08/05/1918 Edison, Madeleine to Sloane, John Eyre
(U.S. Signal Corps [supplied or conjectured]; Sloane, Thomas Edison; Sloane, John Edison ; Miller, Edith Hotchkiss (Mrs Robert A. Jr); Brentano's; Yama Farms; Cairo Hotel [supplied or conjectured]; Heslin, Genevieve; Breitenfeld, Emil; Held, Anna; Bella (Nursemaid); Miller, John Vincent; Colgate, Richard Morse; Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.); McCarthy, Lena, (Mrs Michael Doyle); Colgate, Margaret Auchincloss (Mrs Richard M.); Miller, Robert Anderson, Jr) Edison-Miller family; Travel; Newspapers, books, other publications; Labor; Military
[X400J]  David E. E. Sloane Collection, New Haven, Conn.: Madeleine Edison and John Eyre Sloane Correspondence (1918)
[X400JDW; TAEM 0:0]
Courtesy of David E. E. Sloane. Images for this collection are not yet available.