joseph) Rubber Co
Stollwerck & Co
Stollwerck Bros
Stone (J.) & Co Ltd
Stone and Webster
Storage Battery Power Co
Stout and Mondy
Stout Meadowcroft & Co
Stover Manufacturing Co
Strahl and Pitsch
Straight Line Engine Co
Strand Magazine
Strasburger Pfeiffer & Co
Stratton Separator Co
Strauss and Hedges
Street Railway Gazette
Street Railway Review
Stresen-Reuter (Frederick A.) Inc
Stresen-Reuter and Hancock Inc
Stretton (S.D.) and Sons
Strohmeyer and Arpe Co
Strong (Woodbridge) and Son
Strong and Trowbridge
Strong Fuel and Gas Lighting Co
Stroudsburg Music Co
Struthers Servoss & Co
Stuart and Douglas
Studebaker Automobile Co
Student Pacifists
Sturtevant Mill Co
Submarine Defense Assn
Submarine Signal Co
Submerged Electric Motor Co
Subsurface Torpedo Boat Co
Suburban Traction Co
Suburban Underwriters Assn
Success (Magazine)
Sucesor de Ferrer Hermanos
Sudbury District (Ontario)
Suffolk County (Mass.). Superior Court
Sulgrave Institution
Sullivan Machinery Co
Sulzbach Bros
Summers-Parrott Hardware Co
Sunbury Item
Sunset Telephone and Telegraph Co
Sunshine Settlement Inc
Super Glass Co
Supplee-Biddle Hardware Co
Sussex County (N.J.). Clerk
Sussex County Iron Co
Sutton (Francis M.) & Co
Sutton (Geo. W.) & Co
Svenska Dagbladet
Swan United Electric Light Co Ltd
Swan\'s Electric Light Co Ltd
Sweden and Norway. Consul (New York)
Sweden. Patent Office
Swedish Chamber of Commerce
Sweetland Filter Press Co
Swenson Co
Swinehart Tire and Rubber Co
Swiss Colours Co
Switzerland. Consul
Sydenham Gazette
Sydney (Australia). Council
Symington (T. and J.S.)
Syracuse Herald
Syracuse Journal
Syracuse Post Standard
Taaks and Lichtenstein
Taber Prang Art Co
Tacoma Commercial Club and Chamber of Commerce
Tacoma Light and Power Co
Taft (James H.) & Co
Taft Club of East Orange
Taft School
Taft-Peirce Manufacturing Co
Tagliabue (C.J.) Manufacturing Co
Tait (John G.) & Co
Takamine Laboratory Inc
Talking Machine World
Taltavall and Mitchell
Tampa Tribune
Tariff Commission League
Tatum and Bowen
Taylor & Co
Taylor (George F.) Commission Co
Taylor (J.F.) & Co
Taylor (W.) & Co
Taylor Iron and Steel Co
Taylor Platt & Co
Taylor-Hobson Co
Tea Tray Co
Teatro de Variedades
Technical World Magazine
Technology Club of New York
Tel-Electric Co
Telegraph Age
Telegraph and Telephone Age
Telegraph Club
Telegraph Construction Co
Telegraph Supply Co
Telegrapher\'s Advocate
Telegrapher\'s Brotherhood
Telegraphers Publishing Co
Telegraphic Journal
Telephone Co Ltd
Telephone Co of New York
Telephone Pioneers of America
Telephone Supply Co Ltd
Tennant (C.) Sons & Co
Tennessee Copper Co
Tennessee Phonograph Co
Terre Haute and Indianapolis Railroad
Terre Haute Express
Terwilliger and Peck
Teschemacher and Stearns
Tesla Electric Co
Texas Oil Co
Texas Phonograph Co
Textile World Journal
Thalen and Tiberg
Thayer Merriam & Co
Theatre Film Supply Exchange
Theatre of Arts and Letters (N.Y. City)
Theosophical Society of America
Thermoelectric Co
Thermoid Rubber Co
Thimble Theatre
Third National Peace Congress
Thode and Knoop
Thomas (Arthur H.) Co
Thomas (Seth) Clock Co
Thomas Iron Co
Thomas Publishing Co
Thompson (J. Walter) Co
Thompson (James R.) & Co
Thompson and Hardie
Thompson and Kellogg
Thompson and Norris Co
Thompson Tyler Co
Thompson-Levering Co
Thomson (Edgar) Steel Co
Thomson Electric Welding Co
Thomson Sterne & Co
Thomson-Houston Electric Co
Thomson-Houston International Electric Co
Thorpe Platt & Co
Thropp\'s (John E.) Sons Co
Thurber (H.K. and F.W.) Co
Thwaites and Freemantle
Tidewater Equipment Co
Tidewater Oil Co
Tidewater Pipe Co
Tidewater Portland Cement Co
Tiffany & Co
Tilden Co
Tillotson (L.G.) & Co
Tips (Publication)
Titanium Alloy Manufacturing Co
Title Guarantee and Trust Co
Tobias (C.) & Co
Toch Bros
Tochtermann & Co
Todds and Stanley Mill Furnishing Co
Tokyo Electric Light Co
Toledo Ann Arbor and North Michigan Railway
Toledo Blade
Toledo Commercial Telegram
Toledo Findlay and Springfield Railway Co
Toledo Foundry and Machine Co
Toledo Iron Co
Toledo-Utah Mining and Smelting Co
Tomkins Cove Stone Co
Tomlinson Tompkins and Tomlinson
Topeka State Journal
Toplitz (L.) & Co
Toronto Chemical Co
Toronto Globe
Toronto Grape Sugar Co
Toronto Incandescent Electric Light Co
Toronto. Board of Control
Touring Club of America
Towles and Hendry
Towles Steamship Line
Town and Country
Town Topics (Magazine)
Townsend Bros
Trade News Service
Traffic Club of New York
Transportation Engineering Corp
Trask (Spencer) & Co
Traver\'s Detective Agency
Traylor Engineering Co
Treadwell (M.H.) & Co
Trenton Advertiser
Trenton American
Trenton Gazette
Trenton Iron Co
Trenton Malleable Iron Co
Trenton News
Trenton Times
Trenton True American
Triangle Film Corp
Tribuno and Garrish
Tricolor Animatograph Syndicate Ltd
Trinidad-Tarouba Oil Development Co
Trinity College (Toronto)
Trinity Place School
Trinity Preparatory School
Triplex Insulated Wire and Rubber Co
Tropical Breeze (Magazine)
Trout (H.E.) & Co
Troy Electric Co
Troy Times
Troy Trojan
Truax and Watson
Truesdell-Fox Co
Trumbull Electric Manufacturing Co
Trust Company of Orange
Trustcott Boat Manufacturing Co
Trustees of the Record Ambulance
Tudor Accumulator Co
Tufts College
Tulsa Democrat
Turner (J. Spencer) Co
Turner and Dahnken
Turner Brass Works
Turner Rolston and Horan
Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute
Twain (Mark) Co
Twentieth Century Optiscope
Twite and Steinhart
Tyer Rubber Co
Tygard Engine
Tyrolese Land Assembly
U.S. Agriculture Dept
U.S. Agriculture Dept. Secretary
U.S. Army
U.S. Army. Air Service
U.S. Army. Aviation Corps
U.S. Army. Corps of Engineers
U.S. Army. Eastern Dept
U.S. Army. Medical Supply Depot (N.Y. City)
U.S. Army. National Guard (New Jersey)
U.S. Army. National Guard (New York)
U.S. Army. Office of Chief of Engineers
U.S. Army. Ordnance Corps
U.S. Army. Proving Grounds (Aberdeen)
U.S. Army. Proving Grounds (Sandy Hook)
U.S. Army. Signal Corps
U.S. Army. Tank Corps
U.S. Board of Executive Departments
U.S. Botanic Garden
U.S. Bureau of Fisheries
U.S. Bureau of Internal Revenue
U.S. Bureau of Investigation
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
U.S. Bureau of Mines
U.S. Bureau of Standards
U.S. Bureau of Statistics
U.S. Bureau of the Mint
U.S. Census Office
U.S. Charge d\'Affaires. Mexico
U.S. Circuit Court. Connecticut
U.S. Circuit Court. Delaware
U.S. Circuit Court. Eastern N.Y.
U.S. Circuit Court. Eastern Pennsylvania
U.S. Circuit Court. Maryland
U.S. Circuit Court. Massachusetts
U.S. Circuit Court. Nebraska
U.S. Circuit Court. New Jersey
U.S. Circuit Court. Northern Illinois
U.S. Circuit Court. Rhode Island
U.S. Circuit Court. Southern N.Y.
U.S. Circuit Court. Western N.Y.
U.S. Circuit Court. Western Pennsylvania
U.S. Civil Service Commission
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Office
U.S. Coast Guard. Purchasing Officer
U.S. Commerce Dept
U.S. Commerce Dept. Secretary
U.S. Commission on Economy and Efficiency
U.S. Commission on Industrial Relations
U.S. Committee on Industrial Preparedness
U.S. Committee on Public Information. Official Bull
U.S. Committee on Public Information. Service Burea
U.S. Conditioning and Testing Co
U.S. Congress
U.S. Consul. Berne
U.S. Consul. Kingston (Jamaica)
U.S. Consul. La Paz (Bolivia)
U.S. Consul. Panama
U.S. Consul. Para (Brazil)
U.S. Consul. Paris
U.S. Consul. Pernambuco (Brazil)
U.S. Consul. Port au Prince (Haiti)
U.S. Consul. Puerto Rico
U.S. Consul. Saloniki (Turkey)
U.S. Consul. San Domingo
U.S. Consul. Zurich
U.S. Council of National Defense
U.S. Court of Appeals. Second Circuit
U.S. Court of Appeals. Third Circuit
U.S. Customs (New York)
U.S. Customs (Newark)
U.S. Dept of Labor
U.S. Electrical Commission
U.S. Federal Reserve
U.S. Federal Trade Commission
U.S. Geological Survey
U.S. Government Printing Office
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. House of Representatives. Naval Affairs Commit
U.S. House of Representatives. Official Reporters
U.S. Housing Commission
U.S. Hydrographic Office
U.S. Interior Dept. Secretary
U.S. Internal Revenue Service
U.S. Internal Revenue Service (New Jersey)
U.S. Internal Revenue Service (New York)
U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Commissioner
U.S. Junior Naval Reserve
U.S. Justice Dept
U.S. Justice Dept. Attorney General
U.S. Justice Dept. Solicitor General
U.S. Lighthouse Depot (Staten Island)
U.S. Marine Corps. Quartermaster
U.S. Minister. Buenos Aires
U.S. Minister. Chile
U.S. Minister. Mexico
U.S. Minister. Russia
U.S. Minister. Sweden
U.S. National Park Service
U.S. Naval Academy
U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot (Iona Island)
U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot (Lake Denmark)
U.S. Naval Consulting Board
U.S. Naval Experiment Station (Annapolis)
U.S. Naval Experiment Station (New London)
U.S. Naval Institute
U.S. Naval Observatory
U.S. Naval Proving Grounds (Indian Head)
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
U.S. Naval Station (Key West)
U.S. Naval Torpedo Station (Newport)
U.S. Navy
U.S. Navy Dept
U.S. Navy Dept. Bureau of Construction and Repair
U.S. Navy Dept. Bureau of Navigation
U.S. Navy Dept. Bureau of Ordnance
U.S. Navy Dept. Bureau of Steam Engineering
U.S. Navy Dept. Bureau of Supplies and Accounts
U.S. Navy Dept. Bureau of Yards and Docks
U.S. Navy Dept. Chief of Naval Operations
U.S. Navy Dept. Office of Naval Intelligence
U.S. Navy Dept. Secretary
U.S. Navy Dept. Special Board on Naval Ordnance
U.S. Navy Yard (Brooklyn)
U.S. Navy Yard (Philadelphia)
U.S. Navy Yard (Washington). Bellevue Magazine
U.S. Navy. Aviation Corps
U.S. Navy. Inspector of Powder
U.S. Navy. Pay Office (New York)
U.S. Patent Office
U.S. Patent Office. Commissioner
U.S. Patent Office. Examiner
U.S. Patent Office. Examiners-in-Chief
U.S. Patent Office. Offical Gazette
U.S. Post Office ( Milan Ohio)
U.S. Post Office (N.Y. City)
U.S. Post Office (Orange)
U.S. Post Office (Plainfield N.J.)
U.S. Post Office Dept
U.S. Post Office Dept. Foreign Mails
U.S. Post Office. Elyria (Ohio)
U.S. Postmaster General
U.S. Senate
U.S. Senate. Sergeant-at-Arms
U.S. Shipping Board
U.S. Shipping Board. Emergency Fleet Corp
U.S. Shipping Board. Ship Protection Committee
U.S. Signal Corps
U.S. Signal Corps. Aviation School (Mineola)
U.S. Signal Corps. Aviation Section
U.S. Signal Corps. Radio Laboratories
U.S. State Dept
U.S. State Dept. Bureau of Passports
U.S. State Dept. Secretary
U.S. Steamboat Inspection Service (New Haven)
U.S. Supreme Court
U.S. Tariff Commission
U.S. Treasurer
U.S. Treasury Dept
U.S. Treasury Dept. Chief of the Division of Custom
U.S. Treasury Dept. Comptroller of the Currency
U.S. Treasury Dept. Secretary
U.S. War Dept
U.S. War Dept. Adjutant General
U.S. War Dept. Board of Engineers
U.S. War Dept. Board of Ordnance and Fortification
U.S. War Dept. Board on Engineer Troops
U.S. War Dept. Bureau of Aircraft Production
U.S. War Dept. Depot Quartermaster (New York)
U.S. War Dept. Information Section
U.S. War Dept. Office of Chief of Ordnance
U.S. War Dept. Office of Chief Signal Officer
U.S. War Dept. Ordnance Dept
U.S. War Dept. Quartermaster General
U.S. War Dept. Secretary
U.S. War Dept. Zone Supply Officer (N.Y. City)
U.S. War Industries Board
U.S. War Trade Board
U.S. Weather Bureau
Umatilla County Public Library
Underground Wire Co
Underwood (H.C.) Manufacturing Co
Underwood and Underwood Inc
Underwood Manufacturing Co
Underwood Typewriter Co
Underwriters Assn (Philadelphia)
Underwriters Laboratories Inc
Union Aluminum Co
Union Bag and Paper Corp
Union Bolt Works
Union Carbide Co
Union Club (San Francisco)
Union College
Union Dry and Chemical Corp
Union Evangelical Church (Long Island)
Union Fire Alarm Co
Union Foundry and Machine Shops
Union Gold Bluff Mining Co
Union League Club
Union National Bank
Union Pacific Railroad Co
Union Paper Co
Union School
Union Square Theatre
Union Switch and Signal Co
Union Trust Co (Detroit)
Union Trust Co of New York
Uniontown Herald
Uniplate Co
Unit Construction Co
Unitarian Church (North Troy)
United and Globe Rubber Manufacturing Cos
United Booking Co
United Collieries Co
United Edison Manufacturing Co
United Electric Light and Power Co
United Gas Improvement Co
United Lead Co
United Linemen\'s Assn
United Lines Telegraph Co
United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Co
United Piece Dye Works
United Press
United Railroad Congress of Russia
United Railways of Havana
United Shoe Machinery Co
United Spanish War Veterans
United States Association of Charcoal Iron Workers
United States Automobile Co
United States Boy Scout
United States Carbon Co
United States Commission for World\'s Fair (1883)
United States Crushed Stone Co
United States Electric Lighting Co
United States Electrical Supply Co
United States Express Co
United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co
United States Film Exchange
United States Finishing Co
United States Glass Co
United States Illuminating Co
United States Land and Investment Co
United States Metals Refining Co
United States Mining Investment Co
United States Mining Review
United States Phonograph Co (Cleveland)
United States Phonograph Co (Newark)
United States Radium Corp
United States Reduction and Refining Co
United States Rolling Stock Co
United States Rubber Co
United States Smelting Co
United States Smelting Refining and Mining Co
United States Steel Corp
United States Supply Co
United States Theatres Co
United States Trust Co
United States Underground Cable Co
United States Wood Preserving Co
United Telegraph Record Co
United Telephone Co Ltd
United Wireless Telegraph Co
Universal Appraisal Co
Universal Engineer
Universal Film Manufacturing Co
Universal Iron and Supply Co
Universal Military Training League
Universal Motor Car Co
Universal Portland Cement Co
Universal Selling Machine Co
Universal Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Co
University of Chicago
University of Chicago Press
University of Illinois (Urbana)
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania. Towne Scientific School
University of Pittsburgh
University of Porto Rico
University of the State of New York
University of Virginia
University of Wisconsin
Unpopular Review
Urban (Charles) Trading Co Ltd
Urbana Citizen
Urlainis Bros
USS Hauoli
USS Sachem
USS Tanguingui
USS Thomas A Edison
USS Wilhelmina. Commander
Utica Brick and Tile Co
Utica Gas and Electric Co
Utica Herald
Utica Observer
Utica Press
Utica Steam Engine Co
Vacuum Oil Co
Valabhdas Lakmidas & Co
Valentine Electric Sign Co
Valentine Iron Co
Valinda Literary Circle (Fort Myers)
Vallance and Vallance
Valley House (Hotel)
Valley Iron Works
Van Doren (E.) and Jourdain (P.)
Van Nostrand (D.) Co
Vanadium Alloys Co
Vanadium Metals Co
Vanderbeek and Sons
Vanity (Magazine)
Vanity Fair
Vanoscope Co
Vantine (A.A.) & Co
Varsity Magazine Supplement Hospital Fund
Vassar College
Vehicle Equipment Co
Verity (B.) and Sons
Vermejo Gold Mining Co
Vermilye & Co
Verona Chemical Co
Versity of Ohio Restaurant
Viaduct Manufacturing Co
Vickers Ltd
Victor Talking Machine Co
Victoria (Great Britain)
Victoria Gysum Mining and Mfg Co Ltd
Victorian Review Publishing Co
Victory Highway Assn Inc
Vidal (Claudio)
Vidaurre (J.) & Co
Vienna News
Villiers de L\'isle Adam Committee
Vinton Telegrapher
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co
Virginia. Library
Vitagraph Company of America
Vogel (H.G.) Co
Vogue (Magazine)
Voigtmann & Co
Volkmann Stollwerck & Co
Volta Bureau
Volta Fund Committee
Volta Graphophone Co
Volta Review
Voltax Co
Vulcan Iron Works
Vulcanite Portland Cement Co
Vulcanized Fibre Co
Wabash Plain Dealer
Wabash Western Railway
Waco Herald
Wadsworth Howland & Co
Wagner and Fields Co
Wagner Electric Manufacturing Co
Wagner Free Institute of Science
Waite and Benner
Walbaum (W.H.) & Co
Walcutt and Leeds
Waldron and Hodges
Walker and Kepler
Walker and Wilson
Walker Vehicle Co
Walker-Sherman Co
Wall Street Journal
Wall Street News
Wallace (R.) and Sons Mfg Co
Wallace (W.R.) & Co
Wallace and Sons
Wallack\'s Theatre
Walmsley (W.H.) & Co
Walsh Hall & Co
Walsh Sons & Co
Walter (D.N.andE.) & Co
Walter and Renwick
Walter Electric Burglar Alarm Co
Waltham Watch Co
War Camp Community Service Inc
War Children\'s Christmas Fund
War Committee of 200
War Industries Board
War Industries Board. Priorities Committee
War Service Assn of Manufacturers of Solder and Bea
Ward (Montgomery) & Co
Ward Line
Wards Natural Science Establishment
Warner Chemical Co
Warren (Schuyler N.) & Co
Warren Construction Co
Warren County Warehouse Co
Warren National Bank
Warwick Iron and Steel Co
Warwick Trading Co Ltd
Washburn and Moen Manufacturing Co
Washburn Machine Shop
Washington Arch Realty Co
Washington Board of Trade
Washington College
Washington Female Seminary (Atlanta)
Washington Herald
Washington Motor Vehicle Co
Washington Post
Washington School
Washington Star
Washington Times
Washington University. Dept of Psychology
Washoe Club
Wasmansdorff and Heinemann
Watch Hill Yacht Club
Waterbury American
Waterbury Watch Co
Waterhouse and Winterbotham
Waterhouse Winterbotham and Harrison
Waterloo Lodge No 105 (Freemasons)
Waterman (L.E.) Co
Watkins (J.R.) Medical Co
Watters (A.W.) & Co
Watts Campbell Co
Waverley Co
Wawrinskys (Th.) Patentbyra
Way (A.M.) and Son
Weber (Edison Employee)
Wedge Mechanical Furnace Co
Weed Chain Tire Grip Co
Weekly Drug Market
Weeks (Charles R.) and Bro
Weightman (Edison Employee)
Weimer Machine Works Co
Weis Manufacturing Co
Weisbrod Motor Co
Welch Holme and Clark Co
Wellesley College
Welllesley College
Wells (C.S.) & Co
Wells (S.R.) & Co
Wells and Hope Co
Wells Fargo & Co
Welsbach Light Co
Wendell (Willis)
Wendell and Treat
Werner and Cogan
Werner School Book Co
West and Bond
West Chemical and Paint Co
West Coleman Silver Mines Ltd
West End Trust and Safe Deposit Co
West Fjord Iron Ore Co Ltd
West Jersey Hotel
West London Phonograph and Gramophone Society
West Orange (N.J.) Chief of Police
West Orange (N.J.). Board of Health
West Orange (N.J.). Clerk
West Orange (N.J.). Collector of Taxes
West Orange (N.J.). Council
West Orange (N.J.). Fire Dept
West Orange (N.J.). Mayor
West Orange (N.J.). Township
West Orange (N.J.). Treasurer
West Orange Beautification Committee
West Orange Improvement League
West Orange Laboratory
West Orange Water Co
West Point Foundry
West Point Manufacturing Co
West Pulverizing Co
West Shore Railroad
Westchester Fire Insurance Co
Westermann (B.) & Co
Western Catholic
Western Chemical Reduction Co
Western Edison Electric Co
Western Edison Light Co
Western Electric Co
Western Electric News
Western Electrician
Western Felt Works
Western Fur Dressing and Dyeing Works
Western Multiscope Co
Western North Carolina Mining and Improvement Co
Western Pennsylvania Phonograph Co
Western Publishing and Engraving Co
Western Reserve University
Western Union
Western University of Pennsylvania
Westfield Academy Union School
Westinghouse Air Brake Co
Westinghouse Church Kerr & Co
Westinghouse Electric Co
Westinghouse Lamp Co
Westinghouse Machine Co
Westman Furnace Co
Westminster Gazette
Westmoreland Coal Co
Weston Electric Light Co
Weston Electrical Instrument Co
Westwood (Augustus) & Co
Wetherill (Robert) Co
Wetherill Separating Co
Wexel and De Gress
Weyher and Richemond
Whaley-Eaton Service
Wharton Blast Furnace
Wharton Steel Co
Wheeler and Wilson Manufacturing Co
Wheeler Madden and Clemson Manufacturing Co
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway
Wheeling Register
Wheelock\'s Steam Engine Works
Wheelwright Fuller & Co
Whelan (James P.) & Co
White (Edward F.) & Co
White (James T.) & Co
White (James) Ltd
White (S.S.) Dental Manufacturing Co
White and Horton
White Cross University of Science
White Grubbs & Co
White Investing Co
White Motor Co
White Pass Railroad
White River Iron Co
White Sewing Machine Co
Whitehall Chronicle
Whitehall Portland Cement Co
Whitehall Tatum & Co
Whitehead and Hoag Co
Whitehead and Morrow
Whitehead Bros Rubber Co
Whitehead Clerihew and Briggs
Whiting and Davis Co
Whitman and Barnes Manufacturing Co
Whitney (Charles M.) & Co
Whitney Arms Co
Whitson Bros
Who\'s Who in America
Who\'s Who in New York
Wholesale Supply Co
Wiarda (John C.) & Co
Wichita Eagle
Wickes Bros
Wicomico Realty Co
Wide Awake (Magazine)
Wilckes Martin Wilckes Co
Wiley (John) and Sons
Wilkes-Barre Electric Light Co
Wilkinson and Son
Willard (S.D.) & Co
Willard Storage Battery Co
Willcox and Gibbs Sewing Machine Co
Willett Hamlen & Co
Williams (B.L.) Manufacturing Co
Williams (C.K.) & Co
Williams (David) Co
Williams (J.B.) Co
Williams (R.S.) and Sons
Williams and Peters
Williams and Plum
Williams and Potter
Williams and Terhune
Williams and Woodruff
Williams Brown and Earle
Williams Page & Co
Williams Patent Crusher and Pulverizer Co
Williams Process Iron Co
Williams Steam Heating System
Williamsburg Trust Co
Williamsburgh Chemical Works
Williamson (James N.) and Sons Co
Williamsport and North Branch Railroad
Williamsport Grit
Willimantic Linen Co
Willmer and Rogers News Co
Wilmerding & Co
Wilmington (Del.) Every Evening
Wilmington (Del.) News
Wilmington City Electric Co
Wilson (E.H.) & Co
Wilson (H.C.) and Sons
Wilson (H.W.) Co
Wilson (W.A.) and Sons
Wilson Bristows and Carpmael
Wilson Bros & Co
Wilson Consolidated Mining Co
Wilson Hawksworth Ellison & Co
Wilson Lumber and Box Co
Wilson Remover Co
Wilson Sewing Machine Co
Wilson-Maeulen Co
Winan (C. G.) & Co
Windsor Hotel (N.Y. City)
Wing and Evans Inc
Wingate and Johnston
Winnipeg Paint and Gas Co
Winnipeg Piano Co
Winship (R.D.) & Co
Winslow Lanier & Co
Winston (John C.) Co
Winston Vehicle Co
Wireless Club of Lehigh University
Wisconsin Cabinet and Panel Co
Wisconsin Chair Co
Wisconsin Phonograph Co
Wister (L.andR.) & Co
Witherbees Sherman & Co
Witter and Kenyon
Wittmann Co
WJZ Radio
Woerishoffer & Co
Wolf (Jacques) & Co
Wolf\'s Head Society (Yale University)
Woman\'s Benefit Association of the Maccabees
Woman\'s Christian Association Hospital
Woman\'s Christian Temperance Union
Woman\'s Club (Fort Myers)
Woman\'s Club of Orange
Woman\'s Exchange of the Oranges
Woman\'s Home Companion
Woman\'s Journal and Suffrage News
Woman\'s Land Army of America
Woman\'s National Farm and Garden Assn
Woman\'s Roosevelt Memorial Assn
Womans Temperance Publishing Assn
Women\'s and Infants\' Furnisher
Women\'s Christian Assn (Newark)
Women\'s Guild (Methodist Episcopal Church)
Women\'s National Republican Club
Women\'s Political Union of New Jersey
Wood (A.M.) & Co
Wood and Boyd
Wood and Richmond
Wood and Schermerhorn
Woodhouse and Rawson
Woodmanse Manufacturing Co
Woodruff and Pausch Stone Co
Woodruff Bros
Woods & Co
Woods (S.A.) Machine Co
Woods Motor Vehicle Co
Woodward and Chandler
Woodward Iron Co
Woodward Sherwood & Co
Woolacott and Leonard
Worcester Gazette
Worcester Machine Screw Co
Worcester Phonograph Co
Worcester Spy
Worcester Steel Works
Worcester Times
Worden and Fenshaws
World Centre Publishing Co
World Narcotic Defense Association
World\'s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition
World\'s Work (London)
Worrell (R.D.) Jewelry Co
Wright (E.D.) & Co
Wright and Cobb Lighterage
Wright and Smith
Wright Co
Wright Steam Engine Works
Wright-Dickinson Hotel Co
Wright-Martin Aircraft Corp
Wrought Iron Casting Co
Wuestner\'s New Eagle Dry Plate Works
Wurlitzer (Rudolph) Co
Wyandot County Republican
Wyckoff Pipe and Creosoting Co
Wyoming Mining and Investment Co
Wyoming Phonograph Co
Wyoming Valley Manufacturing Co
Wythe Lead and Zinc Mine Co
Yacht (Magazine)
Yale (Edison Employee)
Yale Alumni Weekly
Yale Film Exchange
Yale University
Yama Farms
Yamatake & Co
Yankee III (Yacht)
Yarnall (E.A.) & Co
Yates Bennett and Allan
Yeatman High School
Yellow Jewel Mines Co
Yellowstone Park Telephone and Telegraph Co
Yonkers Statesman
York Daily
Yorston (John C.) & Co
Youghiogheny River Coal Co
Young (Frank L.) Co
Young (J. L.) Manufacturing Co Ltd
Young Edison Society
Young Men\'s Business Assn
Young Men\'s Christian Assn
Young Men\'s Wesley Bible Class (Fort Myers)
Young Scientist
Young Women\'s Christian Assn
Youngman and Mandeville
Youngstown Vindicator
Youth\'s Companion
Ypsilanti Paper Co
Yuba Leasing and Development Co
Zaremba Co
Zeiss Optical Works
Zenith Coke Works
Zimpelman and Bergen
Zinkeisen & Co
Zinsser (William) & Co
Zion Lutheran Church (Columbus)
Zion\'s Herald
Zuccato and Wolff