Series Notes

Series Notes

The digital edition of the Thomas A. Edison Papers  reflects the structure of the microfilm edition which is being published in six parts. The images from Parts I-III (1850-1898) are now available online. Parts IV-V (1899-1919) have been microfilmed but are not yet digitized. However, the document records for Parts IV-V are in the online database and can be retrieved through the Series Notes. In addition, the digital edition includes images of several thousand documents from outside repositories (that is, other than the Thomas Edison National Historical Park). The essay, "Thomas A. Edison and His Papers," discusses the origin and organization of the archives from which the edition is principally drawn.

The links in the box on the right lead to a "Contents" page with brief descriptions of the various series and subseries in each part. Each "Contents" page has links that lead to a page enumerating the individual folders and volumes. These, in turn, have links leading to the targets (editorial descriptions). Each series, subseries, volume, and folder in the digital edition is linked to a target. A list of document records for the folder or volume can be obtained by clicking the "List Documents" button at the bottom of the target. For Parts I-III and Outside Repositories, images can then be obtained by clicking the "Show Documents" button.

The links below lead to the introductory pages for Parts I-VI and the outside repositories edition. Along with a brief description of the events and topics covered in the part, these pages also contain links to the title page, preface, and editorial procedures for each part of the microfilm edition. A PDF version of the published Guide is also available for Parts I-IV.

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