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Thomas A. Edison Papers

Microfilm Edition

Thomas A. Edison Papers :
A Selective Microfilm Edition

A rich collection of documents that reveal a complex man—inventor, scientist, technological genius, industrialist, entrepreneur—who influenced the life of the nation and the world for more than half a century.

Inventor, scientist, industrialist, entrepreneur—Edison's life, work, and vision are documented in laboratory notebooks, diaries, business records, correspondence, news clippings, and other papers. The microfilm edition, published by University Publications of America (an imprint of LexisNexis), will be a six-part edition when completed. Use of the microfilm edition is enhanced by published guides. Images scanned from the first three parts of the microfilm are available in the Thomas A. Edison Papers, Digital Edition. Moreover, all document records for Part IV and Part V are in the online database and can be browsed and searched. The Rutgers University library holds a copy available through Interlibrary Loan. Numerous other libraries also own the microfilm.

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