Diary, Thomas Alva Edison, January 26th, 1915

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Edison, Thomas Alva
Others Mentioned
Christensen, Peter Christian
Philips, Eugene H
Ireton, Albert C
Werner, George Joseph
Gall, Adolph F
Higham, Daniel
Hudson, Elisha Evans
Moyer, Horace I
Mambert, Stephen Babcock
Burns, James Martin
Hoffman, Archibald David
Scott, Seaton McKenzie
Simpson, Roswell Hamilton
Grimes, Harry Rutter
Scott, J W
Ilsen, Isa Maud
Dinwiddie, William Walter
Moore, Sherwood Troop (Sam)
Mudd, Richard
Mason, William Horatio
Bee, William George
Kammerhoff, Heinrich H Meno
General Vehicle Co
Solvay Process Co
Victor Talking Machine Co
Edison Chemical Works and Other Silver Lake Plants
Edison Storage Battery Co
Celluloid Co
Cambria Steel Co
N.Y. City. Police Dept
Bayway Chemical Co
Riley, John J
Morgan, Percy F
Herter, Emil
Eastman, George
Ott, John F
Ott, Frederick Paul
Miller, John Vincent
Berggren, Ernest J
Edison, Charles
General Electric Co


Accidents, fires, explosions
Electric battery
Phonograph recordings
Dictating machines
Motion pictures
Kinetophone and other talking pictures
Chemicals, chemical products, and chemical processes
Cement houses and other concrete structures
Salaries, wages, and commissions


1915-01-26 (1915)

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University