Notebook Series -- Menlo Park Notebooks :: Unnumbered N-81-04-30 (1881)

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Notebook Series -- Menlo Park Notebooks :: Unnumbered N-81-04-30 (1881)


This notebook covers the period April-August 1881. There is also an entry for October 1881. All of the entries are by Edison and Charles T. Hughes. Most of the book contains notes by Hughes on experiments to preserve fruits and vegetables in a vacuum. There is also one entry by Hughes on a nickel plating experiment. The entries by Edison include a few notes on his family genealogy and what appears to be an account of a dream. There are also a few miscellaneous drawings by Edison. The left part of the label containing the notebook number has been torn off. The book contains 280 numbered pages.

Blank pages: 82-89, 98-101, 116-137, 140-147, 152-171, 178-277.

Missing page numbers: 79-80, 173-176.


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