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Edison's list of "Things doing and to be done" in his new laboratory at the start of 1888. Five pages long, the list includes over 100 projects large and small, from recording sound to making butter. It will be in Competing Interests, Volume 9 of Edison's papers. View the document

Rutgers 250

This year marks 250 years of Rutgers educating NJ. Edison had a long association with the university! He received two honorary degrees from Rutgers, donated electrical apparatus to the school, and stirred up a bit of controversy among students and faculty with the intelligence tests he instituted for employees in 1920. Learn more


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October 25, 2016 – Innovation, A Lecture Series: Paul B. Israel, Inaugural Lecture, Edison and Innovation

November 15, 2016 – Innovation, A Lecture Series: Dunbar. P. Birnie III, Solar Innovation and Complexity


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