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Outside Repositories Edison-Miller Family

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Back 1899

Edison, T.A.
D-99-01 —General 186:177
D-99-02 —Clubs and Societies 186:210
D-99-03 —Employment [not selected]
D-99-04 —Family 186:220
D-99-05 —Financial [not selected]
D-99-06 —Unsolicited Correspondence—General [not selected]
D-99-07    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]   
D-99-08 —Visitors [not selected]
D-99-09 Edison Manufacturing Company 186:241
D-99-10 Edison-Saunders Compressed Air Company 186:251
D-99-11 Electric Light 186:276
D-99-12 Fort Myers 186:284
D-99-13 Glenmont [not selected]
D-99-14 Mining 186:298
D-99-15 Motion Pictures 186:309
D-99-16 Patents 186:325
D-99-17 —General 186:353
D-99-18 —Edison Phonograph Works [not selected]
D-99-19 —Edison United Phonograph Company 186:465
D-99-20 West Orange Laboratory 186:632

Back 1900

D-00-01 Battery 186:651
Edison, T.A.
D-00-02 —General 186:665
D-00-03 —Clubs and Societies [not selected]
D-00-04 —Employment 186:726
D-00-05 —Family 186:734
D-00-06 —Financial [not selected]
D-00-07 —Name Use [not selected]
D-00-08 —Unsolicited Correspondence [not selected]
D-00-09 Edison Manufacturing Company 186:776
D-00-10    Edison-Saunders Compressed Air Company [not selected]   
D-00-11 Electric Light [not selected]
D-00-12 Exhibitions 186:815
D-00-13 —General 186:821
D-00-14 —Ortiz Mine 186:868
D-00-15 Motion Pictures 186:939
D-00-16 Patents 186:1005
D-00-17 —Edison Phonograph Works 186:1031
D-00-18 —Edison United Phonograph Company 186:1041
D-00-19 —Moriarty, Stephen F. [not selected]
D-00-20 West Orange Laboratory [not selected]

Back 1901

D-01-01 Automobile 187:8
D-01-02 —Primary 187:15
D-01-03 —Storage—General 187:29
D-01-04 —Storage—Foreign 187:68
D-01-05 Dick, Herman E. [not selected]
Edison, T.A.
D-01-06 —General 187:112
D-01-07 —Articles [not selected]
D-01-08 —Book and Journal Orders [not selected]
D-01-09 —Clubs and Societies 187:150
D-01-10 —Employment 187:161
D-01-11 —Family 187:166
D-01-12 —Financial 187:206
D-01-13 —Name Use [not selected]
D-01-14 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice [not selected]
D-01-15 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]
D-01-16    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]   
D-01-17 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]
D-01-18 —Visitors [not selected]
D-01-19 Edison Manufacturing Company 187:209
D-01-20 Edison-Saunders Compressed Air Company 187:220
D-01-21 Electric Light—General 187:231
D-01-22 Exhibitions 187:234
D-01-23 Fort Myers 187:245
D-01-24 —General 187:257
D-01-25 —Dry Placer Process 187:278
D-01-26 —Mines and Ores [not selected]
D-01-27 —Ortiz Mine 187:289
D-01-28 Motion Pictures 187:313
D-01-29 Patents 187:377
D-01-30 —General 187:425
D-01-31 —Edison Phonograph Works [not selected]
D-01-32 —Edison United Phonograph Company 187:449
D-01-33 —Moriarty, Stephen F. [not selected]
D-01-34 West Orange Laboratory 187:478

Back 1902

D-02-01 Automobile 187:520
D-02-02 —Primary 187:533
D-02-03 —Storage—General 187:556
D-02-04 —Storage—Foreign 187:572
D-02-05 Dick, Herman E. [not selected]
Edison, T.A.
D-02-06 —General 187:651
D-02-07 —Articles 187:696
D-02-08 —Book and Journal Orders [not selected]
D-02-09 —Clubs and Societies 187:703
D-02-10 —Employment [not selected]
D-02-11 —Family 187:714
D-02-12 —Financial [not selected]
D-02-13 —Name Use 187:762
D-02-14 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice [not selected]
D-02-15    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Autograph and Photograph Requests [not selected]   
D-02-16 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]
D-02-17 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]
D-02-18 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]
D-02-19 —Visitors [not selected]
D-02-20 Edison Manufacturing Company 187:771
D-02-21 Electric Light—General 187:773
D-02-22 Fort Myers 187:780
D-02-23 —General 187:792
D-02-24 —Dry Placer Process 187:799
D-02-25 —Mines and Ores 187:806
D-02-26 Motion Pictures 187:822
D-02-27 Patents 187:866
D-02-28 —General 187:932
D-02-29 —Edison Phonograph Works [not selected]
D-02-30 —Edison United Phonograph Company 187:946
D-02-31 Radio 187:958
D-02-32 West Orange Laboratory 187:1013

Back 1903

D-03-01 Automobile 188:7
D-03-02 —Primary 188:42
D-03-03 —Storage—General 188:71
D-03-04 —Storage—Foreign 188:103
D-03-05 Dick, Herman E. [not selected]
Edison, T.A.
D-03-06 —General 188:261
D-03-07 —Articles 188:314
D-03-08 —Book and Journal Orders [not selected]
D-03-09 —Clubs and Societies 188:320
D-03-10 —Employment 188:335
D-03-11 —Family 188:344
D-03-12 —Financial [not selected]
D-03-13 —Name Use [not selected]
D-03-14 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice [not selected]
D-03-15    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]   
D-03-16 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]
D-03-17 —Visitors [not selected]
D-03-18 Edison Manufacturing Company [not selected]
D-03-19 Exhibitions 188:427
D-03-20 Fort Myers 188:434
D-03-21 Glenmont 188:457
D-03-22 —General 188:464
D-03-23 —Dry Placer Process 188:478
D-03-24 Motion Pictures 188:538
D-03-25 Patents 188:616
D-03-26 —General 188:623
D-03-27 —Edison Phonograph Works 188:666
D-03-28 —Moriarty, Stephen F. [not selected]
D-03-29 Radio 188:691
D-03-30 West Orange Laboratory 188:699
D-03-31 X-Rays 188:723

Back 1904

D-04-01 Automobile 188:749
D-04-02 —Primary 188:779
D-04-03 —Storage—General 188:816
D-04-04 —Storage—Foreign—General 188:856
D-04-05 —Storage—Foreign—Bergmann, Sigmund 189:1
Edison, T.A.
D-04-06 —General 189:68
D-04-07 —Articles 189:166
D-04-08 —Clubs and Societies 189:175
D-04-09 —Employment [not selected]
D-04-10 —Family 189:189
D-04-11 —Financial [not selected]
D-04-12 —Name Use [not selected]
D-04-13 —Real Estate [not selected]
D-04-14 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice [not selected]
D-04-15    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]   
D-04-16 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]
D-04-17 —Visitors [not selected]
D-04-18 Edison Manufacturing Company 189:214
D-04-19 Exhibitions 189:231
D-04-20 Fort Myers 189:253
D-04-21 Glenmont 189:267
D-04-22 —General [not selected]
D-04-23 —Dry Placer Process 189:278
D-04-24 Motion Pictures 189:301
D-04-25 Patents 189:388
D-04-26 —General 189:417
D-04-27 —Edison Phonograph Works 189:465
D-04-28 —Moriarty, Stephen F. [not selected]
D-04-29 Radio 189:551
D-04-30 West Orange Laboratory [not selected]
D-04-31 X-Rays 189:556

Back 1905

D-05-01 Automobile 189:570
D-05-02 —Primary 189:623
D-05-03 —Storage—General 189:656
D-05-04 —Storage—Foreign—General 189:685
D-05-05 —Storage—Foreign—Bergmann, Sigmund 189:809
Edison, T.A.
D-05-06 —General 189:911
D-05-07 —Articles 190:1
D-05-08 —Book and Journal Orders 190:14
D-05-09 —Clubs and Societies 190:17
D-05-10 —Employment 190:28
D-05-11 —Family 190:80
D-05-12 —Financial [not selected]
D-05-13 —Name Use [not selected]
D-05-14 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice [not selected]
D-05-15 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]
D-05-16    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]   
D-05-17 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]
D-05-18 —Visitors [not selected]
D-05-19 Edison Manufacturing Company [not selected]
D-05-20 Fort Myers 190:143
D-05-21 Glenmont 190:151
D-05-22 —General 190:168
D-05-23 —Cobalt Search—General 190:178
D-05-24 —Cobalt Search—Telegraphers' Responses [not selected]
D-05-25 Motion Pictures 190:226
D-05-26 New Jersey Patent Company [not selected]
D-05-27 Patents [not selected]
D-05-28 —General 190:296
D-05-29 —Edison Phonograph Works 190:324
D-05-30 —Moriarty, Stephen F. [not selected]
D-05-31 Reiff, Josiah C. 190:333
D-05-32 West Orange Laboratory 190:342

Back 1906

D-06-01 Automobile 190:375
D-06-02 —Primary 190:391
D-06-03 —Storage—General 190:432
D-06-04 —Storage—Foreign— General 190:438
D-06-05 —Storage—Foreign—Bergmann, Sigmund 190:454
Edison, T.A.
D-06-06 —General 190:482
D-06-07 —Book and Journal Orders [not selected]
D-06-08 —Clubs and Societies [not selected]
D-06-09 —Employment 190:546
D-06-10 —Family 190:578
D-06-11 —Financial [not selected]
D-06-12 —Name Use [not selected]
D-06-13 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice [not selected]
D-06-14 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]
D-06-15    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]   
D-06-16 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal [not selected]
D-06-17 Edison Manufacturing Company 190:600
D-06-18 Exhibitions [not selected]
D-06-19.1 Fort Myers 190:602
D-06-19.2    Glenmont [not selected]
D-06-20 —General 190:622
D-06-21 —Cobalt Search—General 190:628
D-06-22 —Cobalt Search—Field Workers 190:705
D-06-23 —Cobalt Search—Samples 190:721
D-06-24 Motion Pictures 190:735
D-06-25 New Jersey Patent Company 190:789
D-06-26 —Edison Phonograph Works 190:796
D-06-27 —Edison United Phonograph Company 190:811
D-06-28 Reiff, Josiah C. 190:820
D-06-29 West Orange Laboratory 190:861

Back 1907

D-07-01 Automobile 190:878
D-07-02 —Primary [not selected]
D-07-03 —Storage—General 190:913
D-07-04 —Storage—Foreign—General 190:930
D-07-05 —Storage—Foreign—Bergmann, Sigmund 190:960
D-07-06 —Storage—Metals 190:978
D-07-07 Cement House 191:1
Edison, T.A.
D-07-08 —General 191:61
D-07-09 —Articles 191:206
D-07-10 —Clubs and Societies 191:227
D-07-11 —Employment 191:246
D-07-12 —Family 191:286
D-07-13 —Financial [not selected]
D-07-14 —Name Use 191:432
D-07-15 —Real Estate [not selected]
D-07-16 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice 191:436
D-07-17 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business [not selected]
D-07-18    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]   
D-07-19 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal 191:462
D-07-20 —Visitors [not selected]
D-07-21 Edison Manufacturing Company [not selected]
D-07-22 Exhibitions 191:473
D-07-23 Fort Myers 191:478
D-07-24 Glenmont [not selected]
D-07-25 —General 191:517
D-07-26 —Cobalt Search—General 191:555
D-07-27 —Cobalt Search—Samples [not selected]
D-07-28 Motion Pictures 191:569
D-07-29 New Jersey Patent Company [not selected]
D-07-30 Patents [not selected]
D-07-31 —General 191:648
D-07-32 —Edison Phonograph Works 191:698
D-07-33 Radio 191:711
D-07-34 Reiff, Josiah C. 191:719
D-07-35 West Orange Laboratory 191:734

Back 1908

D-08-01 Automobile 191:768
D-08-02 —Primary 191:824
D-08-03 —Storage—General 191:849
D-08-04 —Storage—Foreign 191:867
D-08-05 —Storage—Metals 191:918
D-08-06 Cement 191:942
D-08-07 Cement House 191:971
Edison, T.A.
D-08-08 —General 192:1
D-08-09 —Articles 192:125
D-08-10 —Book and Journal Orders [not selected]
D-08-11 —Clubs and Societies 192:168
D-08-12 —Employment—General 192:185
D-08-13 —Employment—Draftsman 192:257
D-08-14 —Family 192:282
D-08-15 —Financial 192:396
D-08-16 —Name Use [not selected]
D-08-17 —Real Estate 192:413
D-08-18 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice—General 192:432
D-08-19 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice—Aviation [not selected]
D-08-20    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Autograph and Photograph Requests [not selected]   
D-08-21 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business 192:468
D-08-22 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Deafness 192:474
D-08-23 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]
D-08-24 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal 192:484
D-08-25 —Visitors [not selected]
D-08-26 Edison Manufacturing Company [not selected]
D-08-27 Exhibitions 192:525
D-08-28 Fort Myers 192:562
D-08-29 Glenmont [not selected]
D-08-30 Legal Department 192:581
D-08-31 Mining 192:608
D-08-32 Motion Pictures 192:626
D-08-33 New Jersey Patent Company 192:750
D-08-34 Patents 192:763
D-08-35 Pike Adding Machine Company 192:775
D-08-36 —General 192:784.2
D-08-37 —Edison Business Phonograph Company 192:835
D-08-38 —Edison Phonograph Works 192:862
D-08-39 Radio [not selected]
D-08-40 Reiff, Josiah C. [not selected]
D-08-41 Taft, William Howard 192:907
D-08-42 Telephone 192:918
D-08-43 West Orange Laboratory 192:930

Back 1909

D-09-01 Automobile 192:964
D-09-02 —Primary 192:979
D-09-03 —Storage—General 193:1
D-09-04 —Storage—Foreign 193:50
D-09-05 Cement 193:100
D-09-06 Cement House 193:131
D-09-07 Copyright 193:172
Edison, T.A.
D-09-08 —General 193:214
D-09-09 —Articles 193:341
D-09-10 —Book and Journal Orders 193:375
D-09-11 —Clubs and Societies 193:379
D-09-12 —Employment 193:401
D-09-13 —Family 193:461
D-09-14 —Financial 193:625
D-09-15 —Insurance [not selected]
D-09-16 —Name Use 193:661
D-09-17 —Real Estate 193:687
D-09-18 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice—General 193:712
D-09-19 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice—Aviation [not selected]
D-09-20    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Autograph and Photograph Requests [not selected]   
D-09-21 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business—General [not selected]
D-09-22 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business—Cement House [not selected]
D-09-23 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Deafness [not selected]
D-09-24 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]
D-09-25 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal 193:737
D-09-26 —Visitors [not selected]
D-09-27 Edison Crushing Roll Company 193:754
D-09-28 Edison Manufacturing Company 193:768
D-09-29 Exhibitions 193:776
D-09-30 Fort Myers 193:798
D-09-31 Glenmont [not selected]
D-09-32 Legal Department 193:817
D-09-33 Mining 193:907
Motion Pictures
D-09-34 —General 193:930
D-09-35 —Censorship 194:1
D-09-36 —Experimental 194:94
D-09-37 —Kinetophone 194:162
D-09-38 New Jersey Patent Company [not selected]
D-09-39 Patents 194:196
D-09-40 —General 194:212
D-09-41 —Edison Business Phonograph Company 194:246
D-09-42 —Edison Phonograph Works 194:258
D-09-43 Radio 194:272
D-09-44 Reiff, Josiah C. 194:278
D-09-45 West Orange Laboratory 194:302

Back 1910

D-10-01 —General 194:331
D-10-02 —Anderson Carriage Company 194:422
D-10-03 —Lansden Company 194:475
D-10-04 —Primary 194:543
D-10-05 —Storage—General 194:559
D-10-06 —Storage—Federal Storage Battery Car Company 194:787
D-10-07 —Storage—Foreign—General 194:911
D-10-08 —Storage—Foreign—Bergmann, Sigmund 194:959
D-10-09 —Storage—Foreign—Moyes, John W. 195:1
D-10-10 —Storage—Metals 195:54
D-10-11 —Storage—Promotional 195:99
D-10-12 —Storage—Tests [not selected]
D-10-13 Cement 195:206
D-10-14 Cement House 195:250
D-10-15 Copyright 195:304
Edison, T.A.
D-10-16 —General 195:313
D-10-17 —Articles 195:525
D-10-18 —Book and Journal Orders 195:609
D-10-19 —Clubs and Societies 195:621
D-10-20 —Employment 195:652
D-10-21 —Family 195:735
D-10-22 —Financial [not selected]
D-10-23 —Insurance [not selected]
D-10-24 —Name Use 195:844
D-10-25 —Real Estate—General 195:862
D-10-26 —Real Estate—Factory Location [not selected]
D-10-27 —Religion and Spiritualism 195:870
D-10-28 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice—General 195:990
D-10-29 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Advice—Aviation [not selected]
D-10-30    —Unsolicited Correspondence—Autograph and Photograph Requests [not selected]   
D-10-31 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business—General 195:1047
D-10-32 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Business—Cement House [not selected]
D-10-33 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Deafness 195:1062
D-10-34 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Foreign Language [not selected]
D-10-35 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Holiday Greetings [not selected]
D-10-36 —Unsolicited Correspondence—Personal 195:1069
D-10-37 —Visitors [not selected]
D-10-38 Edison Crushing Roll Company 196:1
D-10-39 Edison Manufacturing Company 196:24
D-10-40 Exhibitions 196:35
D-10-41 Fort Myers 196:48
D-10-42 Glenmont [not selected]
D-10-43 Legal Department 196:68
D-10-44 Mining 196:89
Motion Pictures
D-10-45 —General 196:129
D-10-46 —Censorship 196:233
D-10-47 —Experimental 196:259
D-10-48 New Jersey Patent Company [not selected]
D-10-49 Patents 196:314
D-10-50 —General 196:344
D-10-51 —Edison Business Phonograph Company 196:369
D-10-52 —Edison Phonograph Works 196:383
D-10-53 Radio 196:401
D-10-54 Reiff, Josiah C. [not selected]
D-10-55 West Orange Laboratory 196:410

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Outside Repositories Edison-Miller Family