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C H Aaron
James T Abbe
Charles Greeley Abbot
Frederic Vaughan Abbot
Henry Larcom Abbot
A L Abbott
Henry Hurlbut Abbott
John N Abbott
Lyman Abbott
Melissa (Mrs A.G.) Abbott
Abdul Hamid II (Turkey)
Abel (Inventor)
Joseph R Abell
Earl of Aberdeen
Giorgio Abetti
Mr Aboilard
Milton Aborn
Sargent Aborn
George Abraitys
George Joseph Abram
Albert Abrams
Alfred Willis Abrams
G J Abrams
Francisco Abril
Achard (Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe)
Arthur Achard
Edward Goodrich Acheson
William Wilson Acheson
Clinton E Achorn
A J Acker
Thomas N Acker
A Ackerman
Abraham Ackerman
J H Ackerman
W W Ackerman
Adolf Ackermann
Aino Ackte
A G Acosta
Thomas Oliver Acree
John Acton
A E Adams
A H Adams
A Wellington Adams
Albert C Adams
Alton Dermont Adams
Aquila Adams
B F Adams
C H Adams
Campbell W Adams
Charles Adams
Charles Edward Adams
Charles Kendall Adams
Charles P Adams
Comfort Avery Adams
E R Adams
E W Adams
Edward Dean Adams
Edward L Adams
Ellen (Mrs James) Adams
Franklin Pierce Adams
Fred Winslow Adams
Frederic Adams
George H Adams
H V Adams
Harold M Adams
Henry Adams
Henry Herschel Adams
Isaac Adams, Jr.
J E Adams
James Adams
James D Adams
James Adams (Wyoming)
John J Adams
Joseph B Adams
Joseph H Adams
L B Adams
L E Adams
Lyell Thompson Adams
Margaret Adams
Maude Adams
Milton F Adams
Queenie Adams
R M Adams
Robert B Adams
Robert C Adams
S E Adams
Samuel Adams
Theodore F Adams
Thomas Albeus Adams
Thomas D Adams
William Grylls Adams
Howard Adamson
Jane Addams
Lawrence Addicks
Thomas Addison
Alvey Augustus Adee
Claes Adelskold
Irving Adelsohn
John Adolpheus, Jr.
H A Adrian
Alexander Agassiz
Sigmund Arthur Agatston
Cornelius Rae Agnew
F H Agnew
Paul Gough Agnew
S H Agnew
Felix Agnus
Adelina Agostinelli
Robert Lawrence Ahles
A F Ahlum
Edward L Aiken
Fred C Aiken
George David Aiken
George Ainsworth
George Jennings Ainsworth
John Nelson Akarman
Charles Akers
Saneyuki Akiyama
H Alabaster
G Sacco Albanese
E A Albee
Edward Frankin Albee
Col M H Alberger
William C Alberger
Jacques Albert
Albertine (Nursemaid)
C F Albes
F J Albrecht
Andrew Albright
C W Albright
Steve Albright
Jorge A Alcalde
Farrelly Alden
Herbert Watson Alden
W J Alder
A D Alderman
Victor Clifton Alderson
Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Ethel Harley Alec-Tweedie
Frank Vernon Aler
Alexander III (Russia)
Archibald S Alexander
Charles Alexander
Charles Leroy Alexander
Clara Alexander
Cynthia Mandeville Alexander
Cyrus Alexander
Emerson C Alexander
Frank Lincoln Alexander
H Alexander
Helen Updike (Mrs Hugh M.) Alexander
Henry Alexander
Henry Morgan Alexander
Hugh Alexander
Hugh Milton Alexander
J M Alexander
Jacques Alexander
Jerome Alexander
Joseph Shea Alexander
Julius H Alexander
Julius Myron Alexander
Katherine Harter (Mrs Henry M.) Alexander
Lewis Miller Alexander
Lucy Ann Alexander (Mrs John E. Hunter)
Mary Valinda Alexander (Mrs Charles E. Fritcher)
Millie H Alexander (Mrs Daniel T. Thomas)
Robert Alexander
W R Alexander
W T Alexander
William Alexander
William Prindle Alexander
Frank Alexe
Leon Pratt Alford
Alfred (Duke of Edinburgh)
John S Alfred
Merritt A Alfred
Russell Alexander Alger
William M Allaire
T Allan, Sr.
M H Allardt
A B Allbaugh
Winslow Allderdice
Jean Allegre
Charles Lucius Allen
Francis Richmond Allen
Frank Clark Allen
Frank W Allen
Frederick Innes Allen
Frederick Madison Allen
George Allen
George H Allen (Edison Employee)
George H Allen (Insurance Co)
George R Allen
Henry S Allen
Horace Newton Allen
Howard D Allen
Ida C Allen
J A Allen
J E Allen
J M Allen
J W Allen
James J Allen
James Lane Allen
John J Allen
Joseph C Allen
Lois Kidder (Mrs E. Yorke) Allen
M A Allen
Nancy Allen
Percy W Allen
Ralph Henry Allen
Robert B Allen
T Allen
Thomas Allen
Thomas B Allen
Thornton Whitney Allen
W W Allen
William Allen
William E Allen
William H Allen (Connecticut)
William H Allen (Ohio)
William Harvey Allen
A Aller
Joseph Allerton
Edgar S Allien
A D Alliger
E Hunt Allin, Jr.
Samuel Allin
Robert B Alling
Edward Phelps Allis
C H Allison
Fred Allison
Harvey Allison
J Wesley Allison
W B Allison
William M Allison, Jr.
William O Allison
Young E Allison
Louis J Alloo
Elizabeth C Allton
H M Allwood
John I Allyn
L Alman
Andres Baguero Almansa
Almeda (Cook)
G Almorth
Amandis William (Billy) Almquist
Alphonso XIII (Spain)
Auril Dagnell Alpuente
F O Alsop
Marie Alt
George Altenberg
Henry Augustus Altengarten
Nathan H Alterman
Hugo Altschul
Viscount Alverstone
H Alwies
Thomas P Alworth
Louis Amateis
Maurice Amberg
Charles Arthur Ambrose
Charlotte Ambrose (Mrs Charles C. Hardwick)
Edna Ambrose
Elmina Ambrose
Harrison William Ambrose
Rebecca Ambrose
H L Ament
American Bank and Trust Co
C H Ames
Joseph Sweetman Ames
M Ames
Edward Hill Amet
W N Amidon
B G Amies
P Amiraux
Daniel Ammen
Fremont D Amory, Jr.
Noel B Amory
Andre Marie Ampere
Frank F Amsden
M D Ancker
James Lambert Andem
George Lee Anders
Otto P Anders
J L Andersen
Anderson (Inspector)
Abraham Archibald Anderson
Albert N Anderson
Alfred F R Anderson
Alice Mary (Allamaidy) Anderson
Alice Sloane (Mrs Arthur M.) Anderson
Arthur Marvin Anderson
B M Anderson
B P (Buck) Anderson
Clayton Anderson
Colin D Anderson
D H Anderson
D L Anderson
Edwin G Anderson
F H Anderson
Frank Anderson
Frederick Paul Anderson
George Lucius Anderson
George Shaw Anderson
George W Anderson
Gilbert Maxwell Anderson
Gustave and Gerda Anderson
H Anderson
Henry Anderson
James Anderson
John C Anderson
John J Anderson
John R Anderson
John R Anderson, Jr.
Mary Anderson
Orvis T Anderson
Robert J Anderson
S C Anderson
W R Anderson
William Anderson
William A Anderson
William C Anderson
William Franklin Anderson
William Gilbert Anderson
Hjalmar Anderson-Tesch
Hugo Andersson
Harry Anderton
Alejandro Andrade
Charles Andre
Alfred Theodore Andreas
H A H Andreasen
Fred R Andress
T H Andress
Camilo Andrew
J Andrew
James Dhu Andrew
A F Andrews
Abram Andrews
Addison Fletcher Andrews
Alanson Andrews
Barrett Andrews
Charles McLean Andrews
Elisha Whittelsey Andrews
F A Andrews
Fred W Andrews
George S Andrews
Marlin O Andrews
Patrick Andrews
Theodore Andrews
Tom Andrews
W H Andrews
William Andrews
William C Andrews
William S Andrews
William Symes Andrews
Eliza (Mrs Milo P.) Andrus
Milo P Andrus
F W Aneona
Albert Angell
Edmund R Angell
U F Anger
A E Angier
Mrs Angotti
Anna (Glenmont Servant)
Edward Annable
John Annan
Paul Anners
Mr Anney
Joseph Ansell
Giuseppe Anselmi
Thomas Francis Anson
H Ansot
Charles Anthony
F A Anthony
James Stowell Anthony
R A Anthony
Susan B Anthony
W P Anthony
William Arnold Anthony
Pedro Antonson
Walter Antrim
James B Aoltson
John J Apatow
Oscar C Apfel
William A Apgar
George Apostle
Claire App
Thomas Gilmore Apple
William K Applebaugh
Prof J O Applebee
Francis M Applegate
J B Applegate, Jr.
Joseph William Applegate
Arthur Appleton
Vincent Augustin Applin
M Arambarry
Aurelio Arango
J Arano
S D Aravanis
Ralph Arbogast
George Archbold
Friedrich Simon Archenhold
W L Archer
Walter Nadler Archer
Edmund Douglas Archibald
Jane Arctowska
Falconer B Arendell
Christian Henrik Arendrup
Edw H Argent
N J Arkell
Thomas Armat
Nicholas Armeda
Jacques Eugene Armengaud
James M Armes
Frank Armington
Pardon Armington
Armitage (Edison Employee)
B M Armitage
Clyde Foster Armitage
James C Armor
Alexander Armstrong
Arma L (Mrs Robert F.) Armstrong
C E Armstrong
Edward C Armstrong
Edward Ambler Armstrong
Edwin Howard Armstrong
J A Armstrong
J P Armstrong
Robert Fulton Armstrong
Robert Armstrong, Jr.
S F Armstrong
S S C Armstrong
T C Armstrong
Thomas H Armstrong
William George Armstrong
Federico Arnavat
Edward Thomas Arnn III
Edward Thomas Arnn, Jr.
Ewing Arnn
Florence Mina Arnn
Nancy Kim Arnn
Nancy Miller Arnn
Bion Joseph Arnold
C S Arnold
Charles E Arnold
Edward A Arnold
Fred N Arnold
G B Arnold
H M Arnold
Hicks Arnold
Horace L Arnold
James Loring Arnold
John W S Arnold
Matthew Arnold
Reginald H Arnold
Richard Arnold
Theodore Arnold
Theodore W Arnold
W O Arnold
Weld Arnold
Robert Arnot
D T Arosemena
Merwin W Arps
Blanche Arral
Svante August Arrhenius
William Arrowsmith
Arthur (Duke of Connaught and Strathearn)
B F Arthur
Dr R Arthur
J W Arthur
James Arthur
M L Arthur
Thomas S Arthur, Jr.
W L Arthur
A Arvidson
C Arym
J Asch
Morris Joseph Asch
Aschoff (Attorney)
Thomas Asencio
James R Ash
William Loyd Ash
Charles E Ashcroft
Sydney Whitmore Ashe
J J Ashenhurst
Ashford (Glenmont Service Staff)
George Ashley
J R Ashley
James Lincoln Ashley
James Nye Ashley
Holbrook Ashman
Henry A Ashmead
E Percy Ashton
Leola Ashton
Mary Ashton
John Asman
John Aspinwall
Herbert Henry Asquith
Margot Asquith
Charlie Assimacis
Theodore Aston
John Jacob Astor
William Waldorf Astor
Samuel T Atchley
William Edward Athearn
Sarah Henry Atherton
Elias Cornelius Atkins
George Washington Ely Atkins
Joe F Atkins
Thomas B Atkins
William H Atkins
Caroline P Atkinson
Clarence T Atkinson
Earl Atkinson
Francis Blake Atkinson
George Atkinson
George H Atkinson
Harry V Atkinson
Henry George Atkinson
I S Atkinson
Llewellyn Birchall Atkinson
O\'Brien J Atkinson
William Atkinson
William G Atkinson
Grosvenor Atterbury
Maj H E Atterbury
H M Atwater
Mrs A F Atwell
George F Atwood
Melville Atwood
Henry Buck Auchincloss
John Auchincloss
Selwyn Aucker
Aud (Inventor)
Madelaine Audouin
John James Audubon
Joseph S Auerbach
G A Aufrecht
James A August
Robert Aulanier
John Aulde
Cornelius Aultman
Charles E Austen
A W Austin
Benjamin G Austin
E N Austin
George Lowell Austin
Julius J Austin
Oscar Phelps Austin
Sherlock Austin
Voris Auten
A G Avery (Edison Employee)
A G Avery (Jersey City)
Charles H Avery
Clara A Avery
David Avery
P E Avett
S W Avis
Clarence Axman
Edward William Axson
Axworthy (Edison Family Chauffeur)
George Carl Aydelott
W T Aydelott
A A Ayers
Alfred B Ayers
E A Ayers
H C Ayers
Howard Ayers
John K Ayers
Mary T Ayers
J V F Aylmier
Adelaide M (Mrs Jonas W.) Aylsworth
Jonas Walter Aylsworth
Sanger W Aylsworth
Willliam A Aylsworth
Brown Ayres
John W Ayres
Mary Stevens Ayres
R B Ayres
W S Ayres
William Edward Ayrton
Charles Babbidge
Edwin Burr Babbitt
Isaac Babbitt
Bertrand Babcock
F A Babcock
F M Babcock
George H Babcock
George Herman Babcock
S Babcock
Theodore H Babcock
Edward Babcox
George W Baber
Frederick K Babson
George L Babson
Gustavus Babson
Roger Ward Babson
Carlos Bacarisse
Isaac Bacharach
John Bachelder
Irving Bacheller
Mary E (Mrs Irving) Bacheller
A P Bachman
Frederick Bachman
Harold Burton Bachman
Robert Abraham Bachman
William G Bachman
Joe Bacigalupi
Peter Bacigalupi
Robert Bacigalupi
Alexander Backus
H J Bacon
Irving R Bacon
John Bacon, Jr.
Levi Seward Bacon
Mabel Marks Bacon
Rogers H Bacon
Selden Bacon
Olave St Clair Baden-Powell
Robert Baden-Powell
Franklin Hodgkins Badger
George E Badger
John C Badger
Richard G Badger
Sheridan Stanwood Badger
Celine Swarts (Mrs Leo H.) Baekeland
Leo Hendrick Baekeland
Dr Baer
George Frederick Baer
William Jacob Baer
Abraham E Baermann
Charles H Baetjer
William Baetz
Albert Morris Bagby
George W Bagely
Ernest Newton Bagg
Charles H Bagley
F A Baier
D C Baikie
B A Bailey
Charles E Bailey
Edward G Bailey
Edwin Warren M Bailey
Emmett Elmer Bailey
G P Bailey
George E Bailey
H C Bailey
H L Bailey
J W Bailey
James H Bailey
John Eliot Bailey
Joshua Franklin Bailey
L C Bailey
M T Bailey, Jr.
Rev S R Bailey
S C H Bailey
Samuel Robinson Bailey
T A Bailey
W B Bailey
W O Bailey
William Shindel Bailey
George Baillard
Jean Baptiste Alexandre Baille
Alexander Bain
D Frank Bain
George Grantham Bain
Oliver Bainbridge
William Seaman Bainbridge
William A Baine
Edward Baines
F E Baines
William Baines
G Milton Bair
Chester R Baird
David Baird, Jr.
Edward K Baird
George Washington Baird
John Baird
Philander Castor Baird
R K Baird
Spencer Fullerton Baird
Viola Brainerd Baird
William Raimond Baird
C Bakels
A D Baker
A P Baker
Bryant Baker
Burton Eugene Baker
C A Baker
Charles K Baker
Charles Whiting Baker
D R Baker
Daniel Baker
David Hamilton Baker
Day Baker
Edwin Myron Baker
Eugene N Baker
Frank Baker
G O Baker
George Baker
George C Baker
George E Baker
John Townsend Baker
Joshua Baker
Love Baker
Murray M Baker
Nelson K Baker
Newton Diehl Baker
Ray Stannard Baker
Richard Baker
Roberta Wheeler (Mrs Charles W.) Baker
T L Baker
Thomas O Baker
Thomas Rakestraw Baker
W C Baker, Jr.
W Everett Baker
W H Baker
W T Baker
William Henry Baker
F C Bakewell
Julian Balbin
Emily Greene Balch
Gordon Henry Balch
Charles G Balcom
Edith Katherine (Mrs Stephen H. Jr) Balcom
Elizabeth Balcom
Elizabeth Elliott Balcom
George Alva Balcom
Mariett Balcom
Mercy Jane Balcom
Nancy Elizabeth Balcom
Nancy Elizabeth Balcom
Stephen Hume Balcom, Jr.
Stephen Hume Balcom, Sr.
Walton W Balcom
Winslow Winston Balcom
Mr Baldridge
A J Baldwin
Augustus Martin Baldwin
C M Baldwin
Charles R Baldwin
Charles Y Baldwin
Evelyn Briggs Baldwin
Frank Wilfred Baldwin
George P Baldwin
Gilbert Henry Baldwin
J H Baldwin
Joseph C Baldwin, Jr.
Mrs H D Baldwin
Mrs M G Baldwin
R H Baldwin
Samuel W Baldwin
Theodore Baldwin
Theodore A Baldwin
Thomas Scott Baldwin
Joseph W Balet
Arthur Balfour
John Balfour
Hieronymus Waldemar Balk
Bert Ball
Clinton M Ball
F C Ball
Mason D Ball
R E Ball
James B Ballantine
Mrs James B Ballantine
Alice C Ballard
George M Ballard
George Wilton Ballard
Harlan Hoge Ballard
Thomas C Ballard
Antonio Ballejos
Caroline Farrand Ballentine
Edmund W Ballentine
D J Balleras
A P Balliet
A L Ballou
E H Ballou
Franklin Ballou
G D Ballou
George F Ballou
George William Ballou
George F Balmer
Upton H Balsley
H R Baltzer
Oscar Bamberger
I Bamford
John F Bancher
E H Bancroft
George D Bancroft
J M Bancroft
James R Bancroft
Wilder Dwight Bancroft
William L Bancroft
Ernest C Bandle
Thurman Harrison Bane
Alexander Baneth
Joseph Baneth
W A Banfield
M L Bangham
C C Bangs
Charlotte Rebecca Woglom Bangs
Isaac Sparrow Bangs
Reginald Heber Banister
Ellen J Banker
James Hopson Banker
Louis G Banker
Charles W Banks
Francis H Banks
Harold P Banks
Howard A Banks
Mr Banks
C Bannatyne
Kendall Banning
Albert H Bannister
Lemuel Bannister
Murdock Bannister
Arthur Barbarin
Clifford Barbee
R E Barbee
J R Barber
Jeannette M Barber
John F Barber
John Marion Barber
Mrs J S Barber
Ohio Columbus (O.C.) Barber
T G Barber
W R Barber
E T Barberie
Henry J Barbey
George Harry Barbour
William Barbour
Estelle J Barbour-Clark
Manano Barcena
C J Barclay
David Barclay
John Charles Barclay
R G Barclay
H E Barden
Charles Bardy
J C Barfield
A E Barge
M Bargeon
Samuel F Barger
A R Barker
Fordyce Barker
George Frederick Barker
J Q Barker
J William Barker
Jesse J Barker
Mary Treadway (Mrs George F.) Barker
Wharton Barker
William H Barker
A S Barkly
John S Barkn
S L M Barlow
Thomas Barlow
W H Barlow
Charles Barnard
Charles A Barnard
Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard
George A Barnard
John Gross Barnard
W H Barnard
William Barnard
William H Barnard
Arthur S Barnes
C Barnes
C R Barnes
C W Barnes
Charles Barnes
Charles Merritt Barnes
Demas Barnes
Edwin Curtis Barnes
F S Barnes
Henry E Barnes
Alfred Barnett
Mrs P L Barnett
R M Barnett
William Jay Barnette
C H Barney
Finis Morrison Barney
Hiram Barney
William Barney
William C Barney
John Basil Barnhill
David G Barnitz
George T Barns
Hartson Gillette Barnum
Phineas Taylor Barnum
Charles J Baron
H Baron
Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
Edward Barr
James A Barr
Jessie Wright (Mrs. William) Barr
Joseph R Barr
M D Barr
Marguerite Thomson (Mrs Joseph R.) Barr
Thomas Barr
William Barr
William A Barr
William M Barr
Winifred Barr
Joseph Barre
A C Barrell
H C Barren
Georges Barrere
D H Barrett
Esther Woodberry Barrett
Frank N Barrett
H M Barrett
Harriet Barrett
J C Barrett
James M Barrett
Jay Amos Barrett
John Barrett
John Patrick Barrett
Mary McGuckin Barrett
Michael T Barrett
R Barrett
Timothy Barrett
W H Barrett
William Fletcher Barrett
William M Barrett
Robert Barrie
Maria Barrientos
George H Barries
J Carle Barron
J F Barron
Jacob T Barron
John S Barron
Leopold Barron
W E Barrons
Ramon Barros Luco
W S Barrows
Clara Barrus
Herbert Barry
James B Barry
John G Barry
Kathleen Eileen Barry
Ethel Barrymore
Lois Buhrer (Mrs Frank Q.) Barstow
Theodora Chew (Mrs William A.) Barstow
William A Barstow
William Slocum Barstow
Johann Ambrosius Barth
F A Bartholomew
G M Bartholomew
Gilbert Bartholomew
John Bartholomew
Marshall Bartholomew
Carl A Bartle
Caroline Gardner Clark Bartlett
George C Bartlett
George H Bartlett
George L Bartlett
George S Bartlett
L Bartlett
Sidney Bartlett
William R Bartley
Mrs MacClellan Barto
Bruce Fairchild Barton
Clara Barton
Edward Barton
Enos M Barton
Isaac Duell Barton
J L Barton
M F Barton
Stephen E Barton
Charles H Bartow
J Bogert Bartram
Bertha H Baruch
L Baruch
William Bary
Frederick Locke Bascom
J S Bashford
Carmine Basile
Charles Baskerville
John B Baskin
Robert Perkins Bass
A J Bassett
F W Bassett
Harry P Bassett
Sheldon Hull Bassett
Amos G Batchelder
Eleanor Batchelder
Evelyn Longman Batchelder
Louise Batchelder
Hiland G Batcheller
Charles Batchelor
Frank Batchelor
Harriet Batchelor
Henry Augustus Batchelor
James Batchelor
James Drew Batchelor
Rosanna (Mrs Charles) Batchelor
Thomas Hatch Batchelor
Charles F Bateholts
George Bateman
J A Bateman
William W Bateman
Albert C Bates
Blanche Bates
Blanche L (Mrs W.L.) Bates
C L Bates
David Homer Bates
Edward Bates
Edwin G Bates
George A Bates
Joseph Sumner Bates
W M Bates
William Graves Bates
William H Bates
Frederick Bathurst
Jose Batlle y Ordonez
Antonio Batres
C Batstone
Albert C Battelle
Joseph Zane Batten
Harry Barnum Battersby
William C Battey
L R Battle
Joseph Deyhoe Baucus
Aleck Bauer
C G Bauer
Emilie Frances Bauer
William Charles Bauer
W Baum
Alexander Baumgartner
Charles Samuel Baur
Edward Bausch
Joseph E Bauschier
William Bavier
Louis Bawy
Dr M L Baxter
Samuel Baxter
Sylvester Baxter
W J Baxter
Thomas Francis Bayard
Richard Baybutt
Otto Bayer
B F Bayha
George Bayles
W L S Bayley
James Baylis
A K Baylor
Bayly (Edison Shop)
William Bayly
Henry A Bayne
Samuel Gamble Bayne
E A Baynes
P Bayol
Alfred Ely Beach
C H Beach
E Beach
Edward Latimer Beach
Frederick Converse Beach
Harry Prescott Beach
Lansing Hoskins Beach
Ralph Hamilton Beach
W W Beachboard
W Beachcraft
Lincoln Beachey
Ben W Beadell
Fielder Montgomery Magruder Beall
George C Beals
John F Beamer
E E Bean
Virginia Lawrence Bean
Edmund M Beane
George Miller Beard
Grace A Beard
James Beard
Jeremiah Robinson Beard
Howard Edison Bearder
Frederick E Beardslee
Laura Dingee (Mrs Frederick E.) Beardslee
Rufus Beardslee
W F Beardslee
Edward T Beardsley
John Benson Beardsley
Mercer Beasley
W F Beasley
Welford Beaton
Elizabeth (Betsy) Beattie
Hugh Wilson Beattie
John Beattie
Milton Beattie
A Beatty
Anna Dell Beatty
Bessie Beatty
Jacob Beatty
Wilbur L Beaty
A B Beaumont
Arthur Matthias Beaupre
William M Beaupre
Pierre G T Beauregard
Albert William Beaven
H D Beaver
Adolf Beayer
William P Beazell
Edwin Henry Beazley
Bertha (Mrs Adolph) Bechestobiell
James Peter Beck
John Beck
Martin Beck
George A Beckenbaugh
B T Becker
Benjamin V Becker
Dora Becker
Gustav L Becker
John Becket
Horatio B Beckman
A K Beckwith
James Carroll Beckwith
Paul Beckwith
S R Beckwith
Antoine-Cesar Becquerel
Dan Beddoe
Daniel M Bedell
E E Bedell
H N Bedell
Hannah E (Mrs Samuel) Bedell
Otis T Bedell
Samuel Bedell
C E Bedford
Henry Bedford-Jones
Wade Ramsey Bedingfield
Ida M (Mrs William G.) Bee
William George Bee
Charles William Beebe
Eugene Bloodgood Beebe
H H Beebe
Herbert A Beebe
John O Beebe
J H Beeby
J A Beecher
Mrs J A Beecher
Vincent Van Marter Beede
John Beer
Lucius Hart Beers
Mrs N Beetham
Robert Emory Beetham
Ludwig van Beethoven
George L Beetle
Mr Beetum
Harold Begbie
John Irvin Beggs
L N Begin
Bernard Arthur Behrend
C R Beiderman
E J Beire
Alfred Beirly
John Beirne
Charles P Beistle
David Belasco
Francis C Belden
Lewis A Belding
P Belford
Lewis J Belknap
Moses Cook Belknap
Bell (Gold and Stock Telegraph Co)
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Melville Bell
Benjamin Taylor A Bell
Charles John Bell
Chichester A Bell
Clark Bell
Frederic D Bell
J Bell (Oakland)
J Bell (Palo Alto)
James Franklin Bell
Jerome Bonaparte Bell
John James Bell
John Bell (Dealer)
John Bell (Solicitor)
Joseph Bell
L A Bell
Nicholas Montgomery Bell
Piromis H Bell
V G Bell
W Jackson Bell
W R Bell
William Bell
Bella (Nursemaid)
F Bellew
Laura Bellini
E N Bellows
Ira C Bellows
August Belmont
P V Belostozny
C W Belt
P P Belt
Dorothy Belville
E L Bemiss
A W Bender
C W Bender
E Bender
G W Bender
George E Bendix
Mr Bendle
T J Benedetti
Benedict XV
C H Benedict
Dr A L Benedict
Elias Cornelius Benedict
F E Benedict
H D Benedict
Isaac H Benedict
J W Benedict
John Andrew Benedict
William F Benedict
A B Benesch
Abram Benfield
H H Benhring
Arthur Benington
E B Benjamin
George D Benjamin
George Hillard Benjamin
Judah Philip Benjamin
Park Benjamin
Samuel Greene Wheeler Benjamin
Carl Benn
Frida Benneche
Henry D Benner
Samuel A Benner
Edwin Henry Benners
L M Bennet
M C Bennet
Charles Bennett
Charles A Bennett, Jr.
Charles William Bennett
Eli C Bennett
J C Bennett
James Gordon Bennett
John Francis Bennett
L Atwood Bennett
O W Bennett
Smith W Bennett
W A Bennett
W R Bennett
W S Bennett
Z R Bennett
William Albert Benney
W L Bennington
William Newton Bennington
Mrs G W Bennitt
Philip Bennyan
A V Benoit
John A Bensel
Allan Louis Benson
Edward Frederic Benson
Erastus A Benson
J B Benson
Orville Benson
R D Benson
Robert Hugh Benson
William Shepherd Benson
Horace M Benstead
Luther Stedman Bent
Quincy Bent
Edward M Bentley
Edward Warren Bentley
Ellen W (Mrs Henry) Bentley
Henry Bentley
John A Bentley
Seymour Bentley
Charles Abner Benton
H Benton
J R Benton
L F Benton, Jr.
Fritz Benzinger
Albert Benzler
Philippe Antoni Bequet
Theodore B Beran
Augustus M Beraz
William Berdan
Charles Berg
F J Berg
Olav Berg
George A Bergen
Arthur Berger
Clara Berger
George B Berger
Georges Berger
J B Berger
Richard George Berger
Victor Paul Berger
George O Bergeron
Charles Berggren
Ernest J Berggren
Olive Furman (Mrs Ernest J.) Berggren
B F Bergh
F P Bergh
Henry Bergh, Jr.
C G Bergman
M Bergman
Rudolph Bergman
Sigmund Bergmann
C E Bergstrom
Charles Frederick Berkey
Irving Berlin
Emile Berliner
I Berlioz
Meyer Berman
Edward J Bermingham
Louis Bernabo
J L Bernard
Edward Louis Bernays
John Berney
Sarah Bernhardt
Alexander Bernstein
Herman Bernstein
Edwin Michael Berolzheimer
Arthur William Berresford
Henri Berriel
Farina Berry
H W Berry
Jesse H Berry
L K Berry
Martha McChesney Berry
John Bersey
Jacques Albert Berst
Bertel (Servant)
Pierre Eugene Marcellin Berthelot
Paul Berthold
Alfred Berthon
Jacques Bertillon
Carlo Bertolino
Charles Bertolus
George W Berton
Harry Bertram
H S Bery Currie
Harcourt Cecil Beryl
Bernhard Beskow
William George Besler
Henry Bessemer
Bessie (Servant)
A W Best
Alcuin H Best
H G Best
L Best
Arthur Eugene Bestor
Arthur Eugene Bestor, Jr.
Jeanette Lemon (Mrs Arthur E.) Bestor
A D Bethard
Union Noble Bethell
Mr Bettcher
A Bettes
Gianni Bettini
Frederic Henry Betts
W J Betts
Thomas Beugaugh
James M Bevans
Albert Jeremiah Beveridge
John Lowrie Beveridge
S Murdoch Beveridge
Arthur S Beves
J E Beves
Mavreyani Bey
Robert Beyers
Giovanni Bianchi
Vittoria Bianchi
Edward Charles Bibo
Alice Bickford
Miss Bicknell
Samuel Biddison
Algernon Sydney Biddle
Clinton Biddle
C H Bidell
George Bidgood
Shelford Bidwell
Emil Bieber
Ernst Biedermann
William Edward Biederwolf
Alexander Bruce Bielaski
F Bielsky
Julius M Bier
Albert Bierstadt
Leopold Charles Bierwirth
A H Bigelow
Edward F Bigelow
Gertrude Bigelow
John Parks Bigelow
L A Bigelow
Poultney Bigelow
Russell A Bigelow
William J Bigerstaff
T E Biggar
Charles Henry Walker Biggs
Leroy E Biggs
J Bigler
Bernard Bigsby
Ernst Bilhuber
Mary Isabel Billet
Guillermo Enrique Billinghurst
Charles H Billings
Cornelius Canfield Billings
Ethel M Warren Billings
Irene Billington
Edward Billups
R Bilz
Jacob William Binder
M Felix Binder
Richard L Binder
F L Binford
O Bing
Arthur Walter Bingham
G J Bingham
Solon Bingham
C J F Binney
Fred A Binney
Joseph Binns
William Fred Birch
Arthur R Birchard
John Bird
R F Birdsall
George Birdseye
J C Birdsong
Walter W Birge
John Birkinbine
A Birley
Genevieve Bisbee
Jasper Bisbee
C A Bischoff
Sunker Abaji Bisey
Charles R Bishop
E N Bishop
Farnham Bishop
James E Bishop
James Walter Bishop
T Brigham Bishop
William Henry Bishop
Mrs H Bishoprick
J H Biskley
Otto von Bismarck
David Scull Bispham
B L Bissell
C W Bissell
E Bissell
Frank Edward Bissell
F L Bitler
C C Bitner
William Bittles
William Bittner
William Keeney Bixby
Edward Stewart Bixler
Anna Bjorkander
Herbert Blache
Alexander Black
Charles G Black
E A Black
F L Black
Francis Black
George Black
Homer E Black
J E Black
J R Black
Jane B D Black
John Black
John L Black
William Murray Black
Arthur Henry Blackburn
Charles F Blackburn
Eugene Gilbert Blackford
George Edmund Blackham
J F Blackman
Joseph Newcomb Blackman
Myron Mitchell Blackman
H C Blackmer
William Blackmore
James Stuart Blackton
Charles Blackwell
Robert Winthrop Blackwell
Arthur Temple Blackwood
Oswald Hance Blackwood
Thomas Blaikie
James Gillespie Blaine
E J Blair
Frank Ross Blair
H H Blair
J E Blair
James A Blair
John Blair
Joseph C Blair
E G Blaisdell
Alex V Blake
Clarence J Blake
Eli Whitney Blake, Jr.
Francis Blake, Jr.
H A Blake
Henry A Blake
Herbert E Blake
J C Blake
John S Blake
S Parkman Blake
Theodore A Blake
John Blakeley
W L R Blakeley
George E Blakeslee
M A Blakeslee
J Blan
Samuel A Blan
George P Blanchard
H C Blanchard
James Blanchard
Miss H A V Blanchard
W L Blanchard
Garrett W F Blanchfield
Juan Carlos Blanco
Lora E Blanding
R A H Blanding
Henry R Blaney
Georgia Blankenship
Blass (Lackawanna Steel Co)
Otto Titus Blathy
John A Blattau
J N Blauvelt
William Hutton Blauvelt
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Herman Blennerhassett
W H Blennerhassett
Julius Mount Bleyer
Frederick George Blinne
Henry Herbert Blish
Collins P Bliss
Cornelius Newton Bliss, Jr.
Donald M Bliss
George Harrison Bliss
Porter Cornelius Bliss
S E Bliss
Julius H Block
Phillip D Block
Wesley S Block
William Block
S C Blodget, Jr.
Agnes E Blodgett
George W Blodgett
R F Blodgett
Tilden Blodgett
Philip Bloke
Harry E Blood
Sylvester Lawton Blood
Ted Blood
William Henry Blood, Jr.
Edward E Bloom
Joseph Bloom
Millard J Bloomer
Charles A Bloomfield
Gordon C Bloomfield
Irving Ingersoll Bloomingdale
A C Bloss
W M Blount
Jellings Blow
Archibald Blue
A W Blum
Herman Blume
Jarvis Blume
H J Blumhart
J G Bly
E W Blythe
C A Boardman
L H Boarman
William H Boblits
Ludmilla Bobrinsky
A Bocchi
P N Bocharoff
Oscar Bock
William E Bock
Emilie R Bocock
John Paul Bocock
Frank H Bode
Joseph James Bodell
Marie Cozzens (Mrs. Joseph J.) Bodell
Joseph Lamb Bodine
Raymond W Bodwell
Olaf Boe
L J Boeck
Alfred Boehm
Ludwig K Boehm
William Boehm
E E Boehme
John A Boehme
Blanche Boetsch
Dr F L J Boettcher
E Boettcher
John W Bofinger
William H Bofinger
Adam W Bogart
John Bogart
S S Bogart
John Lawrence Bogert
C H Bogle
Edward Augustus Bogue
Lucy Durfee Bogue
D E Bohannan
B Bohle
C C Bohn
Charles V Boisot
Athanase Adolphe Henri Boissevain
William J H Bok
Robert J Bolan
H J Bolderman
Edwin Bolitho
Frank Bolitho
Rev E C Bolles
Calvin Porter Bollman
Charles Hull Bolsford
Harold Bolster
Charles Edward Bolton
Henry Carrington Bolton
Sarah Knowles Bolton
Louis Edwin Bomeisler
Charles Joseph Bonaparte
Napoleon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte
Edmond F Bonaventure
Alessandro Bonci
Alexander Russell Bond
Ally Bond
Charles Bond
Henry F Bond
S Hazen Bond
Evan P Bone
Gaetano Bonelli
William A Boner
Robert K Bonine
W A Bonn
Edmund Walters Bonnaffon
J W Bonnel
Nathaniel Bonnel
S M Bonnell
Elizabeth C Bonner
J Bonnet
W F Bonneville
William G Bonneville
William E Bonney
I H Bonsall
Eugene Bontoux
William Gibson Arlington Bonwill
Miss C Th M Boon
Charles Boone
P J Boorum
John H Boos
Edwin Booth
J A Booth
James Curtis Booth
William H Booth
William T Booth
William Vernon Booth, Jr.
William Edgar Borah
Bruno Borchardt
Albert Greene Borden
Jefferson Borden, Jr.
Philip D Borden
Spencer Borden
Daniel Bordner
George Borgfeldt
R Borghetti
Gutzon Borglum
Lucrezia Bori
Leon Bories
Hal Borland
R B Borland
Mrs L W Borleske
Christian Bors
M Borsodi
Jeremiah A Borst
Sara Bryant (Mrs Theodore) Borst
Martha C Borton
Paul W Bossart
Johannes Bosscha
Ernest Bostelman
Charles Anderson Boston
E B Bostwick
G A Bostwick
A V Boswell
R S Boswell
Francke Huntington Bosworth
Hobart Van Zandt Bosworth
William Welles Bosworth
J Both
Theodore Botrel
Charles H Botsford
William F Botsford
C Bottinger
John Bottomley
Felix Boucher
W N Boucher
W W Boughton
Betty Maulsby Bouldin (Mrs Chichester Kerr)
D H Bouldin
William Bouldin III
W S Boult
W H Boulton
Paul Bouquie
Frank Bourne
James W Bouton
Edward Pleydell Bouverie
Michel C Bouvier
Christian Nestell Bovee
Clara Bow
H Park Bowden
Charles Pickering Bowditch
Ernest W Bowditch
Henry Pickering Bowditch
Mr Bowe
George Bennet Bowell
C C Bowen
Frank H Bowen
George S Bowen
J A Bowen
John H Bowen
William Abraham Bowen
William C Bowen
Lahman F Bower
Samuel W Bower
Mr Bowerman
Bowers (Builder)
A M Bowers
Claude Gernade Bowers
D M Bowers
E A Bowers
Homer Bowers
James Gibson Bowes
R H Bowes
Alice Mitchell (Mrs Richard R.) Bowker
Richard Rogers Bowker
Bowles (Member of Parliament)
Raymond A Bowles
Bernard Bowling
B B Bowman
Charles Bowman
D A Bowman
George Percy Bowman
J R Bowman
John Bowman
John Brady Bowman
Edward Jacob Boyce
George R Boyce
Cora Dunham (Mrs Willard W.) Boyd
Henry A Boyd
J Taylor Boyd
Joseph Boyd
Mrs B S Boyd
Thomas Boyd
Willard William Boyd, Jr.
William John Boyd
Victor Hugh Boyden
Mme Boye-Jensen
Edward Dayton Boyer
Sallie Boyer
William C Boyer
R C Boyes
Edward Carrington Boykin
Boyle (Edison Employee)
B P Boyle
William Lewis Boyle
C A Boynton
E C Boynton, Jr.
Frank Lane Boynton
N H Boynton
Nathan S Boynton
Reginald Brabazon
De Witt Bristol Brace
J P Brace
Alonzo Clifford Brackett
Cyrus Fogg Brackett
Mrs John Braden
Edward Green Bradford II
F A Bradford
J E Bradford
John H Bradford
Giovanni Bradi
John M Bradlet
Alva Bradley
Andrew C Bradley
C C C Bradley
Charles P Bradley
Charles Schenck Bradley
Charles Smith Bradley
Edna M Bradley
Frank Bradley
Frank E Bradley
George Lothrop Bradley
Gilbert William Bradley
Harry W Bradley
J A Bradley
James J Bradley
Joseph P Bradley
Leverett Bradley
M G Bradley
Mrs R C Bradley
Wellington Bradley
William Mallory Bradley
D P Bradshaw
John Hammond Bradshaw
Lena Patterson (Mrs John H.) Bradshaw
R C Bradshaw
A G Bradstreet
Edward Payson Bradstreet
Milton Bradt
Mrs M H Bradt
Anthony Nicholas Brady
Arthur C Brady
Arthur W Brady
Cyrus Townsend Brady
H J Brady
James H Brady
James I Brady
Mathew B Brady
Nicholas Frederic Brady
Patrick Brady
Peter Brady
Philip H Brady
William Aloysius Brady
William Gage Brady, Jr.
Sophia T Braeunlich
J W Bragdon
T C Bragg
C R Brainard
Henry A Brainard
William Clarence Braisted
Grant Brambel
Byrom Bramwell
Frederick Joseph Bramwell
M A Branch
Thomas Branch
E A Brand
James Brand
David Hunter Brandon
Douglas Horace Brandon
Miss Brandon
Raphael Hunter Brandon
George Brandt
H O Brandt
Henry A Brann
John Casper Branner
Edward E Brannin
John Brant
L J (Mrs John) Brant
Dr Brard
John Alfred Brashear
Charles L Brasseur
Lewis Ladd Brastow
John Edward Bratt
Howard S Braucher
C A Braun
J Fred Braun
Johannes Braun
H Braunstein
John Reid Bravo
A Bray
E P Bray
Francis Edmond Bray
Frank Bray
Frank Chapin Bray
Thomas Joseph Bray
William H Bray
Harry Chase Brearley
William Henry Brearley
Charles Brecher
George Breck
Mr Breck
Dr C J Breckenridge
John Robert Breckon
Thomas W Page Breckon
Benjamin W Bredin
Edward Arthur Bredt
Jessie Heath (Mrs E. Arthur) Bredt
George F Breed
William Constable Breed
John J Breen
Antoine Breguet
Louis Breguet
J Breitenbach
Emil Breitenfeld
W A Bremer
D A Bremner
Abram Adams Breneman
C G Brenizer
Daniel Brennan, Jr.
Henry J Brennan
J B Brennan
Joseph Brennan
J W Brennen
H W Brent
August Brentano
R M Brereton
James H Breslin
M Breslin
John W Brethour
Eugene Bretnig
Henry Lefferts Brevoot
Abijah R Brewer
Edward Griffith Brewer
Edward H Brewer
George N Brewer
W N Brewer
Francis E Brewster
H T Brewster
Harry L Brewster
T J Brewster
William Farley Brewster
Frank Gottlob Breyer
J H Brickenstein
Sorin H Bricker
Mrs C H Bridge
William Dawson Bridge
S H Bridgers
Albert Bridges
Mary G Bridges
Mert Bridges
John Bridges-Lee
B M Bridget
Herbert Lawrence Bridgman
Raymond I Bried
William M Brien
Arthur von Briesen
Fritz von Briesen
Richard Brigg
Dr Briggs
Eugene H Briggs
Frank Obadiah Briggs
James A Briggs
Jesse A Briggs
Leroy E Briggs
Lowell C Briggs
Marvin Briggs
Samuel W Briggs
Thomas Roland Briggs
William H Briggs
William M Briggs
Alex W Brigham
Herbert O Brigham
Sarah W Brigham
Charles Tilston Bright
D Bright
Fred E Bright
Marshal Huntington Bright
P C Brinck
Walter L Brind
J B Brinton
Walter Brinton
Willard Cope Brinton
Arthur Brisbane
Robert Brisbane
R B Bristed
Charles Lawrence Bristol
F E Bristol
John Isaac Devoe Bristol
F Bristow
I G Bristow
A Brits
Joseph I Brittain
Edward Elms Britton
G F Britton
John Alexander Britton
Nathaniel Lord Britton
Frank Broadbent
A J Broadhead
Garland Carr Broadhead
A M Broadley
Amos Broadnax
W I Brock
William M Brock
Mrs F Brock-Hollinshead
S Brocklehurst
E T Brockman
H H Brockway
Albert Broden
J J Broderick
William M Brodie
Peter George Brodimas
Carl Arnold Broesel
Herman Broesel
Herman Broesel, Jr.
William D Brokaw
Jules Jeffre A Brolaski
Edward Bromberg
Lelia K Bromley
L Bronk
L M Bronsson
Charlotte Bronte
Charles Morgan Brooke
David Owen Brooke
E P Brooke
George H Brooke
Alice Brooks
Annie McKenzie Brooks
Byron Alden Brooks
C A Brooks
David Brooks
E H Brooks
James C Brooks
Newton May Brooks
Phillips Brooks
Thomas W Brooks, Jr.
Joseph Broome
Addison F Broomhall
J A Brophy
Gabriel Brossa
W W Brost
George H Brother
A Brotherhood
Herbert Bruce Brougham
R Broughton
W H Brouwer
Andre Brouzet
George L Brower
Walter C Brower
Brown (Leonard and Izard)
A J Brown
Adelaide Hitchcock Brown
Alfred S Brown
Arthur L Brown
B F Brown
B R Brown
Baxter L Brown
Bettie Bofinger (Mrs George W.) Brown
C E Brown
C H Brown, Jr.
Charles Brown
Charles A Brown
Charles Albert Brown
Charles F Brown
Charles H Brown
Charles H S Brown
Charles Henry Brown
Charles R Brown
Charles T Brown
Charles Turner Brown
Chauncey Lewis Brown
David Wolfe Brown
Dennis F Brown
Dr Brown
E M Brown
Edmond Congar Brown
Edward Terry Brown
Edwin Carlton Brown
Elder D Brown
Elmer Ellsworth Brown
Felix Brown
Florence Brown
Franklin Q Brown
Frederick S Brown
George H Brown
George L Brown
George W Brown, Jr.
H E Brown (Chemical Engineer)
H E Brown (Editor)
Harold P Brown
Harriet Irene Brown
Henry Collins Brown
Henry P Brown
Henry S Brown
Horace Spalding Brown
Howard Vachel Brown
J D Brown
J N Brown
J S Brown
J W Brown
James A Brown
James B Brown
James M Brown
James T Brown
James Wallace Brown
Jesse H Brown
John Crosby Brown
John Howard Brown
John M Brown
John P Brown
Jonathan Brown III
Katharine Greeley (Mrs Jonathan) Brown
Kirk Brown
L D Brown
Leroy S Brown
Leslie A Brown
Lowell Huntington Brown
Lucius Polk Brown
Mary Spalding (Mrs William Thayer) Brown
Mervyn A Brown
Michael J Brown
Mortimer S Brown
Mrs E S Brown
Percy S Brown
R R Brown
Richard Brown
Robert Brown
Robert G Brown
S A Brown
S D Brown
Samuel Brown
Samuel L Brown
T C Brown
T Forster Brown
T P Brown
T R Brown
Thatcher M Brown
Thomas W Brown
W H Brown (Investor)
W H Brown (Phonograph Enthusiast)
Walter Folger Brown
William Carlos Brown
William Thayer Brown
William Thayer Brown, Jr.
Worley Jesse Brown
Arthur Benjamin Browne
Arthur S Browne
Causten Browne
H A Browne
Harry K Browne, Jr.
Herbert R Browne
James E Browne
Richard H Browne
Robert Browne
William Hand Browne, Jr.
Charles Ross Browning
E F Browning
John Browning
Katherine Browning
Robert Browning
J A Brownlee
J H Brownlee
Walter G Brownlee
Jason Broyles
F B Bruce
Henry Addington Bayley Bruce
John Quinton Bruce
W W Bruce, Jr.
Charles Patterson Bruch
Edward B Bruch
Kate Patterson Bruch
Fritz Bruckner
Fred E Bruen
William Fontaine Bruff
Marshall Brugman
Martha E Bruhn
Alessandro Brujcheltini
Jules E Brulatour
Levi Howard Brumbaugh
E B Brumm
Anthony (Toney) Brunk
F Brunner
Max A R Brunner
Guido Bruno
David William Brunton
Charles Francis Brush
George Jarvis Brush
George W Brush
May Brush
Edmond Bruwaert
G A Bryan
George Sands Bryan
Helen Berger (Mrs William Jennings Jr) Bryan
Joseph Bryan
Julian S Bryan
Nanette Bryan
William Jennings Bryan
Andrew Jackson Bryant
George L Bryant
Lewis Thompson Bryant
P F Bryant
Sara Cone Bryant
William Cullen Bryant
Catherine Bryce
Lloyd Stephens Bryce
Knud Bryn
J H Bryson
W W Bryson
Harry A Bubb
John Bube
C G Buchanan
Carrie Buchanan
George D Buchanan
Harriet M Buchanan
Jeffrey Patrick Buchanan
W J Buchanan
William Buchanan
Miss Buchbinder
Emile Buchel
Frank Buchman
R M Buchner
John Richards Buchtel
Martha V Buchtel
Buchwald (Edison Employee)
Albert H Buck
Elisha A Buck
Glen Buck
M S Buck
Henry Clay Buckhout
Charles Luman Buckingham
John L Buckingham
Herbert E Bucklen
A A Buckley
Edward H Buckley
Homer John Buckley
John J Buckley
R A Buckley
May V Budd
Samuel Budd
William E Budd
Budde (Imperial German Tel.)
Huber Gray Buehler
Roberta Wolf (Mrs Huber G.) Buehler
William J Buehler
Clarence Clough Buel
Clarence M Buel
Philo B Buel
Charles Edward Buell
Col E Buell
W N Buell
Walter Hull Buell
Frederick Gregory Buffe
Joseph Buffington
Newton Albert Kendall Bugbee
William Bugbee
Leo Bugg
Cornelio J Buhl
Edwin Muhlenberg Bulkley
James Edgar Bull
Edward Payson Bullard
Miller Bullard
Edwin W Bullinger
Spencer Seth Bullis
Calvin Bullock
John Bullock
Milan C Bullock
Mrs M L Bullock
Walter Frederick Bullock
Benjamin B Bullwinkle
Hans von Bulow
J L Bumpass
Albert H Bumstead
Henry Andrews Bumstead
C A Bundy
Frank E Bundy
Jacob Frederick Bunn
C M Bunnell
Jesse H Bunnell
Robert Wilhelm Eberhard Bunsen
J C B Bunster
John J Bunte
R S Bunting
A P Burbank
A. P. Burbank
Charles W Burbank
Luther Burbank
Charles Sumner Burch
Horatio Chapin Burchard
J A Burchel
A Burchick
George Eli Burd
James A Burden
H Burdick
H V Burgard
Clarence L Burger
Ernest Burger
Frank M Burger
Miss E K Burger
C W Burgess
Charles Frederick Burgess
Frank Burgess
George Burgess
Hugh Burgess
John Lloyd Burgess
T F Burgess
William D Burgess
A Ward Burgham
B N Burglund
Charles G Burgoyne
George Burham
Elizabeth E Burhans
W W Burhans
Addison B Burk
Jesse Y Burk
John Burk
Irwin H Burkart
Billie Burke
C Y Burke
Charles G Burke
E W Burke
Edith Lee Burke
Edward F Burke
Elizabeth (Mrs John) Burke
Frances S Burke
India Burke
John Burke
John D Burke
Joseph P Burke
Julia Burke
Mable Burke
Victor E Burke
E G Burkem
Rudolph Burkhalter
Caroline T Burkham
Thomas Burkhard
Albert Sidney Burleson
W S Burlin
Anson Burlingame
William Burlingham
Abel Burman
Samuel G Burn
Charles E Burnap
N C Burnap
Charles Burnard
Dana Burnet
Harry W Burnet
Curtis Randolph Burnett
Harriet Knudson Burnett
John M Burnett
B F Burnham
Charles Burnham
Daniel Hudson Burnham
Frederick A Burnham, Jr.
Frederick G Burnham
J Hampden Burnham
Andrew Burns
Archibald Perryman Burns
Frank Burns
Hugh A Burns
James Martin Burns
John Burns
John E Burns
Patrick Joseph Burns, Jr.
Peter Burns
Robert Burns
Walter Burns
Walter Hayes Burns
William John Burns
David A Burr
Enoch Fitch Burr
William A Burr
Albert Cameron Burrage, Jr.
David Hamlin Burrell
Emily Burrell
Frank A Burrelle
Lee S Burridge
Carrie A Burroughs
Charles E Burroughs
Jettie Burroughs
John Burroughs
Ursula North (Mrs John) Burroughs
Arthur B Burrows
W M Burrows
William Russell Burrows
James Burry
Frederick Charles Burt
Grinelle Burt
Horace Greeley Burt
Mary Elizabeth Burt
Silas Wright Burt
Thomas Burt
W B Burtis
Alfred Edgar Burton
H P Burton
J W Burton
James T Burton
John Burton
L L Burton
R Burton
W Edgar Burton
W J Burton
W Leigh Burton
Walter Eugene Burton
R G Burwell
Adolphus Busch
Juan C Buschiazzo
B F Bush
Eli E Bush
Irving T Bush
Janet C Bush
John A Bush
John Adriance Bush
R W Bush
Vannevar Bush
Charles Joseph Bushnell
Cornelius Judson Bushnell
Ericsson Foote Bushnell
Frank W Bushong
Mary Elma Busselle
R S Bussing, Jr.
Richard Busterd
Walter Minton Buswell
J J Butan
Alfred Butes
Alfred J Butler
Benjamin Franklin Butler
Charles N Butler
Cyrus Butler
F A Butler
Howard R Butler
J S Butler
John Jarvis Butler
Joseph Green Butler, Jr.
L C Butler
L S Butler
M J Butler
Nicholas Murray Butler
S Butler
Sallie Butler
Samuel McKnight Butler
Thomas Butler
Vesey F Butler
W H Butler
William Butler
A Butsch
Charles Parker Butt
Daniel Adams Butterfield
Frank O Butterfield
John L Butterfield
Benjamin Butterworth
J F Buttles
R P Buttles
B E Buttlis
William J Button
J C Buttre
George L Buttrick
Asa R Butts
L F Butts
J W Buzzell
Felice Buzzi
S Bydell
W L Byers
A Homer Byington
Henry Marison Byllesby
Margaret Stearns Baldwin (Mrs Henry M.) Byllesby
Andrew B Byram
Richard Evelyn Byrd
John N Byrider
Byrne (Edison Employee)
George R Byrne
J D Byrne
J P Byrne
John Byrne
Joseph Grandson Byrne
Eugene Byrnes
James W Byrnes
John F Byrnes
Rafael Cabanas
George Washington Cable
Hugh Cabot
John J Caddigan
V C Cadieux
Lewis V Cady
Francis Gordon Caffey
Duncan S Cage
Abraham Cahan
Samantha (Mrs Samuel) Cahart
D C Cahill
Edward J Cahill
Harry Croker Cahill
John H Cahill
Bernard Cahn
John J Caine
W M Cairns
Edward A Calahan
J J Calahan
Miss Calahan
O M Caldren
A C Caldwell
A P Caldwell
Annie S Caldwell
Burns D Caldwell
E S Caldwell
Edward Caldwell
Eugene Wilson Caldwell
George W Caldwell
James Hope Caldwell
John H Caldwell
Orestes Hampton Caldwell
R H Caldwell
W A Caldwell
Charles H Calehuff
John J Caley
Eleanor Calhoun
John Caldwell Calhoun
Ernest Elmo Calkins
Charles Calknis
Delmer W Call
William Timothy Call
John Gurney Callan
P A Callanan
John P Callaway
W M Callender
W O Callender
J J Callow
J M Callum
Frances L Calveard
Bruce T Calvert
Cecil Calvert
John N Calvin
Charles A Calvo, Jr.
J S Camacho
Bennehan Cameron
Charles Symonds Cameron
D Cameron
Hector Cameron
Mrs Robert S Cameron
Niles J Cameron
Shelton T Cameron
Viola Root Cameron
William John Cameron
John Cammack
D M Cammann
Curtis B Camp
Elisha K Camp
L W Camp
Victor Newell Camp
W J Camp
William Augustus Camp
Giuseppe Campanari
Campbell (Patent Examiner)
Andrew Chambre Campbell
C L Campbell
Charles C Campbell
Charles Delevan Campbell
Charles Durham Campbell
Charles H Campbell
Charles M Campbell
D M Campbell
E J Campbell
Elizabeth V (Mrs William W.) Campbell
Eugene Campbell
F R Campbell
Francis Joseph Campbell
Frank Campbell
G Campbell
G S Campbell
George Campbell
Glenn Campbell
Harry Huse Campbell
Henry Alexander Campbell
Henry P Campbell
James A Campbell
James Douglas Campbell
John D Campbell
John F Campbell
John R Campbell
John Campbell (Boston Edison Co)
John Campbell (Telegrapher)
Jos P Campbell
Joseph Campbell
L A Campbell
Louis Graham Campbell
Maj Campbell
Miss J M Campbell
Mrs C H Campbell
Peter Campbell
Robert Campbell
Robert S Campbell
Ronald Ian Campbell
S Campbell
Thomas B Campbell
William Wallace Campbell
Frank Campsall
William P Canaday
Edward T Canby
Harry C Candee
Willard L Candee
F V R Candil
A H Canedo
F M Canfield
Frederick A Canfield
David H Canner
G F Canniff
George Quayle Cannon
James G Cannon
Joseph Cannon
William Wallace Canon
Sim W Cantril
W L Cantwell
Jose Angel Caparo
William H Capel
W J Capen
James W Caples
J A Capp
Frank L Capps
Washington Lee Capps
Allyn Kissam Capron, Jr.
Robert K Capron
L R Caragol
Manuel Caragol
John Carbutt
Benjamin F Card
Samuel Card
P Cardew
Thomas J Carew
A C Carey
George R Carey
John W Carey
Ralph P Cargille
Edmund H Carhart
Edmund H Carhart, Jr.
Henry Smith Carhart
Diomede Carito
Nathaniel Allen Carle
Thomas Carless
G W Carleton
J D Carleton
William McKendree Carleton
J A Carlin
W H Carlin
W W Carlin
Anne Studebaker (Mrs Charles A.) Carlisle
Charles Arthur Carlisle
Charles Arthur Carlisle, Jr.
Kathryn Carlisle
William T Carlisle
Woodson Studebaker Carlisle
Abraham Carlos
Gust Carlson
C W Carlton
Newcomb Carlton
Thomas Carlyle
Ann Maria Ayers (Mrs Melanchthon F.) Carman
Charles Bloomfield Carman
Charles Q Carman
Ezra Ayers Carman
George E Carman
Mary E Bryson (Mrs William) Carman
Melanchthon Freeman Carman
Theodore Frelinghuysen Carman
William Carman
William Carman, Jr.
P S Carmichael
Robert Carmichael
S P Carmichael
W E Carmichael
William H Carmint
Dale Carnagey
George Holmes Carnahan
Andrew Carnegie
Dale Carnegie
Thomas Morrison Carnegie
P Carnegy
Edward Carnelley
Thomas Carnelley
Floyd L Carnish
Marie Francois Sadi Carnot
Alice Carpenter
F M Carpenter
Ford A Carpenter
Fred Warner Carpenter
H H Carpenter
J H Carpenter
L R Carpenter
Louis H Carpenter
Major Carpenter
R V Carpenter
Robert Ruliph Morgan Carpenter
Rolla Clinton Carpenter
W W Carpenter
Walter Samuel Carpenter, Jr.
C J Carpinder
Carpmael (London Attorney)
Carr (Edison Portland Cement Co)
A P Carr
C P Carr
D M Carr
Frederick Carr
G R Carr
Joseph Carr
Lewis Carr
S P Carr
William C Carr
Venustiano Carranza
H Carre
Alexis Carrel
Charles Lynn Carrick
R S Carrick
C E Carrier
L A Carrier
Carrington (Edison Employee)
Annie Carroll
C T Carroll
John J Carroll
John L Carroll
M J Carroll
Richard Carroll
W R Carroll
W T Carroll
William F Carroll
Edward Francis Carry
D J Carson
J Carson
John Carson
W J Carson
Carter (Lambert Co)
C P Carter
Charles J J Carter
F W Carter
Frank Carter
Franklin Carter
Huntly Carter
James L Carter
Lincoln J Carter
O M Carter
R R Carter
Robert Carter
Robert A Carter
Robert Day Carter
Thomas F Carter
Tom Carter
W E Carter
William J Carter
Zenas W Carter
A D Cartwright
Jerome Carty
John Joseph Carty
Paul Carus
Enrico Caruso
Leopoldo Carvajal
Meliton Carvajal
George Washington Carver
Alanson Cary
Clarence Cary
Edward Cary
Edward Knox Cary
H E Cary
Harold Cary
J T Cary
Luther Hanson Cary
Thomas Cary
Pablo Casals
Francis Delphine Casanave
Anna Case
Gaetano Case
Henry Jay Case
Llewellyn Barton Case
Mary Adele Case
Samuel Case
W W Case
Willard L Case
Giovanni Caselli
Albert M Casey
Kellogg K V Casey
Michael L Casey
P J Casey
R H Casey
Thomas Lincoln Casey
Joseph Casho
Alvin Dickson Caskey
Herman Casler
Edward Caspar
George W Casper
Alexander Johnston Cassatt
Robert K Cassatt
E F Cassel
Ernest Joseph Cassel
H R Cassel
E Casselberry
John A Cassell
Louis Cassier
Samuel Edson Cassino
Herbert Newton Casson
Arthur Cassot
R D Casterline
Barbara Castleton
H D Caswell
Richard Henry Catlett
Charles M Catlin
Fred Catlin
George D B Catlin
Carrie Chapman Catt
Carlo Cattapani
A G Cattell
Samuel W Catts
A Caubert
Caufield (Frank Dyer secretary?)
Frederick A Caufield
J H Caufield
George Caulfield
Mr Caulfield
S L Caum
Thomas H Cavanaugh
Alexander H Cave
Belle Cave
Joseph L Caven
Spencer Compton Cavendish
Victor Cavendish
Ernest Cawcroft
E W Cawker
Juan Manuel Ceballos
G Ceccarini
W H Cederberg
Ellen Hartman Cederstrom
Augustine Edward Cerqua
Augustine Edward Cerqua, Jr.
Paolo Cesa-Bianchi
Mr Cetta
Jonathan Chace
Erlon R Chadbourn
Edwin Ruthvin Chadbourne
David Chadwick
James Challen
James R Challen
A B Chalmers
H B Chalmers
J P Chalmers
Mrs F P Chalmers
Thomas Hardie Chalmers
Vilma Fiorelli (Mrs Thomas) Chalmers
Chamallet (Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe)
Amos Chamberlain
Austen Chamberlain
Daniel Henry Chamberlain
Henry Chamberlain
Jacob Chester Chamberlain
Joseph Chamberlain
William Wilson Chamberlaine
Edwin Martin Chamberlin
W A Chamberlin
Wilbur Johnson Chamberlin
William Henry Chamberlin
Robert William Chambers
Washington Irving Chambers
William A Chambers
Edgar Chambless
Alan Chambre
Mahlon Chance
W Chance
Henry Chandlee
Albert B Chandler
Alice Scott Chandler
Ann Elizabeth Chandler
Arthur D Chandler
B D Chandler
Carrie B Chandler
Charles Frederick Chandler
Charles L Chandler
Gilbert E Chandler
James E Chandler
John Chandler
Marjorie Chandler
Mary S Chandler
W A Chandler
William Eaton Chandler
Zachariah Chandler
W H Chaney
J Parke Channing
William Ellery Channing
William Francis Channing
Octave Chanute
Yuen R Chao
Georges Chaperon
A B Chapin
C L Chapin
Edward Young Chapin
H M Chapin
Henry S Chapin
Roy W Chapin
Charles Spencer (Charlie) Chaplin
A W Chapman
C Chapman
Cloyd Mason Chapman
Ed T Chapman
Frank Michler Chapman
George A Chapman
J Chapman
J G Chapman
J M Chapman
J W Chapman
Josiah T Chapman
Mazella Chapman
Ralla E Chapman
Stark Chapman
T O Chapman
W C Chapman
Will E Chapman
William Young Chapman
J J Chappell
Joe Mitchell Chapple
Loudon Charlton
Edmund A Charters
Adelaide Cole Chase
Alice Gerson (Mrs William M.) Chase
Anna E Chase
E A Chase
Emery H Chase
H F Chase
T E Chase
William C Chase
William D Chase
Winfield S Chase
Alfred Chatard
R D Chatfield
C F Chatterton
Ruth Chatterton
S H Chaurenet
Pierre Chauteau
W H Cheesman
Charles Augustus Cheever
J D Cheever
John Henry Cheever
W E Cheever
A Cole Cheney
John Platt Cheney
John R Cheney
Andre Cheradame
Antoine Marc Cherbuliez
S T Cherry
Edmund D Chesebro
William H Cheshire
Arthur M Chesler
Isidor (Jerry) Chesler
W S Chesley
Jay L Chesnutt
Louisa Chess
Mary Grace Chess
Charles T Chester
Clarence Lyon Chester
John Chester
William F Chester
M T Chestnut
J L Chevalier
H G Chickering
Robert Chignell
Calvin G Child
F W Child
Warren G Child
A F Childs
B W Childs
Edwin L Childs
George W Childs
Marquis Childs
Thomas Childs
William H Childs
Reginald L Chilvers
Charles Edward Chinnock
Frank R Chinnock
Mary A (Mrs Charles E.) Chinnock
Naomi P Chipman
R H Chipman
W W Chipman
Louis Chipot
C E Chisholm
C W Chisholm
Hugh J Chisholm
W R Chisholm
Lucius Eugene Chittenden
Christian Chloer
Joseph H Choate
Porter C Choate
Warren Choate
Leon Chonard
Frederic Chopin
George Chorpenning
C R Chrisholm
Francis Leon Chrisman
Christian T Christensen
Peter Christian Christensen
Charlotte (Mrs Jonathan S.) Christie
Jonathan S Christie
Frances Christmas
Christian A Christofferson
Charles Bernard Chrystal
Alice Lee (Mrs Hendon) Chubb
Hendon Chubb
A H Church
Alexander Hamilton Church
Alonzo Church
Arthur M Church
C Church
E S Church, Jr.
J S Church
M B Church
Melville Church
Samuel Harden Church
Samuel R Church
W A Church
W I Church
Walter L Church
William H Church
William Lee Church
Arthur Lyman (Edison Employee) Churchill
Clarence Churchill
George Charles Spencer Churchill
Milton Churchill
Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill
S Churchill
Willis Churchill
Winston Churchill
Alexander James Churchward
John Claflin
D A Claiborne
A W Clancy
Felix Clancy
Francis Patrick Clancy
James Clancy
James A Clancy
Albion B Clapp
C E Clapp
George Hubbard Clapp
George M Clapp
George W Clapp
Hettie Clapper
Thomas D Clare
Madam Claremont
Louis H Clarey
Clark (Edison Family Chauffeur)
A S Clark
A T Clark
Alfred C Clark
Arthur Joseph Clark
C L Clark
Champ Clark
Charles T Clark
Daniel Clark
Dean Clark
E H Clark
Edward Perkins Clark
Edward Clark (Architect)
Edward Clark (General Electric)
Edwin A Clark
Elizabeth F C Clark
Enoch Clark
Fanny Foster (Mrs Thomas F.) Clark
G Frank Clark
Genevieve Clark
Genevieve Bennett (Mrs Champ) Clark
George Clark
George A Clark
George Edward Clark
Glenn Clark
Harold Hayward Clark
Harvey Clark
Helen Clark
Henry Alden Clark
Horace Clark
Isabelle Clark
J Edmund Clark
J F Clark
J P Clark
J W Clark
James Beauchamp (Champ) Clark
James E Clark
James H Clark
John Clark
John Marshall Clark
Josiah Latimer Clark
L K Clark
Latimer Clark
Melville Clark
N B Clark
P J Clark
Patrick Clark
Peter Clark
Philo M Clark
R W Clark
Rachel Kinder Clark
Robert Watson Clark
Samuel Chapin Clark
Solomon Henry Clark
Spencer M Clark
Thomas Frederic Clark
W A Clark
W C Clark
W D Clark
W J Clark
W L Clark
W R Clark
Wallace S Clark
Walton Clark
Webster L Clark
William Clark
William Andrews Clark
William H A Clark
William Jared Clark
William L Clark
William P Clark
William Smith Clark
Arthur T Clarke
Charles Lorenzo Clarke
Dumont Clarke
E W Clarke
Edgar Whitney Clarke
Edmund Arthur Stanley Clarke
Eliot Channing Clarke
Frederick Emerson Clarke
George F Clarke
George M Clarke
Harriet (Mrs N.) Clarke
Ida Clarke
John E Clarke
John Hessin Clarke
John Mason Clarke
Joseph Ignatius Constantine Clarke
Louis S Clarke
Lulu MacClure Clarke
Mrs A K Clarke
Mrs T Clarke
Peter Clarke
R W Clarke
Richard Henry Clarke
Stanton Clarke
Thomas E Clarke
W B Clarke
William J Clarke
William McQuade Clarke
Coker Fifield Clarkson
E R C Clarkson
Edwin S Clarkson
Lettie Clarriter
Edwin A Clarry
A Claude
Hermann Claudius
William Anton Joseph Claus
Alice Elizabeth Clause (Mrs. Wilson A. Campbell)
William Lewis Clause
Perry Clawson
L Claxton
E B Clay
Francis Warfield Herrick Clay
Henry Clay
W T Clayton
Alphonso Trumpbour Clearwater
James Cleary
John Cleary
N F Cleary
Dr J H Cleaver
Howard Henderson Cleaves
A C Clebel
T Cleland
A L Cleman
Cyril Clemens
Samuel Langhorne Clemens
Willard Clemens
William Marshall Clemens
John Barnwell Clements
Joseph Clendenin
James Ogilvie Clephane
Hippolyte Clerac
Alexander C Clerihew
Charles D Cleveland
Edmund Janes Cleveland
Grover Cleveland
Mary B Cleveland
Rose Elizabeth Cleveland
W P Cleveland
C C Clevenger
Chandler Robbins Clifford
Henry B Clifford
Mrs T P Clifford
Nathan Clifford
Sarah Kellogg (Mrs J. Remington) Clifford
T P Clifford
Lillie Clifton
Robert Thomson Clinch
Eugene Cline
John W Cline
M Cline
M J Cline
P J Cline
Russel Victor Cline
William Matthias Cline
Thomas Lanier Clingman
J C Clinton
Ruth Clinton
James W Clise
Wilmot David Cloos
Charles M Close
Oscar Bell Close
Van Voorhis Close
Louis Closset
O E Cloud
E W Clowes
Robert Charles Clowry
Lt R A Cluzeau
Arthur I Clymer
Edward Tilghman Clymer
James Clyne
A Coan
Abraham Coates
Charles E Coates
Edward Feetham Coates
James Foster Coates
Alfred Mainwaring Coats
James Coats
Stuart Auchincloss Coats
A S Cobb
Abraham Polhemus Cobb
Tyrus Raymond (Ty) Cobb
William S Cobb
Andrew D Coburn
Frances (Mrs Andrew D.) Coburn
James R Coche
Louis Adolphe Cochery
A M Cochran
Alfred Cochran
John L Cochran
Thomas Cochran
W K Cochrane
William David Cochrane
George B Cock
John Albert Cockerill
Edward C Cockey
Herbert Coddington
Robert Coddington
John E Codman
John Sturgis Codman
C Codrington
Buffalo Bill Cody
William Frederick (Buffalo Bill) Cody
Albert Wells Coe
David W Coe
G H Coe
John B Coe
Mrs F J Coe
Harold Vinton Coes
Leland Eggleston Cofer
William F Coffee
J W Coffey
C F Coffin
Charles Albert Coffin
Euphemia Sloane (Mrs Edmund E.) Coffin
F A Coffin
Henry Sloane Coffin
Henry W Coffin
Howard Earle Coffin
Ruth Coffin
Z W Coffin
Ramon Peyton Coffman
Richard Boush Coffman
A J Cogan
S L Cogen
John W Coggeshall
John Coggins
Cecil A Coghlan
C C Cogswell
W F Cogswell
George M Cohan
Abraham Cohen
Ellis Cohen
George Cohen
Melvin W Cohen
Mrs Jacob Cohen
Henry Augustus Coit
James Milnor Coit
Charles Colahan
J L Colaine
Arthur R Colburn
Elizabeth F Colburn
Albert Ladd Colby
Anne Gordon Colby
C Edwards Colby
Edith Hyde (Mrs Everett) Colby
Edward Allan Colby
Elden Le Conte Colby
Everett Colby
Howard Augustus Colby
Joseph L Colby
Malcolm Colcleugh
Cyrus Cole
Edward H Cole
John Cole
Romaine C Cole
Thomas F Cole
William O Cole
Nicola Colelli
Arthur Philemon Coleman
E D Coleman
I E Coleman
R Dawson Coleman
Robert Habersham Coleman
Alexander Coles
D H Coles
Edwin J Coles
Stephen Leidy Coles
John J Coley
Arthur Eastman Colgate
Austen Colgate
Caroline Bayard Dod (Mrs Sidney M.) Colgate
Elizabeth Morse Colgate (Mrs Stanley Rumbough)
Florence Hall (Mrs Gilbert) Colgate
Gilbert Colgate
Gilbert Colgate, Jr.
Henry Auchincloss Colgate
Josephine Kirtland (Mrs Russell) Colgate
Lazarine d\'Andre (Mrs Eugene) Colgate
Margaret Auchincloss (Mrs Richard M.) Colgate
Muriel Morse Colgate (Mrs Cyril F. Damon)
Richard Morse Colgate
Russell Colgate
Sidney Morse Colgate
Edward Martin Colie
Alfred Colin
Jean-Daniel Colladon
Charles H Collagan
Tiago Collares
Harold Collet
John Collett
Alex Collie
Charles B Collier
Frank Wilbur Collier
James W Collier
John Collier
Mrs Robert Collier
Peter Collier
Collin (Edison Employee)
Collinder (Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe)
Joe Colling
Arthur Collins
B H Collins
Bernard A Collins
Caleb G Collins
Edward Collins, Jr.
Eli Ives Collins
Frederick Lewis Collins
G V Collins
George R Collins
J B Collins
J S Collins
Jerome J Collins
John Hancock Collins
Joseph Victor Collins
M A Collins
Sim Collins
W D Collins
Wilkie Collins
William H Collins
Charles Henry Tucky Collis
William P Collis
F T Collver
Edward L Colman
J A Colman
Charles Colne
Giuseppe Colombo
Joseph Colonel
Edwin Henry Colpitts
Samuel S Colt
G O Colton
Thomas B Columbia
M Colvig
Frank R Colvin
Verplanck Colvin
Robert Colwell
Nicholas Comeskey
C I Comfort
Irving Edward Comins
Francois Comitot
Alfred George Compton
Charles W Compton
J Compton
Joel Compton
Karl Taylor Compton
Naomi T Compton
Samuel Compton
Eleanor Hawkesworth (Mrs Edmond B.) Conant
Robert Hawkesworth Conant
Samuel Stillman Conant
Thomas Peters Conant
E M Conard
Ed J Concannon
G Herbert Condict
J D Condict
Stephen Hugo Condict
A Padmaraje Condit
Charles L Condit
E S Condit
Edmund Condit
H W Condit
Ida Rafter Condit
Israel Dodd Condit, Jr.
Tommy Condit
William A Condit
Oscar Condon
Thomas Condon
Theodore Lincoln Condron
David D Cone
Hutch Ingham Cone
Cusani Confaloniere
Anna Ganter (Mrs Kenyon B.) Conger
Arthur Latham Conger
Emily Bronson (Mrs Arthur L.) Conger
Kenyon Bronson Conger
Omar Dwight Conger
W M Conger
Henry Marks Conkey
Archibald W Conklin
Herbert King Conklin
G Conkling
Roscoe Conkling
M J Conley
M R Conley
Owen J Conley
Robert L Conlon
Charles F Conn
William H Conn
Benjamin M Connelly
James H Connelly
M F Connelly
Martin Connelly
John W Conner
Mary Connery
Thomas Bernardr Connery
A P Connor
Benjamin H Connor
W E Connor
Dan Connors
H F Connors
J B Connors
W C Conover
Frank Conrad
H A Conrad
Thomas P Conrad
W H Conrad
Edwin H Conrades
Edward Patrick Conroy
Teresa (Mrs Thomas) Conroy
Thomas Conroy
John W Considine
Raphael Consonni
Archibald G Constable
Frederick A Constable
James M Constable
John Pierrepont Constable
Mrs W R Constable
Adele Constans
Mathilde Constans
Jacques Content
Cesare Conti
E K Converse
Elisha Slade Converse
John Williams Converse
W F Converse
P F Conway
Patrick Conway
Hugh R Conyngton
A H Cook
Albert R Cook
Alexander Cook
Arthur N Cook
C M Cook
C R Cook
Edgar Scudder Cook
George W Cook
H Cook
H C Cook
Henry Cook
Isaac Thompson Cook
J M Cook
J Cook, Jr.
Joel Cook
John Cook
Joseph Cook
Keningale Cook
L Cook
Pierre F Cook
Richard Y Cook
Theodore Cook
W J Cook
Catharyne Cooke
Charles H Cooke
Charles Maynard Cooke, Jr.
Clara L Cooke
Conrad W Cooke
Frederick Albert Cooke
Harold Cooke
J Eaton Cooke
James Francis Cooke
Jay Cooke
John Swinburne Cooke
Josiah Parsons Cooke
Morris Llewellyn Cooke
R F Cooke
Ralph W Cooke
W E Cooke
William H Cooley
Calvin Coolidge
R Coolidge
Verne Mariner Coolidge
J Frank Coombs
C C Coomer
L H Coon
Matilda C Cooney
Cooper (Edison Employee)
Drury Walls Cooper
E P Cooper
Edward W Cooper
Frank Cooper
H N Cooper
Harry B Cooper
James R Cooper
K F Cooper
M D Cooper
Mr Cooper
Mrs J F Cooper
Myers Young Cooper
Peter Cooper
W R Cooper
J Coote
George W Cope
H P Cope
E T Copeland
Guild A Copeland
H P Copeland
May A Copeland
Royal Samuel Copeland
Enrico Copello
Henry Coppel
Edward Copps
Ernest Alexandre Honore Coquelin
Harry A Corbett
James John Corbett
Austin Corbin
S C Corbin
Guido Corbo
Andrew J Corcoran
H M Cordell
J B Cording
Thomas Cordis
William I Core
Jasper William Corey
W P Coria
D B Corley
Harriet Works Corley
George Henry Corliss
Luigi Cornaro
Alonzo Barton Cornell
D F Cornell
Edward S Cornell
John Milton Cornell
Katharine Cornell
Lawrence Robert Cornell
M C Cornell
Marian (Mrs Lawrence R.) Cornell
T Cornell
T W Cornell
Dr Cornice
Erastus Corning
Mrs C R Corning
A H Cornish
Floyd G Cornish
Thomas E Cornish
Clark Cornwell
Timothy Cornwell
James Corrigan
Michael Augustine Corrigan
Montagu William Lowry Corry (Lord Rowton)
W M Corse
John Corson
John F Cort
George Bruce Cortelyou
George Cory
Mary Reid Cory
W Cosby
John O\'Hara Cosgrave
C Cosgrove
Nick Costas
Charles Henry Coster
George W Coster
Nelson C Cotabish
J M Cote
Alfred Cotton
Kenneth H Cotton
Thomas H B Cotton
Charles H H Cottrell
Herbert Cottrell
Franklin Couch
Charles Coudert
Elliott Coues
J T Coughemur
Joseph C Coulombe
S T Coulson
Mildred Cooper (Mrs Richard H.) Couper
Richard Hamilton Couper
Louis J Coursolles
Courtney (Edison Family Chauffeur)
Charles Edward Courtney
A E Cousens
Robert Gordon Cousins
James Couzens
R A Couzins
May Emerson Covel
Harry Nelson Covell
J Cover
B V Covert
A G Cowan
Charles A Cowan
Charles C Cowan
H Cowan
John Cowan
Spurgeon Cowart
John King Cowen
C E Cowherd
Mr Cowherd
Percy Foote Cowing
Alfred Abernethy Cowles
Alfred Hutchinson Cowles
Frederick H Cowles
George P Cowles
Ione Virginia (Mrs Josiah E.) Cowles
William Barnum Cowles
Mary Stoddard (Mrs A.H.) Cowley
A Cox
Angie L Cox
Archibald Cox
Dora Harris (Mrs Douglas F) Cox
Douglas Farley Cox
Dr S E Cox
E T Cox
Elmer Cox
Frank P Cox
Harold Newton Cox
Henry Cox
J H Cox
James Middleton Cox
James S Cox
L N Cox
M L Cox
Martin Luther Cox
Michael Cox
Palmer Cox
Phoebe Armstrong Cox
Robert Sayre Cox
William J Cox
Alfred Conkling Coxe, Sr.
Eckley Brinton Coxe
Franklin Coxe
Edward Harris Coy
E Coyle
Mrs H Coyle
S C Coyle
Frank H Coyne
Jean Louis Bertrand Augustin Coyral-Lapradelie
H Cozens-Hardy
Marie Christine Cozzens
Sarah Hervey (Mrs Stanley T.) Cozzens
Stanley Thayer Cozzens
Charles C Crabb
C C Crabtree
J I Crabtree
John Craft
Mrs J F Craft
Anthony Crafton
Thomas Young Crafts
Wilbur Fisk Crafts
Edward F Cragin
James Thomas Cragin
Thomas Crahan
Alex Craig
Alex Craig, Jr.
Daniel H Craig
Edward Craig
Hugh H Craig
J D Craig
John Newton Craig, Jr.
William Harvey Craig
James B Craighead
A Craik
E L Crail
A P Cramer
Charles A Cramer
E C Cramer
G Cramer
H T Cramer-Roberts
H A Crammond
Charles Ward Crampton
Edward Cranch
Chester Delos Crandall
Dudley S Crandall
Eugene Merritt Crandall
Harlan Crandall, Jr.
W L Crandall
A B Crandell
A G Crane
Charles E Crane
Frank Crane
Frederick Crane
Halsted Crane
Mortimer Park Crane
Theron Insco Crane
W F Crane
William H Crane
William S Crane
J P Cranford
Robert Cranford
Alden Crankshaw
Henry Clay Cranston
James Albert Cranston
William Crapo
F Eugene Crassous
Joseph F Crater
Alfred Craven
Henry Smith Craven
Thomas Tingley Craven
Alexander Crawford
Charles H Crawford
Ernest V Crawford
Francis Marion Crawford
George E Crawford
James Crawford
John J Crawford
John W Crawford
John Crawford (Edison Employee)
John Crawford (Ford Motor Co)
Rebekah Crawford
Samuel A Crawford
T C Crawford
W Ritchie Crawford
William H Crawford
William Albert Crawford-Frost
George M Crawley, Jr.
J W Crawley
Thomas J Creasey
George Creel
George Willis Creelman
Helen Douglas (Mrs George W.) Creelman
James Creelman
James Ashmore Creelman
Charles K Cregier
H Creighton
James R Crenshaw
Capt Crenzinger
John Angel James Creswell
F E Cretterden
Robert Creuzbauer
James L Creveling
Fred Crewe
Frank Crisp
Peter B Crispell
F G Crist
Josephine Crist
William Crist
Francis Bacon Crocker
D Croese
William Augustus Croffut
George Croft
Richard Croker
Paul Henderson Cromelin
R F Cromelin
R Harry Crominger
Addie Crommelin
Rookes Evelyn Bell Crompton
David Cronin
R Harry Croninger
William H A Cronkhite
A L Crook
C B Crook
William Crook
John J Crooke
W J Crookes
William Crookes
Charles Cros
Charles W Crosby
Franklin Muzzy Crosby
George Crosby
Hiram B Crosby
Oscar T Crosby
Oscar Terry Crosby
W B Crosby
Walter Floyd Crosby
John H Crosier
Alan Crosland
J Heron Crosman
Charles Robert Cross
Fred J Cross
Harold H U Cross
J C Cross
J F Cross, Jr.
Louis John Crossley
Mrs Francis M Crossley
George Croston
George Crouch
Harold H Crouch
Daniel Nellis Crouse
George Washington Crouse
John Robert Crouse
Julia Munson Crouse
Martha Parsons (Mrs George W.) Crouse
Mary Robinson Crouse (Mrs David M. Mason)
E R Crow
William Morris Crowe
Benedict Crowell
Charles E Crowell
Eugene Crowell
John S Crowell
Joseph Edgar Crowell
James Crowley
Mary F Crowley
John Crown
Arent Schuyler Crowninshield
Henry Crowther
Samuel Crowther
David T Croxton
Homer Croy
Samuel A Crozer, Jr.
William Crozier
Samuel Crozu
Otto Cruewell
Edward A Cruikshank
John Cruikshank
Frank Crum
Liebert Crum
C W Crumbacker
Sylvester E Crumley
F E Cruttenden
Henry Chauncey Cryder
Hy Cubb
Michael Cudahy
Frank Culbertson
John Norcross Culbertson
James Kenmore Cullen
Richard S Culley
Julia Culp
E D Culver
F D Cummer
George Cumming
James Cumming
Amos Jay Cummings
George W Cummings
James Fulton Cummings
John P Cummings
Raymond King Cummings
W H Cummings
Clarence Cuningham
B S Cunningham
David H Cunningham
Florence E Cunningham
Frederick W Cunningham
J Harry Cunningham
Mrs J W Cunningham
R H Cunningham
Sarah Cunningham
T S Cunningham
Johannes H Cuntz
A M Cupples
W J Curd
Marie (Mrs Pierre) Curie
Pierre Curie
L C Curlin
James Ross Curran
John Curran
Katie Curran
C Currier
George W Currier
William W Currier
M L Curril
Amos Harvey Curry
J L Curry
John P Curry
Walter E Curt
Charles Curtis
Charles Gordon Curtis
Cyrus Hermann Kotzschmar Curtis
David A Curtis
Frank W Curtis
George M Curtis
George Ticknor Curtis
George W Curtis
John C Curtis
Kate Stanwood (Mrs Cyrus H.K.) Curtis
Leonard Eager Curtis
Smith Curtis
U B Curtis
William Eleroy Curtis
William J Curtis
C Curtiss
D Z Curtiss
George W Curtiss
Glenn Hammond Curtiss
L R Curtiss
Nathan Alfred Curtiss
George Nathaniel Curzon
Lord Cushendun
Cushing (Banker)
F W Cushing
Frank Hamilton Cushing
William Lee Cushing
Allerton Seward Cushman
John Cushman
Mrs M Ames Cushman
Elizabeth Bacon (Mrs George Armstrong) Custer
Robert Lancelot Cuthbert
Charles Frederic Cutler
Edward James Cutler
Ephraim Cutter
Manley B Cutter
E M Cutting
Hiram Adolphus Cutting
James De Wolf Cutting
Robert Livingston Cutting
Robert Livingston Cutting III
Robert Livingston Cutting, Jr.
Starr Willard Cutting
Walter Cutting
Charles Cuttriss
George W Cutts
Arturo Cuyas
Bill Cyr
Louis J Czajka
Julius D\'Alessandro
Ellen Burrell Gibson D\'Apery
H D\'Apery
H A D\'Arcy
Edward D\'Auberjon
Louis C D\'Homergue
Georges D\'Infreville
Albert F D\'Oench
Louis D\'Oliveira
Richard D\'Oyly Carte
George D\'Utassy
J C Da Costa, Jr.
J Carlos Da Silveira
Mrs Da Vega
Leonardo Da Vinci
C T Dabney
Arthur H Dadmun
Leo Daft
Mabel Potter Dagget
John Daggett
Thomas Dagless
R N Dahlberg
J B Dailey
James Dakers
David Dale
John Garvin Dale
Dan Dalghish
A Dalgleish
Vernon Dalhart
Albert Dalin
A Dall\'Eco
George Mifflin Dallas
Henry C Dallett
Alfred Henry Charles Dalley
Charles M Dally
Charles Thompson Dally
Clarence M Dally
Mrs Clarence M Dally
Theodore A Dally
George F Dalton
Jack Dalton
John Call Dalton
Tolbert Percy Dalton
B E Daly
Charles Patrick Daly
Eugene Vincent Daly
John D Daly
John J Daly
Marie A Daly
Michael Daly
P C Daly
Alice L Dame
Cyril Francis Damon
Harry Sumner Damon
William Emerson Damon
Walter Johannes Damrosch
John C Damton
Takuma Dan
Charles Anderson Dana
Charles L Dana
Edward Salisbury Dana
James Dwight Dana
John Cotton Dana
Mrs Scudder H Danagh
Cornelius J Danaher
Henry Gregg Danby
Albert Whitney Danforth
Charles A Danforth
Richard O Danforth
Anna Jennings Daniel
Thomas Cushing Daniel
Arthur Daniell
John Frederic Daniell
Addie Worth (Mrs. Josephus) Daniels
Alice Daniels
Josephus Daniels
Lee G Daniels
Walter A Daniels
Carl H Danielson
Holger Dankirk
Paul Edward Dannenman
Albert Cary Danner
Paul Danner
Allan Danvers
G A Darby
Thomas A Darby
Alfred H Darker
Edward A Darling
Frank L Darling
Henry W Darling
Jay Norwood Darling
Lloyd Edward Darling
Martha M Darling
R E Darling
Robert Darling
Charles A Darlton
Francis Darr
Russell R Darr
Charles Gobrecht Darrach
William Darrach
Georges Darrieus
Marc Darrin
George Darsie
A C Dart
Arthur Hurd Dart
Mary G Dart
A G Darwin
Charles Darwin
Francis Darwin
Horace Darwin
Giusceppi Dassi
Albert Daub
Burton P Daugherty
Dr T Daugherty
Elizabeth Balcom Daugherty
W J Daugherty
John Daum
A Davarne
Solomon Barrett Davega
Edgar L Davenport
Russell Wheeler Davenport
William E Davenport
Randall Vernon Davey
Richard Patrick Boyle Davey
Warren Davey
Gaston David
Thomas B A David
Samuel P Davidge
William H Davidge
Charles H Davids
R S B Davids
A E Davidson
B M Davidson
Edward E Davidson
Edward E Davidson
George L O Davidson
George T Davidson
Gratia Elizabeth Davidson
Gustav Davidson
J A Davidson
J C Davidson
J H Davidson
R G Davidson
William Norman Lascelles Davidson
Acton Davies
Clara Novello Davies
Elmor Davies
Henry J Davies
I N Davies
L A Davies
Merlin Davies
Mr Davies
W Davies
W J Davies
W P Davies
R N Daviez
Davis (Edison Employee)
A C Davis
Abial Brown Davis
Albert Gould Davis
Alfred Davis
Arthur Breese Davis
Augusta Humphrey (Mrs Calvin V) Davis
Augustine Davis
Augustus Gransvoort Davis
B H Davis
C Davis
C D Davis
C L Davis
Charles Bridge Davis
Charles F Davis
Charles H Davis
E B Davis
E H Davis
Edmund Davis
Edward Davis
Edward H Davis
Edwin B Davis
F Harley Davis
George C Davis
George R Davis
Harry Davis
Harvey Nathaniel Davis
Henry C Davis (New York)
Henry C Davis (Pittsburgh)
Isaac H Davis
J M Davis
John D Davis
John H Davis (Maine)
John H Davis (New York)
John William Davis
Joseph Warren Davis
Josephine F Davis
L Davis
L H Davis
Lillian Davis
Mary A Davis
Minor Meek Davis
Oscar King Davis
Owen Warren Davis, Jr.
R M Davis
Richard Harding Davis
Roy Henry Davis
Sam Davis
Sidney R Davis
T H Davis
Theodore R Davis
Vernon Mansfield Davis
Virginia L Davis
W B Davis
W R Davis
William B Davis
William C Davis
Charles Davison
F B Davison
Henry Pomeroy Davison
S M Davison
Henry Lawrence Davisson
Humphry Davy
Peter Dawe
Charles Gates Dawes
E C Dawes
Henry Laurens Dawes
James Searle Dawley
Edward Rowland Dawson
N E Dawson
T B Dawson
A G Day
Charles Healy Day
David Talbot Day
George E Day
George H Day
George Parmly Day
Hanna A Day
Horace H Day
Joseph Paul Day
Lucy E Day
Martin H Day
Mildred Day
N Day, Jr.
R R Day
W L Day
William Rufus Day
Wilson Miles Day
John Havens Dayton
Michele De Angelis
D H De Bauu
Louis De Bebian
J De Benedetti
Bertrand De Bernyz
Charles Richmond De Bevoise
Titus De Bobula
Mr De Boeb
William Boucher De Bouckerville
Ida Mary (Mrs Nathan) De Bree
Nathan De Bree
Ernst De Brunn
W H De Camp
William Scott De Camp
E De Castro
Ernesto A De Castro
Hector De Castro
W De Castro
Theodore A De Clerac
Rudolph De Cordova
Henry De Fleurigny
Etienne De Fodor
Arnaud De Foiard
D W De Forest
Harriet F De Forest
Henry Swift De Forest
Lee De Forest
Abram Brougham De Frece
G J De Garmo
W J De Geus
Mr De Goeyen
Jose De Gorostizaga
W H De Graff
W De Grafft
Peter Voorhees De Graw
Francis De Gress
B De Guerville
Charles A De Hart
F A De Hart
Mr De Haven
A E De Hoch
A Lyle De Jarnette
Courtenay De Kalb
Marie De Kyzer
Jose N De La Cerda
Mrs Jose N De La Cerda
Jelie De La Nativite
Demetrio P De La Riva
Joseph R De Lamar
Lorillard De Lancey
Mrs A J De Lancy
H A De Lander
Birch W De Lappe
S De Laszcrynski
E T De Loach
Robert John Henderson De Loach
George Washington De Long
Paul De Loye
Giuseppe De Luca
Calvin B De Malmedy
Joseph De Mars
E De Mayer
Myria De Mayer
Agnes E De Monde
John Brewer De Motte
Bernardo De Muro
Antonio F De Navarro
Jose Francisco De Navarro
W J De Poincy
W N De Puy
Thomas De Quincey
Julius De Reuter
Marie-Louise De Ribancourt
Frank S De Ronde
Prof De Ryce
P B De Schweinitz
Hermann De Selding
George De Solome
A De St Chamas
F G De Stone
H M De Thysebaert
V De Tramise
T H De Vausney
Francisco I De Vildosola
Benjamin F De Voe
Hugo De Vries
Bertha A De Wit
A H De Witt
W E De Witt
Meichel H De Young
Eugenio De Zuccato
Etienne De Zuylen
Charles H Deacon
William Joseph Dealy
C W Dean
Charles L Dean
Edward Owen Dean
Edward W Dean
Elizabeth Dean
Harry E Dean
John Dean, Jr.
L L Dean (Chicago)
L L Dean (Philadelphia)
Mrs M J Dean
William Warren Dean
William Hope Dean
Harry T Deane
Mr Deane
William Deans
Fred E Dearborn
George Van Ness Dearborn
J E Dearborn
M C Dearing
A Debens
Eugene Victor Debs
Claude Debussy
A DeCastro
Francois Dechelette
C L Decker
C M Decker
Charles A Decker
John Decker
L H Decker
Peter Kells Dederick
Charles Force Deems
Frank Melville Deems
M L Deering
Othel Rochelle (Red) Deering
Alice M Deetham
J W Deetrick
William C Degraw
Thomas Dehoney
Alfred C Deiler
Frank Eugene Deitlin
Joaquin Del Calvo
Antonio Del Castillo
Jose Perez Del Castillo
Alexander Del Mar
Edward G Delaney
J G Delaney
Thomas E Delaney
Columbus Delano
Cora Heald Delano
Warren Delano II
George W Delany
Harry J Delany
Patrick Bernard Delany
S J Delgado
Thomas W Dell
Marie Delna
Demant (Edison Employee)
Miss Demarest
Peter Demarest
William Henry Steele Demarest
Mrs B Deming
Henry C Demming
A J Dempsey
Peter Dempsey
F Dempster
George Dempster
John Thomas Dempster
Lord Denbigh
Charles Denby
Sandor Denes
Mr Denis
Arthur Elmer Denison
Charles Denison
Ella Strong (Mrs Charles) Denison
Elsa Denison
George Taylor Denison
Henry L Denison
Joseph F Denison
Garfield Denius
Walter Matthias Denman
T J Denne
Cornelius Dennehy
Arthur Wilson Dennen
Fred A Dennett
Mary Coffin Ware Dennett
Charles Denney
Dorothy Dennis
Helen Dennis (Mrs Jack Ewing)
Warren E Dennis
Edgar W Dennison
Robert Evans Dennison
W N Dennison
Van Buren Denslow
James Densmore
Frank Denton
Harry M Denton
James N Denton
William S Denton
Miss A M Denves
John W Deodens
Chauncey Mitchell Depew
David Ayres Depue
Oscar B Depue
George Derby
Orville A Derby
Maximilian Deri
John F Derr
M L Derteano
J C Des Granges
W A Desborough
Fernand Desbriere
Fred J Desch
Robert Desha
Charles Deshler
Firmin Vincent Desloge
John McIlvaine Desloge
A Despras
Simon Dessau
Emmy Destinn
Frank Detlef, Jr.
L Dettler
Benjamin Horning Detwiler
Thomas C Detwiler
Deusinger (Edison Employee)
L A Dever
Andrew Devine
H A Devine
John H Devine
John T Devine
Mrs Paul F Devine
John S Devlin
L H DeVoe
George F DeVol
Frederick C Devonald
Julia Miller (Mrs Frederick C.) Devonald
Duke of Devonshire
Robert W Devonshire
James R Devor
Bernard DeVry
James Dewar
Bradley Dewey
Frederic Perkins Dewey
George Dewey
J W Dewey
John Dewey
Melvil Dewey
William P Dewey
Peter Dexheimer
Walter C Dexter
Charles E Dey
Frederic Merrill Van Rensselaer Dey
L M Dey
James Dezarnaulds
Francesco Di Pasqua
Bernard Diamant
Carmen Rubio (Mrs Porfirio) Diaz
Porfirio Diaz
Ernest Dichman
Albert Blake Dick
Herman Ernest Dick
Kenneth W Dick
Allen A Dicke
Charles Dickens
Francis M Dickenson
Edward Nicoll Dickerson
Edward Nicoll Dickerson, Jr.
Howard H Dickerson
M Dickerson
John Jay Dickey
Willliam E Dickey
Charles Dickinson
David T Dickinson
Don M Dickinson
Edward Dickinson
Emmet Dickinson
J Dickinson
L A Dickinson
Oliver Booth Dickinson
Walter B Dickinson
William H Dickinson
Andrew Dickson
Antonia K L Dickson
George D Dickson
Henry D Dickson
Lucie Agnes (Mrs William K. L.) Dickson
William Kennedy Laurie Dickson
C W Dieckmann
P Diehl
Samuel B Diehl
J Diener
Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel
Charles W Dietrich
Paul Dietrich
Frank E Dietzel
H H Differdenfer
John Diggles
C P Dilk
Charles F Dilke
James Brownrigg Dillard
S D Dillaye
I S Dillingham, Jr.
Howard P Dillistin
Willard Dillman
Clarence Dillon
Clarence Douglas Dillon
Mrs Henry Dillon
Thomas A Dillon
Frank Dilnot
A W Dilts
S N Dimbleby
Eric Adolphus Dime
Mrs Charles M Dimis
J M Dimmick
Anthony Weston Dimock
Arthur H Dimock
Edward P Dinan
Minnie Dingee
S K Dingle
A W Dingman
E M Dingman
Leland Dinon
William Dinwiddie
William Walter Dinwiddie
Peter Dinzey
A A Dion
Charles Dion
F Dippel
Andrew Jackson Disbrow
Benjamin Disraeli
Abram Jesse Dittenhoefer
Paul M Diver
John Alden Dix
Henry E Dixey
Helen Dixon
James Dixon
Joseph H F Dixon
M J Dixon
Nellie Dixon
Theron Soliman Eugene Dixon
Wesley Dixon
Annie K Doak
Rachel Edison Doak
William Edison Doak
J W Doan
Robert Eachus Doan
Elizabeth A Doane
G A Doane
Douglas Dobbins
John W Dobbins
Mr Dobbins
W M Dobbins
Selma F Dobridge
Lew Dockstader
Dodd (Edison Employee)
Charles Edgar Dodd
David A Dodd
George F Dodd
Mrs Bayard Dodd
N H Dodd
Samuel H Dodd
W E Dodd
Bayard Dodge
Charles Cleveland Dodge
Cleveland Hoadley Dodge
E W Dodge
Eben G Dodge
G B Dodge
H F Dodge
H L Dodge
Ira Jacob Dodge
James Mapes Dodge
Katherine Gray Dodge
L P Dodge
Mary Mapes Dodge
Nellie (Mrs Burdette L.) Dodge
Robert J Dodge
Walter Dodge
William C Dodge
Joseph Howard Dodson
Louis Doelling
Frank A Doeringer
Alfred W Doerx
Hilton J Doggett
Stanley Doggett
Henry L Doherty
Robert J Doherty
James Pietrie Doig
William S Doig
Beatrice Dolan
Michael Martin Dolan
Thomas Dolan
Amos Emerson Dolbear
Frank K Dolbeer
Charles E Dole
F Arthur Dole
R G Dolesi
Laban James Dollins
M F Dolphin
Fred R Dolsen
W O Dolsen
James Domville
Alvin Victor Donahey
J T Donald
John A Donald
J A Donaldson
John Donaldson
Thomas B Donaldson
Julius Donath
George Donegan
Mrs Donelson (Miller Family Friend)
R H Donnelley
Ignatius Loyola Donnelly
P E Donner
John Peter Donohoe
Charles Donohue
W B Donoko
J P Donovan
John T Donovan
Joseph S Donovan
Miss Donovan (Baby Nurse)
Mrs William L Donovan
Thomas B Donovan
C H Donsaft
W J Donshea
Katherine Dooley
Thomas Benjamin Doolittle
William H Doolittle
John Doran
W U Doran
Edward A Dore
Charles Avery Doremus
Robert Ogden Doremus
Thomas C Doremus, Jr.
D Doren
Frank Dorian
M Dorian
Harry Gaylord Dorman
J Hubert Dormer
Lee Dornberg
E H Dorr
J C Dorr
John Van Nostrand Dorr
N M Dorr
Russell R Dorr
H B Dorrance
Edward Bates Dorsey
Susan Miller Dorsey
Edmond Dorval
John Randolph Dos Passos
Louis Hays Dos Passos
John Frank Dostal
J A Dotson
A J Doty
Ethan Allen Doty
George A Doty
John Doty
Abner Doubleday
Florence (Mrs Frank N.) Doubleday
Frank Nelson Doubleday
Harry Mather Doubleday
Elmer Ellsworth Dougherty
Horace N Dougherty
Hugh B Dougherty
John H Dougherty
W P Dougherty
William H Dougherty
Dorothy G Douglas
Edwin M Douglas
F A Douglas
H C Douglas
J P Douglas
Martha Virginia Douglas
Stephen Arnold Douglas
W G Douglas
Edward Douglas-Pennant (Baron Penrhyn)
Alice Bontecou (Mrs Robert D.) Douglass
Benjamin Douglass, Jr.
Carol Douglass
Eva Burke (Mrs Robert D.) Douglass
J Walter Douglass
John Watkinson Douglass
Leon Forrest Douglass
Marion S Douglass
Mary Stone (Mrs Benjamin) Douglass
Payson Stone Douglass
R S Douglass
Robert Dun Douglass
Robert Graham Dun Douglass
William H Douty
Albert Freeman Dow
Alex Dow
Peter A Dowd
Thomas Dowd
Wilber Dowlin
North Dowling
Robert W Dowling
Wilfred Sebastian Dowling
Alfred Sayre Downer
Anne Downer
David R Downer
James Downey
A C Downing
George H Downing
J W Downing
Sydney L Downing
Arthur Conan Doyle
Edward John Doyle
Harry Wadsworth Doyle
James V Doyle
Lena McCarthy Doyle
Michael Doyle
F W Dra Goo
Bernard Mervyn Drake
D E Drake
E A Drake
F E Drake
Frank Drake
L M Drake
Samuel Adams Drake
Anna Palmer (Mrs Henry) Draper
Daniel Draper
George Draper
Henry Draper
John William Draper
Morgan Draper
Daniel Drawbaugh
H S Drayton
James Dredge
Ludwig Dreier
Margaret Dreis
William Dreisbach
Theodore Dreiser
Louis Drescher
George B Dresher
Albert W Dresser
Marie Dressler
Sigmund B Dressler
A A Drew
Charles Verner Drew
Charles Wallace Drew
Edward W Drew
George Franklin Drew
John B Drew
John Drew, Jr.
Prentiss Warner Drew
William E Drew
William J Drew
G W Drewke
Anthony Joseph Drexel
Charles Dreydel
Camille Edouard Dreyfus
Louis Dreyfus
Moise Dreyfus
Albert Dreyfuss
L S Driggs
F E Driscole
Daniel H Driscoll
Timothy Driscoll
A J Driver
William Raymond Driver
Max Drott
Alonzo J Drummond
Mr Drummond
G E Drury
John Fairfield Dryden
Augustus Jay Du Bois
C H Du Bois
Henri Pene Du Bois
R G Du Bois
Emil Heinrich Du Bois-Reymond
Edward Du Chateau
Theodose Du Moncel
Cyprien Marie Tessie Du Motay
Alfred Irenee Du Pont
Thomas Coleman Du Pont
M L F Du Puy de Nartus
Lewis G Du Vall
John Duall
C Dubois
A C Duckett
William J Duckworth
G W Dudderar
Benjamin B Dudley
Cassins Dudley
Charles Benjamin Dudley
Edmond R Dudley
Frank Alonzo Dudley
Irving Bedell Dudley
S F Dudley
Arthur Baldwin Duel
Charles Holland Duell
Rodolphus Holland Duell
Francis Duenwald
E Dueretet
H J Dufferin
Edward F Duffy
James Patrick Bernard Duffy
John De Lacey Duffy
M L Dufour
Daniel A Dugan
George M Dugan
Thomas Joseph Duggan
James F Duhig
W P Duickla
Charles Wesley Duke
John Duke
Andrew Jackson Dull
Alexandre Dumas
Francois Guillaume Dumas
Alfred Dun
James K Dunbar
John Dunbar
C W Duncan
Harry L Duncan
J C Duncan
J H Duncan
James Duncan
Louis Duncan
Raymond Duncan
Robert H Duncan
Samuel Augustus Duncan
W P Duncan
Walter Duncan
William Alexander Duncan
William L Duncan
Hubbard H Duncklee
C L Dunderdale
Frederick A Duneka
Newton Dungan
Ann M Dunham
Austin C Dunham
David B Dunham
Florence A Dunham
George H Dunham
S P Dunkel
E C Dunlap
Frank M Dunlap
John Robertson Dunlap
Maurice Pratt Dunlap
R Dunlap
S M Dunlap
Samuel P Dunlap
Arthur S Dunlop
John B Dunlop
Dunn (Vulcanite Portland Cement Co employee)
Arvilla Emma Caroline Dunn
Clifford E Dunn
D W Dunn
Edgar M Dunn
Gano Sillick Dunn
Horace Alan Dunn
Hugh S Dunn
J H Dunn
J W Dunn
Tom Dunn
William J Dunn
Finley Peter Dunne
Frank Dunnell
B S Dunning
Carroll H Dunning
Nathaniel Dunphy
J G Dunscomb
Beatrice Dunwoody
M Duperow
Jules Dupouy
Charles M Duprey
J Durand
Nelson C Durand
William Frederick Durand
E W Durant, Jr.
George F Durant
Harrison Durant
E P Durell
Emile Durer
Gunter Durer
B Arthur Durham
R L Durham
T R Durham
D Durkee
Harrison Durkee
Edmund Lawrence Durkin
Joseph A Durkin
Bernard J Durning
Archibald D Durrant
D Durrough
J H Durston
Harold Lawson Duryea
Edward Duryee
Edward Henry Duryee
G Duryee
J P Dusenbery
Caroline Dusenbury
Gustave Dutaud
C Dutoit
G N Dutti
Edgar Fulton Dutton
G H Dutton
Joseph Dutton
Samuel Train Dutton
W Dutton
George Duval
Edward S Duvall, Jr.
Elbridge G Duvall, Jr.
L Duvinage
John W Duxbury
William H Dwelly, Jr.
Harvey Prentice Dwight
John Dwight
Mrs M Dwyer
Gustav Dyckerhoff
Derrick O Dyer
Dominick Dyer
Frank Lewis Dyer
George Leland Dyer
George Palmer Dyer
George W Dyer
Isaac Tillman Dyer
Josiah W Dyer
Leonard Huntress Dyer
Mary Gordon (Mrs Richard N.) Dyer
Paul D Dyer
Philip Sidney Dyer
Richard Nott Dyer
Richard Nott Dyer (Estate)
Richard Taylor Dyer
Herbert H Dyke
William Dykeman
J Dyle
George Miller Dyott
Philip Charles Dyrenforth
George A Dyson
Richard Eades
James Buchanan Eads
Alberta Stedman Eagan
Edwin Eagles
Hayden Eames
J W Eames
L H Eames
A Earl
Alfred I Earl
Elizabeth F Earl
David Prince Earle
Ellis Potter Earle
Ferdinand Pinney Earle
J A Earle
Lucien Earle
Ralph Earle
Albert J Earling
J Cornelius Earll
J Melvin Early
D L Earnest
Donna Easley
Dolph Eastman
George Eastman
R B Eastman
Edward Denison Easton
J W Easton
William J Easton
Asahel K Eaton
B V Eaton
E L Eaton
George S Eaton
H Eaton
Henry Morris Eaton
Henry W Eaton
Mrs Frank A Eaton
Sherburne Blake Eaton
W H Eaton
Albert G Eaves
Winslow P Eayors
Miss Ebbert (Nurse)
Thomas Ebdell
Adolph Olson Eberhart
Edward Walter Eberle
Elliot Eberly
J H Eby
N L Eby
Thomas C E Ecclesine
S A Echols
Peter Quick Eckerson
Howard Haines Eckert
Thomas Thompson Eckert
Walter Lewis Eckert
William H Eckert
S P Ecki
James Eckles
Nellie (Mrs James) Eckles
V B Eckson
W R Eddington
Arthur Jerome Eddy
J Arthur Eddy
Mrs H S Eddy
Spencer Eddy
William Abner Eddy
William B Eddy
W R Edelen
Henry Edelhauser
Harry L Edelson
Charles Leavitt Edgar
Graham Edgar
Grant E Edgar
Harry Thomas Edgar
R J Edgars
Alfred Edgarton
Walter Evans Edge
G H Edgerly
E D Edgerton
H H Edgerton
N H Edgerton
Absolom Oscar Edison
Ann Osterhout (Mrs Theodore M.) Edison
Anna Elizabeth Edison
Beatrice Heyzer (Mrs Thomas A. Jr) Edison
Blanche Travers (Mrs William L.) Edison
Carlile Snow Edison
Carolyn Hawkins (Mrs Charles) Edison
Carrie May Edison
Charles Edison
Charles Oscar Edison
Charles Pitt Edison
Charles Edison (cousin)
David Edison
Deborah Ann Edison
Edith Clarissa Edison
Eliza Smith Edison
Elizabeth Edison
Elizabeth Yokum Edison (Grandmother)
Ella Cook (Mrs Richard T.) Edison
Ellen Holihan (Mrs William P.) Edison
Fordice Warner Edison
Frances Edison
Frank Edison
Frank P Edison
George M Edison
Gladys Edison
Grace W Edison
Harriet Ann Edison
Harry Edison
Harry James Edison
Hazel Edison
Helen Gladys Edison
Henry M Edison
Hester Smith (Mrs Thomas) Edison
Homer Page Edison
Inez M Edison
Jacob Cerenus Edison
John McEwan Edison
John Edison (Cousin)
John Edison (Great Grandfather)
Julia Andrus Tilden (Mrs Simeon O.) Edison
Lewis Watson Edison
Mabel Clare Edison
Madeleine Edison
Mahlon Burwell Edison
Marie Louise Toohey (Mrs Thomas A. Jr) Edison
Marietta Edison
Marion Estelle Edison
Marion N Edison
Marion Wallace Edison
Mary Ann Edison
Mary Sharlow (Mrs Samuel O.) Edison
Mary Stilwell (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison
Maurice Holmes Edison
Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison
Mina Miller Edison (Estate)
Minnie J (Mrs Calvin W.) Edison
Mrs E Edison
Nancy Elliott Edison (Mother)
Nellie Holihan Edison
Nellie Marion Edison (Mrs W.A. Poyer)
Nora Edison
Peregrine Maitland Edison
Rachel Edison
Richard Tilden Edison
Samuel Ogden Edison (Brother)
Samuel Ogden Edison (Father)
Samuel Ogden Edison (Grandfather)
Sarah Jane Edison
Sarah Ogden Edison (Great Grandmother)
Simeon Ogden Edison
Snow Edison
Theodore Alfred Edison
Theodore Miller Edison
Thomas Alva Edison
Thomas Alva Edison (Estate)
Thomas Alva Edison, Jr.
Thomas S Edison
Thomas Edison (Cousin)
Thomas Edison (Great-Granduncle?)
Thomas Edison (Uncle)
William Leslie Edison
William Pitt Edison
John A Edman
Richard Hathaway Edmonds
Samuel Owen Edmonds
Joseph Edmondson
Henry Edmunds, Jr.
Walter Edmunds
George T Edson
Inez M Edson
James L Edson
Jarvis Borsted Edson
Joseph Romanzo Edson
M B Edson
Tracy Robinson Edson
Johannes Sigfried Edstrom
Edward VII (Prince of Wales and King of England)
Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor)
Arthur Mead Edwards
B V Edwards
E P Edwards
Emilie Edwards
G H Edwards
J H Edwards
James Thomas Edwards
John Richard Edwards
Jonathan Edwards
T S Edwards
Leonard G Edwardson
B Reimers Eenberg
Charles Efros
Charles Michael Egan
James J Egan
James Egan (Menlo Park)
James Egan (West Orange)
Patrick Egan
George Drew Egbert
N Egerstrom
Alan de Tatton Egerton
Henry Clifford Egerton
John G Eggert
Werner Eggerth
A O Eggis
Frank H Eggleston
Pursell Eggleston
R H Eggleston
Edward A Egglestone
Thomas Egleston
Henry Egloff
J M Egmond
Frederic Egner
Mr Egner
Archibald Hyde Ehle
Joseph A Ehns
Gustave Ehrandt
George Ehret
W Ehrhardt
H Ehrlich
Leo Ehrlich
Paul Ehrlich
R Ehrlich
Mary B Ehrmann
Edward A Eible
J S Eichelberger
Rudolph Eickemeyer
Alexandre Gustave Eiffel
Max Einhorn
Albert Einstein
Charles Eisele
John C Eisele
N Eisenlord
John Eitel
George M Eitemiller
Albert Ekstrom
William Elasker
A D Elbers
Leonard L Elden
F C Elder
Mary Elder
S K Elder
Thomas A Elder
M S Eldon
Horace H Eldred
Rolfe Eldredge
R F Eldridge
W E Eldridge
Eleonore (Queen of Bulgaria)
W H Elgee
Abraham Elguera
G E Elia
Nathan M Elias
Boyd Eliot
Charles William Eliot
Ellsworth Eliot
George Eliot
Elizabeth (Glenmont Parlor Maid)
Jose F Elizondo
George W Elkins
Jose P Ellacott
C Oscar Ellefson
Henry Watkins Ellerson
Ida Watkins Ellerson
Levi Richard Ellert
Walter M. Ellett
Julian O Ellinger
Charles O Ellingwood
A H Elliott
Ada Elliott
Alexander Elliott, Jr.
Alexander Elliott, Sr.
Arthur H Elliott
C B Elliott
David Elliott
Dorin Elliott
Ebenezer Matthews Elliott
Elizabeth Matthews Elliott (Mrs Winslow Balcom)
Eugene T Elliott
F C Elliott
Fannie Elliott
Frederick H Elliott
George Elliott
Gladys Elliott
Isaac Matthews Elliott
James Elliott
James Wilkinson Elliott
John Elliott
John Matthews Elliott
Leonard Elliott
Mercy Peckham (Mrs Ebenezer M.) Elliott
Nancy Matthews Elliott
Stephen Matthews Elliott
Sterling Elliott
T F Elliott
T R J Elliott
W St George Elliott
A J Ellis
Alexander John Ellis
Charles Ellis
Edwin Ellis
Ellery Ware Ellis
Mrs E A Ellis
Sidney Allan Ellis
E C Ellison
Grace Ellison
William B Ellison
George Ellsworth
Oliver Ellsworth
William W Ellsworth
Alexander Stanley Elmore
John N Elmore
Frederick Jacob Elsaesser
Edwin A Elsbach
Louis Elsberg
Nathaniel A Elsberg
Benjamin F Elson
Julius Elster
C W Elton
William Eltruigham
Frank Edwin Elwell
W D Elwell
John W Elwood
Advil B Ely
Charles H Ely
Clarissa E Ely
George W Ely
Robert Erskine Ely
James M Embree
Mary Emerich
J D Emersley
Charles Franklin Emerson
Guy Emerson
Mrs Lowe Emerson
Victor Hugo Emerson
A B Emery
Archibald Clarence Emery
Charles Edward Emery
Edward Emery
John R Emery
Stephen Albert Emery
W B Emery
W H Emery
William S Emery
William T Emery
Nathalie Emetaz
William Le Roy Emmet
David Emminger
George E Emmons
J F Emmons
J S Emmons
Lillie A Emmons
S A Emmons
Stephen N Emmons
William Harvey Emmons
Herman C Emrich
H Endermann
H C Endicott
William N Endin
A G Eneas
Mary C Engarde
G L Engel
H Engel
Mrs C M Engel
Charles Engelhard
William Peter Engelman
Christian Engisch
Frances F (Mrs. Isaac W) England
Isaac W England
George B Engle
Harry Perry Engle
Horace M Engle
J T Engle
Mary E Engle
O Engle
Robert H Engle
Stephen Decatur Engle
Willis D Engle
Conover English
George Letchworth English
John C English
Carl O Engstrom
O A Enholm
Henry J Ennis
W F Eno
Frank Enos
John Augustus Enos
Richard Edward Enright
George F Ensey
Jose O Enslew
Justus B Entz
Francis M Eppley
Marion Eppley
William Windsor Epps
Alonzo W Epright
Max Epstein
R P Epthwell
Hermann F T Erben
J H Erben
Maxwell Emory Erdofy
Joel Benedict Erhardt
Hugo Erichsen
John Ericsson
Mrs Lura L Eriksen
Abraham Lincoln Erlanger
Emil Erlanger
W T R Ernest
Victor H Ernst
Mr Ertmine
Frederick Condit Erwin
Frederic Brice Esler
Mr Esmond
Helen Louise Essen
Frank T Essig
Mr Estaban
Charles Elmer Estabrook
D H Estabrook
Henry Dodge Estabrook
A L Estep
Capt B E Estes
W D Estes
Joseph Garner Estill
A E Estler
Albert Estler
Leonidas Bernard Estopinal
Alfred Eteson
Arthur D Eteson
Ethel (Servant)
Robert Etris
R W Etter
William Ettinger
Mr Euberg
G W Euker
E L Evan-Thomas
Archibald Sidney Evans
Carrie Belle Hendry (Mrs Edward L.) Evans
E Evans
Earl Evans
Edward Lewis Evans
Elizabeth A Evans
Ellsworth Evans
Forrest Edison Evans
Frank Evans
Frank E Evans
G T Evans
George F Evans
George S Evans
Henry G Evans
Howard Salisbury Evans
J D Evans
James Evans
Joseph Evans
L E Evans
Lemuel E Evans
Louis M Evans
Mrs A W Evans
Robley Dunglison Evans
W N Evans
W W Evans
William Maxwell Evarts
Charles Edward Eveleth
William Everdell, Jr.
Henry E Everding
Alexander Leo Everett
Edward Everett
George Everett
J B Everett
Franklin Everhart
James M Everhart
P Everitt
Clarence T Eward
Hamilton Glover Ewart
James Ewen
N J Ewing
O W Ewing
Oscar Ross (Jack) Ewing
Robert Ewing
Thomas Ewing III
Thomas Ewing, Jr.
Henry Exall
Culpepper Exum
George M Eyferth
Edward Eyre
Elisa Ainsworth (Mrs Edward) Eyre
Gladys Mary Eyre
Jack Eyre
Joseph Patrick Eyre
M K Eyre
Mary Eyre
Richard Eyre
William S Eyre
Sister Kathleen Eyre?
William Eyton
J Ewing Ezell
Egisto Paolo Fabbri
Lothar Washington Faber
H A Fabian
Charles Fabry
Paul Fabry
Benjamin F Fackenthal, Jr.
Frank Diehl Fackenthal
Frank D Fagan
G M Fague
William Fahnestock
C W Failor
James Graham Fair
Charles Elwood Fairbanks
Charles Warren Fairbanks
Douglas Fairbanks
George O Fairbanks, Jr.
Frank Fairburn
Albert Cecil Fairchild
C A Fairchild
C M Fairchild
David Grandison Fairchild
Richard Fairchild
Robert Fairchild
Samuel E Fairchild, Jr.
Ulysses Grant Fairfax
Francis Gerry Fairfield
Joseph Fairhall, Jr.
Francis E Fairman
Sadie B Faitonte
Benjamin J Falk
Elizabeth Louise Falk
F A Falk
Otto Herbert Falk
D Falkenstein
John Fallon
Thomas H Fallon
Dr W Fankhauser
Michael Faraday
Clarence B Fargo
E J Farkas
Charles B Farley
George W Farley
John Cardinal Farley
Thomas J Farley
Frank Malcom Farmer
Leona Boyd Farmer (Mrs Joseph Scranton)
Moses Gerrish Farmer
Sarah J Farmer
Henry M Farnam
Henry Walcott Farnam
Frank E Farnham
J H Farnham
S B Farnham
Charles Hazen Farnsworth
Erwin D Farnsworth
P E Farnsworth
Philip Farnsworth
Horace Brand Farquhar
E J Farr
Georgiana Harding Farr
Bethuel Clinton Farrand
Charles Farrand
Stanford Farrand
Charles O Farrar
Geraldine Farrar
Andrew J Farrell
Jim Farrell
John Farrell
John William Farrell
Willford Farrell
William J Farrell
Ellen (Nellie) Farren
D W C Farrington
John Farthing
D G Farwell
E S Farwell
Granger Farwell
John Villiers Farwell
W B Farwell
Terry Fary
Henry K Fass
William Blasins Fassbinder
Miss Fates
Aug Faubitz
H W Faucett
H C Faulkner
Herbert Waldron Faulkner
Linus Faunce
Camille Faure
Paul-Andre Favier
Pierre Antoine Favre
Col Fawcett
Henry Fawcett
James Waldo Fawcett
W G Fawcett
William H Faxon
Charles Norman Fay
William B Feakins
Frederick Tysoe Fearey
Jabez Fearey
William R Fearn
William Feather
Eugene Oscar Fechet
Herman C Fechheimer
J F Fechtenburg
Herman O Feederle
Luis L Fegers
Fehen (Edison Employee)
Frederick Morris Feiker
Theo Feilden
Rudolph Robert Feilding (Lord Denbigh)
R J Feist
K T Felder
Helen Leslie Jordan (Mrs Erwin J.) Feldes
Edward Dietrich Feldman
J R Fell
Lawrence T Fell
John Fraleigh Feller
John R Fellows
Joseph Fels
Edgar Conway Felton
G Felton
Samuel Morse Felton
Duc de Feltre
W B Felts
Hiram Felver
Isaac Fenn
Joseph E Fenn
Ernest A Fenton
John A Fenton
George Fenwick
Ferdinand I (Bulgaria)
A C Ferguson
David Ferguson
Elsie Ferguson
Israel Ferguson
J W Ferguson
James Ferguson
Louis Aloysius Ferguson
William P Ferguson
Yamon Gomah Fernan
Manuel Fernandez
Mrs E L Fernandez
H M Fernberger
D M S Fero
Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti
John Ferrari
Barr Ferree
Joseph L Ferrell
William F Ferrier
J Ferro
M B Ferry
Mr Ferry
Clementina Trenholme (Mrs Elisha J.) Fessenden
Elisha Joseph Fessenden
Reginald Aubrey Fessenden
Johann Fessenko
S Fetherman
B L Fetherolf
Jesse Walter Fewkes
William Fichter
Capt Fick
Frank E Fickes
William I Fickling
C B Fidlar
Clarence Everett Field
Cornelius J Field
Cyrus West Field
D W Field
David Dudley Field
Eugene Field
F O Field
Frank Russell Field
George Baker Field
Horace A Field
J E Field
Kate Field
Marshall Field
R M Field
R R Field
Stephen Dudley Field
James Fairman Fielder
P Fielding
W S Fielding
Fiess (Marion Edison\'s Neighbor)
Pietro M Figlio
Fred Figner
William Fillingham
J W Fillman
George E Filton
J L Finch
John W Finch
Marie Finch
Hugh Findlay
Alvin Irwin Findley
Charles Farquhar Findley
W C Findley
May Z Fine
Samuel Fine
H J Fink
Eugene Finkbeiner
William F Finlayson
John Huston Finley
William Wilson Finley
George H Finn
Myer Finn
Charles Emery Finney
Frank Finney
Giorgio Finzi
Ellen M Firebaugh
Harvey Samuel Firestone
Harvey Samuel Firestone, Jr.
Idabelle Smith (Mrs Harvey S.) Firestone
Russell Allen Firestone
Irene Firneis
John Firth
Fernand Fisch
Blanche D Fischer
Carl Fischer
Edward A Fischer
Ernest J Fischer
Frederick C Fischer
Henry Fischer (British Telegraph Service)
Henry Fischer (Michigan)
Isidore Fischer
Jake Fischer
G A Fischesser
Charles C Fish
Charles C R Fish
Fred A Fish
Frederick Perry Fish
J P Fish
R J Fish
B Franklin Fisher
Bud Fisher
Carl G Fisher
Charles W Fisher
Clara Warner Fisher
Clyde Fisher
E A Fisher
Edgar Jacob Fisher
Fred Bohn Fisher
George E Fisher
H Q Fisher
Irving Fisher
Joseph O Fisher
Joseph S Fisher
Mrs John Fisher
Oberstleutnant Fisher
Robert Jones Fisher
William James Fisher
Pliny Fisk
Willard Clinton Fisk
Bradley Allen Fiske
Charles H Fiske
Gertrude E Fiske
Thomas Scott Fiske
Conover Fitch
Derick H Fitch
Francis Fitch
Frederick K Fitch
George A Fitch
H A Fitch
Silas Hedding Fitch
George E Fitton
Miss B U Fitz Hugh
H G Fitz
Charles L W Fitzgerald
D J Fitzgerald
Edward M Fitzgerald
John Joseph Fitzgerald
Louis Fitzgerald
N W Fitzgerald
O D Fitzgerald
E FitzGibbon
H L Fitzgibbon
E Fitzherbert
Edward Everett Fitzhugh
C B Fitzmaurice
Edward Fitzpatrick
W R Fitzpatrick
Elisha Flagg
James Montgomery Flagg
Jared Bradley Flagg
Henry Morrison Flagler
Mary Flaherty
Charles Flammer
Annie Flanagan
John J Flanagan
David Flanery
Mr Flannery
Richard Fleischer
Ernst Fleischl
Julius W Fleischman
Herbert Fleishhacker
Mortimer Fleishhacker
Fleiss (Edison Employee)
Alfred W Fleming
Arthur Percy Morris Fleming
I Fleming
James Fleming
John Fleming
John Ambrose Fleming
John J Fleming
Michael Fleming
Mrs T Fleming
S H Fleming
W E Fleming
William S Fleming
Carl Flesch
Henry Flesh
A F Fletcher
Charles F Fletcher
Charles R Fletcher
Charles William Fletcher
D A Fletcher
Duncan Upshaw Fletcher
Elwin Fletcher
Frank Friday Fletcher
Theodore Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher
Victor S Fletcher
A L Fleury
Abraham Flexner
Simon Flexner
Lawrence F Flick
Paul Flicoteaux
Alfred Douglas Flinn
R W Flinn
Charles Ranlett Flint
Walter A Flint
A D Flintom
Theodore L Flood
Arturo Flores
Alvin F Florey
Julian Florian
Daniel Augustus Greene Floweree
Elizabeth (Mrs Daniel A.G.) Floweree
F G Floyd
Fanny Edison Floyd
H Floyd
Paul Flury
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
Thomas J Flynn
Ferdinand Foch
Mr Focht
William Foden
Etienne de Fodor
Frank Foell
Prof Foerster
Amanda Harter Fogle
Henry Clay Fogle
William Laurence Folds
Edna Foley
John M Foley
John R Foley
L B Foley
Martin J Foley
Alice Adele Folger
Charles James Folger
Henry Clay Folger, Jr.
Loraine Follett
O S Follett
M A Follman
George Herbert Follows
George Winthrop Folsom
Neill Suart Folsom
Abner Esgar Foltz
William Watts Folwell
Harry Fondersmith
Hippolyte Fontaine
A Fontana
Albert Edward Foote
Aug R S Foote
Augusta Matthews (Mrs Albert E.) Foote
Charles E Foote
Emerson Foote
Frederick W Foote
Leonard Foote
Lucius Harwood Foote
Marietta Foote
Theodore M Foote
Alexander Forbes
Bertie Charles Forbes
George Forbes
J P Forbes
William Hathaway Forbes
Johnston Forbes-Robertson
Marie B Forbrich
Howard J Force
John Joseph Force
Martin N Force
Bruce Ford
Clara Bryant (Mrs Henry) Ford
Edsel Bryant Ford
Eleanor Clay (Mrs Edsel B.) Ford
Emma L Ford
F S Ford
H C Ford
H L Ford
Henry Ford
J Edward Ford
J S Ford
William F Ford
J N Fordyce
Foreman (Inspector)
Henry James Forman
John Wien Forney
John Wien Forney, Jr.
Carl von Forrel
J D Forrest
James Forrest
P C Forrester
W M Forstan
Frank Joseph Forster
W G Forster
Thomas A Forsyth
Franklin William Fort
Greta Fort
Helen Osmun (Mrs Leslie R.) Fort
John Franklin Fort
Leslie Runyon Fort
C R Forth
John W Fortune
Felipe Fortuno
William B Forwood
Harry Emerson Fosdick
Eugene Noble Foss
James O Foss
Anna Story Foster
Anna Story (Mrs T. Newton) Foster
C E Foster
C M Foster
Charles E Foster
Clement S Foster
Emory Foster
Flossie Marie Foster
Frederic de Puyster Foster
G W Foster
George B Foster
James Foster
John O Foster
John Watson Foster
Newton Story Foster
O R Foster
Randolph Sinks Foster
Scott Foster
Thomas Jefferson Foster
Thomas Newton Foster
Washington Young Foster, Jr.
William Elmore Foster
William Trufant Foster
Louis-Alexander Foucher de Careil
Hermann Fougner
Charles D Foulkes
S D Foulkes
S D Fouquet
Georges Fournier
Stephen Fournier
G Foussat
John C Fowle
Annie Fowler
Charles Newell Fowler
Charles Wesley Fowler
Edward Fowler
Frank T Fowler
George Bingham Fowler
George Ryerson Fowler
John Fowler
Orson Squire Fowler
S N Fowler
W Fowler
Byron L Fox
Charles James Fox
Edward Fox
Edwin M Fox
Fontaine Fox
Francis Fox
Frank H Fox
Frederick P Fox
Henry Wilson Fox
James W Fox
John M Fox
Lillian Fox (Mrs Phillip Igoe)
Maurice E Fox
Mr (KDKA radio) Fox
Samuel L Fox
William Fox
William A Fox
James Edgar Foxworthy
Frederick Fraley
Thomas Frame-Thomson
Henry W Frampton
Edward E Franchot
C Francis
David Rowland Francis
H W Francis
Henry M Francis
W C Francis
William H Francis
Hans A Franck
C Francke
Reginald Francklyn
J C Franfwine
Frank (Glenmont Gardener)
Alexander Frank
Karl Georg Frank
L George Frank
Leo Max Frank
Gustav Franke
Henry Franke
O G Franke
Benjamin Franklin
J E Franklin
Leo Morris Franklin
M Franklin
Theodore Franklin
Walter P Franklin (Mayor)
H Mortimer Franklyn
Nahan Franko
Jerome Anderson Quay Franks
Joseph K Franks
Ralph Charlton Franks
Robert Augustus Franks
Robert Augustus Franks, Jr.
Franz Ferdinand (Austria-Hungary)
Franz Joseph (Austria-Hungary)
A C Frary
A W Fraser
Arthur Fraser
G B Fraser
J H Fraser
James Earl Fraser
M A Fraser
Mary Crawford (Mrs Hugh) Fraser
Henry Fredric Frasse
C B Frayer
Everett Frazar
Everett Welles Frazar
John Frazer
Persifor Frazer
Robert Frazer
Thomas Frazer
Harry Frazier
A A Frederick
Joseph De Mott Fredericks
L D Fredericks
Walter Emil Fredericks
C F Fredrickson
E J Freedly
C J Freeland
Caroline J Freeland
Mrs J W Freeland
W T Freeland
A DuBois Freeman
Emmons S Freeman
Frank L Freeman
George S Freeman
H Freeman (London)
H Freeman (Ohio)
J Freeman
John L Freeman
Joseph Freeman
Manning Freeman
Mary E Freeman
Minnie Freeman
Ralph Lindsay Freeman
Walter K Freeman
Walter W Freeman
Weldon Winans Freeman
George Freemantle
E N Freiberger
Calvin T Freid
Frederick Frelinghuysen
Frederick Theodore Frelinghuysen
Joseph Sherman Frelinghuysen
Jessie Benton Fremont
William Eagleton Frenaye, Jr.
Addie B French
G B French
George French
H M French
Mary Richardson French
Norman R French
S G French
Wilfred A French
William C French
William W French
Court Freshel
Owen Alfred Frey
Henry Clay Frick
Henry Edgeworth Frick
Otto Frick
William C Frick
August Friedel
A A Friedenstein
Oscar O Friedlaender
Harry Meyer Friend
Taylor Frierson
Amos Alfred Fries
Henry Elias Fries
Jons Elias Fries
William Friese-Greene
Julien Pierre Friez
Samuel Hanna Frisbee
William Frishmuth
Andrew Friske
Charles Clifford Fritcher
Charles Edward Fritcher
Lee Fritcher
Roy Fritcher
Vera (Mrs C. Clifford) Fritcher
C A Frith
Stewart Fritts
John Fritz
Daniel Frohman
Arnold Froidevaux
W M Frome
Edna Fromm
James J Fronheiser
A G Frost
A J Frost
Arthur Cecil Frost
Edward D Frost
H H Frost
J D Frost
Lowell C Frost
M H Frost
S E Frost
William Goodell Frost
Arthur Lincoln Frothingham
Albert Fry
Edward Fry
George C Fry
Gladys Gordon Fry
William Albert Frye
Julius Fuchs
William G Fuerth
Ichisuke Fujioka
Genkichi Fujisawa
Felix Fuld
William Freeland Fullam
A N Fuller
George Warren Fuller
Henry Jones Fuller
James B Fuller
James Wheeler Fuller
Julian L Fuller
Mary Fuller
Rachel Fuller
S E Fuller
Verdi E B Fuller
H C Fulton
John Fulton, Jr.
William Fulton
Marion Thompson Funk
T A Funnell
Hugh M Funston
Frank P Furlong
G B Furman
Vincent Edwin Furnas
Harry Furniss
Samuel E Furry
Madame Fursch-Madi
Seymour Furth
Colin C H Fyffe
H and J Gabel
J D Gabel
A H Gaberel
Gabler (Phonograph Demonstrator)
Arthur C Gabler
Emile Gaboriau
Gabor R Gabriel
Gerhard Gade
Paul Gadot
Hazel B Gaff
Sister Joseph Marie (Elizabeth) Gaffney
A S Gage
J P Gage
Charles E Gager
Charles Stuart Gager
James L Gaines
William D Gaines
Henry Jacques Gaisman
William R Gaither
John Galberry
James W Galbraith
Robert M Galbraith
Adolph F Gall
Barclay Gallagher
Daniel Francis Gallagher
H J Gallagher
J D Gallagher
E D Gallaher
E D Gallaher
R H Gallahren
Albert Horatio Gallatin
Robert Macy Gallaway
Manuel Gallegos
Amelita Galli-Curci
William J Galligher
David G Gallimore
R A Gallimore
James M Galloway
Reginald Galloway
Merritt Gally
Ruth Pope Galt
Henry Galton
M J Galvin
Michael Galvin
A W Gamage
Leon-Michel Gambetta
Edward A Gamble
J W Gamble
James Gamble
James Norris Gamble
John Gamgee
Frank R Gammon
S B Gamson
Aldolphe Ganot
W L Ganssle
Maxwell Ganter
Henry L Gantt
Ageron Gap
Frank L Garbarino
Alexander Garbi
Fred J Garbit
Garcia Dias (Brazilian Vice Consul)
Matthew J Gardella
Hugh R Garden
Ada F Gardiner
Asa Bird Gardiner
E L B Gardiner
A A Gardner
C A Gardner
Charles Sharp Gardner
David Moulton Gardner
George T Gardner
George W Gardner
H S Gardner
Hanlon A Gardner
M Gardner
Mabel Hemphill Gardner
Marshall Blutcher Gardner
O W Gardner
Russell E Gardner
Samuel Gardner
Walter Pennett Gardner
William Gardner
Ellery Irving Garfield
Harry Augustus Garfield
James Garfield
W C Garfielde
John Gargan
Charles Launcelot Garland
E C Garlick
G Lestor Garnar
James Franklin Garner
Richard Lynch Garner
W H Garner
A S Garnett
Alexander Yelverton Peyton Garnett III
Louis A Garnett
Charles Garnier
James Garon
Allan Vinal Garratt
John Work Garrett
Robert Garrett
William P Garrety
C E Garrison
Charles Garrison
Frank Lynwood Garrison
Lindley Miller Garrison
Marion Knight (Mrs. Philip McK.) Garrison
Philip McKim Garrison
S O Garrison
Wendell Phillips Garrison
William Dominick Garrison
William Lloyd Garrison, Jr.
Frank B Garsed
James H Garthwaite
Thomas Gartland
William H Gartley
Alice C (Mrs William S.) Garvey
William Sanford Garvey
James E Garvin
Lucius Fayette Clark Garvin
S S Garwood
Elbert Henry Gary
Charles B Gaskill
Harvey Freeman Gaskill
Pietro Cardinal Gasparri
Francis Aidan Gasquet
Amedee Gasquil-James
M Gasser
John Peter Gassiot
Dr Gassner
Daisy Gaston
George B Gaston
George H Gaston
Isaac Gaston
James Gaston
Lucy Page Gaston
Olive Gaston
Oscar J Gatchell
E L Gates
George S Gates
J E Gates
M E Gates
R G Gates
Robert W Gatewood
H Gathmann
Richard Jordan Gatling
Octave Gauduin
Lucien Gaulard
Leon Gaumont
Fannie Randolph Dickinson (Mrs Thomas T.) Gaunt
Guy Reginald Arthur Gaunt
James Gaunt
Lancelot Evelyn Gaunt
Thomas T Gaunt
Henry Gavin
H Burton Gay
Harry S Gay
James Gayley
E Gaymon
William Jay Gaynor
S R Gayton
Edith Virginia Gazella
Hobart Seymour Geary
Gebruder Lismann
Eric Geddes
R M Geddes
Jerome Dudley Gedney
Stanley L Gedney
Basil Gee
Charles P Geer
William Chauncey Geer
F H G Geers
Joseph L Gehris
E Geiselman
A H Geisenberger
Heinrich Geissler
Louis Frederick Geissler
Hans Friedrich Karl Geitel
Gelson (Edison Employee)
William T Geltz
Louis Gendreau
Ernest Gennell
Gustav Gennert
Clarence Gennett
Pasque Gennovario
Fred T Gense
Frederick Augustus Genth
John W Gentry
W D Gentry
Frank H Genung
George (Edison Family Chauffeur)
George (Prince of Greece)
George V (Great Britain)
George VI (Great Britain)
Alice H George
Burton George
Charles H George
E J George
Hebert George
John George
Mary Ruth Ethelwyn George
Mrs G E George
W H George
C G Georgiadiz
William Gepfert
John Wesley Gephart
J P Geran
Emmie J Gerber
Albert G Gerbode
Otto Gerdau
Theodore D Gere
Fred K Gerhard
G J Gerhard
Hildegarde Gerhard
Pierre Germain
Hugo Gernsback
F W Geroche
Jean Leon Gerome
Katherine Fullerton Gerould
Elbridge Thomas Gerry
J H Gerry
Edmond Gerson
L G Gerson
T Perceval Gerson
Arnold Frederick Gerstell
John S Gersting
George William Gerwig
Mrs J Gesner
F W Gesswein
Sarah Getz
William Ernest Geyer
John J Ghegan
Bancroft Gherardi
Victor Gherardi
Tullio V Giara
J C Gibbons
James Cardinal Gibbons
John J Gibbons
George Gibbs
John Dixon Gibbs
Louis D Gibbs
Oliver Wolcott Gibbs
William Edward Gibbs
William Warren Gibbs
Paul Gibier
F T Giblin
Charles Dana Gibson
David Gibson
Edward Gibson
Eugene H Gibson
G W Gibson
George W Gibson
Herbert W Gibson
Howard L Gibson
J H Gibson
Joseph Gibson
Thomas W Gibson
Henry Giesmann
Pierre Giffard
Robert Lawrence Giffen
Dan Spafford Giffin
Gifford (Edison Employee)
Frank H Gifford
John A Gifford
Walter Sherman Gifford
George Jacob Giger
Jose Rodriguez Gil
A F Gilbert
C P Gilbert
Cass Gilbert
Charles Hume Gilbert
Ephriam Gilbert
H N Gilbert
J H Gilbert
Mary J Gilbert
Russell S Gilbert
Frank Bunker Gilbreth
Florence Gilchrist
John Foster Gilchrist
Warren R Gildard
P F Gildea
Richard Watson Gilder
Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve
Henry F Gilg
George A Gill
J P Gill
John Henry Gill
Mary Jane Stilwell Gill
Owen A Gill
Paul Stanley Gill
Ella Gillespie
J D Gillespie
Clara H (Mrs Myron E.) Gillett
Horace Wadsworth Gillett
J A Gillett
Myron Eugene Gillett
William Gillette
Henry F Gillig
A J Gilligham
Ezra Torrance Gilliland
James F Gilliland
Lillian (Mrs Ezra T.) Gilliland
Robert Gilliland
Francinia Gillingham
Robert Wallace Gillispie
Reginald Everett Gillmor
Benjamin I Gilman
Charles J Gilman
Edward S Gilman
Willard H Gilman
John G Gilmer
F F Gilmore
Hugh Gilmore
Thomas N Gilmore
William Edgar Gilmore
L D H Gilmour
Robert M Gilmour
Charles Gilpin, Jr.
Jacob Gimbel
Bonnie R Ginger
James Hetrick Gingrich
H H Ginnburg
Julius Wilhelm Gintl
John Giorno
Pietro Giovine
Mary A B Girard
P Girard
Leonce Girardot
Charles A Girdler
Mr Giron
Desire Girouard
Dr M Girsdansky
F N Gisborne
G N Gish
W L Githens
Robert Henry Gittins
Harvey Given
Mary Elizabeth Given
F W Glading
James W Gladstone
John Hall Gladstone
William Ewart Gladstone
William Henry Gladstone
Herman Glafcke
Arthur Henry Glaister
J W Glaister
Irving Glasel
George Glaser
David Glass
Louis Glass
James S Glaze
Otis Allan Glazebrook, Jr.
John B Gleason
J R Gleed
A S Glenn
Marian R Glenn
Joseph Glenney
James H Glennon
Frederick A Glew
John N Glidden
Alfred Glocke
Walter C Gloekler
Rosemary Glosz-Rose
Caroline J Glover
John Fox Gloyn
Alma Gluck
Elinor Glyn
W A Glyn
Martin Henry Glynn
Leopold Gmelin
F S Goalding
Horace Z Goas
John Wesley Gocher
A L Goddard
Calvin Goddard
E G Goddard
George Willis Goddard
Morrill Goddard
Ira Godfrey
Georges Alexis Godillot
S O Godman
Henry Goebel
Robert Goelet
Paul Goepel
George Goess
George Washington Goethals
H Goetz
Edwards H Goff
Jacob S Goldbaum
Ludwig Max Goldberger
W Laird Goldborough
Andrew W Golden
Carl T Goldenberg
Samuel Goldfish
John H Golding
Louise Dunham Goldsberry
Winder Elwell Goldsborough
Belknap Chittenden Goldsmith
Albert S Goldstein
Ignacy Goldstein
Simon Goldstein
H G Goldthwaite
Samuel Goldwyn
John Nelson Goltra
Samuel Gompers
Willard C Gompf
B W Gonin
Antonio Gonzalez
W W Gooch
Clyde E Good
J A Good
M A Good
Agnes Secord Goodall
E T Goode
John Goode
John Goodell
James Gooden
George Goodfellow
A E Goodhue
Martin Henry Goodkind
E N Goodman
John Goodman
Samuel Goodman
William Goodman
Edgar Everett Goodno
Therese Adelaide Goodno
Frank Johnson Goodnow
Arthur Lindsay Goodrich
Benjamin Franklin Goodrich
Caspar Frederick Goodrich
Charles Cross Goodrich
Charles E Goodrich
David Marvin Goodrich
H Goodrich
Isabella Marvin Goodrich
Mary Elizabeth Marvin (Mrs B.F.) Goodrich
Mary Gellatly (Mrs Charles C.) Goodrich
J C Goodridge, Jr.
Thaddeus Welles Goodridge
E S Goodrow
C W Goodsell
Marcella Goodspeed
M Goodstein
Mrs M Goodstein
Robert H Goodwillie
C B Goodwin
Charles Edwin Goodwin
Claribel Goodwin
Hannibal Williston Goodwin
Harry Manley Goodwin
Henry D Goodwin
James Junius Goodwin
N M Goodwin
Pamela Helen Goodwin (Mrs William Renwick)
Russell Parker Goodwin
Samuel P Goodwin
William Goodwin
Charles Goodyear
George Goodyear
Hannah C (Mrs George) Goodyear
Helen J T (Mrs Miles W.) Goodyear
Miles W Goodyear
Nelson Goodyear
Robert Goodykoontz
Frederick William Gookin
Hetty D Gookin
Fredrick D\'A Goold
Alex B Gordon
Alexander Gordon
Alphonso E Gordon
Anna A Gordon
E D Gordon
G O Gordon
I R Gordon
J B Gordon
J M Gordon
James Edward Henry Gordon
John Brown Gordon
John Campbell Gordon
John William Gordon
Jules R Gordon
P J Gordon
T E Gordon
Theodore H Gordon
C E Gore
David Gore
George Gore
James Howard Gore
Miss Gore (Nurse)
Susan T Gore
W F Gore
Catharine Gorham
Jane Rose (Mrs George E.) Gorham
W C Gorham
John Gorman
William Gorman
John Gormley
R I Gornwell
Charles Gorsuck
Frank S Gorton
Alfred Traber Goshorn
Charles A Goslett
Francis Goodwin Gosling
Henry J Gosling
Elbridge Henry Goss
G C Goss
Manfred L Goss
Peter George Gosselaar
Frederic C Gostenhofer
Shimpei Goto
J Gotsch
Jacques L Gottlieb
Felix Gottschalk
Edward H Gouge
J C Gough
Anna Gould
Edwin Gould
George H Gould
George Jay Gould
George Milbry Gould
Jay Gould
Thomas J Gould
Charles Gounod
Bayard Gouraud
George Edward Gouraud
George Fauvel Gouraud
Jackson Gouraud
Powers Gouraud
Harrison W Gourley
G M Gouyard
C Gove
C E Gove
E Gove
Edward H Gove
George Gove
Grace Hartzell (Mrs Frank E.) Gove
J E Gove
Henry Charles Gover
Caleb E Gowan
Frederick Allen Gower
Charles W Gowland
Howard Tyler Graber
Alice Grace (Mrs Albert F. D\'Oench)
Eugene Gifford Grace
Frederick J Grace
John W Grace
Joseph Peter Grace
Lillius Gilchrist (Mrs W.R.) Grace
Michael Paul Grace
Sergius Paul Grace
William Russell Grace, Jr.
R Gracey
Henry Woodfin Grady
Charles H Graef
Edmund Graefe
Thomas Graf
Isaac P Gragg
Charles Graham
Clinton Graham
David Graham
Elizabeth Turner (Mrs John T.) Graham
James Frank Graham
John Graham
L Graham
Mrs Loyal Y Graham
Ruth H Graham
S M Graham
Samuel Jordan Graham
Thomas Graham
William A Graham
William Pratt Graham
Mildred V Grainger
Percy Aldridge Grainger
Maria Paz Grainsborg
Zenobe Theophile Gramme
W J Grammin
Denis Webb Granberry
Philip Grandon
Pierre Granet
Frank Butler Granger
Grant (Edison Employee)
Albert Weston Grant
C T Grant
C W Grant
Clyde Franklin Grant
Collier C Grant
David D Grant
G P Grant
G W Grant
George Monro Grant
Hugh John Grant
James Alexander Grant
Louis T Grant
Robert D Grant
Seth Hastings Grant
Ulysses S Grant
Virgil G Grant
W Forseth Grant
W H Grant
Walter Schuyler Grant
Riccardo Grassi
Robert Grau
Charles Hinman Graves
Frank B Graves
Fred W Graves
R W Graves
William A Graves
Adelbert W Gray
Ainslie A Gray
Christian H Gray
D Gray
Dr C D Gray
E N Gray
Edgar Gray
Edward Gray
Elisha Gray
George Gray
George Francis Gray
J N Gray
John F Gray
Joseph Preston Gray
M C Gray
Prof A Gray
R J Gray
Reginald Gray
Thomas Gray
W M Gray
W S Gray
William Gray
William J Gray
Dante Graziotti
Edwin St John Greble, Jr.
Grace G Greeley
Adolphus Washington Greely
Carl Green
Charles A Green
Charles N Green
F D Green
Frank A Green
Gardner Leland Green
George F Green
Grant Green
Grant Green, Jr.
H S Green
Harvey Hinchman Green
Herbert Green
Horace Green
J H Green
James Green
James L Green
James O Green
John Pugh Green
Joseph L Green
Joseph N Green
Nelson L Green
Norvin Green
Shipton Green
Susie Green
Walter B Green
Burton E Greene
David Maxson Greene
Edgeworth Greene
Edward Martin Greene
Francis Vinton Greene
Irving F Greene
Mrs A J Greene
O C Greene
O D Greene
R de C Greene
S R Greene
Samuel Dana Greene, Jr.
Samuel E Greene
W Greene
Walter R Greene
Willard C Greene
Arthur D Greenfield
Edwin Truman Greenfield
Edgar H Greenham
Thomas D Greenley
Howard Greenman
H W Greenough
J J Greenough
Abraham Greenspan
Jason H Greenstreet
Robert Greenthal
Alexander Greenwood
Ernest Greenwood
Monroe Greenwood
William Greenwood
Henry Greer
Philip Barling (Ben) Greet
G M Gregg
James M Gregg
Elsa Gregori
A Gregory
Alice Weston Merritt Gregory
Carl Louis Gregory
D S Gregory
F W Gregory
George Foster Gregory
H L Gregory
James Reynolds Gregory
Julian Arthur Gregory
Margaret Robinson Gregory
Paul Gregory
Thomas Watt Gregory
Will S Gregory
William H Gregory
William Greig
George Greim
Emil Greiner
Mr Greiner
George Valentine Gress
Morgan V Gress
W Herman Greul
John Hubert Greusel
Francois Paul Jules Grevy
P R Grey
Royal E Gridley
George G Griess
John M Griest
W A Grieves
A B Griffin
Eugene Griffin
Gilroy Wells Griffin
Henry Farrand Griffin
J P Griffin
Johnnie Griffin
Jos T Griffin
P H Griffin
Percy Griffin
Robert Stanislaus Griffin
Stockton L Griffin
Walter K Griffin
William Griffin
C F Griffing
D W (David Wark) Griffith
Edward H Griffith
George Griffith
John Price Crozer Griffith
George W Griffiths
Edward William Macleay Grigg
F R Grigg
Edward Howard Griggs
John William Griggs
Victor Grignard
John H Grill
Vincenzo Grimaldo
Byron Winthrop Grimes
Harry Rutter Grimes
James T Grimshaw
Robert Grimshaw
Silas D Grimstead
Mrs M Grimwood
Frank Grinnell
Henry Grinnell, Jr.
James Seymour Grinnell
Clyde Grissam
Elwood Grissinger
Mary E Griswold
Erno Groedel
John F Groene
A Groenewegen
William Groff
Mr Grondal
Parlee C Grose
William Grosfeld
George P Gross
Howard H Gross
William J Gross
P Grossenbacker
Edwin Prescott Grosvenor
Hugh Grosvenor (Duke of Westminster)
Thomas H Grosvenor
William Mason Grosvenor
Otto Grothe
Hetty G Grouse
L N Grove
William Robert Grove
Winfield Scott Grove
E Groves
George G Grower
Edward Burd Grubb
Eugene Housel Grubb
Emil Gruenfeldt
Gruner (Edison Employee)
H Rademaker Grunewald
William Grunstein
Paulo Gruppe
Theodore Gubelman
H C Guck
Frank G Guenther
John Joseph Guenther
Rev E H Guenther
Mrs William H Guerin
Sarah L I Guernsey
Sarah Mitchell (Mrs. George T.) Guernsey
G M Guerrant
James McClurg Guffey
Charles H Guge
Daniel Guggenheim
Harry Frank Guggenheim
William Guggenheim
T L Guidley
Eugene A Guilbert
Frederick F Guild
Henry Anderson Guiler
William Sumner Guilford
Theodore Guillaudue
F G Guimaraes
Henry Guimaraes
W H Guinther
William H Guion
Royal Guipe
Kenneth S Guiterman
Anna Gulbrandsen-Calvert
Arthur Guldman
C W Gulick
W M Gulick
J Gummar
Albert W Gump
Walter B Gump
Charles Augustus Gundaker, Jr.
E T Gundlach
Frank A Gundlach
James Newton Gunn
Sam O Gunning
Martin R Gunzel
William J Gurd
William Theodore Gurnee
L S Gurney
James L Gurny
Fillippo Gusman
Gustaf Adolph (Sweden)
George A Gustin
Frederick Gutekunst
Johannes Gutenberg
R S Gutmann
George H Guy
Antonio Guzman Blanco
Charles Thomas Gwynne
William F Gwynne
Louise G Haag
F W Haarmann
Charles Haas
Frida Haas
Eva Haase
H T Haase
Mrs A Haber
L J Haberkorn
William W Habersham
Edward F Hackett
John C Hackett
Mrs E A Hackett
Alexander Haddad
William Hadden
Frank Channing Haddock
S J Haddock
William F Haddock
Arthur Twining Hadley
Ernst Haeckel
Paul Haertl
Rudolph Frederick Haffenreffer, Jr.
G A Hafmeyer
Charles Andrew Hafner
Joseph A Hafner
H J Hagan
John Hagan
Edward McKim Hagar
E Hagedorn
August Hagelin
Otto C Hagemann
Charles Hagen
Ernst Hagen
Charles H Hager
Edward E Hagerty
Daniel T Haggerty
Alexander Hagopian
Paul Hagspihl
John W Hahn
Albert J Hahne
Alfred Haid
Alexander Haidin
J H Haien
De Lagnel Haigh
H M Haigh
Henry B Haigh
R Haigh, Jr.
D H Haight
William A Haight
Theodore C Hailes, Jr.
B Burnett Hain
R J Hain
W D Hain
Francine E H (Mrs Richard T.) Haines
G Haines
Henry R Haines
Isaac Snowden Haines
John P Haines
Richard T Haines
Richard Townley Haines
William Haines
R J Haire
Mr Hake
Harry Marston Haldeman
John H Haldeman
Charles Haldi
A W Hale
Albert Cable Hale
Arthur Hale
Edward Everett Hale
George Hale
George Silsbee Hale
John I Hale
Richard Walden Hale
Stanford Hale
G E Hales
Walter Halfin
G A Halford
Robert C Halgrim
Ronald Theodore Halgrim
Hall (Clerk for Dyer and Wilber)
Albert Francis Hall
Alexander G Hall
Alexander Wilford Hall
Alfred Bates Hall
Arthur C Hall
Bolton Hall
C C T Hall
C H Hall
Charles A Kennerley Hall
Charles Cuthbert Hall
Charles Elley Hall
Charles F Hall
Clarence A Hall
Frank A Hall
Frank Hall (Author)
Frank Hall (Pa. Dept of Mines)
Frederick A Hall
Frederick James Hall
G A Hall
George C Hall
George Cleveland Hall
George T Hall
George W Hall
Harold H Hall
Henry Hall
Henry D Hall
Henry Noble Hall
J B Hall, Jr.
J T Hall
J Hall, Jr.
James P Hall
John W Hall
Margaret Hall
Mignon M Hall
Robert Sprague Hall
Thomas Hall
Tomas Proctor Hall
W G Hall
W H Hall
W W Hall
Harry C Hallenbeck
Joseph William Haller
Katharine R Halley
Alfred Hallingsworth-Moses
Andrew Hallner
John Keese Hallock
Dr Halloway
G W Hallowell
J B Hallowell
Zachariah Power Halpin
William Armstrong Hals
Charlotte Hawkins (Mrs Samuel A.) Halsey
Frances Dean Halsey (Mrs Albridge Smith)
George E Halsey
Ralph Wetmore Halsey
Samuel Armstrong Halsey
Silas C Halsey
William Frederick Halsey, Jr.
Adolph Halvorsen
William H Ham
James J Hamblet
Henry Thomas Hamblin
Hamburg Man
Simon Hamburger
Henry B Hamel
Chalmers Martin Hamill
Charles Humphrey Hamill
W J Wallace Hamill
Charles Hamilton
E M Hamilton
Edward P Hamilton
Fletcher M Hamilton
Francy Hamilton
George A Hamilton
Harper Hamilton
Hugh Hamilton
Hugh De Coursey Hamilton
J M Hamilton
J W Hamilton
James Hamilton
John C Hamilton
Mrs L Hamilton
W A Hamilton
William Hamilton
William C Hamilton
Cyrus Hamlin
Dr A C Hamlin
E B Hamlin
George S Hamlin
Sally Hamlin
George Hammeken y Mexia
Edwin Wesley Hammer
William Alexander Hammer
William Joseph Hammer
Henry Hammersley
Oscar Hammerstein
James Hammett
Charles Wesley Hammond
D S Hammond
Emily Sloane (Mrs John H.) Hammond
George Francis Hammond
Graeme Monroe Hammond
Halsey Hammond
James Bartlett Hammond
John Hays Hammond
John Hays Hammond, Jr.
L E Hammond
Robert Hammond
Edward P Hampson
Benjamin B Hampton
Richard Hampton
William H Hampton
Samuel Hamson
Frank A Hanaford
Karl Hanak
H H Hance
A G Hancock
Herbert Ernest Hancock
John Milton Hancock
W P Hancock
Learned Hand
W H Hand
William Hand
Thomas John Handford
Mary Handibode
A H Handley
William Matthews Handy
Charles Barnum Hanford
George Bennett Hanford
George Bennett Hanford, Jr.
Lucy Galt (Mrs G. Wallace W.) Hanger
Agnes Hanick
Charles F Hanington
George Haniquet
Henry Garber Hanks
Stedman Shumway Hanks
John A Hanley
William J Hanlon
E S Hanna
F R Hanna
H N Hanna
W R Hanna
Wilson Creal Hanna
G E Hannah
Mack Hannen
Charles Hannigan
William J Hanrahan
Charles Hansel
C H Hansen
Hans Peter Hansen
Harry Hansen
Harry E Hansen
Joseph F Hansen
Mrs A M Hansen
P C Hansen
Victor Hansen
Proctor W Hansl
Edward S Hanson
Howard Hanson
J H Hanson
W T Hanson
Norman Hapgood
W D Haralson
Mary Harbaugh
Joseph R Harbeson
J A H Harbrock
Arthur H Harburn
Howard Harcourt
R G Hardaker
E B Harden
John H Harden
Hildegarde Hardenbergh
W P Hardenburg
Ulrich Harder
George D Hardie
Carl A Hardigg
John Hardin
John Ralph Hardin
Dr W C Harding
E F Harding
Earl Harding
Edward Harding
Flora McGregor Harding
Florence Kling (Mrs Warren G.) Harding
H McL Harding
James Horace Harding
T Walter Harding
W H Harding
Warren Gamaliel Harding
William A Harding
G G M Hardingham
Lamartine Griffin Hardman
J B Hardon
B Hardwick
Arthur C Hardy
Edme Hardy
H Hardy
L S Hardy
T B Hardy
Warren Hardy
William Abbott Hardy
James Montgomery Hare
John Hargate
Benton M Harger
John R Hargin
P M Hargrave
Randall Hargreaves
Amelia Hessenbruch (Mrs John H.) Harjes
Henry Herman Harjes
John Henry Harjes
John Harkins
Edward Stephen Harkness
Alfred J Harksen
Byron George Harlan
Earle Harlan
Edgar Rubey Harlan
John Marshall Harlan
O P Harlan
Thomas Harland
Samuel Harley
Mrs Michaels Harlib
J W Harmon
William Harmon
Henry J Harms, Jr.
Alfred Harmsworth (Lord Northcliffe)
William Fremont Harn
A Harnickel
Donald Harper
John Dixon Harper
O M Harper
Olive Harper
Paul Vincent Harper
William Rainey Harper
W F Harrah
W H Harrap
J J Harrell
George Herbert Harries
Alice Harriman
Edward Henry Harriman
Joseph Wright Harriman
Mary Averell (Mrs Edward H.) Harriman
Orlando H Harriman
Bernard James Harrington
C Harrington
Carrie Buchanan Harrington
Chase B Harrington
George Harrington
W H Harrington
A J Harris
A R Harris
Arthur Louis Harris
C B Harris
C T Harris
Caroline Jenkins (Mrs Cicero W.) Harris
Cecil H Harris
Charles B Harris
Charles K Harris
Credo Fitch Harris
E S Harris
Edmund C Harris
Eliza L Harris
Emerson Pitt Harris
Frederic W Harris
George H Harris
Gwin Chandler Harris
H K Harris
Henry S Harris
J E Harris
James Harris
John Harris
Joseph S Harris
Joseph W Harris
Julian Larose Harris
Lawrence Harris
N A Harris
Norman A Harris
Philip P Harris
Thomas C Harris
W C Harris, Jr.
Ward Harris
Warren Stone Harris
William A Harris
Benjamin Harrison
Charles W Harrison
Cyrus J Harrison
F H Harrison
Frank Harrison
Frederic Harrison
Harry P Harrison
Henry Harrison
Hugh H Harrison
I A Harrison
James L Harrison
James P Harrison
M C Harrison
Milton Whately Harrison
Richard Lake Harrison
Samuel L Harrison
Walton Harrison
William Harrison
William H Harrison
Henry Harrisse
James Harrod
George W Harrold
Orville Harrold
Al Harstin
Charles Nelson Hart
Coleridge A Hart
Frank Hart
Frank J Hart
George Edwin Hart
George Spencer Hart
H E Hart
Henry W Hart
John H Hart
John W Hart
Katherine Hart
William S Hart
Richard Harte
Elizabeth Harter
Elizabeth Aultman Harter
John C Hartfield
Edward Vassallo Hartford
George Huntington Hartford
Fred L Hartigan
Marquess of Hartington
Bernard W Hartley
Fountain John Hartley
Jonathan Scott Hartley
Frank B Hartman
Fred S Hartman
John M Hartman
Lewis Oliver Hartman
Eugen Hartmann
Miner Louis Hartmann
Cyril Hartree
C L Hartshorne
Albert Hartsuff
Albert W Hartt
George H Hartwell
Hiram M Hartwell
John Augustus Hartwell
Stephen Warren Hartwell
F Hartwick
Dr M Hartwig
Charles Hartzell
Henry Kerr Hartzell
Josiah Hartzell
Harvey (Edison Employee)
Daniel Carroll Harvey
E L Harvey
Harry E Harvey
Miss Cecil C Harvey
Morton Harvey
Sylvester B Harvey
Thomas William Harvey
Hubert W Harward
Charles McHenry Harwood
Isaac Edgar Hasbrouck
Louis Bevier Hasbrouck
T Hasegawa
E E Haskell
J M Haskell
Loomis P Haskell
N C Haskell
Charles Haskin
Haskins (Sculptor)
Caryl Davis Haskins
Charles H Haskins
David Greene Haskins
James H Haslett
Ali Asghar Hassan
Charles Hasse
H J Hasselbauer
W L Hassenplug
John Hasson
J H Haste
Charles Sheldon Hastings
Charles W Hastings
Edward Holland Hastings
Frank Seymour Hastings
H J Hastings
Orlando B Hastings
Charles H Haswell
Charles D Hatch
Charles P Hatch
Henri Hatch
Minnie Hatch
Rufus Hatch
E N Hatcher
J G Hatcher
Julian Sommerville Hatcher
George Hately
Frank D Hatfield
Leslie Edward Hatfield
Annie C (Mrs Walter T.) Hathaway
Charles P Hathaway
Charles W Hathaway
Clarence Lockwood Hathaway
E H Hathaway
Savory C Hathaway, Jr.
Walter T Hathaway
Winifred Phillips Hathaway
John J Hatke
Charles Hatton
M Hauber, Jr.
Haug (Edison Employee)
G F Haughey
W F Haughey
Henry John Hauschild
Alfred Hauser
Carl Hauser
George W Hauson
Alfred H Hausrath
M Hautrive
Charles W Havemeyer
John Francis Havemeyer
George F Haven
John Haven
Mr Havens
Christian Havestadt
Robert E Haward
Gilbert Ray Hawes
H K Hawes
Herbert Hawk
William S Hawk
A Hawkins
Ada Woodruff (Mrs Horatio G.) Hawkins
Charlotte Hawkins (Mrs. S. A. Halsey)
Horatio Gates Hawkins
John Dawson Hawkins
John M Hawkins
Maria A Hawkins
William W Hawkins
A McL Hawks
Bouchier F Hawksley
Alan Ramsey Hawley
Atty F Hawley
Louise A Hawley
P R Hawley
E H Hawthorne
Julian Hawthorne
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Charles William Hay
Howard Morton Hay
James Hay, Jr.
Thomas J Hay
William Montagu Hay (Lord Tweeddale)
George Haycock
Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden
J J Hayden
John J Hayden
Marshall Hayden
Peter Hayden
A A Hayes
Alexander L Hayes
Bertha W Hayes
Charles H Hayes
Clarence Bowser Hayes
D W Hayes
George Hayes
Harriet Hayden Hayes
Helen Augusta Hayes
Henry Hayes
Howard W Hayes
James E Hayes
James Edward Hayes
Roland Hayes
Rutherford Birchard Hayes
William Alphonsus Hayes
J H Hayford
C B Haynes
Emory J Haynes
John P Haynes
N W Haynes
George Hays
George Price Hays
Isaac Minis Hays
Jacob Hays
W T Hays
Will H Hays
A Hayward, Jr.
F H Hayward
H L Hayward
William H Hayward (Brooklyn)
William H Hayward (Edison Associate)
E Hazard
Rowland Robinson Hazard
John Raymond Hazel
C A S Hazell
Addison H Hazeltine
Louis Alan Hazeltine
William Babcock Hazen
Jone R Hazlet
Samuel Milton Hazlett
Arthur Heafer
Spencer Heafield
William E Heal
Daniel Addison Heald
Elizabeth Manning (Mrs John O.) Heald
John Oxenbridge Heald
Pusey Bancroft Heald
Thomas M Healey
Warren Mansfield Healey
John Healy
Maurice Healy
H I T Heard
E Hearle
William H Hearne
Thomas Hearsey
Phoebe Apperson Hearst
William Randolph Hearst
Mr Heasman
S Heath
Warren Heaton
Oliver Heaviside
George Whiting Hebard
Ferdinand Heberlein
John M Hebstenberg
Henry C Hecht, Jr.
E Hecker
John Herster Heckman
August Heckscher
R M Hedden
H G Hedderman
H P F Hedger
Ebba E Hedstrom
Charles H Heeley
James R Heenan
George H Heffner
C A Hege
Thomas C Hege
Adolf Hegewisch
O P (Oliver Peters) Heggie
C F Heiberg
Jascha Heifetz
C Heine
David Emil Heineman
Julia Heinrich
William Heintz
John Heinz
Frederick Augustus Heinze
Otto J Heinzmann
Theodore Robert Heise
William Heise
John E Heiss
Harvie Earnhardt Heitman
Anna Held
William Held
Eira Hellberg
D C Heller
Elfrieda Heller
James E Heller
John A Heller
Wm Hellesen
John E Helm
Vance W Helm
Hermann von Helmholtz
S T Helseth
B von Helvert
Miss Hember (Edison Employee)
Charles Reed Hemenway
Mary Hemenway
George H Hemmel
Frederick Hemmingsen
Frieda Hempel
Hemphill (Edison Employee)
Alexander Julian Hemphill
B Hempstead
Dr W E Hempstead
William Hemstreet
H R Hemsworth
Dennis Henault
George M Hendee
Alfred E Henderson
C F Henderson
Charles Hanford Henderson
Charles W Henderson
Daniel Henderson
Ethel R Henderson
George Henderson
George A Henderson
George Riter Henderson
John C Henderson
John M Henderson (London)
John M Henderson (San Francisco)
Peter Henderson
T W Henderson
Thomas K Henderson
Tony Henderson
W E Henderson
William F Henderson
William H Henderson
Ellwood Hendrick
J Buford Hendrick, Jr.
C U Hendricks
J W Hendricks
Charles J Hendrickson
Jos G Hendrickson
Ralph Crandell Hendrickson
Louis Asbury Hendry
Emil Henke
Charles V Henkel
Benjamin James Henley
James M Henley
M C Henley
William P Henley
William D Hennen
Charles E Hennessy
John C Hennessy
P O M Hennessy
J A Hennesy
Walter B Hennig
Fred Henning
Walter Henning
G Henninger
Charles M Hennis
C I Henrikson
J Buchanan Henry
Jacob Henry
Joseph Henry
N F Henry
Robert Henry
Sam D Henry
Mr Henschel
Julius Hensel
Samuel T Hensel
D D Hensinger
Alonzo Barton Hepburn
Arthur Japy Hepburn
Donald M Hepburn
Jeannette S Hepner
T C Hepworth
M Herb
George Foster Herben
Grace Foster (Mrs Stephen J.) Herben
Stephen Joseph Herben
Stephen Joseph Herben, Jr.
A M Herbert
Carl Herbert
Daniel Herbert
G J Herbert
John Warne Herbert
Samuel Herbert
Victor Herbert
Carl Hering
Frank Earl Hering
Gustavus Herman
A D Hermance
Carl Herman Hermance
Alfred Hermann
Binger Hermann
Carl S Hermann
D Hermann
Dennis J Hern
Wallace W Hern
E A Hernandez
M Herniker
Victor Herold
E T Heron
Fred Heron
H W Heron
Austin Herr
Edwin Musser Herr
Tomas Herran
Emilie D Lee Herreshoff
Albert Bledsoe Herrick
Jacob Hobart Herrick
Myron Timothy Herrick
Donald Grant Herring
F W Herring
O H Herring
George H Herrington
Charles E Herrmann
Florence L Herrmann
Milton S Herrmann
John William Herron
Clemens Herschel
Arthur Herschmann
Christian Herter
Emil Herter
Heinrich Rudolph Hertz
Cornelius Herz
Serge Herz
Sig Herzberg
John Herzog
Mayor Herzog
Genevieve Heslin
J A Heslop
Mrs William Hespe
Aaron Binkley Hess
Edward B Hess
F Hess
Frank L Hess
George H Hess
Godfrey Hess
Jacob Hess
L Hess
Mabel D Hess
Selmar Hess
Bernhard Conrad Hesse
George Hetherington
Albert Hetschel
John T Hettrick
Louis Heugerer
Katharine Heurtley
Ralph V Heuser
C L Heverly
John Ridge Hewett
Abram Stevens Hewitt
Albert Hewitt
C H Hewitt
Charles Hewitt
Charles Edward Hewitt
H S Hewitt
Peter Cooper Hewitt
Richard Hewitt
Robert Hewitt
J L Hewitzy
H F Hewlett
James Hewson
S Hexter
S M Hexter
Jacob Hey
John Heydorf
Charles O Heydt
Charles Heyer
H L Heyl
William Davidson Heyne
Charles H Heys
Isaac W Heysinger
A W Heywood
Elizabeth R (Mrs Charles H) Heyzer
Nanon (Marion) Heyzer
Charles L Hibbard
W B Hibbard
John Grier Hibben
W Hibbert
William E Hibble
Irving Hibler
Robert Smythe Hichens
D Hickey
J M Hickey
John Hickling
Charles A Hickman
David Kelsey Hickman
George Hickman
W H Hickman
C C Hickok
George B Hicks
H E Hicks
Harry Clark Hicks
Louis Hicks
William Jackson Hicks
J L Hickson
Joseph Hickson
William Earl Hidden
William Aluero Hiddleson
Ralph W Hiett
R B Higbee
M S Higbie
Charles E Higdon
H L Higdon
A F Higgins
A S Higgins, Jr.
Celia Higgins
E D Higgins
Elmer E Higgins
Ethel B Higgins
Frank H Higgins
Frank J Higgins
Harry Bertram Higgins
J Higgins
Milton Prince Higgins
Paget Higgs
Percy Jackson Higgs
Raymond L High
Daniel Higham
E D Hight
P Hilburn
Frederic Waldorf Hild
Hilda (Servant)
Mary Hildebert
William Hildebrand
August Hilden
Charles G Hildreth
Jerome Hiler
Henry F Hilfers
Aaron Hill
C H Hill
Charles Smith Hill
David Bennett Hill
E M Hill
Ebenezer Hill
Ebenezer Hill, Jr.
Edmund C Hill
F J Hill
Frank Pierce Hill
George H Hill
George S Hill
George William Hill
H J Hill
H M Hill
Halbert P Hill
Harry Hill
Harry M Hill
Hawthorne Hill
Isabella M (Mrs Daniel H.) Hill
J M Hill
James H Hill
Jeremiah Clinton Hill
Jesse T Hill
John Hill
John Wesley Hill
Marion Squire Hill
Nannie K (Mrs Walter L.) Hill
Percival Smith Hill
Philip S Hill
R H C Hill
S Ambrose Hill
Samuel Hill
Sarah L Hill
Thomas A Hill
W B Hill
W J R Hill
Robert John Hillas
F Hiller
Charles Dewey Hilles
Henry Washington Hilliard
H W Hillman
Morris Hillquit
Joel H Hills
Mrs Frank H Hills
S R Hills
John A Hiltner
Dr G W Hilton
George P Hilton
Linden Hilton
H A Hilyard
Charles Francis Himes
R Himmelsbach
Allan Hinchcliff
J C Hinchman
Hermon Hinckley
John F Hinckley
Paul von Hindenburg
Robert C Hindley
Joseph E Hinds
Edwin W Hine
Lemon Galpin Hine
Frank Augustus Hinkey
Florence Hinkle
Charles Watson Hinkley
Gerald Watson Hinkley
Mary A Hinman
John Wetmore Hinsdale
William Russell Hinsdale
Harry Louis Hintze
Bayley Hipkins
James C Hipple
T Hiraoka
Paul M Hiratzuka
Allan M Hird
Henry Oscar Hirrschoff
Alcan Hirsch
Dr J Hirsch
E N Hirsch
Hiram H Hirsch
Ludwig Hirsch
Marx Hirsch
Samson M Hirsch
Samuel Hirschfeld
Leonard Keene Hirshberg
Heinrich Hirzel
C C Hitchcock
Charles Henry Hitchcock
Clarence Horace Hitchcock
Edward Hitchcock
Ethan Allen Hitchcock
Ethan Wolcott Hitchcock
Frank Harris Hitchcock
Gertrude Reed Hitchcock (Mrs Garret Smith)
Grace Miller (Mrs Halbert K.) Hitchcock
Halbert Kellogg Hitchcock
James McNeil Hitchcock
James Ripley Wellman Hitchcock
Lucius Wolcott Hitchcock
Lucretia Kellogg (Mrs Elizur) Hitchcock
Sarah McNeil (Mrs Lucius W.) Hitchcock
W E Hitchcock
Charles Othello Hite
Adolph Hitler
Robert Roberts Hitt
Samuel H Hix
William Preston Hix
Hjalmar (Servant)
Tam Ho
David Hoadley
Frank E Hoadley
James W Hoadley
Jos H Hoadley
S S Hoag
Ira Gould Hoagland
J M Hoagland
Mahlon Hoagland
Halbert Louis Hoard
James Hoare
Harold Peckham Hobart
Henry L Hobart
Charles M Hobbs
J S Hobbs
H M Hobby
Edward G Hobler
G A Hobley
Richmond Pearson Hobson
Theodore Hoch
William Hochhausen
William Rice Hochster
Chr Hockh
Daniel Russell Hodgdon
George E Hodge
James M Hodge
Percy Hodge
W M Hodge
Hodges (Edison Employee)
A D C Hodges
George Hartshorn Hodges
T D Hodges
Wyllys Hodges
Arthur P Hodgkins
William Hodgkinson
E C Hodgman
Thomas I Hodgson
William Wallace Hodkinson
Stephen S Hoe
A J Hoerr, Jr.
William M Hoes
Herman H Hoexter
John Hoey
Miss J G Hoey
William Hoey
Frank Hofbauer
George Douglas Hofe
James L Hoff
Rasmus Hoff
William L Hoff
F Hoffbauer
H Hoffer
Archibald David Hoffman
Carl Hoffman
Edward L Hoffman
Frederick L Hoffman
H H Hoffman
Herman Hoffman
James H Hoffman
Thomas Hoffman
W H Hoffman
Wickham Hoffman
William F Hoffman
Carl R Hoffmann
W K Hofiln
A J Hofmann
Josef Casimir Hofmann
George A Hofmeyer
Daniel Hogan
Edmund T Hogan
Mr Hogan
Moyne George Hoge
W M Hoge
Mr Hogen
Charles Bremner Hogg
Frederick Hohenthal
Austin Alexander Holbeck
William Edward Holbein
A M Holbrook
George E Holbrook
J K Holbrook
W R Holbrook
Alfred G Holcombe
Maj A M Holcombe
William F Holcombe
Delos Holden
Edward Singleton Holden
George W Holden
Henry Capel Lofft Holden
Howard B Holden
Ralph Holden
William E Holderness
Arthur F Holding
Mrs Frank Holding
Joseph Holdsworth
Claude E Holgate
Thomas Holihan
Arthur Holitscher
Richard G Hollaman
Andrew Holland
Charles E Holland
Ed Holland
Franklin Pierce Holland
John Holland
John Philip Holland
Maurice Holland
Newman Henry Holland
Walter Elam Holland
William Jacob Holland
Benjamin William Hollander
Dolly Hollander
H M Holleman
Alexander Lyman Holley
William B Hollingshead
William T P Hollingsworth
H H Hollis
John Holloran
Mary A Holloran
Alfred Holloway
George Thomas Holloway
Henry Franklin Holloway
James Holloway
Metta Power (Mrs Henry F.) Holloway
William Grace Holloway
Frederick William Holls
Henry Hudson Holly
Sidney B Holly
C A Holman
Charles Leavitt Holman
G Holmberg
Constance Holmes
Edwin Thomas Holmes
Garnet B Holmes
George R Holmes
John Holmes
L M Holmes
Lemuel Le Baron Holmes
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Robert C P Holmes
S A Holmes
Samuel Holmes
William Jay Holmes
F L Holmquist
Gust Holmquist
Ben C Holt
George Chandler Holt
Hamilton Holt
Harrison J Holt
Harrison Jewell Holt
Ida Nichols (Mrs Harrison J.) Holt
James A Holt
Winifred Holt
Edwin Olaf Holter
T B Holway
Alice Stilwell Holzer
Alice Stilwell (Mrs William) Holzer
Frank Holzer
Mary Edison Holzer
William Holzer
Charles Holzhauer
William F Homan
Louise Homer
W A Honeker
Charles Honike
John Honiss
C D Honodle
Caspar Alexander Honthumb
George Hood
H H Hood
H J Hood
John Hood
John W Hood
O P Hood
Harry Chester Hooker
Charles T Hooper
Franklin William Hooper
George H Hooper, Jr.
Harris G Hooper
William Leslie Hooper
Arthur Hoopes
Thomas Temple Hoopes
William Hoopes
Herman W Hoops
Lucille Poyer (Mrs Walter W.) Hoops
Walter Williams Hoops
J L Hoorweg
Arthur L Hoover
Herbert Clark Hoover
John J Hoover
Jos F Hoover
Lou Henry (Mrs Herbert C.) Hoover
Robert B Hoover
Sanford Hoover
Charles Hope
G W Hope
Harry Chancelor Hope
Victor Alexander John Hope
Charles O Hopflinger
Hopkins (Inspector)
A R Hopkins
Albert A Hopkins
Archibald Wilson Hopkins
Cyril George Hopkins
E Hopkins
G C Hopkins
George Milton Hopkins
H L Hopkins
Hamilton Hopkins
Isaac H Hopkins
J W Hopkins
John H Hopkins
Luther S Hopkins
Marcus C Hopkins
Mrs William F Hopkins
Nevil Monroe Hopkins
Edward Hopkinson
Edwin B Hopkinson
John Hopkinson
William K Hopler
F D Hopley
George Hopp
Edmund Hoppe
Edmund K Hopper
Edna Wallace Hopper
Herbert Hopper
William Hopper
William Warner Hoppin
Elizabeth B D Hopps
Y S K Hopstock
C L Horack
H T Horahan
Frank D Horey
Abraham Horn
Charles R Horn
George Horn
John H Horn
John V Horn (California)
John V Horn (New York)
Luther P Horn
William Butler Hornblower
Margaret Horne
William Eugene Horne
R W A Horner
Odus C Horney
Julius L Hornig
Aurelius Pointer Hornor
Evelyn Baker Short (Mrs Aurelius P.) Hornor
Blaine Hornsby
Mr Hornsby
O Horrell
Hugo Horrwitz
James Horsburgh, Jr.
Henry Horsey
Perry G Horsie
Henry Charles Horstmann
George W S Horton
Rev J B Horton
William Kerr Horton
Zoltan de Horvath
Max Horwitz
S Gross Horwitz
John Hoskin
Clarence L D Hosking
Charles R Hosmer
Horace R Hosmer
John G Hosmer
Katherine Tipton (Mrs George E.) Hosmer
E Hospitalier
D H Hotchkiss
E Hubbell Hotchkiss
Horace Leslie Hotchkiss
L A Hotchkiss
Mrs E H Hotchkiss
Thomas Woodward Hotchkiss
Robert Schuttler Hotz
A T Houck
Charles Merrill Hough
Frank L Hough, Jr.
James Edward Hough
Charles Frederick Houghton
Charles B Houghton
Francis W Houghton
J H Houghton
Harry Sterling Houpt
George A House
William G Houskeeper
David Crawford Houston
David Franklin Houston
Edwin James Houston
George Harrison Houston
Herbert Sherman Houston
Miss N S Houston
Nellie Shaw Houston
A H Hovey
E W Hovey
J Hovey
William Alfred Hovey
Ferdinand Howald
Albert H Howard
Charles T Howard
Chauncey Howard
Emma Pease Howard
Emmett Howard
Esme Howard
Francis W Howard
Frank E Howard
George A Howard
George Edwin Howard
H B Howard
Henry Howard (Chemical Engineer)
Henry Howard (Governor)
Herbert Burr Howard
M S Howard
Percy Howard
Robert Robinson Howard
Samuel Howard
Thomas Howard
Logan Howard-Smith
Harry Arthur Stevens Howarth
Alfred Howe
Arthur Howe
Arthur Whitney Howe
E R Howe
Ernest J Howe
Frank L Howe, Jr.
Frank Perley Howe
George W Howe
H W Howe
Harold Howe
Haughwout Howe
Henry Marion Howe
Hubert Shattuck Howe
James H Howe
Lillias Turner Howe
Louis McHenry Howe
Lyman H Howe
Ralph H Howe
W J Howe
Walter B Howe
William B W Howe, Jr.
William R Howe
William Read Howe
Alex J Howell
Alfred Howell
F W Howell
Frank B Howell
George H Howell
Irwin W Howell
J F Howell
John White Howell
W A Howell
William A Howell
Wilson Stout Howell
William Dean Howells
F H Howes
M J Howes
J F Howison
Isabel Howitz
A H Howland
George G Howland
Edward C Howlett
Henry Howson
Hubert Howson
T Frank Hoxey
Llewellyn Griffith Hoxton
Albert E Hoyt
Alfred W Hoyt
Dick Hoyt
George Hoyt
Henry I Hoyt
Henry Reese Hoyt
John Sherman Hoyt
M L Hoyt
Mrs Edgar Hoyt
Sam A Hoyt
W B Hoyt
W E Hoyt
Tien Lai Huang
Frederick John Hubach
Adele C Hubbard
C B Hubbard
Charles Eustis Hubbard
Elbert Green Hubbard
Elbert Hubbard II
Elisha B Hubbard
Frederick A Hubbard
Gardiner Greene Hubbard
Gertrude McCurdy (Mrs Gardiner G.) Hubbard
Harlan Page Hubbard
John Tomlinson Hubbard
Perry Lamb Hubbard
Samuel Hubbard
Thomas H Hubbard
Charles J Hubbell
Harry C Hubbell
Harvey Hubbell
M W Hubbell
William Wheeler Hubbell
Frank Hubbert
Frederick Huber
Philip Gengembre Hubert, Jr.
S G Hubert
Wilhelm Huch
Nathaniel Hucker
Irvin Forest Huddleson
Alfred W Hudson
Charles Henry Hudson
Elisha Evans Hudson
H H Hudson
John Elbridge Hudson
O R Hudson
S Terry Hudson
Virginia Tyler Hudson
J W Hudspeth
Walter Frank Huebner
Clemens Julius Huelsenkamp
Victoriano Huerta
F W Huestis
Samuel Baird Huey
C W Huff
William Bashford Huff
David Huffsteller
J H Hufman
Lauriela (Mrs William H.) Hufstader
Samuel Hufty
W H Hug
Frank Huger
Mrs E Huggett
William O Hughart
B Hughes
C H Hughes
Charles Evans Hughes
Charles Mackey Hughes
Charles Turner Hughes
David Edward Hughes
Edward Everett Hughes
Francis Hughes
George Alexander Hughes
H R Hughes
Henry Mallory Hughes
J D Hughes
Jessie J Hughes
Laura (Mrs Charles T.) Hughes
Peter J Hughes
R M Hughes
Thomas P Hughes
Ural Sumner (Fred) Hughes
William H T Hughes
William Hughes (Editor)
William Hughes (U.S. Senator)
Fannie E Hughey
Francis M Hugo
Victor Hugo
Henry Shippen Huidekoper
Archer Butler Hulbert
George A Hulbert
George Murray Hulbert
John S Hulin
Benjamin B Hull
Charles Wager Hull
Eli Hull
John Albert Tiffin Hull
Mr Hull
W N Hull
W T Hull
Edward Pierce Hulse
William S Hulse
J Ad Hultman
J A Humberstone
Humbert I (Italy)
James Smith Humbird
D C M Hume
Leland Hume
Robert Hume-Gibbons
John R Humma
Abraham Henry Hummel
Fred Hummel
J F Hummel
Dr Hummer
Andrew B Humphrey
Harry E Humphrey
Lucius Daniel Humphrey
Miss Humphrey
Richard Lewis Humphrey
F R Humphries
Robert Edward Humphries
Walter Coutant Humstone
H Hungerford
Mrs F Hunmel, Jr.
Fred A Hunnewell
Neville Hunsberger
Andrew Murray Hunt
Bessie Hunt
Carleton Hunt
Charles Wallace Hunt
E N Hunt
Edward L Hunt
George S Hunt
Guy H Hunt
John Leander Starr Hunt
John W Hunt
Ray E Hunt
Richard M Hunt
A L Hunter
Alexander Hunter
Arthur Potter Hunter
Blanche H Hunter
C J Hunter
Charles Francis Hunter
D F Hunter
Harry F Hunter
John E Hunter
John Hunter (Chemist)
Joseph Wray Hunter
Lillian Hunter
Lucy Alexander (Mrs John) Hunter
Morris M Hunter
Rudolph Melville Hunter
William Wilson Hunter
William Hunter (U.S. State Dept)
William Hunter (Western Union)
Albert C Hunterman
Russell Hunting
F M Huntington
S Huntington
C S Huntley
Charles R Huntley
Will Huntley
Charles D Hurd
Charles S Hurd
Helen E Hurd
Mrs L M Hurd
W B Hurd
W W Hurd
Julian A Hurdle
Miss Hurlbert
Watson Hurlburt
Harold Hurlbut
Jesse Lyman Hurlbut
Stanley Hurlbut
Edward Nash Hurley
Thomas J Hurley
Walter S Hurley
Edward H Hurry
H D Hurst
Huber William Hurt
Victor Hurter
Jose D Husbands
Joseph W Hussey
Marcus L M Hussey
Oren S Hussey
W S Hussey
R M Huston
Robert B Huston
Wilber Brotherton Huston
Ernest Hutcheson
Irmgart (Mrs Ernest) Hutcheson
A B Hutchins
Stilson Hutchins
Cary Talcott Hutchinson
Elias S Hutchinson
Frederick Lane Hutchinson
H B Hutchinson
Jennie Torriani (Mrs Joseph) Hutchinson
John B Hutchinson
Joseph Hutchinson
Myron R Hutchinson
N C Hutchinson
Rodolphe Hutchinson
William Benjamin Hutchinson
Winfield Scott Hutchinson
Harold Pomeroy Hutchison
James H Hutchison
Miller Reese Hutchison
Frederick Remsen Hutton
L W Hutton
Nat Hyams
Anna Vaughn Hyatt
Isaiah Smith Hyatt
John Wesley Hyatt
Ralph E Hyatt
V Hybinette
Alfred D Hyde
Andrew Hyde
Charles E Hyde
Henry M Hyde
William Hyde
Anna B Hyer
Julius Hyman
Mark Hyman
Samuel F Hyman
Dibrell P Hynes
Herbert Edward Ibbs
J B Ide
Balla Ignac
Georgia Schwister (Mrs Stanley) Igoe
Phillip Francis Igoe
Stanley Cascius Igoe
Trustin Kinder Igoe
M H Ihlseng
George Peter Ihrie
George Iles
Malvern Wells Iles
Arthur Ill
Isa Maud Ilsen
F M Imboden
Andrew C Imbrie
Frances Imgrund
Henry Imgrund
E Imhauser
Charles G Imlay
Harriet E Ingalls
Percy Ingalls
Walter Renton Ingalls
E Fletcher Ingals
Charles H Ingersoll
L R Ingersoll
Robert Green Ingersoll
Royal Rodney Ingersoll
William H Ingersoll
William Halsey Ingersoll
Robert Ingham
Beathia Inglis
J L Inglis
David Ingliss
Marie Letitia Ingram
Walter E Ingram
A D Inman
Alvin L Inman
Edward R Inman
Ethel Inman
Robert S Innes
E S Innet
Charles L Inslee
Joseph Insull
Louisa S Insull
Martin J Insull
Samuel Insull
Samuel Insull, Sr.
Paul Michael (Capton Michael Paul) Iogolevitch
George H Iott
David W Ireland
Frederic Ireland
George F Ireland
Jennie E Ireson
Albert C Ireton
Robert Emmett Ireton
Joseph Irish
Riley K Irish
Samuel Irvine
Alexander Duer Irving
Charles P Irwin
G Clayton Irwin, Jr.
John H Irwin
L H Irwin
Mrs I M Irwin
Walter W Irwin
William Henry Irwin
M S Isaac
Philip Isaacs
Rufus Daniel Isaacs
Henry S Iselin
Isoji Ishiguro
W H Isom
E A Ivatts
Frederic Eugene Ives
Ida Man (Mrs Edward M.) Ives
Mr Ives
William Hosmer Ives
Arthur Goode Ivey
Ellwood Ivins
Perry Ivins
Kunihiko Iwadare
T Iwase
Ruperto Izquierdo
Paul Jablochkoff
Albert Atlee Jackson
C H Jackson
D Jackson
D G Jackson
Dugald Caleb Jackson
Edward William Cecil Jackson
Edwin E Jackson, Jr.
Elmer M Jackson
Francis E Jackson
George Jackson
George J Jackson
George Thomas Jackson
H M Jackson
Hubert F Jackson
James N Jackson
John Price Jackson
L A Jackson
Louis Jackson
Lt H Jackson
M Jackson
Mary Anna (Mrs \Stonewall\) Jackson
Milton P Jackson
Newell Gratz Jackson
O W Jackson
Robert Ellsworth Jackson
Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson
William A Jackson
J A Jackyll
Frank H Jacobeen
Albert W Jacobi
Oscar William Jacobi
Francis W Jacobs
H E Jacobs
Charles F Jacobsen
Carl Alfred Jacobson
David Schenck Jacobus
Watson Mead Jacobus
William White Jacques
Jaeger Family
August Henry Jaeger
H R Jahn
A W James
Arthur Curtiss James
G D James
Henry James
Howard E James
James James
Joseph Hidy James
Leroy S James
Margaret Mary James
May Rosella James
Prof C James
Samuel E James
Thomas N James
William James
William R James
Andrew Jamieson
J Jamieson
W F Jamieson
Jules Celestin Jamin
Benton Knott Jamison
C A Jamison
Frank H Jamison
William L Jamison
Jane (Nursemaid)
Louis G Janes
Jacob Jones Janeway
Rudolf Janik
Reynold Janney
A Janny
Camille de Janon
E W Jansen
Louis Janssens
Catharine Ann Janvier
Walter Janvier (Estate)
William N Janvier
H Japy de Beaucourt
E A Jaques
Washington L Jaques
Walter S Jarboe
Charles Jarnier
C S Jarvis
John Jarvis
R P Jarvis
Emil Jasper
Joseph Jastrow
Gustav Jay
W N Jay
David Walker Jayne
F N Jayne
J E Jayne
Morris D Jayne
Alice Jaynes
Frank Jaynes
George E Jeandheur
Charles Wilkin Jefferson
Howard S Jefferson
M Jeffery
R W Jeffery
W Jefferys
Mrs B M Jeffries
Francis Jehl
John Rushworth Jellicoe
S S Jemison
D J Jend
Edward Jenkin
Fleeming Jenkin
Alfred Blunt Jenkins
Annie Gray (Mrs Alfred B.) Jenkins
Charles Francis Jenkins
Elizabeth Jenkins
F C Jenkins
H W Jenkins
Harriet Mullett Jenkins (Mrs Farnham Yardley)
J G Jenkins
J J Jenkins
Martin William Jenkins
Mrs A K Jenkins
Mrs M M Jenkins
Philip Oscar Jenkins
Ralph R Jenkins
Thomas E Jenkins
W L Jenkins, Jr.
George B Jenkinson
Arthur E Jenks
C W Jenks
Charles N Jenks
Prof L E Jenks
William J Jenks
George B Jenness
Charles Francis Jenney
Lora Pattee (Mrs Edwin C.) Jenney
Mary Bruce (Mrs Charles F.) Jenney
A R Jennings
Charles E Jennings, Jr.
E B Jennings
Edward William Jennings
James Thomas Jennings
N A Jennings
William Jennings
Bertha Jensen
Peter Jensen
Christopher Jensvold
Arthur A Jentsch
H E Jepson
Charles W Jerome
Jerome Klapka Jerome
H W Jerry
Henry Jervey
George A Jessup
Henry Wynans Jessup
A C Jeunis
Samuel Jevons
J S Jewell
M H Jewell
M R Jewell
A B Jewett
Frank Baldwin Jewett
Hugh Judge Jewett
J H Jewett
James C Jewett
John Punchard Jewett
N I Jewett
W K Jewett
William Jewett
Albert E Joab
Albert H Jocelyn
William Jockin
A Johansen
G John
Herbert F John
Robert John
D S Johns
Johnson (Foreman)
A B Johnson
A W Johnson
Abby H Johnson
Albert Livingston Johnson
Albert Randolph Johnson
Anna (Mrs Axel) Johnson
Annie Elizabeth Johnson
Antoinette Lewis Johnson
Arthur B Johnson
Arthur L Johnson
Axel Johnson
B Johnson
B Frank Johnson
Barton Johnson
C A Johnson
C B Johnson
C F Johnson
C H Johnson
C P Johnson
C R Johnson
C T Johnson
Capt A W Johnson
Charles Johnson
Charles A Johnson
Charles E Johnson
Charles Fabian Herman Johnson
Charles M Johnson
Charles W Johnson
Douglas Wilson Johnson
E B Johnson
E G Johnson
Edna Johnson
Edward Hibberd Johnson
Eldridge Reeves Johnson
Emma M Johnson
Evan Johnson
F R Johnson
F U Johnson
F W Johnson
Frederick William Johnson
G W Johnson
Garnet A (Mrs Roy A.) Johnson
George Johnson
George Arthur Johnson
George F Johnson
Gertrude J Johnson
H O Johnson
Henry Eneu Johnson
Henry Mortimer Johnson
Isaac C Johnson
James B Johnson
John Henry Johnson
John William Johnson
Joseph W Johnson
Julius Johnson
Ligon Johnson
Margaret Kenney (Mrs Edward H.) Johnson
Mary (Mrs Charles) Johnson
Mary Randolph (Mrs Albert L.) Johnson
Mrs J M Johnson
Mrs S N Johnson
Nathan Clarke Johnson
Otis F Johnson
Owen McMahon Johnson
P Johnson
Philip M Johnson
R C Johnson
R W Johnson
Richard C Johnson
Richard Randolph Johnson
Robert E Johnson
Robert Underwood Johnson
Roy A Johnson
S Johnson
S L Johnson (Edison Employee)
S L Johnson (Journalist)
S Johnson (Atlantic City)
S Johnson (Sudbury, Ontario)
Theodore F Johnson
Tom Johnson
Walter Howard Johnson
William E Johnson
William Schuyler Johnson
William T Johnson
Woolsey McA Johnson
Johnston (Edison Employee)
A B Johnston
Albert Wheeler Johnston
Archibald Johnston
C A Johnston (Alabama)
C A Johnston (Pennsylvania)
Charles Johnston
E R Johnston
Edward W Johnston
Frederick A Johnston
J B Johnston
J D Johnston
James Graydon Johnston
M E Johnston
Mary Johnston
Mr Johnston
Robert Johnston
Theo Karl Johnston
Thomas J Johnston
W J Johnston
William A Johnston
William Henry Johnston
Mr Johnstone
W H Johnstone
William Arthur Johnstone
Al Jolson
Barukh Jonas
Jones (Edison Employee)
A E Jones
Alva D Jones
Arthur W Jones
B M Jones
Buffalo Jones
C D Jones
Charles Hyland Jones
Charles Jesse (Buffalo) Jones
Charles S Jones
Elmer Ray Jones
F R Jones
Francis Arthur Jones
Francis W Jones
Frederick W Jones
George S Jones
George T Jones
H S Jones
H W Jones
Henrietta Ord Jones
Henry A Jones
Henry R Jones
Henry Ritchard Jones
Herbert C Jones
J C Jones
James Edmund Jones
James K Jones
Jenkin Lloyd Jones
John Price Jones
John S Jones
John W Jones
Joseph William Jones
L E Jones
Lavinia Barnett (Mrs Saunders P.) Jones
Leonidas Campbell Jones
Lewis L Jones
Lucy Jones
Marcus Eugene Jones
Mark Manderville Jones
Mary (Mrs W. Ashby) Jones
Mary Hayes Jones
N T Jones
Paul Jones
R M Jones
R P Jones
Robert M Jones
S I Jones
S T Jones
Saunders Paul Jones
Susie M Jones
Thomas J Jones
W Jones
W B Jones
Walter A Jones
Warner La Valle Jones
Whitney Blake Jones
William Jones
William Ashby Jones
William H Quayle Jones
William P Jones
Willis H Jones
Charles W Jopson
Isobel Tracy Joralemon
Luis G Jorda
David Starr Jordan
G H Jordan
Ida Jordan
J W Jordan
Sarah Jordan
W S Jordan
Karl Jorn
Jos H Jory
Joshua M Josias
Albert Bruce Joy
Henry Bourne Joy
Russell T Joy
Cmdr C S Joyce
Maurice Joyce
Maurice E Joyce
T Heath Joyce
John W Joyes
Albert Riordan Jube
Agnes Boyd (Mrs Albert F.) Judd
Albert Francis Judd
B Judd
Bill Judd
E C Judd
George E Judd
James Robert Judd
Sylvester Judd
Capt J A Judson
John W Judson
Louise Juechzer
Julia (Cook)
Theodore Julius, Jr.
Mr Jumeaux
Deb Shum Shere Jung
Max Junghandel
Ernest Waldemar Jungner
Louis Henry Junod
William B A Jurgens
William Jury
Jean-Jules Jusserand
Sidney Justice
G H Justinson
Henry B Kaeding
Waldemar Bernhard Kaempffert
Franklin Pierce Kaercher
Manuel Kahl
Ernest Kahle
Addie Wolff (Mrs Otto H.) Kahn
Albert Kahn
Maurice Kahn
Otto Herman Kahn
Henry Kailimai
Mr Kaindlin
E Kaiser
John Kaiser
David Laamea Kalakaua
J W Kalbaugh
Frederick Julius Kaldenberg
Frederick Robert Kaldenberg
Mrs Kalish
Joseph Laurent Marks Kaltenecker
George M Kaltschmidt
Heike Kamerlingh-Onnes
Ruth Kaminsky
Chris H Kamman
Heinrich H Meno Kammerhoff
Kane (Edison employee?)
Edith Brevoort Kane
James M Kane
Robert Kane
T Kane
William S Kane
William L Kann
Immanuel Kant
L H Kanty
Ernest Carlton Kanzler
Nicolai Kapanoff
Isidor Kaplan
Gisbert Kapp
Vladimir Karapetoff
Rudolph R Karch
John Clarence Karcher
Joseph Kareis
Michael Karolyi
Karl Johann Bernhard Karsten
Paul Benjamin Kasakove
David Kasanof
D C Kaseman
Jaques Kasner
Richard Donland Kathrens
Paul Alexander Katz
R F Kauffman
Reginald Wright Kauffmann
Alfred Kaufman
H J Kaufman
Herbert Kaufman
Mr Kaufmann
Dana Kay, Jr.
Edward Ebenezer Kay
M P Kay
Thomas Kays
Charles Hugo Kayser
Calvin E Keach
Hamilton Fish Kean
John Kean
James Kearney
Thomas Albert Kearney
Patrick Kearns
Edward Quinton Keasbey
George MacCulloch Keasbey
William L Keating
Theron P Keator
Edward W Keck
Rudolph Keck
Robert Keding
J H Kedzie
Harry L Keefer
Samuel N Keefer
Bronson C Keeler
D B Keeler
Irving S Keeler
W A Keeler
John Worrell Keely
Arthur Keen
John Francis Keenan
Thomas J Keenan
Francis Bowler Keene
Noah Keene
Edward Keevin
Frederick P Kehew
John Elwin Kehl
James Howard Kehler
John F Kehoe
Albert Keim
Josiah Keine
James R Keiser
F W Keitel
A H Keith
A Paul Keith
Benjamin Franklin Keith
Harold Chessman Keith
June Keith
Nathaniel Shepard Keith
Orlando S Keith
Albert K Keller
Benjamin Franklin Keller
Helen Keller
Louis Keller
William Keller
J Kellestine
Charles Sampson Kelley
Edgar Stillman Kelley
J Stuart Kelley
James Douglas Jerrod Kelley
Jay G Kelley
Stillman F Kelley
Alfred Kellogg
Charles Day Kellogg
Clara Louise Kellogg
E W Kellogg
Edward D Kellogg
Edward L Kellogg
Emilie (Mrs M.C.) Kellogg
Ernest Kellogg
Florida S Kellogg
Frank J Kellogg
Henry Kellogg
J G Kellogg
John Harvey Kellogg
Milo G Kellogg
Paul Underwood Kellogg
Warren Franklin Kellogg
Frances Alice Kellor
Richard Wesley Kellow
Anna L Kelly
C L Kelly
C P Ayers Kelly
Charles F Kelly
Charles H Kelly
Edward Kelly
Ezra Kelly
George Kelly
Harry R Kelly
J Kelly
James Edward Kelly
James F Kelly
John Kelly
John F Kelly
Mrs John Kelly
Napoleon Bonaparte Kelly
Nellie Kelly
P Kelly
S D Kelly
William H Kelly
Anna (Mrs Frederick T.) Kelsey
Carl Kelsey
Clarence Hill Kelsey
Frederick Trowbridge Kelsey
Frederick W Kelsey
Henry Cooper Kelsey
John Price Kelsey
Lord Kelvin
William Kemmler
James Furman Kemp
Kenneth Kemp
Arthur B Kempel
George H Kempker
James H Kempster
Walter Kempster
C W Kempton
Calvin N Kendall
Carleton W Kendall
Donald Kendall
Edward Kendall
R T Kendall
E E Kendrick
Alexander C Kenealy
Eugene Kenebel
William Lacy Kenly
George Kennan
Howard John Kennard
Absalom Mason Kennedy
Al C Kennedy
Albert Hamilton Kennedy
C F Kennedy
Charles E Kennedy
David Andrew Kennedy
G W Kennedy
H C Kennedy
H S Kennedy
Henry H Kennedy
J A Kennedy
James Henry Kennedy
Jeremiah Joseph Kennedy
John S Kennedy
Thomas F Kennedy
Thomas J Kennedy
W F Kennedy
Walter B Kennedy
William P Kennedy
William Sloane Kennedy
James S Kennefick
Arthur Edwin Kennelly
S J Kennerly
Ferd Kennett
Austin Kenney
Lewis H Kenney
Marie R Kenney
Raymond Kenney
Patrick Kenny
Aaron H Kent
Charles Kent
Fred I Kent
G H Kent
George A Kent
George R Kent
Rockwell Kent
William Kent
R Kentworthy
Adelbert A Kenyon
Horace Kephart
W H Kephart
H G Kepler
Christine Ker
Frederick Monroe Kerby
Dr H S Kergan
Mrs W J Kerley
Duncan Mackenzie Kerly
Dr P F Kern
Edith Kingman Kern
John A Kern
John Worth Kern
Sergius Kern
Mrs Nicholas Edward Kernan
Abram Tucker Kerr
George G Kerr
N F Kerr
Robert Kerr
Thomas Bakewell Kerr
Washington Caruthers Kerr
Rudolf Kersting
Charles Holland Kesler
Mrs Arthur E Kesler
Claude Kessler
Charles Burgess Ketcham
George W Ketcham
William F Kett
Walter Kettner
Willie L E Keuffel
Clarence Key
Helmer Key
Pierre Van Rensselaer Key
Clift B Keyes
Earl H Keyes
J G Keyes
Sibley H Keyes
John Maynard Keynes
W J Kibbe
William Kibbee
Walter Kidde
Amos Mansfield Kidder
Cornelius G Kidder
Jerome Kidder
Jerome F Kidder
Thomas Kiddie
Alfred Watts Kiddle
A R Kiefer
Herman E Kiefer
Hardy Prime Kieffer
John J Kiernan
Fremont Kierstead
Joseph O Kieslich
Edward Kilburn
Charles A Kilfoyle
W E Kilgore
H A M Killip
Killorin (Edison Employee)
W S Kiloh
Kate Chesley (Mrs Van Evrie) Kilpatrick
Van Evrie Kilpatrick
J A Kilroy
John Kilroy
Arthur Lalanne Kimball
Curtis H Kimball
Dexter Simpson Kimball
Edwin Elliot Kimball
Frederick Mason Kimball
G W Kimball
Gardner W Kimball
H Kimball
H S Kimball
Hannibal Ingalls Kimball
Hannibal Ingalls Kimball, Jr.
Herbert S Kimball
John Kimball
Rosamond Kimball
Charles R Kimberly
Lt Comdr H Kimberly
H C Kimes
C E Kimlin
Komakichi Kimura
Frederick Kincaid
Ira S Kinch
Sarah H Kinder
Gustav J Kindermann
A King
Agnes (Mrs Alexander) King
Albert George King
Arthur King
C C King
C M King
Charles A King
Charles G Y King
Charles W King
Clarence King
Clarence Hopkins King
Delia King
E J A King
Eben W King
Edward Augustin King
Edward P King
Elmer King
George F King
George Gordon King
Goodman King
Henry B King
Henry C King
I J F King
James S King
James W King
John B King
John King, Jr.
Julius King
Lee J King
Marian Gregg (Mrs Clarence H.) King
Mary Hopkins (Mrs Goodman) King
N W King
S S King
T E King
Thomas H King
Victor Louis King
W E King
W J King
W M King
Warren Charles King
William T King
M M Kingman
John E Kingsbury
Edward George Kingsford
Frank L Kingsland
Carter R Kingsley
Charles Kingsley
Charles F Kingsley
Darwin Pearl Kingsley
George P Kingsley
Lee Kingsley
A L Kinkead
Eugene Francis Kinkead
R C Kinkead
John C Kinkel
Francis S Kinney
Paul Seaman Kinney
William Morton Kinney
E U Kinsey
J R Kinsey
Edw B Kinsila
S A Kinsley
Charles Lambert Kinsloe
Frank Eugene Kinsman
G C Kinsman
Charles J Kintner
Theodore Y Kinzel
Cora Elsie Kinzie
H C Kinzie
William F Kip
Rudyard Kipling
Walter Ewald Kipp
Imre Kiralfy
David Kirby
J F Kirby
John T Kirby
Rollin Kirby
Charles George Kircher
Julius Kircher
Charles Kirchhoff, Jr.
Col Kirk
Frank W Kirk
John L Kirk
Martha H Kirk
Robert Kirk
William Henry Kirk
P Kirkegaard
George Kirkegard
Freeman P Kirkendall
Frank S Kirkland
John W Kirkland
Thomas L Kirkpatrick
Thomas Le Roy Kirkpatrick
Hugh F Kirkwood
Harold Kirschberg
Anna Uhlig Kirsten
Frederick Whitfield Kirtland
Charlotte Kirwan
Thomas Kirwan
Gustav Edward Kissel
Abraham S Kissell
Charles Franklin Kissinger
J W Kitch
Frank P Kitchell
Joseph G Kitchell
J M Kitchen
J M W Kitchen
James Kitchen
John H Kitchen
Karl Kingsley Kitchen
William Kirkham Kitchen
Arthur Kitson
Millard B Kitt
Walter E Kittel
George Watson Kittredge
Thomas Kittredge
Warren Kitzmiller
Matheus Kjoss-Hansen
Ada Klaube
Julius Klaube
Marc Alonzo Klaw
Elizabeth (Mrs Oscar) Kleber
Anna R Klehm
Bernard A Klein
Charles J Klein
Herman Klein
P R Klein
Philip Henry Klein, Jr.
Charles B Kleine
George Kleine
Oscar B Kleine
Emil W Kleinert
Hugo L Kleinhaus
Frank Emil Kleinschmidt
B Kleissler
Klepstien (Edison Employee)
Clarence Winfield Kline
George Kline
George B Kline
William Kline
John Adam Kling
A Klingensmith
Frank Lewis Klingensmith
Adam Klippel
Ernest C Klipstein
Percy L Klock
Charles A Klotz
Dr C Klug
H A Klyce
Scudder Klyce
Michael Kmetz
Alec A Knapp
D W Knapp
F W Knapp
Jay Warren Knapp
John F Knapp
W N Knapp
B Knauf
William Knecht
Samuel Knerland
M Knickerbocker
Willis Knickerbocker
Lizzie Knierim
William H Knierim
Arthur Stearns Knight
Edward Henry Knight
F G Knight
Frank B Knight
Frederic H Knight
George Henry Knight
George W Knight
Herbert W Knight
John K Knight
Joseph Knight
Mrs A L Knight
Mrs John K Knight
Peter T Knight
James W Knoblock
A H Knoll
Herman A Knoll
J F Knorr
Henry Knoth
C B Knott
Edward Richardson Knowles
Harold Wilbur Knowles
James Thomas Knowles
Wilbur S Knowles
Hosea M Knowlton
Mr Knowlton
Alfred Knox
Herman Warren Knox
Philander C Knox
R F Knox
Robert R Knox
William Franklin Knox
A A Knudsen
W O Knudsen
F R Knuland
T Kobayakawa
A Kobb
Gustav Kobbe
Philip Kobbe
Lydia B Koch
Rudolph Koch
George E Koeber
Augustus J Koehler
A J Koenigsmark
George C Kohler
Charles Kohlman
Wm Kohlraush
Charles W Kohlsaat
Christian Cecil Kohlsaat
Adolf Kohn
David Kohn
Mitsuo Koizumi
Richard Kolb
Emil Kolben
Roman Romanovitch Kolby
F Kolh
A Lincoln Konwiser
F S Koons
Lottie M Koons
Arthur Koppel
Waldine Kopperl
Catherine G Korb
M Korn
Alfred E Kornfeld
Lucette Korsoff
Michel G Korsunsky
H Frank Korthener
Francis Kossuth
Charles Koth
Herman Davis Kountze
Luther Kountze
Luther Lathain Kountze
Charles H Kraft
Friedrich W Kraft
Willy Josef Kraft
Ryfylke Kraftanlaeg
Fred G Krais
E Kramer
Mr Kramer
Adolph Wilhelm Krasnapolsky
W J Kratt
Arthur Krause
Ernest John Krause
Georg Krause
Rudolph Howard Krause
A Kravchenko
Prof Krebs
H E Kreider
Fritz Kreisler
Albert Krell
M D Krenkel
Fred Kresi
H H Kress
Otto Kretzchmer
Mr Kreusch
K K Krichovetz
Robert Krill
C Krim
Marayan Krishna
William Kritzman
Stephen R Krom
Louis G Kruell
August Hugo Kruesi
John Kruesi
John Kruesi (Estate)
Paul John Kruesi
Walter Edison Kruesi
Terra Christa Kruna
Friedrich Alfred Krupp
William Kuckro
Emilie Marie Kuebler
J H Kuehling
A L Kuehn
J H Kuehne
Fr F Kuendig
Elizabeth Kugler
Andrew H Kuhn
Lewis Kuhn
F J Kuhne
Luther Melanchthon Kumler
Henry Barnard Kummel
Anching Kung
Wheaton Bradish Kunhardt
Charles Kunkel
Charles Kunkle
Herman P Kunst
Elizabeth H Kunz
George Frederick Kunz
Opal Gilberson (Mrs George F.) Kunz
Sophia Handforth (Mrs George F.) Kunz
Henry E Kuphal
Teijiro Kurosawa
Robert Merrill Kurtz
William Kurtz
Selma Kurz
Anthony Rudolph Kuser
Samuel Kyle
Charles H Kyte
Claude L\'Engle
A L\'Hote
L T La Bar
J H La Bau
J A La Bille
Orville D La Dow
Philip Fox La Follette
Robert Marion La Follette
W E La Grone
Henry La Motte
F A La Roche
J G La Rue
Edward E La Schum
James La Zelle
Will La Zelle
George E Labatt
J L Labiaux
L J Labor
Henry Du Pre Labouchere
H G Lack
Emile Henry Lacombe
Volney Eli Lacy
F C Ladd
George S Ladd
Thomas H Ladd
William Marshall Ladd
Paula Laddey
R W Lader
G Y Ladue
Carl Laemmle
Marten Laernoes
William M Laffan
Bernhard H Lage
Jacob Lagowitz
Benjamin P Laidlaw
Mary J Laidlaw
Walter Laidlaw
James Laing
P Lajolo
Martha Lake
Simon Lake
William Robert Lake
Felix Lalande
Albert Richard Lamb
Charles H Lamb
George Percival Lamb
George W Lamb
James F Lamb
James D Lambei
C Lambert
E Bradford Lambert
F S L Lambert
Frank Lambert
L M Lambert
Ralph A Lambert
Thomas B Lambert
W S Lambert
Frank Dalton Lambie
John Edward Lambie
Jacques Paul Lambrigot
Benjamin Garver Lamme
Alice Earl Wilkinson Lamont
Ethel Ackerson Wilkinson Lamont
George Francis McCutcheon Lamont
Hugh Lamont
Mary McCutcheon Lamont (Mrs. W. D. Pruden)
Phoebe E Lamont (Mrs N.L. Mansfield)
George M LaMonte
F LaMott, Jr.
Henry Lanahan
G Y Lancaster, Jr.
Herbert W Lancaster
James H Lancaster
A D Lance
Emma Belle Simmons Lance
Arturo Landa
Adam Landels
H A Landes
Edward K Landis
Sealand Whitney Landon III
Leon Elbert Landone
A C Landstadt
Charles Lane
Charles H Lane (Inventor)
Charles H Lane (Mayor)
Edward Lane
John W Lane
P E Lane
William H Lane
William H H Lane
Winthrop David Lane
St George Lane-Fox
Alexander Lang
George L Lang
R Lang
William C Lang
Palmer H Langden
Samuel P Langden
Andrew Langdon
Philip Langdon
C Langdon-Davies
E Lange
Jacob Langeloth
Karl Langenbach
Selma Langerlof
Arthur W Langford
Nicholas L Langford
A C Langheim
E G Langhorne
Sam Gerrish Langley
Samuel Pierpont Langley
Irving Langmuir
John Langton, Jr.
A J Langworthy
Charles Lanier
Henry Wysham Lanier
Alice Graham Lanigan
George Thomas Lanigan
Arthur E R Laning
Anna Lankow
William H Lanman
William Mershon Lanning
Robert Carr Lanphier
David S Lansden
John M Lansden, Jr.
Robert Lansing
A P Lanterman
Enrique Lanz
Gaetano Lanza
Rufus Lapham
Samuel Lapin
W E Lapping
Richard Laracy
F M Larchar
E S Larcher
Antonio E Largacha
G M Largacha
R G Larimer
John Larkin
R E Larmour
John W Larned
William Trowbridge Larned
John M Larney
W D Larrabee
Alys Larreyne
Andrew Larrson
Albert Samuel Larson
Morgan Foster Larson
Mrs Gus Larson
Mr Lartigue
Elizabeth Lasell
Josiah Lasell
John Alexander Lash
Zebulun Aiton Lash
Dr Lassar
Gray Latham
Milton Slocum Latham
Otway Latham
P W Latham
Woodville Latham
Dr Lathrop
Francis Augustus Lathrop
George Parsons Lathrop
S Park Lathrop
Charles Latimer
Lewis Howard Latimer
Mrs H S Latimer
John Hazlehurst Boneval Latrobe
Edwin Latshaw
Henry Latshaw
Jacob William Lattig
William J Latus
Paul Latzke
J M Lauck
Louise X Laucon
Harry Lauder
Mrs A W Lauder
Frederick Lauderburn
Mrs W J Laudon
Sextus E Laudon
H Laue
Henri Lauer
Harry Hamilton Laughlin
Homer Laughlin
W A L Laughton
A B Laurence
Octave Laurent
Robert A Laurin
Aime Laussedat
Mrs Aime Laussedat
Eugene Augustin Lauste
Johann Kaspar Lavater
M C Laven
Paul Senter Laverty
Thomas B Lavey
Clarence L Law
Henry W Law
T Lawes
R E Lawhon
Edward Lawman
D J Lawn
Albert Lawrence
B A Lawrence
B B H Lawrence
D G Lawrence
Edwin Winship Lawrence
Florence Lawrence
Fred Lawrence
Frederick Newbold Lawrence
Joseph Lawrence
M B Lawrence
Mark Lawrence
Newbold Trotter Lawrence
Prof J Lawrence
R B Lawrence
T F Lawrence
W A Lawrence
William Mangam Lawrence
R A Lawrie
Ann M Laws
D D Laws
Mrs R W Laws
Samuel Spahr Laws
A J Lawson
Albert Lawson
Alex Lawson
James Lawson (Edison Employee)
James Lawson (Insurance Broker)
John W Lawson
L M Lawson
Mrs F K Lawson
Robert W Lawson
W T Lawson
Frank Lawton
Waldo Arnold Layman
Edward Lazansky
Louis Lazard
Henry-Louis Le Chatelier
John Lawrence Le Conte
William Gates Le Duc
Laura H Le Fevre
S Le Fevre
William H Le Fevre
William C Le Gendre
W W Le Grande
Leon Jules Le Pontois
Louis Aime Augustin Le Prince
Dr G A Le Roy
John Walford Lea
Leander Leach
John Leadbeater
Frank Leahy
George W Leake
Amos F Learned
C P Leavitt
David Leavitt
Frank McDowell Leavitt
Michael Bennett Leavitt
Samuel Leavitt
Howard Wilson Lebengood
Georges Lebey
G Lecca
H L Leclare
I F Leddy
John J Leddy
Mary Lederer
Albert Reid Ledoux
Augustus Damon Ledoux
Wilfrid Ledoux
Henry Brockholst Ledyard
T D Ledyard
Abby Howell Lee
Andrew Lee
Anne Lee
Charles Lee
Edward Stewart Lee
Elmer Lee
Francis Bazley Lee
Gerald Stanley Lee
Helen Joy Lee
Henry Lee
John Lee
Joseph Lee
Leslie Lee
Richard Henry Lee
Robert E Lee
Thomas Wilbur Lee
William J Lee
Launcelot Lee-Warner
Caroline Apperson Leech
Carolyn Leech
E K Leech
Emma S S (Mrs Daniel) Leech
George A Leech
L E Leech
Albert Ripley Leeds
Edward Fowler Leeds
Hosmer W Leeds
Harry Toyne Leeming
Dr J L Leeper
Charles J Leephart
Frederic R Lefferts
John Lefferts
Louis Eugene Lefferts
Marshall Lefferts
Marshall Clifford Lefferts
Walter Leffingwell
Henry Leffmann
Wilhelm von Legat
Joseph B Leger
Leges Naturae (Pseudonym)
Wells Wilner Leggett
Herman Lehlbach
Albert Carl Lehman
C J Lehman
Paul E Lehman
Richard R Lehman
Eric Walter George Lehmann
F Lehmann
Maurice Lehmann
Theodore Lehmann
C K Lehrberg
Carl Leibinger
A C Leigh
Richard Henry Leigh
H R Leisk
H R Leister
Carlos Leiter
A T Leith
Alpheus N Leitnaker
Henry Martyn Leland
W L Leland
Mr Lemaire
E Leman
C M Lemgreu
Joseph W Lemmer
P Lemoine
Nolan Lemon
Jennie Lemone
Paul Lemonnier
Hermann Lemp
Jean Lendre
John Lenhart
Michael Joseph Lenihan
Vladimir Lenin
A A Lennie
Bert Lennon
J F Lennon
George J Lenth
Carl Lentz
Leo XIII (Pope)
Alexander H Leo
Elie Léon
Alton W Leonard
George Edward Leonard
Harry C Leonard
Harry Ward Leonard
M B Leonard
Maria Leonard
Thomas H Leonard
Thomas Joseph Leonard
Wellington Wykoff Leonard
William J Leonard
Nathan F Leopold
John Leotti
Frank James Lepreau
Carl Eugene Lesher
John Vandling Lesher
J Peter Lesley
Robert Whitman Lesley
Arthur Leslie
Edward A Leslie
Frank Leslie
Frederick Hobson (Fred) Leslie
John Adam Lesner
Alphonse John Lespinasse
Florence Lester
T G Lester
T H Lester
Mrs Robert Lett
Robert Lett
Henry R Letty
William Leube
George Leuchs
Francis Ellington Leupp
William H Leupp
Jeno Levai
H Leveille
Albert Leven
Leveque (Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe)
Charles Lever
Ellis Lever
Richmond Levering
Harry Levey
Abraham Levine
Alexander T Levine
B J LeVine
Clara (Mrs Alexander T.) Levine
Samuel Levinson
George H Levis
Howard Coppuck Levis
Charles Horace Granville Levison
Wallace Goold Levison
E H Levy
Joseph Levy
Joseph L Levy
Louis Levy
Louis J Levy
M F Levy
M R Levy
Samuel D Levy
W Lester Levy
Albert M Lewers
N W Lewers
Phineas Lewinson
A H Lewis
Alexander S Lewis
B M Lewis
Baxter Lewis
Billy Lewis
Charles Hildreth Lewis
Daniel Fillmore Lewis
Dr W Lewis
Edward D Lewis
Eugene Howard Lewis
Frank David Lewis
G H Lewis
George T Lewis
Grant Lewis
Henry Lewis
Henry C Lewis
Henry M Lewis
Herbert Lewis
J C Lewis
J F Lewis
J H Lewis
J R Lewis
Jack Lewis
John L Lewis
Joseph Lewis
Joseph Volney Lewis
L L Lewis
Max Lewis
Mr Lewis (Miller Family Friend)
R C Lewis
W D Lewis
Adolph Lewisohn
Charles K Lexow
J Leyds
Charles Leyenberger
Frederick N Leyland
Josef Lhevinne
Li Hung-Chang
Miles Augustus Libbey
G M Libby
Howard W Libby
Jose D Liberalb
Alfred F Lichtenstein
Henry Liddell
W H Liddle
Charles A Lieb
John William Lieb
Minnie Engler (Mrs John W.) Lieb
Henry F Liebbe
Thomas G Liebenan
Dr Liebenow
Mr Liebenow
Mr Lieber
Edward Liebig
Justus von Liebig
Liebman (Edison Employee)
Alfred Liebmann
Ernest Gustav Liebold
Benjamin Liebowitz
Jos Liebstein
Frank W Liepsner
T G Lightfoot
W H Lighthall
James A Lighthipe
Frank G Lightner
William Rheem Lighton
Christian Bai Lihme
Olga Hegeler (Mrs C. Bai) Lihme
George M Lilburn
Max Lilienthal
G H Lincks
Abraham Lincoln
Charles Monroe Lincoln
Robert Todd Lincoln
Harrison Philip Lindabury
Anne Morrow (Mrs Charles A.) Lindbergh
Charles Augustus Lindbergh
Hermann Linde
Robert Packer Linderman
Daniel Georg Lindhagen
C A Lindholm
Gustave E Lindsay
J A Lindsay
Robert James Lindsay
Vachel Lindsay
Benjamin Barr Lindsey
H R Lindsley
John R Linen
Robert B Lines
Louis W Lininger
Mrs Louis W Lininger
Marquess of Linlithgow
Robert Linn
William Linn
Alice May Linneman
John Linton
Raymond A Linton
Joseph D Lintott
Jacob Goodale Lipman
H C Lippincott
Jesse H Lippincott
Lily R (Mrs Jesse H.) Lippincott
George Raford Lipscomb
W O Lipscomb
Thomas Johnstone Lipton
C M Lisiguen
Thomas Orchard Lisle
Frederick J Lisman
Bernhard Listemann
H K Lister
Bloomfield Littell
W B Littell
Alex C Litterst
Leopold H Litterst
Mary J (Mrs Leopold H.) Litterst
C S Little
Clarence A Little
George Little
H E R Little
Henry C Little
John W Little
O J Little
William F Little
William H Little
F B Littlejohn
H Littlejohn
Isaac Livermore
W C Livermore
Horace P Liversidge
Francis Livesey
Herman G Livezey
William H Livingood
Clara E Livingston
Francis Livingston
J H Livingston, Jr.
J Howard Livingston
John Livingston
Leon Ray Livingston
Louis J Livingston
Montgomery Livingston
Elizabeth Livor
Henry M Livor
George J Llewellyn
David Lloyd George
Arthur H Lloyd
Charles Lloyd
G W Lloyd
Harold Lloyd
J T Lloyd
Robert McAllister Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd
W S Lloyd
V Lloyd-Owen
W A Lobby
John B Lober
A Locher
Louis Paul Lochner
Bessie Locke
Edwin Allen Locke
Frank Locke
Myrtle Locke
Freeman G Lockhart
William J Lockhart
Charles S Lockwood
Electa Reynolds (Mrs Francis G) Lockwood
Francis G Lockwood
Frederick D Lockwood
George R Lockwood
H A Lockwood
Hope D Lockwood
Thomas D Lockwood
Joseph Norman Lockyer
Henry Cabot Lodge
James J Lodge
Oliver Lodge
Alexander Nikolaevich Lodyguine
Eda Kuhn (Mrs Morris) Loeb
Jacques Loeb
Morris Loeb
C R Loesch
Alexander W Logan
Charles H Logan
Cornelius Ambrose Logan
Dave Logan
Hance J Logan
James C Logan
John Alexander Logan, Jr.
John N Logan
Julia Pearl Logan
Olive Logan
Thomas Logan
Warren Logan
George William Loggie
William S Logue
Charles L Lohmeyer
Mrs W A Lomas
William B Lomas
G W Lombard
L L Lombard
Thomas R Lombard
E Lommel
Jacob S London
John Lonergan
Albert L Long
C S Long
John Davis Long
John Harper Long
Mrs N G Long
Nimrod Long
Richard W Long
Samuel Long
Walter E Long
H E Longenecker
Alice Mary Longfellow
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Mary Louise Longfellow
G A Longnecker
Edwin Pierce Longstreet
John Munro Longyear
Albert C Loomis
Francis Wheeler Loomis
John Loomis
Margaret A (Mrs John) Loomis
Will Loomis
Esau Lopez
Pietro Lopez
Daniel De Forest Lord
Daniel Lord, Jr.
E P Lord
Edwin Howard Lord
Frank B Lord
Frederick Kissam Lord
J Lord
Joseph W Lord
Story B Lord
Thomas H Lord
William A Lord
Leonor Fresnel Loree
G W Loren
Nicholas C Lorentzen
William Lorenz
P Lorillard, Jr.
George Horace Lorimer
Henry Loriot
Maria A Loschi
Frank H Losey
Mr Loucks
William Louden
De Lancey Horton Louderback
H Loudon
William Loudon
Henry Louis
Ralph G Lounsbury
Louis Frederic Loutrel
William Lovatt
Edward Gurley Love
Henry K Love
Loftin Love
Robert H Love
Francis Thomas Fletcher Lovejoy
Frank William Lovejoy
Benjamin Franklin Lovelace
A Loveland
A C Lovell
John Terrill Lovell
John Lovelock
Lee R Loveman
F A Lovering
Joseph L Lovering
William Croad Lovering
Benjamin B Lovett
Paul A Lovewell
David W Low
Frederick Rollins Low
James Ellis Low
Seth Low
Thomas Hill Low
Annie Lowe
Enoch Louis Lowe
Abbott Lawrence Lowell
James Russell Lowell
John Henry Lowman
Francis P Lowrey
Grosvenor Porter Lowrey
Laura Tyron (Mrs Grosvenor P.) Lowrey
Francis Cowlyn Lowthorp
Eliza (Mrs John J) Loynes
Abraham W Lozier
Clement Abraham Lozier
De Forest P Lozier
Robert Ten Eyck Lozier
John Lubbock (Baron Avebury)
Sigmund Lubin
Antonio Navarro Lucas
Dr H S Lucas
Francis A Lucas
Frank E Lucas
John Lucas
William E Lucas
Odoardo Lucchini
Mr Luck
Lawrence H Lucker
Alfred Edward Lucking
Felix von Luckner
Alfred John Ludecke
Rev C J Ludenbuill
George Craig Ludlow
James Meeker Ludlow
John L Ludlum
B Ludwig
Carl F W Ludwig
Daniel J Ludwig
Edwin Forrest Ludwig
Elga (Mrs Emil) Ludwig
Emil Ludwig
L A Ludwig
Lewis Lueder
Charles William Luhr
P Luhr
J H Lukach
M Lukanitsch
A W Luken
Auguste Lumiere
Louis Jean Lumiere
David Lumsden
Lund (Edison secretary)
C A Lundberg
Robert Lundell
Dr Lundy
F L Lundy
George Everett Lundy Lundy
Charles Marshall Lungren
Ernest Lunn
G P Lunt
Mrs A Lurrie
Frank Lusk
Marcus L Lusk
Charles Archie Lussier
Mrs Fred Luther
G S Lutticke
Albert J Lutz
Vilma Lwoff-Parlaghy
William Mitchell Lybrand
W G Lyddon
J Lyder
George W Lyle
Hubert Samuel Lyle
Mervin E Lyle
Ambrose W Lyman
Chester Smith Lyman
D Lyman
Edward Branch Lyman
Harold Lewis Lyman
Henry Darius Lyman
James Lyman
James O Lyman
Oliver E Lyman
Warren M Lyman
William Otis Lyman
Arthur H Lymn
John Lynam
D V Lynch
James F Lynch
Michael J Lynch
S G Lynch
William A Lynch
William Lynd
Lamar Lyndon
Lewis F Lyne
J B Lynn
John Durward Lynn
L A M Lynne
C R Lyon
Charles P Lyon
George W Lyon
M W Lyon
Miss A B Lyon
Winfield Hancock Lyon, Jr.
Henry George Lyons
John Lyons
Joseph Lyons
William F Lyons
William Washington Lyons
William Douglas Lysnar
John William Lystrup
J N Lytle
W C Lytle
C Louis Maas
Mabel (Maid)
Aliot S Macandrew
W Macartney
John Macaulay
Thomas Babington Macaulay
Macauley (Patent Examiner)
Robert Walker Macbeth
William Macbeth
James A MacBride
Marguerite MacClatchie
C W MacCord
Henry Mitchell MacCracken
Frank MacDaniel
A A MacDonald
Alex R MacDonald
C F MacDonald
Donald Macdonald
Dwight Macdonald
George MacDonald
J W F Macdonald
James Macdonald
P F MacDonald
Pirie MacDonald
S MacDonald
S D MacDonald
Thomas A MacDonald
Thomas Hood Macdonald
William MacDonald
Lt R A MacDonell
Grace MacDowell
Theodore Mace
Antonio Maceo
John Cowell MacEvitt
James Gordon MacGregor
John MacGregor, Jr.
William Alexander Macgregor
A MacGruthar
W G Mach
William MacHarg
Edwin V Machette
Charles E Mack
Connie Mack
J O Mack
John Mack
John M Mack
William B Mack
William Hollingsworth Mackall
A D MacKay
Clarence Hungerford Mackay
John William Mackay
Ellin Mackaye (Mrs Irving Berlin)
Harold Steele MacKaye
Percy Wallace MacKaye
Steele MacKaye
R W Mackeen
Alexander Mackenzie
Donald Mackenzie, Jr.
J H Mackenzie
James Benner MacKenzie
James U MacKenzie
John Mackenzie
Kenneth Mackenzie
Morell Mackenzie
E T Mackey
J C Mackey
S G Mackey
Harry A Mackie
J J Mackin
John B MacKinnon
J W MacKintosh
A MacKiver
Theodore Macknet
Rudolph Mackwitz
Gay MacLaren
Malcolm MacLaren
Jean S MacLaughlin
Richard Cockburn Maclaurin
George Maclean
Howard A Maclean
L L (Mrs F.) Maclennan
Edward Augustine MacManus
Seumas MacManus
James (Indiana) Macnaughton
James MacNaughton (New York)
James MacNider
John Kingsley Macomber
William F Macomber
William Watts Macon
William D MacQuesten
H W Macready
J Macrum
Margaret Burbank Macullar
John George MacVicar
Frank N J MacVicars
Oscar W Maddaus
A F Madden
Oscar E Madden
Ada Isabel Maddison
Raul Madero
Frank E Madison
Ward Napier Madison
C L Madsen
P Chr Madsen
William Maegerlein
Louis Jones Magee
Mrs Eugene V Magee
James T Magenis
William Mager
Gernarro A Maghella
William Francis Magie
Edward Hicks Magill
J A Magill
Madison Maginn
Vermeire Magis
Andrea Maglio
Dennis Maglio
Serafina Maglio
Judah Leon Magnes
C Magnin
Pierre-Joseph Magnin
E E Magovern
E A Maguiness
Franck Zeveley Maguire
T E Maguire
Thomas Maguire (Edison Employee)
Thomas Maguire (Edison Friend)
Mahan (Chemist)
Edward A Maher
J A Maher
John G Mahin
Arthur Mahoney
D A Mahoney
John Todd Mahoney
William V Mahoney
John A Mahood
Julius Maier
Frank Maies
Henry Maillard
Cyprien Odilon Mailloux
Willard F Main
Hiram Maine
Juan B Mainero
George H Maines
Jocelin Maingard
A Maire
Barnabe Maisonville
Ernest Major
Adolphus Makarievitch
Fred Kinzaburo Makino
Eugene Conrad Makosky
Ray Malcolm
Charles Mali
S C Maline
Herbert A Malino
Charles V Mallet
John William Mallet
George T Mallette
Martin Malloney
Alva Edison Mallory
Carrie Miller (Mrs Walter S.) Mallory
Clifford D Mallory
D D Mallory
Eliada Blakesley Mallory
George B Mallory
Margaret Mallory
P J Mallory
Walter Seeley Mallory
Walter Seeley Mallory, Jr.
Peter Malloy
John Malone
B J Maloney
T Maloney
T J Maloney
Albert E Maltby
Gladys Madeleine Mambert
Stephen Babcock Mambert
F A Mamross
Albon Man
Raymond Mancha
M Mande
L Theodore Mander
A W Mandeville
John Mandeville
Arthur Mandy
Herve Mangon
Paul Mankiewitz
Samuel C Manley
Frank Manly
Edward C Mann
George Hiram Mann
H F Mann
Horace Borchsenius Mann
L M Mann
William I Mann
William J Mann
A Manners
John James Robert Manners
E Mannesmann
Max Mannesmann
Reinhard Mannesmann
Cephus Manning
Charles E Manning
Daniel Manning
James Hilton Manning
Thomas Manning (N.Y. City)
Thomas Manning (New Calodonia)
Vannoy Hartrog Manning
William Manning
Paul Manoury
Newton Spalding Manross
L C Manry
Edward S Mansfield
John Melvin Mansfield
William O Manson
Robert Bruce Mantell
Margaret Seiberling Manton (Mrs Robert S. Saalfie)
Homer Manvel
Thomas Franklyn Manville
George A Manwaring
John R Maples
A Maranghi
Maranhao (Brazil). President
Albert Prescott Marble
Charles C Marble
Edgar Martin Marble
M M Marble
Elisabeth Marbury
Theodore C Marceau
J March
Natalie March
E Marchais-LaGrave
C H Marcher
Oscar Milton Marchman
Guglielmo Marconi
Albert de Marconnay
Isaac Frederick Marcosson
Marcus Aurelius
Arnold Marcus
Alexander Jonas Marcuse
John M Marcy
M M Marcy
George N Marden
John Rice Mardick
Morell Marean
Etienne-Jules Marey
Samuel Marfield
Sister Maria
Arthur Marichal
Frank Joseph Marion
Dr J A Marizy
G Mark
Isaac Markens
W H Markgraf
Charles Henry Markham
Thomas H Markillie
W H Markland
Alvan Markle
George Bushar Markle, Jr.
John Markle
John R Markle
H E Marko
Frank Marks
George Marks
George Croydon Marks
Jeanette Marks
William Dennis Marks
Charles W Markus
L B Markwith
Duke of Marlborough
W Lake Marler
Antoine Marontate
Henry Marquand
John P Marquand
Mr Marques
Albert Nelson Marquis
Samuel Simpson Marquis
Frank S Marr
Frances E Marra
J E Marriner
James Caren Mars
A M Marsdell
Margaret Marsellis
C C Marsh
Charles Carlton Marsh
Converse Denny Marsh
Converse Emerson Marsh
E S Marsh
Eben Grant Marsh
F P Marsh
L A Marsh
O D Marsh
Othniel Charles Marsh
William W Marsh
Albert Jackson Marshall
C A Marshall
C K Marshall
Charles L Marshall
Charles S Marshall
David Trumbull Marshall
Edward Marshall
Frank James Marshall
H Griffen Marshall
Hudson Snowden Marshall
J F Marshall
John Trumbull Marshall
Josephine Lenore (Mrs Charles H.) Marshall
R Marshall
Thomas Riley Marshall
William Marshall (Edison Employee)
William Marshall (Manufacturer)
Mr Marson
Fritz G Marsteller
Fritz Marstells
George W Marston
W T Martein
A W Martin
C T Martin
Carmelita Beckwith (Mrs T. Commerford) Martin
Charles C Martin
Edwin Dudley Martin
Eugene Martin
F J Martin
Felix Martin
George W Martin
H J Martin
Henry G Martin
J Martin
J C Martin
J H Thayer Martin
James Martin (Chile)
James Martin (Journalist)
John Martin
Kingsley Gould Martin
Luther H Martin
Mrs Robert W Martin
Robert W Martin
Rufus Martin
Thomas Commerford Martin
Thomas F Martin
W A Martin
William C Martin
William J Martin
E B Martindale
James V Martindale
James Edgar Martine
Randolph B Martine
Giovanni Martinelli
Paul Martinez
William D Marvel
Grace Perkins (Mrs Richard P.) Marvin
Harry Norton Marvin
Jane Miller (Mrs Richard P.) Marvin
Richard Pratt Marvin
Robert Newland Marvin
W K Marvin
G E Marvine
Henry F Marx
Karl Marx
John Masefield
H Masland
A F Mason
Amasa Mason
C D Mason
Cassity E Mason
E Mason, Jr.
Elisha Mason
Elliott Mason
Frank Mason
Frank A Mason
Frederic G Mason
George A Mason
Henry Lowell Mason
James H Mason
Marian Alexander (Mrs William H.) Mason
Newton Eliphalet Mason
Walt Mason
Warren Mason
William Horatio Mason
J C Massa
Pompeo Massani
W H Masser
Charles Vincent Massey
Chester Daniel Massey
Eliza Ann Phelps (Mrs Hart A.) Massey
Hart Almerrin Massey
Lillian Frances Massey
Walter Edward Hart Massey
Annie Massie
C A L Massie
Thomas Lansing Masson
Arthur Haynesworth Masten
Cornelius Arthur Masten
W H Masters
Willis Uberto Masters
Edward Masterson
John Masterson
Alexander Masterton
Charles Arthur Matcham
F N Mather
Margaret Mather
William Mather
William Gwinn Mather
Robert Carl Mathes
Susan Helen Mathes
D C Matheson
B A Mathews
John R Mathews
Mary Elden (Mrs. Shailer) Mathews
Shailer Mathews
Henry Mathey
George S Mathieson
A Mathot
Robert C Matlock
Kojiro Matsukata
Brooks Matteson
E P Matthews
Joseph Merritt Matthews
Mary A Matthews
Oscar Letson Matthews
W C Matthews
W L Matthews
W N Matthews
E Matthies
Franz O Matthiessen
Henry Mattice
Margarete Matzenauer
Joseph Oswald Mauborgne
J Maunton
C Maurice
D W Maurice
George du Maurier
Philip Mauro
Thompson Brooke Maury
William Maver, Jr.
C Percival Maw
William Mawer
E O Mawrimskey
Joseph R Maxfield
Hiram Stevens Maxim
Hudson Maxim
Holly Whitford Maxson
Alexander Maxwell
Archibald Maxwell
George Maxwell
Henry V Maxwell
Howard Maxwell
J T Maxwell
J W Maxwell
James Clerk Maxwell
John D Maxwell
John Rogers Maxwell
Mary S Maxwell
Max C Maxwell
Perriton Maxwell
William Maxwell
William Henry Maxwell
William S Maxwell
Catherine Fitzmaurice (Mrs Walter A.) May
Charles Sibley May
E May
Ferdinand H May
G T May
Henry May
Moses May
R Logan May
W W May
L Mayburn
Alexander U Mayer
Alfred Marshall Mayer
George F Mayer
George Mathaus Mayer
Julius Marshuetz Mayer
Walter Scott Mayer
William Turner Mayer
Ira Mayhew
A H Maynard
George C Maynard
H C Maynard
John William Maynard
C Mayo
William Benson Mayo
Thomas Jefferson Mays
Louis Mazade
Damaso Mazenet
Eleanor Wilson (Mrs William G.) McAdoo
William Gibbs McAdoo
Addams Stratton McAllister
F E McAllister
T H McAllister
Charles Williston McAlpin
T L McAlpine
William Jarvis McAlpine
George A McAneny
P J McArdle
James McAree
J A McArthur
Howard Walter McAteer
Gervaise (Mrs G.B.) McAuliffe
Thomas McAuliffe
Emeline McAvoy
John McAvoy
Dr T G McCabe
George P McCabe
Robert Copland McCabe
George N McCain
Henry Pinckney McCain
A B McCall
J D McCall
John Augustine McCall
Joseph Benton McCall
O G McCall
Orson G McCall
Ralph McCallister
Neil McCallum
Mr McCampbell
W E McCanna
John Ralph McCarry
George C W McCarter
George S McCarter
Robert Harris McCarter
Thomas Nesbitt McCarter
Lena McCarthy (Mrs Michael Doyle)
R A McCarthy
Livingstone McCartney
E E McCarty
James McCarty
Robert Alden McCarty
John McCasey
Inez Edison (Mrs John J.) McCaughey
John J McCaughey
F B McChesney
Henry Moffett McChesney
J T McChesney
Leonard C McChesney
Leonard Ward McChesney
John Fleming McClain
Ellen Mary Marcy (Mrs George B.) McClellan
George Brinton McClellan, Jr.
John Hall McClement
W E McClintock
John McCloskey
Charles Franklin McClure
David V McClure
E L McClure
George McClure
J H McClure
Samuel Sidney McClure
W F McClure
Walter McClure
Gilbert McClurg
Katherine A McClusky
Richard Thomas McComas
Edwin L McConaughy
S G McConaughy
David McConnell
Rinaldo McConnell
Thomas J McConnell
Walter J McConnell
Mr McConniff
John Francis McCormack
Cyrus Hall McCormick, Jr.
Frank H McCormick
Henry Clay McCormick
L S McCormick
Leander J McCormick (Estate)
Michael McCormick
Mrs Lou McCormick
Peter F McCormick
Richard Cunningham McCormick
Stephen McCormick
Vance Criswell McCormick
A R McCoy
Caroline Smith (Mrs Adrian W.) McCoy
Joseph F McCoy
T H McCoy
Walter Irving McCoy
George Washington McCrary
A L McCrea
Charles McCrea
James McCrea
Duncan McCready
Andrew S McCreath
Fenton Reuben McCreery
William McCrory
E E McCroskey
Isaac McCrum
Edward J McCullen
Roscoe Conkling McCulloch
William A McCulloch
David Rush McCullough
Porter James McCumber
Charles H McCurrie
John F McCutchen
John C McCutcheon
John C McCutcheon (Estate)
Wallace McCutcheon
Dr McDaniel (Miller Family Friend)
John Thomas McDermott
Walter McDermott
Clay McDill
Charles McDonald
Hugh McDonald, Jr.
I H McDonald
J B McDonald
James R McDonald
Joan McDonald
Philip Bayaud McDonald
R D McDonald
W J McDonald (Machinist)
W J McDonald (Merchant)
William McDonald
Witten McDonald
A J McDonell
J McDonough
James W McDonough
M J McDonough
William McDougal
John McDougald
Alexander McDougall
J Lorne McDougall
John A McDougall
A McDowell
Clyde Stanley McDowell
Henry Burden McDowell
James B McDowell
Malcolm McDowell
William O McDowell
Percy McElrath
Mrs McElwain
Rilla McElwain
William McEwan
James H McEwen
Marcia C McFaddan
John McFadden
Kenneth Helicer McFall
D H McFann
Alonzo G McFarland
Earl McFarland
John D McFarland
Mary McFarland
William Sampson McFarlin
Fred L McGahan
Albert McGall
Edward McGall
Edward McGarvey
William McGauley
James L McGee
Mrs McGee
J W McGenniss
John McGeorge
Mungo McGeorge
Alexander Taggart McGill
C E McGill
William Joseph McGinley
John McGinness
John McGinnis
Robert McGonnigle
F D McGovern
Frank McGowan
Samuel McGowan
F J McGrath
M K McGrath
T McGrath
James J McGraw
L E McGreal
Alex McGregor, Jr.
Ambrose M McGregor
Gordon Morton McGregor
Jerusha Barber McGregor (Mrs M.O. Terry)
John McGregor
William McGregor
Eugene McGuckin
Marius McGuffey
H R McGuinn
C J McGuire
J D McGuire
John F McGuire
Julia F (Mrs. John F.) McGuire
Julia McGregor McGuire
William F McGuire
James A McHardy
Virginia McHenry
J T McHugh
John Avery McIlhenny
Edward M McIlvain
Robert McIlwraith
John J McInerney
Alfred Heber McIntire
Henry M McIntire
Mrs J C McIntire
Edward B McIntosh
Frederick Peter McIntosh
H P McIntosh
J Alexander McIntosh
Mr McIntosh
William McIntosh
George M McIntyre
W H McIntyre
C B McKay
Frederick S McKay
John Sophronus McKay
Michael McKay
Owen McKay
William E McKay
William Johnston McKay
Woodrow McKay
Hugh McKeag
W E McKechnie
Elizabeth McKee
H McKee
James Robert McKee
Samuel H McKee
E S McKeever
Charles F McKenna
Amelia McKenzie
Peter Joseph McKeon
J R McKeroy
Donald McKesson
C W McKibben
George N McKibbon
Ida Saxton (Mrs William) McKinley
William McKinley
Charles C McKinney
Henry McKinney
Henry N McKinney
Sadie McKinney
Malcolm McKinnon
Floyd McKnight
L L McKnight
William McKnight
George E McLain
John McLane
Robert Milligan McLane
John McLaren
Frances McLaughlin
Frank McLaughlin
Frank J McLaughlin
Margaret (Mrs Frank) McLaughlin
William P McLaughlin
A J McLean
D L McLean
F C McLean
G B McLean
James McLellen
R McLern
John Robert McMahon
Mary McMahon
P J McMahon
William McMahon
T J McManis
George J McManus
John McManus
Samuel McMaster
William Henry McMaster
J H McMechan
James F McMeel
Patrick McMeel
Morton McMichall, Jr.
A J McMillan
Frank McMillan
J C McMillan
John T McMillan
John Stanford McMillin
James M McMinn
Stanley P McMinn
C W McMorran
Ada (Mrs Edward) McMullen
D H McMullen
Edward McMullen
John James McMullen
E McMurdy
Charles W McMurran
L A McMurray
John Albert McNabb
William Franklin McNabb
Mr McNairn
James Percy McNaughton
Andrew H McNeal
Hal E McNeil
John McNeil
Dennis McNeill
John McNeill
Lamar McNeill
Ronald John McNeill (Lord Cushendun)
Charles S McNeir
J P McNichol
George W McNish
A W McPherson
John Bayard McPherson
John Rhoderic McPherson
Francis P McQuade
D McRae
Virginia Henry McRae
Frederick Wilson McReynolds
Thomas McRow
T J McTighe
Mrs A McWhinney
Ernest Doyle McWhorter
Sarah McWilliams
William W McWilliams
S R McWillis
Elsie C Mead
Lucia Ames Mead
Rufus Mead
Elizabeth Hannah Roberts Meadowcroft
Katherine M (Mrs William M) Meadowcroft
Phoebe Canfield (Mrs William H.) Meadowcroft
William Henry Meadowcroft
William Miron Meadowcroft
Charles A Meadows
A Charles Meagher
James Luke Meagher
Lewis James Meakin
Walter K Means
Madame A C Mears
Earl of Meath
Edward B Meatyard
H J Medbery
Joseph Mederschitzky
Joseph Medill
Rafael Medina
James Meehan
Edward W Meeker
Nathan Cook Meeker
S J Meeker
W B Meeker
William Lawrence Meeker
R E Meeks
Charles Edward Kenneth Mees
Mr Megret
Joseph J Mehl
Meiji (Emperor of Japan)
James N Meikle
George de Rue Meiklejohn
W A Meills
Josef Meilner
Aug Meister
George Arthur Meister
Fr Meitz
Nellie Melba
Gaston Melies
Georges Melies
Paul G Melies
Patrick Hues Mell, Jr.
William P Mellen
John Calvin Mellett
Andrew William Mellon
Alfred Mellor
Nicholas P Melnikoff
Marie M Meloney
Edgar Mels
Charles Henry Meltzer
George Wallace Melville
Henry Melville
R B Melvin
Adolph Melzer
Carl Melzer
Charles Melzer
J Melzer
William Melzer
C Gustavus Memminger
W H Mendell
Felix Mendelssohn
Thomas Corwin Mendenhall
Joaquin Mendez
Luis Mendez
Sam W Menefee
John Frederick Menge
Solomon Stanwood Menken
Mr Mennecke
Carl Mensch
R W Menthorne
Edmund R Menzel
W J Menzies
Edwin C Mercer
Esther Merchant
Desire Joseph Mercier
Elsbeth J Merck
Friedrike Schenck (Mrs George) Merck
George Merck
George Willliam Merck
Josephine Wall (Mrs George W.) Merck
Magda Merck
John W Meredith
Kate Meredith
J R Merell
Lt C Merewether
Barclay G Mering
Mlle Meriot
Coleman Meriwether
Walter Scott Meriwether
Louis Merker
Yolanda Mero-Irion
James S Merriam
Robert James Merriam
George S Merrick
William H Merrick
James Merrihew
George Merril
Allyne Litchfield Merrill
Amos B Merrill
Frank M Merrill
George Merrill
J C Merrill
John Lenord Merrill
William H Merrill
Adolphus Merritt
Alfred Kindred Merritt
Arthur Hastings Merritt
Edwin Albert Merritt, Jr.
L W Merritt
Mary E Merritt
Stephen A Merritt
Sylvester W Merritt
W Merritt
A Merry
George E Merry
H Merryman
Leavitt Mersereau
F Mersfelder
Ralph Davenport Mershon
Fred C Mersman
Lillian E Mertens
A M Merwin
N W Merwin
August Merz
Charles Merz
Charles Hope Merz
Oscar H Merz
Albert Benjamin Meserlin
A V Meserole
J Irving Meskimons
Michael J B Messemer
W R Messenger
Alexander Meston
J M Mestre
Meletios Metaxakis
James B Metcalf
Jesse Metcalf
Lorettus Sutton Metcalf
Manton Bradley Metcalf
Manton Bradley Metcalf, Jr.
Susan Maude Browning (Mrs Manton B.) Metcalf
William Metcalf
Augusta Isabel Corson Metcalfe
V M Metcalfe
Herman August Metz
Henry Metzger
Joseph Metzger
Ottilie Metzger
Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci
Enrique Antonio Mexia
C Meyer
C R Meyer
Curt W Meyer
Dr Meyer
Edward Barnard Meyer
Emanuel Meyer
Frank R Meyer
George von Lengerke Meyer
H C Meyer
Heinrich Meyer
Henry Herman Meyer
John W Meyer
M W Meyer
Maud L Meyer
Robert Meyer
George W Meyers
Nina Meyers
L Michaelis
Otho Ernest Michaelis
Wilhelm Michaelis
William C Michaels
Jens Michaelsen
Clarence Gayler Michalis
Wanda Michalis (Mrs John P. Constable)
Titus von Michalowski
Arthur Michaud
Mr Michaud
P Micheli
John Michels
Albert Abraham Michelson
John S Michener
Robert Michie
Arthur Middleton
Henry Middleton
Hugh C Middleton
Susan Pringle Smith Middleton
W E Middleton
W R Middleton
W S Middleton
Williams Middleton
H Milander
Gustave Milani
Albert Mildenberg
Mr Mildmay
Elizabeth (Mrs Franklin) Miles
Francis Henry Miles, Jr.
Lac L Miles
Douglas N Milestone
Charles Milford
Charles R Milis
Alexander Millar
Alexander Copeland Millar
Anna Millar
James Millar
Preston Strong Millar
Miller (Inventor and Photographer)
Miller Family Meeting
A J Miller
Abbie Leland Miller
Abraham Miller
Alexander Miller
Alfred S Miller
Alice Newton (Mrs Jacob) Miller
Amos Calvin Miller
Anna M Miller
Arthur A Miller
Arthur E Miller
B G Miller
Barbara Miller
C C Miller
C J Miller
C R Miller
Charles Miller
Charles R Miller
Charles Ransom Miller
Christine Miller
Cora Wise (Mrs Ira M.) Miller
Cotta Smyser (Mrs Lewis A.) Miller
Dr M Miller
E Clarence Miller
E J Miller
Edith Hotchkiss (Mrs Robert A. Jr) Miller
Edward Burkett Miller
Edwin F Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Lewis (Mrs Edward B.) Miller
Elizabeth Tawney (Mrs John E.) Miller
Elizabeth York (Mrs John E.) Miller
Emily Huntington Miller
Eva Lucy Miller
Florence Nichols (Mrs John V.) Miller
Frances L Miller
Fred Miller
Frederick Clark Miller
Frederick Hotchkiss Miller
Frederick J Miller
G Miller
George Alfred Miller
George H Miller
George M Miller
George Y Miller
Gordon Miller
Grace A Miller
H Miller
Hamilton Miller
Hans G Miller
Harry Frederick Miller
Harry Huntington Miller
Helen Mathews (Mrs Lewis II) Miller
Henry J Miller
Howard Edison Miller
Hugh B Miller
I N Miller
Ira Mandeville Miller
Isador Miller
J C Miller
J F Miller
J H Miller
J I Miller
J Martin Miller
J S Miller
Jacob Miller
Jane Eliza Miller
John Barnes Miller
John Dewitt Miller
John Edwin Miller
John Jacob Miller
John Vincent Miller
Joseph Miller
Joseph S Miller
Levi Lewis Miller
Levi Lewis Miller, Jr.
Lewis Miller
Lewis Alexander Miller
Lewis Miller II
Lillian Miller
Linda Connelly (Mrs Levi L. Jr) Miller
Louise Igoe (Mrs Robert A.) Miller
Marcia Bostwick (Mrs Levi L.) Miller
Margaret Miller
Mary Emily Miller
Mary Katisha Miller
Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller
Mary Valinda Miller (Estate)
Max E Miller
Milton Smyser Miller
Mina Miller
Miss Miller (Nursemaid)
Mrs A A Miller
Nancy Miller
Nathan G Miller
Norman C Miller
Oliver W Miller
Oskar von Miller
Rachel Alice Miller
Reid F Miller
Richard Hotchkiss Miller
Robert Anderson Miller
Robert Anderson Miller III
Robert Anderson Miller, Jr.
S E Miller
Sallie Kellum Miller
Samuel C Miller
Spencer Miller
Stuart Alexander Miller
Supt Miller (Albany)
Theodore Thomas Miller
Theodore Westwood Miller
W Miller
W H Miller
W Harry Miller
Walter E Miller
Walter Henry Miller
Warner Miller
William Allen Miller
Zant McD Miller
Jennie Hobson Milligan
William Milligan
Robert Andrews Millikan
George Fred Milliken
John Milliken
John H Milliken
R C Milliken
John Millis
Annetta Thompson Mills
Charles Mills
Darius Ogden Mills
F P Mills, Jr.
George C Mills
Ogden Mills
Robert Doremus Mills
S J Mills
Samuel Miller Mills
Simeon Mills
William Albert Mills
William Fitz Randolph Mills
Stanley Hubbell Millspaugh
Alexander Milne
J W Milroy
Robert Huston Milroy
H D Milton
Edwin Mims
Min Yong-ik
Daniel Francis Minahan
E G Minard
Minchin (Edison Employee)
Alonzo Ames Miner
Blanche Miner
Ray E Miner
John Ralph Mines
Harry B Mingle
Anne Rogers (Mrs George Maynard) Minor
F W Minor
E N Minson
David M Minzesheimer
Gratz Mirdini
M A Misenheimer
Belle S Mitchel
F R Mitchel
John Purroy Mitchel
Mitchell (Edison Phonograph Works)
Albert Eliphalet Mitchell
C E Mitchell
Charles Mitchell
Charles Elliott Mitchell
Charles F Mitchell
Edmund Mitchell
Francis B Mitchell
George Mitchell
George W Mitchell
H B Mitchell (Canada)
H B Mitchell (Georgia)
H J Mitchell
H W Mitchell
J B Mitchell
J Howard Mitchell
Jesse Mitchell
Miss Mitchell
Raymond J Mitchell
Roy Charles Mitchell
Sidney Zollicoffer Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
W V Mitchell
Wilbur Mitchell
William Mitchell
William A Mitchell
Charles Elliott Mitchener
Takamichi M Mitsui
Carl Mittag
Charles H Mixer
George Webber Mixter
Jiro Miyabara
Edwin H Mobley
Alexey Mochine
A W Mockridge
John M Moe
E H Moeran
Edward Stewart Moffat
John Moffat
William L Moffat
Cyrus Moffet
Cleveland Moffett
S R Moffett
William E Moffett
R R Mofford
A W Mohn
M M Mohr
William Mohrmann
Alfred J Moisant
Matthew Vincent Molanphy
Oskar Moll
William A Moll
Arnold Mollenhauer
George H Moller
William F Moller
Adolph Monae-Lesser
Bettina H (Mrs Adolph) Monae-Lesser
H A Monahan
James Francis Monahan
Otto F Monahan
Louis Monash
Thomas J Moncks
John Mitchell Moncrieff
Mr Mondon
Ambrose Monell
Patsy Mongiello
Harriet Monkhouse
D Monnier
John Ferreol Monnot
George W Monroe
Levi G Monroe
R G Monroe
W W Monroe
William Stanton Monroe
Charles Monson
John Walter Edward Montagu
Charles H Montague
Gilbert Holland Montague
John B Montague
Joseph E Montague
Alfred Montamat
P E Montanus
Carlos Monteiro e Souza
F Monten
Maria Montessori
Austin Philips Montgomery
Charles Montgomery
George Edgar Montgomery
H A Montgomery
H N Montgomery
Michael M Montgomery
Thomas Montgomery
Thomas E Montgomery
Thomas J Montgomery
S C Montjoy
Juan N Montojo
J A Montpellier
Walter Dwight Moody
Walter Sherman Moody
Lewis H Moomaw
Reuben Osborne Moon
Dermot Mooney
James F Mooney
John Felix Moor
Alexander T Moore
Alfred F Moore
Arthur Harry Moore
Arthur Standish Moore
C E Moore (Kansas)
C E Moore (Minnesota)
Charles C Moore
Charles T Moore
Charles U Moore
Daniel McFarlan Moore
David Hastings Moore
E C Moore
E M Moore
E R Moore
E W Moore
Edward Bruce Moore
Egbert Jessup Moore
F N Moore
Frank W Moore
G W Moore
George Henry Moore
Gideon E Moore
H Wilkinson Moore
Harvey S Moore
J Moore
J W Moore
James Moore
John Moore
Joseph Gales Moore
Louis E Moore
Lycurgus B Moore
Michael Miller Moore
Miles Conway Moore
Miller F Moore
Mrs S C Moore
Raymond Moore
Sam Moore
Sherwood Troop (Sam) Moore
Theodore Moore
William B Moore
William H Moore
W Moorehead
W A Moorhouse
Hermann Moos
Fausto Mora
John Brown Moran
John H Moran
Patrick G Moran
Robert L Moran
H Mordecai
E W Moreau
Henri Moreau
James Turner Morehead
John Motley Morehead III
James Thomasson Morehouse
William Morehouse
John W Moreland
Wilmot K Moreley
Giuseppe Moretti
B N Morey
L Hugh Morfee
Abby B Morgan
Anne Morgan
Bessie E Morgan
C W Morgan
Charles H Morgan
D S Morgan
Dr R W Morgan
F E Morgan
G W Morgan
George F G Morgan
Helen Morgan
Henry Hays Morgan
Henry W Morgan
J H Morgan
James M Morgan
John N Morgan
John Pierpont Morgan
John Pierpont Morgan, Jr.
Joseph La Motte Morgan
Junius Spencer Morgan
Maud Morgan
Percy F Morgan
W E Morgan
W H Morgan
W J Morgan
Walter V Morgan
William Fellowes Morgan
Hans Morgenstern
John Moriarty
Stephen Fossa Moriarty
Pilar Morin
George N Morison
L Morlet
Mr Morny
Giovanni P Morosini
B F Morret
Milton D Morrill
A T Morris
Benjamin Franklin Morris
Charles Morris
E Walter Morris
Elmer P Morris
G Morris
G W Morris
Harle Morris
Harrison Smith Morris
Hugh S Morris
J S Morris
John B Morris
John J Morris
John W Morris
John Morris (Edison Associate)
John Morris (Great Britain)
John Morris (Philadelphia)
Joseph Morris
Joseph Lazarus Morris
L W Morris
Robert Morris
Robert F Morris
Thomas John Morris
Ben F Morrison
George Francis Morrison
James Morrison
James Frank Morrison
James L Morrison
William J Morrison
William W Morrison
James W Morrissey
Richard J Morrisson
John Reynolds Morron
Charles M C Morrow
Dwight Whitney Morrow
Elizabeth Cutter (Mrs Dwight W.) Morrow
John T Morrow
Joseph R Morrow
J A Morschhauser
Arthur Gibson Morse
B E Morse
Carrie Edison Morse
Edward Lind Morse
Frank Lincoln Morse
J H Morse
J S Morse
Leila Livingston Morse
Samuel Finley Breese Morse
Samuel Finley Breese Morse II
W Irving Morse
William W Morse
Stephen Burrough Morss
Alexander Morten
Mortimer (Edison Employee)
A S Morton
Baxter Morton
Henry Morton
Henry Samuel Morton
Julius Sterling Morton
Kenneth Morton
Levi Parsons Morton
Olive Morton
W B Morton, Jr.
William James Morton
Mercer Pamplin Moseley
George Harmon Moseman
Mr Mosenthal
G L Moser
Herbert B Moses
Kenneth Ramsdell Moses
Otto A Moses
Raphael J Moses, Jr.
Roger Hoyt Moses
Stanford E Moses
L O Mosher
Norman H Mosher
Thirza Mosher
W P Mosher
Henry Moskowitz
Charles Moss
H E Moss
J W S Moss
George B Motheral
C S Mott
Charles Peters Mott
Elizabeth Mott
Jordan Lawrence Mott
Lawrence S Mott
Samuel Dimmick Mott
P F Mottelay
William T Mottram
Edward H Moul
Henry S Mould
Moulin (Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe)
Charles Day Moulton
George D Moulton
H S Moulton
John Fletcher Moulton
James Moxam
Charles Moyer
Fayette E Moyer
Fred Hughes Moyer
Horace I Moyer
John W Moyes
J L Moyse
Edward Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Thomas F Mubey
Mark Richards Muckle
Mark Richards Muckle, Jr.
Arthur Mudd
Richard Mudd
C A Mudge
A E Mueller
Arnold Mueller
Herman C Mueller
Joseph Mueller
Priscilla Moors Muench
Mr Muhle
J M Muir
John Muir (Naturalist)
John Muir (Sprague Co)
Malcolm Muir
Alexander Muirhead
John Muirhead
Edward H Mulcay
Charles Mulford
Ephraim R Mulford
Lewis J Mulford
Henry J Mulholland, Jr.
Lala Mull
Arthur Lawrence Mullaly
Ellen Mullane
Frank A Mullany
P Mullarkey
George Allen Mullen
John Mullen
Robert A Mullen
E Muller
Henry C Muller
Richard Muller
D K Mullica
E H Mullin
G S (Mrs Walter) Mulliner
J C Mullison
Mary Agnes Mullory
William Mulock
J B Mulsey
George H Mulvey
James Mulvihill
E W Mumford
George H Mumford
J W Mumper
C E Mumsell
H D Munday
Leonid Mundigo
Arthur J Mundy
Mary E Mundy
William Munford
Thomas Charles Munger
Alexander Mungle
Augusta Munn
Charles Allen Munn
F W Munn
Mary Grace Munn
Orson Desaix Munn
A E Munro
D Munro
George Munro
Charles Edward Munroe
Vernon Munroe
William Whitney Munroe
Charles H Munsell
Frank Andrew Munsey
E Munson
Henry S Munsor
Hugo Munsterberg
Guy Murchie
Charles W Murdock
E F Murdock
John J Murdock
Joseph Ballard Murdock
W H Murdock
John Murison
Harry Y Murkland
Elmer R Murphey
Arthur Murphy
Charles Murphy
Charles Francis Murphy
David A Murphy
E D Murphy
Emmet J Murphy
Franklin Murphy
George F Murphy
Georgia H (Mrs. William A.) Murphy
J D Murphy
J W Murphy
James Bumgardner Murphy
John Murphy
Kenneth Wayne Murphy
T P Murphy
Thomas Murphy
Thomas F Murphy
Thomas H Murphy
W J Murphy
Walter B Murphy
Murray (Edison Employee)
A R Murray
Billy Murray
Charles Murray
Charles Francis Murray
D D Murray
David Murray
George Murray
George G Murray
George J Murray
John Murray
Joseph Thomas Murray
Lindley Murray
Mr Murray (Paris)
O Murray
P Murray
Robert Milne Murray
Thomas Edward Murray
William Murray
James Murry
Harry T Murtha
Ovide Musin
Hamilton Musk
F Mussaeus
W A Mussen
A Millin Musser
Elizabeth Huston (Mrs Harvey) Musser
Harvey Musser
Harvey Huston Musser
James Coburn Musser
Benito Mussolini
M C Mustain
Munemitsu Mutsu
Eadweard Muybridge
A Muzet
E W Muzzy
C A Myerhofer
Elmer G Myers
George Henry Myers
George Matthew Myers
Grace C Myers
J V Myers
John Rossiter Myers
Lawrence Myers
Leonard Myers
Park Lincoln Myers
W B Myers
Chauncey Nicklin Mynderse
Herbert Myrick
Manfred Naar
A Nadeau
S Nagahama
S Naganuma
Oskar Nagel
Adriaan Nagelvoort
Iwasaburo Nakahara
Y Nakamigawa
Mr Nalepinsky
Marie Narelle
Ivan I Narodny
Charles Williams Nash
Florence Nash
Henry S Nash
James Alfred Nash
Mary Nash
Miles Henry Nash
A Nashurg
Frank Lewis Nason
Sabra L Nason
Julius Nassauer
F J Nassay
Thomas Nast
Mrs H Naszieger
Mr Naughright
Marise Naughton (Mrs William W. Nichols)
S A Nauheim
James N Naulty
Alfonso de Navarro
Antonio F de Navarro
Jose Francisco de Navarro
Juan N Navarro
James Naylor, Jr.
Andrew J Neafie
James Neafie
James Neale
John C Neale
Maurice Neary
Charles Neave
S S Neck
Mary Master Needham
C E Needles
Oluf E Neeraas
George H Neff
Pat Morris Neff
Silas Shoemaker Neff
John Clement Negus
I Nehab
William F Nehr
Henry Nehrling
E J Neighbour
James Hance Neighbour
J E Neill
G W Nell
William Nell
A M Nelson
Alfred Nelson
Gustav Nelson
H Nelson
Henry Nelson
Howard Grant George Nelson
John Mandt Nelson
P J Nelson
Thomas Nelson
Thomas N Nelson
Joseph Maria Neri
Amil Frank Nerlinger
Mary Childs Nerney
Walther Nerst
James B B Ness
T W Ness
Cornelius E Nestor
Olga Nethersole
George M Neubauer
Charles Neumeyer
Walter Neumuller
Richard Plantagenet Nevill
Robert Peebles Nevin
Robert Peebles Nevin, Jr.
Henry Newald
John Strong Newberry
Spencer Baird Newberry
Truman Handy Newberry
John Ballou Newbrough
George Newbury
J W Newbury
Mary Newcomb
Simon Newcomb
Theodore Newcomb
W H Newcomb
Frank E Newdorp
Frederick Haynes Newell
James Newell
John Newell
John L Newell
W B Newell
Daniel Smith Newhall
B F Newhouse
George Newington
Leo C Newland
Francis Griffith Newlands
Edward Newman
Edward Manuel Newman
Henry Otis Newman
Jane E (Mrs Jared T.) Newman
Jared Treman Newman
John Philip Newman
M Newman
Margaret Miller (Mrs Henry O.) Newman
Robert Newman
Horace Frederick Dorsey Newson
Dudley Newton
Edwin D Newton
Eleanor Forde (Mrs James D) Newton
George L Newton
Henry Edward Newton
James Draper Newton
James Thornwell Newton
O K Newton
Peter Newton
Richard Cole Newton
Robley Dunglison Newton
Dr A H Ney
Napoleon Ney
E H Neymann
Alfred Niaudet
A W Nibelius
J Layton Nice
Eberhardt Nicholaisen
Nicholas II (Russia)
Elosia Chamberlain (Mrs Arthur I.) Nicholas
Ben Nicholl
Anna Maria Nichols (Mrs James E. Caldwell Jr)
Beatrice Nichols
Bertha M (Mrs E. Remington) Nichols
E L Nichols
Edward C Nichols
Edward Erastus Nichols, Jr.
Edward Leamington Nichols
Edward Remington Nichols
Ernest Fox Nichols
H N Nichols
Helen Agnes Nichols
Helen Mather Nichols
Henrietta L Nichols
Henry Hobart Nichols
Henry Hobart Nichols, Jr.
Hobart E Nichols
Ida Cornelia (Mrs Harrison J. Holt) Nichols
J Brooks Nichols
James Wallace Nichols
Lilie Tucker (Mrs Edward E. Jr) Nichols
Margaret Nichols
Margaret Nichols
Marian Nichols
Mary Miller (Mrs William W.) Nichols
Proctor Wallace Nichols
Sarah Ann Stuart (Mrs Homer W.) Nichols
Spencer Baird Nichols
Wilhelmina Von Stosch Nichols
William Wallace Nichols
Cornelius Nicholson
Henry C Nicholson
Mary (Mrs Henry C.) Nicholson
Meredith Nicholson
Nickel (Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe)
Alfred Alexander Nickerson
F M Nickerson
William J Nickolson
E E Nickson
Augusto Niclaus
Emily Nicol
Charles A Nicolai
Gustavus William Nicolls
Charles C Niebuhr
C W Nieder
Stephen Niedermayer
Dr A E Nienstadt
J Nienstadt
H W Nietert
Juan N Nieto
Florence E Nightingale
Patrick Nilan
John B Niles
Walter Lindsay Niles
Leo C Nills
Carl J Nilsson
Chester William Nimitz
Francis Eugene Nipher
Alfred Kuno Nippert
James Douglas Nisbet
George M Nisbett
John C Nissley
Elle Niven
Mr Niwa
Nixon (Engineer)
Frederick H Nixon
G W Nixon
George C Nixon
J L Nixon
J M Nixon
Richard Milhous Nixon
Henry Minchin Noad
Alfred Bernhard Nobel
Frank Stroughton Noble
George Noble
John H Noble
Richard Noble
Warren Noble
Warren Perry Noble
Will P Noble
Albert Jay Nock
Noe (New York Edison Co)
Christian Noe
Robert Noguera
Aretas Wilbur Nolan
Michael W Nolan
Augustus Noll
Charles A Noll
Kichisaburo Nomura
Shunkichi Nomura
J Noon
Frank Parsons Norbury
O G Nordberg
Carl John David Nordell
A Nordenskrold
Lillian Nordica
Mrs J C Norfleet
E Norman
James E Normand
Mrs Norrian
Charles Norris, Jr.
G Alec Norris, Jr.
George Norris
George William Norris
Henry Dole Norris
Isaac Norris
James Drayson Austin Norris
W R Norris
Stansbury Norse
Dexter North
Franklin H North
J North
Lord Northcliffe
C Stafford Northcote
Fred Rudolf Northover
C Northrop
George J Northrop
Stephen Abbott Northrop
W B Northrop
Albert Northrup
William W Northrup
Ammi Norton
Arthur Henry Norton
Charles Benjamin Norton
Charles Winfred Norton
E S Norton
Edith Eliza Ames (Mrs Thomas Herbert) Norton
Harry Norton
Isaac Norton
Katherine Garrison (Mrs Charles D.) Norton
Lillian Norton
Lucy Coit Fanning Norton
Oscar Norton (Chief Silver Tongue)
Ralph Hubbard Norton
S H Norton
Thomas H Norton
Thomas Herbert Norton
William L Norton
John Notman
George Swan Nottage
Charles Nottbeck
Ivor Novello
Fred E Now
Philip Francis Nowlan
George F Noxon
Alfred Noyes
Raymond Noyes
Rufus King Noyes
S F Noyes
William H Noyes
Julius Nueske
Fred F Nugent
John Frost Nugent
Mary Nugent
Robert M Nugent
Walter S Nunnelly
Perry Fairfax Nursey
Aaron E Nusbaum
Arturo Nutini
N D (Mrs Arturo) Nutini
G B Nutt
Perley Gilman Nutting
Gale R Nutty
James Archibald Nydegger
A G Nye
Francis C Nye
Sylvanus B Nye
William F Nye
Anne C H Nyland
J P O\' Shea
O\'Brien (Edison Employee)
D Edward O\'Brien
F M O\'Brien
F W O\'Brien
J O\'Brien
Jeremiah O\'Brien
Richard E O\'Brien
James J O\'Byrne
Denis Joseph O\'Connell
John J O\'Connell
Frank A O\'Connor
James O O\'Connor
John Joseph O\'Connor
Johnson O\'Connor
Mark C O\'Connor
William J O\'Dair
Richard Lincoln O\'Donnel
J D C O\'Grady
John J O\'Grady
H Osborne O\'Hagan
Charles M O\'Hara
James E O\'Keeffe
John G O\'Keeffe
J D O\'Leary
Joseph Christopher O\'Mahoney
J M O\'Neall
Florence R O\'Neil
James O\'Neil, Jr.
J L O\'Neill
James Milton O\'Neill
William O\'Neill
Charles O\'Reilly
F C O\'Reilly
James Edwin O\'Reilly
Mary Boyle O\'Reilly
James O\'Rourke
John Joseph O\'Rourke
Edith O\'Shaughnessy
Thomas Oakes
Fred Oakland
Will Oakland
George W Oakley
R C Oakley
W H Oakley
Frank W Ober
Josephine Robb Ober
Jonas Light Oberdorfer
Sara Louisa Vickers Oberholtzer
Edgar G Oberlin
Charles Oberly
William Obleniz
C D Obrecht
Geronimo Ochandiano
Adolph Simon Ochs
G A Ochus
Ben Odell
Mary E Odell
David W Odiorne
Joseph N Odiorne
C F Oehlmann
Paul Oeker
Ludwig Oertling
John Oertly
Clara Berger (Mrs Oscar) Oeser
Eugenie Oeser
Friedrich Oeser
Hermann Oeser
Karl Oscar Oeser
Marion Edison (Mrs Oscar) Oeser
Charles Of
William M Offley
Edgar L Offlighter
D H Ogden
David J Ogden
Herbert Gouverneur Ogden
John Ogden
Louis Mansfield Ogden
Nancy Ogden
Mrs J H Oggle
F O Ogilvie
D J Ogilvy
Lord Ogilvy
Georg Simon Ohm
George Ohmer
J M Ohmers
Yoshiro Okabe
George B Okey
Richardson Brognard Okie
Miquel Olalla y Osorio
Mr Olan
Jos J Olberg
J J Olbrich
Chauncey Olcott
Henry Steel Olcott
Walter R Old
W Oldershaw
Barney Oldfield
Henry Oldfield
William Allan Oldfield
Edward Alexander Oldham
George Ashton Oldham
George H Oldham
Joseph Houldsworth Oldham
Daniel V Olegar
Henry Olerich
Jacob H Olhausen
Henry Duncan Oliphant
Lawrence Oliphant
Fred S Oliver
H W Oliver
Henry Thomas Oliver
J G Oliver
James Oliver
R G Oliver
Thomas Oliver
E Olmstead
Arthur H Olmsted
C E Olmsted
Edwin I Olmsted
Henry Olmsted, Jr.
J Olmsted
Charles Fayette Olney
Mrs John I Olney
Harry Olrick
C A Olson
Werner Oscar Olson
Josepheus Onderdorff
William Henry Onken, Jr.
Rafael Ontaneda
Claude Heft Opdyke
Edgar Smith Opdyke
Levings A Opdyke
Henry Oppenheim
William Oppenheim
A Oppenheimer
Edward G Orbann
K Orberg
Joseph P Ord
Richard Ordenstein
D S Ordway
John Davis Orear
Vincent Orlando
James Merrill Ormes
Helen Ormsbee
Mary R Ormsbee
G F Ormsby
Sidney C Ormsby
Waterman Lilly Ormsby, Jr.
William Ridgely Orndorff
George Orr
Hector Orr
Margaret J Orr
Robert McLean Orr
F R Orsborn
Philippe Ortiz
Albert William Orton
Edward Francis Baxter Orton
Thomas Orton
Warren Seymour Orton
William Orton
William Orton, Jr.
Charles J Osborn
E E Osborn
I N Osborn
Jerome R Osborn
Joseph Osborn
Thomas Ogden Osborn
Arthur H Osborne
Charles S Osborne
D M Osborne
E H Osborne
Horace S Osborne
O Osborne
Ralph Dodd Osborne
Robert S Osborne
Thomas Edens Osborne
Walter D Osborne
William F Osborne
Albert J Osgood
B B Osler
William Osler
Henry L Osmond
Frank Osmun
Joseph Allen Osmun
Harry Osterberg
Anna Landstrom (Mrs Winthrop J.V.) Osterhout
Olga Osterhout
Winthrop John Van Leuven Osterhout
Anna Louise Ostrander
William C Ostrander
Archibald Meserole Ostrom
W H Ostsander
William Oswald
Mercer Otey
A Walker Otis
George F Otis
Newton S Otis
Alva Edison Ott
Frederick Paul Ott
George Louis Ott
J Conrad Ott, Jr.
John F Ott
Ludwig Fredrick Ott
Robert Ott
S S Ott
John Ottenheimer
Charles W Otto
Marius Otto
Nikolaus August Otto
Ona Otto
Maurice Agnus Oudin
Oxan Ourfalian
Richard Felton Outcault
K Yumano Outchi
Alexander Ewing Outerbridge
Eugenius H Outerbridge
Arthur E Overbury
Albert H Overman
Lee Slater Overman
Abram S Overmiller
Archibald Waller Overton
John W Overturf
Earle L Ovington
Joe Ovsiovitch
Chauncey Owen
David Owen
David Dale Owen
George Tucker Owen
Horace Owen
Ira J Owen
Richard Dale Owen
Robert Latham Owen
Thomas D Owen
George W Owens
Robert Bowie Owens
Frank W Owers
Charles W Owston
A J Oxenham
C H Oxenham
Gustav G Pabst
Vladimir Pachmann
Antonio Pacinotti
Frederick James Pack
Dr A C Packard
John C Packard
Nephi Henry Packard
Ralph Gooding Packard
Silas Sadler Packard
Frank Russell Packham
William Packwood
Lincoln Paddock
F L Paddon
Harold E Paddon
Ignace Jan Paderewski
Lemuel Phillips Padgett
E B Padgham
W J Paeth
Theodor Paetzold
A S Page
Almon Dobbins Page
Carl H Page
Charles Grafton Page
George Shepard Page
Harlan Page
Homer Page
Isobel W Page (Mrs. G.W. Ristine)
J B Page
James P Page
John Randolph Page
Leigh Page
Logan Waller Page
Marion Edison (Mrs Homer) Page
Mrs George Sheppard Page
Parker Webster Page
Samuel Flood Page
Thomas S Page
Wesley Ladd Page
F M F Pahin
Calvin De Witt Paige
Richard O Paine
Robert Treat Paine
Sidney Borden Paine
Thomas Paine
Egmont Painer
Robert K Painter
Uriah Hunt Painter
William Painter
Carlos G Palacios
William Paley
Robert George Palfrey
S B Palm
A P Palmer
Alexander Mitchell Palmer
Arthur Judson Palmer
Bertha Rachel Palmer
C D Palmer
C S Palmer
Carleton H Palmer
Charles Palmer
Charles S Palmer
Charles Skeele Palmer
Col W M Palmer
F D Palmer
Francis I Palmer
H Palmer
H S Palmer
Harry B Palmer
Henry C Palmer
Henry D Palmer
J W D Palmer
Levi H Palmer
Oliver Hazard Palmer
Ray Palmer
S F Palmer
W H Palmer
William Jackson Palmer
Henry Palmieri
Frank F Palmison
W B Panchurst
S L Pancoast
Albert Panec
Paraiba do Norte (Brazil). President
Ario Pardee
Frank Pardee
Israel Platt Pardee
John B Pardee
William O Pardee
William O\'Brien Pardow
H B Parhan
H von Rebeur Parhwitz
Frank A Paris
P Parise
Legrand Parish
Park (Edison Employee)
Mary Pringle (Mrs Robert I.) Park
Mrs R W Park
William Park
George H Parke
Parker (Edison Employee)
A H Parker
A T Parker
Alton Brooks Parker
Charles Parker
Charles F Parker
Charlie Parker
Clarence F Parker
Cortlandt Parker
Dr Parker
E G Parker
E R Parker
Edgar Parker
F W Parker
Francis Warner Parker
George E Parker
H A Parker
Joseph Parker
Justus Will Parker
L C Parker
Margaret Watson (Mrs Walter R.) Parker
Percy L Parker
R H Parker
Richard A Parker
Richard Wayne Parker
Terry Parker
Theodore Parker
Thomas J Parker
W F Parker
W J Parker
Walter Robert Parker
William Parker
Augustus Parker-Smith
W N Parkes
C D Parkhurst
E B Parkhurst
William B Parkhurst
Thomas J Parkinson
William Parkinson
Parks (Edison Employee)
Charles Wellman Parks
Nathaniel Parks
R H Parks
H Chancey Parlin
Kathleen Parlow
E J Parman
Charles Roome Parmele
George L Parmele
Edward Levant Parmelee
George H Parmelee
Edmund V Parr
James Parr
Dillwyn Parrish
H R Parrish
J E Parrish
James C Parrish
R A Parrish
George H Parry
H A Parry
Henry Van Arsdale Parsell
Horace Field Parshall
Anthony Robert Parshley
Henry Edwin Parson
Charles Algernon Parsons
Charles Lathrop Parsons
Emma L Parsons
H B Parsons
Henry Parsons
Hinsdill Parsons
James K Parsons
Jennie Sutherland Parsons
Mrs F Parsons
Samuel Bowne Parsons
W H Parsons
William E Parsons, Jr.
James Partrick
Theodore Sutton Parvin
H V Pascall
Pasey (Miner)
George Y Passmore
Louis Pasteur
Lewis Pastoins, Jr.
Eugene Pastre
William Schuyler Pate
James Paterson
Robert Gildersleeve Paterson
Samuel T Paterson
Patey (British Post Office Official)
Charles Pathe
Alex G Patrick
Charles H Patrick
D C Patrick
David Patrick
Mason Matthews Patrick
R W Patrick
W C Patrick
Charles Patris
Josephine Patten
R T Patten
W A Patten
William Patten
F W Patterson
Frances Patterson
J Patterson
John Henry Patterson
Louise H Patterson
M Caroline Patterson
Seely Benedict Patterson
Thomas G Patterson
Virginia S Patterson
W C Patterson
Walter Howard Patterson
Adelina Patti
A J Pattison
C H Pattison
P K Pattison
G R Patton
J D Patton
Lt J N Patton
W H Patton
William P Patton
A S Pattullo
Raphael Patzevitch
Johan Paues
Katharine Paul
L F Paul
Robert W Paul
Louis Paulhan
Noah Paulk
William Paulsen
Leonard Paulson, Jr.
D L Paulus
Julian Pauncefote
Marion E Paupst
Darwin K Pavey
Richard Paxson
Warner Paxson
William M Paxton, Jr.
Payne (A. E. Kennelly Associate)
Arthur Coyle Payne
Edw N D Payne
J E Payne
James G Payne
Jeff Payne
John Barton Payne
Mrs Harmon P Payne
Olcott Payne
Paul Donald Payne
S H Payne
W F Payne
William H Payne
William T Payne
William H Paynter
Charles Payson
E P Payson
William Payton
Charles J Peabody
Charles Maurice Peabody
George Foster Peabody
Henry W Peabody
Royal Canfield Peabody
Jacob S Peacock
B F Peadre
R H Peak
R R Pealer
Arthur Bream Pearce
G W Pearce
J H Pearce
Richard Pearce
W D A Pearce
Eugene Pearl
James W Pearl
Alfred Everson Pearsall
Elroy Ambrose Pearsall
A C Pearson
Amos Walton Pearson
C Arthur Pearson
Cmdr H A Pearson
E Pearson
Ellis S Pearson
Madeleine S Pearson
Raymond Allen Pearson
Robert Edwin Peary
Charles Giffin Pease
Lura A Pease
Robert W Pease
Shaw Pease
Joseph Peavoy
Arthur K Peck
C H Peck
Charles P B Peck
Clarence I Peck
E E Peck
Emelia Peck
Ferdinand Wythe Peck
George James Peck
S W Peck
Wallace Peck
N.H.) Peckett\'s-on-Sugar-Hill (Franconia
E W Peckham (New Jersey)
E W Peckham (New Mexico)
Merritt Peckham
P W Peckham
Rufus Wheeler Peckham
Leonard Peckitt
Tadeusz Peczalski
Henry C Pedder
William H Peddle
Arthur Zentgraf Pedersen
Mr Pedraza
Pedro II (Brazil)
Leighton Hartwell Peebles
Thornwell K Peeples
E L Peet
Ira J Peet
John Carlisle Peet
Gerard Peeten
A P Pehrson
Sven Pehrsson
C L Peik
T M Peill
A P Peirce
B Peirce
Charles Emory Peirce
William Henry Peirce
William S Peirce
Gonzalo Pelligero
A Pellorce
Oliver J Pelren
Alphonse Peltier
P V Peltier
John Pelzer
William Pelzer
F D Pembleton
Emma Denison (Mrs John) Pender
John Pender
Paul S Pender
Sophia Pendleton
W C Pendleton
William C Pendleton
C M Penfield
David Pearce Penhallow
John Penman
William H Penn
Arthur Pennell
Edward E Pennewill
Mrs Frank K Pennington
George B Pennock
Anna Hardwicke (Mrs Percy V.) Pennybacker
Percy V Pennybacker, Jr.
Ruth Pennybacker
Boies Penrose
Thomas V Pensyl
Cecil Peoli
Frank Peppard
George Wharton Pepper
H S Percival
E N Percy
Mr Percy
Harry Brown Perine
John Jacob Perine
Mary Elizabeth McCabe (Mrs John J.) Perine
Flora Perini
C F Perivlat
Anna Perkins
Frances Perkins
George Tod Perkins
George Walbridge Perkins
H F Perkins
Henry C Perkins
John McClary Perkins
Mary Rawson (Mrs George T.) Perkins
Maurice Perkins
Randolph Perkins
Walter Perkins
Thomas Perman
E W Perrin
James E Perrin
Richard T Perrin
Frederic Auten Combs Perrine
Ira Burton Perrine
William Everett Perrine
J J Perrington
Emile George Perrot
George Perrott
A D Perry
Arthur R Perry
Arthur St Clair Perry
Chesley Francis Perry
Chesley Reynolds Perry
E W Perry
Edward De W Perry
Edward S Perry
Edward W Perry
Frank L Perry
George P Perry
George W Perry
Gordon F Perry
H A Perry
Howard B Perry
James W Perry
John Prince Hazen Perry
John T Perry
Lewis Perry
Mrs N N Perry
Nelson W Perry
O H Perry
Percival Lee Dewhurst Perry
R E Perry
Robert S Perry
Samuel S Perry
William S Perry
A Pershbaker
N Persson
R J Peschko
William Pescod
E C Peterke
Charles F Peters
Edward Hall Peters
Eugene S Peters
J R Peters
Jacob Peters
John Peters
John Punnett Peters
William Peters
Charles Petersen
Christian Petersen
John Petersen
Charles W Peterson
Frederick Peterson
Jesse Peterson
John Peterson, Jr.
Karl Peterson
Tron O Peterson
H Petersson
Ademor Napoleon Petit
Albert O Petit
Thomas Petrie
N Petrow
Heman Judson Pettengill
Mrs Adolph Petter
Sven Otto Pettersson
W Pettes
J E Pettibone
F A Pettit
Henry Pettit
Horace Pettit
Robert E Pettit
J S Petty
Ralph Peverley
Marlen Edwin Pew
A S Peyton
Joseph I Peyton
Carlo Pfister
George Samuel Pflasterer
Magnus Pflaum
H Doane Pflum
August Herman Pfund
James H Phalan
Thomas B Pheby
James T Phelan
William Augustus Phelan
A C Phelps
Frank J Phelps
Fred A Phelps, Jr.
George H Phelps
George May Phelps
George May Phelps, Jr.
Lucius Joshua Phelps
William Lyon Phelps
Legare Phenix
Moritz Bernard Philipp
W B Philipp
Simon Henri Jean Baptiste Philippart
Eugene H Philips
Samuel Jones Philips
Alfred Phillips
Andrew Phillips
Barnet Phillips
C J Phillips
E D Phillips
E E Phillips
Ellis Laurimore Phillips
Eugene F Phillips
Francena Adelaide (Mrs Walter P.) Phillips
George K Phillips
George V Phillips
H Phillips (Phonograph Shop)
Harriet Duff Phillips
Henry M Phillips
Howard Phillips
J Wallace Phillips
James Frederick Phillips
John Sanburn Phillips
John Van Cleve Phillips
Joseph Phillips
Josiah Samuel Phillips
Miss Phillips
Sidney A Phillips
W A Phillips
Walter Polk Phillips
William Phillips
William Allen Phillips
Brian F Philpot
Col C E Phipps
Henry Phipps
John H Phipps
Margarita Grace Phipps
E A Phipson
A E Phoutisdes
Anna M (Mrs Hans E.) Piaget
Hans Emile Piaget
A J Picard
Giacomo Picconi
Alfred Pickard
C Pickard
Arthur D Pickering
Edward Charles Pickering
W H Pickering
John W Pickett
Mary Pickford
George C Pickhardt
Vicomte Picot de Pledran
R V Picou
C Pielsticker
Carl Pieper
Christopher A Pierce
Florence Goodwin (Mrs George W.) Pierce
Frank C Pierce
George R Pierce
George Washington Pierce
Hadley M Pierce
John Pierce
Mr Pierce
Palmer Eddy Pierce
R H Pierce
Ray V Pierce
Alexander N Pierman
Emil Pierne
Henri Pieron
Daniel Pierson, Jr.
David Lawrence Pierson
H M Pierson
John W L Pierson
Thomas Pietrasko
Cartaino di Scarrino Pietro
Henry Granger Piffard
D E Pike
George S Pike
L H Pike
R Pike
Thomas Pike
William H Pike, Jr.
John A Pilcher
Alfred Pill
Mary Pillbrook
John R Pilley
William Stockman Pilling
G A Pillsbury
Pillsfield (Edison Employee)
William Pillsworth
A F Pilsing
Amos Richards Eno Pinchot
Gifford Pinchot
George T Pinckney
J W Pinder
John B Pine
Pingree (Edison Employee)
E G Pinkham
M Pinner
Louis Pio
J Pionnier
Ella Mae Piper
I Piper
Hugo Pischon
John T Pitkin
P H Pitkin, Jr.
A S Pitman
Benn Pitman
Harold Pitman
Isaac Pitman
John Richmond Pitman
John Oliver Halsted Pitney
Mahlon Pitney
William H Pitt
Abraham Pittinger
Edward Fisher Pittman
Ernest Wetmore Pittman
Estelle Romeyn (Mrs Ernest W.) Pittman
Pius X (Pope)
Andrew Pizzini, Jr.
Charles Place
George Place
James Frank Place
James Milford Place
Joe K Place
Wiliam Place, Jr.
Edgell R Plaisted
V Planchon
Gaston Plante
John Rutger Planten
Gaston Plantiff
Ed Plantikow
Adolph Platky
Joseph Platky
Charles W Platt
John Platt
Thomas Collier Platt
William Platt
William Popham Platt
L Plaut
Lyon Playfair
Louis L Playford
Eva Laurie (Mrs John T.) Pleasants
L P Pleasants
Andrew Plecher
Otto Plesser
Horace G Plimpton
James L Plimpton
Jennie B (Mrs Horace G.) Plimpton
Henry D Plimsoll
Matthias Plum
W R Plum
B M Plumb
Frederic W Plumb
L A Plumb
Gardiner Spring Plumley
Eliza B Plummer
James Henry Plummer
William E Plummer
Joseph L Plunkett
Thomas J Plunkett
Samuel M Plush
Ebenezer Pocock
Clarence Poe
Edgar Allen Poe
Gustav Pohl
W Pohlers
Jules Henri Poincare
Raymond Poincare
Arthur O Poinier
Samuel Polack
J Polakoff
Z Polancky
C V Poland
A C Polhamus
John Polhemus
B Poliacoff
John P R Polk
Willis Jefferson Polk
Karl Pollak
Margaret G Pollak
Arthur Joseph Hungerford Pollen
Francis Gabriel Hungerford Pollen
Stephen Hungerford Pollen
G H Pollison
Harry Pollitt
Alex Pollock
C S Pollock
George D Pollock
Porter Pollock
William D Pollock
Anthony Pollok
Daniel Niles Pomeroy
Florence W (Mrs Ralph) Pomeroy
H M Pomeroy
Jesse Pomeroy
Ralph Brouwer Pomeroy
A R Pommer
Chester Henry Pond
Emma McHenry (Mrs Charles F.) Pond
James Burton Pond
Mott S Pond
Phillip Pond
Walter J Pond
Edmund Alfred Pontifex
Alexander Pool
Eugene Hillhouse Pool
Ernest Poole
H Poole
J W Poole
W Poole
Edward F Pooley
Albert Arthur Pope
Albert Augustus Pope
Charles F Pope
Edward S Pope
Edwin Pope
Electa Wainwright (Mrs Ebenezer L.) Pope
Franklin Leonard Pope
Henry W Pope
Ralph Wainwright Pope
W R Pope
George Poppa
Samuel Porcher
Charles Porges
L Porsh
Albert H Porter
Alexander Jeffrey Porter
Alfred Porter
Charles S Porter
Charles T Porter
E C Porter
Edwin Stanton Porter
Eugene Hoffman Porter
F R Porter
G Don Porter
Henry Hobart Porter
Henry Kirke Porter
Hugh Porter
James Porter
John Addison Porter
John Knickerbacker Porter
John W Porter
Joseph Franklin Porter
Louis Rue Porter
N S Porter
R H Porter
Verne Hardin Porter
Wallace Porter
John T Portlind
F B Posey
Mr Posey
Etta Posner
A Post
Charles William Post
H W Post
Louis Freeland Post
Willis H Post
A D Potter
A H Potter
Albert Ludlow Potter
Allen B Potter
Asa P Potter
Clarence H Potter
E S Potter
Francis Potter
Frank Allen Potter
Helen Virginia Potter
Herbert S Potter
Jack Potter
James D Potter
Mrs Potter
William Bancroft Potter
William D Potter
Charles E Potts
Clyde Potts
James Henry Potts
Charles A Potwin
William R Pouder
Valdemar Poulsen
Reginald Poulter
John Livingston Poultney
George W Pound
Georges Pournaras
Powell (Edison Employee)
Edward A Powell
Edward Alexander Powell
Elizabeth A Powell
H G Powell
John B Powell (New York)
John B Powell (Philadelphia)
John Rush Powell
Miss Powell (Nursemaid)
P Powell
Thomas C Powell
William A Powell
Nicholas Power
Barnard Powers
E F Powers
E L Powers
Frank Powers
Horatio Nelson Powers
Horatio Nelson Powers, Jr.
J W Powers
Leland Todd Powers
Longworth Powers
Mabel Powers
Mrs M J Powers
Patrick A Powers
Thomas F Powers
Henry Powles
Charles Ford Powlison
John Hutchinson Powrie
H H Powter
Charles Edison Poyer
Charles Edison Poyer, Jr.
Eleanor Jaegar (Mrs Charles E.) Poyer
Lucile Poyer
Nellie Edison (Mrs William A.) Poyer
William A Poyer
William G Poyer
Prajadhipok (King of Siam)
John H Prall
Albert Houghton Pratt
Alfred E Pratt
Charles Pratt
Charles S Pratt
Edward Ewing Pratt
Ella F Pratt
Francis Cole Pratt
Frank Weston Pratt
H A Pratt
Henry B Pratt
J H Pratt
J N Pratt
James Booth Pratt
James M Pratt
John Pratt
John M W Pratt
Le Gage Pratt
Loring Pratt
Mr Pratt
Nathaniel M Pratt
Nathaniel W Pratt
R J Pratt
R M Pratt
William Veazie Pratt
Wilmot Flint Pratt
B S Pray
Thomas Pray, Jr.
George E Preece
William Henry Preece
Emma W Prehl
Frederick Preiss
Spencer B Prentiss
Frank Presbrey
Frank Henry Presby
A Prescott
Amos Lewis Prescott
Frederic M Prescott
George Bartlett Prescott
George Bartlett Prescott, Jr.
John O Prescott
M M Prescott
Marie Prescott
Lucille Helen Presley
Theodore Presser
Charles Preston
Edwin W Preston
James E Preston
John R Preston
Veryl Preston
Walter Reuben Preston
Victor Etienne Pretot
Charles H Prettyman
J B Prettyman
B Preuss
E E Prevost
Maurice Lucien Prevost
Joseph M Priaulx
Charles Price
Charles P Price
Charles Wilson Price
F E Price
Frank S Price
George Price
George L Price
J E Price, Jr.
Jacob C Price
James Russell Price
Luther Edmunds Price
Mrs F H Price
Mrs J H Price
S Price
William B Price
Wilson Clark Price
Henry S Prichard
William Weeks Prichard
William Prince
Marie Josephine Pringle
August R Prinz
Carrie Emma Prisey
Harriet S Pritchard
Edward Prizer
Edward Levis Prizer
W M Probosco
C W Proctor
John Robert Proctor
Eduard Prokosch
Herman A Prosser
Rowland Edmund Prothero
E B Proudfit
Louis A Proudfoot
Charles Newton Prouty
H J Provost
E Pruckner
Harry F Pryde
Caroline Pryor
Frances Siviter (Mrs James C.) Pryor
Frederick L Pryor
James Chambers Pryor
James Chambers Pryor, Jr.
James Williamson Pryor
Charles Pryse
Charles Edmund Pugh
John Henry Puleston
Albert Pulitzer
Joseph Pulitzer
I H Pullar
Eugene Henry Pullen
L Pulliam
Frederick Charles Pullin
George Mortimer Pullman
J C Pundsack
Michael Idvorsky Pupin
David Purcell
A Belmont Purdy
Clarence Melvin Purdy
James W Purdy, Jr.
Mr Purton
John Coleman Purves
Mr Pusey
Albert Puskas
Theodore Puskas
Violet (Mrs Albert) Puskas
Henry Stephen Pustarfi
Oscar Pustet
C C Putnam
Clifford Winslow Putnam
Emily James Smith (Mrs George H.) Putnam
Frederic Ward Putnam
George Haven Putnam
George Palmer Putnam
John Bishop Putnam
John J Putnam
John Jacob Putnam
M L Putnam
Maria Therese Perkins (Mrs Palmer C.) Putnam
Palmer Cosslett Putnam
Robert Putnam
Robert W Putnam
A S Putney, Jr.
Frank Howell Putney
Lewis Henry Putney
E M Pyle
Willard R Pyle
Montagu Pym
Alexander F Quailer
H C Quantz
Katherine Quay (Princess Ruspoli)
Marion Pryde Quay
Romayne Stanley Quay
Thetta Quay (Mrs Robert A. Franks)
John Francis Queeny
Emil Quellmalz
Emil Quellmalz
Albert Quesnel
Herbert Quick
Mrs William C Quick
Wirt S Quigley
W C Quilter
C W Quilty
Edward E Quimby
George W Quimby
Eben C Quinby
William C Quinby
J F Quinlan
Thomas Charles Quinn
J A Quint
George Quinton
Frederick Charles Raab
Emil Raach
George W Rabinoff
Christian Rach
George W Rachel
Morris Rachlin
Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff
Zoe Green Radcliffe
John Raddin
Vic Rader
William Ferdinand Radue
Frank B Rae
Thomas J Rae
Thomas Whiteside Rae
William Fraser Rae
James Raeburn, Jr.
Louis Raegener
Norman C Raff
J P Rafferty
Anette Rafn
Robert Rafn
William J Rahley
A Raht
Henry Cecil Raikes
Joseph Ralph
Julian Ralph
J C Ramage
William Linus Ramage
G O Rambo
J B Ramirez
Santiago Ramirez
Henry Ashton Ramsay
James W Ramsay
William Gouverneur Ramsay
Terry Ramsaye
Charles Joseph Ramsburg
Gardiner Cassius Ramsdell
Joseph Ramsey, Jr.
Mrs John Ramsey
W A Ramsey
Carl Ramus
C W Rand
Charles Edwin Rand
Charles Frederic Rand
Edward S Rand
B F Randall
F C Randall
Frederick C Randall
Otis Edland Randall
P M Randall
F William Randebrock
E H Randell
Redden Wallace Randell
Ambrose F Randolph
Anna Pierson (Mrs John F.) Randolph
Edmund Randolph
George F Randolph
George W F Randolph
John F Randolph
Theodore Fitz Randolph
Frederick E Rands
Henry Ranger
Marie L Ranke
Edward S Rankin
Mary Rankin
T L Rankin
William Birch Rankine
Howard G Ransom
Matt Whitaker Ransom
William E Ransom
William Lynn Ransom
Ernest Leslie Ransome
Christopher Raon
John C Raper
John M Raper
David Rapp
Marie Rappold
Stewart M Rarick
Friedrich Raschig
Paul Raschke
E P Rasetti
Grigori Rasputin
Fleming Ratcliff
Samuel Kerkham Ratcliffe
William Ratcliffe, Jr.
William F Rath
Richard Rathbun
C B Rathburn
Elizabeth Gaylord Rathburn
Sarah F Rathburn
Emil Rathenau
Erich Rathenau
Mathilde Nachmann (Mrs Emil) Rathenau
Walther Rathenau
A Ratner
Alfred M Rau
Louis Rau
Joseph M Raub
Philip Raub (Estate)
Samuel J Raub
H Delphine Rauch
Green Berry Raum, Jr.
Leon Raunheim
Walter Rautenstauch
Enrico Rava
Maurice Ravel
Bessie Ravenel
W S Ravenscroft
Mr Ravick
Frederik Kolpin Ravn
Joseph Rawicz
Henry Rawle
William Thomas Rawleigh
Louis B Rawling
Carroll C Rawlings
Herbert F Rawll
F L Rawson
Alexander Ray (Mr and Mrs)
C A Ray
G D Ray
Henry T Ray
Mrs P Cuman Ray
Paul J Ray
J W Rayburn
W D K Rayburn
Lord Rayleigh
Hewstone Knight Raymenton
William Hewstone Raymenton
Charles Beebe Raymond
Charles Ward Raymond
Edward Holman Raymond, Jr.
George B Raymond
George Perkins Raymond
Harry Howard Raymond
Joseph E Raymond
Mary Perkins Raymond
Mary Perkins (Mrs Charles B.) Raymond
Melville B Raymond
Rossiter Worthington Raymond
Thomas L Raymond
Albert W Rayner
Henry C Raynolds
George Rush Raynor
Grace Gordon Raynor
Hiram Martling Raynor
John S Raynor
William S Raynor
William Rea
Henry N Read
Richard O Read
William A Read
Alfred Arthur Reade
Earl of Reading
Mathew J Ready
Thomas Ready
W Talbot Ready
B Reagan
James S Reager
Andrew Reasoner
John R Reavis
Martha M Rebendorff
Samuel Reber
Jeanne-Francoise Recamier
Anthony Reckenzaun
Enoch J Rector
H C Rector
John Redbank
Josephine Redding
Coyle Bagot Redditt
George Benjamin Redfearn
Casper L Redfield
William Cox Redfield
Howard F Redford
Edward John Redington
George Owen Redington
John Calvin Owen Redington
G A Redman
Robert Sanford Redman
James Redpath
A H Reece
Carl L Reed
Charles B Reed
Charles J Reed
Earl Burton Reed
Edward James Reed
Edward N Reed
Eugene Cornelius Reed
H R Reed
Horatio A Reed
James C Reed
L M Reed
Mrs John Reed
Penrose Reed
Simeon Gannett Reed
Thomas Reed
Thomas Brackett Reed
John Krom Rees
Laurits Anton Reese
A Reese
A K Reese
Archibald G Reese
Bert Reese
Charles Lee Reese
Isaac Reese
Jacob Reese
Robert Grigg Reese
Thomas Reese, Jr.
R J Reetz
Arthur Benjamin Reeve
J W Reeve
G Reeves
Joseph Banks Reford, Jr.
John J Regan
John William Regan
William M Regan
Ada Rehan
Jacques Reich
Lorenz Reich
Theophilus Reichard
B F Reichardt
J C Reiche
Henry M Reichenbach
Karl Ludwig von Reichenbach
Louis Reichert
Edward Paul Reichhelm
Clarence Reid
George Reid
George B Reid
George Houston Reid
J T Reid
James Douglas Reid
R D Reid
Robert Reid
Robert Foster Reid
Whitelaw Reid
Willard Placide Reid
William G Reid
Daniel T Reiff
Josiah Custer Reiff
William Coffin Reiff
John Henry Reiley
Frank A Reilly
Frank C Reilly
Henry C F Reimer
Josephine Stucky (Mrs Henry C.F.) Reimer
Herbert E Reinart
George Reinbold
Herman Reinbold
J E Reinhardt
Norman Graves Reinicker
Philip Reis
Henrietta Reiss
S S Reiss
Francis William Reitz
John Rellstab
Edouard Remenyi
Robert H Remmey
Ira Remsen
Gertrude Renaud
B R Renberg
Renbold (Edison Employee)
Arthur E Rendle
P C Renfrew
Pio Rengifol
J Renleaux
Rennie (Edison Employee)
A H Rennie
William Rennie
Morris Reno
Alice Rensen
Alfred George Renshaw
Arthur Henry Renshaw
Charles E Renshaw
Joseph Burr Renwick, Jr.
Maurice S Reones
L E Replogle
Wiles Reseguie
A J Resler
Jean de Reszke
Commander Retzman
J M Reuck
Frederick Rex
Rafael Reyes
H S Reykjalin
Emile Reymond
Christopher C Reynolds
Dexter Reynolds
Edwin Reynolds
F E Reynolds
H S Reynolds
J S Reynolds
Joshua Reynolds
Mrs H C Reynolds
R B Reynolds
Theodore F Reynolds
Thomas J Reynolds
W C Reynolds
William Henry Rhawn
Arthur J Rhoades
Henry Eckford Rhoades
J Milton Rhoades
Andrew S Rhoads
Graham Rhoads
N R Rhoads
Howard Rhode
Benjamin Rhodes
George B Rhodes
J K Rhodes
Richard S Rhodes
Rosalie Rhodes
Walter Kremer Rhodes
William Rhodes
Henry R Rhone
Frank W Ribble
W H Ribble
James Ricalton
Alice Hegan Rice
B W Rice
Cale Young Rice
Calvin Winsor Rice
Charles Allen Thorndike Rice
De Long Rice
Edwin Wilbur Rice, Jr.
Frederick H Rice
George M Rice
H Rice
Herbert H Rice
J Kearny Rice
John C Rice
John Hodgen Rice
Martin Port Rice
Merton N Rice
Mr Rice
Mrs Alexander H Rice
S B Rice
A B Rich
Joseph Carlos Rich
William D Rich
William J Rich
L R Richard
Arthur L Richards
Bernard G Richards
C R Richards
Charles Brinckerhoff Richards
E O Richards
Edward Windsor Richards
F E Richards
George Richards (Llewellyn Park Neighbor)
George Richards (Ogden Iron Co)
John Wayne Richards
Joseph Havens Richards
Joseph Thomas Richards
Joseph William Richards
Percival D Richards
Peyton C Richards
R W Richards
Robert Hallowell Richards
W S Richards
W W Richards (Du Pont)
W W Richards (Mutual Life)
William Joseph Richards
Alva Almond Richardson
Charles F Richardson
Charles H Richardson
D T Richardson
Darby Richardson
F H Richardson
G J Richardson
J R Richardson
J S Richardson
James A Richardson
Louis C Richardson
Mary Elizabeth Richardson
P F Richardson
Philip Richardson
T A Richardson
W E Richardson
W S Richardson
W T Richardson
I Richemond
Pierre Richemond
Mrs H St John Richland
A T Richmond
C M Richmond
Carl A Richmond
E R Richmond
Florence Rebecca (Mrs Julian) Richmond
George B Richmond
Rebecca Richmond
Thomas Richmond
Charles Richter, Jr.
Emil Richter
Ernest Charles Richter
George A Richter
J E Richter
Harry Rickard
F H Rickeman
Clayton Rose Ricker
Edwin Burnley Ricketts
J A Ricketts
Palmer Chamberlaine Ricketts
Pierre de Peyster Ricketts
Robert Bruce Ricketts
Frank Riddell
George Allardice Riddell
John Riddell
Herman Ridder
George P Riddle
J F Riddle
William Riddle
William Henry Rideing
M W Riden
Richard Ridgely
Erman Jesse Ridgway
Camille Ried
W M Rieder
Herman S Riederer
Louis Riedinger
C Riedt
John C Rieger
Edward Riehl
Jesus Riera
Charles Daniel Ries
Elias Elkan Ries
Mrs Edward Riester
Jeremiah Rife
Albert Rose Riggs
Harriet Riggs
Jetur R Riggs
Nancy Riggs
Nancy W Riggs
Katharine Augusta Righter
Stephen Ward Righter
Thomas McNair Righter
Jacob Riis
Albert Birdsall Riker
Andrew Lawrence Riker
Clarence Bayley Riker
Frederick J Riker
J L Riker
W M Rile
Clarence Riley
Edward Riley
Henry Alsop Riley
James Whitcomb Riley
John J Riley
Marion G Riley
Russell D Riley
William Edward Riley
William O Riley
William Willshire Riley
C S Rindfleisch
Mary Roberts Rinehart
W D Rinehart
Howard Rinek
Louis Riney
Charles F Ring
John Rinner
W T Rinns
G P Rint
R V Riordan
W J Riordan
Rafael Rios
E N Riotte
Charles Meigs Ripley
Charles O Ripley
George D Ripley
Antoniette Rippier
D B Riser
William S Rising
Charles W Risley
Allan D Risteen
Elizabeth Ecton (Mrs John D.) Ristine
George Washington Ristine
George Washington Ristine, Jr.
Isobel Page (Mrs George W.) Ristine
John Dixon Ristine
Marion Elizabeth Ristine
Marion Isabel Ristine (Mrs E.D. Wheeler)
C F Ritchel
Edward Samuel Ritchie
Elmira Ritchie
Frederick N Ritchie
Samuel J Ritchie
Jacob Ritscher (Estate)
George F Ritso
E Ritt
George M Rittenhouse
H E Ritter
William Pitt Rivers
A W Rixon
Henry Clay Rizer
A M Rizy
B C Roach
John Roach
Heber Robarts
Ellen Shouklin (Mrs Virgil C.) Robb
Mary A Robb
H G Robbins
Miss S M Robbins
Thomas Hinelly Robbins
William Jacob Robbins
L S Robe
William Roberg
F N Roberge
Henri Robert
Louis A Robert
C Fay Roberts
Dewitt C Roberts
Dwight Roberts
E A Roberts
Edward P Roberts
Ellis Henry Roberts
Fletcher Roberts
Frank Calvin Roberts
George H Roberts
George W Roberts
Herschel Roberts
Hinda Barnes Roberts
J A Roberts
John Emory Roberts
John J Roberts
John P Roberts
Mary Roberts
Mrs Frank Roberts
Mrs M F Roberts
Randal H Roberts
T M Roberts
W H Roberts
Wade Roberts
William C Roberts
William H Roberts
Clarence Hovey Robertson
Frederick Young Robertson
George Robertson
George Hepburn Robertson
George W Robertson (Indiana)
George W Robertson (State Senator)
Hugh C Robertson
J O Robertson
James Wilson Robertson
M Robertson
N A Robertson
Thomas E Robertson
William A Robertson
William Le Roy Robertson
George H Robie
J J Robin
Charles Ephraim Robins
Margaret Dreier (Mrs Raymond) Robins
Thomas Robins
William North Robins
A E Robinson
A J Robinson
Albert E Robinson
Alexander P Robinson
Andrew S Robinson
C E Robinson
Dr Robinson
E P Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson
F W Robinson
Frank W Robinson
George F Robinson
Harvey Robinson
Heber Chase Robinson
Henry Wheeler Robinson
Isaac R Robinson
J M Robinson
J P Robinson
J W Robinson
James Clifton Robinson
James M Robinson
John E Robinson
John William Robinson
Karl Davis Robinson
M P Robinson
Mrs H H Robinson
Mrs H S Robinson
Mrs J G Robinson
Mrs R P Robinson
Powell Robinson
S S Robinson
Samuel M Robinson
Stanley Robinson
Stephen Robinson, Jr.
Thomas M Robinson
Tracey Layard Robinson
Valentine Robinson
W H Robinson
William H Robinson
Wirt Russell Robinson
John Keeler Robison
John Robson
Montague Roby
Charles E Rocap
William Roch
Auguste Roche, Jr.
Edward Roche
Henri-Pierre Roche
John Roche
Francois de la Rochefoucauld
D B Rochester
Roswell H Rochester
William Marshall Rochester
J W Rochlitz
John Rock
Matthew Rock
William T Rock
Edward Wade Rockafellow
John Davison Rockefeller
John Davison Rockefeller, Jr.
Philip H Rockefeller
John L Rockey
Charles H Rockwell
W F Rockwell
Charles Greene Rockwood
M Ove Rode
Homer Alvan Rodeheaver
W S Rodenberger
James E Roderick
John Rodgers
Millard F Rodgers
R Rodgers
William F Rodgers
C A Rodney
Jose Carlos Rodrigues
Roe (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
Eugene Franz Roeber
Blanche Estabrook Roebling
Alvah Curtis Roebuck
Adolph Roeder
Siegfried von Roedern
H Roediger
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
Charles W Roepper
R Roethely
C Rogalsky
A C Rogers
A G Rogers
A L Rogers
A R Rogers (Commissioner of Education)
A R Rogers (North American Rubber Co)
Addison Rogers
Albert F Rogers
Charles W Rogers
Edw H Rogers
Francis Rogers
Francis Heron Rogers
G M Rogers
George Rogers
George V Rogers
Gustavus Adolphus Rogers
H Livingston Rogers
Henry Rogers
Henry Barker Rogers
Henry C Rogers
Jacob C Rogers
James Frederick Rogers
James Harris Rogers
John Rogers
John P Rogers
John Robertson Rogers
John Thomas Rogers
Marie Rogers
Owen A Rogers
R Rogers
R C Rogers
Robert Fletcher Rogers
Rush H Rogers
Sherman Rogers
Will Rogers
William Barton Rogers
Winfield Scott Rogers
Winthrop L Rogers
Bolton Rogerson
James Russell Rogerson
Victor Campbell Rogerson
Joseph A Roggenbuck
Frederick Walter Roh
George Henry Rohe
H C Fernando Rohe
Frederick Raymond Rohl
W B Rohn
W J Rohrbeck
Edw E Rohrer
H Rohrheimer
Hugh Rolfe
Cora Rolfson
Charles M Rolker
Nestor Rolland
H E Rollins
Simeon Harrison Rollinson
H W Rollmann
James Rolph, Jr.
Roman (Investor)
Frederick William Roman
Luigi Romano
G Rombi
Henry Romeike
N C Romera
Manuel Romero Rubio
Rosalind Romeyn
John F Romig
Louis J Rommel
Francis Ronalds
Reginald Ronalds
Benjamin Anthony Ronzone
Ogden Nicholas Rood
Robert F Rood
William Rook
Eugene L Rooks
J J Roonie
Dr A T Roos
John Oskar Roos
Mr Roos
Daniel Bennett St John Roosa
Cornelius Roosevelt
Dorothy Quincy Roosevelt
Eleanor (Mrs Franklin D.) Roosevelt
Frank Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Hilborne Lewis Roosevelt
James West Roosevelt
Kate Shippen (Mrs Hilborne L.) Roosevelt
Kermit Roosevelt
Philip James Roosevelt
Quentin Roosevelt
Robert Barnwell Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
Elihu Root
Talbot Root
William H Root
Daniel Calhoun Roper
David Nicholls Ropes
Lydia L (Mrs David N.) Ropes
Samuel W Ropes, Jr.
R H Rosa
Martin Andre Rosanoff
F C Rosche
Allen W Rose
B H Rose
H J Rose
Henry M Rose
John B Rose
John D Rose
Joseph Nelson Rose
Joshua Rose
S Rose
Stanley Herbert Rose
William Ganson Rose
Walter M Rosebault
Abner Mulholland Rosebrugh
J Rosen
A S Rosenbaum (Estate)
Arthur Rosenberg
Louis Rosenbluh
Joseph Meredith Rosencrantz
Monroe H Rosenfeld
Dr G Rosenstein
Charles H Rosenstine
Theo F Rosenstock
Alexander Sidney Rosenthal
George D Rosenthal
Herman Rosenthal
P M Rosenvinge
Julius Rosenwald
Edward Rosewater
Alexander S Ross
C L Ross
Edward Jackson Ross, Jr.
Elizabeth Swetland Ross
F Ross
George Artemus Ross
H C Ross
James D Ross
James J Ross
James S Ross
K I Ross
R B Ross
R F Ross
W A Ross
W T Ross
William B Ross
William Dallas Ross
William J Ross
Elizabeth P Martin Rossen
Katherine Livingston Rotan
Charles Ferdinand Roth
Ferdinand Roth
Joshua J Roth
E Rothchild
Herman Rothe
J Rothschild
Salomon Albert Rothschild
Richard Pennefather Rothwell
George von Rottweiler
Frank L Roudebush
Irving G Rouillard
Minnie Dwight (Mrs Orlando) Rouland
Orlando Rouland
William Marshall Fitts Round
Ruth Rouse
J C Roush
Constant Rousseau
Harry Harwood Rousseau
Theodore Rousseau
Arthur Roussel
Louis Rovira
E J Rowe
E Leslie Rowe
James Rowe
Jesse C Rowe
John C Rowe
John M Rowe
Leo Stanton Rowe
William G Rowe
Capt L D Rowell
Henry C Rowell
Edward C Rowland
George W Rowland
Henry Augustus Rowland
John Rowland
Clarence W Rowley
Francis Harold Rowley
John M Rowley
Lord Rowton
Alex Roy
William Ormiston Roy
Frederick Page Royce
Frederick W Royce
Harrison Augustus Royce
L C Royer
Alexander Roys
J S Roys
Sarah L Roys
W H Roystone
Gottfried M Ruben
L M Ruben
Ethel Wright Rubidge
Anton Rubinstein
Moritz F Rubinstein
Henry M Ruchenbach
H P Rucker
G W Ruckoldt
C H Rudd
Charles Dunell Rudd
W V Rudderow
Nicholas Rudebeck
H M Ruden
Henry James Gray Rudolf
Marjorie Rudolf
John A Ruedy
Henry Rueve, Jr.
Louis F Ruf
Florence White Ruger
J H Rugg
Benjamin E Ruggles
Colden L\'Hommedieu Ruggles
J Francis Ruggles
William B Ruggles
William Guy Ruggles
J H Ruhlman
Herman David Ruhm
Stanley Maddox Rumbough
Edward A Rumely
Rummel (Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe)
Charles Rummel
J C Rummel
John Gaine Rumney
F A Rumpf
George S Runk
Daniel Runkle
William Runkle
B Runyan
Theodore Runyon
William Nelson Runyon
Onorio Ruotolo
Miss Rupert
Jacob Ruppert
Jacob Ruppert, Jr.
John A Rush
John D Rush
T S Rush
Jaques Cortelyou Rushmore
John Ruskin
Napoleone dei Principi Ruspoli
Anna B Russell
Arthur Russell
Cornelia May Russell
D A Russell
D R Russell
Elizabeth Russell
H A Russell
Henry Russell
Henry S Russell
Howard Hyde Russell
J A Russell
J G Russell
James A Russell
John Huddart Russell
Lillian Russell
Lindsay Russell
M Russell
Michael J Russell
Mrs James A Russell
Nathan Russell
Nathaniel E Russell
Oliver D Russell
Philip G Russell
Robert W Russell
Sol Smith Russell
Thomas D Russell
Thomas F Russell
W H Russell
W H H Russell
Walter Russell
William Russell
Russia Student Women
George Herman (Babe) Ruth
William A Ruth
Ernest Rutherford
C Rutland
William V C Ruxton
J Ruzicka
Agnes E Ryan
Frank T Ryan
George G Ryan
George H Ryan
Harris Joseph Ryan
J C Ryan
Marian Ryan
Peter Ryan
T J Ryan
Walter D\'Arcy Ryan
John W Ryckman
S S Ryckman
Dr Ryder
G M Ryder
Walter K Ryder
John George Ryerson
Alston L Ryland
Tyndal Rynard
F D Rynerson
Olive Saar
John Ira Sabin
R H Sabine
Robert Sabine
Ferdinando Nicola Sacco
Herbert Sachs-Hirsch
Alden Howard Sadler
Helene Canright (Mrs A. Howard) Sadler
R W Sadler
Roque Saenz Pena
James Merrill Safford
Dean Sage
Edward E Sage
Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage
Nathaniel McLean (Rusty) Sage
F R Sahr
G Saint Loup
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
S Saitoh
Carol M Sak
Antonio Sala
R G Salamon
Alfredo M Salazar
Oliver Salgee
O H Salisbury
A L Salmon
Adolphe Salmon
D L Salmon
Helen O Salmon
J H Salmon
Leo Salmond
Henry Salomon
Rudolph G Salomon
Titus Salt
W T H Salter
J J Saltery
E H Saltiel
Auguste L Saltzman
Tommaso Salvini
Frank Salze
George L Saming
J S Sammons
F Sampal
Antonio Samper
Paul Lindsay Sample
Joseph H Sampliner
Augustus N Sampson
William Thomas Sampson
L B Samsen
A W Samuels
J J Sanborn
John P Sanborn
Warren E Sanborn
William H Sanborn
Harry C Sand
A C Sanders
H A Sanders
Henry A Sanders
Louis M Sanders
Prof J F Sanders
S Sanders
Thomas Sanders
Herb Alb Sandor
Eugen Sandow
William J Sands
Charles F Sanford
D S Sanford
Fernando Sanford
James B Sanford
S A Sanford
W T Sanger
Margaret Elizabeth Sangster
T H Sangster
Ira Allan Sankey
Ira David Sankey
Alberto Santos-Dumont
Gen A Sapojnikoff
Adrien J Saportas
Edward W Saportas
Dwight S Sargent
E L Sargent
Ellis Sargent
Frederick Sargent
J T Sargent
James W Sargent
M L Sargent
Willard E Sargent
William Dunlap Sargent
David Sarnoff
George Alfred Leon Sarton
Luigi Sassi
Aimaro Sato
Herbert Livingston Satterlee
P E Saudt
John Saul
Alfred H Saunders
Col T J Saunders
H H Saunders
W E Saunders
William H Saunders
William Lawrence Saunders
D J Savage
J W Savage, Jr.
Edward G Savey
Joseph Savidge
Robert Saville
Ed Savoy
John Savoy
K Sawai
Mary Sawle
Mahlon Saws
Antonia Sawyer
Billy Sawyer
George W Sawyer
H Eugene Sawyer, Jr.
James Denison Sawyer
Mary Elizabeth Sawyer
Roland Douglas Sawyer
Wesley Caleb Sawyer
William Sawyer
William Edward Sawyer
William F Sawyer
William H Sawyer
R P Sawyers
Frederick Saxelby
George A Saxer
G W Saxton
George Dewalt Saxton
Leon Say
Raymond Sayer
Samuel Sayler
J E Sayles
William F Sayles
G B Sayre
Mrs G B Sayre
John Scaddan
George Scamoni
Howard Scandell
M Scannell
Winthrop E Scarritt
Sidney Scarth
Sidney Scarth, Jr.
Mr Scates
Herman B Schaad
E Schaaf-Regelman
Carl F Schader
George L Schaefer
Louis Schaefer
Henry C Schaertzer
Mrs F W Schafer
Waldemar Theodore Schaller
J Joseph Schandel
A Schanschieff
Peter Schars
William H Scheel
Walter T Scheele
William Scheerer
Leo Scheff
Frederick Alonzo Scheffler
Albert Scheible
Frank R Schell
L B Schell
Robert Schell
Heinrich Schellen
Ernest Henry Schelling
Frederick Schelp, Jr.
Louis N Schemmel
Abraham P Schenck
Carl Alwin Schenck
Caroline Augusta Schenck
Henri Schenck
Henry Schenck
John Cornell Schenck
John H Schenck
Leon H Schenck
Stewart Schenck
B Schenk
George Lawrence Scherger
John Relyea Schermerhorn
Sylvia Schermerhorn
F J Scherrer
Simon Scheuer
Charles Schiff
Jacob Henry Schiff
Charles Schiffl
Francis Seraph Schimerka
Nicolas Schischkoff
R M B Schjolberg
Charles Henry Schlacks
Charles Schlatter
Alexander Leon Schleimer
Alfred Henry Schlesinger
Frederick S Schlesinger
L A Schlesinger
Winfield Scott Schley
Albert de Schlippenbach
M J Schlittenhart
A Schlosser
Fred Schluchtner
Adam Schmell
Charles J Schmelzer
Hermann R Schmettau
Berta Schmid
Rupert Schmid
A A Schmidt
August Schmidt
Constantin Schmidt
Emily L (Mrs Henry H.) Schmidt
Fred Schmidt
Gustavo H Schmidt
Heinrich Schmidt
Henry H Schmidt
Karl Schmidt
Louis M Schmidt
Oscar Schmidt
Paul A Schmidt
S V Schmill
William J Schnabel
A F Schneider
Eberhard Schneider
George C Schneider
H J Schneider
Victor Schneider
B H Schnur
George Schoeps
George D Schofield
John McAllister Schofield
Helene Scholder
Albert G Scholer
Louis August Scholz
Christian Friedrich Schonbein
Klaas Schoolland
Edna Schoon
E T Schoonmaker
Max Ulrich Schoop
John Schoringhammer
Charles H Schott
Friedrich Schott
Otto Schott
Louis B Schram
Louis J Schramek
Olive Schreiner
Mrs M Wadsworth Schrendler
Henry Schroeder (General Electric)
Henry Schroeder (Postmaster)
John William Schroeder
Abraham Sebastian Schropp
Walter P Schuck
Sigmund Schuckert
Frederick F Schuetz
Charles Schuler
S Schulhoff
H W Schulman
A K Schulte
Gustav J Schultz
E W C Schulz
Franz Schulze-Berge
F A Schumacher
Elisabeth Schumann
Ernestine Schumann-Heink
Rose Schunk
Albert Jeremiah Schureman
Hermann Schurig
N Schurmann
Mr Schurtz
Carl Schurz
Arthur Schuster
Katherine Schuster
Cleveland H Schutt
Hamilton Schuyler
Herman P Schuyler
Howard Schuyler
Schwab (Edison Employee)
Charles Michael Schwab
Charles Schwager
Charles Schwartz
Erwin Schwartzkopff
Alfred Schwarz
Elmer H Schwarz
George P Schwarz
C Schweitzer
Edmund Oscar Schweitzer
Hugo Schweitzer
Joseph Schweizer
William Schwenk
Edward Schwerd
Martin Schwerin
C W Scofield
Cyrus Ingerson Scofield
George A Scofield
Samuel H Scoggins
Harvey James Sconce
John Thomas Scopes
Adam Scott
Anna E Scott
Bessie Jane Scott (Mrs James N. Gunn)
C C Scott
Campbell Scott
Claud Scott
Clyde L Scott
D Bryce Scott
David J Scott
E Alex Scott
Evelyn F Scott
Frank Hall Scott
George B Scott
George Herbert Scott
George Montgomery Scott
Harold M Scott
Holton H Scott
Hugh Briar Scott
Hutchison Scott
J Scott
J W Scott
Jesup W Scott
John Hamilton Scott
John R Scott
John Winfield Scott
Josiah Scott
Kenneth Scott
Leon Scott
LeRoy Scott
Lloyd Nudd Scott
Marsden G Scott
Samuel Scott
Seaton McKenzie Scott
Thomas Alexander Scott
W E D Scott
Walter Scott
Walter Scott (businessman)
Samuel Scovil
Ransom T Scowden
Joseph Hand Scranton
Madeleine Scranton
Margaret W Scranton
Mary Woodbridge (Mrs Walter) Scranton
Charles Ezra Scribner
E M Scribner
Edward Wheeler Scripture
E O Scriven
George Percival Scriven
H C Scriver
James Alexander Scrymser
Frank Ives Scudamore
Edward W Scudder
L R Scudder
Marvyn Scudder
Samuel Hubbard Scudder
George Francis Scull
George C Sculley
Alexander B Scully
George M Seabrooke
Seabury (Edison Employee)
William Marston Seabury
H A Seager
James A Seager
Mrs H A Seager
A M Seaman
Alice Marston Seaman
Frank Seaman
Louis Livingston Seaman
Peter Seaman
H J Seamen
Amzi Search
David Search
Halsey Search
William Search
Theodore W Searing
G M Searle
H P Searle
Robert M Searle
Jennie Searles
John E Searles
Anson Searls
Ann Sears
Harold Bright Sears
Harold Hayden Sears
J M Sears
Jeanette Hayden Sears
L W Sears
Mrs Edward Hale Sears
Olga Sears
Olga Osterhout Sears
S W Sears
W H Sears
John Egbert Sease
Gertrude A Seaton
J K Seaver
Ricarde Seaver
O D Seavey
Harry Winfield Secor
D F Secord
Eliza Edison (Mrs Stephen) Secord
F M Sedgwick
John Sedgwick
Robert Sedgwick
James Waring See
Thomas Jefferson Jackson See
Daniel Seeholtz
Charles A Seeley
M Seeley
Fred Loring Seely
George F Seely
Henry M Seely
Henry W Seely
Raymond W Seelye
E E Segelbaum
John R Segredor
Ezra Kennedy Seguine
Catherine Lucinda Miller Seiberling
Franklin Augustus Seiberling
Frederick Seiberling
Gertrude Penfield (Mrs Franklin A.) Seiberling
Harriet M Seiberling
Irene Henrietta Seiberling
Virginia Seiberling
Charles G Seibert
Edward Grant Seibert
Irma Seibert
J R Seilacher
C Seiler
Paul Seiler
Edwin Atwater Seitz
K Seko
Charles L Selden
G L Selden
George Baldwin Selden
Samuel Lee Selden
S Seldner
Albert L Selig
William Nicholas Selig
Henry Seligman
Jesse Seligman
Theodore Seligman
Dr L Sell
Clarence Selleck
Coleman Sellers
Harvey Lee Sellers
Mathew Bacon Sellers
Timothy Gibson Sellew
Selma (Edison Family Friend)
George Edward Seltzer
J A Selway
Alfred Richard Cecil Selwyn
M Selzer
James H Semple
George Senf
George E Sent
Eramus Gilbert Senter
M D Seppelt
Y Sepulveda
Parker Holmes Sercombe
H L Sergeant
L F A Serralde
Baron Serrao
Harold Serrell
John A Serrell
Lemuel William Serrell
Lemuel Wright Serrell
Charles-Francois-Maurice Serurier
Ventura Serva
Paul Albert Servet
Garrett Putnam Serviss
A A Sessions
William E Sessions
Frank W Seth
Ernest Thompson Seton
Thomas L Settle
Lina (Mrs Philip) Seubel
Philip Seubel
George Francis Sever
Dr A Severance
Charles Henry Sewall
Frederick William Seward
Theodore Frelinghuysen Seward
Adelbert A Sewell
Robert Browser Sewell
Robert Van Vorst Sewell
Cornelius M Sexton
Samuel Sexton
Samuel M Sexton
Hermann Seydel
Lucy F (Mrs William M.) Seyfert
William M Seyfert
C J Seyffer
A H Seymour
Edward Seymour
Henry Seymour
James M Seymour
James M Seymour, Jr.
Minor L Seymour
Theo Seymour
Harry C Shaaber
J Shackelford
Ernest Henry Shackleton
William Oscar Shadbolt
W B Shaffer
Walter White Shaffer
Samuel C Shaffner
Taliaferro Preston Shaffner
William Rufus Shafter
Edwin Shafton
Charles D Shain
Emily Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
William M Shakespeare
Nathaniel Southgate Shaler
Oliver B Shallenberger
George H Shambrook
T F Shanahan
A C Shand
S R Shankland
Martin Shannon
William W Shannon
H A Shaper
Frank Simon Shapiro
Harlow Shapley
John S Shapter
Mary Sharlow
Clayton Halsey Sharp
J W Sharp
T C Sharp
Thomas R Sharp
V D Sharp
W J Sharp
William Sharp
Edward S Sharpe
Lawrence Sharpe
Lucian Sharpe
R G Sharpe
Laurence Price Sharples
S H Sharpstein
W E Sharren
Frederick Cheever Shattuck
Herbert A Shattuck
Iona M Shattuck
John David Shattuck
Truly Shattuck
Peter H Shaughness
Mr Shaughnessy
J M Shaul
Albert E Shaver
George F Shaver
A Shaw
A V Shaw
Anna Howard Shaw
Arthur J Shaw
D R Shaw
Dan C Shaw
Eyre Massey Shaw
G M Shaw
George A Shaw
George Bernard Shaw
James G Shaw
John B Shaw
Mrs J H Shaw
Phillips B Shaw
Thelma Shaw
William Edward Shaw
Willis Shaw
George John Shaw-Lefevre
Marie E Shay
Ambrose Shea
Charles E Shea
Christopher Ambrose Shea
C M Sheaffer
Rosa Sheckler
John Graves Shedd
J H Sheddy
James Sheehan
Murray Sheehan
Cornelius Sheehy
Albert Sheetz
Mrs Stuart Sheetz
George C Sheffield
George Chris Sheker
Benjamin Shekerjin
Charles E Sheldon
George Rumsey Sheldon
Harry Ellsworth Sheldon
Lewis W Sheldon
Midge Sheldon
W M Sheldon
Charles H Shelley
Howard Shelley
William Shelley
William Henry Shelmerdine
C T Shelton
Willis H P Shelton
John Clarence Shengle
Dorothy B Shepard
E A Shepard
George A Shepard
W C Shepard
Adrian C Shepherd
Betsy Lane Shepherd
J W Shepherd
James Shepherd
Mrs K G Shepherd
R B Shepherd
E E Sheppard
Francis Sheppard
Frank Little Sheppard
G T Shepperd
Andrew Sheridan
Philip Henry Sheridan
Thomas F Sheridan
Charles R Sherman
E C Sherman
Elmer G Sherman
G W Sherman
George W Sherman
Israel A Sherman
John Sherman
Milton C Sherman
William Tecumseh Sherman
A W Sherrez
Charles Hitchcock Sherrill
Homer C Sherritt
Louis Sherwin
George E Sherwood
R Sherwood
Ruth Sherwood
William Hall Sherwood
William L Sherwood
James H Shields
James K Shields
John A Shields
William Shields
J D Shilling
John Shillito
Mary E Shine
William Cyrus Shiner
John Shinn
Walter Scott Shinn
Andrew Jackson Shipman
Ellen Biddle Shipman
Nathaniel Shipman
William Shipman
Arthur Shippey
N D Shippy
D F Shirk
Robert B Shirley
Mr Shmid
H L Shock
W T Shockley
C H Shoemaker
Ira H Shoemaker
M N Shoemaker
S H Shoemaker
T B Shoemaker
William Jessup Sholar
Charles E Sholes
Christopher Latham Sholes
Clarence Gordon Sholes
Frederic Shonnard
Theodore Perry Shonts
George F Shorb
Albert F Shore
Frank Arthur Shore
L M Shorey
Sidney Howe Short
William Harrison Short
S W Shoupe
W J Showalter
Mrs Morris Shrainks
Herbert E Shreeve
Harry T Shriver
Maude (Mrs Harry T.) Shriver
J W Shuler
George R Shultz
Martin E Shultz
Frank Shuman
J H Shumway
Ernest A Shuster, Jr.
Carleton Sias
Daniel Edgar Sickles
H F Sickles
Sidot (Inventor)
Claude Ellsworth Siebenthal
Heinrich Siebold
Emily Sieder
Kaspar Siedler
Frederick Siefke
Hilmar J Siegel
Oscar Othan Siegel
W F Siegmund
Alexander Siemens
Charles William Siemens
Frederick N Siemens
Werner von Siemens
Wilhelm von Siemens
H W Sierichs
S M Siesel
John Sigel
Olive Logan Sikes
A N Sill
Edward Rowland Sill
Robert M Sillard
George W Sillcox
Benjamin Silliman, Jr.
C H Silliman
John Muir Sills
George W Silsby
Bruce Robinson Silver
S D Silver
Henry David Silverfriend
Alexander Silverman
Isaac H Silverman
Mark Silverstone
G E Silvester
George C Silzer
George Sebastian Silzer
C H Simmonds
Alfred Simmons
B A Simmons
Furnifold McLendel Simmons
George O Simmons
George W Simmons
Harold Simmons
John J Simmons
Joseph Edward Simmons
O Simmons
Ralph C Simmons
Zalmon Gibert Simmons
Frederick Richard Simms
Alfred Albert Simon
H C Simon
Jules Simon
Lester A Simon
Charlotte Victorine Simonds
William Adams Simonds
Simonet (Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe)
W Denville Simons
Thomas Simonson
James William Simonton
William Simpkin
William Simpkin, Jr.
Simpson (Edison Manufacturing Co)
Alf Ivar Simpson
C H Simpson
Frank Simpson
G E Simpson
G Herbert Simpson
George Simpson
George E Simpson
Henry W Simpson
J E Simpson, Jr.
Jerome W Simpson
John Simpson
John Ewing Melville Simpson
John Thomas Simpson
Ora C Simpson
Roswell Hamilton Simpson
Sidney T Simpson
W Percy Simpson
W R Simpson
Wallis Simpson (Duchess of Windsor)
Edward C Sims
Gardiner C Sims
William Sowden Sims
Winfield Scott Sims
D A Simson
H Sinclair
Henry Allen Sinclair
Tollemach Sinclair
Upton Sinclair
Henry Purdon Sinclaire
Alf Sinding-Larsen
Berthold Singer
Isidor Singer
John M Singer
M Singer
Ferdinand W Singhi
P W Singleton
Benneville Lloyd Singley
D M Siprell
Edgar Grant Sisson
Wesley Sisson
Anna Pierpont (Mrs. William H.) Siviter
C F Size
Nelson Sizer
W B Sizer
James B Skehan
Arthur Bertram Skelding
Delamere Skerrett
John Francis Skerrett
Frederick James Volney Skiff
James L Skillin
David N Skillings
J W Skinkle
Alburn Edward Skinner
Clarence D Skinner
D M Skinner
George L Skinner
B L Slack
Mrs Josephus A Slack
Frank J Sladen
F C Slagle
Arthur Simpson Slater
Charles Dundas Slater
Cpl E J Slater
George Slater
George Slater (Australian Publisher)
James Slater
William M Slater
John Marshall Slaton
Morris Slattery
Nugent Hunter Slaughter
P A Slee
John Albert Sleicher
Leo Slezak
Edwin E Slick
Mabel I Slidders
Alfred Earl Sloan
George Sloan
J H Sloan
Samuel Sloan
William Griffith Sloan
Adelaide Kernan (Mrs Charles O.) Sloane
Alice Eyre (Mrs T. O\'Conor) Sloane
Alice Mary Sloane (Mrs Arthur Anderson)
Charles O\'Conor Sloane
Charles O\'Conor Sloane, Jr.
Charles William Sloane
Christopher Barry Sloane
David Edward Edison Sloane
Elaine Bernice (Mrs Thomas E.) Sloane
George Sloane
John Edison Sloane
John Eyre Sloane
John Heywood Sloane
Jule Day (Mrs John E.) Sloane
Madeleine Edison (Madalee) Sloane
Madeleine Edison (Mrs John E.) Sloane
Mary Adelaide Sloane
Mary Sinclair (Mae) Sloane
Michael Edison Sloane
Nina Byron (Mrs. C. William) Sloane
Paul H Sloane
Peter Edison Sloane
Thomas Edison Sloane
Thomas Edison Sloane, Jr.
Thomas O\'Conor Sloane
Thomas O\'Conor Sloane, Jr.
William Sloane
William Douglas Sloane
A H Slocomb
Charles V Slocum
Joseph Slomski
Edwin Emery Slosson
George Sluter
Charles S H Small
David E Small
George Eldridge Small
J W Small
John Kunkel Small
L A Small
Warren H Small
George H Smardon
James H Smart
E J Smead
Edward M Smiles
Frank C Smink
Dmitri A Smirnoff
S Smirnoff
Smith (Fort Myers Caretaker)
A Butler Smith
A C Smith
A Crawford Smith
A T Smith
Abbie Smith
Acheson Smith
Al (Alfred Emanuel) Smith
Albert Smith
Albert Edward Smith
Albert William Smith
Albridge Clinton Smith, Jr.
Amy Smith
Asa Francis Smith
Augustus Ledyard Smith
Augustus P Smith
B L Smith
Blair S Smith
C Smith
C F Smith
C L Smith
C W Smith
Charles B Smith
Charles D Smith
Charles H Smith
Charles K Smith
Charles Sprague Smith
Charles Stewart Smith
Charles Smith (California)
Charles Smith (Western Union)
Charlton H Smith
Chauncey Smith
Clare Olga Smith
Clyde E Smith
Courtland Smith
Dan Smith
Donald Smith
Dyer Smith
E E Smith
E J Smith
E Quincy Smith
Edgar Fahs Smith
Edna E Smith
Edward Smith
Edward A Smith
Edward Sutton Smith
Edwin P Smith
Edwin Smith, Jr.
Eldridge Smith
Elmer S Smith
Elward Smith (Estate)
Ernest N Smith
Eugene Allen Smith
Eugene C Smith
Eustace Ballard Smith
F Wayland Smith
Frank Smith
Frank C Smith
Frank E Smith
Frank G Smith
Frank P Smith
Frank S Smith
Frank Whitney Smith
G D W Smith
G S Smith
George A Smith
George C Smith
George Drake Smith
George H Smith
George McLeod Smith
George Otis Smith
George Stuart Smith
George W Smith
George Smith (Edison Employee)
George Smith (Newark Star)
George Smith (Odd Fellows Member)
Gerritt Smith
Giles Smith
Grace Card (Mrs Frank W.) Smith
Guyot Smith
H E Smith
H S Smith
H W Smith
H Smith (Great Northern Rwy)
Harold Hooper Smith
Harrison J Smith
Henry C Smith
Henry Julius Smith
Henry Perry Smith
Herbert Edmunds Smith
Horace J Smith
Hugh McCormick Smith
Huntington Smith
Irving B Smith
Isaac Townsend Smith
J H Smith (Photographer)
J L Smith
J P Smith (New York)
J R Smith
J T Smith
J W Smith (Boston)
J W Smith (Fort Myers)
J West Smith
Jacob Smith
James Blair Smith
James E Smith
James L Smith
James W Smith
Jerome V C Smith
John Ambler Smith
John C Smith
John Howard Smith
John P Smith
John Smith (Builder)
John Smith (Henry Ford\'s Messenger)
Joseph P Smith
Joseph Patterson Smith
Kenneth R Smith
L A Smith
L K Smith
Laurence Smith
Ledger Smith
Lyman C Smith
M F Smith
Marinobel Smith
Marion C Smith
Mary B Smith
Mrs J B Smith
Mrs M Smith
N E Smith
Nellie G (Mrs Albert D) Smith
Newton Smith
Nixola Greeley Smith
Oberlin Smith
Orlando Jay Smith
P R Smith
Philip Sidney Smith
Plinn F Smith
R B Smith
Ralph B Smith
Rest Fenner Smith, Jr.
Richard B Smith
Richard Bartholomew Smith
Richmond Smith
Robert E Smith
Robert H Smith
Robert W Smith
Rollin Smith
Roscoe James Smith
Roscoe William Smith
S H Smith
S H Smith, Jr.
S S Smith
Samuel William Smith
Stephen Eaton Smith
T C Smith
T E Smith
T Freebairn Smith
T H Smith
T J Smith
Thad De Alton Smith
Theodore Eugene Smith
Thomas Marshall Smith
Vallette De Long Smith
Vivian Smith
W C Smith
W H Smith (Great Britain)
W H Smith (Nevada)
W Huntington Smith
W L Smith
W R Smith
W V Smith
William Alexander Smith
William B Smith
William D Smith
William H Smith
William J Smith
William R Smith
William Strother Smith
William Waugh Smith
William Wiley Smith
Wolcott Smith
Francis Sydney Smithers
Joseph P Smithers
Frank Smithson
Stephen Joseph Smitney
Luther Rice Smoot
Reed Owen Smoot
Edward Smulski
Edith Falor Smyser
Irvin Smyser
A G Smyth
David McConnell Smyth
Richard S Smyth
Robert S Smyth
Walter Smyth
Charles L Smythe
G Sneath
Fred W Snell
John H Snell
William Henry Snell
John Vaughan Snider
William Sniffens
Alpheus Henry Snow
Andrew Snow, Jr.
Chauncey Depew Snow
Elliot Snow
Frank P Snow
Juliet S Snow
R B Snow
Willis Snow
Clinton Allen Snowden
Robert Bell Snowden
Thomas Snowden
B W Snyder
Charles Snyder
Charles L Snyder
Clarence Elmer Snyder
E J Snyder
Edward Havemeyer Snyder
Florence Snyder
Harvey Cole Snyder
Henry Snyder
J W Snyder
John Pillsbury Snyder
M L Snyder
V J Snyder
W Snyder
Nathan S Sodekson
Francis Henry Soden
Cesare Sodero
Dr O G Sofield
L Sohncke
Louis Emmanuel de Soissons
Ricardo Solana y Martinez
J A del Solar
Luigi Solary
Thorvald Solberg
Oscar Nathaniel Solbert
Gustav Soldan
Charles E Soles
L M Sollenberger
Harry Solloway
Aaron Soloman
Abraham Solomon
Edward Solomon
Francisco E Solorzano
George Daniel Solt
Daniel McLean Somers
James W Somers
Richard Moss Somers
W A Somers
A Somerville
William B Somerville
N S Soming
Jacob Sommer
Peter Otto Johannes Sommer
Lewis H Sondheim
Sidney L Sondheim
Guy G Sonerby
George C Sonn
Otto Sonne
Leopold Sonnemann
W Louis Sonntag, Jr.
Abram Soper
Leon A Soper
George Wales Soren
Charles Emil Sorensen
Benjamin F Sorin
Thomas E Sotolongo
F W Souerbry
Dr C C Soulages
J H Soule
Leon Soulerin
John Philip Sousa
Henry Souther
Richard H Southgate
Charles A Southland
Alfred Porter Southwick
Augustus Glidden Southworth
Mrs K I Southworth
Henry Spencer Spackman
W J Spaeth
C E Spagnolettis
Rupert Spahle
Emil P Spahn
P B Spahr
Jed Spaldine
Albert Spalding
Arthur Spalding
B T Spalding
Henry C Spalding
Jed Spalding
Miss J T Spalding
Philip Leffingwell Spalding
R D Spalding
Henry W Spang
Norman Spang
Frederick Spangenberger
Henry Wilson Spangler
Martha (Mrs Robert W.) Spangler
Mrs M Spangler
Robert Waldo Spangler
Charles R Spare
Clifton Sparks
Thomas Ashley Sparks
E E Sparling
Herbert G Sparrow
John P Sparrow
W E Sparrow, Jr.
A Spaugh
E B Spaulding
Henry F Spaulding
L V Spaulding
M C Spaulding
Thomas H Spaulding
W J Spaulding
Ellis Spear
Lawrence York Spear
John Randolph Spears
John Gilmer Speed
Harold D Speer
William McMurtrie Speer
Paul Speier
Gilbert MacMaster Speir
Charles E Speirs
George W Speirs
Harry H Spelman
John R Spelman
W C Spelman
W H Spelman
F S Spence
Frank K Spence
A G Spencer
Elizabeth Spencer
Eugene Jaccard Spencer
George G Spencer
Herbert Spencer
Joshua Spencer
Lilly M Spencer
S S Spencer
Thomas Spencer
William E Spencer
F C Speropulo
Elmer Ambrose Sperry
F M Sperry
H M Sperry
William Sperry
J A Sperrye
Robert Treat Spice
Mrs William Spicer
Mark H C Spiers
Albert Spies
Edmund Gybbon Spilsbury
Lee Addison Spindle
J H Spitler
Carl W Spitta
Harry Spitz
Henry Splitdorf
Charles Ainsworth Spofford
John E Spofford
W L Spoon
Lewis G Spooner
George K Spoor
Peter Sposato
Frank Julian Sprague
Harriet Chapman Jones (Mrs Frank J.) Sprague
Henry Clay Sprague
John Toby Sprague
Robert C Sprague
Charles E Spratt
Hermann Johann Philipp Sprengel
Charles O Sprenger
J J Sprenger
A E Spriggs
H E Springer
Joseph Alden Springer
Mrs Elestus M Springer
Charles Gilbert Spross
Henry Sproul (Estate)
William Sproule
John J Spurgeon
J J Spurr
Leonard E Spurrell
George Owen Squier
Aldis Bela Squire
Charles C Squire
Elizabeth Squire
Emma Breckinridge (Mrs Aldis B.) Squire
Emma Maude Cobb (Mrs Charles B.) Squire
Robert Squires
Alexander St Clair-Abrams
Bruce St John
Frederick St John
James A St John
R T St John
H G Staab
James P Stabler
Charles A Stadler
L Stadtmueller
Arthur Stafford
H H Stafford
Wendell Phillips Stafford
Anson Stager
Oscar W Stager
R W Stager
Charles E Stagg
John R Stagg
W A Stagg
Bror Helge Stahle
William Stainsby
Martha E Stainthorpe
V Gordon Stair
S H Staite
Joseph Stalin
Jessie E Stalker
H Stamm
J Stamperius
Jennie Ross Standart
M Standish
William H Standish
Walter J Staneck
Charles D Stanford
Edward Stanford
Leland Stanford
Charles I Stanhope
William Staniar
Stanley (Glenmont Service Staff)
Charles A Stanley
Frank W Stanley
Harold Stanley
Harold D Stanley
Henry Morton Stanley
J R Stanley
Leonard Lovejoy Stanley
Mervin C Stanley
William Stanley
George W Stansfield
Charles H Stanton
E B Stanton
Fred J Stanton
G F Stanton
Henry George Stanton
Irving G Stanton
J E Stanton
Robert L Stanton
W H Stanton
F Stappani
W H Starbuck
George Albert Stark
J B Stark
Frederick W Starke
Eli Thompson Starr
Frances Starr
Henry E Starr
Linton Starr
T B Starr
J Milton State
U G Staton
Alfred W Staub
E A Stavrum
George H Stayner
William H Stayton
William Thomas Stead
Frank Morris Steadman
W A Steadman
Clark Daniel Stearns
Edith S (Mrs Clark D.) Stearns
George W Stearns
Joseph B Stearns
Mrs Hannah T Stearns
A L Stebbins
F E Stebbins
Emory Addison Stedman
James Steel
Steele (Attorney)
Celile L Castegnier Steele
Charles Steele
Mrs Claude L Steele
James Steen
T Steers
Vilhjalmur Stefansson
Frederic Steffens, Jr.
N J Steffens
Otto Stegmaier
Irving Melville Stein
Irving Melville Stein, Jr.
Leo Stein
Adam Steinbach
Gust C Steinbach
Michael C Steindorf
Walter Steinhoff
Charles Proteus Steinmetz
Joseph Allison Steinmetz
W M Stell
J Stenbury
Edwin J N Stent
A J Stephens
Charles S Stephens
Dan Voorhees Stephens
E W Stephens
Edwin Stephens
Henry F Stephens
Howard C Stephens
Mrs Stephens
Phinehas Varnum Stephens
R M Stephens
Sarah A Stephens
William S Stephens
George Stephenson
Henry Stephenson
Mr Stephenson
Hassall L Stere
Edward Stern
Jacob S H Stern
Joseph Stern
Lewis J Stern
Mr Stern
P K Stern
Philip Cohen Stern
Randall H Stern
Simon Stern
William A Stern
Winfield L Stern
Sigmund Sternau
L Sterne
W E Sterne
J Sternfeld
Oskar Sternfeld
F M Sterrett
Marjorie Sterrett
H Stertz
Francis Lynde Stetson
Henry Thomas Stetson
T D Stetson
Edward Reilly Stettinius
Arthur Steuart
James L Steuart
Bernhard Steuer
Benjamin F Stevens
Byron N Stevens
C A Stevens
Charles Eames Stevens
Edwin Augustus Stevens
Ernest L Stevens
Eugene Stevens
Frank Lincoln Stevens
Frederick Waeir Stevens
Garrett Barcalow Stevens
George H Stevens
H W Stevens
Harry H Stevens
Horace J Stevens
J Thompson Stevens
Jennie R Stevens
John Franklin Stevens
Leslie V Stevens
N C Stevens
O W Stevens
Raymond Bartlett Stevens
Rose M Stevens
S V Stevens
Smith E Stevens
W Le Conte Stevens
W M Stevens
Walter Stevens
Walter Barlow Stevens
William Stevens
William L Stevens
Adrian D Stevenson
Alexander Stevenson
Bertha Stevenson
Edward Albert Stevenson
F Stevenson
Frederick Boyd Stevenson
George H Stevenson
George Urie Stevenson
J E Stevenson
James Cochran Stevenson
James S Stevenson
John I Stevenson
Thomas H Stevenson
W Lawrence Stevenson
William H Stevenson
Stewart (Patent Examiner)
A Y Stewart
C B Stewart
Charles W Stewart
Donald Mackaye Stewart
Edward Stewart
Effie Stewart
Francis B Stewart
Frederick Stewart
George F Stewart
Gilbert Henry Stewart
Henry Stewart
James M Stewart
James M Stewart (physician)
Jesse Stewart
John A Stewart
John A Stewart, Jr.
John M Stewart
Joseph Boss Stewart
Laura S (Mrs John Wood) Stewart
Mrs A E Stewart
Mrs M R Stewart
O J Stewart
Oscar E Stewart
Robert Stewart
Samuel D Stewart
Sarah P Stewart
Theodore Stewart
Thomas S Stewart
W Stewart
W F Stewart
W H Stewart
William B Stewart
Willis N Stewart
Edward H Stickels
Joseph William Stickler
Gustav Stickley
Charles D Stickney
G H Stickney
Luther Stieringer
C O Stiles
Charles Stillman, Jr.
Thomas Bliss Stillman
E L Stillsen
Alice Stilwell
Arthur Edward Stilwell
Charles B Stilwell
Charles F Stilwell
Eugenie L Stilwell
Harriet Stilwell (Mrs Cornelius Van Cleve)
Isabelle Stilwell
Margaret Stilwell
Margaret Crane (Mrs Nicholas) Stilwell
Mary Stilwell
Nicholas Stilwell
Sarah F (Mrs Charles F.) Stilwell
Vernon Stilwell
W T Stilwell
Rick Stimpson
Henry Lewis Stimson
Charles Stinson
Whitfield Stinson
Ernest Milmore Stires
Allan Stirling
J C Stirling
Robert Stirling
Yates Stirling, Jr.
Henry S Stix
John C Stock
Thomas V Stock
Frank Parker Stockbridge
George Herbert Stockbridge
George W Stockly
B P Stockman
Charles James Stockman
E Stockman
John Potter Stockton
Frances Stockwell
Edward S Stoddard
George H Stoddard
J M Stoddard
William O Stoddard, Jr.
Albert Frederic Stoessel
Julia Pickard (Mrs Albert F.) Stoessel
Alfred J Stofer
Edward Casper Stokes
Edward S Stokes
F A Stokes
Perry T Stokes
Leopold Stokowski
A G Stolbrand
Mrs A G Stolbrand
S W Stolbrook
Alexandre Stoletow
E A Stoll
Ludwig Albert Stollwerck
Charles Stolpe
John Stolte
Charles A Stone
Charles Francis Stone
Charles Pomeroy Stone
D E W Stone
Ella K Stone
Frederick Joseph Stone, Jr.
G M Stone
Isaac Frank Stone
John Stone
L B Stone
Melville Elijah Stone
Miss Stone
P S Stone
W B Stone
Frank E Stoneman
Arthur Stoner
J C Stookey
Albert Storer
Helen Storer
Walter Storey
Wilbur Fisk Storey
H L Storke
Edward Storm
George B Storm
Helen (Mrs Edward) Storm
Daniel E Storms
Frank A Storms
James Jackson Storrow
A H Storrs
Lucius Seymour Storrs
May Storrs
Charles B Story
Gustave Story
Bradley Stoughton
D G Stoughton
H R Stoughton
W B Stoughton
Charles Henry Stout
Frank McLeod Stout
George H Stout
Henry Rice Stout
John Stout
Mattie (Mrs John) Stout
William Bushell Stout
L M Stoval
Pleasant Alexander Stovall
Lorenzo Stow
Luke S Stow
Charles Stowell
Edward Stowell
Vance L Stowell
Paul A Strachan
Abraham Frank Strahs
Douglas Straight
L C Straight
Tooke Straker
James French Strange
E Platt Stratton
H O Stratton
Samuel Wesley Stratton
A W Straub
Herbert Nathan Straus
Jesse Isidor Straus
Edith C Strauss
Johann Strauss
Johann Strauss III
Joseph Strauss
Joseph B Strauss
Joseph Baermann Strauss
Maurice D Strauss
David Strauz
C A Street
E W Street
J A Streibert
Meyer Strell
Gustav Stresemann
Joseph Stretch
R H Stretchen
H F Strickland
George Edward Stringfellow
H L Stringfellow
D M Stringfield
Fred E Strom
A Stromberg
Gustav Stromberg
Frank Albert Stromsten
A S Strong
Alan H Strong
Daniel B Strong
E F Strong
Henry Alvah Strong
Henry C Strong
Hugo A Strong
Mrs S L Strong
William A Strong
Wilson Strong
John Strongwill
J E Strother
J S Stroumbo
Demetrius Bittle Strouse
Emily D Strouse
George Strubergh
C D Struble
Frank Strum
Joseph Struthers
Mrs William Struthers
R H Struthers
John William Strutt (Lord Rayleigh)
Henry Stuart Wortley
Archibald B Stuart
C A Stuart
C U Stuart
Everad M Stuart
Frederick Stuart
George E Stuart
Granville Stuart
John C Stuart
Kenneth Stuart
Miss E G Stuart
Mrs M B Stuart
Thomas B Stuart
W A Stuart
Will Stuart
Stubbs (Edison Employee)
Alfred Stubbs
Charles Henry Stubbs
John Christian Spayd Stubbs
Walter Roscoe Stubbs
Colin Studds
Ann Milburn (Mrs Clement) Studebaker
Anne Studebaker (Mrs Charles Carlisle)
Clement Studebaker
Clement Studebaker, Jr.
George Milburn Studebaker
Calvin H Stull
Henry Stull
Ewald Stulpner
F A Stumm
C E Stump
Jacob H Stumpf
A C E Sturges
Ira B Sturges
A Sturm
J N Sturm
L H Sturtevant
T E Sturtivant
Conrad C Stutts
Dr Stuve
William P Stymus
N E Suddaby
Frank Suddoth
George B Sudrow
Werner Suess
Orril Le Grand Suggett
Masato Sugi
J E Suitterlin
Alan Sullivan
Alice M Sullivan
Anne Macy Sullivan
Arthur Seymour Sullivan
Frank J Sullivan
J E Sullivan
James William Sullivan
John J Sullivan
Laurence Sullivan
Louis Henri Sullivan
Mrs H W Sullivan
P W Sullivan
Philip J Sullivan
Thomas Sullivan
W H Sullivan
William Sullivan
William O Sullivan
Mrs M Sultan
Nathan Sulzberger
William Sulzer
E K Sumerwell
Penelope Sumerwell
Samuel Summerlin
Charles H Summers
J A Summers
R Summers
Edward Arthur Sumner
William Ashley (Billy) Sunday
Bernard Edward Sunny
Monroe Sunshine
Charles Supe
Henry Harrison Suplee
Francis L Surry
Magnus Susman
Louis Sussdorff, Jr.
Paul Sutcliffe
A M Sutherland
G H Sutherland
S F Sutherland
Thomas Sutherland
William J Sutherland
Henry Randolph Sutphen
Adolph Heinrich Joseph Sutro
Gustav Sutro
Anson G Phelps Sutton
L E Sutton
Warner T Sutton
Kyoji Suyehiro
Loring Tiffany Swaim
Fanny S Swain
Frank W Swallow
Hannah (Mrs Joseph W.) Swan
Henry J Swan
J Swan
John C Swan
John Cameron Swan
Joseph Wilson Swan
M Swan
Samuel Swan
William W Swan
Edward Swann
Alfrid Swanson
Claude Augustus Swanson
William H Swanson
Caroline Ingalls (Mrs David N.) Swanzey
David Nevin Swanzey
W P Swarts
Wager Swayne
Francis Joseph Swayze
Algernon Thomas Sweeney
Harry L E Sweeney
John Leonard Sweeney
Edward D L Sweet
H A Sweet
John Edson Sweet
Ernest John Sweetland
H M Sweetser
Harry P Sweetser
Kate Sweetzer
Asa Ransom Swift
Charles M Swift
Edgar James Swift
George F Swift
James Swinburne
George Mathew Swindell
William Swinton
Thomas Swinyard
Gerard Swope
Robert Sword
E J Swyny
John W Sykes
H G Sylassy
Dr Sylvester
H Sylvester
Hannah (Mrs James) Symington
James Symington
Thomas Symington
John C Symmes
J Symonds
Caleb C Symons
Paul Symons
Mr Szarvady
Joseph T Szek
Frank A Taber
Judson Merrick Taber
A G Tabor
F A Tabor
J F Tafe
A E Tafel
George Warner Taft
Helen Herron Taft
Joseph H. Taft
R L Taft
William Howard Taft
Anna Tagg
Rush Taggart
Jose Tagini
John Tagliabue
Giuseppe Taglialatela
Rabindranath Tagore
Charles Sumner Tainter
E M Taintor
Byken S N Takagi
Shunzo Takaki
Eben Takashi Takamine
Jokichi Takamine
Takeo Takatori
Percy Stanton Talbert
Arthur Newell Talbot
Charles N Talbot
Daniel Hector Talbot
Frederick Arthur Ambrose Talbot
Henry Paul Talbot
John Talbot
Greenville P Talbott
W P Talboys
Dennis Talley
Marion Talley
Richard Talling
Webster Tallmadge
C J Tallon
Thomas Lincoln Tally
Rev W H Talmage
John Bartholomew Taltavall
Thomas R Taltavall
Maurice Talyor
Takeo Tamanobe
K G Tampi
Mrs E F Tannahill
E W Tanner
Patrick J Tansey
Eugene R Tappen
Charles L Tappin
C E Tapping
Gage E Tarbell
Ida Minerva Tarbell
John P Tarbox
Carlo Tarditi
J Tariner
Booth Tarkington
H G H Tarr
Charles Tarver
Fred E Tasker
Alfred Ord Tate
Bertram Mitford Tate
Bessie H (Mrs Alfred O.) Tate
William Penn Tatham
C P Tatro
Dr Tatsumi
Edward Tatum
Henning Gustave Taube
Johann C Tauber
O Tauchert
P Taufenecker
T G Taullin
A O Tauscher
Frank William Taussig
Clyde Howard Tavenner
William Taws
A D Taylor
A Merritt Taylor
Alfred Taylor
Andrew L Taylor
C R Taylor
Charles E Taylor
Charles H Taylor
Charles J Taylor
David Watson Taylor
De Witt C Taylor
Duncan Warren Taylor
E F Taylor
Edward Wyllys Taylor
Elsie Brewster (Mrs Edward W.) Taylor
F C Taylor
F Durand Taylor
F V Taylor
Frederick Wellington Taylor
Frederick Winslow Taylor
G M Taylor
George M V Taylor
Godfrey J Taylor
H T Taylor
Henry Alfred Taylor
Henry Ling Taylor
Henry Osborn Taylor
Horace S Taylor
Irving H Taylor
J S Taylor
John Taylor
John Bellamy Taylor
John G Taylor
John Robert Taylor
Jos J Taylor
Katherine Brewster Taylor
Lytton Taylor
Oscar T Taylor
Ruth Wyllys Taylor
S W Taylor
Samuel M Taylor
Thomas E Taylor
W J Taylor (Banker)
W J Taylor (Edison Employee)
W S Taylor
William Curtis Taylor
William F Taylor (New Jersey)
William F Taylor (Pennsylvania)
William H Taylor
William Sutherland Taylor
Zachary Taylor
Peter I Tchaikovsky
Mr Tcheremisshioff
V Tchertkoff
A L Teagarden
T T Teague
T H Teall
J C Tebbetts
Dr F Techmer
Teed (Edison Employee)
Cyrus Teed
John Edgar Teeple
Charles Teeter
Eli Teeter
Frederick John Teggart
William De Mille Telfair
Henry Moore Teller
S E Tellman
Robert Tempest
William Chase Temple
J A Templeman
Will Templeman
W H Ten Broeck
Coe H Ten Eyck
John V Ten Eyck
John E Tench
Marie Crane Tener
Armin Tenner
Eleanor Flavill Tenney
Elizabeth Louise Tenney
C D Tenny
Alfred Lord Tennyson
S Terada
P Terand
Andrew Terhune
Clara M Ternison
William E Terrill
Astley C Terry
Franklin Silas Terry
Marshall Orlando Terry
Mrs M M Terry
Nathaniel Matson Terry
Tootie (Mrs M.O.) Terry
Nikola Tesla
Abraham G Tessler
Mrs Abraham G Tessler
Luisa Tetrazzini
J P Teulings
George E Tewksbury
Maggie Teyte
John Marshall Thacher
J O Thatcher
James E Thatcher
Henry Thau
Benjamin Bowditch Thayer
Charles H Thayer
F Porter Thayer
George H Thayer
Harry Bates Thayer
Henry E Thayer
Orlando Thayer
Russell Thayer
William Armour Thayer
Willis Miller Thayer
Henry Starr Theakston
Earl Theisen
John Theiss
E Thiange
E Thiele
Alexander Thielen
Richard Thiell
Ch Thirion
Mr Thodes
Charles Thom
Robert L Thomae
A A Thomas
A D Thomas
A S Thomas
Anthony J Thomas
B Thomas
B A Thomas
Benjamin Franklin Thomas
Bond Thomas
Daniel Theodore Thomas, Jr.
David Alfred Thomas
E W Thomas
Eben Briggs Thomas
Edward Galbraith Thomas
George Thomas
George C Thomas
H H Thomas
Harry Thomas
Henry J Thomas
J G Thomas
James D Thomas
John Davis Thomas
John L Thomas
John Webster Thomas
John Thomas (Photographer)
John Thomas (Telegrapher)
Leon B Thomas
Leon Evan Thomas
Marie Thomas
Martha Carey Thomas
Martin Ellis Thomas
Mildred Thomas (Mrs Robert Duane Abbott)
Milton Thomas
Myron Thomas
N E Thomas
Norman Thomas
Percy Holbrook Thomas
Robert A Thomas
Samuel Thomas
Seth Edward Thomas
Theodore Thomas
Tysilio Thomas
W G Thomas
W H Thomas
William Arthur Thomas
William Luson Thomas
William R Thomas
Anna B Thome
Albert Thompson
Alexander Thompson
Alfred J Thompson
Andrew Thompson
Arthur Webster Thompson
Barbara Thompson
Ben Thompson
Burton Thompson
C W Thompson
Charles S Thompson
Clifford W Thompson
Dr Thompson
Edward Thompson
Edward P Thompson
Eli Thompson
Frank Poulson Thompson
Frederic Thompson
Frederick B Thompson
G W Thompson
George T Thompson
H C Thompson
H M Thompson
Harrison Gilman Thompson
Henry Thompson
J H Thompson
J P Thompson
James B Thompson
James Linton Thompson
James M Thompson
James R Thompson
John A Thompson
Joseph Thompson
Joseph Warren Thompson
Julia Thompson
Julia Watson (Mrs Slason) Thompson
L B Thompson
L J Thompson
Marian Penton (Mrs Robert H.) Thompson
Mary Clark Thompson
Max Thompson
Maybelle Ames (Mrs Robert H.) Thompson
Mrs Frank Thompson
Ralph Harriman Thompson
Robert Henry Thompson
Robert Henry Thompson (Estate)
Robert John Thompson
Ruth Plumly Thompson
S W Thompson
Silvanus Phillips Thompson
Slason Thompson
Thomas M Thompson
W G Thompson
William Boyce Thompson
William P Thompson
Louis Thomsen
Max Thomsen
Cesar Thomson
Clifford Thomson
Donald Thomson
Edgar Steiner Thomson
Elihu Thomson
Frances Anna Blandy (Mrs William) Thomson
Frank D Thomson
H W Thomson
Hedley J Thomson
John Thomson
John Danner Thomson
Joseph John Thomson
Judson L Thomson
Monroe Thomson
William Hanna Thomson
William Thomson (Lord Kelvin)
Fritz Thorhauer
M M Thorn
William K Thorn
Israel Thornal
Fred Thornall
C O Thornberry
F L Thornberry
H S Thornberry
Albert E Thorne
Dr W T Thornton
Marcellus Eugene Thornton
Thomas Thornton
William G Thornton
George Gowen Thorp
Isabel Thorpe
R C Thorpe
Alfred Addison Thresher
Frank Wilkes Thropp
Joseph Wilkes Thropp
Thomas H Thropp
William R Thropp
Thomas G Thrum
Prof G Thureau
T H Thurmond
Edward C Thurnan
Benjamin F Thurston
F W Thurston
George Henry Thurston
Mariette H Thurston
Robert Henry Thurston
Rene Thury
George H Thwartz
Charles Franklin Thwing
H M Thyng
Lawrence Tibbett
F E Tibbits
W Tice
A S Tidnam
Frederick Haselton Tidnam
E C Tier
Frank Tierney
Cornelius Tiers
William T Tiers
Louis Comfort Tiffany
J P Tighe
Alfred Mosher Tilden
John Henry Tilden
P S Tilden
Samuel J Tilden
Samuel Jones Tilden
John R Tilley
Vesta Tilley
Benjamin Ryan Tillman
John A Tillman
E Tillotson
L G Tillotson
William Frederic Tillotson
Frederick Tilney
Edward Lippincott Tilton
William C Tilton
William P Tilton
George Timney
A H Tingle
A D Tingley
Joseph Tingley
Charles Almerin Tinker
Charles Perley Tinker
W W Tinker
Benjamin Evans Tinstman
Imogene Armel Tinstman (Mrs Frank A. Stout)
Nellie L (Mrs Benjamin E.) Tinstman
Charles M Tinton
Rudolf Tiphaine
Henry Tippett
Gaston Tissandier
Istvan Tisza
Edward Silas Tobey
Eugene Cameron Tobey
James A Tobey
William Mott Tobias
R Tobin
Maximilian Toch
Aurelius Todd
David Peck Todd
Floyd F Todd
Frank Morton Todd
George W Todd, Jr.
Naomi P Todd
Margaret Tolan
Carl Henry Tollefsen
J U Tolles
Percy Eldridge Tolman
William Howe Tolman
Leo Tolstoy
Lev Lvovich Tolstoy
Henry G Tombler
Calvin Tomkins
Henry B Tomkins
Walter Tomkins
William Tomkins
John Canfield Tomlinson
John Canfield Tomlinson, Jr.
Daniel Augustus Tompkins
Daniel Freeman Tompkins
Horatio S Tompkins
Millard F Tompkins
W C Tompkins
Marion Columbus Toms
Nathaniel C Toms
Marcus Breckenridge Toney
James Bryant Tonking
Tonnessen (Cook)
C O Tooker
Mary R Tooker
Robert Newton Tooker
W H Toomey
Hayozoun Hohannes Topakyan
Frank Winship Toppan
C E Topping
Philip Torchio
Charles W Torrey
H G Torrey
William Torrey
Jennie Torriani
Santiago Torrico
Humbert Federico Tosi
Henry Totten
John M Toucey
P A Tourne
Benjamin C Tousey
J M Tovar
Henry Doughty Tovey
George S Towar
Charles Putnam Tower
J M Tower
Marie Tower
George W Towle
Hamilton E Towle
William H Towles
G G Town
Charles Hanson Towne
Henry Robinson Towne
N W Towne
Willis G Townes
William H Townley
A H Townsend
A S Townsend
Arthur K Townsend
C Wilmot Townsend
Charles Haskins Townsend
Edward Waterman Townsend
Henry Clark Townsend
Horace Townsend
John D Townsend
M V Townsend
O C Townsend
William Townsend
Margaret Townsend-Tagliapietra
John Ranken Towse
John Towy
James Toy
B B Toye
H Toyer
Nils Traaholt
Minnie Tracey
Frank M Tracy
Fred N Tracy
H L Tracy
J L Tracy
Samuel Gateley Tracy
Spencer Tracy
Albert Traeger
Ernest E Trafton
M E Trafton
William H Trahon
John B Trainer
Louis M Traiser
William Trant
Frank Eugene Traphagen
William Conselyea Traphagen
Harry Trask
J Nelson Trask
Lillia M D Trask
Spencer Trask
Alex Traudt, Jr.
Cornelia Stockton (Mrs Frederick A.) Traut
Eleanor Stockton Traut
Frederick Augustus Traut
Edward Trautwine
Frances Travers
Julia Hendry (Mrs R. Ingram O.) Travers
Mary Olivia Travers
Olivia Travers (Mrs H. Gregg Danby)
Roderick Ingram Ouchterlony Travers
Thomas Travers
D B Traxler
James W Treadwell
Herbert Beerbohm Tree
G C Trefry, Jr.
H S Trehearne
Scott Tremain
William Burton Tremaine
W Le Poer Trench
Leonard Trenholm
Henri Eduoard Tresca
William Henry Trescot
Oscar Trexler
M S Tribuno
Felix Trieb
Ernest T Trigg
Ralph Waldo Trine
George B Tripp
Guy Eastman Tripp
Samuel Peter Rolt Triscott
Alois Trnka
William H Troeber
John Tronicke
Herman Trost
Paul Trotter
William Trotter, Jr.
Louise B Trow
W Duane Trow
James A Trowbridge
John Trowbridge
Mrs A H Trowbridge
S T Trowbridge
William Petit Trowbridge
H A Truby
Charles L True
J G True
Rodney Howard True
Nora E Trueblood
Harry Alfred Truesdale
William Haynes Truesdale
H J Truesdell
Pedro Trujillo
M G Trumbane
Frank C Tryon
S Tsuji
Albert E Tuck
Somerville Pinkney Tuck
A J Tucker
Florence L Tucker
George Tucker
J B Tucker
James F Tucker
Phil A Tucker
Sophie Tucker
St George Brooke Tucker
John Henry Tudsbery Tudsbery
David Tuers
John M Tufts, Jr.
Thomas P Tuite
Rudolph Lang Tulloch
T DeQuincy Tully
Joseph Patrick Tumulty
F W Tunnell
Charles Tupper
Frank E Tupper
Benjamin J Turbett
Albion B Turner
Florence Turner
Frederick James Turner
George W Turner
Horace Turner
J H Turner
John M Turner
Joseph Mallord William Turner
K M Turner
Miss M A Turner
Moses Turner
N L Turner
Orrin W Turner
T C Turner
W B Turner
Will C Turner
Herbert J Turney
W W Turney
L C Turnock
George Benedict Turrell
Theodore Turrettini
Lewis Turrill
Clarence D Tuska
Clifford Wayne Tuthill
Daniel S Tuthill
Elmer D Tuthill
Frederic F Tuthill
C N Tuttle
Franklin Tuttle
George W Tuttle
Harry A Tuttle
R M Tuttle
S S Tuttle
W E Tuttle
Mark Twain
Lord Tweeddale
Edmund F Tweedy
Virginia Halsey Twinch
Joseph Hopkins Twitchell
Florence Vanderbilt (Mrs Hamilton M.) Twombly
Hamilton McKown Twombly
Hamilton McKown Twombly (Estate)
Hamilton McKown Twombly, Jr.
James Wallace Tygard
Charles E Tyler
Charles I Tyler
Erastus D Tyler
George A Tyler
George Crouse Tyler
George H Tyler
Harry L Tyler
John Tyndall
W D Tyndall
J S Tyree
Henry Tyrrell
J H Tyrrell
Rev W J Tyrrell
B H Tyson
Bryan Tyson
Kinji Uchimura
Harry Gilbert Ukkelberg
G Ulbricht
A B Uline
Bernhard Ulmann
John Ulrich
P Ulrich
William Henry Ulrich
George L Uman
Anton Umlauft
George H Underhill
Frank H. Underwood
Frederick Douglass Underwood
H L Underwood
William Lyman Underwood
Zachary Taylor Underwood
Herman Unger
J Unger
R D Unger
William Unger
Jos Unser
Charles H Unverzagt
Henry H Unz
Frank Brooks Upham
James C Upham
John B Upham
George H Upp
Inglis Moore Uppercu
Irving S Upson
Ralph Hazlett Upson
William Ford Upson
Curtis Perry Upton
Eleanor Stuart Upton
Elijah Wood Upton
Elizabeth Perry (Mrs Francis R.) Upton
Francis Robbins Upton
Francis Robbins Upton, Jr.
George Upton
Lucy Upton
Lucy Winchester Upton
Margaret Storm (Mrs Francis R.) Upton
Sarah F Upton
Charles Urban
Emily C Urban
R Uren
Jose V Uribe
N L Urlich
Jacques Urlus
A A Urquhart
Nathaniel Reilly Usher
Charles H Utley
J W Utley
A Vail
Alfred Vail
B A Vail
Edison Beekman Vail
John H Vail
Stephen Vail
Theodore Newton Vail
W B Vail
F O Vaill
Joseph Huppmann Valbella
J S Vale
Charles Abernethy Valentine
Edward Abram Uffington Valentine
George Valentine
Joseph W Valentine
Peter F Valentine
T E Valentine
W R Valentine
J H Valentini
Rudolph Valentino
Eva MacDonald Valesh
George J Valin
James V Valk
L Pierre Valligny
Louis Vallot-Duval
Charles E Van Allen
L Van Alstyne
Carr Vattel Van Anda
Howard Van Antwerp
J A Van Auken
Henry Van Beil
Mrs E Van Benthuysen
Watson Van Benthuysen
Martin Van Brocklin
Cornelius Van Brunt
Walter Van Brunt
Daniel Tompkins Van Buren
Frank P Van Buren
J S Van Buren
Martin Van Buren (Engineer)
Silvanus Frederick Van Choate
Clara Van Cleef
Cornelius A Van Cleve
Hattie (Mrs Cornelius A.) Van Cleve
Mrs Paul Van Cleve
Seymour Van Cleve
Cornelius Van Cott
Albert A Van De Mark
Lucy Van De Mark
Charles Joseph Van Depoele
Van der Wee (Edison Employee)
William Manley Van der Weyde
Gertrude (Mrs D.J.) Van Devander
Harry Randolph Van Deventer
Willis Van Deventer
Dr F Van Duys
C E Van Duzee
John Clark Van Duzer
Francis Cuyler Van Dyck
Edgar Clair Van Dyke
Henry Van Dyke
Henry Jackson Van Dyke
John Brock Van Every
John S Van Gilder
Henry Van Hoevenberg
Grant Van Hoose
Burt Van Horne
John Van Horne
Jonathan Van Horne
Charles Van Leckwijck
Dirk Jacobus Van Marle
Mr Van Mater
J W Van Meter
George W Van Ness
E Van Note
Charles S Van Nuis
H Van Oldenneel
W H Van Ornum
Frances Van Pelt
L L Van Praag
A Van Riel
Lewis Caesar Van Riper
George Van Santvoord
Charles Van Sickel
George West Van Siclen
William Van Siclen
Eva Van Skaik
W H Van Slick
Addison Allen Van Tine
H C Van Tine
H B Van Tronk
C R Van Trump
Edwin Augustus Van Valkenburg
M Van Vechten
J Van Vleck
J Van Voorst
Theodore F Van Wagenen
Mrs P L Van Wagener
A T Van Winkle
Abraham Van Winkle
Marshall Van Winkle
Mina C Van Winkle
John Van Wordragen
John Rufus Van Wormer
Theodorus Van Wyck
J H Van Zandt
Edward Sims Van Zile
Billy B Van
Nancy Elliott (Mrs. James N.) Vanamburgh
George W Vance
Jos Lippincott Vance
James A Vandegrift
Cornelius Vanderbilt III
E W Vanderbilt
George Vanderbilt
Margaret Emerson (Mrs. Alfred G.) Vanderbilt
William Henry Vanderbilt
William Kissam Vanderbilt
Frank Arthur Vanderlip
Washington B Vanderlip
Eugene Vanderpool
H L R Vandyck
Charles H Vandyne
Melvin Vaniman
Carmine Vanni
D Vanpelt
William Baldwin Vansize
Bartolomeo Vanzetti
William Scott Vare
Mr Varey
J B Varick
Cromwell Fleetwood Varley
Cromwell H Varley
George Varley
Samuel Alfred Varley
M D Varney
W C Vasbinder
S Vassilieff
Ashley P Vaughan
Beatrice Vaughan
Richard Vause
R C Veale
Armand Vecsey
George William Veditz
Emile Vedrines
Francis Preston Venable
William Venator
Eleftherios Venizelos
V Venstchagz
Mabel Fenness Ventor
Irving Austin Ventres
George Verity
George Herbert Verity
John Benjamin Verity
Mary Ann Verity
Alice Verlet
Cornelius Clarkson Vermeule
Jacob D Vermilye
Jules Verne
Arnedi Vernes
H Verschaffel
Victor Vezzetti
William Angell Viall
Frederic H Viaux
Dorothy Elaine Vicaji
Charles Vernon Vickrey
A Victor
Carl Victor
Caroline Victor
Benjamin Vicuna Mackenna
George Anthony Viehmann
J M Vielajus
H Vila
Charles M Viley
Sam B Villa
Marquis of Villamejor
Helen Frances Garrison (Mrs Henry) Villard
Henry Villard
Oswald Garrison Villard
L Villars
Roger Villati
Jean Marie Villiers de l\'Isle-Adam
Charles Amherst Villiers
Frederic Villiers
M Vils
Anna Curtis (Mrs Frank L.) Vincent
Anna Vincent (Mrs Chester D. Massey)
Charles R Vincent (Engineer)
Charles R Vincent (EPPCo Stockholder)
Elizabeth Vincent
Elizabeth Dusenbury (Mrs John H.) Vincent
George Edgar Vincent
Isabel Vincent
John Heyl Vincent
John W Vincent
Leon Henry Vincent
Louise Palmer (Mrs George E.) Vincent
Minerva Masters (Mrs Bethuel T.) Vincent
R W Vincent
Robert Heyl Vincent
Shermer F Vincent
John Vines
Francis Laurens Vinton
Benjamin J Virgin
Louis J Vitoch
Lucien Vives
Gabino Vizcarra
Carl C Voelker
William L Voelker
Adolph Vogel
E Louis Vogel
George Godhart Vogel
Julius Vogel
Kurt Voigt
E Voit
Karl Volhard
A Volkhansen
John H Volkmann
Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta
Alexander Von Baber
Arpad Von Barber
Arthur Von Barth
A Von Bermuth
Eugenia Farrar Von Boos
Edgar Von Boyen
Arthur Von Briesen
Walter William Von Broock
Theodore Von der Lippe
Ludwig Von Eisinger
Hermann Von Helmholtz
Frederick H Von Hofe
Alois Von Isakovics
L Von Keviczky
Sigismund Von Kleist
Hugo Von Kupffer
Leopold Von Ledina
Wilhelm Von Legat
Titus Von Michalowski
Oskar Von Miller
Hugo Von Noot
Anton Von Palitschek
Max Von Pettenkofer
F Von Preuschen
Carl Von Pustau
Evelyn V (Mrs William M.) Von Pustau
William M Von Pustau
Werner Von Siemens
Wilhelm Von Siemens
Dr Von Stephan
Leonora Von Stosch
John Von Wagenen
Erwin Von Wilmowsky
Edward Burnett Voorhees
James Dayton Voorhees
Jess H Voorhees
George P Voorheis
Charles R Voorhess
Oliver E Voris
David T Vose
Ralph Vose
Fred Voss
Louis Vossion
Alfred J Voyer
Charles Henry Vreeland
Herbert Harold Vreeland
John Beam Vreeland
J Vritor
Garret Dorset Wall Vroom
Isaac Henry Vrooman, Jr.
E P Vroome
Henri Vuagneux
Henry Wellington Wack
E O Wackermann
H R Waddell
Montgomery Waddell
Orin J Waddell
William Elliot Waddell
Charles Waddington
Percival Richard Waddy
Emmie Rogers Wade
Herbert Treadwell Wade
Mulford Wade
Jude Converse Wadleigh
Gertrude (Mrs Percival O.) Wadsworth
Marietta E Wadsworth
Nancy Elizabeth (Mrs William) Wadsworth
William Wadsworth
India Waelchli
Ed Wagemann
Leopold Wagenknecht
J E Wagenseller
Robert H Wager
Clark Waggoner
William T Waggoner
Alfred Fenner Wagner
C W Wagner
Charles Norton Wagner
E E Wagner
F D Wagner
G G Wagner
George A Wagner
Herbert Appleton Wagner
Louis Wagner
M L Wagner
Richard Wagner
Robert Wagner
W S Wagner
William Wagner
Philip Dakin Wagoner
Simon A Wagoner
J H Wagstaff
W I Wagstuffe
William Henry Wahl
J Mayhew Wainwright
Frederick S Wait
Frank B Waite
H R Waite
John Leman Waite
Arthur M Waitt
J T Wakeman
Wilbur Fisk Wakeman
Himan D Walbridge
Charles Folsom Walcott
Frederic Collin Walcott
Cleveland Walcutt
Lillian D Wald
Charles Waldeyer
A R Waldo
Alice Waldo
Frank Waldo
Fullerton Leonard Waldo
Leonard Waldo
A V Waldron
B M Waldron
Jeff Waldron
Henry G Wales
James Albert Wales
William Wales, Jr.
Walker (S.B. Eaton\'s Associate)
A C Walker
Albert Henry Walker
Arthur Lucan Walker
Charles E Walker
Columbus Walker
D F Walker, Jr.
D J Walker
David R Walker
E Cox Walker
Earl T Walker
Edward Cyrus Walker
Edwin C Walker
Edyth Walker
Esther Walker
Ethel McCoy Walker
Evelyn Walker
F Walker
Francis Amasa Walker
Fuller Walker
G T Walker
George Walker
George D Walker
George R Walker
H O Walker
Isaac C Walker
Isaac W Walker
J E Walker
J P Walker
James John (Jimmy) Walker
James Walker (Great Britain)
James Walker (Inmate)
James Walker (Journalist)
John Andrew Walker
John Brisben Walker
Leona L Walker
Lily Walker
Micah Walker
Norman Stewart Walker, Jr.
Philip Walker
R T Walker
R W Walker
Richard B Walker
William Baker Walker
William George Walker
William Hultz Walker
William R Walker
J E Walkin
Albert Chandler Wall
Edward A Wall
J G Wall
James P Wall
Albert Wallace
Alexander Wallace
E P Wallace
Frank A Wallace
G Wallace
J Walter Wallace
Jackson Wallace
Joseph Ambrose Wallace
Lawrence L Wallace
Roger W Wallace
Thomas Wallace
William Wallace
William James Wallace
Willy Wallach
Knut Agathon Wallenberg
Edwin Waller
Elwyn Waller
D Wallerstein
Harry Wallerstein
A M Wallick
John Fahnestock Wallick
Francis J Wallis
Elias Z Wallower
J Louis Wallraff
W B Walmsley
Florence Dahl Walrath
James Walrond
Arthur Leo Walsh
C K D Walsh
David Walsh
H V Walsh
John P Walsh
Stan G Walsh
W D Walsh
William H Walsh
William J Walsh
William W Walsh
Ernest Walter
George B Walter
Henry E Walter
Karl Walter
Louis Walter
Mr Walter
Mrs W Walter
Harry G Walters
C J Walton
Charles H Walton
David Stoddard Walton
Edith S Walton
Florence Louise Walton
J Barnard Walton
Mary Walton
Mary Abby (Mrs David S.) Walton
W N Walton
George R Walworth
John Wanamaker
Lewis Rodman Wanamaker
Martin Joseph Wandrack
Yinchang Tsenshan Wang
Adelbert Theodor Edward Wangemann
Albert Wangemann
Mrs Adelbert Theodore E Wangemann
James Alfred Wanklyn
Charles Wann
W Wanner
Francis Downs Wanning
Elisa Wanser
Felix M Warburg
A H Ward
Anthony Ward
Artemas Ward
Bert Ward
C W Ward
Charles Archibald Ward
Charles Bonnell Ward
Freeman Ward
George F Ward
George G Ward
George M Ward
Henry Galbraith Ward
Henry H Ward
Holcombe Ward
J H Ward, Jr.
J M Ward
James H Ward
John Ward
John H Ward
Leslie Ward
Leslie Dodd Ward
Minnie Perry (Mrs Leslie D.) Ward
R H Ward
Richard J Ward
S P Ward
Samuel Ward
Shirley Christopher Ward
Theodore H Ward
Mrs E J Wardell
Thomas Wardell
Frank Andrew Wardlaw
George Addison Wardlaw
Thomas Davidson Wardlaw
G T Wardwell
Simon W Wardwell
W S Wardwell
Edward Twichell Ware
Eugene Fitch Ware
Henry C Ware
Orville Taylor Waring
William George Waring
A W Warner
B Guy Warner
C B Warner
C S Warner
Charles D Warner
Charles Guille Warner
Clara Harris Warner
Edward Pearson Warner
Florence M Warner
James D Warner
Mary Warner
Selden Gloyd Warner
Anna Wyman Warren
Frank Hamilton Warren
G H Warren
G S Warren
George Henry Warren
George W Warren
Guy P Warren
H W Warren
John H Warren
P L Warren
S L Warren
S P Warren
Schuyler Nelson Warren
W R Warren
Wadsworth Warren
Whitney Warren
William Appleton Warren
W E Warrilow
James Warrington
Mr Wartmann
Walter Winter Warwick
Dr L C Washburn
Dwight G Washburn
Dwight H Washburn
Edw Washburn
Ella L Washburn
Frank Sherman Washburn
Oscar F Washburn
Robert Murdock Washburn
George Foote Washburne
Booker Taliaferro Washington
George Washington
T A Washington
William Lanier Washington
Charles William Wason
B Wasserman
William Wastell
M Watanabe
Edwin Waterhouse
Frank Waterhouse
John Waterhouse
Theodore Waterhouse
Warren Waterhouse
Albert Perry Waterman
Charles Elmer Waterman
Edwin S Waterman
Frank Dan Waterman
G O Waterman
Frank R Waters
George W Waters
Percival Lee Waters
Theodore Waters
William F Waters
Minnie A (Mrs George) Watkin
Alice J Watkins
John Elfreth Watkins
Mathew K Watkins
Watson (Edison Employee)
A H Watson
Arthur Eugene Watson
B F Watson
Charles Huber Watson
Gaylord Watson
J G Watson
J Jay Watson
James Angus Watson
John Broadus Watson
John Crittenden Watson
John E Watson
Joseph Arthur Watson
Katherine W Watson
M D Watson
Peter H Watson
Prescott L Watson
R Franklin Watson
Robert Spence Watson
Robert Watson, Jr.
Ruth Mason (Mrs C. Huber) Watson
Thomas Augustus Watson
W T Watson
William Watson
William A Watson
Alexander Watt
James Watt (Attorney)
James Watt (Inventor)
John A Watt
Pearl M Watt
May Wilkinson Watters
Henry Watterson
Mr Watterson
Cyra B Wattles
Dickson Given Watts
Francis Watts
Henry Watts
Ira Watts
Mary E Watts
Oliver Patterson Watts
William S Waudby
Alexander Waugh
John Waugh
Agnes B Wauters
Percy Waxman
George P Way
Sylvester Bedell Way
Leon Wayave
C S Waybright
S E Wayland
Edwin Lucius Wayman
Grace Cromwell Waymouth
Charles Kasson Wead
Ezra L Wean
E H B Weatherall
Albert Weatherby
D C Weatherhead
Helen H Weatherhead
Henry Weaver
John Weaver
John Augustus Weaver
John H Weaver
Thomas B Weaver
William Dixon Weaver
Carl Webb
E L Webb
F H Webb
Frank L Webb
George R Webb
George T Webb
John Burkitt Webb
John F Webb
Leslie H Webb
Ralph Emerson Webb
C E Webber
C S Webber
Fred W Webber
Harry C Webber
A Weber
August Weber
August Weber (Estate)
F A Weber
Frederick Clarence Weber
George Weber
Maj H J Weber
Otto G Weber
Peter Weber
Arthur Gordon Webster
Bill Webster
Charles H Webster
Harold Tucker Webster
Richard Everard Webster
S T Webster
Alexander Wilbourne Weddell
Carlos Wederkinch
Walter L Wedger
J J Wedgewood
A H Weed
John William Weed
Jessie E Weeden
A W Weeks
Bartow Sumter Weeks
Charles H Weeks
Edwin Ruthven Weeks
John Elmer Weeks
John Wingate Weeks
Joseph D Weeks
F C Weems
Samuel O Weems
Wegel (Edison Employee)
Henry Wehle
Carl Wehner
W P Wei
John Weichmann
Theodore Weicker
Dr H P Weidig
H C Weidner
Richard Coxe Weightman
Louis A Weil
Paul Weiller
Bret Weimer
John A Weimer
Carl Weinberg
August Weinert
Leena Weingartner
L Weinschenk
George Weintraub
John Weir
Levi Candee Weir
R A Weiss
Harry A Weissberger
Samuel P Weissmann
Robert F Weitbrec
Arnon Wallace Welch
Benjamin Garretson Welch
Deshler Welch
Ebenezer Baker Welch
Joseph A Welch
R C Welch
William Addams Welch
Manfred Philester Welcher
Daniel Weld
Frank Weldon
Ruben Welinder
Henry Solomon Wellcome
A Weller
Francis Raymond Welles
Jeannette G Welles
Roger Welles
William B Welles
Thomas Welling
William Brenton Welling
Henry Wellington
Charles Wellman
Walter Wellman
J L Wellner
Amos Russel Wells
Carolyn Wells
Charles A Wells
E F Wells
Eugene Wells
F R Wells
Frederick A Wells
George A Wells
Gerard Aylmer Wells
H Wells
H G (Herbert George) Wells
Harvey J Wells
J S C Wells
Joseph Ray Wells
Mary Elizabeth Wells
Thomas Spencer Wells
Thomas Tileston Wells
Walter Farrington Wells
William T Wells
Alexander Welsh
Henry Welsh
Maude E Welsh
George O Welshman
Benjamin H Welton
Thomas Abercrombie Welton
Elliott H Wendell
H H Wendell
Miss A M Wenersten
John Wennstrom
William S Wensley
Jonas Wenstrom
Marshall Clark Wentworth
Robert F Wentz
Rosa Werany
Gustavus Werber
John Werder
Richard Werdermann
Alex Werner
August F Werner
Charles H Werner
George Joseph Werner
Paul E Werner
William Werner
Miss A M Wernersten
Justin Wertheimber
Louis Wertheimber
John H Wesler
Charles Weslow
John C Wessells
Albert Wessler
C Wessolowsy
Andrew Fleming West
B H West
Bina M West
C F West
C W West
D J West
Edwin Perry West
George West
James Edward West
William Benjamin West
H Westbury
Alphons Westee
Thomas Paine Westendorf
H M Westerberg
Randolph F Westerfield
Charles B Westerman
Charles W Westervelt
Harvey E Westgate
George Westinghouse, Jr.
Gustaf Mawitz Westman
A W Weston
Edward Weston
G K Weston
Myron F Westover
Alfred B Westrup
W J Westwood
Lewin Wethered
John Price Wetherill
Harry D Wethling
E W Wetmore
William Wetstein
Charles J Wetzel
E Wetzler
Joseph Wetzler
Raymond Anthony Wetzler
J W Wexel
A Weyher
Charles Weyher
Valeriano Weyler
Thomas Rote Weymouth
William Whalen
Joseph Wharton
William Fisher Wharton
William P Wheatland
Lucien Wheatly
William Walter Wheatly
E P Wheaton
Charles Wheatstone
Joseph Sylvester Wheelan
Algar Monroe Wheeler
Cyrenus Wheeler, Jr.
Dorothy Wheeler
Edward Dinsmore Wheeler
Edward Dinsmore Wheeler, Jr.
Everett Pepperrell Wheeler
F Wheeler
Frank Wheeler
George Montague Wheeler
Henry W Wheeler
Howard L Wheeler
J W Wheeler
Marion Isabel (Mrs Edward D.) Wheeler
Melissa Wheeler
O B Wheeler, Jr.
Richard Page Wheeler
Schuyler Skaats Wheeler
W F Wheeler
William F Wheeler
William Ogden Wheeler
William Wheeler, Jr.
B J Wheelock
Charles B Wheelock
Samuel A Wheelwright
James P Whelan
John W Whelan
Miss Whelan (Glenmont Employee)
John Wheldon
Thomas H Wheless
J T Whelpley
James Davenport Whelpley
Samuel M Whelpley
Franklin P Wherry
A J Whimbey
Samuel Whinery
F B Whipple
Frank Whipple
John Whipple, Jr.
Leyland Whipple
Richard G Whipple
S C Whipple
C F Whitaker
D F Whitcomb
Herman S Whitcomb
W O Whitcomb
A A White
A D White
A E White
A Robert White
Andrew Dickson White
Arnold Henry White
Arthur S White
Arthur V White
Aubrey White
B F White
Capt W N White
Carolina White
Charles F White
Charles Gerard White
Charles T White
Charles W White
Clara M White
Clinton C White
D J White
David White
David S White
Edward Douglass White
Edward T White
Erle White
Frank Marshall White
Frank P White
Fred R White
George White
George C White
Horace White
J Clarence White
J F White
James H White
James Henry White
John Stuart White
Mrs J E White
R S White
R T White
Richard J White
Robert K White
S H White
Samuel S White (Estate)
Samuel S White, Jr.
Samuel Stockton White
Thomas Howard White
W F White
William White
William White, Jr.
E S Whitehead
George H Whitehead
James Whitehead
John Boswell Whitehead
Rowland Edward Whitehead
W W Whitehead
William Whitehead
Vira Boarman Whitehouse
Richard Whiteing
H R Whiteley
Charles Whiteman
George Whiteman
John Wesley Whitfield
Reid Whitford
Jay Manuel Whitham
Allan H Whiting
Bradford A Whiting
F Allen Whiting
F W Whiting
Frederic A Whiting
Irving Slaght Whiting
Kenneth P Whiting
Lamartine Whiting
Mary A Whiting
Miss E W Whiting
Mrs E A Whiting
Philip E Whiting
Sarah Frances Whiting
John Whitley
John Robinson Whitley
Charles Seymour Whitman
Charles Sidney Whitman
James A Whitman
John C Whitman
Walt Whitman
Walter B Whitman
E P Whitmore
Calvin Whitney
Caspar Whitney
E R Whitney
Eli Whitney, Jr.
John F Whitney
Josiah Dwight Whitney
Kenneth E Whitney
Milton Whitney
P L Whitney
Payne Whitney
Theodore Hook Whitney
W B Whitney
Willis Rodney Whitney
Frederick Wallingford Whitridge
John E Whitson
Walter J Whitson
Charles Whittaker
H W Whittaker
W H Whittaker
Theodore Whittelsey
Theodore Browning Whittemore
Frank A Whitten
W J Whitthorne
George Whittie
John Greenlleaf Whittier
Frank H Whittlesey
James Thomas Whittlesey
Henry Whittman
J Whystrey
A G Whyte
Gordon Whyte
A M Wibel
Mrs Elise Wichmann
U B Wicken
Mary E Wicker
John H Wickerham
James Wickersham
Gertrude Van R Wickham
J C Wicks
E W Widdowson
Frederick Wide
Charles Widmer
Frans Herman Widstrand
W N Wieand
Ferdinand Gerhard Wiechmann
Samuel Wieder
Louis Wiederhold, Jr.
A Wiener
A E Wiener
William Wiener
Mr Wiever
Rudolph James Wig
Dudley H Wiggins
E Stone Wiggins
Elizabeth Robinson (Mrs. Alfred R.) Wiggins
George Wigglesworth
Merle Wightman
W V Wightman
George W Wilber
Mrs Zenas F Wilber
Zenas Fisk Wilber
Rita Wilbourne
Willette Wilbourne
Elisha Packer Wilbur
W H Wilbur
Delos Franklin Wilcox
Mary R Wilcox
Melvin Rae Wilcox
S G Wilcox
Stephen Wilcox
I N Wilcoxson
C E Wilde
Henry Wilde
Oscar Wilde
Burt Green Wilder
Francis Milton Wilder
Leonard H Wilder
William F Wilder
Edwin Wildman
Leonard Delacour Wildman
Murray Shipley Wildman
George L Wiley
Louis Wiley
Osgood S Wiley
W A Wiley
William Halsted Wiley
William Ogden Wiley
Wilhelm II (Germany)
J H Wilhelm
N O Wilhelm
William Wilke
William Ernest Wilkerson
Addie Mae Smith (Mrs Charles M.) Wilkes
Gilbert Wilkes
E Wilkinson
E W Wilkinson
George Wilkinson
George Lawrence Wilkinson
J P Wilkinson
Mrs E Wilkinson
Theodore Stark Wilkinson
Burton Willard
C L Willard
Frances Elizabeth Willard
G K Willard
Mabel Caldwell Willard
W A Willard
J H H Willcox
William Russell Willcox
Harriet Willett
Emma Prentice Willetts
William Prentice Willetts
H W William
Williams (Edison Employee)
Williams (Henry Ford secretary)
A B Williams
A D Williams
Arthur Williams
Arthur O Williams, Jr.
B L Williams (Edison Employee)
B L Williams (Manufacturer)
Caddie Williams
Capt Williams
Capt C A Williams
Carl Easton Williams
Caroline Harter Williams
Charles Williams
Charles Sumner Williams, Jr.
Charles Williams, Jr.
Clarence Stuart Alexander Williams
Clyde D Williams
D J Williams
David Williams
David Williams
Dr J L Williams
Edgar Williams
Edward S Williams
Emily Williams
Ezra C Williams
F A Williams
F H Williams
F R Williams
Fred R Williams
George Williams
George E Williams
George Joseph Williams
George T Williams
H D Williams
Harry Evan Williams
Henry M Williams
Howard C Williams
Howard L Williams
J C Williams, Jr.
J S Williams
J T Williams
James B Williams
James Dixon Williams
James P Williams
John E Williams
John Sharp Williams
John Skelton Williams
Joseph Williams (California)
Joseph Williams (Edison Associate)
Juliet Branham (Mrs Sumner) Williams
Luther Halsey Williams
Mrs C E Williams
Mrs M C Williams
Mrs Thomas Williams
N Williams
P H Williams
R S Williams
Ross A H Williams
Simeon B Williams
T E Williams
Talcott Williams
Thomas Williams
Thomas M Williams
W F Williams
W R Williams
W S Williams
William Albert Williams
William H Williams
William W Williams
Williamson (Edison United Phonograph Co)
Albert Edmund Williamson
C G Williamson
Charles Clarence Williamson
James Nathaniel Williamson, Jr.
John J Willis
William Nicholas Willis
John Stephen Willison
Mr Willmerton
C A Willoughby
Charles Grant Willoughby
A H Wills
Childe Harold Wills
Frank J Wills
R J Wills
W R Wills
Wayne Wills
Rosa M Willson
Thomas Leopold Willson
R S Willst
John B Willy
W H Wilmarth
William M Wilmendorf
Charles Henry Wilmerding
William D Wilmot
Erwin von Wilmowsky
Wilson (Beatrice Edison\'s Paramour)
Andrew Fletcher Wilson
Archdale Wilson
Carl Hillis Wilson
D M Wilson
David Wilson
David E Wilson
Edward J Wilson
Edward L Wilson
Edward Livingston Wilson
Edward Simpson Wilson
Edwin Bidwell Wilson
Elbert A Wilson
Elisha Wilson
Eugene B Wilson
Francis Wilson
Frank B Wilson
Frank LeClair Wilson
George Wilson
George D Wilson
H H Wilson
H M Wilson
Henry W Wilson
Horace M Wilson
Hugh C Wilson
I Wilson
Isaiah W Wilson
J B Wilson
J C Wilson
J Chester Wilson
J S Wilson
J W Wilson
James B Wilson
James Falconer Wilson
James Wilson (Michigan)
James Wilson (New Jersey)
John Wilson
John F Wilson
John G Wilson
John Sawyer Wilson
John Wilson, Jr.
Joseph Wilson
Lavalette Wilson
Luther Barton Wilson
Mrs E H Wilson
Philander E Wilson
Raymond V Wilson
Robert Wilson
Robert Cade Wilson
S M Wilson
Thomas P Wilson
Timanus J Wilson
W E Wilson
Walter H Wilson
William Wilson
William Bauchop Wilson
Woodrow Wilson
May Barnard Wiltse
Erastus Wiman
William Dwight Wiman
W Jordan Wimer
M A Wimmer
Paul A N Winand
A B Winans
G E Winans
W H Winants
Benjamin La Fon Winchell
Horace Vaughan Winchell
Newton Horace Winchell
Albert Edward Winchester
Madeline J Winckler
John Windmueller
Henry Haven Windsor
N L Wine
John A Winebrenner
Edward H Winfield
F A Wing
Theodore T Wing
DeWitt H Winget
George Winkler
Edna F Winn
Richard C Winship
A Winslow
J H Winslow
Melvin G Winstock
Charles Henry Winston
Frederick Seymour Winston
Alice Ames (Mrs Thomas G.) Winter
Charles E Winter
E Winter
W K Winter
William Winter
William Howard Winterbotham
Edward E Winters
G W Winters
J H Winters
Myra Page Wiren
Charles Summer Wirt
Dr W D Wirt
Julia Wirt
W Wirt
Paul Edward Wisch
Daniel M Wise
George M Wise
Harriet Wise
Jennie Stadden (Mrs Jacob) Wise
John Sergeant Wise
Stephen Samuel Wise
Johannes Wislicenus
Thomas W Wisner
T L Wiswall
N J Witham
Frank Spencer Witherbee
Robert Witherspoon
Thomas A Witherspoon
George J Withey
Rudolf Witrowsky
William Ciitus Witter
Milton Wittler
Franz Wittman
Joseph H Wittmann
Charles Wittstein
J Yodrig Witty
Edward Witz
A Woertendyke
Alfred Wohl
F Wohlgemuth
David P Wohlhaupter
John J Wohltman
J M Wolbrecht
Allen D Wolcott
John R Wolcott
Peter Irving Wold
A Wolf, Jr.
Adolph Grant Wolf
C A Wolf
Charles Wolf
D R Wolf
Frederick Ellsworth Wolf
Marian Sweet (Mrs Adolph G.) Wolf
Maurice Arthur Wolf
Henry George Wolfe
J B Wolfe
W P Wolfe
D D Wolff
Mr Wolff
John J Wolford
Mark Wolfsohn
Herman Wolke
Lloyd Wollen
H S Wolley
Hugo Wollheim
B Wolnitzky
R A Wolstenhomel
E A Wolt
Charles Anderson Wolverton
Wong Kai Ka
Isaac C Woo
Andrew J Wood
Arthur Julius Wood
Augustus B Wood
Charles C Wood
E Wood
Erwin Elisha Wood
Flora R Wood
G L Wood
George Wood
George R Wood
H C Wood
H K Wood
Henry Wood
Henry Alexander Wise Wood
Henry E Wood
I C Wood
J G Wood
J P Wood
James C Wood
John C Wood
John H Wood
John R Wood
John W Wood
L N Wood
Leonard Wood
Mary Elizabeth Kutzameyer Wood
Montraville M Wood
Robert Williams Wood
S R Wood
Stanley Wood
Thomas James Wood
Thomas L Wood
W S Wood
Walter Fargo Wood
William A Wood
William B Wood
William Halsey Wood
William J Wood
G F Wood-Smith
John Woodard
J E Woodbridge
Richard George Woodbridge, Jr.
W E Woodbridge
Charles Jeptha Hill Woodbury
Frank S Woodbury
H S Woodbury
Walter Edward Woodbury
Eugene Lache Woodfin
Henry Woodland
John E Woodland
Henry Woodleaf
E Woodman
Charles S Woodroffe
Byron C Woodruff
Charles Elmer Woodruff
E W Woodruff
George B Woodruff
Joseph Woodruff
Paul C Woodruff
Phelemon Woodruff
Thomas Adams Woodruff
W W Woodruff
William Edward Woodruff, Jr.
Arthur D Woods
Frederick Shenstone Woods
George P Woods
Granville T Woods
L T Woods
William Seaver Woods
W Woodside
W O Woodson
A T Woodward
Allan Harvey Woodward
B D Woodward
B P Woodward
E B Woodward
E J Woodward
Frank Woodward
George M Woodward
Henry Woodward
James Otis Woodward
Joseph H Woodward
Robert Simpson Woodward
Jay Baclus Woodworth
John Woolcock
Charles Lawson Wooldridge
Helen H (Mrs. Charles L) Wooldridge
E H Wooley
Claude L Woolley
L G Woolley
Robert Wickliffe Woolley
John M Woolman
R B Woolsey
Theodore B Woolsey
Jeanne Lawrence Woolslair
Ira Harvey Woolson
Lee W Woolston
B A Wooten
W L Wootton
Dean Conant Worcester
Joseph R Worcester
Eugene Charles Worden
William Wordsworth
Robert Work
Mark Workman
Aage Toxen Worm
Henry B Worth
John G Worth
A S Worthington
George Worthington
Henry R Worthington
J M Worthington
Ens E C Wortman
Charles Wotruba
William Baxter Wreford
Augusta Wrensch
Alex P Wright
Annola Florence Wright
Arthur C Wright
Bryce M Wright, Jr.
Clinton A Wright
Dunbar Wright
E E Wright
E H Wright
Henry Tutwiler Wright
James Hood Wright
John A Wright
John D Wright
John E Wright
L E Wright
Mary Robinson (Mrs J. Hood) Wright
Orville Wright
P C Wright
Paul D Wright
Reginald H Wright
Robert C Wright
Rufus Wright
Thomas T Wright
W G Wright
W M Wright
Warren Wright
Wilbur Wright
Willard B Wright
William D Wright
William Mason Wright
Sidney Lloyd Wrightson
Edward N Wrigley
J C Wuerfel
E W Wuestner
Rudolph Henry Wurlitzer, Jr.
Albert Frank Wurth
Charles Nicholaus Wurth
Daniel Wilbert Wurtsbaugh
Charles-Adolphe Wurtz
Henry Wurtz
Christian C Wustenfeld
Otto Wuth
Robert C Wyatt
Peter H Wyckoff
R P Wykes
A B Wyley
John Wylie
Walker Gill Wylie
William H Wylie
Frank T Wyman
F E Wynne
William Wright Wyper
John Wyss
Ximenez (Italian Sculptor)
William E Yackly
Hidetsugu Yagi
Charles G Yale
Mary H Yale
Gitaro Yamakawa
Enid Yandell
Farnham Yardley
Harriet (Mrs Farnham) Yardley
Margaret Tufts Swan Yardley
T O Yarington, Jr.
S Yashima
Meijiro Yasumoto
Charles C Yates
Charles E Yates
Edmund Yates
Ellen Beach Yaw
K Yaye
James B Yeakle
Pope Yeatman
Charles C Yeaton
Lily G Yeaton
Gan C Yee
Dr U Y Yen
R L Yent
David M Yeomans
Harry A Yerkes
George S Yingling
Howard W Yocum
William R Yokom
T Yokota
James Nelson Yolland
Alvin Cullum York
Everett M York
Walter E York
Jiro Yoshida
N C Yost
Thomas Yost
P M Youlen
George E Youmans
Young (Edison Employee)
A V E Young
Aaron Young
Archibald Young
C Young
C E Young
Charles Augustus Young
Charles Griffith Young
Charles Ira Young
Col W H Young
David Young
E Young
Frederick C Young
G Young, Jr.
George E Young
George Washington Young
Henry W Young
J C Young
J P Young
John M Young
John Young (Chemist)
John Young (Recording Artist)
Jonathan Lewis Young
Louis Young
Marcus Young
Max Young
Mrs George W Young
Owen D Young
R D Young
R S Young
Rush Young
Samuel Edward Young
Wesley Young
William H Young
Eugene Ysaye
Carlos Ystas
W T Yule
Yung Kwai
Otto Yung
J Zabo
C B Zabriskie
Edward Cornell Zabriskie
J Zachert
J G Zachry
Frederick Zahn
C A Zahnow
Rafael Zaldivar
Karl Zander
P Zappe
Carlos Zaremba
J M Zaremba
August Zaubitz
Frank Lewis Zaug
Siegfried Zausmer
Joseph A Zboyan
Charles W Zearing
John F Zebley
William Zeckendorf
L D Zeek
Hans Zeeman
Luis L Zegers
Charles A Zeising
August E Zeitler
Robert R Zell
Giovanni Zenatello
Mary Zentay
Joseph Zentmayer
Ferdinand von Zeppelin
J S Zerbe
Ben H Zerr
Ruben Zertuche
Karl Eduard Zetzsche
Alois C Ziegenfuss
Anna Elizabeth Ziegler
Joseph Ziemba
Efrem Zimbalist
A C Zimmerman
Emil C Zimmerman
Frank M Zimmerman
T J Zimmerman
Karl Zipernowsky
Julius H Zobel
Theodore J Zoeller
Frederick W Zons
Frederick Zorn
Leo Zuker
Raymond E Zuker
Adolph Zukor
Gaspard Zurlinden
Maximilian Zwickl