[No Date] Edison, Marion Estelle -- Reminiscences
(Metropolitan Opera; Clarendon Hotel (N.Y. City); Seminole Lodge and Fort Myers; Hotel Normandie (N.Y. City); Reimer, Josephine Stucky (Mrs Henry C.F.); Brentano's; Menlo Park Laboratory; Bradford Academy; Stilwell, Alice; Hitler, Adolph; Gilliland, Ezra Torrance; Mears, Madame A C; Edison, Thomas Alva, Jr; Edison, William Leslie; Bernhardt, Sarah; Edison, Madeleine; Boehm, Ludwig K; Oeser, Karl Oscar; Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.); Edison, Mary Stilwell (Mrs Thomas A.); Stilwell, Margaret Crane (Mrs Nicholas); Gilliland, Lillian (Mrs Ezra T.); Edison, Thomas Alva) Edison-Miller family; TAE health; TAE personality and character; Menlo Park reminiscences (1876-1881); Travel (TAE and family); TAE visitors; Education; Music; World War I; Environmental issues; Social customs, norms, values; Incandescent lamp; Cylinder phonograph
[X018A5]  Charles Edison Fund Collection, Newark, N.J.: Edison Family Papers -- Edison, Marion Estelle
[X018A5Z; TAEM 0:0]
Courtesy of the Charles Edison Fund and Thomas Edison National Historical Park.