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Edison attempted to finance and oversee the construction of central station plants in towns and cities across the United States, as well as in Europe and South America. His hope was to replicate the success of the central station electrical plant he had opened on Pearl Street in New York in 1882. Edison also had to deal with the tragic loss of his wife, Mary. Losses and Loyalties provides the first detailed account of her death. Read more.

Read "Edison Illuminated: The Seventh Volume of Thomas Edison’s Papers," by Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Edmund Morris from March 23, 2012, New York Times Sunday Book Review. Original documents related to this article are below.

Mary Edison

  • Interview, "In the Wizard's Home" (New York World, 1 June 1884; Doc. 2683)
  • "Congestion of the brain" (Robert Lozier to John Tomlinson, 9 August 1884; Doc. 2713)
  • Edison "shaking with grief" (Marion Edison Oeser reminiscence, c. 1956)
  • "Sorrow at Menlo Park" on the circumstances (New York World, 17 August 1884; Doc. 2718)
  • Undertaker's itemized bill (Charles Compton to Edison, 12 August 1884; Doc. 2716)
  • "The Funeral of Edison's Wife" (Newark Register, 17 August 1884; Doc. 2717)
  • Electrification: aspirations and difficulties

  • A "long vacation" from inventing interview (New York Evening Post, 1 August 1883; Doc. 2503)
  • Shortage of engineers (William Andrews to Samuel Insull, 5 December 1883; Doc. 2563)
  • Investing in central stations (Edison to Sherburne Eaton, 13 December 1883; Doc. 2569)
  • Getting out of business (Edison to Sherburne Eaton, 24 April 1884; Doc. 2655)
  • Examples of Edison's "laboratory brain"

  • Carbonizing licorice (Notebook entry, c. 20–21 March 1884; Doc. 2632)
  • Idea for theatrical lighting (Edison to Francis Upton, 8 October 1884; Doc. 2742)
  • "Electro Locomobile" (Drawing, 24 November 1884; Doc. 2760)
  • Telephone circuit (Memorandum to Richard Dyer, 11 December 1884; Doc. 2766)
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