Edison Papers Editions

Digital Edition
An online edition presently consisting of 175,000 document images and a searchable database of 143,500 documents and 23,300 names. The digital edition includes documents from the Edison National Historic Site archives scanned from Parts I-III of the microfilm edition along with items from other repositories and private collections.

Book Edition
A fifteen-volume book edition. Six hardbound volumes have been completed with selected and annotated letters, drawings, photographs, notebook entries and legal and financial records that reveal Edison's life and work in unprecedented detail for the period February 1847 - March 1883.

Microfilm Edition
A six-part microfilm edition containing approximately ten percent of the 5 million pages of Edison documents at the Edison National Historic Site. Thus far, the Edison Papers has published five parts containing approximately 281,000 document images on 288 microfilm reels covering the years 1850-1919.

Motion Picture Catalogs
A six-reel microfilm edition of Motion Picture Catalogs by American Producers and Distributors, 1894-1908.