Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Other Experimenters :: N-93-07-24 (1893)

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Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Other Experimenters :: N-93-07-24 (1893)


This notebook covers the period July-December 1893. It was used by Arthur E. Kennelly and an unidentified experimenter as a rough record book in the Galvanometer Room. The book contains notes, drawings, tables, and calculations regarding physiological experiments on the anesthetic and analgesic properties of electrical currents. There are also entries relating to cathetometer and meter readings and to tests of wire, a receiver for the phonoplex telegraph, a "noiseless" motor for an automatic piano, and the magnetic properties of various chemical solutions. Transcriptions of some of this material can be found in Arthur E. Kennelly Notebook #7. The pages are unnumbered, and one page has been removed from the back of the book. Approximately 140 pages have been used. A one-page note from Edwin W. Hammer to Kennelly, dated January 6, 1893, has been inserted into the book.


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