Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Edison :: N-07-01-08 (1907)

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Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Edison :: N-07-01-08 (1907)


This notebook covers the period January-November 1907. There is also a 2-page entry from January 1909. The book was used by Edison, laboratory chemist Olav Berg, and an unidentified experimenter to record notes regarding the preparation of iron-bismuth compounds for storage battery experiments. Several entries note the involvement of Otto Groethe. The 1909 entry pertains to the use of solvents in the manufacture of phonograph cylinders. The front cover is labeled "Important," "Edison Bismuth & [?] Expmts-- Iron Bismuth mixtures Olav Berg," and "Edison Special Tube Experiments." The pages are unnumbered, and the book has been used in both directions. Approximately 190 pages have been used.

The material not selected is a log of compounds prepared by Olav Berg according to Edison's instructions.


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