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BackAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Beverly Hills, Cal. -- Margaret Herrick Library
BackAlexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Washington, D.C.
BackAmerican Academy of Arts and Letters, New York, N.Y.
BackAmerican Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass.
BackAmerican Institute of Physics, College Park, Md. -- Center for the History of Physics -- Niels Bohr Library
BackAmerican Philosophical Society Library, Philadelphia, Pa.
Simon Flexner Papers
James B. Murphy Papers
William J. Robbins Papers
Elihu Thomson Papers
Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection
BackASM International, Materials Park, Ohio
BackArchives Nationales, Paris, France
BackAT&T Archives, Warren, N.J.
Emile Berliner Correspondence
Francis Blake Correspondence
George H. Bliss Correspondence
Thomas E. Cornish Collection
Thomas B. A. David Correspondence
Thomas A. Edison Files
Exhibitions and Demonstrations
Experiments and Inventions
Edison Speaking Phonograph Company Records
Printed Materials
General Manager's Letterbooks
Gardiner G. Hubbard Correspondence
James J. Storrow Collection
Thomas A. Watson Correspondence
Western Electric Manufacturing Company Records
Agreements and Correspondence
Technical Notes and Drawings
Western Union Records
BackBoston Public Library, Boston, Mass. -- Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts
BackBrown University, Providence, R.I. -- The John Hay Library
Kenneth P. Whiting Papers
BackBT Archives, London, UK
BackCambridge University Library, Cambridge, UK
Charles Darwin Archive
BackCarnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pa. -- Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
BackCentre Canadien d'Architecture, Montreal, Canada
BackCentro Cultural Alfa, Monterrey, Mexico
BackCharles Edison Fund Collection, Newark, N.J. see Family Records Series
BackChautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, N.Y. see Family Records Series
BackCleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio
Frederic Allen Whiting Correspondence
BackColumbia University, New York, N.Y. -- Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Thomas A. Edison Papers
BackCornell University Library, Ithaca, N.Y. -- Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
Jared T. Newman Papers
Robert H. Thurston Papers
Andrew D. White Papers
BackDartmouth College Library, Hanover, N.H. -- Special Collections: Archives, Manuscripts, Rare Books
Percy W. MacKaye Papers
Charles A. Young Papers
BackDenver Public Library, Denver, Col. -- Western History/Genealogy Department
BackDetroit Public Library, Detroit, Mich.
Robert M. Zug Papers
BackDickinson College, Carlisle, Pa. -- Boyd Lee Spahr Library Special Collections
BackEdison-Ford Winter Estates, Fort Myers, Fla. see Family Records Series
BackEssex County Hall of Records, Newark, N.J.
Office of the County Clerk -- Records of the Circuit Court
Office of the County Register of Deeds and Mortgages
BackFilson Club Historical Society, Louisville, Ky.
Frederick Royce Papers
BackFoundation of the Postal and Telecommunication Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Theodore Puskas Papers
BackFranklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia, Pa.
BackGeorge Eastman House, Rochester, N. Y.
BackGeorgetown University Library, Washington, D.C. -- Special Collections Division
Thomas Armat Papers
Terry Ramsaye Papers
BackHagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, Del.
S. S. White Dental Manufacturing Company Records
BackHarvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Baker Library
R. G. Dun Collection
Raff & Gammon Collection
Terry Ramsaye Collection
Henry Villard Papers
Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
Houghton Library
Henry Villard Papers
BackHenry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village Research Center, Dearborn, Mich.
Edison Papers and Related Items
Series I: Manuscripts
Thomas Alva Edison Correspondence
Correspondence (1862-1885)
Correspondence (1887-1908)
Correspondence (1911-1920)
Correspondence (1921-1927)
Correspondence (1928-1937)
Correspondence (undated)
Thomas A. Edison–Henry Ford Office Correspondence
Correspondence (1913-1914)
Correspondence (1915)
Correspondence (1916)
Correspondence (1917)
Correspondence (1918)
Correspondence (1919)
Correspondence (1920)
Correspondence (1921)
Correspondence (1922)
Correspondence (1923)
Correspondence (1924)
Correspondence (1925)
Correspondence (1926)
Correspondence (1927)
Correspondence (1928)
Correspondence (1929)
Correspondence (1930)
Correspondence (1931)
Thomas A. Edison Family Correspondence
Edison, Mina Miller
Oeser, Marion Edison
Edison, Thomas A., Jr., and Beatrice
Edison, William Leslie
Edison, Charles and Carolyn
Edison, Theodore M.
Edison, Samuel O.
Holzer, Alice Stilwell, and Family
General Correspondence and Reminiscences
Beach, Ralph H.
Bee, William G.
Brown, R.R.
Delany, Patrick B.
Devonshire, Robert W.
Dick, Albert B.
Ely, Robert E.
Greene, David M.
Gwynne, Charles T.
Johnson, Edward H.
Keefer, Samuel N.
Lonergan, John
Maisonville, Barnabe
McComas, Richard
Reynolds, W.C.
Richardson, T.A.
Sladen, Frank J.
Winters, Edward E.
Young, J.P.
Series II: Thomas Alva Edison Notes, Drawings and Sketchbooks
Escapement Mechanisms (1872)
Menlo Park Notebook #36 (1879)
Storage Battery Notebook (1902)
Unbound Notes and Drawings
Series III: Documents
Unbound Documents
Samuel Edison Expense Book
Series V: Edison Pioneers
Acheson, Edward G.
Andersson, Hugo
Andrews, William S.
Batchelor, Charles
Bergmann, Sigmund
Campbell, Henry A.
Casho, Joseph
Clarke, Charles L.
Unbound Documents
Electrical Experiments and Tests 1
Electrical Experiments and Tests 2
Electrical Experiments and Tests 3
Electrical Experiments and Tests 4
Electrical Light Meter 1
Electrical Light Meter 2
Electrical Light Meter 3
Electrical Light Meter 4
Electric Meters
Multiple Arc Distribution
Fibrous Carbon Arch Case 1
Fibrous Carbon Arch Case 2
Howell, John W.
Howell, Wilson
Pocket Notebook
Jehl, Francis
Logan, Thomas
Tate, Alfred O.
Wirt, Charles
Series VII: Printed Matter
Series X: Oversize Material
BackHistorical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.
Uriah Hunt Painter Papers
Unbound Documents
Unbound Documents (1875-1877)
Unbound Documents (1878)
Unbound Documents (1879-1882)
Unbound Documents (1884-1885)
Unbound Documents (1886)
Unbound Documents (1887)
Unbound Documents (1888)
Unbound Documents (1889)
Unbound Documents (1890-1891)
Edison Speaking Phonograph Company Letterbooks
Edward H. Johnson Letterbook
Treasurer's Letterbook (March-August 1878)
Treasurer's Letterbook (August-October 1878)
Treasurer's Letterbook (November 1878-July 1879)
Phonograph Agency Letterbook (May-July 1878)
Phonograph Agency Letterbook (July-August 1878)
Phonograph Agency Letterbook (August-September 1878)
Edison Speaking Phonograph Company Scrapbooks (Incoming Correspondence)
Miscellaneous Collections
BackHuntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, Cal. -- Department of Manuscripts
BackIndiana University, Bloomington, Ind. -- Lilly Library -- Manuscripts Department
Lafayette Manuscripts
BackInstitution of Electrical Engineers Archives, London, UK
William H. Preece Papers
BackJohns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. -- Milton S. Eisenhower Library -- Special Collections
Henry Augustus Rowland Papers
Menlo Park Notebook #62 (1880)
BackJones Library, Inc., Amherst, Mass.
BackKansas State Historical Society, Topeka, Kan. -- Library and Archives Division
BackLehigh University Library, Bethlehem, Pa. -- Special Collections
BackLibrary and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Can.
Joseph Hickson fonds (MG29 A29, Vol. 1)
BackLibrary of Congress, Washington, D.C. -- Manuscript Division
Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers
William A. Benney Papers
Benjamin F. Butler Papers
Joseph H. Choate Papers
William A. Croffut Papers
Josephus Daniels Papers
Robert G. Ingersoll Papers
Simon Newcomb Papers
Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection -- Thomas A. Edison Folder
BackLoyola University Chicago Archives, Chicago, Ill.
Samuel Insull Records
BackMassachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Mass.
Norcross Collection
BackMassachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries, Cambridge, Mass. -- Institute Archives and Special Collections
Dugald Caleb Jackson Papers
Records of the Office of the President
William Barton Rogers Papers
BackMcGill University Libraries, Montreal, Canada -- Rare Books & Special Collections Division
BackMetropolitan Opera Archives, New York, N.Y.
Directors' Minutes
BackMiddleton Place Foundation, Charleston, S.C.
Henry Middleton (1851-1932) Papers
BackMissouri Historical Society, St. Louis Mo.
William K. Bixby Papers -- Authors File
David R. Francis Papers
Francis E. Nipher Papers
BackNational Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C.
BackNational Archives, Washington, D.C.
Records of the United States Senate (Record Group 46) -- Petitions and Memorials, Select Committee on Quadro-Centennials, World Exposition
General Records of the Department of State (Record Group 59) -- Passport Applications
General Records of the Department of the Navy (Record Group 80)
Records of the National Bureau of Standards (Record Group 167)
Records of the Patent and Trademark Office (Record Group 241)
District and Alarm Telegraphs
Transmitting and Recording Letters or Characters
Transmitting and Recording Letters or Characters
Electric Circuits
Duplex Telegraphs
Solutions for Preparing Chemical Paper
Duplex Telegraphs
Circuits for Automatic Telegraphs
Quadruplex Telegraphs
Quadruplex Telegraphs
Duplex Telegraphs
Duplex Telegraphs
Quadruplex Telegraphs
Quadruplex Telegraphs
Duplex Telegraph
Quadruplex Telegraphs
Quadruplex Telegraph
Quadruplex Telegraphs
Accumulators for Telegraphing
Telegraphic Transmitting and Receiving Apparatus for Cables
Automatic Telegraphs
Automatic Telegraphs
Quadruplex Telegraph
Chemical Duplex and Quadruplex Telegraphs
Electro Magnetic Paper Perforators for Autographic Writing
Autographic Printing
Autographic Telegraphs
Acoustic Telegraph Apparatus
Duplex Telegraphs
Multiplex Telegraphs
Multiplex Telegraphs
Acoustic Telegraphs
Multiplex Telegraphs
Multiplex Telegraphs
Acoustic Transfer Telegraph
Electric Lights
Electric Lights
Conductors and Apparatus for Electric Lights
Electric Lights and Method of Treating Platina and Other Metals
Electric Lights
Electric Lights
Regulators for Magneto or Dynamo Electric Generators and Engines
Regulators for Magneto or Dynamo Electric Generators and Engines
Electric Lamps
Electric Meters
Incandescing Electric Lamps
Meters for Measuring Electricity
Method and Apparatus for Separating Ores
Phonographs [Ore Separation, Kinetoscope, Electric Lighting, Miscellaneous]
Phonographs [Ore Separation, Electric Lighting, Battery, Miscellaneous]
Phonographs [Ore Separation, Kinetoscope, Electric Lighting, Miscellaneous]
Phonographs [Electric Lighting, Kinetoscope, Electric Railway, Miscellaneous]
Phonographs [Electric Lighting, Miscellaneous]
Manufacture of Iron
Manufacture of Iron
Transmission of Power
Patent Applications
Patent Application Files
Argument of Thomas L. Clingman
Libers of Patent Assignments
Stockbroker Printing Instrument
Automatic Printing Telegraph
Indicating Fire Alarm Telegraph
Electrographic Vote Recording and Registering Apparatus
Electromagnetic Printing Telegraphs
Improved Magnetograph
Improved Magnetograph
Electrical Printing Instrument
Automatic Electrical Switches
Electrical Printing Instrument
Automatic Telegraphy
Autographic Printing
Electrical Pen and Duplicating Press
Prospectus & Incorporation Papers: Edison's Electric Pen & Duplicating Press Co.
Digest of Patent Assignments
Patent Interference Files
Edison and Nicholson
Preliminary Statement of Nicholson
Testimony and Exhibits on Behalf of Edison
Edison v. Short
Testimony and Exhibits on Behalf of Edison
Brief for Edison on Appeal
Maxim v. Edison
Brief for Edison on Appeal
Reply for Edison
Sawyer & Man v. Edison
Testimony on Behalf of Edison
Brief and Argument for Edison on Appeal
Brief and Argument for Edison on Motion for Rehearing
Boehm v. Edison
Preliminary Statement of Boehm
Preliminary Statement of Edison
Proofs for Boehm
Testimony on Behalf of Edison
Rebutting Testimony on Behalf of Boehm
Sur-Rebutting Testimony on Behalf of Edison
Weston v. Latimer v. Edison
Testimony and Exhibits on Behalf of Edison
Brief for Edison on Appeal
Edison v. Lane v. Gray et al.
Preliminary Statements and Testimony on Behalf of Edison
Brief for Edison
Brief for Edison on Appeal
Sprague v. Edison
Testimony on Behalf of Edison
Edison v. Maxim v. Swan
Testimony and Exhibits on Behalf of Edison
Testimony on Behalf of Swan
Edison v. Dickerson
Testimony and Exhibits on Behalf of Edison
Edison & Gilliland v. Phelps
Testimony on Behalf of Edison
Edison v. Thomson
Testimony on Behalf of Edison
Brief for Edison
Zipernowsky v. Edison
Testimony on Behalf of Edison
Brief for Edison
Supplemental Brief for Edison on Appeal
Chinnock v. Edison v. Wheeler
Testimony on Behalf of Edison
Ball v. Edison
Brief for Edison on Appeal
BackNational Archives, Northeast Region, New York, N.Y.
Records of the District Courts of the United States (Record Group 21)
George Harrington et al. v. Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Co. et al.
-- Summary of the Case
-- Pleadings, Testimony and Proofs for Complainants for Final Hearing
-- Testimony and Proofs for Defendants for Final Hearing
-- Testimony and Proofs for Complainants in Rebuttal for Final Hearing
-- Testimony before the Master
BackNational Archives, Northeast Region, Waltham, Mass.
Records of the District Courts of the United States (Record Group 21)
Welch v. Edison Case #1995
BackNaval Historical Center, Washington, D.C.
ZB Collection, Thomas A. Edison File
BackNebraska State Historical Society, Lincoln, Neb.
Elizabeth Gaylord Rathburn Collection (RG 1351)
BackNew Hampshire Historical Society, Concord, N.H.
BackNew Jersey Department of State, Trenton, N.J. -- Division of Archives & Records Management
BackNew Jersey Historical Society, Newark, N.J.
Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders Committee on Buildings (MG 834)
Francis Robbins Upton Scrapbooks (MG 988)
BackNew Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, N.J.
Edward Weston Papers
BackNew York Botanical Garden, Bronx, N.Y.
BackNew York County Division of Old Records, New York, N.Y.
BackNew-York Historical Society, New York, N.Y.
Lefferts Papers
BackNew York Public Library, New York, N.Y. -- Manuscripts and Archives Division
Richard Rogers Bowker Papers
Henry and Mary Anna Palmer Draper Papers
Frank J. Sprague Papers
BackNew York Stock Exchange Archives, New York, N.Y.
Committee on Arrangements Records
BackNew York University, New York, N.Y. -- Bobst Library -- University Archives
BackNiagara Mohawk, Syracuse, N.Y.
Thomas Edison Document
BackNorth Carolina Division of Archives and History, Raleigh, N.C.
Reginald A. Fessenden Papers
BackOhio Historical Society, Columbus. Ohio
BackPeabody Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. -- Phillips Library
Rice Family Papers
BackPhiladelphia City Archives, Philadelphia, Pa.
BackPierpont Morgan Library, New York, N.Y.
Herbert L. Satterlee Papers
J. Pierpont Morgan Letterpress Books
BackPort Huron Museum, Port Huron, Mich.
BackPost Office Archives, London, UK
BackPrinceton University Libraries, Princeton, N.J. -- Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Hyatt and Mayer Correspondence
Otto H. Kahn Papers
Booth Tarkington Papers
Henry Van Dyke Papers
General Manuscripts Miscellaneous
BackPublic Record Office, London, UK
Records of the Supreme Court of Judicature and Related Courts (J17/319)
BackRockefeller Archive Center, Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.
BackRutgers University Libraries, New Brunswick, N.J. -- Special Collections and University Archives
Records of the Philoclean Society of Rutgers College
BackMuseum of Innovation and Science (miSci), Schenectady, N.Y.
Edison and the Advent of Electricity
BackScience Museum, London, U.K.
Registry, Nominal File 614
BackSmithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C. -- National Museum of American History
Archives Center
William J. Hammer Collection
-- Reminiscences
-- Correspondence (1879-1930)
-- Notes and Drawings (1879-1887)
-- Menlo Park -- Pocket Notebook (1880)
-- Menlo Park -- Pocket Notebook (1882)
-- Menlo Park -- Unbound Documents (1879-1889)
-- Holborn Viaduct -- Pocket Notebook (1881-1882)
-- Holborn Viaduct -- Notebook No. 8 (1882)
-- Holborn Viaduct -- Unbound Documents (1881-1882)
-- Pearl Street Station (1881-1882)
-- Paris Exhibitions (1881, 1889) -- Printed Material
-- Paris Exhibition (1889) --Letterbook
-- Pocket Notebook (1893)
-- Letterbooks (1903-1904)
-- Photographs [not selected]
Joseph Henry Papers
Office of the Secretary Records
Charles Sumner Tainter Papers
Western Union Telegraph Company Records
--Correspondence and Other Unbound Documents
--Minute Books
Dibner Library
Edison Manuscripts
BackStanford University Libraries, Stanford, Cal.-- Special Collections
Julian P. Linke Collection
BackSyracuse University Library, Syracuse, N.Y. -- Department of Special Collections
Bertie C. Forbes Papers; Brisbane Family Papers; James Earle Fraser Papers
BackUniversity of California, Berkeley, Cal. -- The Bancroft Library
Mexia Family Papers (M-B 1)
Zoe Green Radcliffe Papers (73/186c)
Mark Twain Papers
BackUniversity of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Cal. -- University Library
Mary Lea Shane Archives of the Lick Observatory
BackUniversity of Exeter Library, Exeter, UK
J. Norman Lockyer Archive
BackUniversity of Maryland, College Park, Md. -- Library of American Broadcasting
BMI Collection
BackUniversity of Pennsylvania Archives, Philadelphia, Pa.
George F. Barker Papers
BackUniversity of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y. -- Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
BackUniversity of Tennessee Libraries, Knoxville, Tenn. -- University Archives and Special Collections
BackUniversity of Vermont Library, Burlington, Vt. -- Special Collections
BackUniversity of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. -- Special Collections
Papers of John Skelton Williams (#10040); James Waldo Fawcett Collection (#9831), the Clifton Waller Barrett Library of American Literature
BackVanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. -- Jean and Alexander Heard Library, Special Collections
Edward Mims Papers
BackVirginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.
Robert Lee Traylor Papers; Williams Family Papers
BackWebb Shadle Memorial Library, Pleasantville, Iowa
Americana Collection
BackWesleyan University Library, Middleton, Conn. -- Special Collections & Archives
BackWichita State University, Wichita, Kan. -- Special Collections, University Libraries
Thomas A. Edison Early Corporation Documents
Correspondence and Memoranda
Technical Notes and Drawings
Notebook (1880)
Notebook (1891-1892)
Arc Lighting Systems and Bi-polar Motors (1891-1893)
BackWisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisc.
Halbert Louis Hoard Papers; John Mandt Nelson Papers
BackYale University Library, New Haven, Conn. -- Manuscripts and Archives
George Miller Beard Papers
Chauncey Mitchell Depew Papers
Charles Dewey Hilles Papers
Othniel Charles Marsh Papers
Joseph Bradley Murray Papers
Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection


The individuals and dealers listed below were the owners or custodians of the documents at the time copies were acquired by the Thomas A. Edison Papers and are not necessarily the present owners.

BackRobert Brisbane Papers
BackMary Cicero Collection, Windsor, Ct.
BackDaniel Del Bagno Collection, Millstone, N.J
BackMaurice Fox Papers
BackJoseph De Mott Fredericks Collection
BackGallery of History, Las Vegas, Nev.
BackHarvey Garrett Collection, Port Jefferson, N.Y.
BackCharles Hamilton Galleries, Inc., New York, N.Y.
Sherwood Troop Moore Papers
BackAnn A. Hardy Collection, Rindge, N.H.
BackJeff Hardy Collection, Gaithersburg, Md.
BackRobert Harned Collection, Woodbridge, N.J.
BackBob Harr Collection, Horsham, Pa.
BackEllen Hartshorne Collection, Philadelphia, Pa.
BackJames A. Hayes Collection, Lafayette, La.
BackDavid Heitz Collection, New Hope, Pa.
BackGary Hendershott Collection, Little Rock, Ark.
Menlo Park Notebook #144 (1881)
BackErnest Hodgdon Collection, Derry, N. H.
BackCharles Hummel Collection, Wayne, N.J.
Edison Wartime Research Reports
Experiment Lists and Memoirs
No. 1: Extension Ladder
No. 2: Low Visibility Sight Sensitiveness
No. 3: Smudging Periscopes
No. 4: Turbine Head for Projectile
No. 5: Smoke Smudge
No. 6: Phono. Range Finder
No. 7: Smudging Periscopes
No. 8: Preserving Submarine Guns
No. 9: Coast Protection from Submarines -- Submarine Detection
No. 10: Ship Telephones
No. 11: Searchlight
No. 12: Putting Out Fires
No. 13: Phono. Range Finder
No. 14: Absorption of Light by Sea Water
No. 15: Fluoroscope Observer
No. 16: Torpedo Power
No. 17: Mirror Reflection System
No. 18: Smudging Periscopes
No. 19: Splash Observers -- Device for
No. 20: Under Water Search Light
No. 21: Rod Torpedoes to Penetrate Submarines
No. 22: Splash Observers -- Device for
No. 23: Range Finder -- To Keep Free from Spray
No. 24: Aeroplane Bomb
No. 25: Induction Balance
No. 26: Secret Wireless
No. 27: Preliminary Report on Submarine Detection
No. 28: Splash -- Distance
No. 29: Submarine Buoy for Coast Patrol
No. 30: Submarine Stability
No. 31: Submarine Detection (Resonator)
No. 32: Mercury Column for Wireless
No. 33: Smudging Periscopes with Special Projectile
No. 34: Nitrogen from the Air
No. 35: Night Glass
No. 36: Observing Periscope in Silhouette
No. 37: Obstructing Torpedoes with Net
No. 38: Searchlight Shutter
No. 39: Aeroplane Detector
No. 40: Concealing Merchant Ships from Submarines
No. 41: Oleum Bombs
No. 42: Mining Zeebrugge Harbor
No. 43: Fixing Cunard Ships -- Burning Anthracite &c.
No. 44: Water Brake [Sea Anchor] -- Hearing Torpedo &c.
No. 45: Hydrogen Detector
No. 46: Strategic Plans -- Great Britain and France
No. 47: Strategic Plans -- United States [not selected]
No. 48: Observing Periscopes [not selected]
No. 49: Zigzagging [not selected]
No. 50: Destroying Periscopes with Machine Guns
No. 51: Reducing Rolling of Warships
No. 52: Taking Cargo Boats Out of Mined Harbors
No. 53: Sea Anchor
No. 54: Collision Mats
No. 55: Sweeping Harbor of Mines
No. 56: Soundings Cartridges
No. 57: Reacting Shell
[Lloyd N. Scott's Naval Consulting Board of the United States]
Henry Alden Clark Papers
John F. Ott Notebook
Unbound Documents
BackJessie B. Kent Collection, Lakeland, Fla.
BackWilliam C. Lang Papers
BackRaymond Lawing Collection, Baltimore, Md.
BackH. W. Lende Jr. Collection, San Antonio, Tex.
BackSuzanne H. Meegan Collection, Warwick, R.I. added July 2010
Pusey Bancroft Heald Papers
BackScott C. Moses Collection, Rapid City, S.D. added July 2010
BackMichael Pritchard Collection, Cardiff, Wales
BackProQuest Historical Newspapers
BackThe Raab Collection, Ardmore, Pa.
John W. Lystrup Papers
BackJoseph R. Sakmyster Collection, Rochester, N.Y.
BackAlvin J. Salkind Collection added July 2010
Notes by Thomas A. Edison
Scrapbook -- Submarine Storage Batteries
Edison Storage Battery Co. Reports
Edison Chemical Works
BackDavid E. E. Sloane Collection, New Haven, Conn. see Family Records Series
BackD. M. Smith Collection, Mundelein, Illinois
David E. Hughes Papers
BackShirley J. Smith Collection, Falls Church, Va. added July 2010
BackSotheby's, New York, N.Y.
BackDebera Fulstone Spear Collection, Las Vegas, Nev. added July 2010
Frank D. Fagan Papers
BackMichael Stas Collection, Elizabeth, N.J.
BackMeyer Strell Papers
BackGeorge E. Stringfellow Collection, Arlington, Va.
BackSwann Galleries, Inc., New York, N.Y.
Family Correspondence and Related Documents
Notes and Drawings by Edison
Essay by Edison
Edison Family Reminiscences
Claude Azell Prince Jr. Papers
BackGodfrey J. Taylor Collection, West Orange, N.J.
BackCharles Teeple Collection, Jeffersonville, Ind.
BackBarbara Werle Collection, Grand Isle, Vt. added July 2010
Jeffrey Patrick Buchanan Papers
BackWallace W. Whitney Collection
BackCharles Sumner Williams Papers

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