A M W Mining Co

Aaron, C H

Abbe Engineering Co (3)

Abbe, James T

Abbot, Frederic Vaughan

Abbot, Henry Larcom

Abbott, A L

Abbott, Lyman (2)

Abel (C.C.) & Co

Abell (A.S.) Co

Abendroth and Root Manufacturing Co

Aberfoile Co

Abetti, Giorgio (2)

Able and Willing Manufacturing Co

Aboilard, Mr (2)

Abraitys, George

Abril, Francisco

Academia Politecnica Universal

Academie des Sciences

Academy of Political Science

Achard, Arthur (3)

Acheson Graphite Co

Acheson, Edward Goodrich (24)

Acheson, William Wilson

Ackerman, J H (2)

Ackerman, W W

Acme Coal Co (4)

Acme Hollow Concrete Wall Co

Acosta, A G

Acton, John (2)

Actors Fund of America (2)

Adams Express Co (41)

Adams Kellogg and Mason

Adams, A Wellington

Adams, Albert C

Adams, C H (2)

Adams, Campbell W (3)

Adams, Charles Edward

Adams, Charles Kendall

Adams, Charles P (5)

Adams, E R (7)

Adams, Edward Dean (46)

Adams, Ellen (Mrs James) (5)

Adams, Fred Winslow (2)

Adams, Frederic (2)

Adams, Harold M

Adams, Henry

Adams, James (30)

Adams, James D

Adams, L B

Adams, L E

Adams, Lyell Thompson (2)

Adams, Milton F (6)

Adams, Robert B

Adams, Robert C

Adams, Samuel

Adams, Theodore F (3)

Adams, Thomas Albeus

Adams, Thomas D

Adams, William Grylls (2)

Adamson, Howard

Addicks, Lawrence (6)

Addison, Thomas (2)

Adee, Alvey Augustus

Adelskold, Claes

Advertising Mens Club (Newark)

Aeolian Co (5)

Aero Club of America (2)

Aetna Explosives Co

Agar Cross & Co (3)

Agatston, Sigmund Arthur

Agnew, S H (2)

Aiken, Edward L (6)

Ainsworth, George (4)

Air Nitrates Corp

Aircraft Defense League

Akkumulatoren Fabrik Aktiengesellschaft

Akron Hospital (2)

Akron Twine and Cordage Co

Alabama Mineral Land Co

Alabaster, H (2)

Albanese, G Sacco (2)

Albany Chemical Co

Albany Press

Albaugh-Dover Co

Albee, E A

Albert, Jacques

Albes, C F

Albright, C W

Albright, Steve

Alcalde, Jorge A

Alden and Sterne (2)

Alder, W J (2)

Alec-Tweedie, Ethel Harley

Alexander Cohn and Sondheim

Alexander III (Russia)

Alexander, Charles Leroy

Alexander, Frank Lincoln

Alexander, H

Alexander, J M

Alexander, Lewis Miller (2)

Alexander, Mary Valinda, (Mrs Charles E. Fritcher)

Alexander, Robert

Alexander, W R

Alexander, W T

Alexe, Frank

Alfred, John S

All Americas Assn

Allderdice, Winslow

Allegheny Steel Co

Allen (W.D.) Manufacturing Co (3)

Allen Paper Car Wheel Co

Allen, Charles Lucius

Allen, Frederick Innes (2)

Allen, George H, (Edison Employee)

Allen, George H, (Insurance Co)

Allen, Horace Newton (2)

Allen, Howard D

Allen, J A

Allen, J M

Allen, Percy W

Allen, Ralph Henry (8)

Allen, T (2)

Allen, Thomas

Allen, Thomas B

Allen, Thornton Whitney (2)

Allen, William

Allen, William E

Allen, William H, (Ohio)

Allgemeine Elektricitats Gesellschaft (4)

Alliance Francaise des Oranges

Allien, Edgar S (10)

Allin, Samuel (2)

Alling, Robert B

Allis (Edward P.) Co

Allis-Chalmers Co (6)

Allison, C H

Allison, Fred

Allison, Harvey (2)

Allison, J Wesley

Allison, W B

Allison, William M, Jr

Allison, William O

Alloo, Louis J

Allyn, John I

Almansa, Andres Baguero

Almorth, G

Almquist, Amandis William (Billy)

Aloe (A.S.) & Co

Alonzo and Consoli

Alpuente, Auril Dagnell

Alsen's American Portland Cement Works

Alsing (J.R.) Engineering Co

Alsop, F O

Alt, Marie

Altengarten, Henry Augustus (24)

Alterman, Nathan H (2)

Altman (B.) and Co

Aluminum and Magnesium Fabrik

Aluminum and Vehicles Wheels Co

Amateis, Louis

Amateur Inventor Society (Kiev)

American Academy of Political and Social Science (2)

American Agricultural Chemical Co

American Association for Advancement of Science (3)

American Automobile Assn (2)

American Bankers Assn

American Bell Telephone Co (22)

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mission

American Book and Bible House

American Breeders Association. Eugenics Section (2)

American Building Corp

American Can Co (3)

American Chemical Society

American Civic Alliance

American Clay Machinery Co

American Coke and Gas Construction Co

American Concrete Institute (2)

American Concrete Steel Co

American Copyright League

American Defense (Magazine)

American District Telegraph Co (6)

American Druggists Syndicate (2)

American Electric Railroad Assn (2)

American Electro-Therapeutical Assn

American Engineer

American Ever Ready Co (3)

American Exchange National Bank

American Film Exchange (2)

American Fine Arts Society

American Fuel Economizer and Engineering Co

American Gas Light Journal

American Graphophone Co (9)

American Grocer

American Humane Education Society (2)

American Institute (5)

American Institute of Electrical Engineers (22)

American Institute of Mining Engineers (9)

American Institute of Social Service (2)

American Jewish Congress

American Journal of Science and Arts

American Junior Naval and Marine Scout Inc

American Labor World

American Lithia and Chemical Co (4)

American Machinist (3)

American Magazine (2)

American Malting Co

American Metric Assn

American Minerals Producing Co

American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Safety (4)

American News Co (4)

American Nickel Works (12)

American Novelty Co (3)

American Oil and Supply Co (26)

American Paper and Pulp Assn (6)

American Paper Pulley Co (3)

American Parlor Kinetoscope Co

American Peace and Arbitration League

American Philosophical Society (3)

American Phonic Co

American Press Assn

American Printing Co (2)

American Process Co

American Protective Tariff League (2)

American Radiator Co (4)

American Rights League

American School of Correspondence

American Siliconite Co

American Smelting and Refining Co (7)

American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Anima (3)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (10)

American Steam Boiler Insurance Co (3)

American Surety Co (3)

American Talking Picture Co (4)

American Tar Products Co (3)

American Telephone and Telegraph Co

American Telephone Co Ltd (2)

American Tobacco Co (3)

American Trading Co

American Vocal Music Assn

American Watch Tool Co (6)

American Watchman's Time Detector (5)

American-European Blind War Relief Fund

American-Philippine Co

Ames, C H

Ames, Joseph Sweetman (2)

Ames, M

Amet Magni-Phone Co

Amherst College

Amidon, W N

Ammen, Daniel

Amory, Noel B (2)

Ancient Order of Hibernians

Ancker, M D

Andem, James Lambert (11)

Anders, George Lee

Andersen, J L

Anderson Electric Car Co (28)

Anderson, Abraham Archibald

Anderson, B M

Anderson, Colin D

Anderson, D H (3)

Anderson, D L

Anderson, George Shaw (2)

Anderson, George W

Anderson, James

Anderson, John C

Anderson, John J

Anderson, John R, Jr (5)

Anderson, William A (4)

Anderson, William C (44)

Anderson, William Franklin (2)

Anderson-Tesch, Hjalmar

Anderton, Harry

Andover Iron Co (2)

Andreasen, H A H

Andress, Fred R (3)

Andress, T H

Andrew, J

Andrews, Addison Fletcher

Andrews, Elisha Whittelsey (4)

Andrews, Patrick

Andrews, Theodore (2)

Andrews, William C (3)

Andrews, William S (3)

Andrews, William Symes (305)

Angell, Albert

Anger, U F

Angier, A E

Anglo-Portuguese Telephone Co Ltd

Animal Rescue League (3)

Annable, Edward

Anniston Knitting Mills Co (2)

Ansell, Joseph (2)

Anselmi, Giuseppe

Anson, Thomas Francis (2)

Ansonia Brass and Copper Co (62)

Ansonia Clock Co (4)

Ansot, H

Anthony (E.andH.T.) & Co (2)

Anthony, William Arnold (3)

Anti-Saloon League of New Jersey

Anti-Tuberculosis League of the Oranges

Apatow, John J

Apfel, Oscar C

Apgar, William A

App, Claire (3)

Applebaugh, William K

Applegate, Francis M

Arambarry, M (2)

Arango, Aurelio (7)

Aravanis, S D

Arbogast, Ralph (11)

Archer, Walter Nadler (77)

Archibald, Edmund Douglas

Architectural Concrete Co

Architectural Record

Arctowska, Jane

Arendell, Falconer B (2)

Arendrup, Christian Henrik

Argentine Edison Electric Light Co

Argentine Naval Commission

Arion Singing Society

Arkell and Harrison

Arkell Tufts & Co

Armat, Thomas (8)

Armeda, Nicholas

Armes, James M

Armington and Sims (132)

Armington, Frank

Armington, Pardon (9)

Armitage, Clyde Foster

Armor, James C

Armstrong (William H.) & Co

Armstrong Knauer & Co (2)

Armstrong, Arma L (Mrs Robert F.)

Armstrong, Edward C

Armstrong, J A

Armstrong, S F (2)

Armstrong, T C

Arnold Constable & Co (3)

Arnold Print Works

Arnold, Bion Joseph

Arnold, Charles E (3)

Arnold, Hicks

Arnold, James Loring (2)

Arnold, Weld

Arosemena, D T

Arps, Merwin W

Arral, Blanche

Arthur and Bonnell (14)

Arthur, B F

Arthur, J W

Arthur, James

Arthur, M L

Arthur, Thomas S, Jr

Asch, J

Asch, Morris Joseph

Ashcroft, Charles E

Ashe, Sydney Whitmore (2)

Ashenhurst, J J

Ashmead, Henry A

Ashton, Leola

Ashton, Mary

Ashurst Morris Crisp & Co (3)

Aspinwall, John (2)

Assimacis, Charlie

Associated Manufacturers Export Co

Associated Newspapers

Associated Press (4)

Associated Railroads of Pennsylvania and New Jersey (2)

Association of Edison Illuminating Companies (14)

Association of Foreign Press Correspondents

Association of Railway Telegraph Superintendents (2)

Astor, John Jacob (3)

Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Co (3)

Atchley, Samuel T

Atha (Benjamin) & Co

Atkins, George Washington Ely

Atkins, Thomas B

Atkins, William H

Atkinson, Clarence T

Atkinson, Earl

Atkinson, Francis Blake (2)

Atkinson, Harry V (2)

Atkinson, I S

Atkinson, O'Brien J

Atkinson, William

Atlanta Constitution (4)

Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Co (15)

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad

Atlantic Monthly

Atlantic Motor Car Co

Atlantic Publishing and Engraving Co (5)

Atlantic Telegraph Co

Atlantic Transport Co

Atlas Engine Works (2)

Atwater, H M

Atwell, Mrs A F

Atwood, George F (6)

Au Bon Marche

Auburn Button Co

Auburn Opera House (NY). Proprietor

Auchincloss, Henry Buck (21)

Aucker, Selwyn

Auerbach, Joseph S (4)

Augusta (Ga.) Herald

Aulde, John

Aultman (C.) & Co

Aultman Miller & Co (10)

Austen, Charles E

Austin and Northwestern Railroad Co

Austin, Oscar Phelps

Austro-Hungarian-American Committee of Vienna

Authors League Fund (2)

Auto Transit Co

Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co (19)

Automatic Telegraph Co (2)

Automatic Transportation Co

Automatic Ventilator Co

Automaton Piano Co (2)

Automobile Club of America

Automobile Club of France

Avery, Clara A (2)

Avis, S W

Aydelott, George Carl

Aydelott, W T

Ayers, H C

Ayers, John K

Aylsworth, Adelaide M (Mrs Jonas W.) (2)

Aylsworth, Jonas Walter (30)

Ayres and Lufberg

Ayres, Brown (2)

Ayres, Mary Stevens

Ayres, W S

Ayrton, William Edward (3)

Aziola Club


Babcock and Wilcox (52)

Babcock, Bertrand

Babcock, F A

Babcock, F M

Babcock, George H

Babcock, George Herman

Babcock, Theodore H (2)

Babcox, Edward

Baber, George W

Babson, Frederick K (15)

Babson, George L

Babson, Gustavus

Babson, Roger Ward (8)

Bacharach, Isaac

Bachman, A P

Bachman, Frederick (12)

Bachman, Harold Burton

Bachman, Robert Abraham (82)

Bachman, William G

Bachrach Studios (3)

Bacigalupi (Peter) and Sons (2)

Bacigalupi, Peter (10)

Backus, Alexander (5)

Bacon and Milans (13)

Bacon, John, Jr (54)

Bacon, Levi Seward

Bacon, Mabel Marks

Bacteriological Institute

Badger (E.B.) and Sons Co (41)

Badger, Franklin Hodgkins (9)

Badger, George E (2)

Badger, John C

Badger, Richard G

Badger, Sheridan Stanwood

Baekeland, Leo Hendrick (11)

Baer, George Frederick (4)

Baer, William Jacob

Baetjer, Charles H

Baeuerle and Morris

Bagely, George W

Bagg, Ernest Newton

Bagley, Charles H

Baikie, D C

Bailey (J.W.) and Son

Bailey (S.R.) & Co (8)

Bailey, Charles E (11)

Bailey, J W

Bailey, James H

Bailey, Joshua Franklin (194)

Bailey, M T, Jr

Bailey, Rev S R (2)

Bailey, S C H

Bailey, T A

Bailey, W O

Bain, George Grantham

Bainbridge Electric Light Co

Baines, F E (2)

Baird, Chester R (2)

Baird, Edward K

Baird, George Washington

Baird, William Raimond

Bakels, C

Baker & Co (3)

Baker (J.T.) Chemical Co (2)

Baker and Adamson Chemical Co (4)

Baker and Bro

Baker and Taylor Co

Baker Motor Vehicle Co (4)

Baker Smith & Co

Baker, A P

Baker, D R

Baker, Day (3)

Baker, John Townsend (2)

Baker, Love

Baker, Newton Diehl (19)

Baker, Ray Stannard

Baker, Thomas O

Baker, W C, Jr

Baker, W Everett

Baker, William Henry (5)

Balbin, Julian (2)

Balch, Emily Greene

Balch, Gordon Henry

Balcom, Edith Katherine (Mrs Stephen H. Jr) (2)

Baldwin Bros & Co (10)

Baldwin Locomotive Works (10)

Baldwin, A J (2)

Baldwin, Augustus Martin

Baldwin, Frank Wilfred

Baldwin, Gilbert Henry (10)

Baldwin, J H (2)

Baldwin, Joseph C, Jr (2)

Baldwin, Samuel W (2)

Baldwin, Theodore A

Balk, Hieronymus Waldemar (3)

Ball Bros

Ball Engine Co (3)

Ball, Bert

Ballantine, James B (19)

Ballard, Alice C

Ballard, Harlan Hoge (3)

Ballard, Thomas C (3)

Ballentine, Edmund W

Balliet, A P (2)

Balloon Society of Great Britain (2)

Ballou, Franklin (3)

Ballou, George F (3)

Ballou, George William

Balsley and Mowry

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co (21)

Baltimore and Ohio Telegraph Co (23)

Baltimore Bargain House

Baltimore Copper Smelting and Rolling Co (2)

Baltimore News

Baltimore Sun (2)

Baltzer and Lichtenstein (2)

Baltzer, H R

Bamberger (L.) & Co (2)

Bamford, I

Bancher, John F

Bancroft, George D (11)

Bancroft, J M

Bane, Thurman Harrison

Baneth, Alexander

Bangs, C C (2)

Bangs, Charlotte Rebecca Woglom (2)

Bangs, Isaac Sparrow

Banister, Reginald Heber (18)

Bank of Mobile

Bank of Sheldon

Bank of the Metropolis (7)

Banker, James Hopson (31)

Banker, Louis G (3)

Bankers Mining and Tunnel Co

Banks, Francis H (2)

Banks, Howard A (3)

Banning, Kendall

Barbee, Clifford

Barbee, R E

Barber, J R

Barber, Jeannette M

Barber, John F

Barber, Mrs J S

Barber, T G

Barbour, William

Barclay, C J

Barclay, John Charles (3)

Barker, George Frederick (66)

Barker, Jesse J

Barkn, John S

Barlow, S L M (2)

Barlow, Thomas

Barnard, Charles (3)

Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter

Barnard, W H

Barnard, William H (14)

Barnes and Evans (6)

Barnes, C (3)

Barnes, Charles

Barnes, Charles Merritt

Barnes, Demas

Barnes, Edwin Curtis (4)

Barnes, F S

Barnett (Oscar) Foundry Co

Barnett, Alfred (2)

Barnett, R M

Barnette, William Jay

Barney, C H (5)

Barney, Finis Morrison

Barnitz, David G (3)

Barns, George T

Barnum Richardson Co (2)

Baron, H

Barr (M.D.) & Co

Barr, M D (10)

Barr, Thomas

Barr, William

Barr, William A

Barrett Manufacturing Co (10)

Barrett, Esther Woodberry

Barrett, Frank N

Barrett, H M

Barrett, James M

Barrett, John

Barrett, John Patrick (4)

Barrett, Michael T (2)

Barrett, William Fletcher (7)

Barrett, William M (9)

Barries, George H

Barron, Jacob T

Barron, John S

Barrons, W E

Barrows, W S (2)

Barrus, Clara

Barry, Herbert (2)

Barry, Kathleen Eileen

Barstow, William Slocum

Barth, Johann Ambrosius (2)

Bartholomew, Gilbert

Bartle, Carl A

Bartlett, Caroline Gardner Clark (7)

Bartlett, George H

Bartlett, Sidney

Barto, Mrs MacClellan

Barton, Bruce Fairchild

Barton, Edward

Barton, Enos M (11)

Barton, Isaac Duell

Barton, J L

Bartow, Charles H

Bartram and Wadsworth

Bartram, J Bogert (2)

Baruch Bros

Baruch, Bertha H

Baruch, L

Baskerville, Charles (3)

Bassett, Harry P

Bassett, Sheldon Hull

Bassford (E.D.) & Co

Batavia Rubber Co

Batchelder, Amos G

Batchelor, Charles (1131)

Batchelor, Frank

Batchelor, Harriet

Batchelor, James (2)

Batchelor, James Drew (6)

Batchelor, Rosanna (Mrs Charles) (6)

Batchelor, Thomas Hatch (19)

Bateholts, Charles F (4)

Bateman, J A

Bateman, William W

Bates Advertising Co

Bates Manufacturing Co (8)

Bates, C L

Bates, David Homer (7)

Bates, Edwin G (12)

Bates, Joseph Sumner

Bates, W M

Bates, William Graves (2)

Bathurst, Frederick (2)

Battery Supplies Co

Battey, William C (11)

Battle Creek Sanitarium (Michigan)

Baucus, Joseph Deyhoe (6)

Bauer, William Charles (3)

Baum, W

Baumann Bros (2)

Baur and Regel

Baur, Charles Samuel

Bausch and Lomb Optical Co (14)

Baxter, Dr M L

Baxter, Samuel

Baxter, Sylvester (3)

Bayard, Thomas Francis

Baybutt, Richard

Bayer Co (2)

Bayer, Otto

Bayha, B F

Bayles, George (3)

Baylor, A K

Bayne, Samuel Gamble

Bayway Chemical Co (7)

Beach, Alfred Ely (7)

Beach, Edward Latimer

Beach, Ralph Hamilton (58)

Beachcraft, W

Beamer, John F

Bean, Virginia Lawrence (2)

Beane, Edmund M

Beard, George Miller (2)

Beard, Grace A

Beard, James

Bearder, Howard Edison

Beardslee, Frederick E

Beardslee, Laura Dingee (Mrs Frederick E.) (2)

Beardsley, Edward T

Beardsley, John Benson

Beaton, Welford (2)

Beattie, John

Beatty, Anna Dell

Beatty, Jacob

Beaumont, A B

Beaupre, Arthur Matthias

Beaver, H D

Beazell, William P (2)

Beazley, Edwin Henry (5)

Bechestobiell, Bertha (Mrs Adolph) (2)

Beck, John

Beckenbaugh, George A

Becker and Sons

Becker, B T

Beckman & Co

Beckman, Horatio B (6)

Beckwith (S.C.) Special Agency

Beckwith, James Carroll

Beckwith, S R (2)

Bedell, H N

Bedford, C E (2)

Bee, Ida M (Mrs William G.)

Bee, William George (138)

Beebe, Eugene Bloodgood

Beebe, H H

Beebe, John O (5)

Beeby, J H

Beer Sondheimer & Co

Beer, John

Beers, Lucius Hart (17)

Beetham, Mrs N

Beetle, George L (4)

Beggs (James) & Co (2)

Beggs, John Irvin (10)

Begin, L N

Behrens Manufacturing Co

Beirne, John

Belden, Francis C

Belding, Lewis A

Belford, P

Belgian Kiddies Ltd

Belgian Relief Fund

Belknap, Moses Cook (29)

Bell (H.W.) Co

Bell (Wm) & Co (7)

Bell and Biggar (5)

Bell, Alexander Graham (5)

Bell, Benjamin Taylor A

Bell, Charles John (5)

Bell, Frederic D

Bell, J, (Oakland)

Bell, James Franklin

Bell, John, (Solicitor) (2)

Bell, Joseph

Bell, L A

Bell, Nicholas Montgomery (2)

Bell, Piromis H

Bell, W Jackson

Bell, W R

Belleville (N.J.). Fire Dept

Bellini, Laura

Bellows, E N

Belmont (August) & Co

Belmont, August

Belostozny, P V

Belt, C W

Belt, P P

Bemiss, E L

Bender, A W (2)

Bender, C W

Bender, G W

Bendle, Mr

Benedict, Elias Cornelius (2)

Benedict, John Andrew

Benfield, Abram

Benhring, H H

Benjamin, E B

Benjamin, George D

Benjamin, George Hillard (3)

Benjamin, Park (2)

Benjamin, Samuel Greene Wheeler

Benneche, Frida

Benner, Samuel A

Bennet, L M

Bennett, Eli C (2)

Bennett, J C (2)

Bennett, James Gordon (3)

Bennett, W R

Benney, William Albert (18)

Bennyan, Philip

Benoit, A V

Bensel, John A

Benson Mines Co (2)

Benson, Allan Louis (5)

Benson, Erastus A (4)

Benson, Orville (25)

Benson, R D

Benson, William Shepherd (2)

Bent, Luther Stedman (2)

Bentel (Theodore F.) Co

Bentley, Edward M

Bentley, Henry (30)

Bentley, Seymour (2)

Benton, Charles Abner (12)

Benton, L F, Jr

Berg, Charles

Berg, F J (2)

Berg, Olav

Bergen Port Zinc Works (2)

Bergen, George A

Berger, Arthur

Berger, Georges (9)

Bergeron, George O (5)

Berggren, Ernest J (37)

Bergh, Henry, Jr. (3)

Bergman, M

Bergmann & Co (246)

Bergmann Elektricitats Werke

Bergmann, Sigmund (243)

Berkey, Charles Frederick

Berlin Chemical Laboratories Inc

Berlin Lokal-Anzeiger

Berlin Mills Co

Berman, Meyer

Bernabo, Louis

Bernard, J L

Berney, John

Bernstein, Herman

Berrien County Horticultural Society

Berry Bros

Berry, H W

Berry, Jesse H

Berry, L K (2)

Berst, Jacques Albert (11)

Berton, George W

Besler, William George (2)

Best, A W

Best, L (2)

Bestor, Arthur Eugene (22)

Bestor, Jeanette Lemon (Mrs Arthur E.)

Bethard, A D

Bethell, Union Noble (2)

Bethesda Leper Home Society of the USA

Bethlehem Iron Co (10)

Bethlehem Steel Co (4)

Bettes, A

Bettini, Gianni

Betts Atterbury and Betts

Betts, Frederic Henry (10)

Betts, W J

Beugaugh, Thomas (2)

Beves, Arthur S (19)

Bey, Mavreyani

Bianchi, Giovanni

Bibby (Edward A.) & Co

Bickford, Alice

Bicycling World Co

Biddison, Samuel

Biddle, Clinton

Bidwell, Shelford

Bieber, Emil (2)

Biedermann, Ernst (34)

Bielsky, F

Bier, Julius M (2)

Bierstadt, Albert

Big Run Planing Mill and Furniture Factory

Bigelow, A H

Bigelow, Edward F

Bigelow, John Parks (2)

Bigelow, Poultney (3)

Bigelow, Russell A

Biggar, T E

Biglow and Main Co (5)

Bigsby, Bernard

Billinghurst, Guillermo Enrique

Billings, Charles H

Billings, Ethel M Warren

Billups, Edward

Binder, Jacob William

Binder, M Felix

Binford, F L

Binney and Smith Co (5)

Binney, Fred A

Biograph Co (5)

Biorem & Co

Birch, William Fred

Birchard, Arthur R

Bird and Tree Club

Bird, John

Birdsall, R F

Birdsboro Steel Foundry and Machine Co (6)

Birdseye, George

Birkinbine, John (46)

Birmingham Electric and Manufacturing Co (3)

Birmingham Iron Foundry

Bisbee, Genevieve (4)

Bishop Gutta Percha Co

Bishop, Charles R

Bishop, E N

Bishop, James Walter (31)

Bishop, William Henry

Bishoprick, Mrs H

Biskley, J H

Bismuth King Mining Co

Bissell, Frank Edward

Bitler, F L (3)

Bixby, William Keeney

Bixler, Edward Stewart (7)

Bjorkander, Anna (3)

Black Diamond Powder Co (4)

Black, Alexander (2)

Black, E A

Black, Francis

Black, Jane B D

Black, John

Black, John L

Black, William Murray

Blackford, Eugene Gilbert

Blackman, J F

Blackman, Joseph Newcomb (2)

Blackman, Myron Mitchell (5)

Blackmer, H C

Blackton, James Stuart (15)

Blackwell (George G.) Sons & Co

Blackwell, Charles (2)

Blackwell, Robert Winthrop

Blagden Waugh & Co

Blaine, James Gillespie (4)

Blair Camera Co

Blair, Frank Ross (3)

Blair, James A (2)

Blake and Burkart (7)

Blake Crusher Co

Blake, Clarence J (9)

Blake, Francis, Jr (2)

Blake, H A (2)

Blake, Henry A

Blake, Herbert E (4)

Blake, Theodore A

Blakeley, John

Blakeley, W L R

Blan, J

Blan, Samuel A (3)

Blanding, Lora E

Blanding, R A H

Blaney, Henry R

Blasius and Sons (2)

Blass (Lackawanna Steel Co)

Blatchford Seward Griswold and DaCosta

Blauvelt, J N

Blauvelt, William Hutton (12)

Blaw Collapsible Steel Centering Co

Blennerhassett and Edison

Blennerhassett, W H

Bleyer, Julius Mount (6)

Blish, Henry Herbert (4)

Bliss (E.W.) Co (3)

Bliss, Donald M (15)

Bliss, George Harrison (193)

Block, Julius H (24)

Block, Phillip D (3)

Block, Wesley S

Blodget, S C, Jr

Blodgett, George W

Blodgett, Tilden (2)

Bloede (Victor G.) Co

Bloke, Philip

Blood, Sylvester Lawton

Bloom, Joseph

Bloomer, Millard J

Bloomfield (J.C.) & Co

Bloomfield (N.J.). Board of Health (2)

Bloomfield (N.J.). Fire Dept

Bloomfield, Charles A (4)

Bloomfield, Gordon C

Bloomingdale, Irving Ingersoll

Bloomsburg Car Manufacturing Co (2)

Bloss, A C

Blount, W M

Blue Devils

Blue, Archibald

Blume, Herman

Bly, J G

Boardman, C A

Boarman, L H (2)

Bobbs-Merrill Co

Boblits, William H

Bobrinsky, Ludmilla

Bock, William E

Bocock, Emilie R

Bocock, John Paul

Boe, Olaf

Boehm, Alfred

Boehme, John A (3)

Boettcher, Dr F L J

Bofinger, William H (5)

Bogart, Adam W

Bogart, John

Bogart, S S (3)

Bogert, John Lawrence (5)

Bogue, Lucy Durfee (7)

Bohannan, D E

Boisot, Charles V

Boker (Herman) & Co

Bolan, Robert J

Bolitho, Frank

Bolivia. Minister of Mining

Bolles, Rev E C

Bollman, Calvin Porter

Bolster, Harold

Bolton, Henry Carrington

Bomeisler, Louis Edwin (3)

Bonaparte, Charles Joseph

Bond and Mortgage Guarantee Co (6)

Bond, Alexander Russell (2)

Bone, Evan P (2)

Bonnaffon, Edmund Walters

Bonnell, S M

Bonner, Elizabeth C

Bonsack Machine Co (2)

Bonwill, William Gibson Arlington

Boone, Charles

Boos, John H

Borden, Spencer (97)

Bordentown Female College

Borericke and Tafel

Borghetti, R

Bories, Leon

Borland, R B

Borland-Grannis Co

Borne Scrymser Co

Bossart, Paul W (32)

Boston and Albany Railroad

Boston and Maine Railroad

Boston Edison Co (18)

Boston Electric Club

Boston Gear Works (2)

Boston Piano and Music Co

Boston Post

Bostwick and Thoms (2)

Boswell, A V

Bosworth, Hobart Van Zandt

Bosworth, William Welles (3)

Botsford, Charles H (2)

Bottomley, John (2)

Boucher, Felix

Boughton, W W

Bouldin, D H

Boult, W S

Boulton Carbon Co

Bouquie, Paul (5)

Bouverie, Edward Pleydell (9)

Bouvier, Michel C

Bowden, H Park (2)

Bowditch, Charles Pickering

Bowditch, Henry Pickering (2)

Bowe, Mr

Bowen, Frank H (2)

Bowen, J A

Bowen, John H

Bowen, William Abraham

Bowen, William C

Bowerman, Mr

Bowers, A M (3)

Bowers, D M

Bowers, E A

Bowers, Homer

Bowes, James Gibson

Bowker, Richard Rogers (54)

Bowman, Charles

Bowman, J R (2)

Boy Scouts of America (4)

Boyd, Henry A

Boyd, J Taylor (2)

Boyd, Mrs B S

Boyd, William John

Boye-Jensen, Mme

Boykin, Edward Carrington (4)

Boyle, B P

Boynton, E C, Jr

Boynton, Nathan S (2)

Brackett, Cyrus Fogg (2)

Braden, Mrs John

Bradford, F A

Bradford, J E

Bradi, Giovanni (2)

Bradlet, John M (2)

Bradley and Pischel (2)

Bradley, C C C (2)

Bradley, Charles Schenck (2)

Bradley, Charles Smith

Bradley, Frank E (2)

Bradley, George Lothrop (16)

Bradley, J A

Bradley, James J (6)

Bradley, M G

Bradley, Mrs R C (2)

Bradley, William Mallory (3)

Bradshaw, D P

Bradshaw, John Hammond

Bradshaw, R C

Bradstreet Co (10)

Bradstreet, A G (2)

Bradstreet, Edward Payson

Bradt, Milton

Bradt, Mrs M H

Brady, Anthony Nicholas

Brady, Arthur W (2)

Brady, Cyrus Townsend

Brady, H J

Brady, James H

Brady, James I

Brady, Nicholas Frederic (4)

Brady, Patrick (48)

Bragdon Lord and Nagle Co

Bragg, T C

Brainard Milling Machine Co

Brainard's (S.) Sons Co

Brainard, C R

Braisted, William Clarence

Bramwell, Byrom (2)

Bramwell, Frederick Joseph (4)

Branch, M A

Branch, Thomas

Brand, E A (2)

Brandon and Sons (8)

Brandon Bros (5)

Brandon, David Hunter (20)

Branner, John Casper (2)

Brannin, Edward E (2)

Brant, John (4)

Brant, L J (Mrs John)

Brantford (Ontario). Public Schools

Brard, Dr

Brashear (John A.) Co Ltd (9)

Brashear Assn

Brashear, John Alfred (12)

Brasseur, Charles L (8)

Brastow, Lewis Ladd

Braun, Johannes

Braunsdorf (J.E.) & Co

Braunstein, H

Bray, A (4)

Bray, E P (2)

Bray, Thomas Joseph (2)

Brazil. Ministry of Agriculture

Brazil. Secretary of Agriculture

Breakenridge and Tichenor

Brearley, Harry Chase

Brearley, William Henry

Brecher, Charles (2)

Breckon, John Robert (5)

Bredt (F.) & Co (4)

Breed, George F

Breed, William Constable

Breguet, Antoine (2)

Brehmer Bros (3)

Breitkopf and Hartel

Brennan, Daniel, Jr (4)

Brennan, Henry J

Brennan, J B

Brent, H W

Brentano's (30)

Brentano, August (2)

Breslin, James H

Brethour, John W

Bretnig, Eugene

Brevoot, Henry Lefferts

Brewer (Charles) & Co (3)

Brewer and Jensen (12)

Brewer, Abijah R

Brewer, W N

Brewster & Co

Brewster, Harry L

Brewster, T J

Brewster, William Farley (29)

Breyer, Frank Gottlob

Brick Co

Brickenstein, J H

Brictson Manufacturing Co

Bridge, Mrs C H

Bridges, Albert

Bridges, Mert

Bridges-Lee, John

Bridgman, Herbert Lawrence

Bried, Raymond I

Briesen, Fritz von

Brigg, Richard

Briggs, Eugene H

Briggs, Frank Obadiah (2)

Briggs, James A

Briggs, Jesse A (2)

Briggs, Leroy E

Briggs, Lowell C (4)

Briggs, Marvin (4)

Briggs, Thomas Roland

Briggs, William H

Brigham, Sarah W (2)

Bright, D

Bright, Fred E

Brill (J.G.) & Co

Brisbane, Arthur (18)

Bristed, R B

Bristol Iron Co Ltd

Bristol, Charles Lawrence

Bristol, F E

British American Specialty Co

British Edison Storage Battery Co

British Empire Club

British War Relief Assn Inc

Brittain, Joseph I

Britton, G F

Britton, John Alexander

Britton, Nathaniel Lord (6)

Broadhead, Garland Carr

Brock's Commercial Agency Ltd

Brock, William M (19)

Brockway, H H

Broden, Albert

Broderick, J J

Brodie, William M (2)

Brodimas, Peter George

Broesel, Carl Arnold

Brolaski, Jules Jeffre A

Bromberg, Edward

Bromley, Lelia K (2)

Bronx Co

Bronx Terminal Corp (2)

Bronx Window Shade and Awning Co

Brooke, George H (2)

Brooklyn (N.Y.). Mayor's Office

Brooklyn Bureau of Charities (2)

Brooklyn Eagle (3)

Brooklyn Engineers Club

Brooklyn Furniture Co

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (2)

Brooklyn Trust Co (2)

Brooks Bros (Minnesota) (2)

Brooks Bros (New York) (6)

Brooks, Alice (3)

Brooks, Byron Alden

Brooks, E H

Brooks, Newton May (2)

Brophy, J A

Brother, George H

Brotherhood, A (2)

Brougham, Herbert Bruce (3)

Brouwer, W H

Brouzet, Andre

Brower, Walter C

Brown (A.andF.) Co (2)

Brown (C.H.) & Co (5)

Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Co (3)

Brown Bros

Brown, A J (2)

Brown, Adelaide Hitchcock

Brown, Alfred S (4)

Brown, B R (5)

Brown, Charles A

Brown, Charles Albert (2)

Brown, Charles F (2)

Brown, Charles R (3)

Brown, Charles Turner (5)

Brown, Chauncey Lewis

Brown, E M

Brown, Edmond Congar

Brown, Edwin Carlton (2)

Brown, Elmer Ellsworth

Brown, Frederick S (4)

Brown, George L

Brown, George W, Jr

Brown, H E, (Chemical Engineer)

Brown, Harold P (31)

Brown, Henry Collins

Brown, Henry P

Brown, J D

Brown, J S

Brown, James M (3)

Brown, James Wallace (6)

Brown, John P

Brown, Kirk (2)

Brown, L D

Brown, Lowell Huntington (2)

Brown, Mary Spalding (Mrs William Thayer)

Brown, Michael J

Brown, Mrs E S

Brown, Richard

Brown, Robert

Brown, T Forster

Brown, T P (2)

Brown, W H, (Phonograph Enthusiast)

Brown, Walter Folger

Browne, Herbert R

Browne, James E (6)

Brownell (E.H.) & Co

Browning, Charles Ross

Browning, E F

Browning, John (2)

Brownlee, J H (2)

Brownlee, Walter G

Bruce, John Quinton

Bruch, Charles Patterson (8)

Bruckner Ross and Consorten

Brugman, Marshall

Brujcheltini, Alessandro

Brulatour, Jules E (3)

Brumbaugh, Levi Howard

Brumm, E B

Brunk, Anthony (Toney) (2)

Brunner, Max A R

Brunsene Co

Brush Electric Co

Brush, George W

Bruwaert, Edmond

Bryan, Helen Berger (Mrs William Jennings Jr)

Bryan, Julian S

Bryan, Nanette

Bryan, William Jennings (4)

Bryant, George L (4)

Bryant, Lewis Thompson (4)

Bryant, Sara Cone

Bryce, Catherine

Bryce, Lloyd Stephens (6)

Bryson, J H

Bryson, W W

Buchanan, George D

Buchanan, Harriet M

Buchanan, Jeffrey Patrick (128)

Buchanan, W J

Buchel, Emile (2)

Buchman and Deisler (3)

Buck, Albert H

Buckeye Engine Co (5)

Buckeye Pipe Line Co

Buckhout, Henry Clay

Buckingham, Charles Luman (7)

Buckingham, John L

Bucklen, Herbert E

Buckley, A A (2)

Buckley, Edward H

Buckley, Homer John

Buckley, R A

Budde (Imperial German Tel.)

Buehler, William J (3)

Buel, Clarence Clough (2)

Buell, Charles Edward (6)

Buell, Col E (2)

Buenos Aires (Argentina). Mayor (2)

Buffalo Steam Pump Co

Buffalo Times

Buffe, Frederick Gregory

Bugg, Leo (2)

Buhl, Cornelio J

Buick Motor Co

Bulkley, Edwin Muhlenberg (4)

Bullard, Edward Payson (2)

Bulletin of Photography

Bullinger, Edwin W (2)

Bullock, John

Bullock, Milan C (2)

Bullock, Mrs M L

Bullock, Walter Frederick

Bumstead, Henry Andrews (2)

Bundy Manufacturing Co

Bunn, Jacob Frederick (13)

Bunnell, C M

Bunnell, Jesse H

Burch, Charles Sumner

Burchard, Horatio Chapin

Burd, George Eli (34)

Burdick, H

Bureau of Associated Charities

Bureau of Explosives

Bureau of Press Clippings

Burgess Sulphite Fibre Co (2)

Burgess, Frank

Burgess, T F

Burgesses Corps (2)

Burglund, B N

Burham, George

Burk, Addison B (2)

Burkart, Irwin H (2)

Burke and James Inc

Burke Electric Co (2)

Burke, E W

Burke, Frances S

Burke, John (11)

Burke, John D

Burkem, E G

Burkhalter, Rudolph

Burkham, Caroline T

Burkhard, Thomas (2)

Burlingham, William

Burn, Samuel G (23)

Burnap, N C

Burnard, Charles

Burnett, Curtis Randolph

Burnett, John M (2)

Burnham, Charles (2)

Burnham, Frederick A, Jr

Burnham, Frederick G

Burnham, J Hampden

Burns, James Martin

Burns, Walter Hayes (2)

Burns, William John

Burrell, David Hamlin (6)

Burrell, Emily (2)

Burrelle, Frank A

Burroughs, John (14)

Burrowes (E.T.) & Co

Burrows, W M (18)

Burrows, William Russell

Burry, James (2)

Burt, Silas Wright

Burt, Thomas

Burton and Burton (2)

Burton, Alfred Edgar

Burton, W J

Burton, Walter Eugene

Busch, Adolphus

Bush (W.J.) & Co

Bush, Eli E

Bush, Irving T

Bush, Janet C

Bush, John A

Bush, John Adriance (19)

Bushong, Frank W (4)

Busselle, Mary Elma

Butan, J J

Butes, Alfred

Butler (J.W.) Paper Co

Butler Co

Butler Stillman and Hubbard

Butler, Alfred J (2)

Butler, Benjamin Franklin (7)

Butler, Charles N (4)

Butler, Howard R (6)

Butler, John Jarvis (24)

Butler, M J

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Butler, S

Butler, Thomas (124)

Butler, Vesey F (34)

Butsch, A

Butte Phonograph Co

Butterfield, John L (3)

Butterworth, Benjamin

Butterworth-Judson Co (6)

Buzzell, J W

Bydell, S

Byers, W L

Byllesby (H.M.) & Co

Byllesby, Henry Marison (10)

Byrne, Joseph Grandson (3)

Byrnes, John F (3)


C and C Motor Co

Cabanas, Rafael (3)

Caddigan, John J

Cadillac Automobile Co (3)

Cahan, Abraham (2)

Cahill, Harry Croker

Cahn, Bernard

Caine, John J (2)

Cairns, W M

Calahan, J J

Caldwell, A C

Caldwell, A P

Caldwell, Annie S

Caldwell, Burns D (2)

Caldwell, Edward (2)

Caldwell, Eugene Wilson (2)

Caldwell, George W (2)

Caldwell, James Hope

Caldwell, Orestes Hampton (2)

Calhoun, Eleanor

Calhoun, John Caldwell

California Electric Co (2)

California Electrical Works

California Portland Cement Co

California Society for the Prevention of Blindness (3)

California. Mining Bureau (2)

Calkins and Holden

Calkins, Ernest Elmo

Call, Delmer W

Callanan, P A

Callaway, John P

Callender (A.M.) & Co (2)

Callender Insulating and Waterproofing Co (5)

Callender, W M

Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church (East Orange) (2)

Calveard, Frances L

Calvert, Bruce T

Calvert, Cecil

Cambria Steel Co (31)

Cameron, Bennehan

Cameron, Charles Symonds

Cameron, D

Cameron, Mrs Robert S

Cameron, Roderick William (3)

Cameron, Viola Root

Cameron, William John

Camp, Curtis B

Camp, Elisha K

Camp, W J (3)

Campbell, C L (4)

Campbell, Charles C

Campbell, Charles Durham

Campbell, Charles H (49)

Campbell, Charles M (3)

Campbell, D M (6)

Campbell, Elizabeth V (Mrs William W.)

Campbell, F R

Campbell, George

Campbell, Glenn

Campbell, Harry Huse (5)

Campbell, Henry Alexander (2)

Campbell, John D (5)

Campbell, John R (40)

Campbell, John, (Boston Edison Co) (3)

Campbell, John, (Telegrapher)

Campbell, Jos P (2)

Campbell, Joseph

Campbell, Louis Graham

Campbell, Peter

Campbell, Robert

Campbell, William Wallace

Campsall, Frank (97)

Canada. Commissioner of Crown Lands (3)

Canada. Commissioner of Patents (2)

Canada. Dept of Lands Forests and Mines

Canada. Geological and Natural History Survey (2)

Canada. Ministry of Agriculture

Canaday, William P

Canadian Cement and Concrete Assn

Canadian Club (2)

Canadian Copper Co (11)

Canadian District Telegraph Co

Canadian Explosives Co Ltd (2)

Canadian Gold Fields

Canadian Mining Review

Canadian Pacific Railway (16)

Canadian Patriotic Fund

Canadian Refining and Smelting Co Ltd (2)

Canadian Subscription and Publishing Co

Candil, F V R

Canner, David H

Cannon, George Quayle

Cannon, Joseph

Canon, William Wallace

Cantril, Sim W (2)

Caples, James W

Capron, Robert K

Caragol (Manuel) and Son (2)

Carbon Iron and Steel Co Ltd

Card, Benjamin F (3)

Card, Samuel

Cardew, P

Carew, Thomas J

Carhart Construction Co (2)

Carhart, Edmund H (22)

Carito, Diomede

Carle, Nathaniel Allen

Carless, Thomas

Carlile (John B) & Co

Carlin (W.J.) Co (2)

Carlin's (Thomas) Sons (2)

Carlin, J A

Carlin, W H

Carlin, W W

Carlisle, Charles Arthur (4)

Carlton, Newcomb (3)

Carman, Charles Bloomfield

Carman, Ezra Ayers (2)

Carman, George E (8)

Carman, Theodore Frelinghuysen (3)

Carman, William (79)

Carmichael, S P

Carmint, William H

Carnegie Institute of Technology (3)

Carnegie Steel Co

Carnegie, Andrew (6)

Carnegie, Thomas Morrison

Carolina Central Railroad

Carolina Power and Light Co

Carolina Traction Co

Carpenter, Alice

Carpenter, F M

Carpenter, Fred Warner

Carpenter, H H

Carpenter, J H

Carpenter, L R

Carpenter, Louis H

Carpenter, R V

Carpenter, Robert Ruliph Morgan (2)

Carpenter, Rolla Clinton

Carpenter, Walter Samuel, Jr

Carpinder, C J

Carr and Dickinson (2)

Carr, D M

Carr, Frederick

Carr, G R

Carr, Lewis

Carr, S P (4)

Carr, William C

Carriage and Wagon Builder

Carroll, John L

Carroll, M J

Carroll, Richard

Carroll, W R

Carry, Edward Francis

Carson Petroleum Co

Carter, Frank (2)

Carter, O M

Carter, Robert

Carter, Robert A

Carter, William J

Carter, Zenas W

Carteret Steel Co (3)

Cartersville (Georgia). Express Agent

Carty, Jerome (3)

Carty, John Joseph (6)

Carus, Paul

Carvajal, Leopoldo

Carvajal, Meliton

Cary, Alanson

Cary, Clarence (4)

Casanave, Francis Delphine

Case, Anna

Case, Henry Jay

Case, Mary Adele (3)

Case, W W

Case, Willard L (3)

Casein Manufacturing Co (3)

Casey, Albert M

Casey, Michael L

Casey, P J

Casey, R H

Cashier Mining Co

Casho, Joseph (4)

Caskey, Alvin Dickson (2)

Casper, George W

Cassatt, Robert K

Casselberry, E

Cassier's Magazine (2)

Cassier, Louis (2)

Casterline, R D (28)

Caswell, H D

Cataract Construction Co (2)

Catlin, Fred (7)

Catlin, George D B

Cattell, A G

Caulfield, George

Caulfield, Mr (2)

Cavanagh Sandford & Co (2)

Cave, Belle

Caven, Joseph L

Cavendish, Spencer Compton (4)

Cawcroft, Ernest

Cawker, E W

Ceballos (J.M.) & Co (5)

Ceballos, Juan Manuel

Cederstrom, Ellen Hartman

Celluloid Co (6)

Cement and Engineering News (2)

Cement Era

Cement Products Exhibition Co (2)

Cement World

Central Commercial and Manual Training High School

Central Forge Works

Central Literary Press

Central London Railway (2)

Central Ontario Railway

Central Railroad of New Jersey (13)

Central Scientific Co

Central Service Co

Central Station (Magazine)

Central Trust Co (5)

Central Union Telephone Co (2)

Central Verein (Wisconsin)

Century Co

Century Magazine (7)

Chadbourne, Edwin Ruthvin (3)

Challen, James R

Chalmers (H.B.) Co (3)

Chalmers, H B

Chalmers, J P (2)

Chalmers, Mrs F P (2)

Chamberlain, Austen

Chamberlain, Henry

Chamberlaine, William Wilson

Chamberlin, Edwin Martin (3)

Chamberlin, W A

Chambers, Washington Irving

Chambless, Edgar (3)

Champion Wagon Co

Chandlee, Henry

Chandler & Co

Chandler, Albert B (20)

Chandler, Arthur D

Chandler, Carrie B

Chandler, Charles Frederick (6)

Chandler, Gilbert E (3)

Chandler, John

Chandler, Marjorie

Channing, J Parke (2)

Chao, Yuen R

Chapal (C.andE.) Freres & Co

Chapman, Cloyd Mason (33)

Chapman, Frank Michler

Chapman, J G

Chapman, J W (6)

Chapman, Josiah T

Chapman, Mazella

Chapman, Stark

Chapman, W C

Chapman, Will E

Chapman, William Young

Chapple, Joe Mitchell (10)

Charleston Foundry and Iron Works

Charlotte Rapid Transit Co

Charters, Edmund A (2)

Chase National Bank

Chase Rolling Mill Co

Chase, Anna E

Chase, Emery H

Chase, William D

Chatfield Manufacturing Co (2)

Chatfield, R D

Chatter (Magazine)

Chatterton, C F (2)

Chaurenet, S H (3)

Chautauqua Institution (5)

Chauteau, Pierre

Cheesman, W H (8)

Cheever, Charles Augustus (33)

Cheever, W E (2)

Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering (6)

Chemical Company of America (2)

Chemical News (4)

Chemists Club. Bureau of Employment (2)

Cheney Bros (3)

Cheney, John Platt (2)

Cherbuliez, Antoine Marc (3)

Cherry, S T (2)

Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co (4)

Chesebro, Edmund D

Chesler, Arthur M

Chesler, Isidor (Jerry) (8)

Chesley, W S (2)

Chesnutt, Jay L

Chester Electric Light and Power Co (2)

Chester Foundry and Machine Co

Chester, Charles T

Chicago American

Chicago and Alton Railroad

Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway (10)

Chicago and Northwestern Railway (6)

Chicago Burlington and Northern Railroad (4)

Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad

Chicago Edison Co (17)

Chicago Film Exchange (3)

Chicago Herald

Chicago House Wrecking Co (2)

Chicago Milwaukee and St Paul Railway (3)

Chicago News

Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railway (2)

Chicago St Paul and Kansas City Railway (2)

Chicago St Paul Minneapolis and Omaha Railway (3)

Chicago Tribune

Chicago. Electrical Inspection Bureau

Chickering, H G (2)

Child, F W

Childs and Hull

Childs, B W

Childs, George W (4)

Childs, Thomas

Childs, William H

Chillicothe Foundry and Machine Works

China. Minister (2)

China. Ministry of Education. Educational Bureau (3)

Chinnock, Charles Edward (49)

Chipman, Naomi P (2)

Chisholm, C W

Chisholm, Hugh J

Chisholm, W R

Choate, Porter C

Chorpenning, George

Chrisholm, C R

Chrisman, Francis Leon

Christensen, Christian T (7)

Christensen, Peter Christian (6)

Christian Endeavor World (2)

Christmas, Frances

Chrystal, Charles Bernard

Chubb, Hendon

Church (John) Co

Church and Church

Church, Alexander Hamilton

Church, Alonzo

Church, C

Church, Melville (14)

Church, Samuel Harden (3)

Church, W I

Church, William Lee (2)

Churchill, Clarence (6)

Churchill, George Charles Spencer (4)

Churchill, S (2)

Churchward, Alexander James (13)

Cincinnati Chamber of Congress

Cincinnati Gazette

Cincinnati New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway (6)

Circle Magazine

Citizens Gas Company of Indianapolis (4)

Citizens League of West Orange

Citizens Relief Committee (Hamilton Ontario)

Citizens Traction Co

City Club (New York)

City of London Phonograph Society

City Park Transit Co

Civic Forum (2)

Civilian Naval Cruise Committee

Claflin (H.B.) & Co (3)

Claflin, John (2)

Clancy, A W (2)

Clancy, Felix

Clancy, James

Clancy, James A (2)

Clapp, C E (3)

Clapp, George Hubbard

Clapp, George M (4)

Clapp, George W

Clapper, Hettie

Clarendon Hotel (N.Y. City) (3)

Clark (Arthur H.) Co (3)

Clark, A S

Clark, Alfred C

Clark, Arthur Joseph

Clark, Edward Perkins (2)

Clark, Edward, (General Electric) (5)

Clark, Elizabeth F C

Clark, Fanny Foster (Mrs Thomas F.)

Clark, George Edward (4)

Clark, Glenn (3)

Clark, Harvey

Clark, Henry Alden (54)

Clark, Isabelle

Clark, J P

Clark, James Beauchamp (Champ)

Clark, James E

Clark, John

Clark, John Marshall

Clark, Melville (5)

Clark, Patrick

Clark, Peter

Clark, R W (2)

Clark, Robert Watson (2)

Clark, Samuel Chapin

Clark, Solomon Henry (2)

Clark, Spencer M (9)

Clark, W C

Clark, W D

Clark, W L

Clark, W R

Clark, Walton (2)

Clark, Webster L

Clark, William (2)

Clark, William Andrews

Clark, William P

Clarke, Charles Lorenzo (88)

Clarke, E W (2)

Clarke, Edgar Whitney (5)

Clarke, Edmund Arthur Stanley (9)

Clarke, Eliot Channing

Clarke, Frederick Emerson (15)

Clarke, George F

Clarke, Harriet (Mrs N.)

Clarke, Ida

Clarke, John Mason (2)

Clarke, Joseph Ignatius Constantine (8)

Clarke, Louis S

Clarke, Lulu MacClure

Clarke, Mrs A K

Clarke, Mrs T

Clarke, R W (4)

Clarke, Richard Henry

Clarke, Thomas E (7)

Clarke, W B (2)

Clarke, William J (4)

Clarriter, Lettie

Claudius, Hermann (4)

Clawson, Perry

Clayton Aniline Co Ltd

Clearwater, Alphonso Trumpbour

Cleary, John

Clebel, A C

Clemens, Cyril

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (3)

Clemens, William Marshall (2)

Clendenin, Joseph (2)

Clephane and Cloughly (3)

Clephane, James Ogilvie (7)

Cleveland Akron and Columbus Railroad (2)

Cleveland Delphos and Western Telegraph Co (2)

Cleveland Lorain and Wheeling Railroad Co

Cleveland Museum of Art (5)

Cleveland Press

Cleveland, Charles D

Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co

Clevenger, C C

Clifford (Henry B.) & Co

Clifford and Lawton

Clifford, Chandler Robbins

Clifford, Henry B (16)

Clifford, Mrs T P

Clifford, Sarah Kellogg (Mrs J. Remington)

Clifton Copper Belt Mining Co (5)


Cline, M

Cline, P J

Clingman, Thomas Lanier (6)

Clonbrock Steam Boiler Works

Close, Charles M

Close, Oscar Bell

Close, Van Voorhis

Clowes, E W

Clowry, Robert Charles

Cluzeau, Lt R A

Clyde Steamship Co

Clymer, Arthur I (32)

Coates, Charles E (2)

Coates, Edward Feetham

Coates, James Foster (2)

Coats, Alfred Mainwaring

Coats, Stuart Auchincloss (14)

Cobalt Kittson Mines Ltd

Cobb, Abraham Polhemus (2)

Coche, James R

Cochery, Louis Adolphe

Cochran, Alfred

Cochran, John L

Cochran, Thomas

Cochrane, W K

Cockerill, John Albert (4)

Cockey, Edward C (6)

Coddington, Robert

Codman, John Sturgis (2)

Codrington, C

Cody, William Frederick (Buffalo Bill)

Coe, David W

Coe, Mrs F J

Cofer, Leland Eggleston

Coffin, C F (3)

Coffin, Charles Albert (28)

Coffin, Howard Earle (2)

Coffman, Richard Boush

Coggins, John (2)

Cogswell, C C

Cohen, Melvin W

Cohen, Mrs Jacob

Coin Controlled Mechanism Co (2)

Coit, Henry Augustus

Coit, James Milnor

Colaine, J L

Colburn, Arthur R

Colby, Albert Ladd

Colby, Everett (2)

Colcleugh, Malcolm (2)

Cole, Thomas F

Coleman, Arthur Philemon

Coleman, R Dawson (4)

Coleman, Robert Habersham

Coles, Alexander

Coles, D H

Coles, Stephen Leidy (2)

Coley, John J

Colgate & Co (3)

Colgate, Gilbert

Colgate, Gilbert, Jr

Colgate, Richard Morse (9)

Collagan, Charles H

Collette and Collette (2)

Collier's Weekly (6)

Collier, Frank Wilbur

Collier, James W (2)

Collier, John (4)

Colling, Joe

Collins and Corbin

Collins, B H

Collins, Edward, Jr

Collins, Eli Ives

Collins, J S

Collins, Jerome J (4)

Collins, Joseph Victor

Collins, M A

Collins, Sim

Collins, William H (4)

Collis, Charles Henry Tucky

Collis, William P

Colman, Edward L

Colman, J A

Colne, Charles (2)

Colombo, Giuseppe (34)

Colorado and Utah Phonograph Co (7)

Colorado Midland Railway Co (3)

Colpitts, Edwin Henry

Colt's Express

Colt, Samuel S (2)

Colton (G.W.andC.B.) & Co (2)

Columbia College. School of Mines (5)

Columbia Phonograph Co (11)

Columbia Rubber Co (5)

Columbus Dispatch (2)

Columbus Hocking Valley and Toledo Railroad

Columbus Monument Committee (3)

Colvin, Frank R (6)

Combination Gas Machine Co (6)

Comeskey, Nicholas

Comins, Irving Edward

Comitato per le Applicazioni dell'Elettricita (10)

Commercial Acid Co (2)

Commercial Cable Co (3)

Commercial Fire Insurance Co

Commercial Motor Co

Commercial Telegram Co (3)

Commercial Telegraphers Union of America (2)

Commercial Union Telegraph Co (3)

Commercial West (Magazine)

Committee of One Hundred (Newark)

Committee of Ten

Commonwealth Edison Co (10)

Commonwealth Trust Company of Pittsburgh

Como (Italy). City

Compagnie Continentale Edison (73)

Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe Edison

Compagnie Generale de Telephone

Compagnie Generale Transatlantique

Compagnie Parisienne de Couleurs d'Aniline

Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interoceanique (3)

Compania Chilena Telefonos de Edison (2)

Compania Edison Hispano Americana

Compton (F.E.) & Co

Compton, Charles W (2)

Compton, J

Compton, Karl Taylor (2)

Conant, Thomas Peters (59)

Conard, E M

Concannon, Ed J

Concrete Steel Co

Condensite Company of America (5)

Condict, J D

Condit and Hanson (6)

Condit Hanson and Van Winkle (7)

Condit, A Padmaraje

Condit, Charles L

Condit, H W (6)

Condit, Ida Rafter

Condit, Israel Dodd, Jr

Condit, William A

Condon, Thomas

Condron, Theodore Lincoln (6)

Cone, David D (5)

Cone, Hutch Ingham (4)

Confaloniere, Cusani

Conference Committee on National Preparedness

Conger, Arthur Latham

Conger, Omar Dwight

Conger, W M

Congresso di Elettricisti

Conkey, Henry Marks

Conklin, Archibald W

Conkling, Roscoe (11)

Conley, M R (22)

Conley, Owen J (95)

Conlon, Robert L

Conn, Charles F

Connecticut. Survey Office

Connelly, Benjamin M

Connelly, James H (3)

Connelly, M F

Connelly, Martin

Connery, Thomas Bernardr (51)

Connor, W E (2)

Connors, J B (2)

Conover, W C

Conrad, Frank

Conrad, Thomas P (2)

Conrad, W H

Conrades, Edwin H (2)

Conroy, Thomas (2)

Consett Iron Works (2)

Consolidated Car Heating Co

Consolidated Electric Light Co

Consolidated Gas Co (Baltimore) (3)

Consolidated Gas Co (New York)

Consolidated Kansas City Smelting and Refining Co

Consolidated Petroleum and Stock Exchange

Consolidated Railway Telegraph Co (2)

Consolidated Telephone Construction Co

Consolidated Transit Co (2)

Constable, James M

Constable, John Pierrepont (29)

Constable, Mrs W R

Consumers Coal Co

Continental Commerce Co (6)

Converse, John Williams (3)

Cook County (Illinois). Board of Assessors

Cook, Alexander

Cook, Arthur N

Cook, C R

Cook, Edgar Scudder

Cook, George W (3)

Cook, H C

Cook, J, Jr

Cook, John

Cook, Pierre F

Cook, Richard Y

Cooke (Jay) & Co (Estate) (2)

Cooke and Beggs (2)

Cooke, Catharyne

Cooke, Charles H (37)

Cooke, Clara L

Cooke, Conrad W

Cooke, J Eaton

Cooke, Ralph W

Coombs Crosby and Eddy

Coombs, J Frank

Coomer, C C

Cooper (Charles) & Co (4)

Cooper (Edison Employee) (2)

Cooper (Peter) & Co

Cooper Union

Cooper, E P

Cooper, Frank

Cooper, M D

Cooper, Mrs J F

Cooper, W R

Cooperative Press (2)

Cope, George W

Copeland, E T (4)

Copeland, Guild A

Copello, Enrico (2)

Coppel, Henry

Copps, Edward (2)

Coquimbite Battery Co (3)

Corbett, Harry A

Corbo, Guido

Cordell, H M (2)

Core, William I

Corey, Jasper William

Corley, D B

Corley, Harriet Works

Corliss Steam Engine Co

Cornell University (24)

Cornell University. Sibley College

Cornell, John Milton

Cornell, Lawrence Robert

Cornell, M C

Cornell, T

Cornice, Dr

Corning Glass Works (6)

Cornish & Co (4)

Cornish, A H (2)

Cornish, Floyd G

Cornish, Thomas E (15)

Cornwall Ore Bank Co

Cornwall Sanitarium

Corrigan, James

Corrigan, Michael Augustine

Corson, John (2)

Cortelyou, George Bruce (2)

Cosby, W

Cosmopolitan (Magazine) (5)

Costas, Nick

Coster, Charles Henry (24)

Coster, George W (2)

Cotabish, Nelson C (8)

Cotton and Gould

Cotton, Alfred

Cottrell, Charles H H

Couch, Franklin (3)

Coudert Bros

Coudert, Charles (3)

Coues, Elliott (2)

Courrier de la Presse

Coursolles, Louis J (4)

Cover, J

Covert, B V

Cowan, A G

Cowan, Charles A

Cowart, Spurgeon

Cowherd, Mr (2)

Cowing, Percy Foote

Cowles, Alfred Abernethy (56)

Cowles, Frederick H (2)

Cowley, Mary Stoddard (Mrs A.H.)

Cox Biddulph & Co

Cox, A (2)

Cox, Angie L

Cox, Dr S E

Cox, E T (2)

Cox, Elmer (3)

Cox, Harold Newton (8)

Cox, J H

Cox, James S

Cox, M L

Cox, Phoebe Armstrong

Coxe, Eckley Brinton

Coyne, Frank H (2)

Coyral-Lapradelie, Jean Louis Bertrand Augustin

Cozens Cabinet Co

Crabb, Charles C

Crabtree, C C

Cradle (Adoption Agency)


Crahan, Thomas (4)

Craig, Daniel H (8)

Craig, Edward (2)

Craig, J D

Craig, John Newton, Jr

Cramer, A P

Cramer, G

Cranch, Edward

Crandall, Chester Delos

Crandall, Dudley S (3)

Crandall, W L

Crane & Co

Crane (E.D.) & Co (2)

Crane Iron Co

Crane Iron Works (6)

Crane, A G (3)

Crane, Frank

Crane, Frederick

Crane, Theron Insco (22)

Crane, William H (3)

Crane, William S (3)

Cranford, J P

Craven, Henry Smith

Crawford, George E (2)

Crawford, James (3)

Crawford, John J

Crawford, T C (2)

Crawford-Frost, William Albert (2)

Crawley, J W

Credit Lyonnais (New York)

Creelman, James

Cregier, Charles K

Creswell, John Angel James (2)

Cretterden, F E

Crewe, Fred

Crider (P.B.) and Son (4)

Crisp, Frank (2)

Crocker, Francis Bacon (9)

Crocker-Wheeler Co (2)

Croffut, William Augustus (6)

Cromelin, Paul Henderson (37)

Crommelin, Addie

Croninger, R Harry (2)

Cronkhite, William H A (2)

Crook, A L

Crook, C B

Crooke, John J (5)

Crookes, W J

Crookes, William (4)

Crooks (J.andJ.) Co (2)

Crosby & Co

Crosby, Oscar T

Cross, Charles Robert (5)

Cross, Fred J

Cross, Harold H U

Cross, J C (2)

Cross, J F, Jr

Crossley Bros

Crossley, Mrs Francis M

Crouse, George Washington (2)

Crouse, John Robert (5)

Crowe, William Morris (2)

Crowell and Coe

Crowell, Benedict (4)

Crowell, Eugene (14)

Crowell, John S

Crowell, Joseph Edgar

Crown, John

Crowther, Samuel

Crozer, Samuel A, Jr (2)

Crozier, William (4)

Crucible Steel Co

Cruikshank, John (4)

Crum, Liebert

Crumley, Sylvester E (2)

Cruse-Kemper Co (2)

Cryder & Co (3)

Crystal Hosiery Mills Co

Crystal Springs Canning Co

Cudahy, Michael

Culbertson, Frank

Culbertson, John Norcross

Cullen, James Kenmore

Culley, Richard S (21)

Cumberland Courier

Cummer Engine Co (2)

Cumming, George

Cummings, Amos Jay (7)

Cummings, John P (4)

Cunard Steamship Co (2)

Cunningham Piano Co

Cunningham, B S

Cunningham, David H

Cunningham, Florence E

Cunningham, Frederick W (10)

Cunningham, J Harry

Cunningham, R H (14)

Cuntz, Johannes H

Curd, W J

Curran, James Ross

Curran, John

Curran, Katie

Current Events

Currier, C

Currier, George W

Currier, William W

Curril, M L

Curry, J L

Curry, John P

Curtis Publishing Co

Curtis, Charles Gordon (3)

Curtis, George M

Curtis, John C

Curtis, Leonard Eager

Curtis, U B

Curtis, William Eleroy (4)

Curtiss Engineering Corp

Curtiss, D Z (2)

Curtiss, George W (2)

Curtiss, L R (2)

Cushing (Banker)

Cushing, William Lee

Cushman, Allerton Seward

Cushman, John

Cushman, Mrs M Ames

Cuthbert, Robert Lancelot

Cutler, Edward James (3)

Cutler-Hammer Manufacturing Co

Cutter, Manley B

Cutting (R.L.) & Co (2)

Cutting, E M (4)

Cutting, Hiram Adolphus

Cutting, James De Wolf (4)

Cutting, Robert Livingston (2)

Cutting, Robert Livingston, III

Cutting, Robert Livingston, Jr (41)

Cutting, Starr Willard (4)

Cutting, Walter (8)

Cuttriss, Charles (2)

Cutts, George W (4)

Cyclone Drilling Machine Co

Cyclone Pulverizer Co (2)

Cyr, Bill


D P Battery Co Ltd

D'Apery, H

D'Arcy, H A (2)

D'Oyly Carte, Richard

Dabo and Helm

Dadmun, Arthur H

Dagless, Thomas

Dale, David (4)

Dalgleish, A

Dallett, Henry C

Dally, Charles Thompson (5)

Dally, Mrs Clarence M

Dally, Theodore A

Daly, B E

Daly, Charles Patrick

Daly, John J

Daly, Marie A

Damon, William Emerson (2)

Danaher, Cornelius J

Danforth, Albert Whitney

Danforth, Charles A

Daniel, Thomas Cushing (2)

Daniell (John) Sons and Sons

Daniels, Addie Worth (Mrs. Josephus) (2)

Daniels, Alice

Daniels, Josephus (335)

Daniels, Lee G

Daniels, Walter A (28)

Danner, Albert Cary (3)

Danvers, Allan

Darker, Alfred H (2)

Darling Brown and Sharpe (2)

Darling, Edward A (6)

Darling, Frank L

Darling, Henry W (3)

Darling, Lloyd Edward (5)

Darling, Martha M

Darling, Robert (2)

Darlton, Charles A (7)

Darr, Francis

Darr, Russell R

Darrin, Marc (3)

Darsie, George (3)

Dart, A C

Dart, Arthur Hurd (3)

Dart, Mary G (2)

Darwin, A G

Darwin, Charles

Darwin, Horace

Dassi, Giusceppi

Davarne, A

Davenport and Treacy Co

Davenport, Russell Wheeler

Davey, Warren

David, Thomas B A (24)

Davidge, William H (2)

Davids, Charles H

Davidson, George L O

Davidson, J A (2)

Davidson, J C

Davidson, J H

Davies & Co

Davies, Clara Novello

Davies, Merlin

Davies, W (2)

Davies, W J

Davis (G.M.) Regulator Co

Davis (S.andJ.) (2)

Davis and Catterall

Davis Bros

Davis Collamore & Co

Davis, Albert Gould (3)

Davis, Alfred (2)

Davis, Arthur Breese

Davis, B H

Davis, Charles Bridge (2)

Davis, Charles F

Davis, Charles H (2)

Davis, E H

Davis, Edmund

Davis, George C (2)

Davis, Henry C, (New York)

Davis, Henry C, (Pittsburgh)

Davis, John D

Davis, John H, (Maine)

Davis, L H

Davis, Oscar King

Davis, Owen Warren, Jr (2)

Davis, R M

Davis, T H

Davis, W R

Davis, William C

Davis-Bouronville Co

Davison, F B

Davison, Henry Pomeroy

Dawson Co (2)

Dawson, Edward Rowland (3)

Dawson, N E

Day (J.H.) Co (2)

Day (Newspaper)

Day, A G

Day, David Talbot (2)

Day, George E

Day, George H (3)

Day, Hanna A

Day, Joseph Paul (6)

Day, N, Jr

Dayton & Co

Dayton Journal

De Bebian, Louis (4)

De Bernyz, Bertrand

De Bevoise, Charles Richmond

De Bobula, Titus

De Bouckerville, William Boucher

De Camp, William Scott

De Castro (D.) & Co

De Castro, E (3)

De Castro, Hector

De Fleurigny, Henry

De Forest, D W

De Forest, Henry Swift

De Forest, Lee (2)

De Frece, Abram Brougham (6)

De Garmo, G J (2)

De Geus, W J

De Gorostizaga, Jose

De Graw and Murray

De Graw, Peter Voorhees (5)

De Haen (E.) (9)

De Hart, Charles A (4)

De Hart, F A

De Haven, Mr

De Kalb, Courtenay (7)

De La Cerda, Mrs Jose N

De Laval Separator Co (2)

De Loach, E T

De Loach, Robert John Henderson

De Loye, Paul

De Monde, Agnes E

De Motte, John Brewer

De Reuter, Julius

De Ribancourt, Marie-Louise

De Selding, Hermann (3)

De St Chamas, A

De Stone, F G

De Thysebaert, H M (2)

De Witt, W E

De Zuylen, Etienne

Dealy, William Joseph

Dean, Charles L (41)

Dean, Edward Owen

Dean, Elizabeth

Dean, John, Jr

Dean, William Warren

Dean, William Hope (9)

Deans, William (4)

Dearborn Morgan School

Dearborn Publishing Co (3)

Dearborn, Fred E (2)

Dearborn, J E

Dearing, M C

Debens, A

Dechelette, Francois

Decker, C M

Decker, John (2)

Deems, Charles Force

Deems, Frank Melville (2)

Degraw, William C

Del Castillo, Jose Perez (2)

Delaney, J G

Delaney, Thomas E

Delano & Co

Delano, Columbus

Delany, Patrick Bernard (3)

Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad (14)

Delgado, S J

Delineator (Magazine) (4)

Deloro Mining and Reduction Co Ltd

Demarest, Peter

Demming, Henry C (19)

Democratic National Committee

Demorest and Sylvester

Denby, Charles

Denison and Doyle Co

Denison, Ella Strong (Mrs Charles)

Denison, George Taylor

Denison, Henry L

Denius, Garfield

Denman, Walter Matthias

Dennehy, Cornelius

Dennett, Fred A

Denney, Charles

Dennison, Edgar W

Dennison, Robert Evans

Dennison, W N

Denton Dunn and Boultbee (4)

Denton Grover and Field (3)

Denton, Frank (13)

Denton, Harry M

Denver Phonograph Co (2)

Denves, Miss A M

Deodens, John W (2)

Depew, Chauncey Mitchell (2)

Derr (Thompson) and Bro

Derr, John F

Derteano, M L

Des Moines Edison Light Co (2)

Des Moines Register

Desbriere, Fernand

Deshler, Charles

Desloge Consolidated Lead Co

Desloge, John McIlvaine

Dessau, Simon

Detlef, Frank, Jr

Detroit Electric Car Co of St Louis

Detroit Electrical Works

Detroit Free Press (3)

Detroit Journal

Detroit Steel Products Co

Detwiler, Thomas C (5)

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Edison Akkumulatoren Co GmbH (23)

Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft (58)

Deutsche Edison Phonographen Gesellschaft (4)

Deutsche Zeitung

Deutsches Museum (4)

Dever, L A

Devine (J.P.) Co (2)

Devine, H A

Devine, John T

Devine, Mrs Paul F

DeVol, George F

Devonald, Frederick C (14)

Devonshire, Robert W

DeVry Corp

DeVry, Bernard

Dewey, Frederic Perkins (2)

Dewey, J W

Dewey, John

Dewey, Melvil (4)

Dezarnaulds, James

Di Pasqua, Francesco

Diamond Drill Carbon Co


Diaz, Carmen Rubio (Mrs Porfirio)

Diaz, Porfirio (6)

Dichman, Ernest (2)

Dick (A.B.) Co (54)

Dick Bros & Co

Dick, Albert Blake (45)

Dick, Herman Ernest (188)

Dick, Kenneth W

Dicke, Allen A

Dickerson, Edward Nicoll (2)

Dickerson, Edward Nicoll, Jr

Dickerson, Howard H

Dickerson, M

Dickey, John Jay

Dickinson (Albert) Co

Dickinson (E.E.) & Co

Dickinson, Charles

Dickinson, Don M

Dickinson, Emmet

Dickinson, J

Dickinson, Walter B

Dickinson, William H

Dicks David Co

Dickson, Antonia K L (2)

Dickson, George D (2)

Dickson, William Kennedy Laurie (42)

Dietrich, Paul

Differdenfer, H H

Dilke, Charles F (2)

Dillon, Clarence (15)

Dilnot, Frank

Dilts, A W

Dime, Eric Adolphus

Dimmick, J M

Dimock, Arthur H

Dinan, Edward P (8)

Dingle, S K

Dinwiddie, William (2)

Dinwiddie, William Walter (17)

Dinzey, Peter

Dion, A A

Direct United States Cable Co Ltd (8)

Disston (Henry) and Sons Inc (2)

District of Columbia. Supreme Court

Ditson (Charles H.) & Co (4)

Dittenhoefer, Abram Jesse (4)

Dixey, Henry E (2)

Dixon and Bates

Dixon, James (2)

Dixon, Nellie

Dixon, Wesley

Doak, Annie K (5)

Doan, J W

Doan, Robert Eachus

Dobbins, Douglas

Dodd (Edison Employee) (2)

Dodd, David A (4)

Dodd, George F

Dodd, Mrs Bayard

Dodd, N H

Dodd, W E

Dodge, E W

Dodge, Eben G (13)

Dodge, H F

Dodge, James Mapes (2)

Dodge, Mary Mapes

Dodson, Joseph Howard

Doerx, Alfred W

Doggett, Hilton J

Doggett, Stanley (29)

Doherty, Henry L (7)

Doherty, Robert J

Doig, James Pietrie

Doig, William S

Dolan, Michael Martin (2)

Dolan, Thomas (10)

Dolbeer, Frank K (37)

Dole, F Arthur

Dolfini (A.W.) & Co

Dolsen, W O

Domestic Telegraph Co (4)

Dominion Iron and Steel Co Ltd (59)

Dominion Mineral Co

Donahey, Alvin Victor

Donald, John A

Donaldson, Thomas B

Donath, Julius

Donegan and Reilly

Donnelley, R H

Donner, P E

Donohoe, John Peter

Donovan, John T

Doolittle, Thomas Benjamin (3)

Doolittle, William H

Doren, D (3)

Dorian, M

Dormer, J Hubert

Dornberg, Lee

Dorr, E H

Dorr, J C

Dorr, John Van Nostrand

Dorrance, H B

Dorsey, Edward Bates

Dos Passos Bros

Dos Passos, John Randolph (2)

Dos Passos, Louis Hays

Dostal, John Frank

Doty, A J (2)

Doty, Ethan Allen

Doubleday Page & Co (2)

Doubleday, Abner

Doubleday, Harry Mather (45)

Doubleday-Hill Electric Co

Dougherty, Elmer Ellsworth (2)

Dougherty, Hugh B

Dougherty, William H

Douglas (Furniture Dealer)

Douglas, Edwin M (6)

Douglas, F A

Douglass (George B.) and Bros

Douglass, Benjamin, Jr

Douglass, J Walter

Douglass, Leon Forrest

Douglass, R S (5)

Douglass, Robert Dun (2)

Douty, William H (36)

Dover Boiler Works (2)

Dover Savings Institution

Dow Jones & Co

Dowd, Peter A

Dowd, Thomas

Dowling, North

Dowling, Robert W

Dowling, Wilfred Sebastian (11)

Downer, Alfred Sayre (6)

Downey, James

Downing (R.F.) & Co (2)

Downing, George H (2)

Doyle (John F.) and Sons

Doyle, Edward John (4)

Dra Goo, F W

Drake, Bernard Mervyn

Drake, D E

Drake, E A (2)

Drake, Frank (14)

Draper, Anna Palmer (Mrs Henry) (2)

Draper, George

Draper, Henry (20)

Dredge, James (21)

Dreier, Ludwig

Dreisbach, William

Dreiser, Theodore (5)

Dresher, George B (2)

Drew Machinery Agency

Drew, A A (2)

Drew, Prentiss Warner

Drew, William E

Drewke, G W

Drexel Harjes & Co (9)

Drexel Morgan & Co (132)

Dreydel (Charles) & Co (5)

Dreydel, Charles (4)

Dreyfus, Louis (2)

Dreyfus, Moise

Dreyfuss, Albert

Driscoll, Daniel H (2)

Driver, A J

Driver, William Raymond

Drug and Chemical Markets (2)

Drummond, Alonzo J

Drummond, Mr

Dry Goods Economist

Dryden, John Fairfield (3)

Du Bois and Du Bois

Du Bois, C H

Du Moncel, Theodose (3)

Du Pont de Nemours & Co (26)

Du Pont, Alfred Irenee

Du Puy de Nartus, M L F

Ducas (B.P.) Co

Dudley, Cassins

Dudley, Charles Benjamin

Dudley, Irving Bedell (2)

Dudley, S F

Duell, Rodolphus Holland (3)

Duenwald, Francis

Dueretet, E

Dufaux Mathieu and Andre

Duffy, John De Lacey

Dugan, George M (2)

Duggan, Thomas Joseph

Duhig, James F

Duke, Charles Wesley

Dull, Andrew Jackson (5)

Dumas, Francois Guillaume

Dun (R.G.) & Co (9)

Dunbar (R.) and Sons

Dunbar, James K

Duncan, J H

Duncan, James

Duncan, Louis (2)

Duncan, W P

Dundee Chemical Works

Dunderland Iron Ore Co Ltd (25)

Duneka, Frederick A

Dunham, David B

Dunham, George H

Dunkel (S.P.) and Son (2)

Dunlap Smith & Co

Dunlap, John Robertson (7)

Dunlap, R

Dunlop, Arthur S

Dunn, D W

Dunn, Edgar M (2)

Dunn, J H

Dunn, Tom

Duperow, M

Duplex Safety Boiler Co

Dupre (F.) & Co

Duprey, Charles M (2)

Durand, J (4)

Durand, Nelson C (38)

Durant, E W, Jr

Durell, E P

Durer, Emile

Durham, T R

Duriron Castings Co

Durkin, Joseph A (2)

Durr Drug Co

Duryee, Edward

Dusenbery, J P (3)

Dustin (Charles E.) Co

Dutaud, Gustave (2)

Dutton, Edgar Fulton

Dutton, G H

Dutton, Joseph

Dwelly, William H, Jr (84)

Dwight Slate Machine Co (3)

Dwight, Harvey Prentice (10)

Dwight, John

Dyer and Driscoll (8)

Dyer and Dyer (3)

Dyer and Seely (263)

Dyer and Wilber (11)

Dyer Edmonds and Dyer (22)

Dyer, Frank Lewis (1058)

Dyer, George Leland (3)

Dyer, George Palmer (4)

Dyer, George W (14)

Dyer, Isaac Tillman (6)

Dyer, Leonard Huntress

Dyer, Mary Gordon (Mrs Richard N.)

Dyer, Paul D (52)

Dyer, Philip Sidney (75)

Dyer, Richard Nott (183)

Dyke, Herbert H (26)

Dykeman, William (2)

Dyrenforth, Philip Charles (4)


Eades, Richard

Eagan, Alberta Stedman

Eagle Pencil Co

Ealy (John W.) Co

Eames, Hayden

Eames, J W (7)

Eames, L H

Earl, Elizabeth F

Earle, Ellis Potter (6)

Earle, Ferdinand Pinney

Earle, Ralph

Earll, J Cornelius (2)

Easley, Donna

East Coast Manufacturing Co

East Jersey Board of Proprietors (3)

East Jersey Water Co

East Orange High School

East St Louis Columbia and Waterloo Railway (2)

East Tennessee Virginia and Georgia Railway

Eastern Cement Assn

Eastern Development Co Ltd

Eastern Electric Cable Co

Eastern Fibre Decorating Co (2)

Eastern Pennsylvania Phonograph Co (2)

Eastern Railroad Assn (2)

Eastman Dry Plate and Film Co (10)

Eastman Kodak Co (28)

Eastman, Dolph (2)

Eastman, George (7)

Eastman, R B (3)

Easton, Edward Denison (8)

Eaton and Lewis (65)

Eaton Cole and Burnham

Eaton, Asahel K (5)

Eaton, B V (2)

Eaton, Henry Morris

Eaton, Mrs Frank A

Eaton, Sherburne Blake (729)

Eayors, Winslow P

Ebdell, Thomas (2)

Eberle, Edward Walter (2)

Ecclesine and Tomlinson (4)

Eckert, Howard Haines (3)

Eckert, Thomas Thompson (37)

Eckert, Walter Lewis (28)

Eckert, William H (2)

Ecki, S P

Eckles, James (2)

Eddy, Spencer (2)

Eddy, William B

Eddystone Manufacturing Co

Edelen, W R

Edelson, Harry L

Eden Musee American Co (4)

Edgar, Charles Leavitt (19)

Edgar, Graham

Edgar, Harry Thomas

Edgars, R J

Edgarton, Alfred

Edgertyn Co (2)

Ediphone Distributors Assn

Edison (Thomas A.) Construction Dept (401)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc (316)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Invoice Service Dept

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Motion Picture Division (2)

Edison (Thomas A.) Inc. Record Manufacturing Divisi (2)

Edison (Thomas A.) Jr Chemical Co (3)

Edison (Thomas A.) Legal Dept (7)

Edison (Thomas A.) Ltd (2)

Edison (Thomas A.) Personal. Phenol Division (2)

Edison [Jr] Chemical Co

Edison Accumulators Ltd (8)

Edison and Murray (78)

Edison and Swan United Electric Light Co Ltd (62)

Edison and Unger (4)

Edison Benzol Plant (Johnstown Pa.)

Edison Benzol Plant (Woodward Ala.) (7)

Edison Business Phonograph Co (3)

Edison Chemical Works and Other Silver Lake Plants (25)

Edison Club

Edison Co (bogus company)

Edison Company for Isolated Lighting (34)

Edison Crushing Roll Co

Edison Dry Placer Process

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Appleton) (6)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Bellefonte) (49)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Brockton) (70)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Brooklyn) (11)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Cincinnati)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Circleville) (2)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Danville)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Detroit)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Fall River) (80)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Hazleton) (24)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Laramie)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Lawrence) (63)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Louisville)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Middletown) (4)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Mt Carmel) (35)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New Bedford) (3)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New Brunswick) (3)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (New York) (41)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Newburgh) (37)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Paterson) (2)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Piqua) (4)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Rochester)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Shamokin) (51)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Sunbury) (49)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Tiffin) (32)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Utica) (10)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (Williamsport) (11)

Edison Electric Illuminating Co (York)

Edison Electric Light and Power Co (Kansas City) (5)

Edison Electric Light and Power Co (St Paul) (5)

Edison Electric Light Co (301)

Edison Electric Light Co Ltd (146)

Edison Electric Light Co of Canada (2)

Edison Electric Light Co of Europe Ltd (84)

Edison Electric Light Co of Philadelphia (31)

Edison Electric Railway Co (2)

Edison Employees Club (Boston Edison Co)

Edison General Electric Co (207)

Edison General Electric Co Lamp Works (27)

Edison Gesellschaft (3)

Edison Gower-Bell Telephone Co of Europe (2)

Edison Industrial Works

Edison International Corp

Edison Lamp Co (280)

Edison Light and Power Co (Michigan)

Edison Machine Works (330)

Edison Manufacturing Co (205)

Edison Manufacturing Co (bogus company)

Edison Manufacturing Co Ltd (4)

Edison Ore Milling Co Ltd (50)

Edison Ore Milling Syndicate Ltd (59)

Edison Patents Co

Edison Phonograph Agency

Edison Phonograph Co (20)

Edison Phonograph Co (London) (9)

Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co (120)

Edison Phonograph Works (284)

Edison Phonoplex System (13)

Edison Pioneers (6)

Edison Portland Cement Co (70)

Edison Pulverized Limestone Co

Edison Scientific and Athletic Club

Edison Shafting Manufacturing Co (4)

Edison Spanish Colonial Light Co (15)

Edison Speaking Phonograph Co (19)

Edison Storage Battery Co (92)

Edison Storage Battery Supply Co (3)

Edison Telephone Co of Europe Ltd (44)

Edison Telephone Co of London Ltd (24)

Edison United Manufacturing Co (34)

Edison United Phonograph Co (112)

Edison Wiring Co (8)

Edison's Electric Pen and Duplicating Press Co

Edison's Indian and Colonial Electric Co (31)

Edison, Ann Osterhout (Mrs Theodore M.) (150)

Edison, Anna Elizabeth

Edison, Beatrice Heyzer (Mrs Thomas A. Jr) (53)

Edison, Blanche Travers (Mrs William L.) (13)

Edison, Carolyn Hawkins (Mrs Charles) (37)

Edison, Carrie May

Edison, Charles (501)

Edison, Charles Pitt (11)

Edison, Edith Clarissa (5)

Edison, Elizabeth

Edison, Ellen Holihan (Mrs William P.) (9)

Edison, Frank P

Edison, Gladys

Edison, Grace W

Edison, Homer Page

Edison, John, (Cousin)

Edison, Madeleine (387)

Edison, Marie Louise Toohey (Mrs Thomas A. Jr) (2)

Edison, Marion Estelle (58)

Edison, Marion Wallace (4)

Edison, Mary Sharlow (Mrs Samuel O.)

Edison, Mary Stilwell (Mrs Thomas A.) (26)

Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) (4300)

Edison, Mrs E

Edison, Nancy Elliott, (Mother) (5)

Edison, Nellie Marion, (Mrs W.A. Poyer) (15)

Edison, Peregrine Maitland (2)

Edison, Rachel

Edison, Samuel Ogden, (Father) (34)

Edison, Simeon Ogden (14)

Edison, Theodore Miller (615)

Edison, Thomas Alva (37957)

Edison, Thomas Alva, Jr (104)

Edison, William Leslie (69)

Edison, William Pitt (30)

Edison-Bell Consolidated Phonograph Co Ltd (12)

Edison-Bell Phonograph Corp Ltd (6)

Edison-Johnson Electrical Manufacturing Co

Edison-Saunders Compressed Air Co (9)

Edisonia Co

Edmands (T.F.) & Co (2)

Edmonds, Richard Hathaway (2)

Edmonds, Samuel Owen

Edmunds, Henry, Jr (3)

Edmunds, Walter

Edson, Jarvis Borsted (2)

Edson, Joseph Romanzo

Edson, Tracy Robinson (7)

Edstrom, Johannes Sigfried

Educational Film Magazine (2)

Edwards & Co (2)

Edwards, Arthur Mead

Edwards, Emilie

Edwards, John Richard

Efros, Charles

Egan, James, (Menlo Park)

Egan, James, (West Orange)

Egbert, George Drew

Egerton, Alan de Tatton

Egerton, Henry Clifford (3)

Eggert, John G

Eggleston, Pursell (5)

Egleston, Thomas (5)

Ehns, Joseph A

Ehrandt, Gustave

Ehret, George

Ehrlich, Leo

Ehrlich, R (2)

Ehrmann, Mary B (2)

Eichelberger, J S

Eickemeyer, Rudolph

Eimer and Amend (12)

Eisele, Charles

Eisele, John C

Eisenlord, N


Elbers, A D

Elden, Leonard L

Elder, Thomas A

Eldred, Horace H (12)

Eldredge, Rolfe

Eldridge, R F

Eldridge, W E (3)

Electra Cycle Co (3)

Electrelle Co

Electric Boat Co (2)

Electric Club (New York) (4)

Electric Construction and Supply Co

Electric Heat Regulator Co

Electric Journal

Electric Launch Co

Electric Light Company of Atlantic City

Electric Power

Electric Railway Company of the United States (5)

Electric Time Co (2)

Electric Traction Co

Electric Tube Co (49)

Electric Vehicle Association of America (2)

Electric Vehicle Co (5)

Electric Wagon Co (4)

Electric Writing Co Ltd (4)

Electrical Advertising Scale Co

Electrical Age (7)

Electrical Construction and Maintenance Co (2)

Electrical Engineer (12)

Electrical Experimenter (5)

Electrical Exposition (N.Y. City)

Electrical Industries

Electrical Merchandising (2)

Electrical Review (N.Y. City) (20)

Electrical Review and Western Electrician (4)

Electrical Supply Co (4)

Electrical Testing Laboratories (3)

Electrical World (26)

Electrician (London) (9)

Electrician and Electrical Engineer (2)

Electricity Newspaper Co

Electro-Chemical Manufacturing Co (2)


Electrochemical Industry (Magazine) (2)

Elektrotechnische Gesellschaft

Elektrotechnische Zeitschrift

Elektrotechnischer Verein (2)

Elgee, W H

Elguera, Abraham

Eliot, Boyd (3)

Elkins, George W

Ellacott, Jose P (2)

Ellefson, C Oscar

Ellerson, Henry Watkins

Ellingwood, Charles O

Elliott Manufacturing Co

Elliott, Ada (3)

Elliott, Alexander, Jr (252)

Elliott, C B (3)

Elliott, Frederick H

Elliott, George

Elliott, James Wilkinson

Elliott, Leonard

Elliott, Sterling

Elliott, T F

Ellis-Foster Co

Ellison, Grace

Ellsworth, Oliver

Elsaesser, Frederick Jacob

Elsbach, Edwin A (3)

Elsberg, Nathaniel A

Elwell, Frank Edwin

Ely, Charles H

Ely, George W

Ely, Robert Erskine (4)

Elyria Enameled Products Co

Embree, James M

Emergency Fleet Corp (3)

Emergency Housing Assn of the District of Columbia

Emerich, Mary

Emerson, Guy (4)

Emerson, Mrs Lowe

Emery, A B

Emery, Archibald Clarence (35)

Emery, Charles Edward (2)

Emery, W B

Emmet, William Le Roy

Emmons, George E

Emmons, Lillie A

Emmons, William Harvey

Empire Limestone Co

Empire Refining Co

Employers Liability Assurance Corp

Encyclopedia Britannica

Endin, William N

Eneas, A G

Engel, G L

Engel, H

Engelman, William Peter


Engineering (7)

Engineering and Mining Journal (10)

Engineering Foundation

Engineering Magazine (5)

Engineering News (2)

Engineers Club (N.Y. City) (6)

Engineers Club of Philadelphia

England, Frances F (Mrs. Isaac W)

England, Isaac W (10)

Engle, Harry Perry

Engle, Mary E

Engle, O

Engle, Stephen Decatur (5)

Engle, Willis D

English & Co

English (George L.) & Co

English Mechanic (14)

English, Conover

English, George Letchworth (3)

English, John C (23)

Enos, Frank

Ensey, George F

Ensign-Bickford Co (2)

Eppley, Francis M

Epright, Alonzo W

Epstein, Max

Epthwell, R P

Equitable Life Assurance Society (3)

Equitable Trust Co (2)

Erichsen, Hugo (2)

Ericsson, John

Erie City Iron Works

Erie County (Ohio). Treasurer

Erie Railroad Co (5)

Erie Telegraph and Telephone Co (2)

Eriksen, Mrs Lura L

Erkins Studios

Erlanger, Emil

Ernst (V.H.) & Co

Ernst, Victor H (5)

Erwin, Frederick Condit (2)

Esler, Frederic Brice

Esmond, Mr

Essen, Helen Louise (2)

Essex County (N.J.). Jail

Essex County Country Club (4)

Essex County Electric Co (2)

Essex County Park Commission (2)

Essex Press (5)

Estabrook, D H

Estep, A L

Estes, Capt B E

Estler, A E

Ettinger, William (11)

Eubank and Stevenson (2)

Euker, G W

Eureka Flint and Spar Co (3)

Eureka Pneumatic Spray Co

Evan-Thomas, E L

Evans & Co (2)

Evans (Henry G.) Phosphate Co

Evans, Archibald Sidney

Evans, Carrie Belle Hendry (Mrs Edward L.)

Evans, E

Evans, Edward Lewis

Evans, Elizabeth A (3)

Evans, Frank

Evans, G T (2)

Evans, George F (3)

Evans, George S (2)

Evans, Henry G

Evans, James (16)

Evans, Lemuel E

Evans, Louis M

Evans, Mrs A W

Evans, W N

Evans, W W

Evansville Gas and Electric Light Co

Evarts, William Maxwell

Everding and Jenks

Everett (H.C.) & Co

Everett, J B (5)

Everitt, P (2)

Everybody's Magazine

Eward, Clarence T

Ewing, O W

Ewing, Robert (2)

Exall, Henry

Excelsior Motor Manufacturing and Supply Co (2)

Exhibition. Alaska Yukon Pacific (1909)

Exhibition. Berlin (1910). American Commission

Exhibition. Berlin Sport (1882)

Exhibition. Birmingham (U.K.) (1889) (6)

Exhibition. Buffalo Pan-American (1901) (2)

Exhibition. California Midwinter (1894)

Exhibition. Chicago Columbian (1893) (3)

Exhibition. Chicago Industrial (1881)

Exhibition. Chicago Industrial and Cotton Centenni

Exhibition. Chicago Railway (1883)

Exhibition. Cincinnati Ohio Valley (1910)

Exhibition. Frankfort (Germany) Electrical (1890) (2)

Exhibition. London American (1886)

Exhibition. Minneapolis Industrial (1890)

Exhibition. Montreal Electrical (1891) (2)

Exhibition. N.Y. City International (1892) (3)

Exhibition. N.Y. City Real Estate and Ideal Home (1

Exhibition. New Orleans Cotton (1884-1885) (2)

Exhibition. Panama Pacific (1915) (4)

Exhibition. Paris International (1881) (5)

Exhibition. Paris Universal (1878)

Exhibition. Paris Universal (1889) (2)

Exhibition. Paris Universal (1889). Revue

Exhibition. Paris Universal (1900). U.S. Commission

Exhibition. Philadelphia Centennial (1876)

Exhibition. Philadelphia Electrical (1884) (2)

Exhibition. St Louis (1904) (3)

Exhibition. St Louis Electrical (1889)

Exhibition. Vienna Electrical (1883)

Exploration Syndicate

Eyre, M K (3)

Eyre, Mary (2)


Fabbri and Chauncey (10)

Fabbri, Egisto Paolo (35)

Faber (Eberhard) Pencil Co

Faber, Lothar Washington

Fabry, Charles

Factory Products Export Corp

Fagan, Frank D (13)

Failor, C W

Fair, James Graham

Fairbanks Morse & Co (2)

Fairbanks, Charles Elwood (7)

Fairbanks, George O, Jr

Fairchild (P.B.) & Co (4)

Fairchild, David Grandison

Fairchild, Robert

Fairchild, Samuel E, Jr

Fairfield, Francis Gerry

Fairman, Francis E

Fakes-Bisbee-Robertson Inc (4)

Falk Studio (3)

Falk, Benjamin J

Falk, F A

Fankhauser, Dr W

Fargo, Clarence B

Farley (A.C.) & Co (2)

Farley, Charles B (6)

Farley, George W

Farmer, Moses Gerrish (3)

Farmers Land Co

Farmers Loan and Trust Co (5)

Farmers National Congress

Farnam, Henry M

Farnham, J H (2)

Farnham, S B

Farnsworth, Charles Hazen

Farnsworth, P E

Farnsworth, Philip

Farnum Publishing Co

Farquhar, Horace Brand

Farr, E J

Farrand, Stanford

Farrell, Andrew J

Farrell, John William (10)

Farrell, William J

Farrington, D W C

Fassbinder, William Blasins

Faulkner, H C

Faunce, Linus (2)

Fauth & Co

Fawcett, Col

Fawcett, W G

Fay, Charles Norman

Fearon Daniel & Co

Feather, William (2)

Fechet, Eugene Oscar (2)

Fechheimer, Herman C

Fechtenburg, J F (2)

Federal Council of Churches

Federal Electric Railways Commission (3)

Federal Graphite Mills

Federal Storage Battery Car Co (5)

Feederle, Herman O

Feiker, Frederick Morris

Feilden, Theo

Feilding, Rudolph Robert, (Lord Denbigh) (2)

Felder, K T (2)

Feldes, Helen Leslie Jordan (Mrs Erwin J.)

Feldman, Edward Dietrich

Fell, J R

Fell, Lawrence T (2)

Fellowship of the Deaf

Fels & Co

Felton, Edgar Conway (5)

Feltre, Duc de

Fenn, Joseph E (2)

Fenwick, George

Ferguson, A C

Ferguson, Louis Aloysius (7)

Ferguson, William P

Fernandez, Manuel (3)

Fernberger, H M

Fero, D M S

Ferracute Machine Co (2)

Ferrari, John

Ferree, Barr

Ferrell, Joseph L (4)

Ferrier, William F (3)

Ferro, J (7)

Fessenden, Elisha Joseph

Fessenden, Reginald Aubrey (19)

Fessenko, Johann

Fibre Corp (2)

Fick, Capt

Fickling, William I

Fidelity and Casualty Co

Fidelity and Deposit Co of Maryland

Fidelity Title and Deposit Co

Fidelity Trust Co (5)

Field (Marshall) & Co

Field Engineering Co (4)

Field, Clarence Everett

Field, Cornelius J (11)

Field, Cyrus West (3)

Field, D W

Field, David Dudley

Field, F O

Field, Frank Russell

Field, Horace A

Field, Kate (2)

Field, R M (3)

Field, Stephen Dudley (3)

Fielding, W S

Figlio, Pietro M (2)

Fillman, J W

Filton, George E

Financial Chronicle

Finch, J L

Finch, John W

Finch, Marie

Findley, Alvin Irwin (2)

Findley, Charles Farquhar

Fine, May Z

Fine, Samuel

Finished Steel Co

Finley, John Huston (9)

Finley, William Wilson (2)

Finn, George H

Finney, Charles Emery

Finzi, Giorgio

Firebaugh, Ellen M

Firestone Tire and Rubber Co (7)

Firestone, Harvey Samuel (37)

First Mortgage Guarantee and Trust Co

First National Bank (N.Y. City)

First Ward Local Interest Club (East Orange) (2)

Firth, John

Fischer, Carl

Fischer, Frederick C

Fischer, Henry, (British Telegraph Service) (17)

Fischer, Henry, (Michigan)

Fischer, Isidore

Fish, Charles C (2)

Fish, Fred A

Fish, Frederick Perry (26)

Fish, J P (2)

Fisher (Carl) & Co

Fisher, B Franklin

Fisher, Bud

Fisher, E A (2)

Fisher, Irving (5)

Fisher, Mrs John

Fisher, Robert Jones (2)

Fisk Rubber Co (2)

Fisk, Pliny

Fisk, Willard Clinton

Fiske, Charles H (3)

Fiske, Gertrude E

Fitch and Meserole (4)

Fitch and Vroom (2)

Fitch Fox and Brown (4)

Fitch, Conover (3)

Fitch, Francis (4)

Fitton, George E

Fitzgerald, Charles L W (2)

Fitzgerald, D J

Fitzgerald, Edward M

Fitzgerald, John Joseph

Fitzgerald, Louis

Fitzgerald, N W

Fitzpatrick, W R

Flagg, Jared Bradley

Flaherty, Mary

Flanagan, John J (3)

Flanery, David

Fleischman, Julius W

Fleming (J.) & Co

Fleming, Alfred W (2)

Fleming, Arthur Percy Morris

Fleming, James

Fleming, John J

Fleming, William S

Flesh, Henry (5)

Fletcher, Charles F

Fletcher, Duncan Upshaw

Fletcher, Frank Friday

Fletcher, Theodore

Fletcher, Thomas

Fletcher, Victor S

Fleury, A L

Flexner, Simon (2)

Flicoteaux, Paul

Flinn, Alfred Douglas (2)

Flinn, R W

Flint & Co

Flint (George C.) Co

Flint and Walling Manufacturing Co

Flint, Charles Ranlett (8)

Florian, Julian

Florida Phonograph Co

Floyd, F G

Floyd, H (2)

Flynn and Emerick

Flynn, Thomas J (2)

Fodor, Etienne de (10)

Foell, Frank (2)

Fogg (W.H.) & Co (6)

Foley, L B (3)

Foley, Martin J

Folger, Alice Adele

Folger, Charles James (2)

Folger, Henry Clay, Jr (2)

Follett, Loraine

Follman, M A

Follows, George Herbert (4)

Folsom, George Winthrop

Folsom, Neill Suart (2)

Folwell, William Watts

Fomento de las Artes

Fondersmith, Harry (11)

Fontana, A

Foote Mineral Co (6)

Foote, Albert Edward (8)

Foote, Aug R S (3)

Foote, Charles E

Foote, Emerson (3)

Foote, Frederick W (5)

Foote, Lucius Harwood (5)

Foote, Marietta

Forbes, Bertie Charles (8)

Forbes, George (2)

Forbes, J P

Forbes, R W

Forbes, William Hathaway (4)

Force, Howard J (2)

Force, Martin N (15)

Ford (Henry) Hospital

Ford Bacon and Davis (3)

Ford Motor Co (5)

Ford, Clara Bryant (Mrs Henry) (34)

Ford, Edsel Bryant (2)

Ford, F S

Ford, H C

Ford, Henry (174)

Ford, J Edward

Fordyce, J N

Forecast (Magazine) (3)

Forest Hill Protective Assn (2)

Forman, Henry James (5)

Forrest, J D

Forrester, P C

Forster, W G

Fort Myers (Fla). Council (3)

Fort Myers (Fla). Mayor

Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce (2)

Fort Myers Press (5)

Fortune, John W (11)

Fortuno, Felipe (2)

Forum (Magazine)

Forwood, William B

Foss, Eugene Noble

Foster (J.A.) Co (3)

Foster and Thomson (2)

Foster, Frederic de Puyster (2)

Foster, G W (2)

Foster, George B

Foster, John Watson

Foster, Scott

Foster, Thomas Jefferson (3)

Foster, William Elmore

Foucher de Careil, Louis-Alexander (2)

Fouquet, S D

Fowle, John C (2)

Fowler, Charles Wesley (2)

Fowler, Frank T (4)

Fowler, S N

Fowler, W

Fox and Miller

Fox News (2)

Fox, Edwin M (35)

Fox, Frank H

Fox, Frederick P

Fox, John M

Fox, Maurice E (9)

Fox, William A (3)

France. Commission to Centennial Exhibitoon

France. Minister of Posts and Telegraph

Francis, David Rowland (2)

Francis, H W

Francis, Henry M (4)

Francis, W C

Francis, William H (2)

Franck, Hans A

Francklyn, Reginald (6)

Franco-American Ferment Co

Francois (company)

Frank, Alexander

Frank, Karl Georg

Frank, L George

Franke, Gustav (3)

Franke, Henry (3)

Franklin Institute (10)

Franklin Telegraph Co

Franklin, J E

Franklin, Leo Morris

Franklin, M

Franklin, Walter P, (Mayor)

Franks, Robert Augustus (3)

Fraser (Arthur C.) & Co

Fraser and Chalmers

Fraser, A W

Fraser, G B

Fraser, J H

Fraser, James Earl (2)

Fraser, M A

Frasse & Co

Frasse, Henry Fredric

Fraternal Order of Eagles

Frayer, C B (2)

Frazar & Co (15)

Frazar, Everett (83)

Frazar, Everett Welles (2)

Frazer, Robert (3)

Frazer, Thomas

Frazier, Harry

Frederick, A A

Fredericks, Joseph De Mott

Fredericks, L D

Fredrickson, C F

Freeland, Caroline J

Freeland, Mrs J W

Freeman and Webb (2)

Freeman, Emmons S

Freeman, George S

Freeman, J

Freeman, John L (3)

Freeman, Joseph

Freeman, Manning (17)

Freemantle, George

Freethinkers Society of New York

Freiberger, E N

Freid, Calvin T (4)

Frelinghuysen, Frederick Theodore

Frelinghuysen, Joseph Sherman

Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad (3)

Fremont, Jessie Benton

French Aviation Mission

French Cable Co (2)

French, George

French, Norman R (2)

French, S G

French, Wilfred A

Freshel, Court

Freund (Henry) and Bro (2)

Freund Bros & Co

Frey, Owen Alfred

Friars Club

Frick, Henry Edgeworth (2)

Frick, William C (6)

Friedenstein, A A

Friedlaender, Oscar O

Fries, Henry Elias

Fries, Jons Elias

Friese-Greene, William

Frink Laboratories

Frisbee, Samuel Hanna

Fritz, John (4)

Fritze-Lundt & Co

Frohman, Daniel

Froment (Frank L.) & Co (2)

Fronheiser, James J (3)

Frost, Arthur Cecil (6)

Frost, Edward D

Frost, H H (2)

Frost, J D

Frost, Lowell C

Frost, William Goodell (2)

Fry, George C

Fuchs, Julius

Fuld, Felix

Fuller (Ralph L.) & Co (2)

Fuller Engineering Co (3)

Fuller Warren & Co (2)

Fuller, Henry Jones

Fuller, James B

Fuller, James Wheeler

Fuller, Verdi E B (4)

Fulton Co

Fulton, John, Jr

Funk and Wagnall's Co (2)

Furlong, Frank P

Furman (James H.) & Co

Furman, G B

Furnas, Vincent Edwin (2)

Furth, Seymour

Fyffe and Ryner


G and J Tire Co

Gabel Jones and Gabel (2)

Gabel, J D

Gabler, Arthur C

Gade, Gerhard

Gaertner (William) & Co

Gaff, Hazel B

Gaffney, Sister Joseph Marie (Elizabeth)

Galbraith, Robert M (3)

Galisteo Co (4)

Gall, Adolph F (13)

Gallagher, Daniel Francis (3)

Gallagher, J D

Gallaher, E D (2)

Gallaway, Robert Macy

Gallegos, Manuel

Galligher, William J

Galloway, Reginald

Galvin, M J

Gamble, J W

Gamble, James (2)

Gammon, Frank R

Gamson, S B

Garbit, Fred J

Gardella, Matthew J

Gardiner, Ada F (4)

Gardner (Telephone Co Agent)

Gardner, C A

Gardner, David Moulton (2)

Gardner, H S

Gardner, Hanlon A

Gardner, Samuel

Garfield, Ellery Irving

Garfield, Harry Augustus

Gargan, John (2)

Garland, Charles Launcelot

Garner, Richard Lynch (3)

Garner, W H

Garnett, A S (2)

Garrabrant (C.) and Son

Garratt, Allan Vinal

Garrett, John Work (13)

Garrety, William P (2)

Garrison, C E

Garrison, Charles (2)

Garrison, S O

Garrison, Wendell Phillips

Garrison, William Lloyd, Jr (60)

Gartley, William H (9)

Garvin, James E (5)

Garvin, Lucius Fayette Clark

Gary, Elbert Henry (3)

Gas Light and Coke Co

Gaskill, Charles B

Gasser, M

Gaston and Marsh (4)

Gaston, George B (3)

Gaston, George H

Gaston, Isaac

Gaston, Lucy Page

Gatchell, Oscar J

Gates, E L

Gates, J E

Gatewood, Robert W

Gatling, Richard Jordan

Gaumont Co

Gaunt, Guy Reginald Arthur (2)

Gaunt, James (22)

Gaunt, Thomas T (6)

Gavin, Henry

Gay, Harry S (14)

Gayley, James (5)

Geddes, Eric (4)

Geddes, R M

Gedney, Jerome Dudley

Gedney, Stanley L (2)

Geer, Charles P

Geer, William Chauncey

Geigy Co (3)

Geisenheimer & Co (2)

Geissler, Louis Frederick (2)

General Bakelite Co (2)

General Chemical Co (12)

General Electric Apprentice Training Alumni Assn

General Electric Co (130)

General Film Co (6)

General Incandescent Arc Light Co (2)

General Naval Stores Co

General Vehicle Co (12)

General Zinc Recovery and Lighting Co Ltd (7)

Genesee Chemical Co (2)

Geneva Non-Magnetic Watch Co

Gennert (G.) Co

Gense, Fred T

Genung, Frank H

George, Alice H

George, Charles H

George, E J

George, Mrs G E

Georgia Phonograph Co (2)

Georgia. Board of Education

Georgiadiz, C G

Gerber, Emmie J

Gerbode, Albert G

Gere, Theodore D

Germain, Pierre

German American Car Co (2)

German American Insurance Co of New York

German National Bank (46)

Germania Bank (14)

Germania Insurance Co (2)

Germany. Embassy

Germany. Patent Office

Gernsback, Hugo (8)

Geroche, F W

Gerry (Allston) & Co

Gerry, J H

Gerson, L G

Gerstell, Arnold Frederick

Gerwig, George William

Gesellschaft Urania (4)

Getz, Sarah

Ghegan, John J (2)

Gherardi, Victor (2)

Gibb Livingston Co

Gibbons, J C

Gibbs and Hill

Gibbs, George

Gibbs, Louis D

Gibier, Paul (2)

Gibson Electric Co

Gibson Realty Co (2)

Gibson, David

Gibson, G W

Gibson, Herbert W

Gidding (J.M.) & Co

Giesmann, Henry (4)

Giffard, Pierre (2)

Gifford (Edison Employee) (2)

Gifford, John A

Giger, George Jacob

Gilbert and Barker Manufacturing Co (5)

Gilbert Club

Gilbert, A F

Gilbert, Cass

Gilbert, Charles Hume

Gilbert, Ephriam

Gilbert, Russell S

Gildard, Warren R

Gildea, P F (39)

Gildemeisters and Kamps (2)

Gill, George A

Gill, John Henry

Gill, Mary Jane Stilwell (4)

Gill, Owen A (3)

Gill, Paul Stanley

Gillespie, J D

Gillig, Henry F

Gilliland & Co

Gilliland Electric Co (2)

Gilliland, Ezra Torrance (126)

Gilliland, James F (5)

Gilliland, Robert (23)

Gillmor, Reginald Everett

Gillson and Gillson (2)

Gilman Collamore & Co

Gilman, Benjamin I

Gilmer, John G

Gilmore, F F

Gilmore, William Edgar (1025)

Gilmour, L D H (2)

Gilmour, Robert M

Gilpin, Charles, Jr (2)

Ginger, Bonnie R

Gingrich, James Hetrick (2)

Ginnburg, H H

Giorno, John (2)

Giovine, Pietro (2)

Girard Trust Co (3)

Girard, Mary A B

Githens, W L

Gittins, Robert Henry

Given, Mary Elizabeth

Glading, F W

Gladstone, James W (158)

Glaister, J W (2)

Glaser, George

Glasgow (Scotland). Chief of Police

Glass, David

Glass, Louis (37)

Glazebrook, Otis Allan, Jr

Glen Ridge Park Assn

Glenmont Press

Glennon, James H

Globe Indemnity Co (2)

Globe Machine Co

Globe Security Co

Globe Telephone Co

Gloyn, John Fox

Glynn, Martin Henry

Goalding, F S (2)

Goas, Horace Z

Gocher, John Wesley

Goddard, A L (2)

Goddard, Calvin (55)

Goddard, George Willis

Godman, S O (2)

Goelet, Robert

Goeltz (W.L.) Co

Goethals, George Washington (2)

Gold and Silver Reduction Works Co

Gold and Stock Telegraph Co (15)

Gold Car Heating and Lighting Co

Goldborough, W Laird

Golden, Andrew W

Goldenberg, Carl T (2)

Golding and Sons Co

Golding, John H

Goldman Sachs & Co

Goldsberry, Louise Dunham

Goldstein, Ignacy (13)

Goldthwaite, H G

Goldwyn, Samuel

Goltra, John Nelson

Gompf, Willard C

Gonin, B W

Gooch, W W

Goode, E T

Goode, John

Goodell, John (2)

Goodfellow, George

Goodman, John

Goodrich (B.F.) Co

Goodrich, Caspar Frederick (2)

Goodrich, Charles Cross

Goodridge, J C, Jr

Goodsell, C W

Goodspeed, Marcella (2)

Goodstein, Mrs M

Goodwin, C B

Goodwin, Charles Edwin (15)

Goodwin, Henry D

Goodwin, N M

Goodwin, William

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co (5)

Goodyear, George

Goodyear, Miles W

Goold, Fredrick D'A

Gordon, Alex B

Gordon, Alphonso E

Gordon, I R

Gordon, J M

Gordon, James Edward Henry

Gordon, Theodore H

Gore, C E

Gore, George

Gore, W F

Gorham & Co

Gorham, Jane Rose (Mrs George E.)

Gorsuch (L.C.) & Co

Gorsuck, Charles

Gorton, Frank S (10)

Goshorn, Alfred Traber

Goslett, Charles A (2)

Gosling, Francis Goodwin

Gotsch, J

Gottesman (M.) & Co

Gottlieb, Jacques L

Gottschalk, Felix (22)

Gouge, Edward H

Gould, George H

Gould, Jay (31)

Gouraud, George Edward (579)

Gouraud, Jackson

Gouyard, G M

Gove, C

Gove, C E

Gove, J E

Gover, Henry Charles (2)

Gower, Frederick Allen

Gower-Bell Telephone Co Ltd

Graber, Howard Tyler

Grace (W.R.) & Co (7)

Grady, Henry Woodfin

Graf, Thomas (81)

Gragg, Isaac P

Graham Pottery Works

Graham, Charles (3)

Graham, David

Graham, James Frank (2)

Graham, John (2)

Graham, Ruth H (2)

Graham, S M

Graham, William Pratt

Grainger, Mildred V

Grainsborg, Maria Paz

Gran Circulo de Obreros de Mexico

Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad

Grand Trunk Railway (Canada) (6)

Granitex Co

Grant (Edison Employee)

Grant and Williams

Grant, Albert Weston

Grant, C W

Grant, Collier C (2)

Grant, David D

Grant, G W (2)

Grant, George Monro

Grant, Hugh John

Grant, James Alexander (3)

Grant, Louis T

Grant, Seth Hastings

Grant, Walter Schuyler

Graphic (London) (3)

Grasselli Chemical Co (3)

Grau, Robert (7)

Graves (Frank B.) Co

Graves, Charles Hinman (2)

Graves, William A (5)

Gray (William S.) & Co (2)

Gray and Danforth

Gray and Davis Co

Gray, D

Gray, Dr C D

Gray, Edgar

Gray, Elisha

Gray, J N

Gray, Joseph Preston

Gray, M C

Gray, Prof A

Gray, R J

Gray, Reginald (4)

Gray, W M

Gray, William

Gray, William J (6)

Great Britain. Board of Trade

Great Britain. Government (4)

Great Britain. Parliament

Great Britain. Post Office

Great Britain. Post Office. Dublin Secretary

Great Northwestern Telegraph Co (Canada) (19)

Greeley (E.S.) & Co

Greely, Adolphus Washington

Green, Charles N

Green, F D

Green, Grant (2)

Green, Herbert

Green, J H

Green, James L

Green, James O (3)

Green, John Pugh

Green, Nelson L

Green, Norvin (17)

Green, Shipton (3)

Green, Susie

Green, Walter B

Greene, Samuel Dana, Jr (31)

Greene, Willard C (13)

Greenfield, Edwin Truman (9)

Greenley, Thomas D (2)

Greenough, J J

Greenport Basin and Construction Co

Greenwood, William (2)

Gregg, G M

Gregori, Elsa

Gregory, H L

Gregory, James Reynolds

Gregory, William H

Greiner, Emil (2)

Gress, George Valentine (2)

Gress, Morgan V

Greul, W Herman

Greusel, John Hubert

Gridley, Royal E (3)

Griess, George G (3)

Griffin, Eugene (5)

Griffin, Gilroy Wells (2)

Griffin, J P

Griffin, P H

Griffin, Robert Stanislaus (2)

Griffin, Stockton L (255)

Griffin, William

Griffith, George (2)

Grigg, F R (5)

Grimaldo, Vincenzo

Grimes, Harry Rutter (3)

Grimshaw, James T (2)

Grimshaw, Robert (3)

Grimwood, Mrs M

Grinnell Bros (2)

Grinnell, James Seymour

Grissam, Clyde

Grissinger, Elwood

Groedel, Erno

Groene, John F

Groenewegen, A

Grose, Parlee C

Grosfeld, William

Gross, George P

Gross, Howard H (3)

Gross, William J

Grothe, Otto

Grout Bros Automobile Co (9)

Grove, L N

Grove, Winfield Scott

Grower, George G (3)

Grubb, Eugene Housel (5)

Grunstein, William

Guanajuato Development Co

Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Co

Guenther, Frank G

Guenther, John Joseph

Guenther, Rev E H

Guerin, Mrs William H

Guffey, James McClurg

Guggenheim, William

Guide Scientifique

Guidley, T L

Guilbert, Eugene A

Guiler, Henry Anderson

Guilford and Waltersville Granite Co (2)

Guimaraes, Henry (7)

Guinther, W H

Guion, William H

Guiterman, Kenneth S (3)

Gulf Pipe Line Co

Gulick, W M

Gummar, J

Gundlach Optical Co (11)

Gundlach, E T (2)

Gurd, William J

Gurnee, William Theodore (2)

Gusman, Fillippo

Gustin, George A

Gutekunst, Frederick

Guy, George H (3)

Guzman Blanco, Antonio

Gwynne, Charles Thomas (3)


Haag, Louise G

Haas, Charles (2)

Haberkorn, L J

Habermann Manufacturing Co

Habersham, William W (2)

Habirshaw Electric Cable Co

Hackett, John C

Hackett, Mrs E A

Hadden, William

Haddock, William F

Haffenreffer, Rudolph Frederick, Jr

Hafner, Charles Andrew

Hagan, H J (3)

Hagan, John

Hagar, Edward McKim (3)

Hagelin, August (3)

Hagemeyer and Brunn

Hagerty Bros & Co (4)

Hagerty, Edward E

Haggerty, Daniel T

Hahne & Co

Haid, Alfred (6)

Haigh, De Lagnel

Haigh, R, Jr

Hain, B Burnett

Hain, W D

Haines, Henry R

Haines, John P (4)

Haines, Richard Townley (7)

Haire, R J

Hake, Mr

Halcyon Park Improvement Assn

Haldeman Grubb & Co (2)

Hale and Fiske

Hale and Walcott (3)

Hale, Albert Cable

Hale, Arthur (4)

Hale, George Silsbee (2)

Hale, Richard Walden

Hale, Stanford

Halfin, Walter (3)

Halford, G A

Halgrim, Ronald Theodore

Hall and Benjamin

Hall, Alexander G

Hall, Arthur C

Hall, Bolton

Hall, C C T

Hall, C H

Hall, Charles Elley

Hall, Clarence A (2)

Hall, Frederick James

Hall, George W

Hall, Henry Noble

Hall, J B, Jr

Hall, J, Jr (15)

Hall, James P

Hall, John W

Hall, Tomas Proctor

Hall, W G (6)

Hall, W H

Halland Bros

Halle Bros Co

Hallenbeck, Harry C

Hallowell, G W (8)

Halpin, Zachariah Power (5)

Halsey Stuart & Co

Halvorsen, Adolph

Hamburger, Simon

Hamill, Chalmers Martin (2)

Hamill, W J Wallace

Hamilton (S.) & Co

Hamilton, Charles

Hamilton, Fletcher M

Hamilton, George A (3)

Hamilton, Hugh

Hamilton, Hugh De Coursey (20)

Hamilton, J M

Hamilton, John C

Hamilton, W A

Hamilton-Otto Coke Co (2)

Hamlin, E B

Hammeken y Mexia, George

Hammer, Edwin Wesley

Hammer, William Alexander

Hammer, William Joseph (131)

Hammond Typewriter Co (2)

Hammond, D S

Hammond, Graeme Monroe (2)

Hammond, Halsey

Hammond, John Hays (2)

Hammond, Robert

Hampson (E.P.) & Co

Hampson, Edward P (24)

Hampton, Benjamin B (5)

Hampton, Richard (2)

Hampton, William H (4)

Hanaford, Frank A (9)

Hance, H H

Hancock, Herbert Ernest

Handford, Thomas John (33)

Handibode, Mary

Handley, A H

Hanford, Charles Barnum (5)

Hanford, George Bennett (2)

Hanford, George Bennett, Jr

Hanington, Charles F (26)

Haniquet, George

Hanley, John A (2)

Hanlon, William J

Hanna and Andrus Manufacturing Co (2)

Hanna, H N (2)

Hanna, W R

Hanna, Wilson Creal

Hanrahan, William J

Hansen, Hans Peter (2)

Hansen, Harry E

Hansen, Joseph F

Hansen, Mrs A M

Hansl, Proctor W

Hanson Bros

Hanson, Howard (2)

Hanson, W T

Hapgoods Inc (3)

Harbrock, J A H

Hardcastle and Wynn (2)

Harden, John H

Hardenburg, W P (6)

Hardigg, Carl A

Hardin, John (3)

Hardin, John Ralph (23)

Harding and Burnap

Harding, E F

Harding, James Horace (2)

Harding, T Walter

Harding, Warren Gamaliel (2)

Hardman, Lamartine Griffin

Hardwick, B

Hardy's Subterranean Scenery Co

Hardy, H

Hardy, T B

Hardy, Warren

Hardy, William Abbott (30)

Harger and Blish (16)

Hargis and Eastin

Hargrave, P M (2)

Hargreaves, Randall (5)

Harjes, Amelia Hessenbruch (Mrs John H.)

Harjes, Henry Herman (9)

Harjes, John Henry (40)

Harkness Fire Extinguisher Co (8)

Harlan, Edgar Rubey (2)

Harlan, O P

Harley-Davidson Motor Co (3)

Harmon, William

Harms, Henry J, Jr (3)

Harmsworth, Alfred, (Lord Northcliffe) (3)

Harn, William Fremont

Harper and Bros (5)

Harper, Donald (3)

Harper, John Dixon

Harper, O M

Harper, Olive

Harrap, W H

Harrell, J J

Harrington, Bernard James

Harrington, Carrie Buchanan (2)

Harrington, George (58)

Harris and Ewing (4)

Harris and Mills (2)

Harris and Robinson (35)

Harris and Rudd

Harris and Samuels

Harris, A R

Harris, C B

Harris, Caroline Jenkins (Mrs Cicero W.)

Harris, Cecil H (2)

Harris, Charles B (5)

Harris, Charles K

Harris, Edmund C (3)

Harris, Eliza L

Harris, Emerson Pitt (2)

Harris, H K

Harris, James (50)

Harris, Joseph S (3)

Harris, Julian Larose

Harris, Norman A

Harris, Thomas C

Harris, Ward

Harris, Warren Stone (8)

Harris, William A

Harrisburg Electric Light Co (2)

Harrison Bros & Co

Harrison, F H

Harrison, Frank (3)

Harrison, I A (3)

Harrison, James L

Harrison, James P

Harrison, M C

Harrison, Milton Whately

Harrison, Walton

Harrisse, Henry

Harrods Ltd

Hart, Charles Nelson

Hart, Coleridge A

Hart, George Edwin

Hart, George Spencer

Hart, H E

Hart, Henry W (4)

Hartford Electric Light Co

Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection Co

Hartford Times (2)

Hartford, George Huntington

Hartley, Bernard W (2)

Hartley, Jonathan Scott (2)

Hartman, Frank B

Hartman, Fred S

Hartman, John M

Hartmann, Eugen

Hartmann, Miner Louis (2)

Hartsuff, Albert (2)

Hartt, Albert W

Hartwell, George H (4)

Hartzell, Henry Kerr (12)

Harvard Aeronautical Society

Harvard Medical School (2)

Harvard Wireless Club

Harvey Bros

Harvey's (A.) Sons Manufacturing Co Ltd

Harvey, E L

Harvey, Sylvester B

Harvey, Thomas William

Harward, Hubert W

Harwood, Charles McHenry

Haskell, E E

Haskins, Caryl Davis (3)

Hassan, Ali Asghar

Hasse, Charles

Hasselbauer, H J

Hastings, Charles W

Hastings, Edward Holland

Hastings, Frank Seymour (116)

Hastings, H J

Hastings, Orlando B

Hatch, Charles D

Hatch, Charles P

Hatch, Henri (2)

Hatch, Minnie

Hatch, Rufus

Hately, George

Hathaway, Charles W

Hathaway, Clarence Lockwood

Hathaway, E H

Hathaway, Winifred Phillips

Hatheway and Reynolds

Hatke, John J

Hauber, M, Jr

Haughey, G F

Hauschild Music Co

Hauschild, Henry John

Hauser, Carl (3)

Hausrath, Alfred H

Hautrive, M

Havemeyer, Charles W (2)

Haven, George F (2)

Havestadt, Christian

Hawaiian News Co Ltd

Hawes, H K

Hawkins, A

Hawkins, John M (2)

Hawkins, Maria A

Hawksley, Bouchier F

Hawley, Alan Ramsey (2)

Hawley, Atty F

Haworth Stone and Building Co

Hawthorne, Julian

Hay, Charles William

Hay, Howard Morton

Haycock, George

Hayden, Peter

Hayes and Lambert (3)

Hayes, Clarence Bowser (23)

Hayes, D W

Hayes, Harriet Hayden (2)

Hayes, Helen Augusta (3)

Hayes, Henry

Hayes, Howard W (80)

Hayes, William Alphonsus (5)

Haynes (C.B.) & Co (5)

Haynes (D.O.) & Co (5)

Haynes, C B (3)

Haynes, John P

Haynes, N W

Hays, George (2)

Hays, Isaac Minis

Hays, Will H

Hayward Perry and Francklyn (10)

Hazard (E.C.) & Co

Hazard, Rowland Robinson

Hazel, John Raymond

Hazeltine, Addison H (2)

Hazen, William Babcock

Heafer, Arthur

Heal, William E

Heald, Daniel Addison (3)

Heald, Pusey Bancroft (4)

Healey, Warren Mansfield

Healy, John

Heap and Rouison

Hearle, E (2)

Hearsey, Thomas

Hearst, William Randolph

Heasman, Mr

Heaton, Warren

Hebard, George Whiting

Hebstenberg, John M

Heckemann (Joh.) (2)

Heckscher, August

Hector Observatory

Hedden (V.J.) and Sons

Hedden, R M

Heeley, Charles H (2)

Heenan, James R

Hege, C A

Hege, Thomas C

Hegewisch, Adolf (3)

Heine Safety Boiler Co

Heine, C

Heinz (H.J.) Co

Heise, Theodore Robert

Heitman (H.E.) Co (2)

Heitman, Harvie Earnhardt (52)

Helicopter Co

Heller and Merz Co (9)

Heller, D C

Heller, John A

Helm and Knight (2)

Helm, John E (13)

Helmholtz, Hermann von

Helseth, S T

Helvert, B von

Hember, Miss, (Edison Employee)

Hemenway, Mary

Hemmel, George H (3)

Hemstreet, William (2)

Henderson Motor Cycle Co

Henderson, Alfred E

Henderson, C F

Henderson, Charles Hanford

Henderson, George (3)

Henderson, George A (2)

Henderson, George Riter

Henderson, John C (102)

Henderson, John M, (London) (6)

Henderson, Peter

Henderson, T W (2)

Henderson, Thomas K (2)

Henderson, Tony

Henderson, William H

Hendrick, Ellwood

Hendrickson, Charles J

Hendrickson, Jos G

Henke, Emil

Hennessy, Charles E

Hennessy, John C (2)

Hennesy, J A

Henninger, G

Hennis, Charles M (3)

Henry, Jacob (2)

Henry, Joseph (3)

Henry, N F

Henry, Robert (2)

Henry, Sam D

Hensel, Julius

Hensel, Samuel T

Hensinger, D D (3)

Hepburn, Alonzo Barton

Hepburn, Arthur Japy

Hepner, Jeannette S

Herbert & Co

Herbert, Carl

Herbert, Daniel (2)

Herbert, John Warne (2)

Hering, Carl (3)

Hering, Frank Earl

Hermann, Binger

Hermann, D

Heron, Fred (3)

Herr, Austin

Herr, Edwin Musser

Herreshoff Manufacturing Co (5)

Herrick, Albert Bledsoe

Herrick, Jacob Hobart (12)

Herrick, Myron Timothy (4)

Herring, O H

Herrmann, Charles E

Herron, John William

Herschel, Clemens (2)

Herschmann, Arthur (2)

Herter Bros (3)

Herter, Christian

Herter, Emil (36)

Herts Bros (5)

Herz, Cornelius (2)

Herzog Art Furniture Co

Herzog, John

Herzog, Mayor

Heslop, J A

Hespe, Mrs William

Hess Steel Corp

Hess, Aaron Binkley

Hess, Edward B

Hess, F

Hess, George H

Hess, Godfrey

Hess, Jacob (2)

Hesse, Bernhard Conrad

Hetherington, George (2)

Hetschel, Albert (2)

Hewes and Phillips

Hewitt, Abram Stevens (8)

Hewitt, Albert

Hewitt, Charles Edward

Hewitt, Peter Cooper (4)

Hewitt, Richard

Hewitzy, J L

Hewson, James

Hexter, S

Hexter, S M

Hey, Jacob

Heyden Chemical Works (7)

Heyer, Charles

Heyl, H L

Heyne, William Davidson

Heysinger, Isaac W

Hibbard, Charles L

Hibben, John Grier (5)

Hibbert, W

Hibble, William E (17)

Hibler, Irving (2)

Hickey, J M

Hickman, David Kelsey (3)

Hickok, C C

Hicks (H.) and Son

Hicks, Harry Clark

Hicks, Louis (10)

Hicks, William Jackson

Hickson, J L (2)

Hickson, Joseph (3)

Hidalgo Mining Co

Hidden, William Earl (11)

Hiddleson, William Aluero

Hieber (John C.) & Co (2)

Higbee, R B

Higdon, Charles E

Higgins, A F

Higgins, A S, Jr (2)

Higgins, E D

Higgins, Harry Bertram

Higgins, J

High Point Hosiery Mills Inc

Higham, Daniel (5)

Hilburn, P (2)

Hildebert, Mary

Hilden, August

Hilfers, Henry F

Hill & Co

Hill Automatic Sprinkler Co

Hill, Aaron (3)

Hill, C H

Hill, Charles Smith

Hill, Frank Pierce (3)

Hill, George H

Hill, J M (13)

Hill, James H (2)

Hill, Jeremiah Clinton (3)

Hill, John

Hill, Percival Smith (3)

Hill, S Ambrose

Hill, Samuel (5)

Hill, Sarah L (2)

Hill, Thomas A (3)

Hill, W J R (2)

Hillas, Robert John

Hillman, H W

Hillquit, Morris

Hills, Joel H (10)

Hills, Mrs Frank H

Hills, S R

Hiltner, John A

Hilton, Dr G W

Hilton, George P

Hilton, Linden (2)

Hilyard, H A

Himes, Charles Francis

Hinchcliff, Allan (2)

Hinchman, J C (2)

Hindley, Robert C

Hinds & Co

Hinds Ketcham & Co (2)

Hinds, Joseph E

Hintze, Harry Louis

Hipkins, Bayley

Hipple, James C (2)

Hiraoka, T

Hird, Allan M (26)

Hirsch (L.) & Co

Hirsch, Dr J

Hirsch, E N

Hirshberg, Leonard Keene

Hitchcock, Ethan Allen (3)

Hitchcock, Halbert Kellogg (26)

Hitchcock, James Ripley Wellman (3)

Hitchcock, Lucius Wolcott

Hitchcock, Sarah McNeil (Mrs Lucius W.)

Hitt, Robert Roberts (3)

Hix, William Preston (45)

Hoadley, David (2)

Hoadley, Jos H

Hoadly & Co

Hoard, Halbert Louis (2)

Hoare, James

Hobby, H M

Hobson and Sons

Hoch, Theodore

Hochster, William Rice

Hodgdon, Daniel Russell

Hodge, Percy (2)

Hodge, W M

Hodges, A D C

Hodges, T D (3)

Hodgkins, Arthur P

Hodgkinson, William (5)

Hodgman Rubber Co (2)

Hoe (Robert) & Co (2)

Hoe, Stephen S

Hoenigsberger (A.) (4)

Hoes, William M

Hoexter, Herman H

Hoey, John (3)

Hoey, Miss J G

Hoey, William

Hoff, Rasmus

Hoff, William L

Hoffbauer, F

Hoffman, Archibald David (5)

Hoffman, Carl

Hoffman, Edward L

Hoffman, Frederick L

Hoffman, H H (6)

Hoffman, Herman

Hoffman, James H

Hoffman, Wickham

Hoffman, William F (10)

Hofmann, A J (3)

Hofmann, Josef Casimir (8)

Hofmann-Sproul Co

Hofmeyer, George A (3)

Hogan, Daniel (2)

Hogan, Mr

Hoge, W M

Hoggson Bros

Hohmann and Mauer Manufacturing Co

Holbeck, Austin Alexander

Holbein, William Edward

Holbrook, A M

Holbrook, George E (4)

Holbrook, J K

Holcombe, Maj A M (2)

Holden, Delos (110)

Holden, Edward Singleton (18)

Holden, Howard B

Holding, Arthur F

Holgate, Claude E (2)

Hollaman, Richard G

Holland Bros (3)

Holland Society of New York (3)

Holland Torpedo Boat Co (2)

Holland, Andrew

Holland, Franklin Pierce

Holland, John Philip (2)

Holland, Newman Henry (2)

Holland, Walter Elam (9)

Holland. Minister of Agriculture Commerce and Indus (2)

Hollander (A.) and Son

Hollander, Benjamin William (2)

Holleman, H M

Holley-Nichols Co

Hollis, H H

Holloran, Mary A

Holloway, Alfred

Holloway, George Thomas

Holly, Henry Hudson (9)

Holman, Charles Leavitt

Holmes and Blanchard Co (2)

Holmes, Edwin Thomas

Holmes, Robert C P (2)

Holmes, S A

Holmes, William Jay (2)

Holmquist, F L (3)

Holt Manufacturing Co

Holt, Ben C

Holt, Winifred

Holt-Welles Co

Holway, T B

Holyoke Machine Co (2)

Holzer, Mary Edison (3)

Holzer, William (13)

Holzhauer, Charles

Home Insurance Co (4)

Honike, Charles

Honiss, John (3)

Honodle, C D

Honthumb, Caspar Alexander

Hood, O P

Hooper (William J.) and Son

Hooper, George H, Jr (5)

Hooper, Harris G (2)

Hoover Harris & Co

Hoover, Arthur L

Hoover, Herbert Clark

Hoover, John J

Hoover, Robert B

Hoover, Sanford

Hope, Harry Chancelor (2)

Hopflinger, Charles O (2)

Hopkins and Witty (2)

Hopkins, A R

Hopkins, Albert A

Hopkins, G C (3)

Hopkins, George Milton (26)

Hopkins, H L

Hopkins, John H (2)

Hopkins, Luther S

Hopkins, Marcus C

Hopkins, Nevil Monroe (3)

Hopkinson, Edward

Hopkinson, John (2)

Hopley, F D

Hopp, George

Hopper, Edmund K

Hopper, Herbert

Hoppin, William Warner

Hopps, Elizabeth B D

Horey, Frank D

Horn, John H

Hornblower, William Butler

Horne, Margaret

Horne, William Eugene (7)

Horney, Odus C (2)

Hornig, Julius L

Hornsby, Mr

Horrell, O

Horrwitz, Hugo

Horsburgh, James, Jr

Horstmann, Henry Charles

Horton and Olney

Hoskin, John (9)

Hosking, Clarence L D

Hosmer, Charles R (9)

Hosmer, John G

Hosmer, Katherine Tipton (Mrs George E.)

Hotchkiss, E Hubbell

Hotchkiss, Horace Leslie (6)

Hotchkiss, L A

Hotel Frontenac (New York) (2)

Hotel Normandie (N.Y. City)

Houck, A T (2)

Hough, Charles Merrill

Hough, Frank L, Jr

Hough, James Edward

Houghton Mifflin & Co (2)

Houghton Osgood & Co

Houghton, Francis W

Houpt, Harry Sterling

House, George A (2)

Houston & Co

Houston, David Crawford

Houston, David Franklin (6)

Houston, Edwin James (9)

Houston, George Harrison

Houston, Miss N S

Hovey, A H

Hovey, E W

Hovey, J

Hovey, William Alfred (2)

Howard, Albert H

Howard, Esme (2)

Howard, Francis W

Howard, H B

Howard, Henry, (Chemical Engineer) (6)

Howard, Henry, (Governor) (9)

Howard, Percy

Howard, Thomas

Howard-Smith, Logan

Howarth Bros (3)

Howarth, Harry Arthur Stevens

Howe, Arthur Whitney (22)

Howe, Ernest J

Howe, Frank Perley

Howe, George W

Howe, H W (3)

Howe, Henry Marion (5)

Howe, James H (2)

Howe, Lillias Turner

Howe, Louis McHenry

Howe, William Read (2)

Howell, Alex J

Howell, Irwin W

Howell, J F (5)

Howell, John White (15)

Howell, Wilson Stout (8)

Howells, William Dean

Howes, F H

Howes, M J

Howison, J F

Howitz, Isabel

Howland, George G

Howlett, Edward C

Hoyt, Albert E

Hoyt, Alfred W (7)

Hoyt, George

Hoyt, Henry Reese (8)

Hoyt, John Sherman

Huang, Tien Lai

Hub Dyestuff and Chemical Co

Hubbard Price & Co

Hubbard, Elbert Green

Hubbard, Elisha B (22)

Hubbard, Frederick A

Hubbard, Gardiner Greene (128)

Hubbard, John Tomlinson (2)

Hubbard, Perry Lamb

Hubbard, Samuel (3)

Hubbell, Charles J

Hubbell, Harry C

Hubbell, William Wheeler

Huber, Frederick

Hubert, Philip Gengembre, Jr (4)

Huch, Wilhelm

Hudson and Essex Gas Co (4)

Hudson River Stone Supply Co

Hudson, Charles Henry

Hudson, Elisha Evans (8)

Hudson, John Elbridge (11)

Hudson, S Terry

Huelsenkamp and Cranford

Huey, Samuel Baird

Huff, C W

Huffsteller, David

Hufstader, Lauriela (Mrs William H.)

Hufty, Samuel

Huger, Frank (3)

Huggett, Mrs E

Hughart, William O

Hughes (William) & Co (2)

Hughes and Browning

Hughes Electric Heating Co (2)

Hughes, B

Hughes, C H

Hughes, Charles Evans (2)

Hughes, Charles Turner (77)

Hughes, David Edward

Hughes, Edward Everett (2)

Hughes, George Alexander (2)

Hughes, J D

Hughes, Laura (Mrs Charles T.)

Hughes, Peter J (4)

Hughes, R M (3)

Hughes, William H T

Hughes, William, (Editor)

Hughes, William, (U.S. Senator) (5)

Hulbert, George Murray (2)

Hull, Charles Wager

Hull, Mr

Hulse, Edward Pierce

Humberstone, J A

Humbird, James Smith

Hume, D C M

Hume, Leland

Hume-Gibbons, Robert

Hummer, Dr

Humphrey, Andrew B

Humphries, F R

Humstone, Walter Coutant

Hunt, Andrew Murray (6)

Hunt, Bessie

Hunt, Carleton

Hunt, Edward L

Hunt, George S

Hunt, John Leander Starr

Hunter (E.H.) & Co (2)

Hunter, C J

Hunter, Charles Francis (44)

Hunter, D F

Hunter, Lillian

Hunter, Morris M

Hunter, William, (Western Union)

Hunterman, Albert C

Huntington, S (2)

Huntley, Charles R

Huntley, Will

Hurd, Mrs L M

Hurd, W B (2)

Hurd, W W

Hurlbut, Harold

Hurley, Edward Nash (8)

Hurley, Thomas J

Hurley, Walter S

Hurt, Huber William

Husbands, Jose D (23)

Hussey, Joseph W

Hussey, Marcus L M (12)

Hussey, Oren S (3)

Hutcheson, Irmgart (Mrs Ernest) (2)

Hutchinson, Cary Talcott (3)

Hutchinson, Frederick Lane (2)

Hutchinson, H B

Hutchinson, John B

Hutchinson, Joseph (65)

Hutchinson, N C

Hutchinson, Winfield Scott (4)

Hutchison (Miller Reese) Inc

Hutchison Acoustic Co (3)

Hutchison, Miller Reese (251)

Hutton, Frederick Remsen

Hyams, Nat

Hyatt Filter Co

Hyde, Alfred D (2)

Hyde, Henry M

Hyer, Anna B

Hyman, Mark

Hynes, Dibrell P


Ibbs, Herbert Edward

Ihlseng, M H

Iles, George (3)

Ill, Arthur

Illinois Central Railroad (6)

Illinois Traction Co

Illuminating Engineering Society (3)

Illustrated Outdoor World and Recreation

Ilsen, Isa Maud (3)

Imbrie, Andrew C (4)

Imhauser, E

Impervious Product Co

Importers and Traders National Bank

Improvement Society of Menlo Park


Independent Film Exchange

Independent Moving Pictures Company of America

India Rubber World

Indiana Steel Co (2)

Indiana. Institution for the Deaf

Industrial Improvement Assn (Japan)

Industrial Management (3)

Industrial News

Ingals, E Fletcher

Ingersoll (Robert H.) and Bro (2)

Ingersoll, Charles H (4)

Ingersoll, L R

Ingersoll-Rand Co

Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Co (18)

Ingham, Robert

Inglis, J L

Inland Steel Co (5)

Inman Steamship Co

Inman, A D

Inman, Edward R

Inman, Ethel

Innes, Robert S

Innet, E S

Institute of Scientific Research

Insull, Joseph (8)

Insull, Louisa S

Insull, Samuel (3612)

Insull, Samuel, Sr (3)

Insurance Company of North America

Intercolonial Railroad

Intercolonial Railway of Canada

Interior Conduit and Insulation Co (2)

International Academy of Botanical Geography

International Acheson Graphite Co (2)

International Banking Corp

International Committee Young Mens Christian Assns (2)

International Congress of Applied Chemistry

International Correspondence Schools (3)

International Edison Phonograph Dealers Assn (2)

International Equipment Co

International Film Service

International Graphophone Co (3)

International Instrument Co

International Longfellow Society

International Motor Truck Co

International Music Publishing Co

International News Co (3)

International Nickel Co (3)

International Printing Telegraph Co

International Railway Telegraph and Telephone Co

International Syndicate

International Textbook Co (2)

International Trade Press Inc

International Typographical Union

Internationale Kinoindustrie Ausstellung (4)

Interstate Public Service Co

Inventive Age (2)

Inventor's League of the USA

Investors Agency Inc

Iogolevitch, Paul Michael (Capton Michael Paul)

Iott, George H

Iowa Electrical Assn

Iowa Paint Manufacturing Co

Iowa Phonograph Co (2)

Iowa. Architect

Ireland, David W

Ireland, Frederic (9)

Ireton, Albert C (22)

Ireton, Robert Emmett

Iron (2)

Iron Age (4)

Iron and Steel Institute

Iron and Steel Institute. American Reception Comm (2)

Iron Ore

Iron Trade Review (4)

Iroquois Hotel (Buffalo) (2)

Irvine, Samuel (2)

Irving, Alexander Duer

Irwin, Charles P

Irwin, L H

Irwin, Mrs I M

Isaacs, Philip (4)

Iselin, Henry S

Isenstein (Otto) & Co

Ishiguro, Isoji (2)

Isom, W H

Isthmian Canal Commission

Italian Chamber of Commerce

Italy. Consul General (2)

Italy. Minister of Finance

Ivatts, E A

Ives Blakeslee & Co

Ives Inventions

Ives Process Co

Ives, Mr

Ives, William Hosmer (3)

Ivins (Ellwood) Tube Works (7)

Ivins, Ellwood (7)


Jackson, C H

Jackson, Dugald Caleb (6)

Jackson, George Thomas

Jackson, Hubert F (2)

Jackson, L A (2)

Jackson, Louis

Jackson, M

Jackson, Milton P

Jackson, O W (2)

Jackson, Robert Ellsworth

Jackyll, J A

Jacobi, Oscar William (2)

Jacobs, Francis W

Jacobsen, Charles F

Jacobus, A D (5)

Jacobus, David Schenck

Jacques, William White (4)

James, A W

James, G D (2)

James, James

James, May Rosella

James, Prof C

James, Samuel E

James, Thomas N

Jamestown Exposition Co

Jamieson, Andrew

Jamison, William L (7)

Janes, Louis G (2)

Janeway, Jacob Jones

Janik, Rudolf

Janny, A

Japan. Consul General

Japan. Minister (2)

Jaques, E A (7)

Jarvis Engineering Co (2)

Jarvis, C S

Jarvis, John

Jay, W N

Jayne, David Walker (3)

Jayne, F N

Jayne, J E

Jayne, Morris D (6)

Jaynes, Frank

Jeandheur, George E

Jefferson School

Jeffery, M

Jeffrey Manufacturing Co

Jeffries, Mrs B M

Jehl, Francis (93)

Jemison, S S

Jend, D J

Jenkin, Edward

Jenkins, Alfred Blunt

Jenkins, Elizabeth

Jenkins, F C

Jenkins, J G

Jenkins, J J (2)

Jenkins, Mrs A K

Jenkins, Mrs M M

Jenkins, Philip Oscar

Jenkins, Ralph R

Jenkins, Thomas E

Jenks, Charles N

Jenks, William J (98)

Jennings, Edward William (2)

Jennings, James Thomas (5)

Jennings, N A (2)

Jensvold, Christopher

Jentsch, Arthur A

Jepson, H E

Jerry, H W (2)

Jervey, Henry

Jessup, George A

Jessup, Henry Wynans (5)

Jewell (P.) and Sons

Jewett, Frank Baldwin (13)

Jewett, J H

Jewish Daily Forward (2)

Joel (Alfred) & Co

John, Robert

Johns (H.W.) Manufacturing Co (2)

Johns-Manville Co (6)

Johnson (Lewis) & Co

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson Matthey & Co (7)

Johnson, A W

Johnson, Anna (Mrs Axel) (2)

Johnson, Arthur B (17)

Johnson, B Frank (5)

Johnson, C A

Johnson, C F

Johnson, C H

Johnson, C P (2)

Johnson, C R (5)

Johnson, Capt A W

Johnson, Charles

Johnson, Charles E

Johnson, Charles Fabian Herman (2)

Johnson, Charles M

Johnson, Charles W

Johnson, E B (2)

Johnson, E G

Johnson, Edward Hibberd (801)

Johnson, Eldridge Reeves (4)

Johnson, Evan

Johnson, F R (2)

Johnson, F U

Johnson, Frederick William

Johnson, G W

Johnson, George

Johnson, George Arthur

Johnson, Henry Eneu (2)

Johnson, Julius

Johnson, Ligon

Johnson, Margaret Kenney (Mrs Edward H.)

Johnson, Mrs J M (2)

Johnson, Mrs S N (2)

Johnson, Nathan Clarke

Johnson, P

Johnson, Philip M

Johnson, Richard C

Johnson, Robert Underwood (12)

Johnson, William E (3)

Johnson, William T (2)

Johnson, Woolsey McA (2)

Johnson-Lundell Electric Traction Co Ltd

Johnston (Isaac G.) & Co

Johnston, A B

Johnston, Albert Wheeler (11)

Johnston, Archibald (2)

Johnston, E R

Johnston, Frederick A

Johnston, J D

Johnston, W J (3)

Johnstone, W H

Jones (Ed.) & Co

Jones (Music Dealer)

Jones and Hadnot

Jones, A E (8)

Jones, B M

Jones, Charles Jesse (Buffalo)

Jones, Charles S (3)

Jones, Elmer Ray

Jones, F R (2)

Jones, Francis Arthur (5)

Jones, Francis W

Jones, Frederick W (6)

Jones, George S

Jones, H S

Jones, Henry A

Jones, Henry R

Jones, Herbert C

Jones, James K (2)

Jones, John S

Jones, L E (2)

Jones, Leonidas Campbell

Jones, Lewis L

Jones, Marcus Eugene (2)

Jones, Mark Manderville (5)

Jones, Robert M (2)

Jones, W B

Jones, Whitney Blake

Jones, William

Jones, William H Quayle (2)

Jones, Willis H (2)

Jopson, Charles W

Jordan, G H

Jordan, Sarah

Journal of Education

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (4)

Journal Printing Co

Journalist Publishing Co

Jovian League (2)

Joy, Albert Bruce

Joyce, Cmdr C S

Joyes, John W (3)

Judd, B

Judd, George E

Judd, Sylvester

Juhl (P.) & Co

Jung, Deb Shum Shere (3)

Jungner, Ernest Waldemar

Junod, Louis Henry

Justinson, G H


Kaempffert, Waldemar Bernhard (7)

Kafka (Hugo) and Sons

Kahn, Maurice

Kahn, Otto Herman (4)

Kaiser (A.V.) & Co (2)

Kaldenberg (F.J.) Co

Kaldenberg's (F.W.) Sons

Kaldenberg, Frederick Julius

Kaldenberg, Frederick Robert

Kalish, Mrs

Kaltenecker, Joseph Laurent Marks

Kaltschmidt, George M

Kaminsky, Ruth

Kammerhoff, Heinrich H Meno (27)

Kanawha and Ohio Railway

Kane (Edison employee?)

Kane, Edith Brevoort

Kane, James M

Kane, William S

Kann, William L (2)

Kansas City Ft Scott and Memphis Railroad (2)

Kansas City St Joseph Council Bluffs Railroad (5)

Kansas Phonograph Co

Kansas. Agricultural College

Kaplan, Isidor

Karapetoff, Vladimir

Kasebier-Chatfield Shellac Co

Kaseman, D C

Kate Field's Washington (Magazine)

Kathrens, Richard Donland

Katz, Paul Alexander

Kaufman (David) and Sons Co

Kaufman, H J

Kaufman, Herbert

Kay, M P

Kaye and Einstein

Kayser, Charles Hugo

Kean, Hamilton Fish

Kean, John

Kearney, James

Kearney, Thomas Albert (2)

Keasbey (A.Q.) and Sons

Keasbey, George MacCulloch (2)

Keating, William L

Keefer, Harry L (5)

Keefer, Samuel N (3)

Keeler, Bronson C

Keeler, Irving S

Keen, Arthur

Keenan and Keenan

Keese (P.H.) & Co (2)

Kehew, Frederick P

Kehler, James Howard

Kehoe, John F (2)

Keine, Josiah

Keiser, James R

Keitel, F W

Keith Car Co (12)

Keith, Benjamin Franklin

Keith, June (2)

Keith, Nathaniel Shepard (15)

Keith, Orlando S (3)

Keller, Albert K (6)

Keller, Benjamin Franklin (3)

Keller, Louis

Kelley, Charles Sampson (3)

Kelley, Edgar Stillman

Kelley, J Stuart

Kelley, James Douglas Jerrod

Kellogg, E W

Kellogg, Emilie (Mrs M.C.)

Kellogg, Frank J

Kellogg, Warren Franklin

Kellor, Frances Alice

Kellow, Richard Wesley (111)

Kelly, Anna L

Kelly, Charles F

Kelly, Edward (3)

Kelly, Ezra

Kelly, James Edward

Kelly, James F (76)

Kelly, John (2)

Kelly, Mrs John

Kelly, Napoleon Bonaparte

Kelly, S D

Kelly, William H

Kelsey & Co

Kelsey, Carl

Kelsey, Henry Cooper

Kemp, Kenneth

Kempel, Arthur B (2)

Kempster, James H

Kenebel, Eugene

Kenly, William Lacy

Kennedy, Absalom Mason (34)

Kennedy, Albert Hamilton (2)

Kennedy, H C

Kennedy, H S

Kennedy, Jeremiah Joseph (9)

Kennedy, John S

Kennedy, Thomas J (6)

Kennedy, William Sloane

Kennelly, Arthur Edwin (133)

Kenney, Austin

Kenney, Marie R

Kenny, Patrick (6)

Kent and Auerbach

Kent, Charles (2)

Kent, Rockwell (2)

Kentucky Military Institute (2)

Kentucky Phonograph Co

Kenyon, Adelbert A

Kephart, W H

Kepler, H G

Ker, Christine

Kerby, Frederick Monroe (2)

Kergan, Dr H S

Kern, John A

Kerr and Curtis (3)

Kerr Page and Cooper

Kerr, Abram Tucker

Kerr, N F

Kesler, Charles Holland

Kessler & Co

Kestner Evaporating Co

Ketcham, George W (3)

Keuffel, Willie L E (2)

Key, Helmer

Keyes, Clift B (2)

Kidder (Jerome) Manufacturing Co

Kidder, Cornelius G

Kidder, Jerome

Kidder, Jerome F

Kiefer, Herman E (17)

Kiernan, John J (3)

Kierstead, Fremont

Kimball (William S.) & Co

Kimball, Arthur Lalanne

Kimball, Curtis H

Kimball, Frederick Mason (8)

Kimball, Hannibal Ingalls, Jr

Kimberly, Charles R

Kimberly, Lt Comdr H (2)

Kincaid, Frederick (2)

Kinetoscope Exhibiting Co (2)

King (J.B.) & Co

King (Julius) Optical Co (4)

King, Albert George (7)

King, C C

King, C M

King, Charles A

King, Charles G Y (9)

King, E J A

King, Eben W

King, Henry C

King, John, Jr

King, N W

King, T E

King, Victor Louis (5)

King, W E

Kingsbury & Co (2)

Kingsbury, John E (4)

Kingsley, Darwin Pearl

Kingsley, George P (22)

Kinkead, R C

Kinkel, John C

Kinney, Francis S (2)

Kinney, William Morton

Kinsey, J R

Kinsman, G C

Kintner, Charles J

Kinzie, Cora Elsie

Kip, William F (2)

Kipp Phonograph Co (2)

Kipp, Walter Ewald (2)

Kiralfy, Imre

Kirby, J F (10)

Kirby, John T

Kirby, Rollin (3)

Kircher, Charles George

Kirchhoff, Charles, Jr (3)

Kirk (Wm H.) & Co (3)

Kirk, Col (2)

Kirk, Martha H

Kirk, Robert

Kirk, William Henry (3)

Kirkegaard, P (2)

Kirkland, John W

Kirwan (F.J.) & Co

Kissel, Gustav Edward (3)

Kissell, Abraham S (14)

Kissinger, Charles Franklin

Kitch, J W (2)

Kitchell, Frank P

Kitchell, Joseph G

Kitchen, J M W

Kitchen, James (4)

Kitchen, John H

Kitchen, Karl Kingsley

Kitson, Arthur (2)

Kittel, Walter E

Kittredge, George Watson (3)

Kitzmiller, Warren

Klein, Bernard A

Klein, Charles J (4)

Klein, Herman

Klein, P R (2)

Klein, Philip Henry, Jr (19)

Kleine Optical Co (9)

Kleine, George (28)

Kline, William (2)

Klingensmith, Frank Lewis

Klipstein (A.) & Co (7)

Klipstein (E.C.) and Sons Co (2)

Klipstein, Ernest C (3)

Klondike Exposition Co (3)

Klotz, Charles A (3)

Klug, Dr C

Klyce, Scudder

Kmetz, Michael (2)

Knapp, F W

Knapp, Jay Warren

Knecht, William (5)

Knerland, Samuel

Knickerbocker Apartment Co

Knickerbocker, M

Knierim, Lizzie (2)

Knierim, William H (5)

Knight, Arthur Stearns

Knight, Frederic H

Knight, George Henry

Knight, Herbert W (4)

Knight, John K (2)

Knight, Mrs John K

Knoll, A H

Knox, Alfred

Knox, Philander C

Knudsen, A A

Knuland, F R

Kobb, A (5)

Koch, Lydia B

Koch, Rudolph (2)

Koeber, George E

Koenigsmark, A J

Kohlsaat, Charles W

Kohn, David

Kolb, Richard

Kolben, Emil (7)

Kolberg Caspary & Co

Kolh, F

Koons, Lottie M

Koppel, Arthur

Koppers (H.) Co (7)

Kornfeld, Alfred E (2)

Korthener, H Frank

Kountze, Luther (2)

Koven (L.O.) and Bro

Krais, Fred G

Krajensky and Rosenberg

Kramer, E

Krause, Ernest John

Krause, Rudolph Howard

Kravchenko, A (2)

Kreider, H E

Krenkel, M D

Kretzchmer, Otto (2)

Kreusch, Mr

Krichovetz, K K

Krill, Robert

Krom, Stephen R

Kruesi, John (167)

Kruesi, Paul John (7)

Kruna, Terra Christa

Krupp Manufacturing Co

Krupp, Friedrich Alfred (8)

Kuebler Foundries

Kuebler, Emilie Marie

Kuehn, A L (2)

Kuendig, Fr F (3)

Kugler, Elizabeth

Kuhn Loeb & Co

Kuhne, F J

Kulp McWilliams & Co (3)

Kumaron Co

Kumler, Luther Melanchthon

Kummel, Henry Barnard (3)

Kung, Anching

Kunhardt, Wheaton Bradish (2)

Kunkle, Charles

Kunz, George Frederick (38)

Kurosawa, Teijiro

Kurtz, William

Kyle, Samuel


L'Hote, A (3)

La Bille, J A

La Roche Electric Works

La Roche, F A

La Salle Extension University

Labiaux, J L

Lack, H G

Lackawanna Steel Co (10)

Laclede Gas Light Co

Lacy, Volney Eli

Ladd, George S (15)

Ladies Aid Society (East Orange)

Laemmle Film Service

Laemmle, Carl

Laernoes, Marten (5)

Laffan, William M

Lage, Bernhard H

Laidlaw, Mary J

Laing, James

Laird and Lee

Lake Erie and Western Railway

Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad (3)

Lake Shore Stone Co

Lake, Simon

Lalande, Felix (8)

Lamb, Charles H

Lamb, George Percival

Lambei, James D

Lamberd (S.L.) Co

Lambert Co

Lambert, C

Lambert, E Bradford

Lambert, F S L

Lambert, L M

Lambert, Ralph A

Lambert, Thomas B

Lambert, W S

Lambie Concrete House Corp

Lambie Steel Form Co

Lambie, Frank Dalton (19)

Lamme, Benjamin Garver

LaMonte, George M (2)

LaMott, F, Jr (2)

Lamson (John S.) and Bro

Lanahan, Henry (50)

Lancaster Chemical Co (2)

Lancaster, Herbert W

Landa, Arturo

Landels, Adam

Landes, H A

Landone, Leon Elbert

Lane, P E

Lane, William H H (2)

Lang & Co

Lang, George L (3)

Lang, R

Langbein Pfanhauser & Co

Langdon-Davies, C

Lange, E

Langford, Arthur W

Langhorne, E G

Langley, Sam Gerrish

Langley, Samuel Pierpont (7)

Lanier, Charles (4)

Lanier, Henry Wysham

Lanigan, Alice Graham

Lanigan, George Thomas

Laning, Arthur E R

Lankow, Anna (2)

Lanman and Kemp

Lanman, William H (3)

Lanphier, Robert Carr (3)

Lansden Co (16)

Lansden, John M, Jr (23)

Lansing, Robert

Lanterman, A P

Lanz, Enrique

Lanza, Gaetano

Lapham, Rufus

Lapping, W E

Laracy, Richard

Laranaki Iron Co Ltd

Larchar, F M

Larcher, E S

Largacha, Antonio E

Larimer, R G

Larkin, John

Larmour, R E (2)

Larney, John M

Larreyne, Alys

Larson, Mrs Gus (3)

Lartigue, Mr (3)

Lash, John Alexander

Lasher (G.) and Son

Lasky (Jesse L.) Feature Play Co

Latham, Otway (3)

Latham, P W

Lathrop, Francis Augustus

Lathrop, George Parsons (32)

Latimer, Charles

Latimer, Lewis Howard (3)

Latimer, Mrs H S

Latshaw, Henry

Lattig, Jacob William (17)

Latzke, Paul

Lauder, Mrs A W

Lauderburn, Frederick

Lauer, Henri

Laughlin, Harry Hamilton

Laughlin, Homer

Laughton, W A L (2)

Laurence, A B

Laurent, Octave

Laurin, Robert A

Laussedat, Aime (2)

Laussedat, Mrs Aime

Lauste, Eugene Augustin (2)

Lauter Co (2)

Laven, M C (2)

Law, Clarence L

Law, Henry W

Lawman, Edward

Lawrance Webster Messer & Co

Lawrence (W.A.) & Co

Lawrence, B A

Lawrence, Edwin Winship (2)

Lawrence, Frederick Newbold (2)

Lawrence, Joseph (28)

Lawrence, Mark

Lawrence, Newbold Trotter

Lawrence, W A (2)

Lawrie, R A

Laws, Ann M

Laws, D D

Laws, Mrs R W

Laws, Samuel Spahr (5)

Lawson, A J (5)

Lawson, John W (5)

Lawson, L M (3)

Lawson, Mrs F K

Lawson, Robert W (2)

Lawson, W T (3)

Lawyers Surety Co

Layman, Waldo Arnold

Lazard Freres

Lazard, Louis (9)

Le Fevre, William H (2)

Le Figaro (2)

Le Grande, W W

Le Pontois, Leon Jules

Le Roy, Dr G A

Lea and Febiger

League to Enforce Peace (2)

Leake, George W

Leavitt (C.W.) & Co

Leavitt, David

Leavitt, Michael Bennett (3)

Lebanon Chemical Co (5)

Lebanon Furnaces

Lecca, G

Leddy, I F

Ledoux & Co (4)

Ledyard, Henry Brockholst

Ledyard, T D

Lee and Lee

Lee County (Florida). Revenue Collector

Lee County Bank and Trust Co

Lee County Realty and Investment Co

Lee Tire and Rubber Co

Lee, Andrew

Lee, Charles

Lee, Edward Stewart

Lee, Gerald Stanley

Lee, Henry

Lee, Joseph

Lee, Leslie

Lee, Richard Henry

Lee, Thomas Wilbur

Lee-Warner, Launcelot

Leech, E K

Leech, Emma S S (Mrs Daniel)

Leech, L E

Leeds and Northrup Co

Leeds, Albert Ripley

Leeds, Edward Fowler (2)

Leeming, Harry Toyne (55)

Leeper, Dr J L

Leephart, Charles J (9)

Leffel (James) & Co

Lefferts (Marshall) Sons (2)

Lefferts, Marshall (40)

Lefferts, Marshall Clifford (6)

Leffingwell, Walter

Leges Naturae (Pseudonym)

Leggat Bros (4)

Leggett, Wells Wilner

Leggo Bros & Co

Lehigh Car Wheel and Axle Works (3)

Lehigh Coke Co (3)

Lehigh Portland Cement Co (2)

Lehigh Valley Railroad Co (19)

Lehman, Albert Carl

Lehman, C J

Lehman, Richard R

Lehmann, F (2)

Lehmann, Maurice (3)

Lehmann, Theodore (7)

Lehn and Fink

Leigh, Richard Henry

Leisk, H R

Leitch (John W.) & Co

Leith, A T

Leitnaker, Alpheus N

Leland, Henry Martyn (3)

Lemgreu, C M

Lemley (William P.) & Co

Lemoine, P

Lendre, Jean

Lennie, A A

Lennig (Charles) & Co

Lennon, Bert

Lenth, George J

Lentz, Carl

Lenz and Naumann Inc

Leonard (Ward) Electric Co

Leonard and Elly

Leonard and Izard (7)

Leonard, Alton W

Leonard, Harry C (10)

Leonard, Harry Ward (60)

Leonard, M B (5)

Leonard, Maria

Leonard, Thomas Joseph (9)

Leopold, Nathan F

Leotti, John

Lesher, Carl Eugene

Lesher, John Vandling

Leslie (A.M.) & Co

Leslie's Weekly (3)

Leslie, Arthur

Leslie, Edward A (2)

Lesner, John Adam

Lespinasse, Alphonse John

Lester-Vanderlip Furnace Co

Letty, Henry R

Leupp, William H

Leveille, H

Lever, Charles (3)

Lever, Ellis

Levering, Richmond (4)

Levinson, Samuel

Levison, Wallace Goold (3)

Levy, E H

Levy, M R

Levy, W Lester

Lewers, N W

Lewis, Alexander S

Lewis, B M

Lewis, Baxter

Lewis, Charles Hildreth (2)

Lewis, Dr W

Lewis, Edward D (2)

Lewis, Eugene Howard (48)

Lewis, Frank David (5)

Lewis, George T (3)

Lewis, Henry

Lewis, Henry C (3)

Lewis, Henry M (11)

Lewis, Herbert (5)

Lewis, J F (2)

Lewis, Joseph

Lewis, L L (5)

Lewis, R C

Lewis, W D

Lewisohn Bros

Leyds, J

Leyenberger, Charles

Leyland, Frederick N

Libbey, Miles Augustus (2)

Libby, G M

Liberty Loan Committee (2)

Liberty Magazine

Library Bureau

Library of Congress. Copyright Office (4)

Lichtenstein, Alfred F

Liddle, W H

Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co

Lieb, Charles A

Lieb, John William (33)

Liebbe, Henry F

Liebenan, Thomas G

Liebmann, Alfred

Liebold, Ernest Gustav (623)

Liebstein, Jos

Liepsner, Frank W

Life Saving Devices Co (7)

Lightfoot, T G

Lighthall, W H

Lighthipe, James A

Lighton, William Rheem (2)

Lilburn, George M

Lincks, G H (4)

Lincoln Farm Assn

Lincoln Realty Co

Lincoln Safe Deposit Co

Lincoln, Charles Monroe (2)

Lindenmeyr (Henry) and Sons

Linderman, Robert Packer (2)

Lindhagen, Daniel Georg

Lindholm, C A

Lindsay, J A

Lindsey, Benjamin Barr (2)

Lindsley, H R

Linen, John R

Lininger, Louis W (2)

Lininger, Mrs Louis W

Link-Belt Co

Linn, William

Lintott, Joseph D

Lipman, Jacob Goodale (3)

Lippincott (J.B.) & Co (2)

Lippincott, Jesse H (88)

Lippincott, Lily R (Mrs Jesse H.)

Lipscomb, George Raford

Lipscomb, W O

Lipton, Thomas Johnstone (2)

Lisiguen, C M

Lisle, Thomas Orchard

Lisman (F.J.) & Co (3)

Lisman, Frederick J (11)

Lister Agricultural Chemical Co

Literary and Philosophical Society (Manchester)

Littell, W B

Litterst, Alex C (2)

Litterst, Leopold H (2)

Little Sisters of the Poor

Little, George

Little, O J

Little, William F

Little, William H

Littlefield-Shepperd Co

Littlejohn, F B (2)

Livermore, W C

Livingston, Francis

Livingston, John

Livingston, Leon Ray (4)

Livingston, Montgomery

Livor, Henry M (182)

Llewellyn Park (N.J.). Board of Managers (3)

Llewellyn, George J

Lloyd, Arthur H (4)

Lloyd, G W

Loane (E.D.) Jr & Co

Lobby, W A

Lober, John B

Lochner, Louis Paul

Locke, Frank (2)

Locke, Myrtle

Lockhart, Freeman G

Lockwood, Electa Reynolds (Mrs Francis G)

Lockwood, Francis G

Lockwood, Frederick D (6)

Lockwood, H A

Lockyer, Joseph Norman

Locomobile Company of America (3)

Lodge, James J

Loeb, Eda Kuhn (Mrs Morris)

Loeb, Jacques

Loeb, Morris

Logan, Alexander W

Logan, Hance J

Logan, Olive

Logan, Thomas (32)

Loggie, George William

Logue, William S (104)

Lohmeyer, Charles L (2)

Lokomotivfuhrer Landes Zentralbank Aktien Gesellsch

Lomas, Mrs W A

Lombard Iron Works and Supply Co

Lombard, Thomas R (42)

Lommel, E (2)

London Advertiser

London Chronicle

London Express (2)

London Mail

London News (2)

London Standard

London Stereoscopic and Photographic Co (2)

London Telegraph (2)

London Times (6)

Long Beach Hotel (2)

Long, John Davis (2)

Long, John Harper

Long, Richard W

Long, Walter E (2)

Longfellow National Memorial Assn

Longnecker, G A (5)

Longstreet, Edwin Pierce

Longyear, John Munro

Loomis, Francis Wheeler

Loomis, Will

Lord and Taylor

Lord Day and Lord (2)

Lord's Day Alliance of Canada

Lord, Daniel De Forest

Lord, Daniel, Jr

Lord, Edwin Howard (54)

Lord, Joseph W

Lord, William A

Loren, G W

Lorentzen, Nicholas C

Lorimer, George Horace (3)

Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

Loschi, Maria A

Losey, Frank H

Lotos Club (2)

Louden, William

Louderback, De Lancey Horton (5)

Loudon, William

Louis Delage and Pottier

Louisiana Phonograph Co Ltd (2)

Louisville Anzeiger

Louisville Evansville and St Louis Railroad (3)

Louisville New Albany and Chicago Railroad

Lovatt, William (2)

Love, Edward Gurley

Love, Loftin (3)

Love, Robert H

Lovejoy, Frank William (3)

Lovelace, Benjamin Franklin

Loveland (J.L.) & Co (3)

Loveland, A

Lovell, A C

Lovelock, John

Lovering, William Croad

Lovett, Benjamin B

Lovewell, Paul A

Low (Hermann N.) & Co

Low (Sampson) Marston & Co (3)

Low, Frederick Rollins

Low, Seth (8)

Low, Thomas Hill

Lowe (Thomas) Machinery Co

Lowe, Annie

Lowe, Enoch Louis (2)

Lowrey Stone and Auerbach (2)

Lowrey, Grosvenor Porter (112)

Lowrey, Laura Tyron (Mrs Grosvenor P.)

Loyd (W.H.) & Co

Lozier, De Forest P

Lozier, Robert Ten Eyck (19)

Lubbock, John, (Baron Avebury) (9)

Lubin Manufacturing Co (3)

Lubin, Sigmund (19)

Lucas (John) & Co

Lucas, Francis A (2)

Lucas, Frank E (10)

Lucas, John

Lucas, William E

Luce's Press Clipping Bureau (2)

Lucker, Lawrence H (2)

Lucking, Alfred Edward

Ludecke, Alfred John

Ludenbuill, Rev C J (2)

Ludlow, George Craig (2)

Ludlum, John L

Ludwig, B

Ludwig, Daniel J (2)

Ludwig, L A (10)

Lueder, Lewis (4)

Luhr, Charles William (12)

Luhr, P

Lumiere North American Co Ltd (2)

Lumsden, David

Lundy, Dr

Lungren, Charles Marshall

Lunham and Moore (5)

Lurrie, Mrs A

Lusk, Marcus L

Lutz, Albert J

Lwoff-Parlaghy, Vilma

Lybrand Ross Bros and Montgomery (6)

Lybrand, William Mitchell (5)

Lyddon, W G (2)

Lyman, Chester Smith

Lyman, Edward Branch

Lyman, Oliver E

Lyman, Warren M

Lymans Ltd

Lynch, D V (4)

Lynch, Michael J

Lynch, S G (2)

Lynch, William A (2)

Lynd, William

Lyndon, Lamar (7)

Lynn, John Durward

Lyon, Charles P (23)

Lyons (T.J.) & Co

Lyons, Henry George (2)

Lyons, William F

Lyons, William Washington

Lysnar, William Douglas

Lystrup, John William (10)

Lytle, W C

Léon, Elie (8)


M H-Aterite Co (4)

MacAndrews and Forbes Co (2)

MacClatchie, Marguerite

MacDaniel, Frank

MacDonald, A A

MacDonald, Alex R

MacDonald, C F (3)

Macdonald, Dwight (2)

MacDonald, George

Macdonald, J W F

MacDonald, P F

Macdonald, Thomas Hood (25)

MacDonald, William

MacDonell, Lt R A

MacGregor, James Gordon (3)

MacGregor, John, Jr (5)

MacGruthar, A (18)

Mach, W G

MacHarg, William

Machette, Edwin V

Machinery (Magazine) (3)

Machinery and Electrical Co

Mack Bros Motor Car Co

Mack, John

MacKay, A D (6)

Mackay, Clarence Hungerford (2)

MacKaye, Percy Wallace (6)

Mackeen, R W (2)

Mackenzie, Alexander

Mackenzie, J H

MacKenzie, James U (18)

Mackey, J C

Mackey, S G

Mackin, J J

MacKintosh, J W (9)

Macknet, Theodore

Mackrell Maton and Godlee

MacLaren, Malcolm (2)

Maclaurin, Richard Cockburn (6)

Maclean, Howard A

Maclennan, L L (Mrs F.)

MacMillan Co (2)

MacNamara Mining Co

Macnaughton, James (Indiana)

MacNaughton, James, (New York)

MacNider, James

Macomber, William F (2)

Macpherson Willard & Co (5)

MacQuesten, William D (2)

MacRae and Sinclair

MacVicar, John George (4)

Maddaus, Oscar W

Madden, Oscar E

Madero, Raul

Madison, Frank E (2)

Maegerlein, William

Magee, Louis Jones (2)

Magenis, James T

Mager, William

Maginn, Madison

Magis, Vermeire

Maglio, Dennis

Magnes, Judah Leon

Magnetic Club (2)

Magnetic Iron Ore Co (2)

Magnin, C

Magnolia Hotel (Florida)

Maguiness, E A

Maguire (F.Z.) & Co

Maguire and Baucus (24)

Maguire, Franck Zeveley (19)

Maguire, T E

Maguire, Thomas, (Edison Employee) (65)

Maguire, Thomas, (Edison Friend) (2)

Mahin, John G

Mahoney, D A

Mahoney, William V

Mahoning Rolling Mill Co (6)

Maies, Frank

Mailler and Quereau

Main Belting Co (3)

Main, Willard F

Maine, Hiram

Major, Ernest

Makosky, Eugene Conrad

Malcolm, Ray

Mali, Charles

Maline, S C

Malino, Herbert A

Malleable Iron Fittings Co

Mallinckrodt Chemical Works

Mallinckrodt Chemical Works Ltd of Canada

Malloney, Martin

Mallory (W.S.) & Co

Mallory Steamship Co (2)

Mallory, D D

Mallory, Eliada Blakesley (4)

Mallory, Walter Seeley (879)

Maltby, Albert E

Mambert, Stephen Babcock (76)

Mamross, F A

Man, Albon (7)

Mancha Storage Battery Locomotive Co

Manchester and District Edison Electric Light Co (4)

Manchester Edison Society (2)

Mandeville, A W

Mandy, Arthur

Manhattan Agency

Manhattan Cobalt Ltd

Manhattan Life Insurance Co

Manhattan Railway Co

Mann (Roland W.)

Mann and MacNeille (8)

Mann, Edward C

Mann, George Hiram (2)

Manners, A

Manners, John James Robert

Manning Maxwell and Moore (10)

Manning, Charles E

Manning, Daniel

Manning, James Hilton

Manning, Thomas, (New Calodonia)

Manoury, Paul

Mansfield, Edward S (2)

Manson, William O (3)

Manufactur Lyonnaise de Matieres Colorantes

Manufacturer's Gazette

Manufacturer's Trust Co (3)

Manufacturers and Merchants Bank

Manufacturers Commercial Co

Manufacturers Record

Manufacturers Record Publishing Co (2)

Manville (E.J.) Machine Co

Maranghi, A

Maranhao (Brazil). President

Marble Cliff Quarries Co

Marble, M M (3)

Marceau, Theodore C

Marchais-LaGrave, E

Marcher, C H

Marchman, Oscar Milton (2)

Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America (4)

Marconi, Guglielmo

Marconnay, Albert de (2)

Marcus, Arnold (7)

Marcy, John M

Marcy, M M

Mardick, John Rice

Marean, Morell (2)

Marine Engine and Machine Co (2)

Marion Road School

Marion, Frank Joseph

Maris and Smith (2)

Maritime Association of the Port of New York

Mark, G

Markens, Isaac (2)

Markets (Magazine)

Markgraf, W H (2)

Markham, Charles Henry

Markillie, Thomas H

Markland, W H

Markle and Hall (26)

Markle Bros & Co (2)

Markle, Alvan (2)

Markle, George Bushar, Jr (9)

Markle, John R (8)

Marko, H E

Marks & Co (3)

Marks and Clerk (2)

Marks, Frank

Marks, George Croydon (47)

Marks, Jeanette

Marks, William Dennis (85)

Markus, Charles W (16)

Markwith, L B

Marler, W Lake

Marquand Skehan & Co (5)

Marquis, Samuel Simpson

Marr, Frank S (27)

Marriner, J E (3)

Marsh, Charles Carlton

Marsh, Converse Denny (7)

Marsh, E S

Marsh, F P

Marsh, L A (3)

Marsh, Othniel Charles

Marshall, Edward (9)

Marshall, H Griffen

Marshall, Hudson Snowden

Marshall, J F

Marshall, John Trumbull

Marshall, William, (Manufacturer) (3)

Marsteller, Fritz G

Marston, George W

Martein, W T

Martin (L.) & Co

Martin, Edwin Dudley (3)

Martin, Henry G

Martin, J (4)

Martin, J C

Martin, J H Thayer

Martin, Mrs Robert W

Martin, Thomas Commerford (110)

Martin, Thomas F (2)

Martin, William J

Martindale, E B

Martine, James Edgar (2)

Martinez, Paul

Marvin, Harry Norton (13)

Marvin, Richard Pratt

Marvin, W K

Marvins Safes and Scales Co

Marx, Henry F

Maryland Phonograph Co (2)

Maryland Steel Co

Mason and Hamlin Co (3)

Mason and Hanger

Mason, A F

Mason, Cassity E

Mason, Elliott

Mason, George A (4)

Mason, Henry Lowell (3)

Mason, James H

Mason, Walt

Mason, Warren (2)

Mason, William Horatio (133)

Massa, J C

Massachusetts Biographical Society

Massachusetts Electrical Engineers and Mechanics As

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (12)

Massie, Annie

Massie, C A L (5)

Masters, W H

Masterton, Alexander

Matcham, Charles Arthur (3)

Mather & Co

Mather and Platt (6)

Mather, F N

Mather, William (3)

Mather, William Gwinn (2)

Matheson, D C

Mathews, B A

Mathieson, George S

Matlock, Robert C

Matteson, Brooks

Matthews (A.D.) Sons

Matthews, E P

Matthews, Joseph Merritt

Matthews, Mary A

Matthews, W C

Matthews, W L

Matthews, W N

Mauborgne, Joseph Oswald

Maurice, C

Maurice, D W

Mauro, Philip (5)

Maury, Thompson Brooke (2)

Maver, William, Jr (8)

Mawer, William (2)

Maxfield, Joseph R

Maxim Chemical Co

Maxim Electric Light and Power Co

Maxim, Hiram Stevens (2)

Maxim, Hudson (5)

Maxwell, Archibald

Maxwell, George

Maxwell, John Rogers

Maxwell, Perriton

Maxwell, William (53)

Maxwell, William Henry

May, Catherine Fitzmaurice (Mrs Walter A.)

May, W W

Mayer, Alfred Marshall (10)

Mayer, George F

Mayer, George Mathaus

Mayer, Walter Scott

Mayer, William Turner

Mayhew, Ira

Maynard, George C

Mazade, Louis

McAdoo, William Gibbs (2)

McAllister, Addams Stratton (2)

McAllister, T H (5)

McAlpin, Charles Williston

McAlpine, T L (3)

McArdle, P J

McAuliffe, Thomas

McCabe, Dr T G

McCabe, George P

McCabe, Robert Copland

McCain, George N

McCall, A B

McCall, J D

McCall, John Augustine

McCall, Joseph Benton

McCall, O G (2)

McCall, Orson G

McCandless (H.W.) & Co (2)

McCarter and English

McCarter, Robert Harris (7)

McCarter, Thomas Nesbitt (2)

McCartney, Livingstone

McCarty and Maitland

McCarty, Robert Alden (3)

McChesney, J T (2)

McChesney, Leonard C (37)

McChesney, Leonard Ward (28)

McClain, John Fleming (2)

McClellan, George Brinton, Jr

McClement, John Hall (4)

McClintock, W E

McCloskey, John

McClure (S.S.) Co

McClure's Magazine (2)

McClure, J H

McClure, Samuel Sidney

McClurg, Gilbert

McConaughy, Edwin L

McConaughy, S G

McConnell, Thomas J (4)

McConnell, Walter J (2)

McConniff, Mr

McCormick & Co (3)

McCormick, Frank H (33)

McCormick, Henry Clay (5)

McCormick, Leander J, (Estate)

McCormick, Richard Cunningham (2)

McCormick, Vance Criswell (2)

McCoy, Caroline Smith (Mrs Adrian W.) (2)

McCoy, Joseph F (3)

McCrea, Charles (5)

McCrea, James (4)

McCreath (Andrew S.) and Son

McCreath, Andrew S

McCrory, William (2)

McCroskey, E E

McCrum, Isaac

McCullen, Edward J

McCulloch, Roscoe Conkling

McCulloch, William A

McCullough, David Rush

McCumber, Porter James

McCurrie, Charles H

McCutchen, John F

McCutcheon (James) & Co

McCutcheon, John C

McDaniel and Son

McDermott, John Thomas (7)

McDonald and Onderdunk

McDonald, Hugh, Jr

McDonald, J B

McDonald, Joan

McDonald, Philip Bayaud

McDonald, R D

McDonald, W J, (Merchant)

McDonald, William

McDonough, J

McDougald, John

McDougall, John A

McDowell, A (2)

McDowell, Clyde Stanley

McDowell, Henry Burden

McDowell, Malcolm (2)

McDowell, William O

McElrath, Percy (3)

McElwain, Rilla

McFarland, Earl (2)

McFarland, John D

McGee, Mrs

McGeorge, John (2)

McGiehan Manufacturing Co

McGill Metal Co

McGill, Alexander Taggart

McGleiseley Bros

McGovern (Supplier)

McGowan, Frank (10)

McGowan, Samuel (3)

McGrath, F J

McGrath, M K

McGraw-Hill Publishing Co (3)

McGregor, Ambrose M (2)

McGregor, William

McGuckin, Eugene

McGuire Bros

McGuire, C J (2)

McHardy, James A

McHenry, Virginia

McIlhenny, John Avery

McIlvain, Edward M (4)

McIntire, Alfred Heber

McIntire, Mrs J C

McIntosh Seymour & Co (2)

McIntosh, H P (6)

McIntosh, Mr

McKay, C B

McKay, Frederick S

McKay, John Sophronus

McKay, Owen

McKay, William E (5)

McKay, William Johnston

McKee, H

McKee, Samuel H (4)

McKeever, E S

McKenna, Charles F

McKernan Drill Co (4)

McKesson and Robbins (7)

McKesson, Donald (2)

McKibbon, George N (2)

McKillop (J.) & Co (8)

McKinley, William (3)

McLane, Robert Milligan

McLaughlin, Frank (36)

McLean, A J (2)

McLean, D L

McLean, G B

McLern, R

McLoughlin Bros

McMahon, John Robert (2)

McMahon, P J

McMahon, William (3)

McMaster, William Henry

McMeel, James F (2)

McMichall, Morton, Jr (3)

McMillan, A J (2)

McMillan, J C

McMillan, John T

McMillin, John Stanford

McMullen, Ada (Mrs Edward)

McMullen, John James (2)

McNab and Harlin Manufacturing Co (12)

McNabb, William Franklin

McNaughton, James Percy (6)

McNeill, Dennis (3)

McNeill, Lamar

McNeill, Ronald John, (Lord Cushendun)

McNeir, Charles S

McNish, George W

McPherson (John) and Son

McPherson, A W

McPherson, John Rhoderic (3)

McQuade, Francis P

McRae, Virginia Henry (15)

McReynolds, Frederick Wilson

McTighe, T J (2)

McWhinney, Mrs A

McWillis, S R (2)

Mead and Taylor

Mead, Rufus (4)

Meadowcroft, William Henry (2405)

Meadows (T.) & Co

Meagher, James Luke

Meakin, Lewis James

Mears, Madame A C (5)

Medill, Joseph

Meeker, S J

Meeker, William Lawrence

Meffert and Sell

Megret, Mr

Meiklejohn, George de Rue

Meister, George Arthur (27)

Meitz, Fr

Melies (Geo.) (3)

Melies, Gaston (13)

Mellor (C.C.) Co

Mellor, Alfred

Meltzer, Charles Henry

Melville, George Wallace

Melzer, Adolph (49)

Melzer, Carl

Memminger, C Gustavus

Memphis (Tenn). Mayor

Mendelson Bros

Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin (13)

Mendes (D. DeSola) & Co

Mendez, Joaquin

Mendez, Luis (2)

Mendota Electric Light Co

Menge, John Frederick

Menken, Solomon Stanwood

Menlo Park Manufacturing Co (3)

Mensch, Carl

Menzies, W J (2)

Mercantile Trust Co (5)

Mercer Manufacturing Co

Merchant (S.L.) & Co (3)

Merchant's Club (Boston)

Merchant's Despatch Transportation Co

Merchant's Loan and Trust Co (2)

Merchants Insurance Co (4)

Merck & Co (19)

Merck, George (2)

Meredith, John W

Merell, J R

Mergenthaler Printing Co

Mering, Barclay G

Merriam (G.andC.) Co

Merriam, Robert James

Merrick, William H (9)

Merrihew, James (4)

Merril, George

Merrill and Rogers (2)

Merrill, William H

Merrimack Manufacturing Co (2)

Merritt, Adolphus

Merritt, Alfred Kindred

Mersereau, Leavitt

Mersfelder, F

Mershon, Ralph Davenport (5)

Mersman, Fred C

Merz, August

Merz, Charles

Meserlin, Albert Benjamin (2)

Message (Magazine) (2)

Messemer, Michael J B (2)

Messenger, W R (2)

Metcalf, James B (2)

Metcalf, Lorettus Sutton (5)

Metcalfe, Augusta Isabel Corson

Metcalfe, V M

Metropolitan Electric Service Co

Metropolitan Elevated Railway Co (2)

Metropolitan Opera (2)

Metropolitan Phonograph Co (4)

Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Co

Metuchen (N.J.). Mayor

Metz, Herman August

Meucci, Antonio Santi Giuseppe

Mexican Central Railway

Mexico. Minister of Mining

Meyer (Chas) & Co

Meyer, C

Meyer, Edward Barnard

Meyer, Emanuel (55)

Meyer, M W (2)

Meyer, Maud L

Meyer, Robert (2)

Meyers, Nina

Miami Copper Co

Mica Roofing Co (4)

Michaelis, Otho Ernest

Michaels, William C

Michaelsen, Jens

Michaud, Arthur (2)

Micheli, P

Michelin Tire Co

Michels, John (13)

Michelson, Albert Abraham

Michener, John S

Michie, Robert (3)

Michigan Alkali Co

Michigan Central Railroad (4)

Michigan Lubricator Co (2)

Michigan Phonograph Co (4)

Michigan. House of Representatives

Middle States Inspection Bureau (2)

Middlesex County (N.J.). Board of Taxation

Middlesex County (N.J.). Clerk

Middlesex County (N.J.). Sheriff (3)

Middlesex Mechanics Assn

Middleton, Hugh C

Middleton, Susan Pringle Smith (3)

Middleton, W E

Middleton, W S (4)

Middleton, Williams

Middletown Car Works

Midland Industrial Gazette

Midvale Steel Co

Milan (Ohio). Library Board

Milan Cemetery Assn

Milander, H

Milani, Gustave

Mildenberg, Albert

Miles, Francis Henry, Jr (2)

Milestone, Douglas N

Military Training Camps Committee

Millar, James

Millar, Preston Strong

Millard Bros

Miller and Maltbie

Miller Bros

Miller Rubber Co (4)

Miller, A J

Miller, Abbie Leland

Miller, Alexander

Miller, Alfred S

Miller, Anna M

Miller, C J

Miller, Charles (2)

Miller, Charles R

Miller, Charles Ransom

Miller, Cora Wise (Mrs Ira M.) (14)

Miller, E Clarence (12)

Miller, Edward Burkett (8)

Miller, Edwin F

Miller, Elizabeth (14)

Miller, Florence Nichols (Mrs John V.)

Miller, Fred (2)

Miller, Frederick Clark

Miller, Frederick J

Miller, George M

Miller, Gordon

Miller, Grace A (112)

Miller, H (2)

Miller, Hamilton (6)

Miller, Harry Frederick (930)

Miller, Henry J

Miller, Howard Edison

Miller, I N

Miller, Ira Mandeville (68)

Miller, J C

Miller, J F

Miller, J Martin

Miller, Jacob

Miller, Jane Eliza (3)

Miller, John Barnes (2)

Miller, John Dewitt

Miller, John Vincent (273)

Miller, Lewis (72)

Miller, Lewis Alexander (9)

Miller, Lewis, II (2)

Miller, Louise Igoe (Mrs Robert A.) (10)

Miller, Margaret (23)

Miller, Mary Emily (61)

Miller, Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) (210)

Miller, Mrs A A

Miller, Nancy

Miller, Nathan G

Miller, Norman C (19)

Miller, Oliver W (24)

Miller, Oskar von (2)

Miller, Rachel Alice (3)

Miller, Reid F

Miller, Robert Anderson (7)

Miller, Robert Anderson, Jr (2)

Miller, Samuel C

Miller, Spencer

Miller, Supt, (Albany)

Miller, Theodore Westwood (7)

Miller, W

Miller, W H

Miller, W Harry (3)

Miller, Walter Henry (126)

Milligan, William

Milliken Bros

Milliken, John H

Milliken, R C

Millis, John

Mills, Darius Ogden

Mills, Ogden

Mills, S J (2)

Mills, Simeon

Milne and Platt

Milne, Alexander

Milwaukee Electric Co

Mims, Edwin

Min Yong-ik

Minahan, Daniel Francis

Minard, E G (3)

Mine and Smelter Supply Co

Minehan and Son (2)

Mines, John Ralph

Mining Exploration Company of New Jersey (4)

Mining News

Mining Reporter

Minneapolis Lyndale and Minnetonka Railway (2)

Minnesota Phonograph Co

Minnesota. Waterways Commission

Mississippi Wire Glass Co

Missouri Phonograph Co (2)

Mitchel, F R

Mitchel, John Purroy

Mitchell (Edison Phonograph Works)

Mitchell (Link-Belt Co)

Mitchell Vance & Co (3)

Mitchell, Albert Eliphalet

Mitchell, C E

Mitchell, Edmund

Mitchell, Francis B (3)

Mitchell, H B, (Canada)

Mitchell, H B, (Georgia)

Mitchell, J Howard

Mitchell, Roy Charles (6)

Mitchell, Sidney Zollicoffer

Mitchell, Wilbur

Mitchener, Charles Elliott (2)

Mitsubishi Ltd (3)

Mitsui & Co Ltd (113)

Miyabara, Jiro

Mobile (Ala). Mayor (2)

Mobile and Ohio RR Co

Mobile Chamber of Commerce (2)

Mobile Coal Co (3)

Modern Electrics (Magazine) (2)

Moeran, E H

Moffat, Edward Stewart (2)

Moffat, William L

Moffett, Cleveland

Moffett, William E

Mofford, R R

Mohican Club (2)

Mohrmann, William

Moll, Oskar

Moll, William A

Moller, George H (2)

Monahan, James Francis (7)

Moncks, Thomas J (7)

Monell, Ambrose (3)

Monks and Johnson

Monnier, D

Monnot, John Ferreol (37)

Monroe County (Florida). Court Clerk

Monroe, George W

Monroe, Levi G

Monroe, R G

Monroe, W W

Monsanto Chemical Works (13)

Montague, Gilbert Holland

Montamat, Alfred

Montana Union Railway

Montanus, P E

Montclair Academy (4)

Montclair Jam Kitchens

Monteiro e Souza, Carlos (3)

Monten, F

Montgomery Amusement Co

Montgomery, George Edgar

Montgomery, Thomas E

Montgomery, Thomas J

Montojo, Juan N

Montreal Star

Moody, Walter Sherman

Moone Chemical Co

Moore (Samuel L.) and Son (2)

Moore Filter Co

Moore Wire Co

Moore, Alexander T (23)

Moore, Alfred F

Moore, Arthur Standish

Moore, C E, (Minnesota)

Moore, Charles C (4)

Moore, Charles U

Moore, Daniel McFarlan (2)

Moore, E C

Moore, E M

Moore, Egbert Jessup

Moore, Frank W (2)

Moore, G W

Moore, H Wilkinson

Moore, J

Moore, James

Moore, John

Moore, Lycurgus B

Moore, Michael Miller (13)

Moore, Miles Conway (3)

Moore, Miller F (27)

Moore, Mrs S C

Moore, Sherwood Troop (Sam) (34)

Moore, William H (2)

Mora's Photographic Gallery

Mora, Fausto (2)

Moran, John H (2)

Moranti (P.J.) Inc

Mordecai, H

Moreau, Henri (2)

Moreland, John W

Moreley, Wilmot K

Morfee, L Hugh

Morgan (J.P.) & Co (51)

Morgan (J.S.) & Co (6)

Morgan Construction Co

Morgan Engineering Co (3)

Morgan Harjes & Co (8)

Morgan, Anne (2)

Morgan, F E (2)

Morgan, Henry Hays

Morgan, Henry W (6)

Morgan, James M

Morgan, John N

Morgan, John Pierpont, Jr (6)

Morgan, Joseph La Motte

Morgan, Junius Spencer (2)

Morgan, Maud

Morgan, Percy F (3)

Morgan, William Fellowes

Morgenstern, Hans

Morgenthaler Co

Moriarty, John (8)

Moriarty, Stephen Fossa (650)

Morin, Pilar (3)

Morison, George N (82)

Morlet, L

Morret, B F

Morrin (Morrin Climax Boiler Co) (3)

Morris County Crushed Stone Co

Morris County Machine and Iron Co (6)

Morris European and American Express Co (4)

Morris Tasker & Co Ltd (2)

Morris, E Walter

Morris, G W

Morris, Hugh S

Morris, John J

Morris, John, (Edison Associate) (49)

Morris, John, (Great Britain) (2)

Morris, Joseph Lazarus

Morrison & Co

Morrison (W.H.andO.H.) Co

Morrison Foundry Co

Morrison, George Francis (11)

Morrison, James

Morrison, James Frank

Morrison, James L

Morristown Trust Co (2)

Morron, John Reynolds

Morrow, Dwight Whitney

Morschhauser, J A (2)

Morse Chain Co (2)

Morse, Arthur Gibson

Morse, B E

Morse, Leila Livingston (3)

Morse, Samuel Finley Breese, II (3)

Morse, W Irving

Morse, William W

Morten, Alexander (4)

Morton Film Exchange

Morton, Baxter (4)

Morton, Henry (10)

Moscow (Russia). University

Moseman, George Harmon (3)

Mosenthal, Mr

Moses, Otto A (14)

Moses, Stanford E

Mosher, L O

Mosher, Thirza

Mosher, W P

Mosler Bowen and Cook (2)

Moss, H E

Moss, J W S (5)

Mossberg and Granville Manufacturing Co (2)

Mossman Yarnelle & Co

Motion Picture Board of Trade of America

Motion Picture Campaign for Actors Fund

Motion Picture Patents Co (23)

Motion Picture World

Motor Car Company of New Jersey

Mott, Charles Peters (33)

Mott, Jordan Lawrence

Mott, Lawrence S

Mott, Samuel Dimmick

Mottram, William T

Moul (C.) & Co

Moul, Edward H

Moulton, George D

Moulton, H S (9)

Moulton, John Fletcher (2)

Mount Pleasant Mining Co (2)

Mount Washington Glass Co

Mountain (Arthur) & Co (2)

Mourilyan Heimann & Co (4)

Moving Picture World (2)

Moxam, James (2)

Moyer Engineering and Construction Co

Moyer, Fayette E

Moyer, Horace I (5)

Moyes, John W (14)

Mozart, Edward

Mt Pleasant Cemetery (4)

Mubey, Thomas F

Muckers (West Orange Laboratory) (6)

Mudd, Arthur (11)

Mueller-Walle School of Lip Reading

Muhle, Mr

Muir, John, (Sprague Co) (8)

Muirhead, Alexander (2)

Mulford, Charles

Mullaly, Arthur Lawrence (2)

Mullany, Frank A

Mullarkey, P

Mullen (John) and Son

Mullen, John (10)

Muller, E

Mullica, D K (2)

Mullin, E H

Mulliner-Wigley Co Ltd

Mullins (W.H.) Co

Mullison, J C

Mullory, Mary Agnes

Mulock, William

Mulsey, J B

Multiplex Phonograph Co (3)

Mulvey, George H

Mumford, George H

Munday, H D

Mundigo, Leonid

Mundy, Mary E

Mungle, Alexander

Munition Manufacturers Associates (2)

Munn & Co (19)

Munn, Charles Allen (3)

Munro, A E (2)

Munro, D

Munro, George (22)

Munroe, Charles Edward (2)

Munsell Rollo & Co

Munsell, Charles H

Munsey, Frank Andrew

Munson Steamship Line

Munsor, Henry S

Munster Simms & Co Ltd

Munsterberg, Hugo

Murdock, Charles W

Murdock, E F

Murdock, John J (3)

Murdock, Joseph Ballard

Murdock, W H

Murphey, Elmer R (2)

Murphy, Franklin (3)

Murphy, J D

Murphy, J W

Murphy, John

Murphy, T P

Murphy, Thomas

Murphy, W J (5)

Murphy, Walter B

Murray (Edison Employee)

Murray and Drury

Murray, A R

Murray, Charles Francis

Murray, D D

Murray, David

Murray, Joseph Thomas (29)

Murray, O

Murray, P

Murray, Robert Milne

Murray, Thomas Edward (13)

Musconetcong Iron Works (3)

Musin, Ovide

Musk, Hamilton (5)

Musser, A Millin

Musser, Harvey (2)

Mustain, M C

Mutsu, Munemitsu (2)

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co

Mutual District Messenger Co

Mutual Fire Insurance Co

Mutual Life Insurance Co of New York (17)

Muybridge, Eadweard (5)

Muzzy, E W

Myerhofer, C A

Myers (E.) & Co

Myers (F.W.) & Co (8)

Myers (S.F.) & Co

Myers, George Henry

Myers, George Matthew

Myers, Grace C

Myers, Leonard

Myers, W B

Mynderse, Chauncey Nicklin


N.Y. City. Board of Aldermen (2)

N.Y. City. Board of Education

N.Y. City. Board of Police Commissioners

N.Y. City. Board of Water Supply (2)

N.Y. City. Coroner's Office

N.Y. City. Dept of Public Charities and Correction (3)

N.Y. City. Dept of Taxes and Assessments (5)

N.Y. City. Mayor's Office (2)

N.Y. City. Police Dept (2)

N.Y. County. Clerk

N.Y. State. Aqueduct Commission

N.Y. State. Comptroller (10)

N.Y. State. Deputy Comptroller

N.Y. State. Health Officer's Dept

N.Y. State. Immigration Commission

N.Y. State. Library (2)

Naar, Manfred

Nagahama, S

Naganuma, S (2)

Nairn Linoleum Co

Nakamigawa, Y

Narayan (Y.) and Bros

Narodny, Ivan I (2)

Nash, Henry S

Nash, James Alfred

Nash, Miles Henry

Nashurg, A

Nashville American

Nashville Chattanooga and St Louis Railway

Nason, Frank Lewis (2)

Nassau Optical Co

Nassau Smelting and Refining Works

Nassauer, Julius

Nast, Thomas

Naszieger, Mrs H

Nathan and Dreyfus

National Academy of Sciences (6)

National Adjustment Agency

National Americanization Committee

National Aniline and Chemical Co (5)

National Association of Talking Machine Jobbers

National Association of the Motion Picture Industry

National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage

National Bank of Commerce

National Bank of the Republic

National Bird Sanctuary Associates Inc

National Carbon Co (12)

National Casket Co (2)

National Child Welfare Exhibit Assn

National Coal Tar Co

National Committee for the Prevention of Blindness

National Committee on Gas and Electric Service

National Electric Light Assn (8)

National Electric Railway Signal Co

National Electrolytic Co

National Exposition of Chemical Industries (3)

National Federation of Construction Industries

National Geographic Society (2)

National Herald

National Hydro-Carbon Co

National Inland Waterways Assn

National Institute of Inventors

National Iron Works (4)

National League for Good Roads

National League for Industrial Education

National Magazine (6)

National Metal Co

National Motor Vehicle Co

National Petroleum News

National Phonograph Co (64)

National Phonograph Co (Australia)

National Phonograph Co (Brooklyn)

National Phonograph Co Ltd (3)

National Pipe Binding Co

National Press Intelligence Co (7)

National Research Council

National Security League

National Shoe and Leather Bank (2)

National Sponge and Chamois Co

National Telegraph Co

National Thrift Bond Corp

National Tin Corp

National Water Still Co

National Waterproof Film Co (3)

Nature (London) (3)

Naughright, Mr

Naulty, James N

Naval Consulting Board (86)

Naval Research Laboratory

Navarro, Jose Francisco de (8)

Navarro, Juan N

Navy League of the United States

Neafie, Andrew J

Neafie, James

Neale, John C

Neck, S S (2)

Needles, C E (2)

Neeraas, Oluf E (2)

Nehab, I

Nehr, William F (10)

Neighbour, E J

Neill (William) and Sons Inc (2)

Nelson, Alfred

Nelson, Gustav

Nelson, H

Nelson, Howard Grant George

Nelson, John Mandt

Nelson, Thomas N

Neptune Hose Co

Neri, Joseph Maria

Ness, T W

Nestor, Cornelius E (5)

Nethersole, Olga

Neubauer, George M (6)

Neuchatel Asphalt Co

Neumeyer, Charles

Neumuller, Walter

Nevill, Richard Plantagenet (3)

Nevin, Robert Peebles

Nevin, Robert Peebles, Jr

New Bedford (Massachusetts). City

New Brunswick (N.J.). Tax Collector

New Dunderland Co Ltd

New England Gas and Coke Co (8)

New England Mutual Life Insurance Co (5)

New England Phonograph Co (13)

New England Society of Orange

New England Telephone and Telegraph Co

New England Telephone Co

New Era Metal Co

New Haven Manufacturing Co

New Jersey and Pennsylvania Concentrating Works (178)

New Jersey Bookbinding and Printing Co

New Jersey Chamber of Commerce (2)

New Jersey District Board No 2 (Selective Service) (2)

New Jersey Express Co (2)

New Jersey Iron Mining Co

New Jersey Land and Construction Co

New Jersey Patent Co (3)

New Jersey Phonograph Co (11)

New Jersey Products Inc (5)

New Jersey State Federation of Labor

New Jersey State Federation of Women's Clubs

New Jersey State Hospital

New Jersey Steel and Iron Co (3)

New Jersey Zinc Co (35)

New Jersey. Attorney General

New Jersey. Board of Architects

New Jersey. Board of Assessors (5)

New Jersey. Board of Taxation (2)

New Jersey. Bureau of Industrial Statistics (2)

New Jersey. Chancery Court

New Jersey. Commission on Road Legislation (2)

New Jersey. Comptroller

New Jersey. Dept of Banking and Insurance (4)

New Jersey. Dept of Labor (4)

New Jersey. Factory Inspector

New Jersey. Geological Survey (5)

New Jersey. Governor

New Jersey. Register of Statistics

New Jersey. Secretary of State

New Jersey. State Geologist (2)

New Jersey. Supreme Court

New Orleans Woman's Club

New Republic

New West Magazine

New York Academy of Sciences

New York American (4)

New York and Greenwood Lake Railway

New York and London Press Assn Inc

New York and New England Railroad (4)

New York and New Jersey Telephone Co (8)

New York and Pennsylvania Co

New York Aquarium

New York Association for the Blind

New York Athletic Club

New York Belting and Packing Co

New York Board of Fire Underwriters (4)

New York Bowery Fire Insurance Co

New York Central Railroad (4)

New York Chamber of Commerce (8)

New York Child Welfare Committee

New York Commercial

New York Concentrating Works (7)

New York Edison Co (12)

New York Electrical Society (5)

New York Globe (4)

New York Graphic (4)

New York Herald (32)

New York Journal (13)

New York Journal of Commerce (3)

New York Lake Erie and Western Railroad (4)

New York League for the Hard of Hearing

New York Life Insurance Co (2)

New York Mail and Express (3)

New York Mathematical Society (2)

New York Mica Mining Co

New York New Haven and Hartford Railroad (9)

New York Peace Society

New York Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad (2)

New York Phonograph Co (7)

New York Post (12)

New York Press

New York Press Club (4)

New York Protestant Episcopal City Mission Society

New York Quinine and Chemical Works Ltd (3)

New York Safety Steam Power Co (6)

New York Standard

New York State Museum

New York Stock Exchange (5)

New York Sun (29)

New York Symphony Orchestra (2)

New York Syndicate Bureau

New York Telegram (4)

New York Telegraph Club (6)

New York Telephone Co (3)

New York Times (12)

New York Tribune (23)

New York University

New York World (30)

Newald, Henry

Newark (N.J.). Board of Fire Commissioners

Newark (N.J.). Fire Dept

Newark (N.J.). Water Supply

Newark Board of Trade

Newark Industrial Exhibition (2)

Newark Lumber Co

Newark News (5)

Newark Savings Institution

Newark Star

Newark Star Eagle

Newark Street Railway Co

Newark Technical School

Newbrough, John Ballou

Newburgh Journal

Newbury, J W

Newcomb, Mary

Newcomb, Simon

Newcomb, Theodore

Newcomb, W H

Newell, W B

Newhall, Daniel Smith

Newhouse, B F

Newman, Henry Otis (2)

Newman, Jared Treman

Newman, John Philip

Newman, Robert

Newport News and Mississippi Valley Telegraph Co (2)

Newspaper Enterprise Assn (3)

Newton, Dudley

Newton, Edwin D

Newton, James Draper

Newton, Peter

Ney, Dr A H

Neymann, E H

Niagara Alkali Co (2)

Nibelius, A W

Nicaragua Canal Construction Co (2)

Nicholaisen, Eberhardt

Nicholas, Elosia Chamberlain (Mrs Arthur I.)

Nichols and Hobbie

Nichols, Edward Leamington (2)

Nichols, Ernest Fox

Nichols, H N

Nichols, Henrietta L

Nichols, Ida Cornelia (Mrs Harrison J. Holt) (3)

Nichols, Marian (43)

Nichols, William Wallace (19)

Nicholson, Henry C

Nicholson, Mary (Mrs Henry C.)

Nickel Copper Co


Nickerson, Alfred Alexander (2)

Nickson, E E (2)

Niclaus, Augusto

Nicolai, Charles A (14)

Nicole Freres Ltd

Nieder, C W (2)

Nienstadt, Dr A E (3)

Nienstadt, J

Nightingale, Florence E

Niles Tool Works Co

Niles, John B

Nilsson, Carl J

Nipher, Francis Eugene

Nipissing Mines Co (3)

Nippon Kinetophone Co

Nisbett, George M (4)

Niwa, Mr

Nixon and Mannock (2)

Nixon, J L (3)

Nixon, J M

Noble Estabrook and McHarg

Noble, Richard

Nock, Albert Jay

Nogales and Sonora Mining and Smelting Co

Nolan, Aretas Wilbur

Noll Bros (2)

Nomura, Shunkichi (10)

Non Magnetic Watch Company of America (4)

Non Slip Manufacturing Co

Norfolk and Western Railway (3)

Norfolk Board of Trade

Norfolk Fibre Co

Normand, James E

Norraikow, Adolphus (2)

Norrian, Mrs (2)

Norris, George (4)

Norris, George William

Norse, Stansbury (3)

North American Carbon and Chemical Co (4)

North American Chemical Co

North American Co (7)

North American Lead Co (8)

North American Phonograph Co (103)

North American Review (14)

North American Telegraph Co (2)

North American Transportation and Trading Co (2)

North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Co

North Branch Steel Co (2)

North Carolina Steel and Iron Co

North Carolina. Penitentiary

North German Lloyd Line (2)

North Jersey and Pocono Mountain Ice Co

North Jersey Paint Co (2)

North Ward National Bank

North, Dexter

North, Franklin H

Northants Talking Machine Society

Northcote, C Stafford

Northern Assurance Co

Northfield Iron Co

Northrop, C

Northrop, George J

Northrop, Stephen Abbott

Norton Electrical Instrument Co

Norton Emery Wheel Co

Norton Rose Norton & Co

Norton, Arthur Henry

Norton, Charles Benjamin

Norton, Lucy Coit Fanning

Norton, S H

Norton, Thomas Herbert (4)

Norwich Pharmacal Co (2)

Notman, John (3)

Nottage, George Swan (3)

Nottbeck, Charles (3)

Nova Scotia. Bureau of Mines

Now, Fred E

Noyes, Rufus King

Noyes, S F (2)

Noyes, William H

Nueske, Julius

Nungesser Electric Battery Co

Nunnelly, Walter S (2)

Nursey, Perry Fairfax

Nutini, N D (Mrs Arturo)

Nye, Francis C

Nyland, Anne C H


O' Shea, J P (2)

O'Brien, D Edward

O'Brien, F M

O'Brien, F W

O'Brien, J

O'Brien, Richard E (2)

O'Dair, William J (28)

O'Donnel, Richard Lincoln (2)

O'Grady, John J

O'Hagan, H Osborne (5)

O'Neill, William

O'Rourke, James

Oak Investment and Security Co

Ober, Josephine Robb (2)

Oberlin, Edgar G

Obrecht, C D

Ocean Magnetic Iron Co

Oceanic Investing Corp

Ochandiano, Geronimo

Ochs, Adolph Simon (3)

Odell, Mary E

Odiorne, Joseph N

Oeker, Paul

Oertly, John (2)

Oeser, Eugenie

Of, Charles

Official Photographic Co

Ogden Iron Co (2)

Ogden, D H (6)

Oggle, Mrs J H

Ohio Centennial. Board of Directors

Ohio Chemical and Manufacturing Co (2)

Ohio Edison Electric Installation Co (188)

Ohio Phonograph Co (5)

Ohio Society of New York (2)

Ohio. Auditor

Oil Paint and Drug Reporter

Okabe, Yoshiro

Olalla y Osorio, Miquel

Olbrich, J J

Olcott, Henry Steel (2)

Old Dominion Phonograph Co

Old Time Telegraphers Assn (2)

Olegar, Daniel V

Olerich, Henry (2)

Olhausen, Jacob H (2)

Oliphant, Henry Duncan

Oliphant, Lawrence

Oliver Chilled Plow Works

Oliver Iron Mining Co (15)

Oliver, H W

Oliver, J G (2)

Oliver, James (2)

Oliver, R G

Olivet Methodist Episcopal Church (Minneapolis)

Olmsted, C E

Olmsted, Edwin I (7)

Olney, Mrs John I

Olrick, Harry

Olson, Werner Oscar

Oltolina and Ci

Olympic Park Automobile Racing Assn

Onken, William Henry, Jr

Ontaneda, Rafael (2)

Ontario Mining Commission (2)

Ontario Nickel Commission

Opdyke, Claude Heft (60)

Opdyke, Edgar Smith (33)

Open Court Publishing Co (2)

Operator (3)

Ophir Silver Mining Co

Oppenheim, Henry

Orange (N.J.) Dept of Streets and Public Improvemen

Orange (N.J.). Clerk

Orange (N.J.). Justice of the Peace

Orange Awning Co (2)

Orange Chronicle (2)

Orange Club (3)

Orange Crosstown and Bloomfield Railway Co

Orange Gas Light Co

Orange Journal

Orange Mendelssohn Union (2)

Orange Methodist Episcopal Church

Orange Mountain Cable Co

Orange National Bank (6)

Orange Water Works (2)

Ord, Joseph P (20)

Oregon. Commissioner of Mining

Orford Copper Co (4)

Oriental Telephone Co Ltd (9)

Ormes, James Merrill

Ormsbee, Helen

Ormsby, Sidney C

Orndorff, William Ridgely (3)

Orr and Sembower

Orr, George

Orr, Margaret J

Orr, Robert McLean (3)

Orridoor Co

Orsborn, F R

Orton, Albert William

Orton, Thomas

Orton, Warren Seymour

Orton, William (55)

Orton, William, Jr

Osaka Mainichi Shimbunsha

Osborn, E E (2)

Osborn, I N

Osborne, Arthur H

Osborne, Charles S

Osborne, D M (3)

Osborne, Horace S

Osborne, O

Osborne, Thomas Edens

Osgood, Albert J

Osler, B B

Osterhout, Anna Landstrom (Mrs Winthrop J.V.)

Osterhout, Olga

Ostrander, Anna Louise

Oswald, William

Otey, Mercer (2)

Otis Bros & Co

Otis Elevator Co

Otis, A Walker

Ott Manufacturing Co (5)

Ott, Frederick Paul (22)

Ott, George Louis (7)

Ott, John F (103)

Ott, Ludwig Fredrick (19)

Ottenheimer, John

Otto (Albert T.) and Sons Inc

Otto Gas Engine Co

Otto, Charles W

Otto, Ona

Ourfalian, Oxan

Outerbridge, Alexander Ewing

Outing Club

Overbury, Arthur E

Overman, Albert H

Owen, David

Owen, George Tucker (3)

Owen, Horace

Owens and Phillips (2)

Owens, George W (3)

Owens, Robert Bowie (3)

Owston, Charles W (3)


Pacific Bell Telephone Co

Pacific Electrical Co

Pacific Mail Steamship Co

Pacific Mutual Telegraph Co

Pacific Phonograph Co (11)

Pack, Frederick James

Packard Motor Car Co

Packard, Dr A C

Packard, Nephi Henry

Packman and Heasman (2)

Paddon, F L

Paddon, Harold E

Paderewski, Ignace Jan

Padgett, Lemuel Phillips

Padgham, E B

Paetzold, Theodor

Page and Cooper

Page, Almon Dobbins

Page, Harlan (7)

Page, J B (2)

Page, Mrs George Sheppard (2)

Page, Samuel Flood (42)

Page, Thomas S (2)

Paget and Moeller (2)

Paige, Calvin De Witt

Paine (George W.) and Sons

Paine (Thomas) National Historical Assn (2)

Paine and Francis

Paine, Richard O

Paine, Sidney Borden (15)

Painer, Egmont

Painter, Uriah Hunt (448)

Paley, William

Palfrey, Robert George

Palisades Interstate Park Commission (2)

Palmer (John) Jr & Co

Palmer and Howe

Palmer, A P

Palmer, C S

Palmer, Carleton H

Palmer, Charles

Palmer, Charles S (2)

Palmer, Charles Skeele (3)

Palmer, Col W M

Palmer, Francis I

Palmer, H

Palmer, H S

Palmer, Harry B

Palmer, Oliver Hazard

Palmer, William Jackson

Palmieri, Henry (2)

Pan American Union

Panama-Pacific Intl Telegraphers Tournament Assn (3)

Pancoast, S L

Panec, Albert

Paraiba do Norte (Brazil). President

Pardee, Ario

Pardee, Israel Platt (2)

Pardee, John B

Pardee, William O

Pardee-Ellenberger Co

Parhwitz, H von Rebeur

Parish, Legrand (2)

Park and Tilford (8)

Park Avenue Operating Co

Park, Mrs R W

Park, William

Parke and Lacey Co

Parke Davis & Co (2)

Parke, George H

Parker (Edison Employee)

Parker and Keasbey (2)

Parker, Alton Brooks

Parker, Charles F

Parker, E G (2)

Parker, F W

Parker, Francis Warner

Parker, H A (3)

Parker, Justus Will

Parker, Richard A

Parker, Richard Wayne (16)

Parker, Terry

Parker, Theodore

Parker, Thomas J (14)

Parker, W F

Parker-Smith, Augustus (4)

Parkhurst, C D

Parks, Charles Wellman

Parmly Olendorf and Fisk (4)

Parr, Edmund V (3)

Parrish, Dillwyn (8)

Parrish, J E

Parrish, James C (12)

Parshall, Horace Field (31)

Parshley, Anthony Robert

Parson Manufacturing Co

Parsons, Charles Lathrop (3)

Parsons, H B

Parsons, Hinsdill (3)

Parsons, James K

Parsons, W H

Parsons, William E, Jr

Partrick and Carter (15)

Partrick Bunnell & Co

Partrick, James

Parvin, Theodore Sutton

Pascall, H V

Pasquotank Hosiery Co

Passaic Rolling Mill Co (4)

Pasteur, Louis

Patent Celebration Fund (2)

Paterson Chamber of Commerce

Pathe Freres (5)

Pathe News

Pathe, Charles

Patrick, Alex G

Patrick, Charles H (7)

Patrick, David (3)

Patten, Josephine

Patten, William (2)

Patterson Bros (6)

Patterson, F W

Patterson, Frances (3)

Patterson, Louise H

Patterson, M Caroline

Patterson, Seely Benedict

Patterson, Virginia S

Patterson, Walter Howard (2)

Pattison Bros

Pattison, C H

Pattison, P K (5)

Patton Paint Co (2)

Patton, Lt J N (3)

Patton, W H (8)

Patton, William P

Paul, L F

Paulk, Noah

Paulsen, William

Paulus, D L

Pauncefote, Julian

Pawtucket Gas Co

Paxson, Richard

Paxson, Warner

Payne (A. E. Kennelly Associate)

Payne, Arthur Coyle (8)

Payne, J E

Payne, James G (4)

Payne, Jeff

Payne, Mrs Harmon P

Payne, Olcott

Payne, Paul Donald (8)

Payne, S H

Payne, William T (2)

Paynter, William H

Payson, E P

Payton, William (2)

Peabody (Henry W.) & Co

Peabody and Perrin (2)

Peabody, George Foster (6)

Peabody, Royal Canfield (2)

Peacock, Jacob S

Pearce and Jones

Pearce, Arthur Bream (2)

Pearl, Eugene

Pearl, James W

Pearsall, Alfred Everson

Pearson, Amos Walton

Pearson, Madeleine S

Pease, Shaw

Peavoy, Joseph

Peck, C H

Peck, Clarence I (2)

Peck, Ferdinand Wythe

Peck, George James (2)

Peck, S W

Peckham (J.S. and M.)

Peckham, E W, (New Mexico)

Peckham, P W

Peckham, Rufus Wheeler

Peckitt, Leonard (7)

Peczalski, Tadeusz

Peddle, William H

Pedersen, Arthur Zentgraf (4)

Peebles, Leighton Hartwell

Peeples, Thornwell K

Peerless Rubber Selling Co (3)

Peet, E L

Peet, Ira J

Peeten, Gerard

Peik, C L

Peirce, William S (2)

Pelligero, Gonzalo (2)

Pelren, Oliver J

Peltier, P V

Pelzer, John (15)

Pelzer, William (22)

Pender, John (25)

Penman, John

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co

Penn Placer Mining Co

Pennington School

Pennington, Mrs Frank K

Pennsylvania Electric Assn (2)

Pennsylvania Electric Light Co

Pennsylvania Electric Supply and Railroad Co

Pennsylvania Railroad (48)

Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co (3)

Pennsylvania Society

Pennsylvania Steel Co (11)

Pennsylvania Tank Car Co (4)

Pennybacker, Anna Hardwicke (Mrs Percy V.) (7)

Pensacola Maritime Corp (2)

People's Cyclopedia

Peoples Bank (5)

Peoples Bank (East Orange)

Peoples Bank (St. Paul)

Percival, H S

Perine, Harry Brown

Perivlat, C F

Perkins, George Walbridge (5)

Perkins, H F

Perkins, John McClary

Perkins, Randolph

Perman, Thomas

Perrin, E W

Perrin, James E

Perrin, Richard T

Perrine, Ira Burton (2)

Perrington, J J

Perrott, George

Perry and Ryer (5)

Perry, A D

Perry, Chesley Reynolds

Perry, Edward W (4)

Perry, Frank L (2)

Perry, George P

Perry, George W

Perry, H A

Perry, John T (24)

Perry, Nelson W

Perry, O H

Perry, R E

Perry, Samuel S

Perry, William S (156)

Persson, N

Pescod, William

Peterke, E C (2)

Peters, Eugene S

Peters, J R

Peters, Jacob

Peters, John

Petersen, Christian

Peterson, Charles W

Peterson, Frederick (8)

Peterson, John, Jr

Peterson, Karl

Petit, Ademor Napoleon (6)

Petit, Albert O (5)

Petrie, Thomas

Petrow, N

Petter, Mrs Adolph

Pettersson, Sven Otto

Pettit, F A

Pettit, Henry

Pettit, Horace (2)

Pettit, Robert E (2)

Peverley, Ralph

Pew, Marlen Edwin

Peysert and Knauss

Pfaltz and Bauer Inc (4)

Pfister, Carlo

Pflasterer, George Samuel

Pflum, H Doane

Phelan, James T (7)

Phelps, A C

Phelps, Fred A, Jr (6)

Phelps, George H (2)

Phelps, George May (11)

Phelps, George May, Jr (3)

Phenix, Legare

Philadelphia (Pa.). Electrical Bureau

Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Co (10)

Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Co (17)

Philadelphia Book Co

Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

Philadelphia Electric Co

Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Local Telegraph Co (5)

Philadelphia Medical Publishing Co