Guide to Motion Picture Catalogs:
Reel Notes -- Summary Contents by Company

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Series One: Producers and Sales Agents -- Active before 1900

Reel No.1
A    Raff & Gammon
B Maguire & Baucus, Limited
C C. Francis Jenkins
D Auguste & Louis Lumière
E The International Film Company
F F. M. Prescott


Series Two: Producers -- Active after 1900

G Edison Manufacturing Company
Reel No.2
H American Mutoscope & Biograph Company
I The Selig Polyscope Company
Reel No.3
J Sigmund Lubin
Reel No.4
K American Vitagraph Company
L Georges Méliès
M    Pathé Frères
N Kalem Company
O Centaur Film Company
P Great Northern Film Company


Series Three: Equipment Manufacturers -- Active after 1900

Q    Armat Motion-Picture Company
R Eberhard Schneider
S Nicholas Power
T Viascope Manufacturing Company
U Gaumont Company


Series Four: Distributors of Films, Equipment, and Accessories -- Active after 1900

V Kleine Optical Company
Reel No.5
W Stereopticon & Film Exchange
X L. Manasse Company
Y Eugene Cline & Company
Z Moore, Bond & Company
AA    Sears, Roebuck & Company
Reel No.6
BB Enterprise Optical Company
CC Chicago Projecting Company
DD Amusement Supply Company
EE Williams, Brown & Earle
FF Hennegan & Company

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