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Back 1887

D-87-01 Bergmann & Co 119:13
D-87-02 Dick (A.B.) Co 119:52
D-87-03 Drexel, Morgan & Co 119:96
Edison, T.A.
D-87-04 —General 119:104
D-87-05 —Articles 119:393
D-87-06 —Autograph & Photograph Requests [not selected]   
D-87-07 —Bills & Receipts [not selected]   
D-87-08 —Bills of Lading [not selected]   
D-87-09 —Book & Journal Orders [not selected]   
D-87-10 —Checks [not selected]   
D-87-11 —Clubs & Societies 119:429
D-87-12 —Creditors [not selected]   
D-87-13 —Employment 119:464
D-87-14 —Family 119:536
D-87-15 —Insurance [not selected]   
D-87-16 —Name Use [not selected]   
D-87-17 —Outgoing Correspondence 119:574
D-87-18 —Real Estate 119:655
D-87-19 —Secretary—Insull, Samuel 119:660
D-87-20 —Secretary—Randolph, John [not selected]   
D-87-21 —Secretary—Tate, Alfred O. [not selected]   
D-87-22 —Shipping [not selected]   
D-87-23 —Suppliers [not selected]   
D-87-24 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice 119:717
D-87-25 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]   
D-87-26 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Deafness [not selected]   
D-87-27 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Edison Star [not selected]   
D-87-28     —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]   
D-87-29 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]   
D-87-30 —Visitors   
Electric Light
D-87-31 —General 119:749
D-87-32 —Edison Electric Light Co—General 119:787
D-87-33 —Edison Electric Light Co—Illuminating Cos    119:879
D-87-34 —Edison Lamp Co—General 119:961
D-87-35 —Edison Lamp Co—Accounts 119:993
D-87-36 —Edison Machine Works—General 119:1008
D-87-37 —Edison Machine Works—Tests 119:1197
D-87-38 —Edison United Manufacturing Co 120:1
D-87-39 —Edison Wiring Co 120:28
D-87-40 —Western Edison [not selected]   
Electric Light—Foreign
D-87-41 —General 120:43
D-87-42 —Edison & Swan United Electric Light Co 120:55
D-87-43 —Edison's Indian & Colonial Electric Co 120:75
D-87-44 Exhibitions 120:97
D-87-45 Fort Myers 120:105
D-87-46 Glenmont 120:117
D-87-47 —General 120:131
D-87-48 —Edison Ore Milling Co 120:178
D-87-49 Patents 120:196
D-87-50 —General 120:228
D-87-51 —Foreign 120:273
D-87-52 —General 120:298
D-87-53 —Phonoplex 120:322
D-87-54 Telephone 120:438
West Orange Laboratory
D-87-55 —General 120:459
D-87-56 —Suppliers—General 120:640
D-87-57 —Suppliers—Edison Machine Works 120:912

Back 1888

D-88-01 Battery 121:8
D-88-02 Bergmann & Co 121:57
D-88-03 Dick (A.B.) Co 121:122
D-88-04 Drexel, Morgan & Co [not selected]   
Edison, T.A.
D-88-05 —General 121:155
D-88-06 —Accounts [not selected]   
D-88-07 —Articles 121:680
D-88-08 —Autograph & Photograph Requests [not selected]   
D-88-09 —Bills & Receipts [not selected]   
D-88-10 —Bills of Lading [not selected]   
D-88-11 —Book & Journal Orders [not selected]   
D-88-12 —Clubs & Societies 121:796
D-88-13 —Creditors [not selected]   
D-88-14 —Employment—Incoming Correspondence 121:840
D-88-15 —Employment—Outgoing Correspondence 121:1030
D-88-16 —Family 121:1097
D-88-17 —Insurance 121:1158
D-88-18 —Outgoing Correspondence 122:1
D-88-19 —Real Estate 122:620
D-88-20 —Secretary 122:628
D-88-21 —Suppliers [not selected]   
D-88-22 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice 122:689
D-88-23 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]   
D-88-24 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Deafness [not selected]   
D-88-25 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]   
D-88-26 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]   
D-88-27    —Visitors [not selected]   
Electric Light
D-88-28 —General 122:753
D-88-29 —Armington & Sims 122:1002
D-88-30 —Edison Electric Light Co—General 123:1
D-88-31 —Edison Electric Light Co—Illuminating Cos    123:126
D-88-32 —Edison General Electric Co 123:267
D-88-33 —Edison Lamp Co—General 123:321
D-88-34 —Edison Lamp Co—Accounts 123:417
D-88-35 —Edison Machine Works 123:432
D-88-36 —Edison United Manufacturing Co 123:600
D-88-37 —Edison Wiring Co 123:659
D-88-38 —[Number Not Used]
D-88-39 —Foreign—General 123:673
D-88-40 —Foreign—United Kingdom 123:781
D-88-41 Electric Railway 123:806
D-88-42 Exhibitions 123:814
D-88-43 Fort Myers 123:838
D-88-44 Glenmont 123:850
D-88-45 Mining 123:865
D-88-46 Patents 124:1
D-88-47 —General 124:119
D-88-48 —Companies 124:280
D-88-49 —Foreign—General 124:496
D-88-50 —Foreign—United Kingdom 124:632
D-88-51 Sims-Edison Electric Torpedo Co [not selected]   
D-88-52 —General 124:849
D-88-53 —Phonoplex 124:877
D-88-54 Telephone 124:950
West Orange Laboratory
D-88-55 —General 124:969
D-88-56 —Suppliers 124:1082

Back 1889

D-89-01 Battery 125:11
D-89-02 Bergmann & Co 125:36
D-89-03 Dick (A.B.) Co 125:61
D-89-04 Drexel, Morgan & Co 125:95
Edison, T.A.
D-89-05 —General 125:98
D-89-06 —Accounts 125:565
D-89-07 —Articles 125:573
D-89-08 —Autograph & Photograph Requests [not selected]   
D-89-09 —Bills & Receipts [not selected]   
D-89-10 —Bills of Lading [not selected]   
D-89-11 —Book & Journal Orders 125:689
D-89-12 —Clubs & Societies 125:707
D-89-13 —Creditors [not selected]   
D-89-14 —Employment 125:775
D-89-15 —Family 125:839
D-89-16 —Insurance [not selected]   
D-89-17 —Outgoing Correspondence [not selected]   
D-89-18 —Real Estate 125:891
D-89-19 —Secretary—Randolph, John [not selected]   
D-89-20 —Secretary—Tate, Alfred O. 125:896
D-89-21 —Shipping [not selected]   
D-89-22 —Suppliers [not selected]   
D-89-23 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice 125:937
D-89-24 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]   
D-89-25 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Deafness [not selected]   
D-89-26 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Edison Star [not selected]   
D-89-27    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]   
D-89-28 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]   
D-89-29 —Visitors 125:975
Edison Machine Works
D-89-30 —General 125:990
D-89-31 —Accounts [not selected]   
D-89-32 Edison Manufacturing Company 125:1046
Electric Light
D-89-33 —General 126:1
D-89-34 —Armington & Sims 126:231
D-89-35 —Edison Electric Light Co—General 126:241
D-89-36 —Edison Electric Light Co—Illuminating Cos 126:301
D-89-37 —Edison Electric Light Co of Philadelphia 126:340
D-89-38 —Edison General Electric Co 126:401
D-89-39 —Edison Lamp Co 126:474
D-89-40 —Edison United Manufacturing Co 126:552
D-89-41 —Foreign—General 126:610
D-89-42 —Foreign—United Kingdom 126:668
D-89-43 —United Edison Manufacturing Co 126:693
D-89-44 Electric Railway 126:730
D-89-45 —General 126:770
D-89-46 —Paris Exposition 126:831
D-89-47 Fort Myers 126:928.1
D-89-48 Glenmont 126:969
D-89-49 —General 126:985
D-89-50 —Edison Iron Concentrating Co 126:1074
D-89-51 —Edison Ore Milling Co [not selected]   
D-89-52 —Foreign 127:1
D-89-53 —Mines & Ores 127:121
D-89-54 Patents 127:194
D-89-55 —General 127:353
D-89-56 —Edison Phonograph Co 127:526
D-89-57 —Edison Phonograph Works 127:570
D-89-58 —Foreign—General 127:587
D-89-59 —Foreign—Edison's Phonograph Co 127:647
D-89-60 —Foreign—Frazar & Co 127:1021
D-89-61 —Foreign—Mexico 127:1073.1
D-89-62 —North American Phonograph Co—General 128:1
D-89-63 —North American Phonograph Co—Subsidiary Cos 128:41
D-89-64 —Talking Doll 128:97
D-89-65 —General 128:268
D-89-66 —Phonoplex 128:274
D-89-67 Telephone [not selected]   
West Orange Laboratory
D-89-68 —General 128:344
D-89-69 —Machine Shop Accounts 128:385
D-89-70 —Suppliers 128:395

Back 1890

D-90-01 Battery 128:496
D-90-02 Bergmann & Co 128:520
D-90-03 Dick (A.B.) Co 128:529
Edison, T.A.
D-90-04 —General 128:547
D-90-05    —Accounts [not selected]   
D-90-06 —Articles 128:786
D-90-07 —Autograph & Photograph Requests [not selected]   
D-90-08 —Bills & Receipts [not selected]   
D-90-09 —Book & Journal Orders [not selected]   
D-90-10 —Checks [not selected]   
D-90-11 —Clubs & Societies 128:849
D-90-12 —Creditors [not selected]   
D-90-13 —Employment 128:879
D-90-14 —Family 128:921
D-90-15 —Outgoing Correspondence [not selected]   
D-90-16 —Real Estate 128:988.1
D-90-17 —Secretary—Randolph, John [not selected]   
D-90-18 —Secretary—Tate, Alfred O. [not selected]   
D-90-19 —Shipping [not selected]   
D-90-20 —Suppliers [not selected]   
D-90-21 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice 128:992
D-90-22 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]   
D-90-23 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]   
D-90-24 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]   
D-90-25 —Visitors 128:1022
D-90-26 Edison Industrial Works 128:1032
D-90-27 Edison Manufacturing Co 128:1038
Electric Light
D-90-28 —General 128:1082
D-90-29 —Edison Electric Illuminating Co of New York 129:1
D-90-30 —Edison Electric Light Co—General 129:80
D-90-31 —Edison Electric Light Co—Illuminating Cos 129:84
D-90-32 —Edison Electric Light Co of Philadelphia 129:103
D-90-33 —Edison General Electric Co—General 129:207
D-90-34 —Edison General Electric Co—Lamp Works 129:335
D-90-35 —Edison Lamp Co 129:343
D-90-36 —Foreign—General 129:377
D-90-37 —Foreign—United Kingdom 129:426
D-90-38 —United Edison Manufacturing Co 129:446
D-90-39 Electric Railway 129:475
D-90-40 Exhibitions 129:506
D-90-41 Fort Myers 129:586
D-90-42 Glenmont 129:611
D-90-43 —General 129:621
D-90-44 —Burn, Samuel [not selected]   
D-90-45 —Edison Iron Concentrating Co 129:690
D-90-46 —Edison Ore Milling Co 129:772
D-90-47 —Foreign 129:783
D-90-48 —Mines & Ores 129:806
D-90-49 —New Jersey & Pennsylvania Concentrating Works    129:902
D-90-50 Patents 129:962
D-90-51 —General 129:1156
D-90-52 —Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co 130:1
D-90-53 —Edison Phonograph Co 130:60
D-90-54 —Edison Phonograph Works 130:66
D-90-55 —Foreign—General 130:132
D-90-56 —Foreign—Edison United Phonograph Co 130:232
D-90-57 —Foreign—Frazar & Co 130:276
D-90-58 —North American Phonograph Co—General 130:313
D-90-59 —North American Phonograph Co—Subsidiary Cos 130:363
D-90-60 —Talking Doll 130:405
D-90-61 Sims-Edison Electric Torpedo Co 130:589
D-90-62 —General 130:605
D-90-63 —Phonoplex 130:619
D-90-64 West Orange Laboratory 130:656

Back 1891

D-91-01 Dick (A.B.) Co 130:725
Edison, T.A.
D-91-02 —General 130:735
D-91-03 —Accounts [not selected]   
D-91-04 —Articles 130:901
D-91-05 —Autograph & Photograph Requests [not selected]   
D-91-06 —Bills & Receipts [not selected]   
D-91-07 —Book & Journal —Orders [not selected]   
D-91-08 —Checks [not selected]   
D-91-09 —Clubs & Societies [not selected]   
D-91-10 —Creditors [not selected]   
D-91-11 —Employment 130:962
D-91-12 —Family 130:975
D-91-13 —Real Estate 130:1037
D-91-14 —Secretary [not selected]   
D-91-15 —Shipping [not selected]   
D-91-16 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice 131:1
D-91-17 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]   
D-91-18 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]   
D-91-19 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]   
D-91-20 —Visitors 131:36
D-91-21 Edison Manufacturing Co 131:44
Electric Light
D-91-22 —General 131:81
D-91-23 —Edison Electric Light Co—General 131:121
D-91-24 —Edison Electric Light Co—Illuminating Cos 131:131
D-91-25 —Edison General Electric Co—General 131:199
D-91-26 —Edison General Electric Co—Lamp Works—General    131:226
D-91-27    —Edison General Electric Co—Lamp Works—Reports [not selected]   
D-91-28 —Foreign 131:259
Electric Railway
D-91-29 —General 131:316
D-91-30 —Schenectady Street Railway Co [not selected]   
D-91-31 Exhibitions 131:336
D-91-32 Fort Myers 131:352
D-91-33 Glenmont 131:366
D-91-34 —General 131:379
D-91-35 —Edison Iron Concentrating Co 131:466
D-91-36 —Edison Ore Milling Co 131:485
D-91-37 —Foreign 131:489
D-91-38 —Mines & Ores 131:519
D-91-39 —Ogden Mine 131:575
D-91-40 —Surveys [not selected]   
D-91-41 Motion Pictures 131:589
D-91-42 Patents 131:612
D-91-43 —General 131:812
D-91-44 —Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co 131:874
D-91-45 —Edison Phonograph Co 131:916
D-91-46 —Edison Phonograph Works—General 131:938
D-91-47 —Edison Phonograph Works—Accounts 132:1
D-91-48 —Foreign—General 132:3
D-91-49 —Foreign—Edison United Phonograph Co 132:24
D-91-50 —Foreign—Frazar & Co 132:85
D-91-51 —North American Phonograph Co—General 132:97
D-91-52 —North American Phonograph Co—Subsidiary Cos 132:172
D-91-53 —Talking Doll 132:196
D-91-54 Sims-Edison Electric Torpedo Co 132:220
D-91-55 —General 132:235
D-91-56 —Phonoplex 132:256
D-91-57 Telephone 132:266
D-91-58 West Orange Laboratory 132:274

Back 1892

D-92-01 Dick (A.B.) Co 132:300
Edison, T.A.
D-92-02 —General 132:324
D-92-03 —Accounts [not selected]   
D-92-04 —Articles 132:418
D-92-05 —Autograph & Photograph Requests [not selected]   
D-92-06 —Book & Journal Orders [not selected]   
D-92-07 —Clubs & Societies 132:446
D-92-08 —Employment 132:461
D-92-09 —Family 132:488
D-92-10 —Financial 132:532
D-92-11 —Outgoing Correspondence 132:559
D-92-12 —Real Estate [not selected]   
D-92-13 —Secretary [not selected]   
D-92-14 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice 132:861
D-92-15 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]   
D-92-16 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Deafness [not selected]   
D-92-17 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]   
D-92-18 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]   
D-92-19 —Visitors [not selected]   
Edison Manufacturing Co
D-92-20 —General 132:868
D-92-21 —Accounts [not selected]   
Electric Light
D-92-22 —General 132:883
D-92-23 —Edison Electric Light Co—General 132:894
D-92-24 —Edison Electric Light Co—Illuminating Cos 132:921
D-92-25 —Edison General Electric Co 132:939
D-92-26 —Foreign 132:968
D-92-27 —General Electric Co 132:984
D-92-28 Electric Railway 132:997
D-92-29 Fort Myers 132:1002
D-92-30 Glenmont 133:1
D-92-31 —General 133:9
D-92-32 —Edison Ore Milling Co 133:51
D-92-33 —Foreign 133:66
D-92-34 —Mines & Ores 133:78
D-92-35 —Surveys 133:108
D-92-36 Motion Pictures 133:126
D-92-37 Patents 133:138
D-92-38 —General 133:310
D-92-39 —Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co 133:365
D-92-40 —Edison Phonograph Works 133:387
D-92-41 —Foreign—Edison United Phonograph Co 133:424
D-92-42 —North American Phonograph Co—General 133:592
D-92-43    —North American Phonograph Co—Reports [not selected]   
D-92-44 —North American Phonograph Co—Subsidiary Cos    133:672
D-92-45 —Talking Doll 133:693
D-92-46 —General 133:733
D-92-47 —Phonoplex 133:746
D-92-48 West Orange Laboratory 133:753

Back 1893

D-93-01 Dick (A.B.) Co 133:778
Edison, T.A.
D-93-02 —General 133:787
D-93-03 —Articles 133:835
D-93-04 —Autograph & Photograph Requests [not selected]   
D-93-05 —Book & Journal Orders [not selected]   
D-93-06 —Clubs & Societies 133:869
D-93-07 —Employment 133:877
D-93-08 —Family 133:925
D-93-09 —Financial 133:965
D-93-10 —Outgoing Correspondence 134:1
D-93-11 —Real Estate 134:120
D-93-12 —Secretary [not selected]   
D-93-13 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice 134:129
D-93-14 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]   
D-93-15 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Deafness [not selected]   
D-93-16 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]   
D-93-17 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]   
D-93-18 —Visitors 134:153
D-93-19 Edison Industrial Works [not selected]   
Edison Manufacturing Co
D-93-20 —General 134:161
D-93-21 —Accounts [not selected]   
Electric Light
D-93-22 —General 134:180
D-93-23 —Edison Electric Light Co—General 134:191
D-93-24 —Edison Electric Light Co—Illuminating Cos 134:201
D-93-25 —Foreign 134:231
D-93-26 —General Electric Co 134:237
D-93-27 Electric Railway 134:271
D-93-28 Exhibitions 134:291
D-93-29 Fort Myers 134:302
D-93-30 Glenmont 134:306
D-93-31 —General 134:314
D-93-32 —Foreign 134:379
D-93-33 —Mines & Ores 134:397
D-93-34    —Surveys [not selected]   
D-93-35 Motion Pictures 134:410
D-93-36 Patents 134:445
D-93-37 —General 134:496
D-93-38 —Edison Phonograph Co 134:508
D-93-39 —Edison Phonograph Works—General 134:518
D-93-40 —Edison Phonograph Works—Orders [not selected]   
D-93-41 —Foreign—General 134:557
D-93-42 —Foreign—Edison United Phonograph Co 134:564
D-93-43 —North American Phonograph Co—General 134:827
D-93-44 —North American Phonograph Co—Reports [not selected]   
D-93-45 —North American Phonograph Co—Subsidiary Cos [not selected]   
D-93-46 —General 134:994
D-93-47 —Phonoplex 134:1008
D-93-48 West Orange Laboratory 134:1016

Back 1894

D-94-01 Aultman, Miller & Co 135:7
D-94-02 Dick (A.B.) Co 135:15
Edison, T.A.
D-94-03 —General 135:22
D-94-04 —Accounts [not selected]   
D-94-05 —Articles 135:53
D-94-06 —Autograph & Photograph Requests [not selected]   
D-94-07 —Clubs & Societies 135:65
D-94-08 —Employment 135:68
D-94-09 —Family 135:84
D-94-10 —Financial 135:103
D-94-11 —Outgoing Correspondence [not selected]   
D-94-12 —Real Estate 135:127
D-94-13 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice 135:131
D-94-14 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]   
D-94-15 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Deafness [not selected]   
D-94-16 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]   
D-94-17 —Visitors 135:145
D-94-18 Edison Manufacturing Co 135:149
Electric Light
D-94-19 —General 135:162
D-94-20 —Edison Electric Illuminating Co of New York 135:170
D-94-21 —Foreign 135:181
D-94-22 —General Electric Co [not selected]   
D-94-23 —General 135:188
D-94-24 —Mines & Ores 135:223
Motion Pictures
D-94-25 —General 135:250
D-94-26 —Gouraud, George E. 135:280
D-94-27 —Kinetoscope Exhibiting Co 135:342
D-94-28 —Maguire & Baucus 135:376
D-94-29 —Raff & Gammon 135:410
D-94-30 Patents 135:420
D-94-31 —General 135:445
D-94-32 —Edison Phonograph Co 135:463
D-94-33 —Edison Phonograph Works 135:467
D-94-34 —Edison United Phonograph Co 135:481
D-94-35 —North American Phonograph Co—General 135:592
D-94-36 —North American Phonograph Co—Subsidiary Cos    135:621
D-94-37 —General 135:632
D-94-38    —Phonoplex [not selected]   
D-94-39 Telephone 135:646
D-94-40 West Orange Laboratory 135:654

Back 1895

D-95-01 Dick (A.B.) Co 135:674
Edison, T.A.
D-95-02 —General 135:679
D-95-03 —Accounts [not selected]   
D-95-04 —Clubs & Societies 135:699
D-95-05 —Employment 135:703
D-95-06 —Family 135:708
D-95-07 —Financial 135:730
D-95-08 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice [not selected]   
D-95-09    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]   
D-95-10 Edison Manufacturing Co 135:738
Electric Light
D-95-11 —General 135:751
D-95-12 —Edison Electric Illuminating Co of New York    135:758
D-95-13 —General Electric Co 135:784
D-95-14 Mining 135:811
Motion Pictures
D-95-15 —General 135:823
D-95-16 —Kinetoscope Exhibiting Co 135:839
D-95-17 —Maguire & Baucus 135:854
D-95-18 —Raff & Gammon 135:888
D-95-19 Patents 135:899
D-95-20 —General 135:909
D-95-21 —Edison Phonograph Co 135:923
D-95-22 —Edison Phonograph Works 135:928
D-95-23 —Edison United Phonograph Co 135:932
D-95-24 —North American Phonograph Co 135:1032
D-95-25 —General 135:1100
D-95-26 —Phonoplex 135:1103
D-95-27 Telephone 135:1128
D-95-28 West Orange Laboratory 135:1131

Back 1896

D-96-01 Dick (A.B.) Co 136:6
Edison, T.A.
D-96-02 —General 136:17
D-96-03    —Accounts [not selected]   
D-96-04 —Articles 136:29
D-96-05 —Clubs & Societies 136:80
D-96-06 —Employment [not selected]   
D-96-07 —Family 136:86
D-96-08 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice 136:110
D-96-09 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]   
D-96-10 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]   
D-96-11 —Visitors 136:114
D-96-12 Edison Manufacturing Co 136:121
Electric Light
D-96-13 —General 136:129
D-96-14 —Edison Electric Illuminating Co of New York    136:136
D-96-15 —General Electric Co 136:152
D-96-16 Mining 136:164
Motion Pictures
D-96-17 —Kinetoscope Exhibiting Co 136:176
D-96-18 —Maguire & Baucus 136:183
D-96-19 —Raff & Gammon 136:205
D-96-20 Patents 136:210
D-96-21 —General 136:229
D-96-22 —Edison Phonograph Works [not selected]   
D-96-23 —Edison United Phonograph Co 136:242
D-96-24 —National Phonograph Co 136:431
D-96-25 —North American Phonograph Co 136:444
D-96-26 —Ott Manufacturing Co 136:454
D-96-27 —General 136:470
D-96-28 —Phonoplex [not selected]   
D-96-29 Telephone [not selected]   
D-96-30 West Orange Laboratory 136:479
D-96-31 X-Rays 136:498

Back 1897

D-97-01 Dick (A.B.) Co [not selected]   
Edison, T.A.
D-97-02 —General 136:641
D-97-03    —Accounts [not selected]   
D-97-04 —Articles 136:679
D-97-05 —Bills & Receipts [not selected]   
D-97-06 —Clubs & Societies 136:688
D-97-07 —Employment [not selected]   
D-97-08 —Family—General 136:693
D-97-09 —Family—Edison, T.A., Jr. 136:706
D-97-10 —Financial [not selected]   
D-97-11 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice [not selected]   
D-97-12 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]   
D-97-13 —Visitors [not selected]   
D-97-14 Edison Manufacturing Co [not selected]   
D-97-15 Electric Light 136:732
D-97-16 Mining 136:741
D-97-17 Motion Pictures 136:751
D-97-18 Patents 136:764
D-97-19 —General 136:787
D-97-20 —Edison Phonograph Works 136:793
D-97-21 —Edison United Phonograph Co 136:797
D-97-22 Telegraph—Phonoplex [not selected]   
D-97-23 West Orange Laboratory 136:1107

Back 1898

D-98-01 Dick (A.B.) Co 137:5
Edison, T.A.
D-98-02 —General 137:8
D-98-03 —Articles 137:62
D-98-04 —Clubs & Societies 137:73
D-98-05    —Employment [not selected]   
D-98-06 —Family—General 137:78
D-98-07 —Family—Edison, T.A., Jr. 137:102
D-98-08 —Financial [not selected]   
D-98-09 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice 137:159
D-98-10 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]   
D-98-11 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]   
D-98-12 —Visitors 137:172
D-98-13 Edison Manufacturing Co 137:176
Electric Light
D-98-14 —General 137:182
D-98-15 —Edison Electric Illuminating Co of New York    137:192
D-98-16 —General Electric Co 137:196
D-98-17 Exhibitions 137:211
D-98-18 Expanding Pulley 137:220
D-98-19 Glenmont 137:240
D-98-20 —General 137:242
D-98-21 —Mines & Ores 137:273
D-98-22 Motion Pictures 137:295
D-98-23 Patents 137:319
D-98-24 —General 137:354
D-98-25 —Edison Phonograph Works 137:383
D-98-26 —Edison United Phonograph Co 137:398
D-98-27 —National Phonograph Co 137:1043
D-98-28 West Orange Laboratory 137:1053

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